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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 7 - Safe Places Safe Place After School 4-H Extension Commitment (94,600 youth to be reached) "Bridges to Tomorrow" 21s' century grant for $2.3 million for 1,000 students with an involvement of 140 adults at six sites over a period of 3 years. The after school project will focus on middle school students academic attainment, leadership development, asset development and youth/adult partnerships to build sustainable communities in McCreary, Cumberland and Green Counties. Healthy Start and Future * sk-:.fN. short sex y . Healthy Start Coflege of Dentistry Commitment (12,500 youth to be reached) Hispanic Health Fair, a new program, has student's from the College's chapter of the Hispanic Dental Association participating in oral screenings and education programs at Lexington's first Hispanic Health Fair. The chapters bilingual students provide oral health information to the children and their parents. Marketable Skills Student Affairs at the University of Kentucky Office of Residence Life (350 youth to be reached) The Office of Residence Life proudly joins our University of Kentucky as a school of promise. The Residence Life program is designed to provide the holistic development of students and encourage full and responsible community participation. Our commitment will address all five promises through the adoption of Harrison Elementary as our school of promise. Harrison's 350 children will be provided mentors and reading buddies to enhance the children's school experience. There will also be a clothing drive for parents. Residence Life has teamed with our Career Center to provide parents with a program series on effective communication and job searches. -

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