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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), December 19, 1799

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

jimm'UamjtaEU.4juBwn .a ijiih ft jluui r itteaetAii.wryiKsj-iAiisgijijiu- i n i iiMiMiWJMBWLiLaaLauiuau.-'- liuaeBiMauaZJ ' THE KENTUCKY GAZETTE- g No. 691. THURSDAY, December 19, 1799. LEXINGTON: Printed by JOHN BRADFORD, (On Main Street J Treitfnrj Department, March utt, jJK i TO THE PUBLIC. (f Cf u L j c NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, congress patted on the Yr'ROM and aster the ift day of Janua - PURSUANT to the aft of seven hundred and one thoufjnd S. ry 1800, the Kentucky Gazette ninety six, entitled "an aft regulating the grants of 'Q 1799-d- B 1 will be publiihed (on the same sized paper ftt is at present) at two dollars per annum, jiaid in advance. Those fubferibers who have complied 'with the former terms, will be continued of their refpecYiye years : or to the is they Lhoofc, may settle their refpc&ive accounts up to the iftday of January next, and be continued on the present terms nnd ns the accounts of mod of the present jfubfcriWs are to be settled to the first of January, no fubferiber will be continued .aster that date, who has not complied with'thc former terms, and whofc year "will not then expire, or who does not by that time comply with the present terms. As the price of this paper will be as low as any paper of the same size, printed in the Atlantic states, where the price of every article used in the printing business, is littli more than half the price paid for the farne articles here, a rigid adhereance to the 'above rules cannot afford reafona-bl- e cause of offence, to any ; especially when they cortfider that every article used in theprinting business is paid for a time before it is used, and that only be procured with cash ; it cari those who receive the the paconsiderable time without paying pers, a any idling for them, receives not only our labour, but the use of our money, laid out in the purchase of the materials, without returning an equivalent, which no rational considerate man can desire. Should these terms give offence to a fingje individual, (which I folcmnly declare is not intended) I only request the savor of him to make my case his own, for a sew moments, and I flatter myself he will be reconciled laud appropriated fur military services, and for the lbciety of United Brethren tor propagating the gof pel among the Heathen;" the aft Supplementary to the said recited aft, palfed on the 2d day of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine- , to wit to the register of the trcafury, atfome time piior to the twelfth day of February, in the year, one thoufand eight hundred, for the purpose of being registered : No registry will however be made for any Iefs quantity than a quarter townlhip or sour thousand acres. 3. The pribrity of location of the warrants which may be picfented and regiftcred in manner aforesaid, prior to the I2th day ol February in the year oue thousand eigtit hundred will immediately aster the said day, be detericined by lot, in the mode prelcri-be- d by the aft first recited. 4 The holders of regiftercd warrants (hall no Monday the 17th day of February, in the year ;8oo, in the older in which the priority of location (hall be determined by lot asaforefiid,perfonally or by their agents, designated in writing at the office of the regsfter of the trcafury, the particular quarter townlhips elected by them refpeftively, and such of me faidholders as mail not designate their locations on the fiid day, shall be postponed in locating such watrants to all other holdeisofrcgiftered warrants. J. The holders of wanvnts for milirafV services John Bradford. Lexington, Nov. 7th, 1799- - To Distillers. 4th fecVion of the aft of WHEREAS, the Philadelphia the 3d of March, at " An aft repealing in part the aft dutififon spirits distilled within the United States, pafiediae 8th of May, 1 79, nd imposing on the capacity of (tills of a particular iption," direfts " that no new hcenft Biall he granted for aiiv still, until all duties, which have accrued thereon, (hall have been paid and discharged." And whereat, the supervisor of this diftrirt, in a circular letter addrelfrd to the collegers of faiddiftrict, brar-la- " date 26th Febreary last, gave poiitive inftruft'.ons that aster the 33th of June, 799, the injunftion quoted above fliould be ftnctlyaud literally attended to : I have therefore thought it advifeable to givethis public and timely notice, in order that distillers may be prepared to pay off all duties which liaveaccrued Uiitheirftills, before they make applicationfor a new Those distillers who arc in aror second license , rears for duties which accrued previous to I79S, are hereby informed, that aster the expiration of the present month, suits will be inllituted againlt taem. without discrimination. JOHN ARTHUR, Col. Rev. 'J September 3d, 1799- 797, entitled dc-f- lULUtU I'IKUl ItlUlk IJUALICI iU llflllJ Ul i trafts of 4300 acres each ; (hall at any time aftaff Monday the 17th day of February 1800 and prior to the iftday of January, 1802, be allowed to regiftsF the said warrants ir "lnneraforefaid, and forthwith; or tracts o rclor ona-nytrato make location' land not beSore located. 6 All warrantsor claims for lands on account military services, which (hall not be regifterefl and located before the first day of Jan. 1802, are by the supplementary act of congress herein before recited, palled on the second day of March 1 799, declared to be forever bamd. Given under my hand at Philadelphia, the clay year above mentioned. w 1 fjias OLIVER WOLCOTT SecrtUr) cf the Tre.ifurj. JOHN - JORDAN, Juv..!... Z . n. JU1C .r rcccivrn a very large quauuiy in iNorthern rur, Confiding, of Beaver, Muskrat, and Ramon (kills, of a superior quality, which lie will sell low for dfh. Also, LEAD tor sale, by large orfinall quantities. tf Lexington, 22d Oftober, 1799. AND JaceB Coleman, i complainant, j.. airainft Samuelflruine, Daniel Brcaiheai, end Richard ll'dtcis, defendants, In Chancery. aring according to law, and the rules it appearing to the court that the ienaantt,uiuiard and Daniel, are notinhabit-"iyi- is state On the motion cf the complainant, ictorney, it is ordered that taelaid defendants liere, on the first day of our next Februarv couJtralid answer the complainant's hill; and it is ordered that one copy of this order be publiftied at Cane run meeting house, some Sunday immediately alter divine service; another to be polied up at the front door of this .Court house, and one other copy to be inserted eight weeks in out of the Kentucky Gazettes as the law direfts. A copy. Tefte, ' Thomas Allin, C. C. a. 11. t p iaTKrdpe isejffurt, and LL penfons having any demands Nathaniel Shaw, late agent for James O'Hara, Contraftor, or accounts unsettled, will please to come forward Without loss of time, inor-Je- r for settlement. tt Tleremher 3d.1 I7QQ.' J !! I, FOUND. ON ALEXANDER PARKER latelay rereived fiom, Pphiladelphia, in to his former attbrtment, and opened at e, his (lore, opposite the in Lexington, HAS court-hous- Double mill'd drab do. Drab plains &half thicks Fine wide blue coating Mixed, plain, twilled and striped do. afibrtcd. Flanrels aflorted Striped I: rose blankets Velverets, corduroys & thickfets Fine and coarse muslins Japan & tambour'd do. Chintzcsand callicocs as-sorted. Irish, German and Ruf-fia liiiens. :e It needles aflorted Boulting cloths and Turkey yarn Fiench indigo and glue Spanilh whiung Pins .will sell for cadi, Sad irons and anvils Tin plate in boxes. Copper bottoms forftills and kettles Sheet copper and wire Crowley's steel Trunks aflorted, tzc. 2.-&c, ata ? BAIRDSTOWN DISTRICT, In Kentucky, to wit: QUANTITY OF A at George Anderson's fl ore, or A. Holmci's brewery. . tf , Lexington, September i$i, 1 799- - notice! persons are Warned against taking an of either of two bonds executed by rue to Armfterul Morehead, and hy him afligned to Prathers & Smiley, dated the 6th day of February, 1799) 0,,e ue the 2itl1 da5, "f December, 1799, the the other due the 25th day ot December, ibbo. The said bonds having been given for ihe purchase of land to which I have not obtained a title according to contract, and for other equitable reasons. ALL LextKjton, September 39i, 3 '?' a 9'm..:r.?jmM a " tgfTaRIGHT;, hN!CH,P'A;s, rtiR' i SOOT & MANUFAC- - (J5 SHE turer: his thmlcs to his cuflcrrers, forfhe and hopes by his attention tobufi ness, to merit them in futuie. He begs leave to inform the public in general, that he has removed his (hop to the West corner of Main and Croft streets where he still continues to carry on his Uufineft id the mod elegant manner. RETURNS , He will take three or sour apprentices. Three or sour journeymen, who argood Workmen, will meet with encouragement. J nraifed to nine pounds June 24th, 1799- - I DEPARTMENT, Trenton, September 2, 1799. of the first regiment of artillerills and engineers, and of the first, feebnd, third and fourth regiments of infantry in the service of thp TInired States, who jre. finm Vl11tevpr Miifi.! absent from their commands, are required with all pollible expedition to report themleives by letter, to major general Alexander Hamilton. The officers thus call d upon, will be held amenable for any delay in reporting theinfelves, and those who do not report in sour months from the date of this notification, wilbe presumed to have rcfigned their commiffions. ij A Ricbd. Bibb. November 28th, 1799- - 3 T V AUGH AN is refuelled tp send the thatrweje directed tome, from Johii Netherland fen. in tjgjginla, to Mr. John Bradford, printer in Lexington, and he will mncli MR. ED. papers and blij. B. Netherlands TAKEN up by the fubferiber, living ft Henry Childers. In Chancery. "FHE defendants, John and Mary May, 1PAKEN up by the fubferiber, in Nl- i.eirs 01 oun iviav. deceaiea. no: havin-- r entered their appearance agreeable to law and .he; p.ces I 3.V.n rules of the court, and it arTnearinfr to the li,;tMi alf hands high, dnc sore soot shod. with leather this court that tlieyare not inhabitants of tl on of ndet the lhoe,judged sour years old appraifedtogl. commonwealth On the motion ofthe complainant Thomas Brass: by his coulifel, it is ordered that the faiddefendantsdq june, 1199. appear here, on the third day ofthe next JaniT aryterm, and anfwerthe complainant's bill) that a AY from the fubferiber, living near Pa-- L copy of this be inserted In one of the Kentucky O AN-ArU, Bourbon county, Samuel Purdie. an an- news paper, for two months"fucccmVely, and pub'-J- j lilhedat tl . door of Cox's Creek meeting houft, on prentite td tbe gunsmith's business, about sixteen fomeSunday, immediately aster divine service. and 1WC!lrs old, sandy hair, and Aim made- - Whoeverap a copy let up at the door ot the Court house of nrehends said apprentice, and delivers him to me, (hall have six pence reward. Nelson county. (A copy) Telle, Isaac Orcbafd. Benjamin Grayson, CU Curt December 9tli, 1797 gtf " ".. E, l Z... I hh InW"11 "iV3' """j t9 $. FOR SALE, , THE FOLLOBINO TRACTS OF The MILITARY LANDS: purchase to be paid in CASH, on or before thd first day of March next : Thousand aeies lying in Hardin county, ori creek, about one half Wile below the ONE Falls. 500 acres in tb above county, on a branch of Hardins creek, and about one mile below the Falls. joo acres in the above county, adjoining the sore- goingtraft, of jooacres Those three furteyswero made in the name of John Lewis. 1000 acres on the Big Barren river, made in tho name of John Wimbufli, adjoining a traft of Col. Dabney's. I am induced to believe, from all the information I have been enabled to colleft relative to) the above lands, they are veiy valuable. J y S S Banks. gt FAYETTE COUNTY: November Court, 17991 James Fcnlc complainant, against halhl. Barker ir George Cleveland defendants. IN CHANCERY. Cleveland not having entered his appearance .agreeable to law and the rules of this court, and Tt appearing to the fatisfaciion of the court that he is not an inhabitant of this Commonwealth, on the motion of the complainant b his counsel, it Is ordered that the said defendant do appear here on the iicond inonday in Maicf- next and answer the complainant ntll that a copy of THE defendant - this ordr be inserted in one ofthe Kentnckv news-pade- rs for two months lucceflively, snd pub; (two! at the door of the Prefbererijn meennghou'.: in Lexington some funday immediately aster divine service, and a copy set up at the door cf thecoure house in this county. A copy. Tefte; Levi Todd, c. r. c. TO BE SOLD, 1799. creek, in Garrard county, (formerSupreme Court, 1799. 5.1 ly part of Lincoln) a whitim grayhorfe, about nine or ten yaars old, about fourteen hands high, branded on the near buttock and shoulder with the letacainft ters iH, and on the off flloulder thus q$t appraised George Neal, ani "Jchi and Mary Ally, htirj of Jeln to 10I. I JS'U, ieceajed, defendants, a. K JJ e Toe-Val- much lower profit heretofore. lias done ;, NVhite lead Cut 3d. 4d. J: 8d. nails Crols cut, whip and mill fawi Decernebr 4th. BARLEY & HOPS. a CuTHi - WANTED IMMEDIATELY, h Lexingtonj Dec. 2d, 799. given by me to John M'Kinny, of Bourb on county, ior one hundred acres of land xpA on Red river, to be taken out of William Jones's location of inii: acres the bond the Leeftown road about 3 miles from L "Sated I think on the 5th day of April 56H1 nit. a nair of new dGdle' nn the James HP Henry. : as 1 am determined hot to combags; the owner may get them by applying to the 1797 ply with said bond, ufllefs compelled by The printers in the Several dates who publiihed fubferiber, and payingflcharges. the proppfals for the supply of rations during the law. 'Robert Patterson. year 1830, are requefted'to insert the above once VWilliam Denbam. week in their Lexington,.Deccmber 3d, 1793papers, till the first of January next. For which he will give one half Cam. C ra r, ft t. 1 Caflimers afTorted,y-g- ' ort w Confiftincof the following iirttrW .,u. t "'" ""ca,iiu uuuops, morocco, ana sattin Shoes: Buckles, and Watch Chains, Lamp ExtinguilhersiV; and a variety of other articles too tedious to men-y- s' tion. to commence at 10 o'clock in the? morning. 3w a. H. tr( Lexington, 17th Sept. 1799. J l8oc3, j:-::- a. "Jones E defendants. Richard arid Daniel y . TO BE SOLD, the first Onwedncfday, crptWt. day of January itthAt.i...r. M'Cullough's store Lexington, a large ailortment of 4S,e & & 1ALLUW, MERCER, fs. of Quarter Sessions, '99. rT AKEN r by the fubferiber, living in WATCH MAKER AND ELLER, T kSPECTFIJLLY informs his friends an. JL public in general, that he has icmovedf r,j JParis, Bourbon county, to this place, arid has co; CLAY, LA menced business in Main (licet, opposite the diftf JOHNHow am . ...... tittT mrnvtn ikd -- - OPENING.. A KANDSoMI clerk s office, where the public may be supplied in OF ofthe above lines ASSORTMENT Any commands in Pans, will be attended toby his brother Alex. Fiaier. MERCHANDIZE, Lexington, November 1 3, 1799. tf formerly occupied by Mr. Robert the N. B. Thehighed: price for old Gold and Silver. INBarr, house Melt". Samuel and George Trotopposite ter's, which he will sell on low terms for Cilh or NOTICF Country Produce, viz. Tobacco, Hemp, and Good Clean . Wheat, delivered at any of the merchant mills persons are hereby cautioned J . L u" ...:u k"'"" woocnoru. or in ...- - ir an V,T,.r.J L - from takinc an aflirrniTient on a bond J BEES-WA- X Shillings per Annum. Pii-tee- Green connty, on Robefon's creek, a bright bavmare 8or9 yearsold. afmallftarinherforehead. "yJAand some white hairs down to her noltrils, some sad spots,a white spot on her olTlhoulder, about 13 Tands high, paces natural, nd brand perceivable, ap- - ROBERT FRAZER, CLOCK price September Court 1UHI1.1CIII The public's obedient servant, 1 : That the trail of land hereinafter described, namely,," beginning at the north-- est corner of the seven ranges of townships, and lunning thence fifty miles due south, along the wellern boundary of the said ranges; thence due west to the Main branch of the Sciota river ; thence up the Main branch of the said river to the place where the Indian .boundary line profies the same ; thence along the said boundary line to branch of the Mn!kin-guriver, at the crolling place above sort Law-lencthence down the said river, to the point where a line run due west frorru the place of beginning, will interfeft the fjid river; thence along the line so run to the place of beginning;" has been divided into townlhips of five miles square, and fractional parts of townlhips ; and that plats and surveys of the said townlhips and. fractional parts of townfliips arc dcpof.ted in the offices of the register of the trea-fur- y and surveyor general, for the iafpeftion of all pei sons concerned. 2. The holders of such warrants as have been or shall begrantedformilitary services performed du rrg the late war, are requned to prelent the same 1. Vol.; XIII. i N Pendleton county, on the Dry ridge, near the 1 widow Arnold's on the 27 th inft. at t elv e montis credit, to tne higlielt biddetf, on giving bond wiMt -approved security, all the perlonal estate cfGt N. Wheeler, dec. confiding .f Negroes, H0.1 ihM and Kitcbin Furniture, Horses, Cattle, Hog ,nd Plantation tltenfils. Also the plantation to be rented, and immediate poftelfion gUen. It is allowed one ofthe bed (lands for a tavern that is betw-Cincinnati and Georgetown. The sale w.'l bein ac ten o'clock)and Continue till sold. Due attendance will be given by December 7th, 1799. TAKEN Jy. 2. Wheeler, adms. 2;f up by the fubferiber, living ia CountVi near Rire's linrr.n,ll tha Hickman road, a dark bay mare, t hands 1 inches or 14 years oio, no drand perceivable fomo nign lauuie ipots, appiauea te 33 dollars. i Benjamin Blackofd. European Intelligence. Turkey CONSTANTINOPLE, Aug id." Yfefterday the Port6 received intell!-.- ' gence that Kioffc Muftapha Pacha, affift-e- d by the Anglo Ruffian and Turkifli sleet, had taken Aboukir and Rosetta, in Egypt. The allied sleets have noW opened a communication in Egypt ; the united troops marching aginft Alexandria, and much appears to have been effected towards conquering Egypt. Several sacks with ears,' of such of the enemy as wefe killed, are arrived here. The Grand Seignor has presented the Tarter, who brought this intelligence, with a valuable pelicc, and a pension for life. This moment a fliip arrived here from St. John d'Acre, having a number ot Turks on board, who were wounded 'ire the battle of Aboukir. The troops o the united sleets, and other Turkish troops amounted to 40,000 men. Td secure Aboukir, the bulwark of Alexandria and of Egypt, the French had supplied it with troops from Alexandria and other places. The battle of Aboukir, in which Sir Sidney Smith Commanded theTurks was very obftlnatc and bloody. A great number sell on both sides, 1500 French were put to the fwOrdi Bat avian Republic. A&lSf ERDAM, October. 4. There are no further news from Alk maar, of the a6Uon of thesd, but frolu Amsterdam they write yesterday: " This day we know as little as yefler-da-y evening of the aclion of yesterday, which is said to be renewed ; the magistrates of the city have not yet publiihed any thing. But ia a leye? Jioin Alksiaar "

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