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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

AGENDA Meeting of the Board of Trustees University of Kentucky 1:00 P.M. April 25,2006 18 th Floor Patterson Office Tower Roll Call Approval of Minutes - (Consent) Minutes - March 7, 2006 President's Report and Action Items PR 1 President's Report to the Trustees College of Education Report - Dean James Cibulka PR 2 Personnel Actions (Consent) PR 3 Proposed Revision to the Governing Regulations (Reviews of Educational Units and Their Chief Administrative Officers) PR 4 Appointment of Board of Directors, University of Kentucky Business Partnership Foundation, Inc. Academic Affairs Committee Report AACR 1 Candidates for Degrees - University System (Consent) AACR 2 Candidates for Degrees - Bluegrass Community and Technical College (Consent) Audit Subcommittee Report Finance Committee Report FCR 1 Bell Alcohol and Addictions Chair Gifts and Pledge (Consent) FCR 2 Roger Disilvestro Gift and Pledge (Consent) FCR 3 William Stamps Farish Fund Gift and Pledge (Consent) FCR 4 Gifts and Pledges to the E. Preston Hicks Chair for Orthodontics and Oral Health Research (Consent) FCR 5 Estate of John C. Hubbard Gift (Consent) FCR 6 Dorothy Nelms Gift and Pledge (Consent) FCR 7 Medical Alumni Association Gifts and Pledge (Consent) FCR 8 Gene and Deborah Gabbard Charitable Remainder Unitmst Pledge (Consent) FCR 9 Estate of Edith H. Harmon Gift (Consent) FCR 10 Estate of Anthony Leonard Boaden Wyatt Gift (Consent) FCR 11 Renaming of Professorship in Behavioral Science and Acceptance of Pledge

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