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Image 4 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 2, 1856

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

PERFUMERY DISCLOSURE! KENTUCKY so are often asked why we sell ittemuch cheaper than other dealers inFURNITURE For CORN AND COB MILL. the benefit of all we will explain. It isthe article. IO Y the impression IFANC aTt VV at home and abroad that '""in' the Kentucky Corn and Cob Mill, of which the above Is an accurate engraving, we claim to have produced a machine at once etlicieut, substantial and cheap, while its arrangement is so simple that the most ordinary' hand can adju3tand operate it. This machine, unlike anv other, is regulated by moans of a single set screw, which is easily moved by hand, and is applied directly under the centre of the mill. Anv one using these Mills will find a clear saving of one ioARTER of theircorn ovcrtho old plan of feeding. We warrant theso Mills to give entire satisfaction. Purchasers mav use them for thirty days and if not satisfied, can return them and gel their money. They will grind Corn and Cob as fine as desired, at the follow'ing rate per hour, with one horse: .No. 1,4 to 5 bushels per hour. Weight 350 It, s. Price $25 00. So. 2, e to 8 bushels per hour. Weight400 Bs. Price $30 00. Adding freight from Louisville. The above prices includes the complete Mill ready to hitch to without any further expense, aud can be set in operation in live minutes time. For sale by K. L. SAMUEL, Frankfort, Ky. .Nov. 20, IMS. tf. & GRAHAM keep everything, and persons wishing an outfit for houses on us and find in our keeping cull almost every article necessary for from a Rolling pin up to a sugar cured Ham, Table ware. Spices, cVe., &c. Then thev want FURNITURE. "Not calculating irom the proceeds ol prom?," dui irom tne tact mat a complete outfit can be purchased at our house for housekeeping, relieves the purchaser from much trouble and mauy small bills, we have, for the accommodation of our customers, recently enlarged our furniture rooms, andean now, and will in future be able to offer inducements to all wishing to purchase provided lowest figure be an inducement. It would be an endless undertaking to furnish a complete catalogue of the articles we otter for sale, in addition to Furniture; but, feeling a desire to benefit the public, we venture to call attention to a. very few, as follows: The Chain Pump, the cheapest and most desirable Pump ever invented, and warranted to perform well when put up by us. We are prepared to furnish Iron and Wood curbing, and Iron,iIink, and Wood Curbing at very low prices. Atmospheric and Suction Pump. This description of Pump is generally well known; they perform satisfactorily in shallow wells orcisterns, but their liability to freeze renders them troublesome. The Suction and Force Pump. most excellent Pump, upon tho same principles of the Atmospheric Pump, capable of lifting waterthirty-thre- e feet,and then forcing it fifty or sixty feet, from a short leather hose; but still this pump is also liable to freeze and burst, unless the valve is opened by elevating the leaverafter pumping. A IMPRESSION PAPER. lOK WHITING WITHOUT PEN OR INK, copying liic flnunrq. nl.mts. Dictures. paterns for embroi- m.,ririncr lln.-i- i indeliblv and manifold writing. Thisarticle is absolutely the best portable inkstand in tue known world, for a small quantity folded and placed in the pocket constitutes a traveling inkstand, which cannot be broken. No pen is needed; for any stick sharpen ed ;o a point writes equally as well as the best gold pen It is, n the universe. For drawing it is indispeusible. ,w invention for sewers and drains, costing only six cents per foot easily put down and very durable; certainly the best and cheapest drain ever Invented. A LARGE SUPPLY OF Metalic Burial Cases inches to seven Ret long, of all size3, from twenty-tw- o ornamental and plain finish, covered with fine cloth and fringe, 6tc, silver mounted and bronzed. Having first introduced these Cases in our city, proven by trial to be most admirably adapted for preserving the mortal remains, the decided preferenco given them over the old fashioned wooden box, tho increased demand in the city, county, and adjoining counties has induced us to purchase a first rate HEAKSE, which, together with any number of CARRIAGES ordored, will attend all funeral occasions desired. We have also a large lot of Wooden Boxes to enclose the Metalic Cases, which we will furnish at $1 for small and $3 for largest sizes; and in every instance where we furnish llurial Cases, boxes, or Hacks, we warrant the bills satisfactory, and no trtor-tio- Glass Ware. 3m. Tumblers of various patterns and prices, Glas,- How 1.4, FiMi Globes and Flower Vases, Bird Founts, xc. Owen Circuit Court. Adm'r. ) J In heirs Se crcd. J mHE administrator, heirs and creditors of George at- . 1 Gardner, deceased, are hereby notined that 1 will tend at my residence in Owen county, Ky., near Owen-tofrom this time until first day of March next, to hear proof by the creditors on their claims against the deceased, and also to credit and settle their claims against the estate of deceased. By order of the Owen Circuit Court, Nov. 30, 1855. GEO. W. GARDNER'S vs. GEO. W. GARDNER'S ec. 7, lf5 w4m JOEL HERN DON, Master Commissioner. DISSOLUTION. , mHE partnership of EVANS & SWIGERT was dissolv-1cd on the 15lh inst., by mutual consent. H. Evans wdl settle up the business of the late firm. H. EVANS, DAN. SWIGERT. Nov. 21. 1855. FRESH BALTIMORE OYSTERS! Buck Wheat Flour. GRAY & TODD. Java and Rio Coffee. w, HAGS, (00 pockets) Old GovcrnmentJava Coffee; prime Rio Coffee. Just received. la-- 5. W. H. KEENK. bags ill 20 22, Aug. Brandies and Wines. l'CKGS. superior Pale and Dark Brandy, Madeira and Sherry Wine, just received direct from boston. W. 11. KEENK. Aug. 22, 1855. NOTICE. future no person will bo admitted within the Cemetery Ground on the .Sabbath unload by written permission of some of the officers of the Company. The luw will be enforced against all trespasser a. Visitors are not permitted to disturb the Shruboorv, Fruit, or Flowers. M. bKOWX, President. August 20 tf. AM now receiving Boots, I Hat, Caps, and Books, which 1ofwill takeShoes, great pleasure iu snowing to ail who may favor me with a call. Kept. IC. HUMPH KEY" EVANS. A. SONNEBERG HO has just returned from the East and Cincinnati with (80,000 Worth of Ready Made Clothing which he promises to sell upon better terms than can be found in any other establishment in the city. Let everybody, then, remember that 1 am now receiving and am ready to sell at prices to suit the most fastidious, the most extensive lot of SPRING AND SUJIXER CLOTHIXG, of all descriptions, sizes and colors, ever brought to Frankfort. My stock consists of everything in the Gentlemen's Furnishing line. It has been selected expressly and especially fortius market. I have on hand, and will always keep a complete as sortment of Coats, Pants, Vests, Shirts, Hats, Caps, &c; Drawers, VARIETY. sale AN excellent article of various styles, for Drug at Dr. MILLS' Store. WRITING PAPER. Plain and Fancy, Note, Letter, and Cap paper at Dr. MILLS1 Drug Store. 8 BI3LS. good Cider Vinegar, for sale bv Sept 3. GRAY & TODD. Old Crow Whisky. BBLS"Crow Whisky," six years old, forsale bv ZD Oct. 20. V. H. KEENE. ' Brandy Peaches. Writing ink of all colors, black, blue, and red, at Dr. HILLS' Drug Store. SUPERIOR TOBACCO. CUaFJiUnOJNlSKS. candled Flag Root, Lozen Dr. MILLS' Drugstore. PURE HAVANA CIGARS, The very best in the town, fine flavored, and made from the genuine Havana leaf, at ur. niL-LS' Drug More. GINGER. Special attention is called to the article as pleasant aromatic confection, it cannot be excelled, at Ur. .MILLS' Drugstore. FINE BLACKING. A lotof Mason's superior blacking on hand, at Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. SNUFF. All varieties on hand, Natchetoches,at ttappee, Maccoboy, Scotch, Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. LEXINGTON MUSTARD. This article is obtained direct from the manufacturer, Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. and warranted, at POCKETS strickly prime Old Government Java Colfce, just received and for sale by W. H. KEENE. All the various kinds used for this purpose, Rose, Lemon, Vanilla, Almond, Orange, Arc, at Dr. MILLS' Drugstore. Nov. 14. EXTRACTS FOR FLAVORING. March 13, 1854. BOOTS WATER-PROO- F A new supply by express GAITERS These goods have given universal satisfaction. Call and see them at HUMPHREY EVANS' Boot and Shoe Store. Pec. 5. AND Bacon, Lard, &c, &c. CALF-SKI- CANVASSED HAMS. extra sugar Herndon Son's in store 200 A. WE havecanvassed hams, Macklin put up by also 125 & & Stephens. For sale by Oct. 5, 1855. lbs Sugar Cured Canvassed Hams: 2000 lbs Sugar Cured plain Hams; 1000 lbs baton bides; 2.C.U0 Bacon Shoulders; 150 kegs prime Lard; 2 doz Beef Tongues: packages Mackerel: 2 bbls flue Salmon. In store and for sale bv 13. GRAY & TODD. ' July GRAY & TODD. Mackerel. r BBLS. largo No. 3 Mackerel; 'i 4 bbls. largo Mackerel; 8 kits Larza Mackerol. Received and for sale by GRAY & TODD. Sept. 3. Dissolution of J. T. LUCKETT having dissolved partnership, business of the firm will bo settled up. Either of the partners is authorized to use the name of the firm in settlement, and to receive monev due tho Arm. BEX. I.UCKETT. B& May 23, 1855. J.NO. o. UPPER TEN, and fashionable perfume that cannot fml to please. Essence Eoquet, Oriental Drop, Prairie Flowers, liqdo Californie, Boquet do Arable, Violet, Magnolia, Mousseline, AMiland Flowers, and a verv large number uet of others Sow 11, 1652. MORTIItlORE'S RHEUMATIC COMPOUND. (TlHIS truly celebrated preparation, efficacious alike JL for each and every description of Rheumatic Com- plaints, is already too well known and esteemed throughout the United States, to require any lengthy notice of its paramount virtues. It eradicates this heretofore incurable and distressing disease from the system, and stands unrivalled in the pharmacy of medicine. We do not propose to make unqualified statements or to force a nostdum before the public, but pimply to request those most interested SUFFERERS THEMSELVES to procure from the ag;ent in their vicinity, a circular, and not only read the testimony of those who have experienced its invaluable curative powers, but to write to, or call upon, the convalescents, so that the statements may emanate from the Fountain Head a course which will satisfy the most incredulous, and one by which the reputation of the Remedy is certain of heinsr sustained. Write also to the proprietors, who will accord every information, and furni-- h names of undoubted character from even section of tlie Union, numbering among them some of the most eminent Physicians, Clergymen, Editors, and prominent citizens, rendering the reliability and efficacy of the remedy beyond the reah of doubt or mistrust. MORTEVORE'N -- RHEUMATIC COMPOUND U a Vegetable Kxtraet, an Internal Remedy, prepared expressly for this one discase; and this it will cure in every form, either Inflammatory ('A rule or matter of how long standing. .Sold by J. M. MILLS. Frank ton. Ky. 1 L HE tOP. SALl. ABOVE.lliS THE GREAT ALTERATIVE. MORTIMORES I T T E R C R I) 1 A 0 L (.tor T. LUCKETT. ... Money duo the Company secured by Mortgage, 500 shares Hartford and N. Haven R. K. Stock, 105 shares Hartford and Providence P.. R. Stock, preferred and guaranteed 10 per cent, 107 shar's Boston and Worcester R. R. Stock, 250 shares Conn. House. LANDS, FOR FORFEITURE. are not paid on ihe folIF the taxes, interest, and cost the 10th clay of February lowing lands, on or before next, the same will be forfeited to the Commonwealtii of Kentucky: Dr. John Simpson, 1,5113 acres of land, Logan county. Big Barren River, entered, surveyed and patented to "VV. J. Strops; tax due, li,V'-3-- 'l; amount Id. No. ir09 John Ramsey's heir. !U3ft. part of 10,."U0 - - - River R. K. Stock. .WsharesConn. Riv. Co. St'k. " Stafford Bank Stock, a " Citizens' " Watorburv, HG shares Eagle Bank Stock, Providence, 300 shares Phoenix Eank Stock, Hartford, 200 shares Farm, and Mech. B'k Stock, Hartford, . 30S shares Exchango Bank St'k, -. Hartford. 192 shares State r,ank Stock, Hartford, 103 shares City Bank Stock, Hartford, 75 shares B'k Hart. Conn. St'k. Hartford. 150 shares Conn. Riv. B'k St'k, Hartford. 2l4sharcs Hartford Bank Stock, Hartford, - 0U 7.20O 00 00 19,400 5,000 00 10,200 00 5,000 00 10,000 00 12S,GO0 00 S.051 .. .. shares Merc h. Ex. B'k St'k. New York, 200 shares North River B'kSt'k, New York, 400 shares Mechanics' B'k St'k. New Y ork, 100 shares B'k X America Stock, - - - shares Eank of Amer St'k. New York, shares B'k Republic Stock, 150 New York. - - - shares B'k Commonwealth Stock, New York, 1?0 shares Broadway B'k Stock, New York, luO shares People's Bank Stock, New York, - - - shares Union Bank Stock, New York, 100 shares Hanover Bank Stock, New York, 200 shares Ocean Bank Stock. New York, 150 share Metropolitan B'k St'k, New York, 200 shares Butcher 26 200 100 cc Drovers' Bank Mock, New York, shares Importers - 8,450 00 9,630 00 14.000 00 07,080 00 1,250 00 5,100 00 5,100 00 1,980 00 33,600 00 25,600 00 00 16,3S4 24,576 11,600 00 7.97 50 9,750 00 00 30,744 10,625 00 10,100 CO 12,000 00 10,500 00 10,380 00 18,750 OG 9,600 00 14,040 00 10,700 00 11.750 00 K.C00 uo (Hi rtflM, lfi.425 00 i.576 On Traders' Bank Stock, New York, - shares Amer. Ex. B'k St'k, Y ork, shares Merchants' B'k Stock. New 31 New York. 100 shares U.S. Trust Co. Stock, New York, 100 shares X. Y. Life Ins. and Trust Co. Stock, N. York, 20,000 00 11,600 00 16,000 00 227,816 00 shares Ohio Life Ins. fc T'r. Co. Stock. Cincinnati, 15 shares .Mich. A. Trad. B'k Stock, Jerscv Citv, - 100 9,000 00 1,500 00 $ 16 08. No. 2874 Allen Riggs, 118" acres, south side Green River; tax due, 152-3-- 4; amount, 60 cents. No. 3090 A. J. Brown and D. F. Worcester, 13,333 acres, part of 40,000, Greenup and Lewis counties, Ohio and Kinnacanick, entered, surveyed and patented John Marshall; tax due, 1852-3-- 4; amount, 86 61. No. 3119 Augustus J. Brown, 20,000 acres of land, Greenupand Lewis counties, Ohio and Kinnacanick; surveyed and patented John JHurchall: tax due. 1852-3-- 4; amount, S10 20. No. 315'J John W. White, 100 acres, Scott countv F,:i- amount 51 cents. gle creek; tax due, 1852-3-- 4; o. aitj.i v. v. DicKinson, 1.111.., acres, county, between Flemingshurg and iron Works; tax, iej-j-4; amount, 3J1 .h. No. 3229 Joseph Chapman, 2.000 acres, Marshall county. Military; tax due, 1821 to 1854; amount, 286 84. rso. J2J0 J. M. Classic, 100 acres, u raves county, h. o. q. s. 29 I. 3N. K. 2 t.; tax due, 183. to 1854: amount, No. 3231 Jas. Humphrey, 10W acre-?S. w. q. s. M T. 5 K. 1 h; tax due, 1835 Graves county. to 1854; amount. S15 36. Wm. H. Farthing, Jno. F. Farthing, Win. H. Brvan and Richard W. Brvau, (two last infant heirs of acres, Hopkins Sandy Farthing.) SICfi, part of 1,033 countv, Deercreek, patented John Brown; tax due, 1801 tol854; amount, S'50 90 An. Unknown iieira ot .uoaes noums, acceaseu. 316i part of 1,033 acre. Hopkins county, Deur creek, patented jonn nrown; lax rui to iooi; aiuouni, cji u. Given under my hand this 5th dav of October, 1855. THO. S. PAGE, Auditor Public Accounts. is due on the first year"? taxes. 50 per cent interest 100 per ceut on the second year's tax; and 100 per cent on the third year's tax. Costs for advertising, 25 cents on each tract or lot. .No. 2am3mwA;tw. 100,000 COPIES SOLD! GREAT STEAMBOAT WORK will oe ready th of October on or about the twenty-jou- i First Annlication of Steam. Life of John Fitch Engraving of his first Boat. Life of Robert Fulton engraving of Ms first American Boat on the Hudson Kiver. RobH Fulton and Livingston's i!r&t Ohio River Boa- tCorrect Likeness Full Particulars. Latrobe's First Boat. FirstSteubenville Boat. First Explosion on the Western Waters; from an Maps of the Western Waters; Towns, Cities and Distances laid down correctly. List of Steamboat Explosions since 1812; Names of Killedand Wounded; List of Steamboats now afloat. Correct views of Pittsburg, Wheeling, Tincinnaii, Louisville, hi. Louis ana Aew urieans. m I.55; Sketch of each place; Population, Business, Ac, &c. FastTiraeofBoatson the Ohioand Mississi'mii Hi vers. List of Steamboat Officer on the Western Waters. The New Steamboat Law W ith Comment! Life Boats. Disasters on me Lakes Names of Lust. KilicI :md Wounded. The High Water in 1810. 1832, 1847. List of Plantations on Mississippi River. Important l inieu Mates snpreme Lourt Menu boat Decisions. Three hundred pages, with ono hundred eiiprfivinp's: handsomely bound. By remitting Ow Dollar, (post paid.) you will receive aeopy of the above work. Orders from the trade solicited, and agents w;m:ed in every town and city to canvass for the work. Address J.S. I . LLOYD cc CO Oct. 19 2m. Post Office Huilding,Cincinnati, O. HATS AND CAPS. OF the mostfashionable stvles. can always be found at Nov. 21,1805. liUMPHREY KVAN-Shoo and Book S'.ore. $1,074,396 27 1.1 A UnsettledelainiM lartje and splendid stock of Ju enile Hooks Christmas and Xew Cull and see them. V.'c take pleasure in showing all our goods. Very low at I1UJIPHKKY EVANS" "ec. a. Book and Shoe Store. FRESH BUCKWHEAT PLOIR. Just received aad for sale bv Sov. 14. W. H. KEKSE. 500 LBS. S176,OM 47 The .Etna Insurance Company presents its patrons the very satisfactory condition, of a large increase in cash assets, for the further security of their policies all our investments being placed al iho minimum market value, at the present lime of some depression in the standard of same. They areeither prime dividend paying stocks.or good, valuable, and clean iuvestmcnts, yielding moderate interest and income. The standard basis on which the assets have been valued, being Gold at Interest . Besides this solidity, the Company callsattention to the strength and security it derives from its combined system of Agencies, through its agents having tho means of presenting a united phalanx of Experienced Underwriters, which has worked, for thirty-seve- n years, the happiest results to stoekholdersand claimants for losses, and enables it to enter the year 1856 with greater prestige for future usefulness than has yet lota reached by a really National Insurance Company. All business attended to with dispatch and fidelity. H. WINGATE, Agent, Frankfort, Ky. Jan ni Louisville and Frankfort and Lexington and Frankfort Railroads. THROUGH TICKETS TO CINCINNATI. FARE SI. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. and after Monday, Ootober 1855, Passenger :S, ON will run as follows, viz: FIRST TRAIN leaves Louisville at 6 o'clock, a. m., stopping 15 minutes for breakfast at Lagrange, and arrives at Lexington at 11 a.m. Returning Train leaves Lexington at 1:40 p. m., and arrives at Louisville at 6:35 p. m. seco.mj i ka in leaves Louisvilleat 2:15 p. m., and arrives at Lexington at 7:10 p. m. Returning, leaves i.exingion next morning at o p. m., aoa arrives at Louisville at 11:10a. m. Passengers by the 0 o'clock a. m. Train from Louisville connect, after taking dinner, with Train of CaraforCov-ingto- n andStagesatParisforMaysville,and by Stage at riaiiMoii ior oaivisa, narrousourg and uanviile, ana at Lexington by Stage for Nicholasville, Danville, Lancaster, Stanford, Crab Orchard, Winchester, Mt. Sierling, Owingsville, Richmond and Irvine. Pansengersby Ihe2:15p. m. Train from Louisville remain over night al Lexington and resume by morning Train for Paris, Cynthiana and Covington Stages from all the interior towns of the State and connect at Lexington and Frankfort with the afternoon Trains from those places. 10"Tickets through to Cincinnati for $4 good for To Buffalo, Niagara i all, Uoston ic N. Y. Hamilton and daytox AND MAO RIVER AND 0.LY Passenge rs will And this a pleasant route, comparatively exemptfrom the annoyance ofdustinthe cars, and pass through some of the richest and most highly cultivated portions of the State. furtherinformation, please call at the Depot, IIjFor corner of JcTerson and Brook streets. AT FRANKFORT The morning train for Louisville leaves Frankfort at 10 minutes before 8 o'clock; and the afternoon train at 10 minutes past 3 o'clock. The morning train for Lexington loaves Frankfort at 35 minutes after 9 o'clock, and the afternoon train 20 minutes before 6 o'clock. SAMUEL GILL. Oct. 21, 1S55. Supt. L. & F. and L. & F. R. R. FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES, VINES, SHRUBS, SrC, CULTIVATED AND FOR SALE Ed. D. Hobbs & J. W. Walker, AT THE EVERCRE. M'RSERIE8 Titflve miles East of Loutsoille, Ky.. immediatsly on tht Louisville and Frankfort JRaitroed. X"tlv printed Catalogue ofjffiSjg&L lh0 Ornaments, TreeSjgSW2 'JSiS'S" Vines, Shrubs, oic. at the above v i',' named Nursery, may be had by nrWin .eiOtta. application to A. G. Hodges, ' Frankfort Ky. TrpOrders may be addressed to HOBBS cc WALKER, Williamson Post Oftice, Jetferson county, Ky.,or to A. G. HODGES, Frankfort, Ky. Frankfort, Oct. 17, 1854. .'frSnS& Old Copper Whisky. BBLS. Old Copper Whisky, from one to eight years old, the best lot of Whisky for sale in Kentucky. W. II. KEENE. Aug. 22. 1855. n Domestic Liquors. 20 BBLS. Domestic Whisky, Brandy and Wine. received. Aug. 22, 1955. VI". FARE REDUCED! CAPITAL $200,000, nil a lare surplus securely Invested sabOluj. and .approval of the Comptroller of vmdcrlhe Public Accounts of Ihe State of Connecticut. FOUR DOLLARS FROM CIMIWATI TO BUFFALO!! Seven Hours Railroad Ride from Cincinnati to nl01"1" " strolled and managed by a Board 1 of OtBcers, consisting of men of the Lake. ter and, and may be relied the highen characupon a, safe. The ONLY ROUTE FREE ERO.YI DUST' statement show, the condition aod Wsponiiblll-tof the Companv: Four Dollar Tickets Good on All Trains First. The name of the Companv is the "ChnrterOak ASD DAYT0N" R0AD' ,heflrs, 10 HthTp .","nc,c' Company," and is located in the City cf of Connecticut. Hartlord, " A' M" h bo?r,SatnDga"o1ring0n Second. The amount of its Capital Stock Is two hundred thousand dollars, say $200.U0U Through from Cincinnati to Sandwkv wiihom ' amu",of 119 Capital 'stock paid up 'K of cars. . ThJTd: lhe thousand dollars, and the balance of said isone Bagae checked to Buffalo. stoci" secured to be paid by oblieations approved by the Direcl)epot in tho West end of the city, on Sixth street. JQ Cheapest and most pleasaut route betwee'n Cin- tors of said Company, and by the Comptroller of Public Accounts of Connecticut. cinnati and the Eastern cities. Fourth. Passengers leaving Cincinnati by 3:20 morning train 1st. Tbo The Assets of the Companv, Including ain't of cash on hand and In the . of Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad arrive at hands . ti?333j Sanduky at 4 o'clock, P. M., and go immeciiat-l- v on 2d. The of aeents or other persons, Company owns no real estate. board the splendid and gorgeous steamers ja. tionus owned by the Company none Cant. Mead St. LAWRENCE, except bonds and mortgages cf real esMISSISSIPPI, Capt. Hazard. Ana arrive in Buffalo next morning, after a refreshing 41h. tate, ic. D'btsto the Comp'ny, secured by morl- night's sleep in time for early trains for Niagara Falls guKe at-- j per cent, int., nrst mortgage 'ew York, Boston, &c, arriving in New York for supcost, lti,i;t) m. per. Loans on indorsed notes, secured bv bonds The roads composing this route from Cincinnati to the and mortgages, (tc, 27,099 CO Lake, aro laid throughout with heavy T rail, and in con- 5th. Debts otherwise secured, are obligastruction of track, rolling machinery, comfort of cars, tions for the Capital Stock. nDproved as general management, and almost entire freedom from dust, is not surpassed by any road in the West. It passes Cash loans on indorsed promissory notes. through the densely populated and highlv cultivated valwith collateral securities, 91 ley of the Great Miami and Mad riven; also running Gth. Loans to the insured at interest, . secur- through the large and beautiful towns of Hamilton, Day-ioeu oy policies Springfield, Urbana, Bellefontaine, Kenton, Carey, 7th. All other securities are Eank of Hart- ' 906 7? and Sandusky. ford County 680 CiOoO Ob The steamers of thislinewere built cxprcsslv for com- City of Hartford Stock,cent, shares, 0 per stock. 17,uu0 bu fort, safety and speed, and no efforts will be "spared to render comfortable those who may patronize them. By this route passengers have four or five hours dav-lig- F.fth. Amount of liabilities due or noidue on the Lake. Each boat is provided with splendid to banks or other creditors, is dividend to Bands, forthe especial accommodation of pleasure travmutual members, payable at the discreelers, and even' facility afforded to dancing parties. tion of the Company, . j?3,3in Reserved State Rooms will be telegraphed for bv Sixth. Lossesadjusted'and due leaving their names at the Ticket Offices. none. The following rates of Fare including Meals and State Seventh. Losses adjusted and Rooms on Lake Steamers: not due. 1300 u, Eighth. Losses unadjusted FARE. none. LouisviUo to Buffalo, From () Vinth. Loss's in suspense wait From Louisville to Buffalo and back. 13 00 inp further proof none. From Louisville to Niagara Falls, 7 00 Tenth. All other claims ag'nst From Louisville to Niagara Falls and back. 14 Cu the Company none. From Louisville to New York, (all railroad from Buffalo,) u 00 Eleventh. The greatest aru'tinsured in any one risk, New York, (by Hudson From Louisville to j,ooo u, Ticclfth. The Company has no rule regulating tk aoiA river sieamers,) i'J Ho to be insured in any one citv, town, or village. New York, via Niagara. From Louisville u The undersigned herhveenifv that the foregoing Is a (all railroad,) 14 .00 From Louisville to Boston, via Albany, 10 50 just and correct statement of the affairs of the Company Signed: For through tickets and information please apply at ALFRED GILL. Pr,dtn: Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad Office, North- Jas. C. "Vva:.ku:v, Srcrrtarn. Hartford, Feb. fi, 1865. west corner of Broadwav and Front streets, under the E. I). U1CKERMAX, General .Intnl. Spencer House, or to J. W. SHIPLEY, Railroad Office, Application for Insurance received bv John C. Hrm-dom- . on Walnut between Fourth and Fifth streets, one door Affent. Frankfort. Ky., w ho w ill furnish applicant South of the Gibson Jioue, or at No. South side Main, between Second and Third streets, and nearlv op- w ith pamphlets containing rates, conditions. &c. The Agency of this Companv, at Frankfort, Ky., has been posite Gait House, Louisville, Ky. in existence one year last Mav, during which time ono TTJTako the cars at Jefforsonvillc for Cincinnati. For further information please call at the office.-,- as loss had occurred. This risk was that taken by tho late Isaac P. Blackwell, for the bcnellt of his wife. One preabove. HENRY O. AMES. Sup't. mium only had been paid (about Sept. 1,1804. J. W. PATTERSON, Agent. on S5,00U The w hole S5.U00 was paid to Mrs. Black-welv. hose acknowlPITTSBURG, PHILADELPHIA, BAL- edgment is given below. This presents one of the many instances in which the TIMORE AM) XEW YORK. benefits of Life Insurance is fuliv illustrated. The assurNew route opened to New York "PARE REDUCED! failed business, left nothing P all the way by railroad via Cincinnnii, Hamilton and ed hadresultedinfrom the Insurance on for his wife, except what his life, which k: Dayton Railroad. iiad been so thoughtful in making. The quickest, cheapest, and most pleasant route to J. C. HKK.VDO.V Asent, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Now York. De' ?ni!.er 17. Frankfort, Ky. pot in the West end of tho city. Only route via Pittsburg and Philadelphia b hii h Fa a ski out. Oct. m, 1KJ.V through tickets can be obtaini-- from Cincinnati" to Now Joit. C. ilr.RN!O.N. Ls., York. Aacnt of tht Charter Oak Life Insurance Co.: One less change of cars than any otiier rouu-Dkah Allow me, vou, to Passengers leaving Cincinnati on (i o'clock Morning gratitudeSnt: the receipt through thousand express infor of live Uir Train of Cincinnati, .Hamilton and Dayton Railroad tro full amount of the risk taken for my benefit dollars, late bv my through to Crestline without change of cars, and aiVr husband, Isaac P. lilackw ell. 1 most highlv appreciate having thirty minutes for dinner, proceed by the Ohio the benefit resulting to mo from this provident act of ni) and Pennsylvania Railroad, arriving in Pittsburg at H late husband, and will ever remember it w ith gratitude. o'clock, P. M. Leaving Pittsburg; via Pennsylvania Hoping thatthe Company may be prosperous in all time Ceutral Railroad, at 9 o'clock, P. M., and arrive in Bal- to come, and that it may continue to extend its protection timore and Philadelphia at o'clock and 30 minutes to lite w i.tow ami orphan, fnoon) nftxt day, and from thence via Kensington and I remain vours &c. Jersey City, or Camden and Am boy railroads, arriving SLSAS K. BLACKWELL. in New York at 4, P. M. Second Train Leaves Cincinnati, Hamilton and iayton Railroad 8 o'clock, and 20 minute .i every morning; arrives at Crestline 4:-P. M., and Pittsburg li! INSURANCE COMPANY, o'clock and 30 minutes, midnight, and altera eomforta-night'- s refit, resume by 7 o'clock, A. M., train, arriving in OF HARTFORD, COWECTICCT. Philadelphia and Baltimore o'clock and Hfi minutes, midnight. The only oQice iu Cincinnati at which through tickets Capital Stock, S300,oot can be purchased from Cincinnati to New York via Amount Paid L'p, 2 10,000 Pittsburg and Philadelphia is under the Spencer House, and one door below the Gibson House, on Walnut street. statement THE annexed 1st January, of the condition of the FARE. 1655, made ,D 00 responsibility of the Company. shows the condition and From Louisvilleto Pittsburg. Iipt class. T 50 From Louisville to Pittsburg, front ears, 1. Tho name of the Company is the Hartford Fire itj 50 From Louisville to Philadelphia, Companv, and its location is at Hartford. 10 oo From Louiszille to Baltimore, Connecticut. F'rom Louisville to New York via Philadel2. The Capital Stock of the Companv Is .?3uO,0UO 00 way by railroad, 50 Id phia, all the 3. The am't of its Capital Stock paid up is For through tickets and information please apply at 4. The assets of tho Company are as fol Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad Office, Northlows: west corner of Broadway and Fourth str ets, under the Cash on hand and In the hands of Agents, S44H 07 Spencer House, or to J. W. SHIPLEY, at Railroad Office, S0O shares Hartford Lank slock, 63,50(1 CO on Walnut street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, one G3 share Phoenix Eank stock, 7,81 00 Gibson House, oral No. 555, South door South of the HM) shares B'k of Hartford county stock, 10,600 00 side Main, between Second and Third streets, and nearly :0 shares B'k HarVfd co. stock (new,l 'JjiiU 0I House, Louisville, Ky. opposite the Gait i!3 shares Farmers and .Mechanic Bank llTake the cars at Jeffersonville for Cincinnati. stock, 2, 1 00 For further information please call at the offices, as 43 shares City Eank stock, 5,074 00 HENRY O. AMES, Sup't. above. iuo shares Kxehange Eank stock, 11,600 W) J. W. PATTERSON, Agent. Sept. 1, 3854 60 shares .Mercantile Eank stock, 5,200 00 loo shares Charter Oak Eank stock, 10v) 00 Hn) shares Charter Oak E'k stock (new,; Proclamation by the Governor. 5Ai0 00 3:i shares Connecticut Kiver EankitLg 8250 REWARD. Company stock, i,aoo oo 1U0 phares In the name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Hartford, Providence, and Kentucky. Kishkill Railroad stock, 5,000 00 YirllEREAS, it has been represented to me by the pe-i'i0 shares Connecticut Kiver Railroad tition of the county Judge of Jefferson countv, that 1,200 00 stock, in the month of August last, PATRICK CAVINAW did 50 shares Hartford and New Haven I:. aid and abet in killing and murdering ne Theodore R. stock, 5.7J0 CO Rhodes, and has since fled from justice. liO shares Connecticut River Company I Now, therefore, I, CHARLES S. MOREHEAD, Govstock, 3. C00 00 ernor of tho Commonwealth aforesaid, do hereby offer Bills receivable, secured by approved a reward of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars lor the personal security or ample collaterapprehension of said Cavinaw, and his delivery to the als 10C6S5 76 Jailer of Jefferson county, within ono year. 5. Xo liabilities to banks or others, due or JJY TESTIMQ-ffWttk.ktt,VI, I nave not due. hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of 6. No losses adjusted and due. the Commonwealth to be affixed, on this the 7. Amount of tosses adjustedand not due, 31,490 94 22d of September, A. D. 1855. and in the G4th 8. Amount of losses unadjusted, 15,0S4 33 vearof the Commonwealth. 9. Losses in suspense, waiting for further C. S. MOREHEAD. By the Governor: proof, included in last answer above. 'Mason Brown, Secretary of State. 10. All other claims apainst the Corananv 10.9JO 00 11. The rule of the Company is not to exceed $10MX) in DESCRIPTION. any one suoject to loss oy a single Ore. Said Cavinaw is a low heavy set Irishman, about live li!. lhe amountinsuredin a citv or village depends upon feet high, black hair, dark hazleeyes, mild countenance, itssize; generally, all the desirable riskato be had, round face, very active in his movement. Supposed to subject to the rule last above named. 13. The amount insured in anv one block of buildiagi have come from near Trenton, New Jersey. depends upon its size and construction, subject to tne rule aoovc reierrea to. Proclamation by the Governor. I t. The act of incorporation Is the same as filed in July. 100 REWARD. 1H54. C. B. BOWJiRS, Secretary. Hart" ord, January 22, lt&5. In the name and by the authority of the Common) State of Connecticut, wealth of Kentucky ' Hartford county, j ss " has been reDresented to mo that JAR- Pearsonally appeared C. B. Bowers, S&retarv of lhe MAN, a slave. the nronertv of Thos. Reynolds, Esq., Hartford Fire Insurance Company, and made oath that county, Kentucky, the foregoing statement, by in September. 1855, did,iu Jessamine him subscribed. Is true, ackill and murder Horace, a slave, ana isnow going ai cording to Ins be ft knowledge and belief, large. fleforeme: R. G. DOAKE, Now, therefore, I, CHARLES S. MOREHEAD, GovernJustice of the P4aee. or of said Commonwealth, do hereby offer a reward of fr.i insurance, all noeessarv informaUpon application Ono Hundred Dollar forthe apprehension of the said J. c. HEKAOOX, Jarman,and his delivery to the jailer of Jessamine coun- tion will be given by Dec. 17, 1H55. Agent, at Frankfort, Ky, ty within one year from this date. ... .. two days. FOR THE CHILDREN. AVhRY BtLITItd. forlossesand not luu, OF HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT, by the Legislature of the State of Connetilct, by perpetual Charter (framed In Mav, lbM. t burtorod FIRE 2,170 no 10,400 OAK HARTFORD (10 No. 15'.4 acres. Washington countv, waters of Chaplin; lax due, 152-3-- 4; amount, SKU 37. No. John Wister, John M. Price, and C. J. Wjs-te- r, 2,500 acrcsof land. Henry county, waters Sand Kipp and 6 mile. entered, surveyed. and patented, H. .Marshall; 75. tax due, 1852-3-- 4: amount, No. 2571 Jasper Cope, 800 acres, Butler county, amount 8 P. Green Hiver; tax due, 1852-3-- 4; No. 2678 Isaac Willis, 630 acres. Union county, Trade-wate- r, patented Will Mercer, tax due, 1852-3-- 4: amount, 08 64,000 00 CO 2U0 '1 fl?,0S5 18 18,14178 TS,000 CHARTER LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 'I 161,029 04 - - receivable, pavable at Bank, Eeal estate unencumbered, 72 Mortgage Bonds. 6 and 7 per cent. 9 income Bonds 7 per cent semi annual, 20 State of Va. Bonds, 6 per l, cent, 5 State of K. C. Bonds, 6 per l, cent, 10 Jersey City Water Bonds, 6 l, per cent, C Milwaukie City Bonds,10per l, cent. 10 Hartford City Bonds, C per l, cent, - 100 This invaluable remedy lor every description of nervous fje(:tions, anu lor uiseases oi uie liver ana Kidneys has obtained a popularity wherever introduced, unprecedented in the history of any oilier medical preparation ever brought before the public. Many of our most Eminent Physician have thoroughly tested its merits.and now prescribe it as the most effective Alterative and Blood I'urilier ever know n. .Neuralgia, Dyspepsia. Palpitation of the Heart. Niht Sweats and Affections of the Lungs, will readily yield to tho influence of this unrivaled remedy. Physical Derangements or Irregularities especially with Female producing debility and prostration of the system may be at once obviated and removed by the use of the Bitter Cordial uiKMilood iJurilier, which is a vegetable, sprout, pleasantto take and perfectly safe to be used in any state of health, even by the most delicate female or child. Price one dollar per bottle. DOWNING V CO., Proprietor.-- , 1833 ASSETS of liie Company are: Cash in hand and in Phoenix S50,93S 69 Bank, Cash on special deposit in Phoenix and Hartford Banks, on 100,000 00 interest, Cash in hands of Agents, balan- 140 AND Sept. 30, The name of the Corporation is iETN'A INSURANCE COMPANY', located at Hartford, Connecticut. The Capita! is Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, and is paid up. - IMPORTANT TO TRAVELERS. LAKE ERIE RAILROADS. STATEMENT: New York, IJLOOl) PURIFIER. No. 1, Barclay Street by. . 311,JCS Toilet Powdero, Drawing Crayons. HairOils, Lead Pencils, ' Curling Brushes, Pins and Needles. Pencil Points, The selection is lare and varied, containing articles of every prico and pattern. Among; the extrr.c;-- , for the Handkerchief mav be found the following: A new Illinois, Bills Satchetp. Wax Matches. Violin and Guitar S'.r.n? JANUARY 1, 1(J56. As presented to its stockholders, and made out in compliance with State laws of New Y'ork, Ohio, Indiana, ces, (good.) CONTENTS: An article that all lovers of the wood must pronounce Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. the best, at r BBLS. Pure Spirits for making Brandy Peaches. Just Ct received and for sale by GRAY & TODD. Sept. a. 50 India Rubber Com Oct. 8, 1855 INK. CRYSTALIZED Cider Vinegar. PockeiCombs, Of all kinds, plain, fancy, end colored at ur. .MILLS' Drug store. ges of various kinds, at I AM prepared toiusurethe livejof Negroes on favorable terms. H. WINGATE, Jtgent. Aug. 10, lP5u tf. Comb-- . h SI5 36. together with every article usually found in a Clothing Store. Gentlemen desiring to replenish their Clothing' would do well to give me a call, as 1 am satisfied they cannot do better at any other establishment in the citv. Oct. 15, 1855. A. SONNEBERG. Gum drops of all flavors, LIFE INSURANCE. J 853. ENVELOPES, Sugar and Coffee. and WE have in store N. O.for sale hhds prime Sugar; 10 chesU Clarified Sngarforpreserving; 20 bbls Crushed Sugar, 5 bbls Loaf Sugar; 30 pockets old Government Java Coffee; 15 bags prime Kio Cotl'ee; 3 chests prime G. P. Tea; 2 chests prime black Tea. July 13. GRAY & TODD. - -; ' GUTTA PERCHA PENS. GOODS. SEWmy fall Block h 26- DOXON & GRAHAM, No. 6, St. Clair St., Frankfort, Kv. JUST IN THE RIGHT TIME. received per S. B. lilue Wing, a fresli supply of JUST Buck Wheat Flour and for sale by 10 Patent Coffee Pots. Owning the right to manufacture and sell these inestimable Coffee Pots, we take pleasure in recommending them to every family, with a warrantee to give satisfaction or no pay. We cannot in detail give further particulars. By way of variety, we have always ready for nale. Salt Fish, Bird Cages, Ox Yokes, Ladies1 Mending Cotton, Wheel Barrows, Patent Medicine, Cotton Floor Maps. Stone Ware, Bird Seed, Ploughs, family Flour, Meal, Ironing and Preserve Stoves, Ray Carpeting, Cedar and Pine Ware, Colognes, Violins, Buggy, Riding, and Stock Wbips, Cow and Sheep Bells, Razors, Pocket Cutlery, and Victoria Pens, Sweet Oils, Clothes Pins, Minnow Seins, and Partridge Nets. Please call, examine, and buy from Oct. s. WEST & CO. having taken an Agency for tho Vr i sale of W. T. SMITH &. CO'S fresh Baltimore Oysters, which they warrant to be as good if not superior to any in this city, "are prepared to supply all their friends and customors, cither by the case or can. Yeoman copy. Dee. 5. Nov. Iti. Tin Ware. Ornamental Chamber Setts; plain and Japanned Tin Ware of every description; and in addition we have a large supply of Confections, Toilet Bottles, Note Paper. Envelopes, Sealing Wax. Amandine. Dressing Combs. Earthen Tubes, indeed, the whole art of drawing and painting, taught in the lesson. Anv leaf, plant or flower can be transferred to the pages of an album with a minute and distinct resemblance of nature. With equal facility picturesand embroidery patterns are taken, and have received the highest eulogiums from the fair sex; and, indeed, a more tasteful present for a lady could not be produced. Cordage. The Mafic Paper will also mark linen or other articles Hemp, Manilla and Cotton Rope, Carpet Warp, and the so as to remain perfectly indelible. All the washing in best article of Cotton Yarns, of all sizes and number. the world fails to bring itout. Any child can use it with ' ease. With this Magic Paper, one or four copies of every Tar, letter written can be secured without any additional labor fj the barrel. cheapest and most convenient whatever, making itthe Mattrasses. extant. It is used to a great advantage by reporters of the public press, telegraphic operators and hosts of Double, Single, Lounge, Trundle, and Crib sizes. Hair, Cotton and Shuck. "'Kadi package contains four different colors black, Axes. blue, Teen and red, with full printed instructions, forall Hunt's Douglass Axes, the best now in me; Hand to obtan live hundred distinct impressions. It is put up Saws, Hatchets and Hammers. articlf in beautifully enumeled colored envelopes, with a truthattached. Each and every Nails. ful likeness of the proprietor package warr.mted. Price Si a dozen or five for SI. Cut, Wroughtaud Horse Shoe Nails, of the best brands. single packages cents. Address, post-paiN. riUnoC'bL, Window Glass No. 167, Broadway, New York. Of all sizes, and Putty in large and small quantities, always on hand. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. Impression Paper. We refer our Willow Ware. readers to the advertisement in another column, setting Market, School, Key, Bell, Pear, and Traveling forth the merits of this pleasing and ingenious invention. Oval and square Clothe lioskets. round. The cheapness should induce all to give it a trial. PhilPaints. adelphia Merchant. and utility, and should v uuc i,eau; It is unsurpassed for neatness ar-L,inseeu un; v nue, opal una japan nisli: Lithiireft. and Ochru: water nmi fin- - nrool' Paint- meet with the sale it richly deserves. Tribune. Just what the people has long desired, and recommend ground in oil, an excellent paint for porch floor, steps, itself to every individual nf taste and refinement. Jour &c. and Courier. Oct. 22 1855 .Smeljjng Salts, Puff Combs, Tucking Combs. A new USE THE MAGIC received tho most elegsntand t'xteiisive of FINE PERFUMERY AND FANCY ARTICLES ever brought to Frankfort. The stock consists of Hair Brushes of even-- .ly'ie Fine Colognes. Extracts for the ha:idl:l. atid price. Extracts for navoriiio. Cloth Lrushos, Toilet Waters, Nail Brushes, Fancy Soaps, Tooth Brushes. Hair Pins. Hat Brushe. Dentrifices, Powder Ruffs. Cosmetics. Hair Pomades. HASjut Side Combs, Decidedly L OF ES. iETNAOF INSURANCE CO., HARTFORD, COX.W, DR. MILLS D0X0N 1 r is well known thaUherc is greateeonomy in crushing 1 or grinding the kernels of all grain betore feeding it to stock, and that there is much nutriment in the col. when properly broken or ground. And the only reason that mills arranged to produce these desired results have not been more generally introduced among planters and farmers, has been their complex arrangement and high CONDITION Just H. KEENE. wealth. hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of Done at the Commonwealth to bo affixed. Frankfort, this sixth day of September, 1855, h vear of the Common the and in C. S. MOREHEAD. By the Governor: Masok Drown. Secretary of State. Jarman is about dark camplexion. DESCRIPTION. years old, about six 30 t LANrD ElHVAUl) LEWIS. Tin, Copper, & Sheet Iron Manufactory. OLD BANK BUILDING, ST. CLAIR FBA.UKFOBT, KY. ST., ) Ingh.and " FOR FORFEITl'RE. Interest, and cost arc not paid on th; fol or before tho lOthday of February next, the same will be forfeited to the Commonwealth of : Kentuekv acres, Green Levi lilunt's heirs, 100, partof-MNo. county, waters of Little Barren, originally surveyed for Eliza Summersou headright certificate No. 70, and patented to Levi Blunt; taxes from 184tto 1854; amount. the taxes, J Flowing land, on 3 85. Given under my hand this iOili dav of October. Ic55. THO. S. PAGE. Auditor Public Accounts. 50 percent interest is due on the first year's taxes. 100 per cent on tho second year's tax;" and 100 percent on the third year's tax. Costs for advertising, 25 cems on each tract. Oct. 12, 1855 2am3mw&tw. Boys, Look Here mm !! just received TWO DOZEN MCE. WAI3I I J4CKKTS nllM ROUNDABOUTS, made of .Mix. would cd Tweed Cassiniere, which 1 am selling verv cheap. THK undersigned opened inform hWfricndsnnd the ,"r. TO'DI). that he has a shop and commenced the JO!! Oct. 19, 1855. above business in all its branches. Hu will warrant all w ork done by him to give satisfaction, and hopes by diliSuga gence and promptness in business, to merit and receive HHDS. prime N. O. Susar: a portion 01' the public patronage. Those persons 10 10 bbls. double refined While Supar; his line are respeetfullv requested to call on 10 bbls. PreserviujrSuenr. Just received. him. Auk. 22, 1835. W. H. KKE.NJ-- . He would inform his friends and the public that he will keep constantly on hand a general assortment of COOKl.NG STOVKS, and WOOD and COAL STOVES Umbrellas and Canes. of the best quality, which he will sell on accommodating GOOD lot of Umbrellai and Walking Canes, can . terms. found at Oct. IT, 155-l-- y. Oct. '24. EDWARD LEWIS. V. M. TODD'S. T HAVK J c

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