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Image 12 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), July 15, 1948

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1948 THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Selling Out Entire Stock AT REDUCED PRICES (vtA GOING Y lNTlVfl OOHATULB TROUBLE I'D HAVE M r YOU CAN RELY UPON" fA"HAT& WE FOUND A.B MAM. EXACTLY TWO BUCKS. YOUR POCKETBOOK, Fl':,S right; BUT YOU CLAIMED IT THERE'S A 816 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ORDINARY SERVICE YOU GET AT OTHER PLACES AND THL WONDERFUL SERVICE YOU GET AT HAD BETWEEN NINETY AND ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. A.B. IN IT FRANCIS T O If you are Lucky enough to have good eyes, use them on this page it's good news if yu read it That sound funny to the others but to tell the truth we have so much merchandise on hand that some time we got have the Blue Print of our Store to be able to locate the Merchandise we looking for it got so much that we don't know ourselves what all remember but we do .have-th- at's it's just one them things. 3 Cars loaded of Concrete Pipes, size 1x3 ft. 2x3 ft., 2 ft. and Lumber of all kinds 1x8" Center Matched Dressed Lumber $95 Per 1000 ft., also 2x4", 8 ft. long at $95 per 1000 ft. and 2x10", 16 ft. long Pine Floor and 1x10" and 1x12 any length. Doors and Windows any size also 1x4" and 1x6" Door and Windows Facens. Screen Doors with full sets Hinges and . Springs, Price $4.55 Each. Building Material of any kind you looking for and Celotex, the best for Beautify your Home and Shingles Roofing of any Colored 210 lbs. to the Square, $6.68 per Square, 90 Lbs. Slate Roll Roofing and 65 Lbs. Roll Building Felt 450 Square ft. $3.75 per Roll. Flue Pipes any size, Round and Squared and Bonnett. Nails of any size and Water Pumps Range on Price from $65 and on up. Fairbanks Morres and Pipes and any kind of fittings. mer-chandi- se 1-2- .num. mini mm Hi: x3 Roofing $1.95, also Asbestor Shingles $.10.36 Per Square and also Brick Siding at Wholesale Price $3.85 Per Square. Roofing Paint in one or 5'Gallons, $2.58 per Gallon. e Paint, $3.25 per Gallon any colors, and outside White Gloss Paint, 18 lbs. to Gallon You know that's Wholesale price $4.55, The Best That's Made. Kem-Tom- JLi . . ' I !!! Complete Set of Bath Room Outfits, Bath Tub 5 ft. Toilet and Seats and Basen with fittings, all for $145, and Shower, Stall $55 with fittings. Kitchen Sinks of any Size, Electric Hot Water Heaters any size, 52 Gallons $119.00; Electric Stoves, Large and apartment size and Motors up to 5 H.P. sin-- " gle phase. Colored Bath Room Suit and any f LOCAL TtADCMAm, (the U. kind of Yard Linoleum and inlaid and 9x12 ft. Rugs. Kitchen Cabinet and Chifferobe any kind and shades and Beds and Bed' Room Suits. 3 Pc. Living Room Suit Wine and Blue Velour very beautiful material and design. The Regular Set Price on this Living Room Suits is $255, but our Selling Price is $115.00 Cash. We have Factory Connection, So we are in Position to Comedate our Customers and give them the Factory Price benefits. They are beautiful. We have complete line of Store Equipment Meat Cases,. Scales and Globe Meat Slicers and Meat Grinder and Meat Blocks, Butcher Tools, Cash Registers and Adding Machines and Bottle Coolers and Meat & Bone Cutter Machine. Electric Iron and Automatic Toasters and Steel Safes and Electric Wire of any kind. House Refrigerators and Washing Machines $155.00 and Deep Freezers of any size and Dinette. Inner Springs and Inner Spring Mattresses and other kinds of Furniture. Thanks to all our Customers for the Strong Confidence they have toward our Business. They feel well pleased since they discovered that Our Store its Em for Quality Merchandise and mostly at Wholesale Price Nation-ly- . They have reason for bring their best friends to our Store, so they can benefited also and sharing good of fine Mdse. for our Customers to confess that our Merchandise are the best as known for the past it's new business we're after we take care of old business. Reading our Page it's an education. ft i A. B. FRANCIS STORE EQUIPMENT Telephone WHOLESALE & RETAIL WMtesbim, Kentucky 118-- B'

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