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Page 0 of Proceedings of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association, April, 22-25, 1925

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Standard Equipment HIh Quaity Accurate Performance The first requisite for secing Stand- | | - ard Equipment is to select it from C' standard catalogs of a reliable man- ufacturer, producing guaranteed pro- -h l l ducts. The use of 'a standard cat- log for making up your specifics- tions insures quality of equipment "G"-Physics andnd that It will fit the needs of your " chorm class and theL requirements of your text. TO SECURE THIfS STANDARD OF EQUIMN PERFIORMANCE UISE OUR Catalogs and Lists "A''-Agricultural Apparatus and Supplies, 114 pages. "B -Biological Apparatus and Supplies, 114 pages. "C '--Chemicals, Reagents, Mnrletc.,, 32 pages. G' '-Physics and Chemistry Laboratory Apparatus, 446 pages. "'L"-Lantern Slides and. Projection Apparatus, 64 pages. "5" -Schoolroom, Equipment, Laboratory Furniture, Genavral Supplies, 164 pages. "M' '-Apparatus for Millikan & Gale's Physdcs, '16 pages "'E"-Apparatus for Hoadley's Physics, 16 pages. "F"-Apparatus for Carhart & Chute's Physics, 16 pages. Cl Sign of Quality C4 Mark of Servicc W. MLWelch Manufacturing Company 15160mStt Odom" Ch Iad",U,.S.A.- - I

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