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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, November 8, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

tUKB. 21-3- K: -- , . 'T "H E N T" VC :G E K . ivot. h;j TTE 1 Z & ATURDAY, S LEXINGTON: Printed iy JOHN BRADFORD1 at his Office in Main Street, Printing received, and 4 NOT NOVEMBER. ICE in its different branches T t!" Hc&or Lithgqw, who, in y or about tne year 1764. ftrvtfd as. majesty's 77m B, private in his' bntanmc rcS'inent, then quartered' at fLtfifax, .In Nr. j Scotia,'' jet t hat pjve tor Great , a id proceeded in ue lame capahe died in city urine halt Indies, the year 1784. polfeifed ofa cofiderable property, anu by his last will and bequeathed the same to John and Hiigh Litngow, his two lons, who were born in the said town ot Hallifax, and lately resided there, and alio Frances ,weeting, .their mother: .this is therefore notify the laid Jotin and H.igh Lith-goand Frances Sweeting,or anyot them, that fatibfuctory information of the whole t;antadltonma be received at Halifax, by ep ini. to iVUirs Brymer and Keither Y rk 10 l nomai rope efq. at cni-Ia- v a.' N ijju.a to Arctubaia Uay, Letitia court. who may hae it iri their power t iq tivt- ijiiisfdCtor inroimation with to the above perions, or any of , hall. oe rewarded for their trouble. " The Printers in the West India , isla ds and the states of America are defiled' to" in lert the above advertisement, and the charge of the tame will be defrayed by transmitting of accounts to either of the above gentlemen. -- Bi:-un- tefta-"nr?- nt w "1 V ' re-fp- lb-.n- 1 where done, he titkn ; sorts . T TOW the'grefs. of Mmd as, Mss. Pop- - . happy it is sox Mankind, that the Di A I vine author .of Nature has gracioufiy to each of us, ortrans of pecention neai ly fimilaV. In conrfeq'ience, rn two Men wuh their eves open will difpu'e th,r this 0:1 er is not 'white, or rhat the 'ette's are not b'ick or with rcpeft to feeling, Wiethe- - '"n s 'm. J or 'ih heiiin". is 'ef we are pleaYed with ha mony, veei hv drcoid. How then sir can von account iV t! e :im 2 nc varieiy of sentiments and opinions b,ch pervade r'ie human race: will yo:i have 11 - n- the iven by myfavonto mrhwr e ;uoted, 'or do vou not think tb " is Mr Pne had said nothinson the fubieft, th van'on a'de ftareOnen, sound politicians, not to ra one word of infalible Divine1 met already in Kenri'cke m'efit have been full fufEcient to have on, 01 have drawn Horn you some fim lar rb ervr"'on is vou vH1l be'ieve them, sir, the aie nil and vet mofl aTiKeJIv nearly alt injf- bf wrn. have raken no( cc rif h'm c three hu idrct sorts of Moss : I make no doubt eie "e wice as manv sorts of mind; bvt, Hr, amonp the iniinite varietv Tfor every 111,111 d(fV c icr.f deince) it is necenary for the fal e of ;'.&; r ncert and in order ro infpeB the Uv linr v 'tk 'o ihrovv the various kinds into d'ff-re- t ch(Jer, ar ' 'hen, sir, lite a "o-- i Genei ' one view ihc "i ee several Brigades Batt'l'ovs ani Camp ; you f;r. Natij-nAUST- of Lav in this Diftrifl S wj'ili Iwoutd Jell for Cifb Tobacco, TeungCat-t'g- j Merchandizes Ptublic Securitie: at their Puffing J 500 Acres on Hinkftonsfon, of Licking in Bour- bon Oumy. on the Kentucky in Fayette 2000 8ic Aces in fevdral Tracts on the Waters of Dicks R'vcr in Lincoln; all Patented in my Name. s aifo. dboo Acres on 'he Beech so k and 1000 on tho of tox'sCtcek in Nclfon Patented in the Name or VVim duVal. Jfaj Acies .n Rntnes and furvnvs inthp Natnr of David Griffith, besides about 30,060 Acres oif' the Waters of Sandy and Licking Ceeks, and the Ohio, in dilteient Names. I would also Let out for a sew Years, some Wc- Valuable Lands near Suoud's Station Hickman's Creek, North Elkhorn and several Places on the Kentucky in Fayette, and in Lhe Counties of Lincoln and Nelson. CHRISTOPHER GREENUP .s anv:llc. 15:,', rt ' 02. 1788. ' . .,, will meet at tre t'oi;.pa' Ctab , dra november of tne 19 h (as ptiblifb.d in oiir lafl) ih order to itart early she next day through the Wildern'efs. Ab it is vCr)' da grrous on account of the Indians, it ia hoped each "peifon will go well armed. . , 2(-Q- enu-mra- for your suture amufcmerit as I Hall jude you decrve it. I feleft then the following. The Pompous. s The Hlmbly The IW lowux-- Ivvec-TtThe Shriol's The r n. va Ani worl of all the SXEslKhW CLAW - The heads ' iftcd, 'hey are of there claiTes are " ' fond fn,of being seen and k.ion.i and so ih.cpjr pose are sure to coi .c - t vw thai by your means they mav appeir v p'.blic, 01 el 'e, they will mount stjjmps, 01 w ao-n , .11 dJic's'tho For ir'd r.iC arird nymr papeople viva voce per N"- - Vt is a ftroti? ht f of the '.mp t'S, ir freaks thus. I was fii a u7;' : th' wot (i of v: . . was sir, a am ftr, a ' b- ad A SOLD degree infpcfled ToLjclo, a !;kel, Wcach Enc,iro of the fumcr. ' ih all lunmniion tinatis to '.,y .v t;. r.n Iu'j'ti 'ion at all) 011 sir. liaenc'hei reitio s, ''j; ei , or credit, infroT sir, vc l. vj a ft in- 0 d j mo' e nobody thi' part es '1 n fr t p irew heieaf- ter of the SNEAKING CLASS. 1 am ferry the Complanter has difcoveied a luperiflr ranlTin the second class, I hope, however, he wl refotm quit his company, and jom ith rhe.c'ofrfrf. The next in order is the Bellowing Ikvec-twThe greatest commander I ever knev, belonging to thisClafs, was a certain Junius who " couid pelt and bedaub the Enemy with vail dexterity, he would advance his who'c sorce: lay on unmercifully, and thei'. ar pleafuie would either leave the poor Devils half murdered, or is lie thtjuuht pioper iiiieihe wounds viflantly, with a feft kindof plaifler readily accented by the patient. Popliccla was certaitMy tutored by !ukt us. bi't it is equally certa'n he has been a back fi irdfcholar and though he po'Jcdes the bellowing iuveBive, yet he wants the manner. m- the of his giaic maftcr. Obfeive sir, his second at tack on the Complanter; like an unfkiifi!! '"mtcon, he has laid open the wrong wound,and hatktit much- ,- has cut too deep, - and what is woileihan all has applied no healing salve,- expefed it to unneceffary view, and indeed Pcru-cot.- a (whoever you aielor I know you not) you have gai'trd no credit. The SERIOUS CLASS is hat which does honor lO'Ciaril-.iR; It is with ulcafuic 1 difcovcr them, - , TOR ara-bu- e. NOTICE. LARGE - ' J -- the 0'jtwsu;4 garb sir, is easily "known, but is lap not BiticAiniftakenPun.ppATRiA pSifcfics it inwardly anJ a Genius of the same (lamp is jDnly.rlwiJ wren he addrelTcsA Cornplanter under thefipma-t"-eo- f ! FcHoyr Citizen, Thole of thisClafs mud, ho ever, proceed cautiously pcrfcc;on is not, to bef xptSed-- , and 'yet mnch ifixpeettASBilK ihey ' pleafej with the n;.dvertently flcp aside, or Pompous they throw away the Serious, theendf fueh charafters will be contemptible. Icoiflcnrw to The Candid, and in this class there is likcwific; contained thofc who do honor to the species is ipoftly conipofed of the young, and middle age$, for youmiy observe, sir, multitudes as the" in years cjutt their rank and oin with the .seriaus: others aie plea fed with the Pompous, anii feme sew will ever fall back and drgiadp both themselves and all their Come (lions by ioin'Tji viiji the sneaking clofs A peculiar cheerfulnefe f mind, liberality of sentiment and universal Philar-.tnrop- y are the chaiacteiiftics of the Candid, atL those of all o hers ate most to be iefpeced wli have a command in this elate commiffioned bv Prudence. But alas sir, how sew attain to thi- - e alted fiation. Not the FasMer; not the ; nor thou O Brutus ! will no v condctend to take notice of thy SNEAKING CLASS. I hope there arejwt fev in t.iis Country : so- these oi all others re, to bc sure, made up of pcifons tlie most mean and of the whole Human species. I iTioaid have informed you Sir, Ctho' I make 00 doubt bttc you inigh often hae observed it) that this Clafg is never petmittcd to be in rank with ativ others the" want, cou-apto be in front, and are of 140 a qualitv, robccVe in the rear. !n confe-quei- u e, they sneak beirnd, and follow Afsnkind like so m nv Mor.grels .Tlhcy often lav in and what icnier- - 'hem rulv contemptible take advantage of the candid Man.and without ma km; themselves nown throut Anecdotes, Cards and Squios, not pofleifirtg the cerumen of nanity. They will defame a virtuous Ciiarac'er;.-tcl- l lies.-- ot in iliort, go any lengths, provided they can do it fneekingly, ana the whole is carried on without the lea.fl tinSure cf fejifibility. Tbiy Puhlifher of an Anecdote in your Paper No VI. is without doubt commander in chief of the freaking Clefs, tho' hcdefeives c edit for the p'e'-rlmnh ib'c Oory he has given us jof the TOCfl. EN STILL I fhoulH not have Known but for th.s c:rci:irft".ncc. vt-- be alii ded tohvtVe ppnel-latio- n of CRA7.T JEM As Ih.ue i.ndeitaken Sir. a critical re'iew of your late P'tH'ca rruft hum; nunc leuiaiKs on ti,isyo sintcaote .irsl ,ti anonymous Author. S' ch a low livd, mean, p;tU sill way of infoiming ti p pt the ndvetrrt of Crazy Jem and h W'oden Still i fitly i hi,' tempnb'e Thon dark'n fneakinr thwia! 'thou dreg oi atter Thou Child of dirt? You call forth my indignation not for the StibjtB for it is laughable but for th manner. Thou Thou Torporific Eell how com Idft thoit rind courage to ask what had become cf tho wore rw sriu. ? thou know est it was.ftotcn AW and all and ifrom your underhanded, unmanly, unmannerly, yoinfty, (bameful, pitiful Llackguard, groveling, dirty, premeditated, unprovoked' attack upon poor ism or i his Still a a Convinced 70U MUST BE THE THIEF . Ten JV,na,shavcbai offered as a reward and to do Jem a kindness, is you will RETURN a wiil be fecurit the money shall be paid you, and :f ptffibte no qucTtions lik-e- d. " 1 ,n rnuter m wh-es- , the manoeuvring and is vou can onlyinJ outthe principal actors, and the principles of atian, vou will eaf;!v account for all the lest. I all on'y sir, at pre'ent tome sew of the cl ATc, leiervmc the tines--- i W115,-BANcti- rn S Spf-ciou- PalueViz. thankf-JiV- j ce 11 .see for this- paper, are - f t!" K?NTU'K$. GAZETTE. Shall, Mairatfrr.r Grant but as f Subscriptions,' Advertisements, with Care and Expedition.- ) T HAVE several Tram S, 1788. o f : 1 But Mi. Printer I will v;cw thb said Anecdote in another light vou vSir mnft see it everv cat;-di- d Man mull fie U as a meer rriferabiejiibterfugo to undetir.irc the fcntimci'ts of a pcifon, whofc feais weie jffl'y ataimed .inheoiorc-edinnsotho last Convention rnd the Almighty Politest pottfr lecommendeJ to he inven m ihei.ext. Apeiloti who has and will fte'.' fxi th when her perceives the weli'aie ol his Country eodangeicd by any uniuftiliable cncioaehments of and wilf candidly aiidop.ti.vCiho' icihaps Jwrudently) his sentiments the Vpj h (jiri0iir4 dreading tile cenCjrcofsnvM' 1. ' am further Authorized to mviis out COMMANDER IN CIIIE? f

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