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Page 22 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.1 n.4

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

D. H. Anderson To Run for K. N. E. A. President D. H. Anderson, president of the West Kentucky Industrial College at Paducahb will be a candidate for the presidency of thb K. N. E. A. at the 1931 ses- sion. On two previous occasions President Anderson has made la very close race. His friends over the state are enthusiastic in again sponsoring him for the next presi- dent of the K. N. E. A. In an- nouncing his candidacy, he wrote Secretary A. S. Wilson as follows: Dear Secretary: "In response to the requests of friends in the field of education, I here, by this note, announce my candidacy for president of the K. N. E. A., to elected at the next session, which convenes April 15 to 18, 1931, at Louis- ville, Ky. "If elected, I shall do all in my power to execute the will of the Association." Yours truly, D. H. Anderson The teachers of Kentucky will therefore have the opportunity of considering and voting on the name D. H. Anderson for the next president of the K. N. E. A. President Anderson deserves the consideration of every Kentucky teacher because of his efforts in building the College at Paducah and his interest in the education of the Negro Youth of Kentucky. ENERGY AND THE PUPIL By George W. Blount, Field Secretary, Cheney Training School, Cheney. Pa. Energy is capacity for perform- ing work and accomplishing re- sults. Some pupils in schools, some men of great ability in the world, often fail to make progress be- cause they lack energy. Plainly speaking they are lazy. Laziness is not always volun- tary. It may be caused by ill health, improper diet, or heredity. A pupil or a man of great nat- ural energy is a self-starter, whereas one of low energy or low gear has to be kicked or cranked into action. He may lack ambi- tion, vision and keen perception, but he lacks will power and that inner drive. Usually he knows that he should, reform, but he sel- dom does snap out of low gear into high of his own volition. Parents and teachers should not .scold children if they seem to ex- haust with constant bouncing in and out of doors. If they possess energy they are very lucky and we should feel very much relieved. We should use our own intelli- gence to steer their seemingly misdirected energy into channels where it may intelligently be used. Such t combination will help make them successful in whatever they attempt in life. Intelligence is the measure of one's ability to adjust himself or herself to new situations in terms of past experiermes. 22

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