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Image 3 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 2, 1856

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

COMMONWEALTH. against the proposition; and it follows that at least from thirteen to fifteen Democrats voted with the Black Republicans to defeat the elevation of Mr. Smith to the Chair. The country will demand to know what such Democrats desire what thev mean? Their artion seems incapable of explanation except upon one or the otner of the following hypotheses: Either they desire the election of Banks being willing to give up Congress to theoontrol of Abolitionism, in the hope that their party can make capital out of the fact before the country; or they wish to bring on a revolutionary state of affairs which may, if possible, excuse the President in seizing upon the public money of the country without the authority of luw, and ex pending it at his discretion. We should uot be surprised, if it should ultimately appear that the hope of a free and miscellaneous scramble at the public treasury, is the true secret of a great deal of this extraordinary opposition to an organization of the House. In any case, the intelligent peopie of the country can doubt no longer who is responsible for this most extraordinary delay of Congress to organ- Lexington anil Danville ltaiiioad--im- - portant Letter from Gen. Leslie Combs. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. Office. Lexington and Danville R. R. Co.,? ARRIVALoFtHE ARABIA Carl Otto Edelman ( Leximrrcm. TW lot lft I'ltOPESSOR of Music, coiuinH, to W'K are instructed to notify the public that on end af Messrs. Larz Anderson and James Hall, Cincin R:ve ii. first ol' Februarv, 1HJG. nil dispatches inuyt oiiuiiinn on tne fiano-lort- u u vocal inus. W. I,. CALLESUEK, Editor. 'J;1 Pre-painati, Ohio. on the days which are, .V" fJ"""1"" l!ie ' his C'nsli payment will lie inquired of all willioul excepU1 class Gentlemen: '"Oc By request ol several Cincinnati ',1 Fr '?:" SATURDAY, Insliuitu. Ho mav bo r .,, 1856. :FEB. tion; all others will be Promptly refused. " Stockholders, I take leave to nresent. the follow- - i Russia Aeeept3 the Peace Propositions. . Answers to dispstrlit received here will he sent as House, .South Frankfort. ing authentic facts as to the present condition Ofclei-rapheusual, payable at their destination. for inl Commonwealth bv ht Moim ET Single copies of the Daily Commonwealth, We ure also instructed to transact the business of our fok s.i,i:. and the luturc prospects of the Great Central Line.) A. excellent omcos upon terms Strictly Cash. Stoddard l,:,,l0 of line to Railrozd through Kentucky, of which the road nut up in wrappers, will be furnished to the W e trust our friends the Halifax, Jan. 31sL. patrons will see the necessity and touch;low. instrument is as Kood ;, new, and wi lib and 1 he from Covington to this city forms the 1st link, Cunard steamship Arabia, from Liverpool of these rules, and we earnestly request a compliance sold very CAKi, OITO EDKI.V i members of the General Assembly at Twn Cfvts and that from here to Danville the 2nd and most w ith dates to the morning of the 19th, Frankfort, January 23 dim. arrived at wuh them. per copy. important, as well as the most costly one, leaving ua" Past ten o'clock this evening. II. CRADDOCK, Morse Ofcc. 1 if. A. OLAKKE, Ifnuse Office. Franklin County, Set. only one other between Danville and the Tennessee There is nothing of importance from the CriIC Single copies of the Weekly Commonline, to one or more points, as mav be deemed mea. TAKEN up by Reuben Crutcher,livin;r on the I ok-,1 wealth, conuming a synopsis of each week's Valentines! Lexington, seven miles from Frankfor necessary, to unite Cincinnati with the whole The news is important as indicative of an ear? A i,K?.X '"'S ad beautiful assortment of VALli.V- - BROWN HOIt.SE. four years old. Ilfieen , proceedings, will be furnished to the members ly peace. The Vienna correspondent of the Lon-- , Southern system of Railroads. u n.i lis rc has fistula. Valued by the under- Sued at the and for sale by if the General Assembly at Four Cents per There are but four counties directly interested nm uonars. telegraphs, under date of Wednesdav V. M. TOOl). l'eb. 1. Witness mv hand, this lTith ofJannirv ig-- .i .No. 1, Swiffert's Kow. 16th, 10 o'clock, A. M., that Russia has nn- in the road nnder my charge, (2d link,) viz: Fay- copy. Jan. 24, ia"rtK)ii'. J. 11. liliU., j.p cue, jessamine, Mercer, and Boyle, Lexington cuiiuiiionaiiy accepted the propositions of the being the county seat of the first, and Danville Allies. " This reported authentic news caused O We are requested to state that the Gov ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. of the last named: and thev have snhseriherl and immense sensation. The funds rose 3 per cent.; persons indebted to the late Mrs. Jane Ihvmrnre ernor's house will be opened for the reception of punctually paid, with few individual exceptions, cotton, a farthing; and ananic ensued in the nth- ALL locome forward and make payment, am1 er markets. The next day the English governthe following amounts of stock: compaijV on Monday evening next, from 8 until all having claims against her will present the same 1st. Fayette In County 6 per cent. Bunds, ment published a dispatch from Minister Sev. rpAKKN on paper, canvass, &c, either plain or color-J- L properly authenticated, for yavment. 11 o'cHJck; and on every Monday evening during $2(10,000 In cash by individuals, en, Irom miniature to life sizo, in Oil, Pastel, 52,50U A. IK OAMMACK.jWw'r. uiour, at at. fetersburgh. as lollows: "KllSSIA or id. Jessamine By popular vote in cask. the session of ihe Legislature, during the same Jan. 19, lwn 1 in. "5.550 agrees to In cash by individuals, accept the proposals as a basis of nego- - uater, at prices ranging from 10 to jJS. 1,800 hours. 3d. Mercer In cash bv individual 111,150 uia quauuuu announcement curbed the Commmissioner's Sale. 4th. Boyle In 6 nereeiit. Cnuntv Hon.u lakenontrlass,) and then chemically prepared so aslo 150.000 excitement, and the alarmists began to fear that ( . In cash by individuals, and town of Danville perfectly impervious to acids and atmosphere; there-lor- e BY virtue of a decree of the Franklin Circuit Court at !HI,000 OFFim ok Executive Committee, I ifcuooio. incrciv wants in pain timp hv rtooontiva its term, 1, as Commissioner appointimperishable. ize and proceed to business. negotiations. In the meantime the funds reed by the Court, will expose to sale, at the Court House Frakfort, Ky., Feb. 1, 18.rG. Total, $588,500 the city of Frankfort, oil the 3d Momlay in FebDAGUERREOTYPES, main steady as previous to the above announcein addition to the above, the Rail Col. T. L. Jones, of Campbell, and Col. Tho ruary (lak-ei-. n on silver plme,) either plain or Farm of S. F . J. TnnBi-troad Company ornamental, lyinR nrrl, the Congressional. subscribed $G2,000, of which ment. E. Eramlette, of Adair, are hereby appointed t( size. The OKAYO.N or town in the county of Franklin, and upon Hie George$12,000 has been oaid in cash, and 10.00n in fi The uctual facts are. that Cmmt. ,OCf.i,.n,io and Versailles Turnpike Road, and South Elkhoni Washington, Jan. 31, P. M. Assistant Electors for the State at large, and the reek, about IHe miles from Frankfort, eoutainiii.-abou- t lleo' Miniature over produced. Callind see. Senate. Mr. Nicholson was elected printer on per cent. Bonds; the balance adjusted in a satis upon being handed the Austrian and allied note! in Councils in the several counties omitted by the the 4th ballot, receiving 29 votes. iactory manner. ii.ieimra oy uount that he was not edILT Any business in our line will be promptly attend900 ACRES. The subscription in Cincinnati. authorized to enter into a discussion; but if the ourto nt our Gallery Louisville, or for a short time at F.,,. na Mr. Seward made at) able speech upon Centr.J Grand Council will please select suitable persons temporary establishment (The Shantv) in Frankfort It will be divided in parcels to suit purchasers, apporhave been advised, amount to $08,100. some of note was not accepted before the 18th, all Jan..ll)-- lf. the WKBSTfe R & KKO. tioning a sulticioncy of water and timber to each parcel, for County Electors, and report them to the Ex- American affairs, enforcing the Monroe doctrine in forcible language, alluding to the possibility of tvnicn were promptly paid up in full, and the res- Austrian embassy must leave St. Petersburg plats of which imon n dv , f ecutive Committee. idue as called for. with one or two iwrninn. ..UU acres of the tract is i o prevent this, Count Nesselrode communicaMACAULAY'S HISTORY. war with England, concurring with the present mostexcellent Hemp land, anil I have recently proposed to the neonle of Mer ted with Vienna direct, and Prince Gortschakoff, P. SWIGERT, Chairman. supply of Macaulay's Historv, 3d and 4th vols the whole 900 is in a very hijrh state of cultivation, Willi conflict convulsing Europe. He says the British ANEW low price of 5U anew Stone A all surrounding the whole its erection cents per vol. For sale at administration has long been unfaithful to the cer, to construct a branch to Harrodsburg, the at Vienna, had a talk with Count Buol, in which having cost Mr. Trabue from $j to SO per rod. T he nU.MrHKEV EVANS, the former produced a county seat, about four and a half whole tract is watered by several cold, never railing Jan. 30. Book and Shoe Store, Main st. Who is Responsible for the Failure of the cause of free institutions in Europe, and the from our line, towards Danville, miles distant the general inclination memorandum expressingt springs, and the stream orilrv Run creek passing direcu of Russia to negotiate-buFrench empire is in my eyes a hateful usurpation. if thev would y through the center; besides House to Organize! proposing certain alterations. Count Buol oy county vote and private subthere are several evcel-loi- u Nevertheless, both of their administrations .a.reJ,JUU HARPER'S MAGAZINE. ponds. All the advantages together makes it one We think it is capable of the most conclusive temporary and practically ephemeral, while are scriptions $100,000 of which to be specially de- received the document, but inasmuch as it did Februarv number. .lust received nt 01 the voted to the '"osiuesiraoie tracts of land in Kentucky. not contain an unconditional acceptance of the THE for the fail- Russian empire is an obstinate and portentiouj HUMPHREY EVAN'S construction of the unfinished Susdemonstration that the respoi ability Also, at the same time, will be sold all tho real and . 3U- pension Bridge across the Kentucky river, and proposition, Austria could not reply without the Book and Shoe Store, Main st. personal estate of said Trabue, contained and referred ure to organize the House at Washington, rests reality. I accept the oracular exposition of the to in the deedsof mortgage and assignment concurrence of France and England. The amfirst Napoleon; and believing that Europe must the residue in building the road in their direc.said Trabue to Archibald King and others, and' W. 1). Rued and oth. not with the American party, but with the Pierce WANTED. bassadors of these powers sent it to London and tion. be soon either Republican or Cossack, 1 recogrecord GUUllcook without incumbrance, for such and one era, of has not in theolfice of the Franklin County Court, F rom Democracy, and with the "Republicans." Each nize beneath the monarchial masks of the indication and information since Fans, and received in reply, that the Western which already been disposed of. m. n iiwciui once win oi paid Enquire at lias office. Allies received, every sum Ierms of S.ile. lnequalinstalmentsofC,12, this will be had, if I can finish the Powers had no notion to change their decision, Jan. 3U, 1C50 tf. of the two last has had an opportunity to organ- the Western nations contending against an adand 13 (C) months from day of sale, bearing interest from date. road to the bridge before next harvest, inasmuch already carefully considered; and furthei, that if ize by the election of a man of its own party, and vancing despotism. Although no duty and no Bond and approved security required of the purchaser, aa tuey are now paying twenty cents per bushel Russia did not accept by the 18th, Count Ester-haz- y propriety Flour for Cash. having orce and eltect of a replevin bond, and a lien each has refused to do it, because the man it should be requires us to intervene on their sirlo T for hauling wheat on the turnpike to and the Austrian Legation would leave St. a HHLS. superfine Flour; retained upon Ihe land for the payment of the purchase very unwilling to engage my country in this city, could elect did not happen to be the man whom combination against them. I reeret 'also tlm'sn,! instead of three, which would be a reasonable Petersburgh, and Austria seek to obtain the armed 1U 3500 lbs superllne Flour, in 100, 5U, and 05 baes-lio- money. Ihe personalty will be sold upon a creditor lbs line Flour in 1W), 511. and S5tt,buKs. For six months, with bond and security as above. charge by Railroad. of the German Diet. it had made a party nominee. uuuuiuuu oi uie central American States, which sale on commission for cash exclusively by Jan. lO'oo doi wlin. JNO. HODMAN, Cem'r. Whether or not Vienna papers represent affairs as beini? most Jan. 2'J, ltao. GRAY & TOUD. ,; -- ..f r .., ...!,! 3uems to render them as incapable of nrofitinirbv pend entirely on your shall be Iable to do this, will de- serious and alarming, city. and that all the persons of cannot hope to raise pur intervention as the French people were, when, "Prompt, Accurate and Reliable." FANCY BASKETS. &o. to the Republicans. Mr. Thonngton, of Iowa, in 179, they demanded a like interposition in any more private stock here, inasmuch as this is the Austrian Embassy have received orders to LARGE fine Fancy Work Stands; proposed a resolution declaring Mr. Campbell, of fulfillment of precedent treaties of commerce and only one of five similar works to which our city leave St. Petersbunrh. and the Rusinn Emi, 4 5 do. line Traveling Baskets; and county have made, and paid large subscrip- to leave Vienna. u doz. t ancy Baskets, various sizes and shapes-don- . Ohio, Speaker. Mr. Campbell was the first nom- - auiance- - JNeverthelcss, war with Great Britain tions, During the ti me elapsing between Russia's first and you will remember our whole citv pop'S now among the possible solutions of our ri Plain, School, Card, Clothes, and Market Bas .. . .,.! i.i: .u, nd second renlv. intense annrehensinn uTiniml.i ar.c, uuu : ,. 3ent embarrassment. We certainly can look ore- - ulation is under ten thousand. .ucc i me d ket: OFFICE: for 10 sets, different patterns, Table .Mats; Under the confident hope and expectation that Vienna. St. Cluirbt., 3 doora from the Postoffice, opposite as aoie, anu as nc, lor me opeaitersiiip, as no moderation on her part hereafter if we over- uauiy (i bundles Aliciuit Mats; the Commonwealth Ouiee, ...c uiuuiiiuu auusenpuons would easily reach sided by the announcement above. It is stated look her persistent refusal to fulfill this, the most any man that party contains. This resolution ii doz. Fancy Shuck Mats; $100,000, 1 putall the unfinished that Russia agrees to the terms proposed. 1 doz. Fancy inteiMats; KY . received fifty votes! but fifty-twof the Repub- - 3olemn alld important of all our international eii- - this place and the river under sections between 1 doz. Fancy Wollenand Cotton Mats. Just received contract last June, gagements. It will be an idle dream to Lean party voted against it, and it was defeated. ourselves T 1NES to Louisville, Lexington, Lagrange and George-Ulowsale bv ..iiu u, ia rapiuiy approacning completion; but my O The discovery of the open Circumpolar and for 29, 185G. and saf,. if leave her Jan. connecting with ull the principal cities and GRAY & TODD. nuu ' u, nuuiu m.c u3 uu ju siun i an our isttimus passages, from incoming money is now insufficient to pay the Sea, appears to have been made by a Russian ofi.icac unj-in- u towns 111 the mommy estimates, and the contractors and labor been adopted. But they chose to stake every-- our Atlantic region to the Pacific States. He ers ficer thirty years ago. This was Lieut. Wrangle, Fresh Buckwheat Flour, &c. UNITED STATES AND THE WtlTISII are consequently becoming discontented. s a notlce to Great Britain that we shall r a BAGS fresh Pennsylvania Buckwheat; thing upon Mr. Banks, and thereby prevented an who somewhere about the year 182-1- , advanced PROVINCES. interfere to prevent her exercise of dominion in Some of the latter have stopped work. 0J 75 bush fresh ground Com Ileal; I Ins company hare the only direct and perfect con20 bush good Homonv; organization, although they could have made one South America, if it shall uot be discontinued i nave also purchased the right of way over by sleds across the ice from the northern coast of nection w.tu Covington, Cincinnati, Pitching, Chicago, three-fourth- s 3 bbls Dried Peaches; of a mile through our citv. nn,l Siberia, due north to the open sea. a promineui memoer oi men- own witinu one year; and also, that authority be now Dy electing Washington City, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Bal5 bbls Dried Apples. In store and for sale bv Lieutenant timore and all the principal and 'bridggiven to the President to execute that delaved the graduation, masonry, trestle-wor- k party. (now Admiral) Wrangle took frequent soundings GRAY A; TODD. ing, will be ready for the iron up to the CovingNORTHERN AND EASTERN CITIES. The next opportunity was given to the Demo- - I Pu'P0Se- during the trip, and found the water shallow, ton depot early in January. Senate adjourned till Monday , CHAMPAGNE. Messages for Covington, Cincinnati, and North With another small effort, it seems to me. the with a mud bottom. The. climate became more 1 r BASKETS loo.o- ' HOUSE. Mr. COX SUbmtted Chas. Hoidsick Champagne; and East, transmitted by this Line, will not gothe way ol a nrpnmlilo my. bv H baskets Creme Maysvillc or Louisville, thereto be delaved bv being refused to organize when they could do so by the posing in the true spirit of patriotism that the remaining $32,000 to make ud the 41()n.(M)n moderate a3 he made northing. According to 1 010 baskets Anchor de Bouzay Champagne; pealed back to Cincinnati, but go through direct wllhout Brand Champagne; (i baskets Siliery election of a member of their own party. Mr. I members waive some of their political principles could be raised among your property holders and his estimate of his position at the any interruption. Brand Champagne; margin of the men, payable in lour or rive monthly in4 baskets llinet's Bouzay Champagne. In ccure an election ot Speaker, reserv- !" u and store Carlile, an American from Virginia, proposed JlTSolisiocllon given or Money Refunded. open polar ocean, he must have been near the tor sale by ' lnS the right to insist upon that practically here- - stalments, and with that I can get to the KenJan. 9, lew. Jan. 29, 1856. a resolution declaring Mr. Smith, of Virginia, after. The resolution annexed proposes tucky River, as promised, by next harvest. GRAY & TODD. parallel of 82deg. north, on which Dr. Kane was that all I understand that some of you doubt the suc- when Speaker. Mr. Smith is a Democrat, an who thus agree to vote for Mr. Orr, and if he is he saw the same sea, almost on the oppo E l.OllsVIM.h AXD FRANKFORT cess of the great Suspension 'Bridge across the not elected men vote tor Mr. Fuller, of Pa., or of his State, a man of ability and of legisla-chasm of the Kentucky River, the towers and an- site side of the Pole. Lieut. Wrangle concealed ,. viting all conservative men to unite in this ar r; 1 . . ." -.t'i."!j;J ,LJffi; ,.k.,i.i vr,o,.;0. n Ol riCE, ST. CLAIR ST. NtAR chorage of which are alreadv finished and rn,i provisions in the ice as he advanced, which he BRO.VDWlY, rangement, with the reservation herein contained , FRJAKFORT, KY. goou a speaker as any man in ins party. He Mr. Clincman, in explaining the reasons for for. cut out for supplies on his return. The party ALL parts of the United Slales and the British ProAll I have to say on iiiat subject is, let such II A L AD TOvinces; three direct lines to nau not joineu in me Lemacranc caucus at tne I uis onenng tne plurality resolutions vesterday slept in lodges warmed by a spirit lamp, which Cincinnati and the Fast-cpersons visit, as I have done, the stupendous and order cities. This is Ihe only Company whose lines BVruary 1, of the Board of Directors, on and after Feb. beginning of the session which insultingly and sal(J tnere was nothing further from his purpose all passengers will be required to ex- lurther South than Louisville; thus connecting, by extend beautiful structure of a similar character, built also cooked their meals. Their sufferings were ,,w' two or " .wr.canKs; but He desired by the same engineer Roebling across slanderously char-rehibit their tickets before getting into the cars at all points more wires, on ncparalc routes, New the American nart.v with ' York, Philadelphia Niaga- not as great as those of the land parties that have where the Company have agents, and in the event ., , , ,. ', ., me national Americans who stand on the Phila . Washington, Boston, Ihey do get on ihe cars without tickets they will that nati, direct with New Baltimore, Pittsburg, and Cincineu.ij ..ineu me uuuiniub ui civu uelphia platlorm as the corner stone of their par- - ra 225 feet above the boiling cauldron beneaUi, gone out fromthe British exploring ships. '""'"S Orleans, the and his doubts will vanish. charged at the rate of four cent per mile traveled. be principal cities of the South midMemphis, and all .... aim rengiuus nueriy. Wesi. kn.i... Americans couiu mere-- 1 ' as patriots, to iciine axe lall on .Mr. Banks. As to the topography of the country and our SAM'L til IX, trusted toourcare by mail will receive promptaltontioi, """"Phrcy Marshall replied that his friend COURT OF APPEALS. i'ure vote for him without dishonor, although he Jan. 2.1 dll. Superintendent L.and F. H. R. and satisfaction given inall cases, or mmmi v dim C.0U'H "UVCI" V ,..,, satisiactory response from means of progress bevond that point, "l will say , ,w, n:,,r , .,,. i,.i i. Give us a trial and then lake your business to where il .lid not. r tne democrats regarding the measure the latter a few words. . cenes- uie oesi aiiellllon. ( Fifty-seconI OK! j;u Day.) The Memphis and Clarksville Railroad is ap .iieircauuiuiuc.uuiiur ur. racnarason. now was I advocated, and denied that they had a riht to ' 1. Friday, I'eb. Franicfort and Lexington Eailroad. the proposition met1 Why, every member of I calculate on any line of principle to drive the K, "ul" . nSIlt me wasnville air CAUSKS DECIDED. and alter February 1st, 18M, Ihe Fare to and from Americans to the wall, and forcing them to choose me.uinnviiie routes lrom the centre, and the the American party present, but one. voted for Biickhaiinon v Rolibins, Kenton; affirmed Franklort will be (SI ill) one dollar and ten cents. PATENT GRAIN .SEPARATOR. rvnoxvine road trom the left of the great Soutl I between Hanks and Oi ,, ., , Prior v White, Kenton; affirmed. . luaimjLuiHiuttai .j.j ee ins, ana a corresponding rpHE subscriber would respectfully c.illilie aiionlior i Ami i, me resolution which ueciareu :ir. c. D:i Timlin rspeat Mr. Cobb, ot Ga., remarked, that as he ...-- . wus.tatcuiui n.iuiioaus. ah oi tnein are anx Pen-in- , Bell v ..luiiuiisun me roan, a Kenton; affirmed. 1 Ihe .Millers and Farmers of Kentucky to vwin.-ner, but only seventeen members of the Demo determined not to vote for Mr. Fuller, in the event .uuo purchased before entering the cars. unless tickets iLain us, uiiu some oi tnem will even operation of Cheaney v. Barbour, Henderson; affirmed. SAM'L GILL. cratic party voted with them. If the remaiude oi Mr. urr not being elected, he would act. in had cross our southern border, and holn n wWl, ".nn CHll.IVS PJITF.KT UR.1I.X SF. PA It 1TOR Robinson v Commonwealth, Adair; affirmed. Jim. 29 tl. Superintendent .. ij- F. k. It. an early junction. We ha teriai aid to Now on exhibition at the Frankfort Hold. i;v i, comNoland v Richmond, T. P., Estill apneal disof the Democrats had voted with the Americans, faith were he to favor the resolution. He would examined the eltect , country bevond bined action of Blast, Screen, and Suction, iteiieetiiullv n act irrespective oi all combinations missed. JSesroes Wanted cleanses wheal from smut, (without biirstiii- ihe MIV the resolution would have been adopted; but oouineru ooruer, in several directions, and saiu, mat lie v.ouiu vote inv :mv ni-,T WISH to purchase two young NKGRO JIE.N, ORDERS. stout cheat, cockle, chair, dirt. &c., and thus leiiderin'r a they not only preferred Richardson to Smith who maintains the consitutional "uarantees and pieseni mcuiseives at all to becompar I and of good character; also, a G1HL from Ivvelv e lo "iiciiociiii uuu pure, umers are solicited Carter v Cliapin, Lawrence; both ea wan those we are now overcoming at and near twenty years of a; Mill and Farm Machines. the subscriber in Frank preferred a man who admits the power of Con- - "gnts reserved. No parties should in the pres Covington v Austin, Kenton; tne iventucKy Kivcr. Ja" ii u' ion. . Ii. SMITH. There are no intervenin eiu conuition ot atiairs prevent him from dis Catching v McHartrin, Laurel: . :,nd Jan. 2fl, IfioC If. A. M. BI.ANTON. " Chnnnnrr lit- Lit- - ,1.: .... J ress to mss the Wilmot Proviso. ' mountains on this side of the Tennessee line ... Hill v Linsley, Jessamine were ar; ued. I . . o anu ior sixty miles beyond Danville, out of th . can carrv a slnvp into a .1. REMOVAJ, j i tne course inuicatea dv vir. i n ,h nt i o i. F Y E I S E 11 & C uiy-ouB. LAMPI ON having in rtentuckv. here w l ntory anu nom mm mere, unless tne squatters I nouse would never be organized. W. lil.ACK- J. BURN his entire stock purchased .11 Ham's Ktore much rock excavation to be made as tin TP U';W ol (At JiecK Jt R001 "Ocock opposed the resolution, fearing that settled there without slaves shall have tiist pass- received by this day's F.XPKKSS, Rich on tnrce miles on each side of the Kentucky R NEW DRY GOODS, HAVK me01 tl,c r ulie:' mc" ,TOu!d to vote fo ed laws to nrotect and sustain slavervht. sn beautiful sets of Lara. Florentine Mnxo- cr. instead ot hard limestone ridges and cliffs ha: laken his sUnul on Main strf-c- t Mr. u h.. i.,. c, Gold atone, and Cameo Jewelry Asenibly Balls. to cut through, we come upon a different formi sfc all his ohl i'riends. Hv iiuro tu e:i Ii lor h: ! me """ " Mr. L,mdley said lie would never vote for the .tueiiiiijii is aiso inviieuioa new jr.vvrXKY FiK mined to ilunsu vou . TIIK jiublic are iiiformed that the next Ball of Ihe THE EVENING, very beautiful and cheap. tl unorganized, anu the business ol the coun-- 1 Democratic caucus nominee, with the platform tion sandstone, slate, &c., in a few places Jim. 17. iHjC "m. Frankfort Asscmbly Club has been chanjeil from residue earth, gravel, and clav. try untransacted, rather than corner the Speaker- - a""e-,''-u- . WATCHES. Wednesday, Ihe 6th, to Tuesday the 51h February. The counties bevond Danville hnve nmvii GOLD and SILVER, of flue movements, selling al was rejected-y- eas TO THE FARMERS ''l"1'011 30, ship upon a Virginia Democrat: The Ameri- - LWVc The last of the series on Ihe 20lli February, will be a New York prices Call and examine the stork. oi men- - willingness to go to work with all the: OF THE ... . 1111111 (iVlMCC 1L nH"....rt.l t .I ...:,l. n Fancy Dress Ball, on which occasion, 110 masks will Jlin.S!, 1H5G F. YEISER A CO. might to continue our road through the third link lac KCUIUOTIS 111 Hie M f. 1 1 ICi VPSO 1,1 n,. In,. H U as soon as we are ready to ask them to do so, and be admitted to the room. election ot Mr. bmith, a Democrat, and the Hon ot tepeaker by the plurality rule Fine Liquors in Bottles. respectfully call the at least nan a million ot dollars) n stork n, h, Jan. 20tr. F.. II. TAYLOR, President. WrKentucky, to CO WKN attention of the lanucrs A motion was made to lay it on the table d' Democrats refused! Who, then, is responsible DOZ Hue A: GRKAIIKH'S confidently calculated upon from them, on any I agreed to Louisville Journal and Democrat, Lexington Observer J Z (i doz finoOtard Jirandy; , . . r..:i t.t .Madeira Wine; i Corn and Grist Mill! i.a l ion hfino- r,n t uiftj auupt, imur wir competition is ex and Reporter copy until 5th February, and send hill to Ii doz tine Palo Sherrv Wine; , JUL 1 v. lliHUU, lt. . . 1. . . r. oanan rt.i Now on exhibition, and running, at Hardy's Tun Yard cneu. doz line Old Port Wine; ot.ov uiiuut iusuuuu iur .1 uiiaivei--. fPI. Lem-- 1 Im. uie this office. i ne i nppe, submitted a substitute, declaring Mr Frankfort, Ky. For the quality of meal made by this 12 doz Old Whisky; Thus far our link in this sjieut work has lnn ocrats are not only responsible for the failure to I smith, ot V liginia, Speaker. He said his propo 4 doz Si hneidaui .Schnapps, nuaits and pints. F'or Mill, we challenge competition. The said Mill requires constructed without resortine: to lars-- iiios nf Short Credit, Prompt Payment. power, and will but sale by organize, but to all that will examine or use it. It will 1st. Hereafter all accounts against my customers will you auopt tne plurality rule winch will elect mat ur neeona morte.iL'e bonds, or inmv ntlm- Jan. 29, lHr.G. r, GRAY & TODD. c.. an ornWir,,, wl.JM M bushels per means of credit. With the exception of less be closed and settled on the first days hour, at ordinary running speed, and it ocof July and Janu cupies but little space. Farmers are particularly re1 per cent, luau vativ c man oi men- own party; wlio has been voting lor Mr. Richardson and Orr in SUNDRIES. bonds, casli received ary, of each year, and if accounts are not paid at those quested to call and examine it. from stock paid in has been our onlv reliance and times, responsible not onlv lor unreasonably and un- I ana who is a Democrat Qn boxes prime Western Reserve Cheese; interest will be charged until they are paid. SKA BURY fc HUNDLEY 15 boxes English Dairy Cheese; will continue to be, until we have an income from H. C. STKELK, Agent .a. o credit lor small amounts. Cash will be ex necessarily delaying the business of the ennntrv . Mr- - 1 nPPe salU lie "ever would vote for a nom o boxes Pine Apple Cheese; ' Jan. 23, a Road actually at work, earnins enousli to nav poctcd from ; I 'nee ol the Democratic caucus OuO lbs. superior Dried Beef; . ,r.- . . u all, except those who have rorular accounts. t..,f c. accruing interest and expenses. Our floating .U3,S to Cuiorace tins most admirable A motiou was maUe t0 lay the who, bJ G doz. Beef Tongues; Jd. aone but persons of uudoubted responsibility BEWARE!!! debt not specially provided for out of our present ..... 2.ri0 Hacon Hams; 'ow.uui ami uuieat tne uosts oi i toe tauie, out disagreed to yeas cl, nays 132. wish distinctly 400 lbs. Bacon sides; resources, may be said to amount to nothin", for nceu asi. lorcredlt, ss ail other) will be promtly refused Free-soilisWEcreatedit with us thisunderstood,bethat every account in Congreis by a national organiza-- 1 Trippe's substitute was then rejected yea year will 5 bbls. large No. 3 Mackerel: Jan.2I,lH.,r, tf. due 1st ilav .SepJ. M. MILLS. it is less than S2.00U. tember, and January; if not promptly paid, interest will 10 kits line Mackerel; tion of the House lu". nays Under such circumstances will the citizens of be required from maturity until paid. Sales G kitsllue.Salinon; 1 he question pending on Mr. Hickman's res made on Pinkerlou's Ague Pills, credit, without an understanding for a four months' ac2 bbls. fine Salmon. uuieiuiiau aiiow me to stop in prosccutin" a work A ",c uiiorms us that on Thursday oiution, the House ad ourned. count, will be considered due on presentation certain and speedy cure for Auue and Fever. .,,.1 Any of Ihe above articles we will sell to punctual eus m uuin which iney win eat her the anhl ,l,;ia . ;.. ..,! . .! . ' last the uemocrats in Congress had vet two more fhilla 17.....1,111 un suites 01r ... uisease. ilOXOX ci GRAHAM, Jan.l9,tf tomers on four months time. me uuieia iiiuoi, euiueni tnemselves with compara I Tl.n Jan. 29, 1H5G. January 1st, 1P50. Migration to Kansas. It is believed, by some tivelv dross and 1 chances to organize by the election of a national GRAY fc TODD. iiciwijui ouenugiiiis .meuicine to the public. cinders? does so with tne fullest confidence, in its success, and it conservative man. Mr.Cox, American, of Ken- - ot those best qualified to judge, that between ten Yours, truly, TOBACCO, CIGARS, &c. needs but a lair trial to convince any and all persons of tucky, proposed a resolution to the effect that in anJ fifteen thousand new settlers are likely to be LESLIE COMRS. Pr.;, box various brands Chewing Tobacco; this day sold the half my groceres P. I address this to vou as ihnffira fi'k. its value as a remedy. It requires 110 preparation of the II) 1 bbl. Smoking Tobacco; I HAVE Mr. R. il. Crittenden.of The slock of partner is iU Vc, to a spirit of patriotism, all the conservative mem- Junior dd to the population by midsummer next, 2 gross Smoking Tobacco in papers; now in the hast purchasing stock, and from his long for while it is calculated puone meetings neid in your city, and I hone systeminordertoeflectacure; and (1,000 superior high flavored Havana Cigars: bers of the House should vote forMr. Orr, of South frora the East alone, and that the numbers from you will publish it for general successful experience us a buyer for this mirket e exinformation, im- - to remove the disease, it at the same time restores the 5,000 German Cigars; pect to be able to offorsuneriorinducememstn r...'. general health of the system. Carolina, who, since Mr. Richardson's withdraw- - tne Middle and Western free States will much nieuiaieij . The combination is 1 case28,000,"fViisj" fj Gorman Clears: tomers or punctualdealers at four months. among the simplest medicines known to the profession. 20,000 half Spanish Cigars; Jan- al, has been the Democratic candidate, and that I increase that amount, w hile the preceding con W. H. KEENE. , OC C T)t3TTVI!ICUE-b Jars .Hoceaboy Snurf; T ririllci u, icw. in the lour ana is entirely sale as a popular remedy. It has been m case of a failure to elect him, they should all, I slderable immigration of Free State men from the 2 jars Scotch Snuff. For sale bv W.TTi KEKNE. R. H. CRITTk'NnEI,. used 111 a great number of cases during tho last three column list of the past year as published ii Jan. 'JD, 1858. GRAY 4 TODD. m like manner, vote for Mr. Fuller. This was a Mates will be a large item. A letter to the months, by men, women, and children, and in no in W. II. & the New York Herald, we find the follow New York Tribune, dated at Lawrence, Jan. 5, lair and patriotic proposition. How was it stance has it failed to effect a permanent cure. This The Year Book of Agriculture, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN ng names: Hannegan and John gives it great superiorly over the other remidies in use, ceivctf? Why, the telegraph informs us that on- says: FOR 185G-5- G, GROCERIES, LIQUORS, TOBACCO son, ot bouth Carolina; U. S. Senator Mo for while they only arrest the disease for a time, this 30 members voted for it. They were, we pre ly mHE YKAR BOOK of Agriculture; or the Annual of Col. Lane received a note from Gov. Wi iclit CIGARS, ses Norris, of New Hampshire; John S. Bar medicine drives it entirely from the svstem. Let those a-- "sricuiiurui progress aim Discovery, Tor lHOjand St. Clair- and Wapping &c. &c. sume, the members of the National American of Indiana, by the last mail from Westnort. Streets, Frankfort, the distinguished Virginia statesman and suffering with the disease give it a trial and Ihey will 185G: exhibiting the most important discoveries and im bour, influence it has exerted, deserves provements in Agricultural Mechanics, &c., etc. By party. We learn, also, that 17C members voted which, fromthe :.. u . -tn t. c. . t. is politician; Hon. Luther Severance, of Maine- - soon add their testimony with many others in proof of David A.Wells, A. M. The work for farmers. Just wu in tne annuls- oir our oiaie. it . against it. This number could not be made up dated Tnriiai.nnniu rw a h its hippy effect received and for sale at ,u HOUSE AND LOT FOR SATR C. .11. PiaKERTOX.Driio-irijiJan. 23, 1855. without a combination of the whole Democratic had just been received of Lane's resistance to the uisaop capers, oi tne M. rJ. Church; Jude Jno. TODD'S BOOKSTORE. If. Oct. WISH to sell the House and Lot at Frank lorl.Ky. C. Spencer, of New York; Judge S. S. Wilrlo Border Rulhans. He has money and sons, and is by myself, near the c iv limiio ..,.,1present,.. occupied party in Congress with the entire host of Black . Eockway for Sale. ui'l"Uo Dr. Francis Llovd's. T.'l, .....7,.. .V, . I'laaoaeiiuseus; 101. r rancis K. Hu"er of to come Inmselt, and spend every cent he Republicanism. What a oectacle for the conntrv' Teall-" '" i"'U a GOODsecond handltOCKWAV will half acres, and the House is a , Z .. .. has got in delense of the Northern Free State bouth Carolina, famous for his romantic attempt be sold 011 verv reasonable terms. Il containing four rooms, Thc gallant, patriotic band of National Ameri- immigrants. He has five hundred men who with good stone cellar. can be seen and terms made known 011 are f ,Uc b"3t frllit trees, inoslly peaches?' V cans, proposing a course of action which must se- ready to march at once for Kansas. 'Write iu rescue u.en. L,aiayette irom the prison of 'annlieation to LINK The obituary of distiueuished men in OF FRENCH, ENGLISH AND DRESDEN CHINA. Jan. 23, 1856. I'll. W. M. T.J I will sell this immediately, and telegraph if possible. The lironenv nw cure a conservative organization, and the Demo wishing to purchase can call and examine the Europe far exceeds that in the United and Toilet Sets; Bohemian, State the DINI.N'G.Tea, Breakfast, American Glass Ware: Iron crats combining with the Freesoilers to defeat it! boys here are greatly excited, but have confidence and Macaulay's History of England. in Jim Lane.' " past year. We mention the following: Frankfort, Jan. ,5, lP50-4- m. Stone, China, and Common Earthenware; Urilania NichoAfter the proposition of Mr. Cox had been de VOLS. Ill AND IV. Ware, Lamps, Girandoles, Waiters and Trays. las, Emperor of Russia- ,- r.nrd r.,i... mHfc continuation of Maeaulay s History of Enla cuinmun- feated, the Americans made yet another effort for Death in a Sleigh. It is stated that a youn IVORY & COMMON CUTLERY, X vols. 3 and 4. Just received and for s:dn ..1 0 er of the British forces in the Crimea- - Tiwcnl, a conservative organization. Mr. Trippe, Jan. 22, 1850. Double Silvar-plateTODD'S BOOKSTORE. lady of Cumberland county, Pa., while sleigh- - Hume, the riinosi'. of ourcustomerswhomavli-iv.- . ,. great commoner; Don Carlos the fa Waiters, Salts, Tea Sets,Castors, Forks, Spoons, atBaskets, 1 us for the ensuing year, wiU (Sic., etc., will be sold American member Irom Georgia, presented again b. ng one night last week, was frozen to dentl. their accountsUl be due a,id mous Spanish "Pretender;" Parry, "','"U New Books. EASTER.Y COST PRICK. . the Arctic exthe nronnsition which had been snhmitfpH hv A7r loi tyiiiiiuuiicu . May, September, and Janu "1 hi eVt "" r-New Vols, of Macaulay's Hislory of KilMund-Prcseotl'- s owners are one jtu iner companion early in the plorer; Lord Robertson, a distinguished Scotch AsAll tho above willing to make change in business. J 1 1" if .rot paid, imerest wiii n . . ..i , .I .'0""".) s .1.- mentioned irooils are of the newest and Phillip 2d; ago viz: evening ol being cold, but their being no public scci.ii iariisic, aim'vlA v" satuo until naid. """"ml of unst; Lord Erskine, an eminent lawyer- - Jas S latest Styles and Patterns, manufactured expressly lor Napoleon at St. Helena; TPr Persons hpvlnr, e...... , mat mr. smith, oi irguna, snouiu oe oeciarco house near they did not stop. Soon after, on . Maury's Geography of U.', Sea . For .. ..ti-'uLimiinni uckingham, an author of distinction: Admirals nielli.calling respectfully the intention of house-keene'.will plens' sale al By van una seuie 1110, same. GUAY & TODD. speater. cut tins liberal ana patriotic proposi- coming to a tavern, she refused to get out, say-tio- n Harper and Lloyd, HUMPHREY EVAN'S. Jan. 1, l55. Jan. SJ, of the British Navy; Count and merchants, we are sure that we will give perfect sat- Book and Shiio Store. was again rejected, and it could not have icg that she felt very comfortable, and they drove Mole, a great French Geneial. To the foreign ISIUCllOll. from tho country i.unetimHv TTPOrders n.l inrrceiKTo the Public been rejected without the aid of Democratic 0n. Arriving at home, she had to be assisted The Japan Poa. attended to. Obituary may be added Selim Pacha, lead. HAVING bought out my late partner, Dan'i Swieert" '' A. JAF.GRB A rn "ener- votes, ine aiacK Kepuoncans number tuo.--e out of the sleigh, in a stupor-likRAISED from seed procure! from the Patent Office the roe-t- , 8hoe end Book Bull....' maimer, and R . T. P. Alien, which he considers Nos.llr) and 121. fourth street. Mo?uh hii i.n,!L.m. ot the lurks; (Jen. Arista, lata President of now only some :o to vi. Tnere were iiu votes 1 5;ortiy afterwards expired. v., and No. 239. Lake Street. Chicago. 111. perior ' can be 111 productiveness t and quality. A fewvery supapers Mexico.; and Samue! Rosrers, the to-- i ' supplied, bv callinp-a- " ' Jan. Iboti. TODD'S BOOKSTORE. N.oy. jj'xi.AiNrEg.FQjFtrr." TELEGRAPHIC. ,7t WEBSTER'S GALLERY PHOTOGRAPHS CRYSTALLOTYPES. 'al"t I tu HOUSE'S PRINTING c..i TELEGRAPH FRANKFORT, $a! Funf "., ..uup,,, MORS ,,.i,i .. NATIONAL TELEGRAPH! uiiw I II 0 ..I .' w,, SOT CHILD'S .. r .pi tr. .,... SPECIAL NOTICES. fcse ....u,U;l,Ul 0, STATE OF KENTUCKY! .v "'i" c,.. f,,. .uei NEW FIRM" f., KEENE CO., K. ' LOOK HERE! $20,000 STOCK fn..i. ..iau, r..ii jciA t:j & "ATTENTION!' .. "I"' '1 ii. HUM phi: FY kvan:-

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