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Image 2 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 2, 1856

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

Before the Whole Mr. BRADFORD in the Chair A Letter lrom Judge Robertson. upon the resolutions offered by Mr. JAMES, toWe find the following letter in the Yeoman of ORDFKS OF THF, DA V gether with the substitute offered hv the eommit- AMERIC AN AND I T A 1, I A ! OWEN'S OLD TAVERN STAND .yesterday. . It speaks for itself: The Senate resolved itself into the committee! tee on Federal Relations. Mr. RICHARDSON addressed tl, comittne of the Whole (Mr. McFARLAND in the Chair) KENTUCKY LEGISLATURE Wednesday, Jan. 30th, 185G. To the Editor of ike Yeoman: upon the resolutions in relation to the repeal of at some length, in favor of the original OS THE 2.VTH OF 1 ( 'III WILLIAM CRAIK, T.A1, the Missouri Compromise, &c, heretofore proSir: A friend having sent me your paper of i-j- i privately, tlie nlmvo Illllus - sooner disposed o: ...... IX SENATE. Opposite the Post-otllelnir tatrrri. St. On mouon, tne committee rose reported pro- - this morning, I see that you have assumed the ."""- rurin, coiumnim i posed by Mr. BARLOW the question being up.i itm ncr... i.i. I'KANk'rORT, KY , Friday, Feb. 1, le5li. l.'rftiil-for- i . . on the adoption of the substitute reported by Mr. gress, andiiad leave to sit aain. responsibility of misrepresenting a speech I made .L .....l . mire.Uased irom HAVING rw Prayer by the rpokiort lo .Seweastlu. ami frotn xrro,.i.f,.r, .. Air. Stafford, of the Pres- - CONKLIN, from the committee on Federal Reirt the Capitol, on the night of the 27th instant, BIBB COUNTY. of KNIGHT v CLAKK Shelbyville. byterian Church. lations. The House again took up the bill to establish wrtbout having heard the speech yourself, and there is:, goo,UouaSe-bi,il- t iheir entire stocl; nf house, seven ,1 also of perverting my political principles and The SPEAKER (Lt. Gov. Hardy) addressed the county of Bibb. htrble M o n u in cuts, rooms; t,e l,:,r and stables; and all ouu SPF.CIAI. CO.MMITTEK. Tombs, tc, 1 will conthe committee at length in opposition to the conduct, without, as I apprehend, knowing uuiioiiis. i neieare several Mr. McELROY made a statement in reo-nrsnrines unon 'I'ho SPEAKER announced Messrs. .S1L.VER-lOOTtinue to finish to order iru, .mo ,lam r;,.,!son runs tlirotisli nan of lue original resolutions and in favor of the substithem. to the size and condition of the proposed new Monuments, TaMeU, KtiHi. KING and Bl'CKNEU as the com tute; but, without concluding, gave way to a mo'I I... , I never said that the South ought to favor the 1 omlnHead-btoiiescounty, as ascertained from the evidence before ..... ire l.l.r WO lllll. rn.l . mtttoe on the part of the Senate under tho. joint tion for a recess. euiuvat-ioira emelery I'osin, ia-hlt- some in small ii .imlblue grass. 'Hiphiremainder i, restoration of the Missouri Compromise. I said the committee. resolution proposing to annex a portion of Kenstorked with rinolirnber. Ton, Counters wellin:, it was constitutional was a southern measSenate then took a recess until :i o'clock. m rre Tin' Mr. WINN opposed the bill, stating that it that it i tucky to the State cf Tennessee. W desirable c,Jli j' , Ajiiud ovurythinjy in the equal payments; .arm will l... ...m . ash, would cut oil' about one-thir- d tlie lirsi down, u,e othe r two in three Warhie iinc. at siiori of the wealth, ure had probably saved the Union assured i:vemc si:ssio. The portion proposed to be annexed is ""Virul-iipayments very population, &c, of the county of Barren, and more to the South than can be hoped for since the notice an in Hie .M, nillioiil mu. rest, a lien bein Uend.'M hIjIik-s- i The SPEAKER resumed and coiHuded hi: have lamed for the payment of the bal: btvle. 'ould reduce her to one member on the floor of repeal of it. Jlut that my party and myself, beof the inirehase all" ..secured "the services f ""mu. remarks, i.ian.; Md.i i.tiiov wooLimiiiGi-- : the House of Representatives. He acknowl- - ing opposed to any future agitation of slavery by rr.rrnuNs. uie of tint best of de And then the Senate adjourned. edged that some of the citizens living within the Congress, are therefore opposed to the restoration Were prssoirted and referred as follows: ne ra and carvers in Catawba Grape Vines, Cuttings, &e iidelplua, and I boundary of the proposed new county, were ag-- j of that compromise. But I added that I would Mr. WEIS the petition of George B. Poiurp, w mm sss-- s tct ' I!cl,?e myself to gel lip grieved by the great distance that they resided not dissolve the Union for the Kansas Bill and or Lawrence county, in behall of School District HOUSE OK REPRESENTATIVES. FOIL better work than has that, if a crisis should come in which the alterlrom the county seat of their several "counties. "o. 10, in said county: committee on Education been finished in Friday, Feb. 1, 1&5U. year VIiio-,UUHe was satisfied that a majority of the citizens native would be the Union or that Bill, I would AiSO a petition from citizens of Greenup 1(1,11011 Frankfort, and as- 7 (Iflfl WO One old Calawba GrimGr,e Vine, ; year old f'alaw ha Prayer by the Rev. J. P. Safford. of the Pres- Vi'Tirood as can betinihif"ol Barren county were against the formation of say I n 107!.' And what patriot would not? 3u,UHI Slips of Catau ba Grape vfe. ' county praying lor aid to the Colonization Socie byterian Church. S'litiS'-'elsewhere. lens.-a,ii1 was never, as you say, a John Adams Fed, i mi. county, ty: committee on I inance. l.fl.OKl: tie did not know whether the new toll and See. The Journal of yesterday was read. county would be a pauper county or not, but he eralist. Washington was always my model is he , """''J' fi'"'l'J copy. Mr. W RIGHT Frmkort. a petition from citizens of f. W. eoman not yours? MESSACE FROM THE SENATE. Nor did I ever utter a sentiment faGlasgow praying that the exclusive power of ucnuveu uiai n wouiu make .barren one. He alIron Railing, Verandahs, &c. vorable to Abolitionism, Federalism or EmanciA message was received from the Senate that so opposed it upon the ground of economy. tavern license mav be taken trom tlie He panting I have great variety of designs the they had passed bills of the following titles, viz: stated that they were now two years behind in pation. No citizen of Kentucky has written or will furnisha the work at manufacturers atprice. shop, r.nd trustees of the town end the power of rantiii spoken as much on all these subjects as I have. An act to amend the several acta in relation the business of the Courts, and if another county such license vested in the County Court: com WILLIAM r.'JAIK. Jan. 15, I85t. fYerimau com-."And, from 1819, when, for the first time, an atwas added to the judicial district, it would make to peddlers. miltee on Propositions and Grievances. II .Sapin opened his Uaguerrenn tialcry over Peartempt was made in Congress to interdict slavery, Mr. SMITH a petition from sundry citizens An act to authorize the trustees of Olivet it a mattterof impossibility forthe Icsal business in a Territory, which I then opposed, I have uniMillinery and Fancy Store! Church to sell church and lot upon which it of the county ever to be transacted. He hoped "i r avctte county, praying lor the passaeo ot formly opposed the agitation of Abolitionism, MRS. MARGARET the bill would not iaw regulating the assembling of colored persons stands. HERRENSMITH Mr. UEAUOHAMP advocated the passage of Federalism and Emancipation as all my writings An act lor the benefit of the heirs of Jacob ior religion? worsmp, ato.: committee cn Re STRAW-CUTTE- R MAIS ST., SOITII SIDE, OPPOSITE IIAWa's RLOCK, QUESTION and speeches on those subjects will undeniably the bill, lie stated that it was due to the citiHgion. Watson. FHAXKFOftT, KY., 1TJ 11. the State ol Mr. MARTIN An act lot- the benefit of turnpike roads in zens of that portion of Barren county residing in prove. a petition from the sheriff of Imnana, claiming to be the owners IIOULD inform tlie ladies of Frankfort and vi. iniiv As to the imputed unsoundness of my Lecthe boundary of the proposed new one, that they uorgan praying lor the release ol a Udgmcnt Campbell county. to manulacuire what U known 1 H that she has on hand a very superior assortment o: jand' on ' s paten-rigtures on Constitutional Law, perhaps you might rrcneh and American Flowers, Head Dresses, Mohair. should have a new county; they were an intelliW U' An act for the benefit, of Harriett T. Wi! obtained against him on behalf of the State, he mum ac" lure, tne vime Z' v personslor change your opinion, and be otherwise benefitted velvet and Mower, and a large stock of Silk and Velvet terrt.ones, and gent and industrious set of farmers, nine hunhaving fully settled and paid the claim upon Hams. they have w arned the nuWrai Bonnets, which were made bv the latest French pattern: if you would carefully read them as published. A dred of whom had petitioned for the establish ivhich the judgment was founded: committee on That they had disagreed to bills which origiiia, LVJ V manufactured bv l large assortment of American, French, English, and chasing the Simw-Cultr inance. ment oi me new county. He was well accmaint- - Their great aim was to nullify nullification. And Swiss Straw Bonnets; Ladies Dres Cap-- ; a large stock been or a long time satisfied that the soalled-Sanfor- d e ted in this House, of the following titles, viz: paten ,s a fraud.and that it is void, beinga pa the chief purpose of my late speech, so un- of Kibbonsand en with the territory and the resident there- ,Yra which cannot be excelled in cy An act to incorporate the town of Manchester. and ll.lrilisc-ine.i-t 1IESSACF. rito.M Tfli: GOVERNOR of the patent-ri-h- t .VOTARY FUBL1C. Ii v ot J An act to incorporate McKee Lodge, No. 35, ot, and as they had sustained him, he fel bound justly reported by you, was to prove that your par- Uie city. which bears date SBll, day KepteS il 'k . I ,0"' All kinds of Millinerv Goods for niakintr Bonnets. A message was received from the Governor 1. u. u. ., at Versailles. ty stands on a nullification platform. And I think, to advocate the passage of the bill. i and I (latter myself that these iroods have been selected expired. We have beenatisHed t 'at the nch ine nominating A. II. Jameson to be Notary Public Mr. GAITHER opposed the passage of the that I proved it. That they had passed bills which originated in from the best houses iu New York, and I will sell them nominated Sanford's perfect Straw-Cuttis notaccordmf;to the specitlcatioiiscontained i, Tsandld rd-or Kenton county. bill. He stated that this project for a new couti- G. ROBERTSON. cheap on account of the lateness of the season. this House, of the following titles, viz: I am always Ki'!c dispensed with and nomination confirm ready for manufacturing and ordering patent, but according to the specitlcations cm lai, An act to authorize the trustees of Bethel ty had been a standinc dish for the last thirty oynlon'san, all this has recently been decided ,,b" netts of thehitest French patterns as I receive patterns I'. s. e.l. years. He hoped that they would let his county Circuit Court for the Middle district of Te nessee High School to sell and convey lands. from New York monthly. jan. y, jfjo u. ADDITIONAI. Somemomhssince, we sold to B. S. Wcller of SCHOOL alone, for if they cut off what was proposed, i t TAX. An act to incorporate the German Mutual In A.a31' vilie, several of the .' , .: ri uiuuuu ui HT TIT T.....-- . would reduce it below the ratio of representation, uu mr. wfltiswUKTli, the Sen surance Association, in Louisville, with GALLERY OF AM13ROTYPES, FARM FOR SALE. n(i and he did not wish to be dependent upon other .m, tr,r,- - .... tl, u:u r me tt i.p tnu uni iiura .1 nouse lmposin" an ' WITH I OFFEK forsale mvfarni Ivinsron South Elk of An act to authorize married women to convev aunties in oruer mat Adair might have a renre auaitional tax ot 5 cents for the purpose of in latent for II. L. GOODWIN, Daguerrotypist, horn and the old Cole's road to Lexington, six a. Ford & Co., and sued the State o, W eller on infringement. real and other property under power of attorney, sentative upon this floor. Wei-le- r .i.iMiig uie common school lund KY. KKANKFORT, miles from Frankfort, lt contains 5 SO acres defended an. insisted that Sanford's patent is ot which one hundred acres are in wheat; one hundred and a After some further remarks by Messrs. Mr. GUN KLIN moved to amend the bill by with an amendment. piracy on Boy,,tons, and, as we belore s ,i, vokl rpHl.suljscrihernow.offerstotlie , nuhlic a NEW STYLE in clover; one hundred ready for hemp; one hundred and jury so decided. court inserting after the words "every hundred dollars An act to amend the charter of the city of i' uui aim isiLrt.ucirlA.ur-tne question was 1 ol picture, far superior Daguerreotypes, Plioto- aiiu me l he taken upon the passage of the bill, and it was K'.'ii!vr any onicr Kinu oi lopicture. They are tennea reauy lorcorn;excellent, Daiance in grass, brick improve worth ot property" the words "subject to taxa Covington, with amendments. l)reRi'retl'a3 heretofore, to furnish all orders embracing a tine incnts ore all residence niaiiiil'.-tr,.,, , i . decided m the negative yeas, 34; navs, 4 won." with all the necessary or convenient Y of eve- any and every person in selling or PETITIONS. AMU usine them. ry description. There are about si hundred choice Mr. W ADSWORTH suggested that the amend 1 lie process j;ec. til, irVS-a- m. J.F.AVE OF ABSENCE. for which is patented in the United Suites, fruit trees upon the place, embracing every Air. McELROY presented the petition of sun .MJLLKK, WI AGATE, & CO. variety of Great Britain, and France. These pictures are concedmeiit was not necessary, as the tax was to be dry citizens of Union Mr. DUNN had leave of absence for a few county, praying permission ed lo be the MOST BEAUTIFUL AND TRUTHFUL iruii. ineiarin is suscepuole oi division, and is in fact imposed in the same manner as the present days. now divided into two nearly equal parts, by a substantial to drain a pond: referred to a select committee. FLOUR AND MEAL. ever produced bv the PhotouraDhic art. The evceed- eenis lax. And then the House took a rece-- s until 3 o'lenns wm Mr. ROGERS presented the Detition of W. B. liliLS. of superfine flour; ins thieness, deplh of light and shade, and richness of siuaeicnce. Jacks which oeI maue reasonable. 1 have hve offer for sale, also; two of Amendment rejected and bill passed unani Neal, praying clock., is nuimeriui. i ney oo not reverse the subject, but mem three years old the SObbisof extra white wheat flour: permission to peddle without li coming spring; one two years motislv. ...... wo 1jn..,ui,ieyerj tiling in us true position. Tliey are withEVENING SESSION. oucKwneai; cense: referred to the committee on Ways and out the glare of a Daguerreotype, and heuce may bo oiu; ana two one year old. Some of them are extra bushels fresh ground meal; large tor their age. RECONSIDERATION. Means. seen in anvview. They will RESOLUTION. rorsaiepy Jan 3.1 E. Persons desiring to purchase are invited to call and see SAMUEL. Mr. RICE presented the petition of sundrv LAST FOR AUES CJCBAl'BED, :Ur. w UUDSON moved that a message be Mr. HANSON offered the following resolu being imperishable. Ambrotvpe Stereotypes must be me upon tne premises. ient to the House asking leave to withdraw the eitizens of Estill county, pravintr that John Wal- - tion, which was adopted, viz: Jan tf JAMES D. BROWS seen to be appreciated. The relief is as perfect as life. ADAMS report ot the Senate's disagreement to a bill from don, of said county, be permitted to noddle modi COMPANY, Resolved, That the Secretary of State be re The HIGHEST PHE.MIUM was awarded by the MeI he ollice of this Company has been removed to Pinke. the H. R. to incorporate McKee Lodge No. 35, without license: referred to the committee on quested to furnish chanics institute, at its lute exhibition in Louisville, to this House with a copy of the TROXEL'S ' & lo.. a i.reg .store on Mam Street, in Hanna's Wavs jind Means. AMBKOTYPES. of I. O. 0. F., at Versailles: motion adopted Sew Commissioner's report of the Western Lunatic Building, These picturesure made aim message sent. RESPECTFULLY inform their friends and the public LEAVE SO BRING IN BILLS. Asylum, in reference to the expenditure of the ly by YV. L. TROXEL, at in the Stateof Kentucky onhis AnibrotviK! Gallerv. oi. have taken the Tin Shop formerFRANKFORT, KY. IK . Leave was given to brine- in the following bills. appropriations ot the last Legislature, for the Main street, Louisville, and now during the sitting of ly occupied by John Meadowcrolt. ami iiaendlo earnREPORTS FROM STANDING and Evi.r.-- fv;f,i,t ,.,;n COMMITTEES. uil- - Legislature, ai me nuu.u on the M. L. tiOODVv 1 Ofort for Louisville at It. n.inues before ' completion of the buildings of said institution, ii on St. Clair streel, Frankfort, Ky. Air. oULLULK, lrom tne committee on the which were appropriately referred, viz: lor Lexington will lcavuat5i o'clock P. 8,T M ' and order that this House may be enabled to deter M mr. nr.L.H a bill lor the benefit of the Lou Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Work Judiciary, reported a bill relating to the late JE? Any person wishing tn enter into a lucrative busPackages received . mine whether the law of the last Legislature has iness, can do so by purchasinga right, and learning the in all their various branches. Thev will also ke;ep on P. M., and from Lex here from Louisville . at S o'clock. . .nulon ...... K,..t lleeper ol the Penitentiary: ordered to he nrint. isville and Nashville Railroad Company. business. Rights fnrsale and instruction given. been complied with. Also, that he be requested Mr. WARE a bill supplementary to an act. o'clock, A.M. hand a large assortment of ed and made the special order for Thursday next. CO. V. h. TROXEL, Ainbrotvpist. to lurnish this House a copy of the bond given by p . .1 iT ii. IV. OH COOKING, PAItLOE Agent, . .Ian. 21, 1K10 If. COAL STOVES; iui. enx'VT tat irom uie committee on Gir entitled, an act to incorporate the Blue Licks tne saiu commissioners Doc 20, 1855 bv. uuhalim, at Frankfort. Copper, tin, and sheet iron rootlnir, spoutin , and gutterlor their tuithlul compli:'. Ii. dowdy weather preferred, except when cuit Courts, reported a bill from the II. R. chang riotel and Water Company. ing, of all descriptions done in a neat and substantial ance with the requisitions of said law, in refer :ire to be taken, when a clear day should be select- Ulr. VVUUU a bill for the benefit of A. f. mg the terms of the Rockcastle Circuit Court manner, on reasonable termsence to said appropriation. Offut, late sheriff of Scott county. passed. ITpJobbing ol all descriptions promptly attended to. LEAVE OF ABSENCE. Mr. DUNN a bill for the benefit of the town POP twenty years I have been breeding these valuable II. highest price paid for old copper and brass. l1 Jitso a bill lrom the 11. R. changing the animals; my Bull Hook , -- ,i . of Lancaster, Garrard county. irjShopoii St.Clairstreet opposite tlie PostODice. Mr. COVINGTON had leave of absence tunes ot Holding the Graves, Livingston and an unbroken record all that .Ian 2 time. Nearly Same a bill to authorize the Garrard County granted him indefinitely. t nttendeu Circuit Courts: passed. silver premiums have been awarded to my two doze., stock at va nous exhibitions Mr. HAWKINS had leave of absence until Mr. HARRIS, from the committee on County Court to take stock iu certain turnpike roads- Besides having alwava Xear Frankfort, Kentucky. or , mve bred to ti e b , HuMs 1 uesday evening. y ured ,0'7 people's bank. Courts, reported a bill from the H. II. for increas 1 US' L'er' Gnin, M:,sler' 0ro"-'3- . Senator e J , ing the county levy ol Kenton county: passed. ORDERS OF THE DAY. BOARD OF INSTRUCTION. and Chilton, all The House took up a bill from the Senate, to .. ,( . vi.iuuici.l.lll E. C. . I!V.'..I ll.utun I...I .. On motion, the House asiiin went into commit Francis Lloyd, A. M., M. D., Principal; Rev. Jons X. Also a bill lrom the II. R. to amend the laws incorporate the People's Bank of Kentuckv. and """" can es nave yet to iNokton, A. M.j Rector of Ascension Church; Rev. Notwithstanding ' my constant sales I still come. flue Sid-- . M. relating to the count? levy of Kenton county it was made the special order for Wednesday tee of the Whole Mr. BRADFORD in the chair a ot of young HI LLS and HKIFEHS John W. Venabi.e, Hector of Si. John's Church, Verol the belt blood, passed. upon the resolutions offered by Mr. JAMES, FRANKFORT, KY. next. sailles; Miss M. M. Wilbur; Carl O. Edlesias, color, lorni and lnilelnng qualities. or Also a bill from the H. R. to change the time together with the substitute offered by Mr. MARof Music; Ernest M. Leoeay, Instructor in "1T0UI.1 respectfully inform Uie ladies of Franklort u,V,n ,I',,i"r';cs of ',"' outllt' have .MOTION. several limes b rench. IF and vicinity, thatshe keens :i ioner:)l i.ssorli ol holding the Campbell Quarterly Court: pass- complete ones will be giM-nt,i ..urchas-er- s Mr. TEVIS moved to dispense with the rerm- - SHALL, from the committee on Federal RelaMill K Tenth Session of this Institution wilt begin on or otli..rapplicaiils. .tllLl.l.M'.KY IrOOHSnml h'KAllV .MAI.KUOS.NKI'S LU Iar business, in order to take up the resolutions of tions, for the same. L Monday week, January, IHfiG.) l.onnets and Head resses m:i, ;in, irO.i.ii...! t. Also a bill from the H. R. authorizing tiie Mr. BRUCE addressed the committee in favor TEHMb--Roar- d and instruction ninety dollars per der, inthe latestfashion and neatest manner. mr. jnints, ana the substitute tor the same re County Court of Spencer county to sell the poor session inudcancc; Music, Drawing and Languages al Patronage solicited. To my excellent lot of W oburn Irish White IKi" Hoc :ini ferred by the committee on Federal Relations, ol the substitute, and in opposition to the original professors' prices. A limited number of day pupils are house lands in said county: passed. resolutions. Inch motion was rejected, Barof the same cr'wv es'wh XT !ltU'y admitted. On montion, the committee rose, reuorted pro Also a bill from the II. R. to increase the jupremiums in Paris and Louisville at the , i , Address FIMNCIS LLOYD. risdiction of the Police Judge in Monterey, gress, and had leave to sit again. L'NFINISED ORDER. Jan. Ill lrl",i; ti. Owen county: passed. And then the House adjourned. The House resumed the unfinished order of Also a bill from the H. R. to ratify the sale yesterday, which was the bill to establish the FRANKFORT, KY. TO THE PUBLIC. U" made by the Marion County Court of the poor county ot Message ol the Governor of Itiimiesotit males and females, Ol ,9me . age for shipment, and more coming soon. H.AVK purchased of Messrs. HKRNDON Mils. M. T. RIIYYA.V, Principal. house farm: passed. Alfaiia of the Territory. Mr. McELROY moved to amend the bill bv X ui'.kt tiieir stock of MISS J. S. HAFF1NGTON, Teacher of .Music. French Also a bill from the H. R. to change the time inserting the name of "Morehead." "Improved Kentucky Sheep." The following is a synopsis of the late Message and Italian. Dry ftoods, Carpets, Oil Cioths, Queens-war- e, of holding the Crittenden Quarterly Court: Mr. NUTTALL moved to insert the n:nno of of Governor Gorman to the Minnesota LegislaHE Fifteenth Session of this School will on 'ill is .s a new variety, produced by judicious cros. Glass Ware, Arc. the second Monday in January l(5ii, (14th dav.) Metcalfe." ture. 'i i.uchSOl ail I III Oct i.,..iu.l I intend lo keep on hand a large and line assortment H or selected native ewes. Also a bill from the II. R. to amend the law He estimates the population of the Territory at of tlie very best goods that can be found in the Eastern Mr. BRUCE advocated the name of "Mom. Expenses ncr Session. authorising the citizens of Brandenburg to elect head." cities, and earnestly solicit a continuance of the regular 75,000. noaro, including t- uel and Lights, S5IMHI are peculiarly adapted patrons of the old II rm. 1 union in English tlio climate soil ' . a Police Judge and Town Marshal: passed. studies, Mr. HANSON, in an elouuent manner, i.rr, He announces tiiat the President has given him $!, i'J Hi, and 'Jll (IU princnthej loo and purposes of the West and lo ' Itake Una means of thanking my regular patrons for musicon uunaror fiano. South. - ..... i!0 Oil Also a bill to change the time of holding the the name of "Metcalfe," not that he They are ,,any ob notice that the three tribes of Indians now resi- - their liberality to me, and hope, by good bargains and Use of Piano for practice, - ..' heal." l.v. ii,,;,-.- ...iv. pioiii.c, anu vie ,. had i o ....... 5 00 ueeces ol medium wool. Their million February and August terms of the McCracken jection to the other names proposed, but that he ihng in the Ierritory, cannot be disturbed and ciosu attention to business, to merit theircoiuinuance. French, Latin, 1. rawing, and Painting. c:i. 1,. !0 00 superior. Sixteen wethers of this br,.,..l w,.,. County and Quarterly Courts: passed. Wushing, K. V. lIL4i'KHT:i?. .. 00 inougnt it Uue to the memory ol a trreat and sent further west. All the tribes are peaceable me at8-.nI have a fewvoumr UU. L ,"t Jai:. IH'iO. Yeoman copy. Stationery, Also a bill in relation to the Seminary Fund Kuou man, mat, mat name " and friendly. ale. should be inserted. Plainand oniainealal needle work without char , of McCracken couuty: passed. Genlleineu are inviie.l io When the county of Rowan was established lm He advocates an increase in the salaries of Auao deduction lorabsen. e except ir. casesof protracled ine the above stock. wl,i7.,T,.r..,.n ... nn ,.' To our Friends and Acquaintances. '"u"ara- Also a bill to authorize the County Court of had urged the name of "Metcalfe," and a comnro ditor, Treasurer, and Superintendent of Common "irrK have sold our stock of Dry Goods to Kobeut V. sonable terms. Madison to sell the poor house lands in said coun- mise was made, upon the proposition Forfnrtlier inl'ormalio., address W Hi, ac KiKTiN, Ksq. He has taken tiie store room Schools, now only $1,0(10 per annum, each; and of some of ,o17.'.P'll;ra I'""," ,a ,listi,ncn "ill be flllcl with the ty: passed. Hee.i."S 1S55 :im. and will continue the business at the old siand occupied ... the lriends ot Kowan county, which crave this gives the value of taxable property in the Terriaction w by us. Also a bill to authorize the County Court of county the name of Metcalfe. It was s'uggesied irPlock will be shipped well haltered tory at over $15,000,000. Vie take pleasure in recommending him to our upplicd with ai.iironiiatc loo, for n. orboxed.ami same county to sell the poor house anc") lands of that there was a proposition for the establishment. n. ...... ( Post Office, Since the close of the session, officers have friends, patrons, acquaintances, and the public generalan. conslantly sending them to the Soulh said county: passed. and West Thev F'rakk.ort, December ly, as a good men-haul155. a reliable, noliio. and airreeahle oi another county, anil in that bill the name of been appointed for the counties of Dodge, Steel, rarely meet with any accident. gentleman. I) 1 an act ol I ongrcss approved rd March, 1855, it is Also a bill lo incorporate Kenton Lod"e No. mm oeeu lnscrieri. out as there wnq Olmsted, Hice, Carver. Superior. Wright anil IIORKKT W. SCOTT, JJrequircd.... HERN DON & SWTGEKT. that, from and alter the Istdav ol Januarv, Jan. lsw. Ja 'M, I. O. O. F. some doubts as to whether the bill would pass, he Stearns. i: ...i , I ....u, mi inriN i... or.ween juaccs in tlio llnitcu states, ..V.' '".'"V A discussion ensued between Messrs. BUCK- objected to having the name stuck to Although he has received no report from the must be prepaid, either i.v lioslnir., sinntuor . nt...d to the amount of .-- , l"""lsi '.,V'm . a sinking LER, HARRIS and DeCOURCY upon the ques- amy, niiu insisiuu iiiiii, uie name o; ' envelopes. i'"lr,Jni: sen,lbillsloll.Uonin .letcalle Superintendent, yet he has been able to learn Persons mailing letters would do well t. s tion whether this charter was embraced under the nearly every village in the Territory has a hould be inserted in the bill now under consider that in time. general law allowing the granting of charters, ation. school for tiie education of small children, all of W HANNA'S Notice is iriven. thrd owii.pnow hiiil.linfi; .:.r.,i.ii.,o. SPRING BEDSTEADS. &c, by the Courts. Mr. McELROY said that so fir as the frlnmk which have been well attended. The Hamline I are many I'OilTUAITS. opposite the Capita! Hotel, the retittingsand additions lo lo Hie (.v.,c,iv,.jdelivery thai mills universally popular Bedstead the Boxes for Tlio public are invited to The bill was then passed. the rent will be raised to o ,)(.r combines more ol of the measure were concerned, they cared but University, at Red Wing has contemplated a eiill and see them. X Luxury and Economv. we vo.iinr in ,i H. F. .1 Oil X.SOX. P. A . liovers of art will confer a favor upon the Artist by Also a bill to charter the Olive Branch En- muo wnac name was other artic le of household furniture ever offered in ?! given it. They wanted it, large brick building. The Colleges and SemiDec. 28, 1K55 W. frequenting this gallery. i. campment No. G, I. 0. O. F.: passed. market, llwe.ghsbut 1:10 nounds. u .... ....... .... and insisted as a matter of right to the citizens naries of learning at St. Paul are iu a flourishing Jan. lti, sdwtf. rising case, allows constant im.l ...... f. Also a bill to restore attorney's fees in living within the boundary of the proposed new condition. The Territorial University, located ind cheaper than feathers, or any other good ' REMOVAL. Courts: on motion of Mr. SUDDUTH, re- county, that they should have beds. Offered for sale by it. The two at St. Anthony, has not progressed since last year FARM FOR SALE. removed my stock of Drugs, and Chemicals, committed. J:l Morehead's and Metcalfe had friends in it, and for want of funds. Twenty thousand acres of DOXON' GRAIMlf, Safe .InfiiL. OFFEK lor sale my FARM, situated aboutlwo miles HAVING Oils, Varnishes.and Window Gl Mr" BfJIN' fl0m tllc committee on Proposi- cither name would give entire satisfaction. He land, partly agricultural and partly pine, has I from the Forksof Elkhorn on the Owenton road, con- with a lanre stock of Perfumerv nml I'sni-- tions and Grievances, moved that said committee stated that it would not be a pauper county, as he been chosen for school purposes already. the large and commodious comer room in Hanna's taining Block, opposite the Capitol Hotel, lam now Drenared c uisuLugeu irom tnelurther had heard intimated, but that it would be as The Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad consideration of 105 Acres of Good land. to furnish all articles usually kept in Jni stores, on as uie peu lions ami remonstrances of sundry citi- rich as a bee-hiv.i"'r'"tion of my customers and the public and would pay a revenue cverv Company have forfeited their charter by not mak about '20 acres in good limber, tho balance cleared and reasonable termsas anv house in the eiiv. Mv stuck- - i 1' I subjoin my terms, in order n, n zens of Owensboro', relating to a change in ing the payment, in stocks or money, of $150,000 in cultivation. The improvements are comfortable, and complete, ami all arlieles, warranted ireh andgemiine. their year far exceeding its expenses. nohee regulations: committee discharged liresentMuln.""""' " IriI,arC" li the place is well watered. Possession given at anytime i ujaiciana win ue iiirnitineu on reasonable lerrns.aml all Mr. MORROW thought that tiie gentlemen before the expiration of six months succeeding Also-t- hat the committee be discharged from were in a great hurry about naming the child be- the amendment of their charter. A suit is now to suit the Purchaser. Any one wishing to purchase will prescriptions carefully compounded. TERMS: I would tender my thanks for the liberal patronage explease call aim examine lue premises. the further consideration of the petition . running accounts, for which arrangements for of sun- fore it was born. They had better wait until the pending between the U. States and the Company, Nov. 21, 1855 tf. tended durino-ihlast nine months, and hope by close credit have been UERVEY THOR.N. dry citizens of Letcher and Floyd made, are due and pavaWc the m county was established, and then name it. He touching the title to the lands granted by Conattentionto business, to meritacontinuance of the same. counties, " amT0'' !" Way'an'1 1st Septenberin each ear. C. M. PISKKKIO.N, frrad. committee discharged! gress to the Territory to aid in the construction opposed the establishment of the county, and ine NEW TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. has been ,o Dec. 2C, IH.'jS -4- 1". KOHLIIASb, from the committee on win of the railroad. If the Company fail, he believes considered cash transaclions, due and pav'ablj sisted that it was doing the county of Hopkins Improvement, reported a hill from i Congress could be prevailed on to to cutoff a ;iiodnarmrri;?"-imcrtsH amend the charter of the Covingtontheand great injustice county, just portion of it, and form pealing act, failing to do which, herepeat the reLTTHGOW & HUTCHESOK it into a new recommends TCPFliur and seeds strictly cash. Lexington and Lexington and Danville Rail citizens of Union living in to accommodate the memorializing Congress to permit the Jd"3that portion of the Territory K. L. SAMIIRL. citizens roads, with an amendment by way of substitute-amendmen- t WE would respectfully inform theopened a of two JOSEPH CLLNTOK has opened that large and commo-county that was added to the new one. He was to enter the lands on live years credit, in alterand vicinity, that we have shop adopted and bill passed. nate sections, at $1 25 per acre. doors from the Wooden Bridge, and next door to B. & J. dious house on the corner of St. Clair and Hroad sts., satisfied that the citizens of Hopkins were opposN. 0. SUGAR Also a bill from the II. R. to amend the char- ed to He suggests the necessity of a Government Monroe's Law Office, where we are prepared to do all formerly occupied by West & Co. for an the measure, and he hoped the bill would 1RUSHF.1) SUGAR; of to our care; ter of the Louisville and Frankfort Railroad not pass. road from Lake Superior to the Mississippi, above kindsand work intrustedwill not go awayall we ask is a fair Pulverized sugar' we know vou trial J Hio disappointed. Company. Mr. coffee; made a few remarks, in favor St. Anthony, and of a military road to reach Dec. 5, 15 tf. UTHGOW fc HUTCHESO.X. tie has been at trreat pains and exnense in reimwin The bill repeals the act to amend the charter, of the MENZIES Java colfee; Fort Ridgely. the Sioux Agency, and the new name of Metcalfe. furnishing and tlUingit,and it is now one of the neatapproved February 29, 1848; provides that Laguira coffee; fort at Pembina, from some point below Lake est, best arranged, and best furnished establishments of Mr. BRUCE again made a few remarks in fathe Superior teas; Company may purchase a site for a depot HOUSES AND LOTS the sort in the West. His larder will be supplied at all in vor of name of "Morehead,," and in expla- Pepin. Fine Havana cigars: r rankfort ; legalizes the purchase of 6000 shares nation thehis times with Oysters, fiinis, Venison, and every delicacy Kentucky cigars: of position upon the bill establishing FOR SALE. thatcan be obtained. His bar is supplied with the best of said Company's stock by the city German cigars; of Louis- the county of Rowan. authorized to sell the two Frame Houses and Liquors that can be purchased here or elsewhere, and What Hailroads are Doing i.n the West. TAM belonging to the ville; allows the same charges for receiving Virginia tobacco: Louisville and Frankfort Ruil-roa- d promptamt attentive assistance tn aid him in each The question was then taken, and the name of The official returns of the new census of Illiand Kentuckv and Missouri tobacco: Awarding freight as the Lexington &. Frankfort Metcalfe was inserted. Company, on Broadway, between Washington and nois have just been received. The entire popuFor sale by Jan 3.1 E. L. SAMUKL. Wilkinson streets, in this city; and also large vacant Company under the act of February 28, nis personal attention will be eiven to the busine.s The name of "Barry" was then inserted as the lation is over 1,800,000, which is a cain nf .,hn,.t lot near the Wire Bridge, belonging to the Company. and he feels assured of his entire ability to please all who said the erection of a new pier in the Ken- name 50 per cent, upon the census of 1850. Bv commay lavor mm wmi a can Terms liberal. of the county seat. t hey can be pleased. A. G. HODGES. FRESH BALTIMORE; tucky river for the repair or reconstruction Nov. 81, IMS If. Janl :im JOS. CUNTOS. Mr. MORROW again opposed the passage ol paring the increases through the several decades railroad bridge; provides that the Company of the he bill. s and since the census has been taken, shall be hablc for stock or other property o Mm uc &ui.-i- i Notice. killed or deThe bill was further amended, and the nues AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. mat uie gain nas Deen much larr. have this day commenced receiving h'r.l, stroyed by carelessness of the Company's agents SHALL, as Marshal of the town of Lawrencebure, O ANDFORD'S patent Straw-cuttertion being taken upon the passage of the same, it ger during the last live years than in any former lim re Oyster, and will continue to r,.,.,.,... but not by unavoidable accident, and Ky., on the 14th dav of Anril. it hcino- fmmtv daily during the Oyster season by O Corn and requires was decided in the negative yeas, 44; nays, Ai. period : Kzpress.ani sold exCourt day, at the Court House dour in said town, otter clusively for Cash by suite therefor to bo brought within Kover and Eagle Plows; six mon hs From 1810 to 1820 the increase was, FROM STANDING REPORTS COMMITTEES. iui sluu w iue nigiitfsi uiuuer uie Johnson's celebrated Plows; 42,923 and allows the PresidentV the Company, Oct. 5, 15. GRAY & TODD. with Com Shelters; 102,23-the consent of a majority of the Mr. McELROY Propositions and Grievances From 1820 to 1830 the increase w:is, Brick Grocery House & Lot All soldat manufacturers' prices, with freight added, stockholders, to From 1830 to 1835 the increase was, 1 14,082 l.y a bill to change the boundary line between the situated on main street, in said town, formerlv occupied OYSTERS! OYSTERsTT E. L. SA.MUEi. lJan3.J From 1835 to 1840 the increase was, 8 by O. C. EGBKRT, and which belongs to the heirs of 204,756 counties of Shelby and Oldham: passed. Charles .Miles, deceased. .Said properly will be sold to a bill m relation to the removal ol the rrom leJU to 1845 the increase wits, Mr. HOGAN moved to amend 185,942 bame A FINE CANADIAN STALLION pay the taxesupon said property and other nronerlv. FKESII IlAr-TIItlORby striking out From 1845 to 1850 the increase was, OYSTEKS. 189,345 belonging to said heirs, which is ductile town of Property," after the word county seat of Knox county: passed. 'stock"8 FOR SALE. 448,781 renceburg, amounting to Sli. Said sale will be on a Directs a vote to be taken, of the qualified From 1850 to 1855 the increase wus, I WISH to sell mv tine Canadian Stallion credit of three months, the purchaser giving bond and i. KOHLIIASS suggested that a proviso that voters of said county, as to whether they are in ine rauroau system nas Ijeen developed in IlMO.TKKAL. He is a superior mover both security for the purchase money, having the force and linois within the last five years, and one of the favor of the removal nothing m the act should be construed to effect of replevin bond. in harness and under the saddle: a sure foal interSame a bill to establish the county of Bibb. fruits, we see, has been to double the population. fere with the liability of the Company as W. H. STKPHENS. getter, and his colts will compare favorably with those a com- 1 ftMJ,2- relce,i,vi',1? daily at my Restaurant on Wain Formed out of parts of Barren, .Monroe and A correspondent showed the other day that anMarshal of tlie toirit of l.aic rencebitrg, KiJ. of .lie get of any horse iu the State, both in appearance , more fan llv.i.. object better. mM Ca,rrrA'.WATUld accomPlis1 Will Jan. 7, lH5li wUm . s,.l. hv IK. .. jw Vi . i. Adair counties. other was to quintuple the value of her land. Add and gaits. Those wishing to purchase will call at my j ...v. U1.4CII us cue,. the nun.,; :.. mace as any agency iu tho . - cn'-wi- i ,. in stable and examine him and learn Hie terms. CUV. Mr. McELROY offered an amendment, allow to these the improved society, the multiplied edot fits amendment, and it was then adopted W. K. LINK. Frankfort, Jan. 7, lx:,6-l- f. Oct. 5, 1855 tf. t H. S. ELLIS. ing the county the use of the jail of Barren counni MLS. sale bv sii'Kiiiuit AI'I'LES, in store Mr. BULLOCK moved to amend by ucational aud moral influences, such as the news and for addin" a -- urther proviso, that the killing of stock shalfbe ty until one should be built, which amendment papers, cheap books, &e., which follow ponula- Dec. IU. Ii5. W. H. KEEXE For Sale or Rent, was adopted. HAMS AND LARD. tion, and take advautage of all cheap methods of orima facie evidence of negligence. t WELL finished and comfortable House, wtth out M". BULLOCK advocated the HAM) TRUNKS. Qfin MACKLLVS sugar cured hams AN hand a large lot of TRUNKS communication, and then one may begin to ap- ORDERS OF TH DAY. amendment A houses, and a large lot surrounding, in South FrankBON.NE1 25 extra two year old hams; SATCH-"W- . CARPET HAGS, TRUNKS, and SUl and Mr. WADSWORTH opposed it. The Hotwe then went into committee of predate the advantages of the modern railway .INO. RODMAN. fort. For terms, apply to 2.1 kegs leaf lard; ELS, which 1 will sell cheap. 3ystem as an engine of civilization. Jan. HI. WM lwd. Oct. 24. For sale by M. TODD. Jan 3. E. L. SAMUEL. THE COMMONWEALTH. the a vote was taken the hour arrived for MARBLE WORKS, IOR SALE. esj "a H SALE, OPENAGAIN! HUGH L. GflODWTN 'rf K TROXEL'S 2 KUT rS 1'JiS, EXPRESS MERCHANT SMITH r,uJTvU'r " t., DURHAM CATTLE. FRANKLIN FEMALE INSTITUTE, 'MILLINERY. MRS. STROBRIDGK. Clair street, East FINE HOGS. "'.l' S GREENWOOD FEMALE SEMINARY ratttt''''1"111 3r BrtH .. BANCROFT'S PORTRAIT GALLERY, lti i,r.. .. i NOTICE! SPll'"' il CLINTON'S NEW EATING SALOON! EATING HOUSE. OYSTERS. w Rna1Scoi $0 ttii ni

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