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Image 1 of The Adair County news., December 30, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

i I E j t I bIt tr i if p i7 COLUMBIA VOLUME XII 191 err r nr r ID ROlliniIurtIDec PERSONAL i1Y If you never saw bad roads just take- to broaden a drive a short distance your vision- Mrs Jo Coffey is visiting in Camp bellsville Born to the wife of E C Page Mr E G Atkins will be in Louisville Cane Valley Ky December 29 1908 a this week 10 pound Mr R L Durham Greensburg was It is the rule of this office to never here yesterday lose an issue hence you are now readRev Thad Salmon reached Columbia ing the Christmas number Monday night Mr John T Harvey who lives in Mr Robert Reed is ona business trIp Denver will please accept our thanks to Louisville for some beautiful Colorado scenes Mr D G Grider Owensby was in A full attendance is desired at the town last Monday Presbyterian Sundayschool next Sun ¬ Mr Geo Yates of Bradfofdsville Something important to day morning was here Monday bring up Coffey was in Campbellsville Mr f Jo the first of the week Mr C W Baldock of Liberty and Mr L B Hurt spent last week with Miss Ada Bell of Dunnville went over Mrs Hurt at Lebanon to Jeffersonville a few days ago and Mr T C Moore of Gresham was were married here on business Monday patrons who have not Mr Bruce Epperson of Louisville is Those of our called and renewed their visiting relatives in Adair to The News for 1909 are subscriptionI Mr J E Jarbo who is working at do so at their earliest Phil spent the week with his family We are very thankful for the Christ hereMrs Lou Miller and Mrs E W mas rememberance sent to us through A Friend Reed who have been quite sick are the mail signed Miss Ellen Burton better Mrs Fount Pendleton who was critx Evanglist R L Tally of the Method ically ill last week has very much im est Church will begin a meeting at the Russell Springs on Wednesday night January 6 Everybody invited worth Mo are visiting relatives in the county Mr H T Baker who has been quite sick for several weeks has about re year only ¬ Wiggins E Allen who visited her son Leslie in Alabama returned home last Tuesday night Mr R A Myers wife and little son Robert Page left for their home in Monticello to day WEDNESDAY DECEMBER IThe collection plates sent to the Presbyterian Church here by Mr H anI C Read of Fort Smith Ark were December 21st a telegram presented to the congregation last Sun nounced the death of Mr W O Pile day forenoon by the pastor Rev J R the end having come at his late homeI Crawford The plates are made of Olive wood and were purchased by Mr his condition was critical the intelli- Read in Palestine while on a visit to gence of his demise brought great sor ¬ that conhtry Mr Reads father Rev H C Read was pastor of the Church row to his mother and sisters of this here from 1859 to 1863 dying in the place who were hoping for a favorable latter year After the plates had been turn in his condition The deceased was born and reared presented Judge H C Baker arose near Columbia and was known to many and gave a short history of young citizens of Adair county and he had a Reads fatherhis life character while host of friends who were shocked when pastor of the Church here When he closed a unanimous vote of thanks was they learned that he had crossed the returned the son for the plates darker iver of Death Only a few months ago he bade rela- ¬ Whether or not it is good policy for tives and friends farewell and left with those who seek official position to an ¬ his family for Elmer Okla his adopt ¬ nounce their desires through The News ed home and where the end came He must be determined by each individual was a perfect picture of health and to If you want the aid of those who read have looked at him at that time theI The News it is the logical thing to do conclusion was he had a long lease on It goes to more than one thousand life But he became a victim of pneu- good citizens in this county and is not monia and in a few days he laid down confined to Democratic households a his life long shot It reaches a large number The deceased was a consistent mem ¬ of the most conservative and best in ¬ ber of the Met odist Church and from formed Republicans in Southern Ken his youth to the grave was strictly hon ¬ tuckyit is the medium that will place est apriceless heritage to leave to his you before the bulk of intelligence of offsprings and loved ones both parties and any doubting candi Deceased was born May 18 1864 date can dispell all fears by a peep at near Tabor church and was a son of our mailing list Oscar and Lizzie Pile His father died many years ago his mother is yet liv ¬ The News has bought a goodly number of beautiful imported calendars for its ingHe was married to Miss Etta Snow paid in advance subscribers On or in this county October 30 1892 His about the 10th of January we will run widow and four children servive himY our books and mail to every subscriber Besides the ones mentioned above he is who is a year in advance If you want survived by four sisters and two one of them make your advanced pay¬ ment and we will see that the calendar brothersThe extends its deepest sympa ¬ is mailed No one will be given one thy to those whose hearts have been until mailing day as it is impossible to made bleed on account of this dispensa ¬ keep a correct list and some will then tion of Providence be overlooked while others may receive Religious services and interment was two Bear this in mind that you will at Elmer Okla receive by mail one of the most beauti ¬ ful imported calendars we have ever Death of Miss Lou Barbee given if you are one year in advance athof W 0 Pile IIat7 ¬ Mr J N Coffey Director of Cor¬ respondence received a money order Wednesday night from Cuba It was written in Spanish and called for ocho pesos 8 bride who arrived Saturday evening their marriage having A writer from the Russell Springs who states that he was one of the mob who hanged Elmer Hill says that Hill made a full confession He told how he caught the girl choaking her to in ¬ sensibility with her faccinator that be fore leaving her he struck her on the head several times with a club and then escaped into the woods He said little Mamie begged him to let her alone but he was determined to caary out his in tention The writer also says that Hill saidhe was after another girl but she saw him and made her escape to the home of Milt Gaskin He told the mob that he had gone from one crime to another until he did not care for him self nor any one else The writer says that Hill had nerve like a lion that he never flenched from the time they started from the Monticello jail until he was put to death Just before he was hanged Hill was told that his time had come and was asked if he wanted to pray He answered It is no use hell is my doom He was riding a mule says the writer and just be ¬ fore the animal was led from under him the rope being around his neck and over a limb he asked us not to shoot him¬ ¬ Miss l Elmer Hills Confession January 49 + occurredat S Smith Grove Ky on Wednesday even ¬ ing the 23rd inst Nearly all the young people in town married and sin ¬ gle put in an appearance and the new ¬ ly wedded couple received many hand ¬ some and useful presents Refresh ¬ ments were served and some excellent music rendered r The LindseyWilson The LindseyWilson will reopen Tues ¬ day January 5th and many new pupils will arrive between now and that time There will be ample accommodations at the dormitories for all who may come hence pupils entering Columbia are re questsd to drive to the college building where the management will give them a hearty welcome and assign them apartments Parents who want to see that their sons and daughters under careful protection will do well have them board at the dormitories the principals keeping a watchful eye them New rooms have been fitted in the thirlstory of the girls dormitory and additional rooms have been secured near the campus for toAi overj r F ° r boYsk Birthday Dinner Programme For Week of Prayer PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH the 15th inst Mrs Elizabeth who makes her home with her granddaughter Mrs S N Han¬ cock was given a most magnificent dinner in honor of her eightyfifth On Robertson twere Monday Jan- ¬ uary 4thThe Bible the Word of God with prayer for its wider circulation A R Kasey Mrs Z T Williams CHURCHTuesday 1an of town Mrs Robertson received many Faithfulness Mans useful presents She is a fine old lady Responsibility with prayer for the re and highly appreciated the gifts and lization of our duty to be faithful and was delighted to spend a day with her for the spirit of true repentanceRev- kinpeople Cave Rev J R Crawford BAPTIST CHURCH Wednesday Jan Masonic Election uary 6th Missions Home and Foreign i with prayer for the development of the Columbia Lodge No 96 F and A missionary spirit and for individual con ¬ secration Eld Z T Williams Rev m elected the following officers last Monday night for the ensuing year T L Hulse Worshipful MasterA R Kasey CHRISTIAN CHURCH January 7th Senior WardenWalker Bryant Intemperance and Gambling with prayer for the overthrow of these Junior WardenC S Harris TreasurerW A Coffey evils Judge H C Baker Hon Paul SecretaryJ T Goodman SmythePRESBYTERIAN TylerJas Garnett CHuRHFriday JanThe Deacons and Stewards will be uary 8Family and school with pray named later er for both of these institutionsRev W H C Sandidge Prof P D Neil METHODIST uary t- r L NUMBER A w f 30 1908 ¬ R B Reeves coveredMrs KENTUCKY ¬ counIty I COUNTY = wv UUfltU I daughterI provedI ADAIR I 5thGods ¬ I Mr J D Hughes of Quannah Tex ¬ Members of the Presbyterian Sunday Next Monday will be county court Last Saturday morning at 9 oclock as is spending a few days with his school received their presents last Wed- ¬ Doubtless there will be a large crowd many friends here nesday night they being delivered af after an illness of several weeks Miss in town and business is expected to be Lou Barbee one of the oldest residents Mr Charley Herriford and wife ter the prayer meeting servicbsat the of Columbia closed her eyes in death fairly good All parties who are in ¬ Bliss are spending a week with Mr church The end came at the residence of Mr debted to the News and who will be in Herrifords parents town on that day are requested to call candidates for circuit J T Barbee Jr where the deceased Rev R L Tally will meet with the Republican and make payment If there are those made her home will be here at Missionary Institute in Nashville the Judge in this district who are not taking the paper and would the January term of court the third The deceased was born and reared in like to read it during the year 1909 latter part of this week Monday and there will likely be some this place and had she lived until the W F Hancock and wife reach 14th of next February she would have they are respectfully invited to call sonMETHODIST WANTED Remember that a handsome calendar ed home last Wednesday night from speakingYoung CHURCHSaturday Jan ¬ been 78 years old Horses and MulesWe will be in Signs of the Times with Frankfort for the holidays Coffey has sold in the last Sixty years ago she made a profession goes to every person who renews and uary Columbia Thursday December 31st to to every new subscriber prayer for a more passionate devotion Mr Bud Stearman a teacher in the few days to different parties in Adair of her faith in Christ united with the to Christ and the great Christian doc ¬ buy horses and mules The mules must LindseyWilson is spending a week county twelve thoroughbred mares and Baptist Church and lived a consistent The automobiles running between mares member until the final dissolution trinesEld W K Azbill Rev Tur¬ be 13 to16 hands high and fat The colts the colts at 60 to 80 The with his parents in Russell county this place and Campbellsville will be ner horses must be from 4 to 8 years old She is survived by one brother and Mr Allen Pile a former citizen of at 75 to 110 off the road until the first of February Every body in the community is cor ¬ and they must be fat Will pay the two sisters Mr John T Barbee Sr Columbia now of Paducah is visiting Rev J R Crawford delivered a Mrs Martha Meader and Mrs Geo W as we are informed by Mr Austin the dially invited to these services and highest market price his mother and sisters in this place Pemberton very intertaining Christmas sermon at Sinclair the latter residing at Eliza manager The machines that have those who believe in the power of pray ¬ Miss Verna Dohoney who has been been running are too light for the road er are especially urged to attend Let Christian church Sunday evening the bethtownThe conducting a millinery store in Ala ¬ Mr Austin says he understands services were held at the It was a union meeting all the Church ¬ YES YES bama returned home a few days ago exactly what is needed and by the firs es in town being represented residence Sunday afternoon at 30 clock of February he will have machines Miss Minnie Kemp who is teaching Committee i conducted by Eld Z T Williams and in the Graded School Greensburg There was a large Christmas trade in Rev A R Kasey a large circle of that can stand the trips The new ma ¬ chines will also carry baggage reached home last week for the holi Columbia last Wednesday and Thurs friends and relatives being present Tenth Wedding Anniversary Old Kenr grocery II Am Comming Back to day The dry goods stores At the close of the services all that All the children of the Presbyterian s aysMr tucky Charles Gupton and sister Miss stores and drug stores were crowded was mortal of this good woman was Rev and Mrs Claycomb Sundayschool were made happy last were kept busy Malessa of near Greensburg visited and the salesmen laid to rest in the city cemetery Wednesday evening They met at the formerly of this place celebrated their their sister Mrs J PBeand last The News extends its sympatey to church ann after an appropriate talk tenth wedding anniversary at Pontoo young people was Christmas with the I wish to announce through the the surviving members of the family from the pastor Rev J R Crawford sue Ill on Friday evening December weekDr remarkably dull in Columbia In the R H Jones of Cincinnati took and Scripture reading by several of the the 10th While the event was cele past they have had gatherings of some At Rest dinner with his parents at Montpelier members the presents were distributed brated by the principals the arrange 17 years of mercantile business life in character every evening but at the Christmas day He returned home Mon ¬ Besides refreshments given out there ments and the many elegant presents Russell Springs Ky that I will again nothing closing of this year there was Last Sunday forenoon Mrs Ann were many nice books and other useful received were a complete surprise give them a chance to do their trading dayMr Geo R Miller left for Louisville Grant who was the wife of Mr Jake articles During the evening two Lit ¬ The gathering was at the opera hall with me in the future I will open up dog last Grant whose home was near Cane tle Crawfords rendered a song beauti ¬ several hundred people being present for business March 20th 1909 in the and will at once yesterday forenoon black female rat It was a joyous affair one that will building now occupied by the firm of commence traveling for his house for Thursday in Columbia Has brown Valley died after a long illness She fully I never be forgotton by Rev and Mrs D the year 1909 and legs and gray around the was a woman who had many friends feet A difficulty occurred at Edmonton Claycomb the manifestation showing Miss Willie Chewning daughter of mouth Her name is Vic Pleasenoti ¬ and had led a Christian life from girl ¬ ¬ Monday afternoon of last week Between that they had so many devoted friends hood She was a daughter of Mr Mar fy me or J N Coffey cus Ellis and was about thirtyeight Clifton Coleman and Leslie Mitchell It in Pontoosuc Bettie G Smith ¬ aunt It is reported here that Mitchell was years pidison this place in EdwardsBradshaw The week of prayer commences Mon Funeral services were held Monday drinking and brought on the difficulty Prof R R Moss spent Christmas day night January 4th and will contin afternoon conducted by Eld Z T The news first reached Columbia that with their needs and hearts desires with his parents at Hardyville Har Williams There were many relatives Mitchell was shot and killed but later Mr Robert Edwards and Miss Ollie with a large and uptodate stock of county Mrs Moss spent fhe wee information stated that he only re ¬ M Bradshaw of Crocus were married goods to select their Spring and Sumr ternating and friends present with her parents at Pellyton ceived a slight wound the ball from on Tuesday the 22rd inst at the home mer wants from Meet me at the Sup ¬ program published elsewhere in The Mr JasjCoats Misses Lncile Shan- ¬ News Colemans pistol striking him on the of the brides parents Mr and Mrs J ply March 20 1909 Farm For Sale non Sara Thomas Mattie Elliott and hand C Bradshaw The bride is a grand ¬ The Supply Co By S Wilson Esther Nell all of the Lihdsey Wilson Evangelist R L Tally of the Meth ¬ daughter of Mr and Mrs T F Collins offer for sale my home place which I spent the holidays at their respective odist Church closed a very successful Republican county candidates ar s 10 miles from Columbia onehalf Breeding on the 19th There lies Medical Society quite numerous and we are meeting at homesMr 170 acres of said mile from Montpelier professions and thirteen that many others will enter the con ¬ The groom is a resident of Bonnie Geo N Rosenfield and wife of were thirteen land 50 acres of bottom good body of Smiths Grove and Mr Jo Rosenfield additions to the Church Forty dpllars white oak and chestnut timber well test Men who understand the situa- ville Hart county The couple left for The following is the program of the tion can at this time name every suc ¬ the home of the groom on Wednesday Adair County Medical Society which and Miss Lina Rosenfield father and was raised for mission work watered Broom house plenty of out cessful candidate If you are in the the 23rd carrying the best wishes o f meets in Columbia the second i r sister of the first named reached Co- ¬ ¬ 1909 Mr M L Grissom and family have buildings Terms made known on ap ring you will get there if not you are Thursday in January at lumbia Saturday night many friends Mrs Helena Williams plication which we want every physician in the already left Mr W I Meader CampbelIsvilleI 84t county to be present was here to attend the Marriages PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY Epidemic Cartarrhgrippe S ATay = aunt Miss Lou Barbee His motheri WANTED I Pickett removed to the new cottage lor rs Martha Meader who is On Thursday the 24th inst Rev W recently erected by Mr Allen Walker Horses and Mules We will be in Public Health U L Taylor W H C Sandidge Union ale accompanied him H C Sandidge solemnized the follow ¬ back ofDr J N Pages property Columbia Thursday December 31st to Scarlet Fever Win Blair W S Dudgeon Greasy Creek Miss Vic Hughes ing marriages Virgil Lee Bell to Miss Laryngitis C M Russell Roach Red Lick 1 home for the holi ¬ A buy horses and mules The mules must Millie Coomer The ceremony took at Lexington came Mr L C Webb son of Mr John Some cases 1 have lost E B Atkin F J Barger Beech Grove She was accompanied bj Miss Webb Russell county who is a travel ¬ be 13 to 16 hands high and fat The home K T Me days place at the brides Z T Williams Cane Valley VW F CartwrighV Myrtle Zimmerman a school mate ing salesman in Kansas met with Mahan to Miss Jesse Wilson Therites son j and they must be fat Will pay the R Y Hindman M Pierce Clear Spring J whose home is in South wee solemized at Ebineezer Charles very seriousaccident a few weeks ago highest marketprice W T Grissom J R Grider White Oak C Mitchell and Miss Ida Shirley were Mrs J S Read nee Miss Clyde He was traveling man automobile from Committee Pemberton Atchler J N Walbert Prices Creek also married at Ebineezer aqdGlaud Herriford of Nashville is visiting her one town to another the axle breaking Il i > Ai R Kasey Columbia Turner E Marshall and Miss parents Mr Read accompained her to Mr Webb was thrown about fiftee Valley K yDec 214908 t Johnston j PickettsCKagel embarked on the sea of matrimony his ribs were brok e A Dangerous Columbia and spent a day or two re- feet Three of W B Cve Russell Springs 7 r f rom the parlors of the Hancock HoteL turning to Nashville last Monday and one arm and he was ser ously Is the removal of the appendix by a Mr John Cook who left Adair count Enclosed find oils dollar for which Red and Gray l No o who takes Dr King WANTED Live Reception more than thirty years ago is here on sas and a letter place tomY credit and send to me your foxes Will pay New Life Pills is every subject to this 125 200 each a visit For the past twenty years he er received a few days ago stated t hai frightful ordeal They work so quickly I and express charges a improved but that ¬ has been living in Dallas Texas H- e his condition had you dont felPthem They cure coneti W T Hodgen Box232 is a contractor and builder and says he would be some tune before he woul d be Democratic paper Very Truly JTburs BM 4 has succeeded beyond his expectations- able for business V 1 It Cain bellsville > Ky > J of their son George N Rosenfield and aria 25c afc T E PRlIls drag itonS P H Bridgwater + since he left this county > 11 1 ¬ ¬ 1Mr ¬ r spirt ¬ r 1 9The AtChl1 ¬ I JF ¬ t wfriends ILostA countyi alk Lti rtfIhe ¬ ¬ t h ¬ I i wad I OCCUPYIing t L olda CarolinaI anydoingt nCane + Harrist V > < 4 7 I fa J homei I I IC I fr I S 1 Operationa JA reIandr t > j t L V ttit 7 seon r r JF r J a s w

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