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Image 15 of The Advocate Messenger April 16, 2012

Part of The Advocate Messenger

CONTACT BRIDGE MONDAY, APRIL 16,2012 I WWW.AMNEWS.COM THE ADVOCATE-MESSENGER WORD SLEUTH- BY STEVEN BECKER Famous Hand East dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH +108752 .A932 +K9 +A 10 WEST EAST +Q 9 4 +A3 .75 • KJ4 +AQJI082 +76 53 +Q85 +7 4 3 SOUTH +K J 6 • Q 10 8 6 +4 +K J 9 6 2 The bidding: East South West North Pass Pass I NT Pass Pass 2+ 3+ 4+ 4. Pass Opening lead - ace of diamonds. This deal from the U.S.-Great Britain match at the 1991 world team championship brought together two pairs noted for their aggressive bidding styles. North-South were Amcricans Eric Rodwell and Jeff Meekstroth, pitted against Britain's Tony Forrester and Andy Robson. Roth pairs lived up to their advance billing. Robson began by opening an offshape one notrump (12-14 points in the partnership style). When this rolled around to Meckstroth, he bid two clubs for takeout. Robson then showed his true colors by leaping to Tomorrow: BQEOMJ three diamonds. This did not silence Rodwell, who cue bid diamonds to ask his partner to choose a major suit, and Meckstroth's four-heart bid ended the auction. Robson led the ace and another diamond, declarer discarding a spade on the king. Meckstroth then had to resolve the problem of how to tackle the trump suit. Meckstroth decided to delay playing trumps until he could learn a little more about the opponents' holdings in the other suits. So at trick three he led a spade to the jack and was gratified to see this force the ace. Declarer won West's spade return with the king and reviewed what he had learned up to this point. West had to have six diamonds for his threediamond bid, so he could not hold more than three clubs (more than three clubs would give him a singleton - not consistent with his original notrump bid). So Meckstroth next played the A-K and another club, ruffing the third round in dummy without fear of being overruffed by East. Declarer was now ready to tackle the trump suit. Since West had already shown up with the ace of spades, queen of clubs and a strong diamond suit headed by the ace, he could not hold the heart king. So Meckstroth played the ace and another heart, and when East produced the king, the game was home. Unreliable generalizations. '1::::'012King Features Syndicate Inc. su do ku © Puzzles by Pappocom 4 5 35 8 79 3 5 26 3 6 18 6 2 6 2 9 7 4 1 48 7 HFCAYWSUR CROSSWORD By THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 48 Moved T A XES WURST 1 Woolly sideways ones DOWN R G R 0 U N 0)1 Q A 6 Fog enT ReF A shrouded 1 Table part OMKENALR AFLR F 11 Glorify 2 Chopping 12 Boise's tool H FOB Z Y F W B V T ERR state 3 Small rug 13 Costume 4 Slipped QONLKNERWYR AF 14 Sub up H FOG N R AFFFCA system 5 March 15 Captures honoree, 18 Yard tool 31 Mineo of YAWR AFTNOMR AF movies 17 Spotted for short 19 Yoked animals 34 Wake cube 6 Warship ONN AZXWFVUSRQV 20 Stepped 35 Chums 18 Journey weapon AF MKJ FELATYR U down 36 Highway by car 7 Wedding 21 Sacked ramp 22 Wheel words A FS0 F H F A E SSE NR 24 Bassoon's 37 Inverted connector 8 Dune Saturday's unlisted clue: CABINET cousin six 23 Portions makeup Find the listed words in the diagram. They run in all directions forward, backward, up, down and diagonally. out 9 Bangkok 25 Fey of "30 40 Keats Monday's unlisted clue hint: FROM TEE TO GREEN Rock" poem 27 Knightley language Affair Fairground Fairmont Funfair 26 Crystal 42 Entreat of 100lden Fairbanks Fairies Fairness Savoir-faire Fairfax Fairing Fairytale Unfair gazer 43 Had lunch "Atonedays Fairfield Fairlane Fairywren 28 Tourist's 44 Indicate ment" 16 Lingerie ©2012 King Features, Inc. 4/16 aid assent 29 Composer item Blake -N-E-W-C-R-O-S-S-W-O-R-O-B-O-O-K-!-S-en-d-$4-.7-5-(C-he-Ck/-m-.-o.)-toTHE FAMILY CIRCUS 30 Comes Thomas Joseph Book 1, P.O.Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 in 32 Less than any 33 Worried words 35 Signing need 38 Shave cream additive 39 Wise saying 41 Citybased 45 Singer ~r Ronstadt lC8W' 46 Take care "Daddy's head is havin' a hard time of downloading his income tax 47 Exorbitant P N L R J H FOB ZXKEVX 21 9 5 57 FAIR WORDS B7 6 homework." 1 4-16 Pickles Zits HAVE ~ouEvER 'fRIEO 5WINGIt,)& WHILE 51,liNG ONA Kt-.lO'? RoOf!~! WAu,oN' WN-t.OW! -([-IA-r LL. f'u, A I-U'fCH IN \lOuR GEfALON(), SNGR{"! FORA WEEK! li'·R.? ARE YOU EVER TEMPTED TO CATCH A LITTLE CATNAP IN YOUR CHAIR NEITI-IER ~NOW, NOR RAIN, NOR I-IEAT, NOR GLOOM OF NIGI-IT ~TAY~ TI-IE~E COURIER~ FROM TI-IE ~WIFT COMPLETION OF TI-IEIR APPOINTED ROUND~. -I-IERODOTU~ ©2012 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved I WONDER IF SARGE 15 TRYI NG TO GETRIDOF ME? Dustin PardonMy Planet fi'EMEMBEfi' HOW YOU ASKED ME TO ~IND YOU A JOB AT A BANK? Lockhorns OH. LISTIN TO MR. SELEC.TlVE MEMORY' WE DISC.USSED nils ALL LAST NIGHT. YOU CLEARLY SAID THAT YOU FELT IT WOULD ~E ~EST FOR W TO RE-MARRY ONCE YOU WERE GONE. "THE ONl..Y THING THAT'S WRONG IS THAT YOU WON'T STOP ASKING ME WHAT'S WRONG." HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Monday, April 16,2012: This year you make waves. You'll want to work on your communication, even when you feel uncomfortable with the topic. How you express your anger becomes a key issue. If you are single, many people appreciate your bright, verbal manner. Take your time choosing a relationship, as you'll tend to attract unavailable people. If you are attached, the two of you will benefit from many weekends away from others. PISCES might know more about you than you do. The Stars Show the Kind of Day You'll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; I-Difficult ARIES (March 21-ApriI19) Yourfiery side could lead to dissatisfaction. Look carefully at your lack of patience. Communication seems to straighten out if you are open and accept that you're part of a problem. An attitude adjustment will help you regain your sense of well-being and confidence. Tonight: Relax with a good friend. TAURUS (ApriI20-May 20) Zero in on what is workable. A meeting helps you focus and see different routes. There could be a disagreement between you and a loved one or a child. Your creativity might not be appreciated by this person. Don't pout; instead, remain confident in your abilities. Tonight: Indulge a loved one. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Responsibility lands on your shoulders, but you cannot change gears right now. Someone could undermine you without realizing it. Stay calm, and do not play into his or her oersonal oroblerns. Todav could oresent a new becinninc. **** _ ***** *** Tonight: Others look to you for their cues. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Remember, there is always another solution or path. You do not need to worry so much about a logjam. Start thinking about alternative ways to get around this impasse. Your ability to convert a problem into a solution catches the admiration of at least one person. Tonight: Go with an imaginative solution. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Have a much-needed discussion with someone, and you'll make sound decisions. You have stretched as far as you can go. News from a distance could be quite shocking, if nothing else. You had a strong premonition of what was going to happen. Know that you do not have to act on this sixth sense. Tonight: Time for a special person. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You are excellent at deferring to others, and now you can demonstrate that skill. A raise or some other unanticipated source of money could pop into your life out of the blue. Your creativity and desire to take risks will escalate. Tonight: Sort out the possibilities, then decide. LIBRA (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) Stay in touch with your needs and obligations. You might be frustrated as you try to get everything done. Focus, and don't let a personal matter create too much angst in your day. A discussion illuminates a situation. Tonight: Choose a stress-buster, then go home. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Your creativity is heightened by a disagreement. You want to find a resolution, and you would prefer to keep others involved. Discussions could become inflammatorv Someone vou sometimes take for cranted will make **** **** **** **** **** you smile. Tonight: Fun, with a touch of mischief. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Your mind is on your home and possibly a personal matter. If you are dealing with other matters, or even a social lunch, you will need discipline if this issue is not handled. Be smart and make important calls early. Tonight: Time to veg. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You are up for nearly anything. Your instincts and premonitions seem to weave together. Be careful if you run into someone who seems to be unusually frustrated or angry. Stay out of this person's issues. A purchase for your home could add to the quality of your life. Tonight: Out and about. ANSWER BOX **** **** **** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Be aware of your need to have certain issues under control. You could tire yourself out if you continue like this. If you can maintain your caring ways, the results could be phenomenal. Go with the flow, and say "no" to fighting city hall. Tonight: Treat yourself. ***** PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Your warmth helps melt barriers and establish better ties. A card or special gift can make all the difference to someone. You might assume that he or she knows how you feel. Don't. A close associate could become less than reliable. Tonight: Make yourself happy. BORN TODAY Actor Charlie Chaplin (1889), inventor Wilbur Wright (1867), retired orotessional basketball olaver Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1947) 5 4 8 1 9 3 2 6 7 1 2 7 5 4 6 9 3 8 6 3 9 7 2 8 1 4 5 3 5 1 9 6 4 7 8 2 8 6 2 3 5 7 4 1 9 9 7 4 8 1 2 3 5 6 FAIR WORDS 2 9 6 4 8 1 5 7 3 7 1 5 6 3 9 8 2 4 4 8 3 2 7 5 6 9 1

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