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Image 1 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 2, 1856

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

TH t DAILY l'i!E EtlvLV (JOII.UO.WVE.ILT!! TIll-'i- NESDAY, AND FRIDAY, A. G. HODGES & By CO. "TATE PRINTERS, DOLLARS PER ANNUM, ble in advance- A; THREE The Weekly Commonwealth, a large shfet n published everv Tuesday ing at TWO DOLLARS PER ANNUM, in a 2D 2? Z AMI GOODS. am now receivinp; mv stock of FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING ANii FURNISHING GOODS, consisting in part of I paya- Overcoats, Business Pants, Oversacks, Business Vests, Kress Frocks, Shirts, Under Shirts, Dress Pants, Dress Vests, Drawers, Business Coats, Half Hose, Shirt Collars, &c, &c. mammorn- moth FALL AND WINTER 0 FURNISHING 23 WED- EVERY MO.VDAY, BE PUBLISHED vVILL ad- vance. Oar term-- tor advertising, either in the Triweekly or Week'.v Commonwealth, will be as liberal' as in .utr'of the Mispwrt published Mv entire "lock of Clothing was eot up by the celebra in the weat. ted establishment of IV. T- Jennings A' LV, .Vcic York,and are WARRANTED to be made in the MOST APUA'.l letters upon bv.unas mould be p n o v e D s r y l l a . i :.i a . t k to injure attention. Persons wishing to purchase, and ail others, aic in ! post-Pai- . vited to call and examine rov "lock. JOHN M. TODD. Sept. W. 155. re YTseFsta tT Ye s KENTUCKY, By C. .V. vVIckllEe, 6. Turner, &. b. or at WEILER PROCEEDINGS AND DERATES II OF THE CONVENTION. AMEND OH Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, Umbrellas, occ, Ready-mad- e Tiir wiii.-ihev will sell .it prices lower than uver before nrler- ed in this market. They innte nil to irive them a can. as ,n the they arc comMent of being able lo please quality and price of their grood-i- CONSTITUTION OF KENTUCKY, 'OFFICIAL REPORT, published r.r.l for ;il. at the Comuo.vwui th Office. at $5 per copy. The work contain'; W.'.D par , rind J h...u:id in the best ut".? Binding. So. IT I, LOUISVILLE, KY. J r- FICt on the Ea. fcetand JeilL'r-on- . April! 1, lf.'.5 tr. OO il UN I i. TODD. M. DFAI.ER i FURNISHING !sr-- WALKING ' C LOT H I Xi i . GOODS, CANES, UMBRELLAS. CLOTIilG, ic., tc. HILDREXSIIOntFls' BCILDINC, ST. CL.VIR 3T. Krankfort. Kentucky. GEORGE STEALEY, CIVIL k MINING ENGINEER. fltHL proprietor having purchased but tin- Lest J. articles, and such as he can warrant, hopes by strict attention to business, and pnlitc attention to his customers, to receive a liberal share of public patronage. The need ot" such an establishment has been ion f- lt in litis AND LAND SURVEYOR. city. April 4, jrpOfllcc- - atSmiih, Bradley Ac Co.. Land Aeeni., lid rtanaolph street, South aiile. between Clark nn.l licr.r-borstreets, Chicago, 111. Sort. 11. 1S55 tf. F 1 N NE L ATTORNEYS AT LAW. WALL k CO FA FT OH V. I'M A L. COVINGTON. KY. Ctrv Hall. 'JU'.K, Iiiiau Street, Opposite Soktu W. 6; K. practice In tlie Courts of Kenton, Campbell, tD JOHN M. HARLAN. heming A.TTOJIXEY AT I.AtV. FRANKFORT, KY. on St. Clair Street, with J. REFER TO Hon. J.J. Crittenden, Frautfori, K) tov. L. W. Powell, 5 Hon. James Harlan, Taylor, Turner t Co., Hankers, Lexington. K. O. H. Monsarrat it Co.. Bankers. Louisville. Ky. j L. atriN, (.Tiunlie-- i of Franklin, Anderson, Lincoln :.nd X. B- - We would call the n: tent ion of purchasers to our Snrintr assortment of Carriages. All work made bv us warranted for one vear. April 186 tf. WILLIAM L. RANDOLPH SMITH. HAKP. & Everett's Patent Coupling, for the Garrard. W. Tanner, Louisville. Ky. July 23, lSiJ by. SOT OMON SHARP, SMITH &C0 John j. n.MrrON MORRIS. MOKKI3 Sc. HAMPTON K the room formerly occujded by HAV It. just opened, in Clair street, next doorto Pier-son- 's Lampion, on St. assortConfectionery, a large and well ment of ATTORNEYS AT LAW, AND KEAI. ESTATE BROKERS, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, Xo. H9, Handulpli street. Just Imported from the East, and equalling if not surpassing in variety, elegance of staple and newness, any ever bufore offered in thU market. These articles are JOHN W. APPLEGATE, all new, having been purchased only a few days since from the best manufacturers of Philadelphia and New Attorney und Couucellor at Law, York, and arc warranted of the workmanship and VOTARY PI'BLIC, and Commissioner to take Uepo-A- i a la mode in pattern. The attention of purchasers in parsitions, the Acknowledgments of Deeds, Mortgages,, ticularly invited to their unrivaled assortment of fancy lowers of Attorney, &c..for Kentucky, Illinois. Mtsson-ri- shoes for both ladies' and gentlemen's wear, selected for Indiana, and New York. .summer use, and to their superb stock of iutk. of even' corner of Fourth aud Walnut Sts., shape and hue, from the recherche white silk ventilated Office, North-Eas- t Jan. 11, lfS'l. head-piecCiuciutiati, Ohio. as light, serial and poetic & a fairy's dream, or a 20 cent straw hat. Ineir to the woolen skull-cap- , stock of LINDSEY, T. N. N E Y AT I, A Fraukfort, Ky., iTTOK M BOOKS AND STATIONERY , in lare and well selected. The public are invitdto call and examine this stock of poods, and if they desire to purchase new and good articles, will no doubt find U their advantage. Fraukfort, March 22, IBM if. UTLLL practice Law in all the Courts held in Frautttort W and the adjoining counties. His Office Is at his residence, near P. twigeri's,cntranee on Washington street. Frankfort, Feb. i, 1849, 751-t- f. MORTON & FALL AND WINTER GOODS. GRISWOLD, ilookjellera, Htatlor.ers, Binders, and Book and Job l'rinters. Main street, Louisville, Ky., constantly on band a complete assortment of HAVE Medical", Theological, Classical, School, and JOHN L. MOORE & SON., receiving at their New Store Rooms, iaiii VKE now unusually large stock of newatvle Books, at low prices. Paper of every STAPLE & FANCY description, qualitv, and price. UyCollefres, Schools, and Private Libraries supplied in preat variety. Also at a small advance on co,t. Vt'hoUsale or Rttail Carpetiugs, Boot . Shoes, April 1, 1S45 ."Miscellaneous GOODS Hats, Caps, Uonnets, Queensware, Giassware, Ouus, vc. &c. All ut the lowest rates. ATTORNEY AT LAW, FRANKFORT, FRANKFORT, JOHN RODMAN, LAW, ATTORNEY AT Door to .Morde's Clair Street, next Telesrapn OLUcc, UTILL practice inallthe courts held OlLlce on fst. in Frankfort, and in Oldham, henrv, Trimble and Owen counties. V Oct. 28, E. H. TAYLOR, JR. 16C.3. MOREHEAD & ifAAC ' & CO. BANKERS. IVh nave uns day opened an OlEce in the v.ty ir.gton, for the of transacting PRACTICE OF LAW, mi" Lk-?- ? ami Coi-lecli- ii" attend to all business confided to theiu ui tnc A General Baukiii, Exchange Court of Anneals, Federal Lourt, and other Courts Business ny. one cr wtjca hold their sessions at rrankiort, We are all times prepared both may always be tound at their oilice, to give counsel ipal cities atof the United .Mates, to check upon tne pnn-- j and to make collections Frankfort, Jan. ti, K'tf by. or transact business. We will allow interest on depnsiva, to be with icrcon. ;rawn at pleasure, and transact whatever business ii generally connected wltn private banking. Approved paper can bo cashed at anv time during ; offlce hours, ATTORNEY AT LAW, from 9 A. M. to 4 I. M. 'Oct. w ILL. JOHN A. MONROE. FRANKFORT, KY- - practice Law in the Courts held in ! ran:: fort and adjoininc eouuties. He will, as Coiiiuii-sioiu-Deeds, lake the acknowledgiaents of Deed, and oi Uaer writings to bo used or recorded in other States; And, as Commissioner under tlie actof Congress, attend ;o toe takingof depositions afiidavits. Ac. Office, Federal Court Clerk's Old Dank. Frankfort, Juno U, l13 by. "iVi DENTAL SURGERY. IT BY E. G. IIAMELETON, M. D j j Xumber SUtv-OnThird Street LOUISVILLE, KY. April 0 lira. FRAXKKORT, C. G. CPVH AM, Agent. at Frankfort. Colognes, Perfumery, Soap, &c. FlNB assortment of Colognes. Perfumery , Toilet Soap and Tovsof all varieties. ' V. S. '.VEST & CO. December 7. TtTOOL HATS AX D CAPS for Sov. 31. Proprietor.! KY FRANKLIN' HOTS . A XKFOIl returned to my it E XV. 1 former Tavern fctand, a UAVING have (itTed it i:;.aiv end of the P.rH&x-now have it in cood order, m :.ccoinmoiate any wh. may favour me wkh a call. Trnveifrs, t nniif m viiior-- ; and boarders may rely on all care betns: taken t lcr tliem comfortable. e few Members of the e.'.n ihui coniV-i",:-bland quiet boardintr duvinfuu; comin"- .fsion. an. in all cases my bills will be moderate. I have alo attac!)?'l a .ooa "'.aide u ni c. refill nli'r. 3m, Nov. 0, lP.'i.j 'YeniiiMi MANSION of ?Iain a. i. copy. tij.r. aia.n i HOUSE. St. Clair FRANKFORT, KY. him! fl.HK undersigned would notily hi;, InchiK ;i,id tn..-public generally, that he has p:treha-othe intere-,.t J. ''. in this old established and well known Hotel, and will continue to entfrtain tne public in the c, will allow. He lun best manner that the markets. fiieaged the services of hu in. K. Taylor, who is well known to a l:.r-- : portion nf the travelim;! a man of bi!,iii0ss. and who " ill have charge of tlieoftioe. He ask- - tin: painmaf of die pub!v-e- r e it. ic aud will endeavor . a y i;L 1 fJKN. . 1.1 C K v. TV. having In ken this well kru.u n h.'.:e 'ii H t, utiiler-nncJ. (lately occupied by .Mr. 1). .'derhveiher; respeeLiul!y fcolicits a share of the public patronage, and by close bu.sineM, and keeping such a house as this ho re tofore has been, will endeavor to eon fide nee of the traveling coiiuiuiniiv. June 18, I.oj if. I. WASh-O:,- IJ A GAIKES & PAGE. VEjust recoived a large stock of Fail aud W imrr ll isoods, of every description. Call and examine fore purchasing elsewhere. a small prollta and quick be- aalei ia our motto- we have on In addition toourlaig' stock of good hand a large supply of Hats and Ca.pi. which we will sell at reduced prices. September lu, 185. PKOSPECTT THE low at HUMPHREY EVAN'S. Shoo and Book Store. II. DEVELOPMENT. Men are daily bringing to Light new ln-ventious. and the march of progress is onward; persons Bald, or becoming so; v. ili bo pleased to learn that Science and lonj: research combined, have brought before the public the greatest wonder or the age. in the article or EMERSON'S AMERICAN HAIR R6T01t.-TIVE- , a sure cure for Baldness, and to preveui iti-.Sec ciroulara. to be had of Acr.1. from falling J- - M. Mi LIS, Aereu Sold by C. E. Fisnr.R &l Co., Prop, ie'or .;, No. fiT, Superior i.. Ch1. vlai,.!. if- .Maya, CiClDNTIr-T- FIRE &"CHINL', V KEW YOEZ, o. 4. WALL STREET. cash capital, OO'f OF AblsCIS June 30, J3, OFF1CB ST. CLAIR AND i. s EE0XfGITIS,WE00PISG-C0CG- FINE LIQUORS. iTALF pipe superior (extra) old Paie Otard Tiraudv; hs old Faia Otard E randy; Co.; K AYQ fino Fale Erandv, F. Iiooir.s pipe iine Pale Brandy, Girard; ;i pipe fine Loudon JJoct; Brandy; A cask old Madeira Wine; 2 ca!:s Howard, March & Co., Madeira Wine. csst Howard, Mr.rch & Co.,AMadeira; cask Howard, March cc Co., Madeira; ?. casks Pale bherrv-V.'ine- ; ii j cast old Scotch Whist; y; casks old Port Wme; cases, (25 bottles) Still Cmwoa, cases boulesj Sparkling Cauwjn, . JOIi:.?ON. UHIIU'M (.S Ga.: Col. Pi t., (ia Watkin. Frankfort, tins 'do tmilt. 'ci:n-:.'u- e ailivOd, done at J:y of November, l".ri6,aiid of Uic Cotnmouwpaltli. C. S. .wO.hMEAIt ' of Siaw. ire tratlc. STEAM SAW MILL FOR SALE. FIXTURES, ; . t. & CO.. Lexinoton. Ky. KKNN'.Ui'D l. .rt ihat m.-hav.on riiizi'n hand a larRO slock of GAS FIXTURES, iivkidiiii-;,- . 4. ami Slight Chandclior. S an.l lisrht pendont. 3 l.jld. all 4 fold and'sincle Brai'ks, Drop I.igrhis, itc bv .Mosr. Corneliu... liakor & Co.. I'hilaiicl-i.lii,i of and will bo sold as low nMiicy can be bad Philadelphia and pill up. if desired, in tlie best manner. We would alo be pleased to Kl'N rTPi; in .lores, dwellings, or public houses, on the best possible terms, having superior workmen now cliiraed in tiie for u. in Lexington. We ask a cail. CO. KEN.VARD Alwavson hand, u laii-c-- slock of CARPh'TIN'G.tT RUN GOODS, i'APLIi HANGINGS, and PIANO ORTES for sale on reasonable lerir.s. K. & CO Lexington. Jan. 4. 1?jI If- rtUE I'N'nEl.SUrNEl) in;endin?to lave tne i private State of. their Steam Saiv Mill, tinted w;th ten acn-- s of prottnd at- one mile aoove tached. liie Mill hay on.- upriiii sith lata ? attached, all of tne latev. improvemeriia snd in tood order. The Mill U' well wi;!t a rood run oi custom. The lath, for whi. h there is a jrroat dem;md. will pay a larg portion of the running expr'nvOi. Tno:-- wirJiins lo en. r.ire in t'ue bu ould dr. vf- to all and examine tor thomehv;. r:t;i;;lifi. Sept. t GILL 12 u". - WATSON, 'ennian copy tf. Fall Style cf Hats. "aa flayes, Craifr & Co's and Oakford'a, 'lPrelnllJm', Hatmanufatturedinthe T. S. Cp.U and see them, , -' Sept. 10. H.EVANS. rh !hl. H jivinw $100,000 ALL PAID M" AXD SECURED. rjiHK undersigned having been appointed Agontfortbe X above Company, is prepared to receivo propositions lor Insurance ailiia oitico ui this city. Pamphlets j the rates of premium, and full Information in le lation to Life Insurance, are furnished free of charge. J. C. HtRHUO.V. DKS. S(4EtD &. FoD.M.l!4. igiil!. Medical Examiners. Feb. 20, lSJ if. FIEE AND MARINE IiSSlLJR.U'CE. Eadjon Iilver loinrance Compoiy, cf Wolorfur J, .etv Voik. Capital Cash Capital - $300,000 $200,000! iTHE undersigned having been appointed Agent to the X above Company, Is prepared to insure all property, such as Is usually Insared in lue city of Frankfort and vicinity, and upon shipments of Merchandise and Produce, upon as fair terms as any other responsible oiEo-Al- l losses liberally adjusted and promptly paid. TCr"Oi!ice near the Court House. Satisfactory references will be given upon application, as to the solvency of this Company. J. C HEP.NDON, Feb. 0, HIS tr. Agent. CHILDREN'S l.rt 1jES( KIPTION. ii about IHo tVet twii i nc!;.. tutrn. hCfivv hands ami fet. con r?c sandv Inir nnda Sad- - tt Obio. Ill tlie Commouu eaith to i:y the Governor; FI.r.t'NLL- . ( hi in CAPITAL STOCK, hlj ly rrsr.vo.vr ivherlof i nave hereunto art my hand, and ta vised the seal of inthebiiti vcar HawosviUr. M. S. nmnrninrfifl ... 3IUTCAL BCXEFIT. ia.uraace Compuiy. cf Cincinnati NEW ESTABLISHMENT. S300 REWARD. I. vicirjaH him n.VGATE, jjent, Frankfort, JTS. used your Cscrrv Pectgral in California, in the winter ol 18.30, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire success, I was induced to try it on my little boy. I gave SAMUEL'S every three hours, commencing in him a the morning, and by ten o'clock at nlpht. I found a decided chnnge forthe better, and after three days use, he SAMUEL, Barber axo Hah Cittiits, Is HENRY Inform hie friends and the public that hap wasable to eat or drink withoutpain. ltsue In the above named disease will save many a afrainesutblished in comfortable and commodious rooms, child from a premature crave, and relieve tha anxiety of and ready to attend to all who may give him a cull, ilia many a fond parent. For all elections of the Throat and new establishment is In the building of Col. Lungs. I believe it the best medicine extant. A feeling St. Clair street. He solicits pubiic patronage, Hodges, oo and hopes you of tut deepest gratitude, prompts me in addreisiDt thathisoldfriendsaud thee line?. but for your important discover;-'- my little ized him before ihe .tcustomers especially, who patron- j Are, will now fld their boy v.'ouid now have been in another world. back to his shop. I am vours, with great respect, .March 1J,1?.'.4 by. 11. I'OWLLL. Supt, lrans.,L. J:. K. J. hnc-Hill. 'Summerset Co.O N. J., JulySl, 1852. CLOTHING. J. C. Aver. Since your medicine has been known AVE Ju- -t received a small lot of FALL AXD lv!X here, it h:n a renter demand than any other cou-CLOTH WO FOR CHILDREN, consisting ol we liave oversold. It is spoken of in terms of remedy COATS, FA.MS. VESTS, OVEiiCOATS, JACKETS. unmeasured praise by those who have used tt, and 1 .SL'SPE.NDERS, . GLOVES, Those who have chlidrer know of some eases where tho best they can say of it, it has done. I take pleasure to clothe had better call earlv. " ia not too much for tlie Sept. 20, J8S1. JOHS M. TODD. it, because I know that I am giving my cusin selling tomers the worth of their money, and I feel gratified in the benefit it confers. Sundries. serine lJi.'ase send me a further suprdv. and believe me VAILS, Buckets, Rackets, Mackerel, Cigars, Tobiccc Yours, with respect, JOHN C. WH1TLOCK. Cans, Sardines. Powder, Lead. Shot, Pencer. SDioe i. S. Almost any number of certificate can be sent i .."andlcs.Soap, Indirro. Tabic Salt. Crackers, Soda, iilack' Proclamation by the Governor. ( Ohio Life OfBce of Transportation,! Laurens R. K. 3. C, Aug. 4, 1853. hem Sir, My little son, four years old hasju3t recovered from a severe attack of malignant Scarlet Fever, his throat was rotten, and every person! ih ;55. LIFE INSURANCE. J.C.Avtk. GRAY & TODD. Nov. 12, rm.i. Aug, 2il, H, 9. baskets (Heidijick"1 Champagne; baskets (Great western) Chumpsrne. baskets (Ducal Grape; Champagne; baikets (assorted brands) Champagne; 5 bbls. superior old Whisky; 30 bbls. superior 3 year cli Whisky; CO bbls. superior 2 year old Whisky. On hr.nd and for sale bv the barrel, gallon or in glass, bv !:! 4 i 53.vi77 On uiiuic and parsonal proprty generally, ajainst loss or Daiaica by r'ire, on favorable tonus. H. A tno;:g the numerous discoveries Sciscca has made in this generation to facilitate the business of lifo Increase lis enjoyment, and even prolong tiie term of human existence, none can be named of more real value to mankind, than this contribution cf Chcralatry lo lUs Healing Art. A vast trial of iu virtues throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or combination of medicineayet known, can so surely con-rand cure the numerous varieties of pulmonary diaease which have huherto sopt from our midst thousands ani thousands every year. Indeed, there ia now abundant recsoa to believe a Remedy has at length been found w hich can ba relied on, to cure the rao;t dangerous affections of the lungs. Cur space here will not permit us to publish any proportion of the cures ajctcd by its uso, but we would prcaiuttho following: and rofr further enquiry to iny American Almanac, which the ajentsbelow named, will always bi; pl3asad to furnish free, wherein are full psrtUul&ra.and Indisputable proGf of these sia;e-me- n which will be aold very low for CASH, in the iustnesa must be closed. All persons indebted to tha firm aiw requested to come forward within sixty caysand ssuis up, and those having claims against us wlil pierce present them immediate!.', SOLOMON WLILiiii,' . Oct. 13, ilOO. CiiAS. B. G'dlZ. 747.072 41 ADlLlTICtj, Losses. Equitably Adjusted aud promptly j ASTHMA, AXD COXS5J3IPTION. There is a 'fine stock; LI Thi.) Company contlnuas to luuro BuilUiuga, Merolian dise, Ships iu Porland their cargoes, iioiiMlioId Fur-- ; I?0IP, Clothing;. Underwear, &c, w i For tlie rapid Cure of ready-mad- e '2 i CGCGHS, COLDS, HOARSEXESS, mHE STOCK CF CLOTH KVG at No 3 Brown'a build- J. inj. St. Clair street, will te sold ut extremely low priof -- CHEPJIY FECTOHiL, The Cid Weiler House TO BE CLOSED OUT CHEAP! ces, in order to close the concern. AMOWT OF flTHrETS, WAPPING 3ilontwrU'- of Gri.- i j liOv; receivintia larc e and 1 ceriea, inei, Liquors, dS:e.f which Le will sell at very smalt profits for tush, or to prompt caatomeri on Uj.iattermo. Hiastnck ispoihapsthe in the city, and every ariicle of the best qnultty th:;t cuu be purchased. CalLexainiue.aiid be convinced. Maon. Genre:'.. i'. NESiii i OOV. f5 . II. KELNE, FiauLtoi;, tax sales and fraudulenttitlea. Owners living out of the Statf are coriiiuiiaUy their lands bv tax sales or intruder? under la! so titles. aa f.nd H i3 the interest of owner in th Sin'e to protect their lands Macon. Ga.; Col. V. T. lv. March 19. work,.-- lii J.i tin na:n.e uui bj the authority of the Commcntc eaith of Kentucky. "jr" HERE AS, it has been made known tome that S.oi'l H. Dews, who was confined in the countv jail of 1 Spencer county iorthe murder of Se.muel Etnderman, did, on the 26th October, escape from the jail r.f said county, and is now 'oing at larje. To Owners of Georgia Land. Now, therefore. 1, Ciuri r.s S. More:! Governor of . associated myself wtn W. c. .f the Commonwealth aforesaid, do herebv oiler a reward HAVING Ky., to seli Geora lands on commi.-siooi Three hundred Dollars forthe apprehension of the at private sale, we oJbr Oiu service:-i- i owners of wid Samuel H. Tews, and his delivery to the jailor of fro-such lands, and to act as agents to prtoci th:Spencer countv. wuhin one vcjr irom this ila'.e. Holt. New Features for 1558. and verv in'oresting story will be commenced In Jmuary, by Marion Harland, author of "Alone," and "Hidden Patii," two novels that have created an immense sensation in the literary world. Also Miss Virginia F. i ownsend wili commence in ti:e Feb ruary numoer a ;Couvellette, which we know wiUairong-- 1 ly interest the readers of the"Eook." Stories by an Lngiish Authoress. ?. Hov to I lowers and Fruita With en rr.ivinfs. 1 iie Kurje and the Nursery. AND S.LTAIL GK0C2S, 19, KinVAKi-- e,t, in America. it one of the largest and motlibonile THIS kind In the world. Cilia, CORNER is proposed lo publish in Jackson, a semiIfmonthly periodical under the City oititle, in pamphlet the above form, each number containing auout tiiirty-tw- o The struggle between Native Amcricanism'and the dominion of' Foreigners, between Popery and Prolcstant-iam- , i in Its infancy. It must be continued until foreign influence and Popery shall have crushed Democracy and tne freedom of conscience, r Democracy and thj right to worship God according to the dictates "of the of each man and woman shall be finally secured. Luther and his associates went through a fearful struggle to achieve the reformation. Wo are now engaged in the same struggle, to continue and confirm to man, political and religious liberty. We havo been as men in fancied security, sleeping around a volcano, the lava silently rising and about to overwhelm them before they are conscious of the impending: danger. Securely reposing in the enjoyment of our political and religious freedom, popery and foreigners have silently gained strength until those who have investigated the subject sse that thedanger must be averted, now,or never. A few years more of inactlvityand ah is loat. We whh to arouse the people from t'hisdangerousapathy, by lay in,--' before them well authenticated facts, whereby each individual can judge for himself. We propose to avoid everything but calm, decorous and fair reasoning from true premi-ej- , and to place before tho community the materials, with pi partiality: facts as they are and have been, with the evidences ol their authenticity. The periodical will be edited gratuitously by a com-- ! mittee composed alike of Democrats and Whigfa, and cf christians of each sectin ourcountry, that the public may have assurance, that it is fairly and impartially conduct- ed. The price, Two Dollars per annum, payable on the delivery of the first number, which will iasuu so coon as! one thousand subscribers are obtained, and ;ao forwarded. If asurplus fund remain, it will ba appro-- ; ated to distribute gratuitously amonpt the lode;, pi- per for circulation. Act promptly, friendn of freedom, and forward subscriptions, directed to "The Kiecu-tiv- e Committee of American Iartv.' Jackson, REVIEW: 8l'BCRDA. ART. 8VPERBLY AUD PROrtSELY ILLCiTSATSD. Devoted to the Advancement of the Huial im wanted, a?lt compromises all that could be obtain. ed by taking three other .Magazines. MILLER, W. l'KOTESTANT ADVOCATE. JOIRXAL OF iiOODS S AND HORTICULTURAL A M a new rarmera iouliu, NATIVE AMEItlCiiH STRANGE j The Pioneer Bajatinc! Xsperialb) decoted to the wants of the Ladies of America, WHERtihu Marine U taken iu a house, no other i? &c, & THE NEW YOtfK POE 1S58. Volume: Fifty-tecon- d Fruit Growers It urserymen, BOOK LADY'S GODEY'S Karal ArchitiiCtuic rurmsone of tha principal feaiurc Each trainbar contains from two to four eugavii:! modal cottapes, from designs by eminent nd sjiirul architects, ipace is also assigned to the tasteful an o Landscape Gardening; engraved plans of gardens in every tle, and adapted to tha peculiarities of diiiervnt orders of architecture, beautify the work. R. L'ngravings of new fruits, new flowers, uw vegetables. VfOlLU respectfuilly inform tlic citizer.aof Frankfort &c., are illustrated and described as soon as their ' ? ana tlie putuc ncr-tlithat kchastai;en the 'i in qualities can be determined, forming the mo ihopformerlv oc iip:ed by ins f ather, and intendscarry. complete and elegant Manual of Kural Husbandry ever i n r on the How to tr.iike a Uonnet. attempted. Troubles of an Knjrlish HousekeLier. t An experienced corps of practical writers, seven lr. Copper, Tin & Sheet Iron Manufacturing ihe An of Sketching Flower3from Nature. With number, are engaged lb fill its columns. in all its various branches. He will al;o keep on iunJ To be copied by the learner on paper to be It contains seventy large pages, and is printed on Ui. tl. e best HKAIIIVG A IV D COOKING ZTQVliZ , ,10 d colored. flnost paper, manufactured expressly. V c.tern country. All kinds of job work executed with Maternal counsels to a Daughter. Desinjed to aid hei Terms: S3 perannuiu, payable Invariably In advance neatness and dispatch, and ill a durable manner, all : m lite care of hernea'nh, the improvemenCof her mind, Fifty cents commission on each subscriber allowed to work done by him warranted to give satisfaction or no .And the cultivation of her heart. tlioso who act as agents. Sl.OOOwill be distributed at the ply required. He pledges himself to do work nitj, New stylo of iu iminaung Windows and Lamp f h.ade, end of the year among those who send us the tweui) rood terms as any house in the city, and hopes by prompt with largest lists of subscribers. These premiums wlil W attention to business to a'fair share of thepuhi.e Poetry and iiitory of paid in cash. Tho first premium will be patronage. forthe Lad; e. an. v. here they come from, with cngrav- The following are selected from hundreds of similar notices, voluntarily contributed by conteinporaaeou. Mctalic Huuuns4. iutte-t!- , ate. This is only an idea ofouri!itenticnforl3.X. publications: Done in the best an t moil woikuianhke manner t.nd on .ew designsof interest to the ladies are springing up The Horticultural Keview deserves the most libera rt isonabl? everyday; we shail avail ourselves of everything tliat patronage, li is not only eminently practical, but Is Shop on Broadway Wen si'ic,o;,posite the Capcan liueremhem. in fact, "Gouey's Lady's Book,1 i lil .i riiien in a style that equals the best eflortsof the late A itrd Square. possessthe interest of :my other three magazine!. J. Downing. Knickerbocker. Dec. tl. J;:S;-- by 11. ;:. MiLI.LK. In addition 10 the above will be continued in each No. Tne most elegant and useful book of the kind that bit: Oodcys splendid Steel engravinpi. ver come under our observation. Register. A' V W hundred pages of reading. Mr. Keagles, tuc liditorofihe 1 la C challeave Fashion Piates. )n tliia as m every is a practical pomologist, and Horticultural Review one ofthefinest scholars other department, wc defy rivalry or Imitation our country boasts of. Me possesses the glowing decriu 11 & ii A K E U U Y A 21, Lrubroidcrvpjit.enis. Any quantity of them are given uvo powers of Dickens, the elegant gossip of u'alpo. St. CLAIR STP.rrT, TWO POORS FROM POST Oi rU E, monthly. combined with a thorough knowledge of rural te Model C o"iii,res. Police Tribune. MIAKFOHT. S;V., w ith Dress ra i to cut by. KL nowjecoiving tii'.-i- usual laive and tpi.;ndid Larmers, buy it foryoursons buy It for vour ilaugii Dress patterns Infant: iuid Childrens Itretes All tcrs. u is a rich Intellectual treat; a rare comblnatfoi. nf raacy aud feinple, tail and Winter brv of Crochet nnd Nettinp- Work Cloaks, Mantelets, oi ihe beautiful and the useful. Arpis, A". '. Ciood, ji- o ru-- .yleSitii and istrfiiv bonnets, a larjv i alma". ColLvrii. Chemisetis, L'nder Sleeves, Bonnet, We bad thought that in Downliigs'sdeath,theeloquem aoruijetit of Hats, Lioois and Shoes, Mid lunti:ainu Window Curiam?. Urodcrie Slippers, Caps, advocate of rural adornment had become only a irocds. Carpet1). Oil Cloiu, ie., Cia anU (.iueen'Avan: cherish ( loak'). Evening Dresses fancv Articles, Head Dresses,' ed remembrance; but in Mr. Jtcagles we discover aii which tney v ill s ;H lov i,tr t:a'h .r to prom pi pa;, ul ( Dressing. Knbes for Nifjht and Morning, Carriage 01. Uircqaally rich mine of mental wealth, that betokens Urn time. 1 hoy nivtc all to point' Drej-csWroaih-irti','1 ex.iimr.e thiiir Mantillas Walking influence of the spirit that is gone. Montrose Trtbuxt. urfssei, I'.ridal .'Oi;:tij.iy lin- u.-- i if.fKii Drc-p-- . hiding Haiii:- -, Coy's Clothing. Capes and Ti:st r.'iiplcu' that crui b.f.Kiii'i Advertisers will And this an unsurpassed medium o a' rioak! of Fur in eason. Crorhet and Netting Work, publicity, as the Horticultural Keview circulates U. lcjj-- m. primed in color. in every btate in the Cnion. Advertisement-insertej i iZ AWING LUZON'S for Yout'n. lOOOdesigns, Music, auhe rate of 8 10 per page. WM. H. Gil A I 3 worth i given every year; the Nurse and 'he Nursery, WOOD ENGRAVING. wit ii full instruction: fiodny's invrduable Keiprupon Those requiring Wood Engraving, can have then rvt'ry subject. sr. tr.twKr.v main .,nu lift: .ttvj.r. ikvih orders executed in an unrivalled manner. Sprcial atlta e v.ouldaJvifle all u ho intend to suhscrtbo to S'jnd in rum is given to views of AM.MALS; an experienced l.ouixvillc. K( :n.u i;i . English Draughtsman isengaged for this express puroosa. hei r orders soon, for it we do not make duplicate n.tii : I'jr'bi,,:. saw. and j A.L'L.CL'I. i:LS Steaui plates, it will he dirUcult to supply thu demand. Persons living at a distance can forward a daguerreotype AJills. (. iidtoori,, r;inl;., ;,u;. Wheels, Jl ti.r Cotton Cin Whoels. We will reach 1U0,U00 copies. The of the object by mail they wish engraved, which will our list for W' i jihtn of subseribine is to send your money direct to l. heels; asufilcienl guide to obtain a perfect facsimile. Stock ro.ii;(it and ea-- r atretier:.! .issor'.nent iir- jjuMiiier. Breeders will be dealt with on very liberal terms. liioewlio tend large amounts had bet-tMiinVork. 4.C.. A:.-end lirafis, but notes will answer if drafts connot be OurKxch.noe List is already verv large. A furthei ".! r'tirib-rui- .r.",nj.l procured. Letters had belter be regi stored it only cost extension is not desired, unless publishers arc willing lu liveeom- - p;tra, andtlieir safe reception isinsure.l. give the above advertisement several insertions In Itio'r I,. 1J- v. respective papers. T E R M . C AS H I N ADY A N C E Agricultural Books can be furnished on every use L Out; ctpy one yen r. it?.. Two copies one ycar,'j. 1 liree fill subject, Irom both English and American publisher-- , J . L vopics one year, 8o. Five copies one year, and extra bv enclosiug to our addms the price of the book requlr to the person ssndingthe club, making copies iroiu 'itli. undersigned v.reet taken the lltiril loom II. tlie '."py Fliglit copies one year, and an extra copy six the pcr--o- n .Specimen copies will be forwarded on 10. .1. to of Ann ..u .Main 1IA.V the receipt.-lhcis- . ireet. in J. sending theclnh, making nine copie, . iVn- il.e purpose ot transacting a in posir.irc slnin;. Eleven libiek of liuildina.-copies one year, and an txt ra copy to the peiison scndinir f. KEAGLES, Publisher, AUllU'i v i.--AM) COM MISSION the club, making twelve copies, S V-- l Llroaaw.iv, New York. s. in 4; jryThe above Terms cannot be deviated from, no lice in, it in. v.ili :ilao connect v.ith the said business ar. matter how many are ordered. Godey's Lady's Cook and Harper's Magazine both one AGRICULTURAL DEPOT, ATHE.VrEU.'M year for S4 00. v. may be found all the latent improvement? in Godey'ri Lady's Cook and Arthur's Homo Magazine INSURANCE COMPANY as well as all descriptions of ' both one vcar for $n .r,j. .'4ri..uliural linplinn.-n'.sSeeds required by fanner. in this vicinity, lie hopes The money mul be all sent at on time for any of the O F L ONDON. tins enterprise will rectdvo the encouragement of the Clubs. f;;rmin5 community, upon whom lie dcjuds lortiiei Additions of one or more to clubs are received at ' Authorized upllnl siu eoo of this branch of Lis business. club price;. "oiisignments of Mrohanlie at Auction nrrivate REfERKNCEs l VIULaPCLHIU-AlWOO7rA Specimen or specimens ull be yent direct to Ox, Co., are .lOlicileii. any Postmaster making tno request. JOHN Farncm, SAM. C SAYKLS. Jim. )H. ti. George A, bTDAiii, ':'73 We can always supply back numbers for the year, John Griuo, Al vers, Clauhorn aihe work is stereotyped. & Co. Wm. M'Gts, k Co., Powers A: Weiohtman, Subscribers iu the BrltUh Provinces, NEW I'iOODS! NLW HOODS!! Who send for clubs, must remit 36 cenuextra on every Agent fur the United MatesWhite, Ste?ues k Co FKKUfcPICK KATCHFGRD STAitH. i.ibseriber. to pnvihe American postage to the lines L uited States Branch Office, No. Hu, South Fourth sv, L. A. UODEV, Address, TATE PhlladelphJa. No. lU,Chestuut street, Phiiadelphia. 'L opened iu Eacon new buddiny on Mam itreei, Vgent forCovlngtoti, Ky. Nov. 7, )Ci5 w2arn. HA "plendid hioei; f F. S. Bt'SH, Fall and Winter Dry Goods Corner of Madison and Cooper strwu. lusuresibroughout the State. W'liifurniA Uauk ur. oi every description, whichthey are determined to sell at prices whifh cannot fail ;o suit. Their stock Is one of plicationsupou request. Nov. the finest ever brougat to the city, and selected with ape- I8i5 tt. P- -, ci;d reference to the wants of this community. They in- K J viie all theirfriends un.l the tublie in srenaral to'civo w r"'l 4V5 HOME INSURANCE COMPANY LLjf'in a cail and examine their s.w z. Sen H, 13f,5 tf. ' OE Miss. iNovember, NO. 107, STILL GRCATEU ATTRACTIO.'VS: V.'iiich persons wishinrto purcb;30 would do well to call and examine bsfore'tayin? elsewhere, as I am determined to stll upon as favorable terms asaav other bouse in the city. Oct. iP.'.i. v.Td. M. TOr.1;. MODS.; FALL AND WINTER HERNDON. PREJIIL'M Saddle, Harness and Trunk Warehouse, HOTEL, CAPITAL JOHN T. ROBERTS, . the Teeth will be .ttrected bv a U1S operations kuowledKe, both of Surgrery and .Medicinet C this being the only safe jruideto uniform success. From this he is enabled to operate with far less pain to the paATTORN E Y AT L A AV . tient, void of danger. All work warranted-- , the workFrankfort, Ky. manship will show for itself. Calls will be thankfully in WILL practice in all the Courts held and Frankfort reeeived. Anderson. um, Woodford, Suelbv Cir-u,n .Main "treei. tlTOffiee, at hip rciden Courts and will attend to the collection of debts in Frankfort, May 27. l J.v iny part of the State. 6 lflce on St. Clair street, sccnnd door above the Court BOOTS AND SHOES. House. JtjHe will attend to the preparation and n IHAVF. a splendid stock of the above goods for Ladies, of the claims of soldiers to bouniv lan-1- for proper-'Children, and Servants, which I w ill sell lost, and for arrears of p.', as low as any house in Frankfort. Call and examine be' Aoril 1, 1M 599-l- f. IIL'.MIMIKF.Y KVA.VS fore vou purchase at Shoe and Book Store. .Nov. 21, 1AV). C. P R0AL. Toilet, JOHN from A. bnerk him in iNovembei last, and will five nil wimit1 itvnmlii in in management. He respectfully solicits a continuance of the patronag-- heretofore extended to the o;abli-hmenvill be furnished with KECOPD ITT CLE-KK1GC7KS ruled to any pattern, and of ihe very best quaii- tv of paner' ilLANK BOOKS of even- desenpuon, mam.!'.'..'- tured at short notice, to order, on tcrmi. ll"7 Rindery at the old stand, over lis rlan's la Gflk-eJulv :o. lli-TU- i:' wx. auousit SHELBY. TAYLOR. SHELBY BROWN, Partners iu the KY. Session of this Institution will cpen on the 1HE ocxt.Monday of September, ia the room formerly occupied by Dr. Keusley asau ofliee,on Ann street, just south of Main. Tuition per session of 20 weeks as in the primary, junior, r.nd senior departments, Sin, MS and SiO, re'speettvelv. IDNKV WILBUR Sept. 1, 18G. wcvtw3in. tf. lKi-- Aug. 31, !S.rS. Frankfort Normal School for Eoys, KY. to East side of SL Clair street, OFFICE removed Telegraph Office. Y.'ill practice Law in ail the Courts held in Frankfort, and adjoininjeeounties. Ltee. 7, wiierehe wil be pleased to sec his old friends and custom- . 15, lc55 ers. tf. CHlCACrO, ILL. U. Aug. 'JS, 185 KENTUCKY. FRANKEOirr ilOTEL. Ann turner of Broadway n n d KY. Slrcn, FRANKFORT, VJhhV consiantly on hand a fine assoruovnt of ( ur IV riaes any kind of Carriage made to order and of the beit material. We have purchased the sole rii;ht of Y. L. H:iriRi. A FRANKFORT, M lirant, Boone, and Nicholas and the Court of Appeals, AUysiKii 11'. al rankfort. Mlltc GROCERIES ST., BET WEE M MAIN TEEPS constantly on hand a fall selection of Confcc- IV tioneries, Toys, Fancy Articles, and GrooericB, ronuM- W.FINSKI.I. .IOIIN" v t BROADWAY. (T. P. Pier son's Old Stand.) 3T. CLAIR V JN' i EXT LUMEN'S . V side of Sixth street, benve.i, neartiie Court Homo :ir.t. .v. wn.r. in CONrECTIO?iERIE& iicpteintjer & LOGAN, MONROE iTTOltN'EVS . I GET 2. & VIXG taken the corner room in the new biiiidir,-.- of Mr. B:icon, have opened on entirely new stock of A CALLED TO MODIFV, R. A. TODD, DABNEY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER Til I A 156 BOOKSTORE. Cap3, &o., BOOK BINDING. A. C. Keen on intones h.s friends and former customers, that having rejoined h.healin, Corner of ."Vlaiii mid St. Clair Strfets, FRJiXKFORT, KY. BOOK STORE. .ISREW MON'ROL. DAENEV TODD, HUGH L. GOCDWI1V. Aug. 1, '55, Aug. 15. G A MERI CA CLOTHING EMPORIUM, TODD'S M VM. TODD'S he his purchased j ait published and mav be obtained at gr EBfit' ARY F 1 v.- e.'a style heretofore THE firm of Todd & Goodwin, in theunder the Confectionery o. 1. Stvisert's Row, St. Clnir Strpet. and Grocerv4msiuev, wa? dissolved thiiday by mutJrd FRAXKFOP.T, KY j consent. All those indebted to the lato Ann. ;ir requested to eomo lorwara ana mane payment, anj inose havuijT T HAt'K bad the above nanedestabliahtucnt ncattvre-- l fitted, and have jus; received mv FALL and claims against the firm will please present them for setI i K Ft tlement. H. L. Goodwin retires from the concern. supply of Either one of the firm 13 authorized to use the name of Books, Statiouery, Boots, Shoes, Eata, the firm in settling accounts. : PROVED AI4D ADOPTED BY THE LEGISLATURE: OFFICE, KENTUCKY 1 la vtv 7 1 ,B I v: u wu w Dissolution. .Nicholas, ss. APPOINTED BY THE LEGISLATURE COUVII3SIONEP.? 0UX Y OF FHI? P FRANKFORT. VOL. Hi VOU, ' if vou wish it. Winor. CW.,June SC. 1?j2. J. C. Av::r. Sir: Tliji may certify that I have ued your Cherry Pixtor l for upwards of one year, and it i my sincere belief thai 1 shoula have been In mv grave ere this time if I had not. It lias cured me of a dangerous affection of the lui!-'and I do not over-datmy lion tell you it is a priceless remedy. rnnviftioii Your verv U.' A. McCCLL'lN. Altornev at Law. 'ilkbarre. Pa.. September 26, 185u. J)r. J.C. .yre. My dear Sir. Your medicine is much approved of by those who have used Its composition is pitch as to insure and maintain its reputation. 1 invariablv recommend it for pulmonary affections, as do many of I am vour friend. our political phvsicians. CHAS. STREATKK.M. I(. Prepared bv J. C AYKH, Chemist, Lowell, Masa. Sola bv J. M. Mills. Frankfort; Dr. B. Cloak, Versailles; Wrn. Wilson, Mortonsville; J. Dedman, J. L. Eilingwood, Shelbyrille, and by Agents in everv town in Kentuckv. Dec. 5. 1855 w&tw3m." inir. iSeciSlc. .tug. 25. IFCm W. II. KEKNE. Dissolution of 7M. CRAIK and F. W. KNIGHT having dissolves partnership, the buMneis of the llrm l be sattlixt up. Either of the partners are authorized to use tht, name ol the firm in seuloment, and lo secure money due the firm. Those who have claims agaiast the tlnu can present '.hem to F. W. Knljlit fopavment. tf. Juuo22. CRAIK. KXICHT. WE ! Flour. i nave in store twenty barrels extra fine FainUv Flour, and will continue to kf en . nnw a., f rs.,r,"" tvrtf1;' 10D1). Oct. :,. "Wall Paper. elegant assortment, of everv stvle and patten, can catling on 0ct-24- TT. M.TODD. 4N 1. be had by

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