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Image 1 of 1979 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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0 ZLB5 MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF REGENTS MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY April 28, 1979 The Board of Regents of Murray State University met April 28, 1979 at 12:00 noon, CST, in the Board Suite of Rainey T. Wells Hall on the campus of the University. The following members were present: Miss Martha Boles, Mr. J. W. Carneal, Mr. M. Ronald Christopher, Mr. Bob T. Long, Dr. S. M. Matarazzo, Mr. Jere McCuiston, Dr. Ed Settle, _ Mr. O. B. Springer, and Dr. Charles E. Howard, Chairman, presiding. I Absent was Mr. A. B. Mitchell. Also present at this time were Dr. Constantine W. Curris, President, Mrs. Patsy R. Dyer, Secretary of the Board, Dr. Marshall Gordon, Vice—President for University Services, and Mr. Mack Bushart, new1y—e1ected President of the Student Government Association. Miss Boles moved that the Board go into executive session for the purpose of discussing property acquisition and individual personnel matters. Mr. Springer seconded and the motion carried. The executive session began immediately. The executive session ended at 3:30 p.m. and the public session convened at 3:MO p.m. In addition to the above, present for this portion of the meeting were: Vice- Presidents Richard Butwell, Frank Julian, and Treasurer of the Board Richard Gray; Jim Hall, Executive Assistant to the President; Don Chamberlain, Director of AIDP, Dean and Chairmen of the College of Business and Public Affiars, and members of the news media. Chairman Howard called the meeting to order and Dr. Matarazzo led in prayer. Chairman Howard welcomed back Mr. Springer. Mr. Springer thanked the Board for the flowers received during his illness and stated that had he been present on March 10, 1979 when the Board offered President Curris a four-year contract, the vote would have been 9 yes and no opposition. Mr. Carneal stated that had he been present on March 10, 1979, the vote would have been 10 yes and no opposition to offering a four-year contract to Dr. Curris. Dr. Curris expressed his appreciation for the unanimous vote. Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Regents held on March l0, 1979, Approved Chairman Howard called for additions or corrections to the Minutes of March l0, 1979. There being none, the Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Regents held on March 10, 1979 stand approved as received. Agenda President Curris presented the following agenda for the meeting: AGENDA for Meeting of the Board of Regents Murray State University I · April 28, 1979 ` l. Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Regents held on March 10, 1979 2. President's Report 3. Old Business -- Policy on Complimentary Athletic Tickets (Dr. Howard) M. Faculty Personnel/Payroll Items

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