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Page 75 of Proceedings of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association, April, 22-25, 1925

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Russell, Mrs. H. C., 1029 Madison St., Louisville (Jeff.) Russell, Mr. H. C., 1029 Madison St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Rutledge, Prof. Wm. J., 824 N. Green St., -Henlers*n, (Henderson). Ryan, Mrs. N. P., Earlington, (Carlisle). Samuels, Miss Maggie, 623 S. Eighth St., Paducah, (Mc- Cracken). Samuels, Miss Valeria, 40 N. Burns Ave., Winchester, (Clark). Saunders, Miss A. E., Russell School, Lexington, (Fay- ette). Sanders, Prof. W. W., Dept. of Education, Charleston, W. Virginia. Sanders, Mr. W. L., 1104 W. Walnut St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Sanfort, Miss Eura, W. K. Ind. College, Paducah, (Mc- Cracken), Sansbury, Miss Annie, 2110 W. Walnut St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Sawyer, Miss A. L., 1933 W. Walnut St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Sawyer, Mrs. Margaret, K. N. I. I., Frankfort, (Franklin). Schofield, Mr. H. S., W. K. Ind. College, Paducah, (Mc- Cracken). Scott, Miss Celia, Georgetown, (Scott). Scott, Mrs. Laura, 270 E. Fourth St., Lexington, (Fayette). Scott, Mrs. Lucy J., Prospect, (Jeff.) Scott, Miss Sallie B., 1511 W. Chestnut St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Scott, Mr. W. M., 1707 W. Magazine St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Sewell, Miss Zella R., Lincoln Inst., Lincoln Ridge, (Shel- by). Shanks, Miss Luedna C., 219 Uhlhorn St., Evansville, Ind. Shannon, Miss Lottie M., 2336 W. Walnut St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Sharp, Miss Almeda, Georgetown, (Scott). Shelburne, Miss Eva M., Taylorsville, (Spencer). Shelbourne, Mrs. L. L., 503 E. Seventh St., Russellville, (Lo- gan). Shelburne, Mr. McKinley H., 1919 Magazine St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Shelburne, Miss Sue P., P. 0. Box 26, Taylorsville, (Spenc- er). Shelton, Miss Virginia, K. N. I. I., Frankfort, (Franklin). Sherrill, Mrs. M. E., 441 S. 21st St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Shipley, Miss Stella, 2515 Magazine St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Shobe, Mrs. Anna Li., K. N. I. I., Frankfort, (Franklin). Shobe, Prof. W. L., K. N. I. I., Frankfort, (Franklin). 75

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