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Image 3 of Lexington City Directory 1911

Part of Lexington City Directories

. INTRODUCTORY This edition of The Lexington City Directory marks the sixth year of its publication by this Company, and is presented with the assurance that it will meet with approval and appre- ciation of our patrons and the general public. A complete canvass has been made of the City and outlying suburbs by experienced and competent enumerators, and every effort has been made to produce a work that will be in keeping with the progress of the City. In its general scope and plan of construc- tion, the present edition of the directory follows the same general arrangement as heretofore, and the greatest care has been exercised to obtain accurate data, and make the directory an unfailing guide to the city. We desire to call attention to the Street and Avenue Guide and Directory of Householders. n We have had this part of the directory set in smaller type than heretofore. This makes the book somewhat smaller than the previous issue, but we feel that our patrons will {ind it more · · convenient as the information is in a more compact form. It will interest our patrons to know that we maintain a directory library in all the principal cities of the country, and a copy of the Lexington book is on file at each of these libraries for the use of the public. ’ With sincere thanks for the patronage of the business community and the aid of the citizens in giving the desired information for the directory, we are, Respectfully, R. L. POLK & CO., Publishers.

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