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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), November 14, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

1. .. THE DATE on your label shows the -- time to which your subscription is paid, please remit when your time expires or notify us to stop paper. The Jeffersonian ESTABLISHED JUNE Jeffersontown with Mrs. Annie Mc TRIBUTE Kinley. Li Of Love and Respect For I Mrs. Frederick. 1 1 1 IB ill: Mrs. Ervie Paris recently enter tained as all day guests Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Charley Davis, of Jefferscn- town, Mrs. Lee Harris, Mrs. Hickman Harris and Mrs. Bob Reid ami little daughters. Miss Sarah Mills, of Fern Valley, is spending a few days with Miss Ethel Mills, of Seatonville. Sorry indeed to hear that the beau tiful wife of the Rev. Jorgenson, our preacher at Cedar Springs, is very il with typhoid fever. Mr. Foree Jean and family enter tained in a delightful manner at di j ner yesterday a number of friends who accompanied them home from church. Those present were Mr. Myer Jean, Mr. Ernest Wigginton and family, Miss Annie Reid, Roy Beard Hardman, Mr. Mitchell Bridwell and family, Mr. Roy Reid, wife POULTRY SHOW At Armory December ers of the South and Central States are going to set a pace at the Great Armory Show in Louisville in Decern ber that the other large exhibitions of the country bad better watch closely. Premium list now ready s Address John A Murkin, Nashville, Tenn. Farmers Home Journal. Secy-Trea- 23-2- 1912. 8, .. Department is in charge oj expert workmen and our charges are no more than you pay forpoor COUNTRY PAPER IN JEFFERSON COUNTY 1907-ON- LY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, November 14, 1912 Vol. 6. No. 2 1 OUR PRINTINQ work. Every Thursday Both Phones. at $1.00 Per Year thews is progressing rapidly, and building lots are being sold almost daily. We have two efficient real BEARGRASS Church May Be Moved to Shelby Pike. Card of Thanks. estate agents on the alert for purchasersMr. R. O. Dorsey and Mr. N. O. Rudy, young in the cause, but good at anything they attempt. Con sequently we are moving forward with them at the helm. A. B. C. EASTWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. A. Shelburne beg to Work Begun on New Shelby Line. Ora Yeager's Useful Life School Nov. 11. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Thom acknowledge with grateful apprecia as, of Crescent Hill, were guests of Progress at St. Matthews. try Exhibition To Equal Chica- tion the generous expressions of sym Closes on Account of Scarlet Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Blackwell Sunpathy extended in the loss of their day. A. B. C. Letter. go, New York and Boston. son, Augustine. Especially do we ap Fever Dry Ridge News. Miss Emma Hope, of Veechdale, preciate the many kindnesses shown has been the recent guest of Mrs. him in his affliction by the citizens of Frank Beckley. the town and community. St. Matthews, Nov. 11 This beau There are many reasons why you Mrs. N. Bensinger and daugnter, Dry Ridge, Nov. 11 Even though it tiful "Indian summer" weather should exhibit your birds at the Great Miss Elsie, of Louisville, speat last brought out the best there is in us be a week late, I want to offer my Armory Poultry Show in Louisville, every way; sweetened our tempers, Wednesday with Mrs. A. Levy. deepest sympathy to the husband, Ky., December 1912. and there Misses Mary and Blanch Blackwell made us more sociable, and helped us daughter and sons of the late Mrs. are no reasons whv vou should not. have returned home after visiting And Emma Carrithers Frederick. wonderfully through the ordeal of In the first place the Great Armory housecleaning. Visiting and visitors friends and relatives in Louisville. her old neighbors feel that we, too, and little son and M. G. Boston and Poultry Show is a National Show, Mrs. Eyerette have sustained a loss in her death. family. We certainly enjoyed their and a winning at this show will be Of Jefferson Connty Boys Corn istheordt-- of the dav anion? thp Davenport and daughter, Hazel, have returned after Living almost within the shadow of hospitality and regretted the day worth as much to the breeder as any Saints." Clubs Next Saturday At visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Benning-lielher girlhood home, remembering her was not as long as the twenty-firs- t of of the big shows of the North and The Ladies Aid ot the Beargrass as a beautiful, good, laughter-loyin- g at Taylorsville. East. The Louisville Show is not a June. Station. church met last Tuesday with Mrs. girl, knowing her as an attractive, Mr. and Mrs. Horter Raley and money making enterprise. Every Covington Herr and were entertained thoughtful, unusually kind woman, family, of Gravel Switch, Bovle coundollar made by the Association, after n a royal manner. The beautiful Dies in Alamogordo, N. M. the thought will come, why couldn't ty, who recently purchased Mrs. Julia all the legitimate expenses of the The Jefferson County Boys Corn work of the ladies during this strenu rsaacs' farm, moved she have been spared for many years The funeral of Thos. J. Bell took show are paid, goes back into the here last week to All is now uake their Clubs will have an exhibit next Sat- ous year was displayed. yet to her family and friends' Since place at Pennsylvania Run cemetery next annual exhibit. future home. urday, Nov. 16, in the office of the ready for the bazaar to be on sale at her death I heard a lady ay she had Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Miss Maud Louise Beckley visited The men back of the Louisville never known any one to take as much Mr. Bell, who has been an invalid Show are among tne most prominent Interurban Station on the Northwest Miss Mamie Dillon's millinery apart Vliss Marie Pearcy Sunday. pleasure in helping and accommodat for the past year, was taken to New breeders in the country and are finan side of the Green street entrance, ment on Fourth avenue Nov. 22 and Miss Lorena Mullins returned to Louisville, The Louisville Commercial 23, 1912. Eye hath not seen more ing others, and I was told that when Mexico the twentieth of August by cially able to promote a her home in Shelby county, after show of this her brother went to see her shortly Dr. G. W. Kirk, hoping the climate character. Every obligation of the Club has offered valuable prizes to beautifully dressed doll3 or more ex spending a week with before her death, she inquired about. would benefit him. He wrote home Great Armory Show, which is under the boys raising the best corn and a quisite embroidery on pillow cases. Messrs. Jeff and Gordon her brothers. Mullins. all her old friends here. Always she every week saying he was doing fine control of the South Central Poultry good showing is looked for Saturday. towels, doilies, etc. Come, everyMr. and Mrs. Geo. Beckley and Mr. body, arid buy your Christmas pres had a smile as bright and words as and was delighted with the country. Association, will be met promptly Every member of the club is urged Howell Beckley spent Sunday with to make an exhibit, as all will have ents here at reasonable prices. kind for the poorest as for the rich Mr. Bell's mother and father died and in full. .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Becklev. a chance to win a prize. est of her friends, and on every side when he was but three years old. He Miss Ophelia Selph, from Lagrange, management realize the im The Miss Sue Blackwell is visiting Miss The Buechel Commercial ulub ofI hear words of praise for her life and vith his two sisters, Misses Niva and and Miss Alice W. Mount, from Har-rod- es Nicholson, of portance of the poultry industry to fered a prize of $100 for profound regret at her death. Fisherville. Virginia Bell, made their home with the best ten Creek, are visitinc Mrs. Norgreat Central and acres of corn grown in Jefferson counMr. and Mrs. W. N. Dale attpn uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. P. the people of the their Southern section of the country and ty, and this contest may be brought borne Hardin this week the funeral of Mrs. Chas. Dale last It will be long before we get over H. Brown, until the last few years t is their purpose to put on in Louis up at the same E. H. Mullins, from Mt. Vernon. Wednesday. time. when he became connected with the the shock of Ora Yeager's death . ville, each year, an educational poul and J. W. from Dptroit Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hardin and which, under the circumstances, may circulating department of the Louis try exhibition second to none in the Michigan, are the guests of Mr. ano son, Ci..M.fllk O any. years ville Times. He was jast 29 Jas. Lyle.of Shelby county, spent juipnac i have been for the best; nevertheless, They are working in the world. Mrs. J. H. Rudy for a few days. Mr Sunday with Mrs. Hardin's father, Mtss Helen Allgeier was given a de Ingleman formerly lived in his wife and children have all the old and it seemed to us, who see interest of the poultry interest in this vicis love and sympathy we can give them, through a glass darkly, hard for one general, and to advance and develop lightful surprise. Th ose nrpspnt Uy, and was heartily welcomed bv Mr. Jas. Orr. so young to be cut down. He was The friends of Misses Annie and and it would be well if we could turn the great poultry industry in every were Misses Merina Winebere. Jo his friends. Elizabeth Corbin gave them a tacky our minds from his sad death to his member of the Highland Church of wav possible, and there is no better hanna and Agnes Wineberg, Rosa manly, upright, honest life. So well Christ and was a beautiful Christian agency for bringing to the attention and Catherine Allgeier, Sophia and I had the pleasure of visiting the masquerade party last Thursday evehigh esteem in which I remember seeing him morning af character. The of the people the advantages of poul Lula Hahn, Clara and Mary Manning, school in St. Matthews last week and ning. The prizes were received by the Highland people found the half had never been told Miss Blanch Blackwell and Mr. Howter morning going early to school, he was held by the memorial seryices try raising than through the poultry Cora Nevilla, Stella and Fannie was shown by Cleo Lambert, Carrie Osther, of the progress of these children and ell Beckley. Those invited were where he behaved a little better, reshow. The poultry show today is by the Highland church on Sun studied a little harder, recited a lit held sponsible for the 8900,000,000.00 poul- Rosa Sower, Anna Dalahancy, Mary the wonderful methods of these three Misses Sue Blackwell, Alice Fowler, by Rev. Alex Glass, Clara, Rosa and Anna Bishop, teachers in developing the minds of Mary and Blanch Blackwell, Julia tie more eagerly, played with a little day evening, conducted try industry that exists today. Lipscomb. more spirit than any one there, al There is no better location in Am- Mary Louise Mitchell, Emma Graff, our little folks. Their map drawings Spicher, Katherine Guthrie, Sue The long weary hours of 'waiting though his schoolmates were a fine erica today for a great National Maggie Allgeier, Catheriqe Wind- and protraving products of each Jenkins, Messrs. Gordon Mullins, Lee lot of boys and girls. And at home for his body to reach here from New Poultry event each year, than the horst, Carrie Weber, Katie otte, state would do credit to statesman, Downey, Role Pearce, Edw. Mullins, he worked so well and so willingly Mexico was indeed a trial to his two city of Louisville, Ky. The great Rosa Humrich, Edna Krauth: Messrs. and we make our best bow to these Max Pearce, Edw. Orr, Horace Wallace Stuart, John Hardin, Armory Building situated in the very George Graft, Mike and Charlie worthy instructors. that always he was greeted by the sisters and relatives, but: Stuart Clore, Howell Beckley, Mosea same grateful smile of welcome from My lost, my own and I center of the city, a city of nearly Graff,, Herman, Henry and Joe Manhave so much to see together There is a movement on foot at Stuart, Roger and Luther Sweeney. his grandmother whenever he enter Shall and by. one quarter of a million people, is ning, Joe, Arthur, Anton and George by room, tnat it is a pleasure now I do not believe that just that same sweet not only the largest and best show Allgeier, Louie and John Hauch, Al- present to move Beargrasj church Mrs. Jas. Powell, of Campbellsburg, ed the face Then later he was such to recall rooms in the country, but the light- bert Allgeier, Ben' Schoenbackler, to the Shelby pike, as all its members has returned to her home after spenda good kind husband and father, and But glorified is waiting- in the place ing and ventilating facilities are un- Domic Camber, Fred Hahn, Peter can then take advantage of the elec- ing two weeks with her mother, Mrs. Where we shall meet, if only I one summer he made us such a fine Am counted worthy in that by and by equalled. Louisville is situated in Bishop, Albert Roederer, Charlie and tric car lines to attend church, The Mary Krnmons. Sunday-schosuperintendent here I do believe tnat uoa win give a sweet the very center of the great Central Clarence Kaiser, Clarence Miller, church is situated in an out of the Mrs Robert Sturgeon and daughsurprise at our school house that we feel he and Southern Poultry field, a section Joe Schmackers, Chris Zimmerman, way place for many of its members ter, Katherine, spent Saturday in surely made the world better by liv To tear stained, saddened eyes. of the Union that is making more Carl Long, Carl Kramer, Carl Gray, who have not conyeyances. yet the Louisville. And that this his heaven will be Will Wenzel, Fred Michel, Louie and lot would make ideal residence sites. ing and leaving these memories. Miss Lula Sturgeon was the wtek Most glad, most tided throug-with joy for rapid improvement in the development of the poultrv industry than Andrew Allgeier, George Stout, Will As times aud people change, churches end guest of her aunt, Mrs. m. you and me. any other section of any country on Wirtz, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Graft. must change their locations, also, to Brooks, of Middletown. Our school is closed this week on As we have suffered much." account of little Ruth Snyder having Mr. E. J. Hatchett and family, of the face of the globe, a country Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schaenbachler. Mr. keep In touch with the people. Dies After Long Illness. j Albany, Ind., spent Saturday at their where thousands upon thousands of and Mrs. Anton Wineberg, Mr. anr" the scarlet fever, and as she was Grading nas oegun on the new Shel- country home here. taken sick at school it was feared Augustine Shelburne, Jr., son of people are engaging in the business Mrs. Frank Schmackers, Mrs. Will by line above St. Matthews and we other pupils might have contracted Augustine Shelburne, of Jetterson- - and a well to do class of people who Kramer. All had a good time. feel very queer, and actually find ourA day spent in the city shopping is the disease. However, no cases have town, passed away last Friday morn have the money to purchase good selves dodging the cars, as our fences made more pleasant by a delectable developed as yet, and we sincerely ing at 9:15 o'clock, after an illness of poultry and eggs. Louisville is the Poplar Level To Entertain. are removed and it seems as if each meal at the Blue Grass Dairy Lunch nope none wm. we were sorry, in- about three years from a complica gateway to the Southern trade. It deed to have our school, which was tion of diseases. He came here with is practically the door to the great The Poplar Leyel school will give a car will mount the porch. We will, 323 W. Jefferson, opposite interurban Vegetables, sandwiches. progressing so nicely, interrupted by his parents about a year since from southern poultry field, and as a mar Thanksgiving entertainment and box jot course, get used to this city life, station. '"hill billy" feeling must crop pastries, delicious coffee. Good things this dread disease. Louisville, but was born and reared ket place for good poultrv it is doubt party on Wednesday evening. Novem- but the at reasonable prices Ladies are Miss Mattie Reid, of Bowling Green, in Bloomfield. Ky. He was a grad ful if there is another show in Amer ber 27. Patrons and friends are cor- out for awhile. given special attention. ica that can surpass the great Louis dially invited to attend. Advertisecame up to Louisville recently to see uate of the Louisville Boys High The department store at St. Mat ment. Women played and invited her School and a bright young man. He ville Show. Little sister, Mrs. G. S. Cartwright, Mrs. was 21 years of age and before his The g' rat Armory Show in Louis Walter Casey and daughter, Lois, illness contemplated entering the ville in December will be patronized Mr. M. G. Boston, wife and daughter, medical profession. He was a mem by breeders from Indiana, Illino to accompany her to enjoy this sweet- ber of the Presbyterian church and a Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New est of all stories for girls. Besides his Jersey, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minne consistent Christian. Mrs. Bemus Shake spent Saturday parents he is survived by a brother, sota, Iowa, Missouri, Ktntucky and with her parents who also entertain- J. Edward Shelburne, of Shelbyville. all of the Southern States. The best The funeral services were conduct birds on th'e American Continent will ed her sister, Mrs. Mary Chowning, For WINTER and SPRING PROTECTION ed at the residence in Jeffersontown be seen at the great Louisville Show Louisville. of Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock bv Even the far Western States will J. R. Carrithers and wife. John Carrithers and wife, Burdine Brid-we- the deceased's uncle, Rev. E. C. have birds on exhibition at Louis and wife, and Miss Annie Reid Trimble, assisted by Rev. Mr. Mc ville in December. Why do you expose The buria There is no reason why the Great m and Mr. Roy Reid attended Mrs. Chord, of Louisville took place at Bloomfield, in Nelson Armory Show should not become the Fredericks tuueral and burial. ous of WINTER when county, where services were conduct greatest and grandest Poultry Exhi Mr. M. G. Boston, wife and daughed at the grave by Rev. Trimble and bition in the world. Louisville is ter made a trip to Louisville recently Rev. Sanders, of Bloomfield. within easy reach of nearly all the Driving ZERO is to visit the families of W. W. Reid, Many friends here aad at Bloom States, birds being able to reach Lou Walter Casey and Theo. Hardman, field expressed great sorrow and sym isville overnight from most of them, in who had a regular family reunion on pathy to the bereavtd parents in which is a great advantage to the Sunday in their honor, having Mr. their sad loss. exhibitor, as it does not keep the and Mrs. G. S. Cartwright, Mr. and Sold By birds cooped up in shipping cages for "Mrs. Victor Cartwright and little any length of time, and puts them in Strange Bird Sold. v daughter,- Ruth, Miss Mattie Reid, Mr. K. L. Smith, of Buechel, sol the show room in the best possible Mr. Walter Casey, wife and daughondition. Louisville is wide awake one day this week to Mr. John War ter to meet them. to the poultry proposition. The comMiss Mayme Carrithers, of near ren the strange bird captured on his mercial organizations, the business defarm by L. B. Stivers. It is to be ex- men and Mt. Washington, entertained INCORPORATED. the people in general realize lightfully Sunday before last in hon- hibited through the South this win- the importance of the industry and or of Mr. Bemus Shake and wife. ter. The price was private. are doing their part to make the Quite a number of youag folks were Greafc.Armory Show a grand success. Pie Supper. there. PRESTON AND JEFFERSON, The enterprising newspapers of the Mrs. J. R. Carrithers spent a few will he a pie supper at the citv of Louisville are behind the There MODELS READY FOR DELIVERY days of last week with her son. John, Swamp College school house next movement and can be counted on foi and his wile. Saturday night, Nov. 16, beginning anything to promote and develop the LOUISVILLE, KY. CALL AND GET ONE Mrs. Burdine Bridwell and daugh- at 7:30 o'clock. Everybody is cor ndustry. It is safe to predict that the breed ter spent Saturday and Sunday in dially invited to attend. Louisville To Have National Poul . hs EXHIBIT 23-2- r d, .. s - Intrlc-man- 1. v Na-vill- v. a, Me-lou- e, it ol 18-t- f. A NEW STORM BUGGY -- ll yourself to the danger conditions with the thermometer at safe and comfortable - an AHLBRAND STORM BUGGY 1913 HALL SEED CO. I

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