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Image 1 of Crittenden record-press (Marion, Ky. : 1909), May 23, 1912

Part of Crittenden record-press (Marion, Ky. : 1909)

VW W, McConnel ! ! Wiggins 1 m ber I Marion. Ky I WrnTTx -- W" v"- Crittm VOLUME XXXIV. R. ALEXANDER Lightning And Chnrchei. FAVORS Some unbelievers, STATE who have te ,.r, i - $1 .25 n, ... 1 1 1 ' 1 log-rollin- g, SPECIAL SALE 10C GRANITEWARE 10C SATURDAY ONLY. M. E. FOHS. J CoUlUiUdd 60 ?ti LltfUt, .0sJiIt-i- j JAMES LOBBS s-- F MARION HIGH nine-tenth- 1 NUMBER 47 Mrs. Gordon Better. ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT WINS Inter-collegia- I I : DEBATINO CONTEST. lost their religious faith, appear sometimes to marvel at the fact s that of the buildings Defeats Traisylvaiia aid Becomes Jelivered Two Powerful Sermons struck by lightning are churches. Wimer of Ky Chaapioiship. Last Sunday at tke New According to Prof. Ogg, teacher , Oar Mei Supported Well. M. E. Church. jof physics at the Manual Train- j ing High School, this nhenome- The championship of the Kennon is due to the comparatively With two remarkable sermonf. , greater height ', church tucky of the .r the surrounding Ansociation was won by Debating l.ioh for depth and spiritual ir.- - V debating structures than fht could hardly be supasried. biljld. team of the State University of hiI'oast of Dedication" ol tiic ..n,lr,n ,mJmI . u '" Kentucky when the Transylvachurch was! vartf . , . , Methodist Hrt University team was defeatt. Wi,1 UA nia by rat n nn enlnifl",v,J V,""U """ w n ' l t tn ft a vote of four to one in the a charge of electricity in ed . day 'tent ? hr preacher ast Friday debate Transylvania, stated Mr. Ogg. And r it. uis Nov. Gross Alexander, night, on the subject "Resolved 'Mtv,Uotlwnen tms c,oud fsil,s 80 low that i. I ii tor -- rofvt-- the ... ui I'D nan villi., iciui,, i the attraction of the charge on that there should be a permanent . v i...:i it t high structures pulls the electri tariff board with power to collect ii a scholar of international re city from the cloud, there issues and publish information on the in' a powerful stroke of lightning tariff and to originate all bills for Lirgi ci ngregations waited on tho destructive effects of which tariff laws, constitutionally granhi lector's ministry, rapt at- are well known. Any other ex- ted." lir1. i io wie iwo discourses, planation of the phenomenon, The team which was composed i .ire perhaps best describ- - in my opinion, is made only by of J. I. Miller of Lexington: Fred the word, "Masterly." individuals who l do not under- T. Shultz, of Narrows, Ky., and . .. . .. III! uuy3pi i .ii k irom wie lexi, stand the elements and behav- N. Gray Rochester of Marion, the P the opportunities" Ky., was far superior to the opior of electrical disturbances." ri.i her made touching refer- - Kansas City Journal. posing team in all points of der. i i" iue uiousami anu one bating, and notwithstanding the which every day present .' as fact that it had the affirmative tMbelves to the average man a side of the Bubject. and, therel woman to iwrpetuate the fore, had to bear the burden of human nature' ! the proof, it had a long lead on !"' ih merits ingood c unmon of all. The f' the Transylvania debaters at all ne employed, i .s'rviors wnicn stages of the debate. The memt h tf i r w ith the manifest une- bers of the Transylvania team MARION to EVANSVILLE . 'ii which inu sermon was were John Christopher, of Hat-toANU RETURN. (i contributed to the Wis. Richard Heilbron, of j i' '.! 'e occasion which will' Cal., and V. F. San Diego, , I'lW-rein '. wim pleasure lor ii GOING SUNDAY, MAY 26 O'Connell of Fairland, Texas. mo io come. n In the first speech Mr. Miller Returning Same Night. V 'I e night service Dr. Alex- - 'X showed in a general v ay the . r s description of the 'long- great and most apparent evils For ticket! nnd particulars, api anu its milium nature !' connected with the present sysply to your local ticket agent, n.i'i'f.1 capopuiucB was per tem of legislation and pointed il, s iniiie, and revealed the G. H. BOWER. G. P. A. I out the ways in which the sysihH r mind which was bohind tem under discussion would remIllinnii Ontral, Memphis, Term. r argument. edy these evils. He showed :, Ntxt week we hope to give that the Ways and Means Com. . rt-!- mittee, which now makes the .i mil uircuuui ui iuis wunuur- I. f ' h irch enterprise, vhich our XHRITY'ONE tariff investigation and framea M tii.iilist friends have so sue-- ' the tariff bill, could not. with its ARE APPLICANTS Iv c.irri'.'d through and we i limited facilities, frame tariff .ipt s'ire that our readers will be bills that were to the best inter' . to read it. For Teachers' Certificates Friday est of the people even if it were r Mather announced that the not dominated by party politics, and Saturday aad Thought I traded meeting will com- as he also showed that it is. He Examination Easy. i also showed the manner in which " re on Wednesday, May 20th by It hat he will lc assisted the proposed board would be able Ilelow wo Rive tho names of thoie a .urge choir and orchestra un- by putting all of its time on tar-i- f who were before the board of exami r the general direction of Prof. ners to tako the examination for teach questions, and by publishing W Icr'ji certificate uml n little later will be tho information that it collected H. Yates, who will also i ne the help of Profs. Robert moHt amiably interview inp our county to educate the people, concerning a- C. I). Loar, and W. L. Shell. trustee. tariff questions, and by originatThe applicants are; ing the bills to get the correct Mildred IUnktn, Stella Dean, Uertha tariff measures before the legisRankin. Klbert Thomas, Minnie Corley, Aged Preacher Weds OrlinR UorniiiR, Lonnie Moore. Homer lature. Young Blind Girl. Davidson, Mrs. Josio Ainsworth, Clara The first speaker on the negaHtrscliel Hurley, Mrs. Fenlle Grime Wl.itesburg, Kv. May 20.-- ne tive read a long speech, in which M C. Smart, Birdie White, of the most interesting and Kranklin, he took a great deal of time exLawrence Lott, Allen Younp, Tres romantic weddings to occur in Koon, A. A. Fritz. Geo. V. Conditt, plaining that the negative did Letcher countv in years, took J. W. Hoscoe, Lola Claghorn, Alma not have anything to prove, but place at Little Cowan creek two Hnuitlry, Lethn Urown, Mary Deboe, only had to show wherein the luilea from here, when the Rev. Uertha Ramsei, Addio Lee Majnard, theory of the affirmative was Hardin, Coe McConncll. Sheffer D. Howell, aged 70. a Baptiat Kwell lacking. He failed to do that. Sullengcr, Itobt. Corley. Kobt. Belt, minister, of Dickerson county, an otolith Rrnde pupil, Who is not of Mr. Shultz, the tecond speakVa., was married to Miss Zilphia tho aRO required for tenehcrs also took er on the affirmative took up in Adams, aged 21, the blind daugh- the examination ai a teal. The papers detail the working of the proposter of Spencer Adams, a farmer. vill not be graded before we ro to press ed board, and the details of how will bo no The bride, blind since infancy, but wo feel confident there tariff bills are now handled in failures. was educated at tho Louisville the legislature. He dwelt upon school for the blind, and is one the present evils of of the most popular girls of the S. H Mathews and chil- party domination, financial influMrs. county. dren, of Frances, visited her ences, and corporation control. Many friends of the bride witnessed the ceremony. They will parents, Mr. und Mrs. W. H. He alio contrasted the American Ordwav, of Crayne, !ast week, reside in Dickerson county- tariff legislation with that of Germany, where a permanant board is in charge of legislation. The third speech of the affirmative, by Mr. Rochester, took up in detail the workings of the proposed board and showed in what manner it would eliminate the the ovil legislation that was mentioned by his colleagues. The summarising portion of Mr. MAY 25th, 1912. Rochester's made the whole aroffer all of our gument of the affirmative into On next Saturday only we will one complete and systematic 10c, 16c and 25c Graniteware for 10 cents oach argument, SEE THEM IN OVR SHOW WINDOWS. The third speech of the negative dealt only with generalities and points which it was claimed - Barbers Marion, Ky. MARION, CRITTENDEN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, MAY 23, 1912. WITH A VISIT MARION 'ftejtjKft4lte I McCcct d r, :.: Wiggins 1 a May SCHOUl. The friends of Judge and Mrs. KILLED NEAR Gordon will be glad to know that she is able to return home after MEXICO undergoing an operation Rua Over by Cars oa I. C. R. R. a Tisie of by the famous Mayo Bros, at Saturday Nifkt aid Died Much Interest to Friends Rochester, Minn., as shown by oi Saaday. Mariea Scksol. the following clipping from the 23-- 28 Will Be ' Madison ville Hustler." "Mrs. J. F. Gordon, who has Saturday night at 10 o'clock This week will close the regu- been under treatment at Roches young man whose name was lar work of the Marion City ter, Minn., will return home to- a James Lobbs was run over by schools. On Thursday night, day accompanied by Judge Gor an I. C. train about a quarter of May 23, the Junior Class of the don. a mile this side of Mexico, where HighSchool will give a reception he had fallen asleep on the track, to the Seniors at the home of J. He mutilated and N. Boston. ADDITIONAL LOCALS lay was horribly where he was all night On Friday evening, May 24, the Seniors will present theiran-nua- l Mrs. Nora Yates and daugh- thrown by the passing train, unter, Miss Katie, who have been able to make his cries heard. play at the Opera House. guests of relatives at Tolu, will Sunday morning when discoverSaturday, May 25, at noon, the ed lie was so weak from loss of Seniors will be entertained at not return until next week. blood that little hope was enterluncheon by Miss Sallie Woods. Little Miss Roberta Moore, the tained for him. However be Saturday evening, May 25, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Seniors are to be entertained at Moore, who has been ill with was taken to the hospital at Sunday at noon and given the home of Prof, and Mr. roseola, is now much better and attention but died Sunday afterJ.U. Snyder. able to be out. noon. He was conscious to the Sunday, May 26, the annual Homer Paris, of Evansville, last and talked with his friends Baccalaureate sermon will be who has been the guest of his about the accident. preached at the'.Methodist church by' Rev. L. T. Freeland! pastor of mother and sister here the past His rcmr.ins were laid to rest at Bayard Park Methodist church, week, is also working some in the Hi'lgiavcyard, Monday, Evansville, Ind. Rsv. Freeland surance while here, for a new will occupy the pulpit in the ev- fraternal order. Mrs. A. U. Lamb, cf Clay, ening, also. Manns-villA. W. (Bob) Wilborn, of Ky., was in tho city last week Monday, May 27, at 9 o'clock, Okla., is spending a few enroute to her home at Clay, the last chapel exercise will be weeks with friends and relatives Ky., after a visit to her old home held in the auditorium. Citizens in Marion and Crittenden Co. in Livingston county. and friends are urged to come to this exercise. After the adjournment of chapel, certificates KittchJawnafcothes. of promotion will be issued in all WAWPTjUirxfD Lerooi grades. the Pa-duca- ! e, "next" Get Monday, May L7, at 8;15 p. m. in the auditorium, the annual day exercises will be held. class The Seniors will have complete chrrge of this part of the pro-gva- m. Tuesday evening, May 28, at 8;15, in the auditorium, Rev. W. D. Farmer, pastor of Trinity Methodist Church, Evansville, will deliver the annual address before the graduating class. With the presentation of diplomas the year's work will formally close. A collection will be taken Sunday morning to help defray the expenses of that ser-vicIt is hoped that it will be more generous than it was last year when it lacked forty dollars paying for the service. On Monday and Tuesday nights a small admission fee will be charged to help cover the expenses of the commencement address. Make this a great occasion in the lives of the young people by showing your loyalty to the o. school. Special music will be rendered by Mr. Marion Fonville, cornet-is- t for Dunbar's Fraternity Glee Club, and Mr. W. L. Vick, tenor soloist, of Louisville. A Crittenden Boy Selected.' Mr. Edmond D. Stone has been chosen by the .Cumberland University Debating Club to sit as a judge in the annual debating contest. Hon. W. J. Bryan has been elected by the Law class of 116 students to deliver the gradua ting address. Mr. Stone says that if he should be present, that with consent of the faculty they would petition the great Commoner, to deliver another address on his "Prince of famous lecture, Peace." Mrs. Bayless Kennedy died at Lola, Ky. At her home with her at the time of her death was Mrs. Fannie Lewis, a daughter, of Golconda, 111., and Rev.-W- . L. Kennedy, a son. Herhuif band preceded her to the grave 2. soiue Xnub auo. Young Man! THE styles season areKrischbaum styles. Ranging from the ultra "Yungfelo" models, for the chaps who lead off in the proces sion, to conservative cuts for the more dignified men. We hare them in a wide assortment of the most beautiful all-wo- ol fabrics that ever have been turned into men's garments. Rich, deep shades of blue; soft, alluring brown's; snappy, mixed grays; special character weaves, etc. Copyrighted 1911 A. B. KIR5CHBAUM A. B. Kirschbaum U CO Co. & Suits, $10, $15, 18 $20. The pride of the "House with the Every thread is guaranteed All-wo- Policy." ol all-woo- l. The and finished to perfection. of hair needled in on a foundation "Cherry cloth and shrunken canvas. The KirttfcU Tree Brand" label on every garment. It is your guarantee of true clothes value. The Kirscakaim special $20 Worsteds are equal to merchant tailor values at $45. We'll be glad to show these superior values, Hand-tailore- d shape permanent all-wo- ol, hand-tailore- d, McCONNELL&NUNN The Cash Store. h,

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