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Image 1 of Richmond climax (Richmond, Ky. : 1897), April 20, 1910

Part of Richmond climax (Richmond, Ky. : 1897)

r Ws rwP c coTHE RICHMOND CLIMAX i t i > I36th YEAR RICHMOND he Right Way toggetggoodwork is D buy your paper from an up to date > ne and get an uplodate paper hanger PAPER is a sack of Oblisk flour It makes such delicious broad on getting There are many imi ¬ Oblisk tations ijBurnside i VUICANrLOWS Vulcan Plow Co sanYe TIe V EVAISVILLE IMD thoughtho arena and after the snowy ballads shall cover me with defeat then kind old Win ¬ ter can spread her snowy blanket over me and the next term Phoenixlike I shall rise again for another race until I go where Congressional honors are dim or perchance such honors will not keep olf the heat Fontaine Fox Uobbitt light Draft Rib Strengthened Mold Full Chilled Shinpiece Interlocked I Point Land and Standard Point has Face Chill Wide Edge Chill Long Snoot Chill Patented Extension and is the STRONGESTand MOST DURABLE Chilled Point madeWhen buying allow Consider Qua11t71intlrlce Socond t I Well Finished Strong Durable A Special Line Deatbage Douglas Simmons AGENTS Wholesale and Retail lor plain food equally valuable ComI Stttt Office next door St The oldest monument in Indiana is to be found in Pritchctt cemetery Mon- ¬ roe county It bears this remarkable Alice First and Last inscription Wife of Thomas Phelps Talked to Philips wife was Death by Friend unlearned in rural housekeeping and officious women neighbors who soon recognizcdher lack of training in the art of managing a country household called on her in swarms and fairly over ¬ whelmed her with their unsolicited ideas and suggestions She became a victim of nervous prostration lost her health and died cuss rheumatism by eliminating the For Sale For sale by My house and lot adjoining ball park Concrete nests are best for setting Apply to J A TODD tf hens tf May Manton IOc Each 1 Spring vV L Oldham 1 1rlJiEL I Heavy impure blood makes a mud headaches pimply complexion Is it worth 25 cents to you to stop that Thin blood Wo are in the market for all the fresh nausea indigestion makes ynt weak pale sickly Burdock clean eggs you can bring us This is awful agonizing itch Snrely you will spend 25 cents on your druggists recom Dlood fitters makes the blood rich season for storing and vrtj will pay you mendation to cool and heal and soothe red pure real ores perfect health the highest market pric Gott Bros Concrete nests last forever For sale Laboratories of Chicago we are able to by O W Potts 125 Dogs Lane Richmake a special offer of a 23cent bottle Fine Eggs For Sale mond Kentucky tf I have ii lot of fullblooded single For a mild easy action of the bowels a single dose ot Doans Itegulets is comb brown leghorn eggs for sale at 51 or write or telephone to Stockton Son Ky We enough Treatment cures habitual per sotting of 15 eggs or 8150 for two know Richmond is stopped absolutely that the itch at once b settings Mus Joni RICE 25 rents a box Ask constipation I > > D Prescription and the cures all your druggist for them It D 8 Richmond seem to bo permanent f23tf j2Gf Why Do You Suffer dy With headache biliousness consti pation and the ills it brings with it when Foleys Orino Laxative taken regularly and as directed will relieve and cure you of these ills It tones up all the digestive organs carries off the waste ot the body and stimulates the bowels to their normal activity and regular action It is a splendid spring medicine and now js the time to take it It clears and tones up your entire system For sale by Stockton dr Son ¬ Kyfly ¬ ¬ compoundlmowlI t 1 t We Set V May Manton Store C Stash phe 7f insideI knowIt buyI j LackeyItching ¬ aI- Patterns Oc Each J We Want to Sell You This Season 1910 JW ft Hustling 1s Every mattress sold on 80 nights free 1THE fc A Talked To Death Sell fPatter Son aC Are you saving your coupons given on itSome ing Richmond Ky > the piano by the Normal City Laundry Itsafino instrument and everybody has jjl32t an equal chanco to got it Mr Wilford Adams is Ills name and time ago I he writes about was confined to my bed with chronic rheumatism 1 used two bottles ol Foley Kinney Remedy with good ef- ¬ fect and the third bottle put me on my feet and I rmimed work ag conductor on the Lexington Ky Street Railway It gave me more relief than any medicine 1 had ever used and it will do all you claim in cases of rheu- ¬ Koleys Kidney Remedy matism uric acid from the blood Stockton k Son Mattresses allow you to examine the the most important side to of the very mattress you K something no other maker allows you to do The inside ofmost mattresses is a dark secret and you cant judge merely by a pretty ticking or a clerks pleasant talk Come in today v Foster All Stearns pllckajtetemember was Conductor who Cured One fo Government build ¬ l than any other advertisedmake at any price and Tar and refuse substitutes Sold by Stockton i We guarantee it to be better Watch for the Comet The first prison reform measure to become statute law is the indeterminate sentence bill which has been signed by the Governor and will become operative on June 15 Under the provisions of this law all persons convicted of a felony after that date will bo found guilty by the jury and the presiding judge will pronounce the sentence to the peniten- ¬ tiary for the period covered from the minimum to the maximum time as fixed by the statutes for the crime The I time at which tho prisoner is entitled be paroled will depend on his good con ¬ duct while in prison but not before ho or she has served the minimum sen ¬ tence Prison reform advocates say that if the Legislature did nothing else these bills would stand to its everlas- ¬ ting credit 13 50 WINDSORGRADE MTTRESS The Red Dragon of the sky Watch the children for spring coughs and colds Careful mothers keep Folevs Honey and Tar in the house It is the best and safest prevention md cure for croup where the need is urgent and im ¬ mediate relief a vital necessity lit prompt use has saved many little lives Contaids no opiates or harmful drugs Dentist Phone 20 TtSrEABS FosT For Home faking S1 Stearns Foster Co and proves beyond doubt the superior quality of Stearns Foster mattresses It Prison Reform J R Pennington GIVE US A CALL We Our liberal guarantee is backedup by the savlnQIndispensable Vulcan Chilled Plows and Repairs Syracuse Hill ¬ Place on Second Street w For Less Money D I side Plows and Repairs Better Mattress line rich Mrs Hallie Ueatherage is tho agent for the Spirella Corset Co and has the only agency for this famous make in the county It is the only corset of the kind on the market in Madison county She has a largo line of samples on hand and will be glad to show them aSOlt BY FOR SAt ElmkQ Andrew J James Ron W B Moore Hon Sherod Williams there was a great drouth in the legal profession lawyers were steering with much difficul1 ty between the Scylla of Starvation and the Charybdis of Nudity and ono day an old countryman came in with S25 00 irf fivedollar bills in his hand and hold Ing then out to each said Mr Williams how long will you speak for these five dollar bills And when ho came to the quaint humorous Billy Moore and asked him how long he would speak for that amount of money he threw up his hands and said Till I drap dead in my tracks I am a candidate now while Spring is robing herself in green and decking her ¬ self with flowers and whoa Summer come with her fervent heat and more gorgeous flowers and ripeping berries I shall still be in the Congressional black- ¬ berry patch and when November Comes NRR RICHMOND Office and Warehouse on L PHONE 142 4yA S a il > V dropdead Robinson Coal Lime Salt Cement Sand and Plaster Material Spring 1 1910 y The o u t foak for the heavsest Spring trade in years is very Promising > reiir We Therefore we have our share i > > laidin heavy supplies in all lines and being Cash Buyers f we were able to secure large quantities of merchandise af rock bottom vw Fx y t r f s tt i A J i < 1 tj t > a <> > yt Jtj i YC = r c O < i r Vi i 4- c ti 2tsNi 1 VV tili f fA 7 iw4 > > f i 1j l 1 i ri I t fJ you are t f jr r < > Matting Quos rtr t r- r < 1 t f r g t C > N NrbKi 1 1P i1 1P h = > < > i tV iI4 IP G 4 c Ji < > t < > > <> 4Y b C1it > 1 QI1 1 im f i S7 t 1 j I If f < 1ir 1 i 1 L1L t r Y k r 0v t l 4 < kk i i Ci a11 y th rs Sv ec < rl i > f S = g y < C I P I o 1f > Jrj6 cJ N 1 i H II ot Pir Pt y- t > i 4V ii1 fr w > 4- A < r We contmue tb believer 4 > < J Etc 1r J y 0 i J t trIh x Y 1 Nl fI f tg t r > i r r w t 1 r TelesGORefftEjc Trunks Ve anri g ApP are Iwe tJsr suPPIX You 6 Cr i s p k iq t 111 r > Ie 8 t 1 r iip > r Oorpets Shoes i stValues LowePrices l1 1ir2bn jpt i < rt4 w J 0 Wh4V > r v f There are no better values to be had lowest prices this season Remember we keep Olothin Goods x J ii offerI f Y i+ tr 4ja than we Org f fi I 46 WALL PAPER Phone i 1 Insist it lot o old stockand get anybody to hang it for you s till though onco you have used it you would willingly pay moro for The Wrong Way is to buy a P BAXTER hi 12 W Pountaino Fox Bobbitt of Crab Or¬ chard sent the following characteristic communion i mtothoDanvillo Advoc lo Allow a short space in your fairplay columns can toll the people of the Eighth Congressional District that I havo received a most elegant canvassn j Congressional trousseau made and presented by admiring friends in Florida and I shall commence speaking in May and shall speak until the evenings got too short to hold one of my Jong spoochesI Had the primary been called the other sidoof August to havo given all a chance to bo heard I should havo submitted to it but I could only win by being heard at every county seat in the District and that is utterly imposible biscuits cako and pastry and so much of it Try it and provo it Oblisk Hour costs no more than ordinary brands i > Cicero of the Mountains Housewifes Best Friend IINew NUMBER APRIL 20 1910 MADISON COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY Itav I WALL I The 4 r ofP f J I J3i Iw 1 i II I is

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