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Image 4 of The Adair County news., July 17, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

f I s f A CALL For Democratic Precinct Meetings and County Ounimifc tee Meeting for Adair County At a meeting of the Democratic Committee for Adair oonnty at the circuit clerks office at Co ¬ lumbia Kyon the 1st dayof July 1901 for the purpose of fix ¬ ing a time and manner of nomi ¬ nating Democratic candidates for the the various county and dis ¬ trict officers of Adair county to be voted for at the November elec ¬ tion 1901 it was ordered by said committee that said nominations hd bo made as follows The Democrats of Adair county will meet at their respective vot ¬ ing places in each of the voting precincts on Saturday August the 3d at 3 oclock p m and ar ¬ range themselves in proper order to be counted for the different candidates for whom they may desire to vote the vote for each candidate to be counted and a tal ly thereof to be kept by the Com mitteeman for their district re ¬ speotfully and the vote for each candidate to be preserved and re ¬ turned by said committeeman to a meeting of the whole county committee to be held at the court ¬ house in Columbia on Monday the 5th duy of August 1901 at 1 oclock p m at which time and place tho vote of the different precincts will be counted and re sult will hu certified by said com- ¬ mittee The candidate for any county office receiving plurality of votes cast in the whole county for nominee for said office shall be declared and ci rtifkd by the County Committee tho nominee of the Democratic party for said office The offices for yhich nominations arc to be made are County Judge County Attorney County Sheriff Assessor Court Clerk Jailer Surveyor Coroner and Common School Superintendent and a Justice of the peace and Constable for each Justices dis ¬ ¬ trictFor the purpose of counting and preseriiiR the vote each candidate to be voted for may select a per ¬ son to be present and assist in the counting If the Democratic Committeeman should not be Present at the time and place oftaking the vote the Democrats are to select a man in his place to take the vote I therefore as Chairman of the Democratic Committee hereby di ¬ rect the holding of the precinct mass meetings and the Adair County Democratic Committee at the time and places and for the purpose and in the manner herein above indicated In said mass meeting all Dem ocrats who will be entitled to vote in said precincts at the No vember election 1901 may vote in said meeting Given under my hand this 6th day of July 1901 r ¬ N M TUTT HD 4- ti MURRAY Chan DCC Secy Fourth of July Ace dents Tribune presents reports from all over the country showing tho number of persons Rilled and injured as the result of celebrating the Fourth of July The number actually killed if less than last year being nine teen against thirty then but the number of injured is considerably larger the figures being 1611 against 1825V The real list of fatalities will however rot bo known until the number ot deaths resulting from loskjaw caused by toy pistol wounds come in Last year in Chicago there were no deaths reported on July 5 from toy pistols but boforfj the month was out twentyfive lead died from the resulting lockjaw and tho re mainder of the country sent in equally fatal records Chicago last year had one death and fortytwo injured This time no death is reported but there is a list of 103 injured The number of wounds from toy pistols however is limited to five which would indicate that the prohibition put on that dangerous toy was at least partially effective Of other cities Philadelphia It re makes the largest showing ports 175 casualties of every kind and description and Cincinnati comes next with J50New York was singularly lucky being be Hind Chicago in tho list of iujur = ed but it had three deaths result i ing from an explosion of fireworks and Now London had a premature Tho Chicago ¬ ¬ r t u Poor Old Hubby lltt came h U someiiig6te explosion ofn cannon by which two more w I4 lcjilfil lit Qiiiiic HI tliirf was also a Mass itiuauuj caused fcV bnccniig Fyi totality frriij I by hordes fireworks stud there wirRjrmim yur1Un cities tier of 1 juritH growing out of tho SAUIB cause In the list of futulitiep explo ¬ sions of firaworka and the careless handling of firearms caused the majority of deaths but over one third of tho injuries were caused by the careless use of fireworks more especially skyrockets Next to the fireworks comes the ii Imank Leases Worlds Largest Gun pIIItrIor sak Washington July 2TlJu manaje ago- 24 irrac i + Lebanon ¬ et ni tterExverdant youth dropped into a j nv Iers and after gazing at some fraternity pins in tho show case srd to the proprietor Thems mighty nice breastpins JU got thar mister What kind of pin would you like to lookat low much is this one witha tJf compasses and a squar point ¬ ing to a Masonic pin Five dollars Five dollars I Gosh I You haiut got one with any handsaw on it have you Im just outer my time and as Im goin to sot up as a carpenter and jinter I thought Id like to havesomethin to wear so folks would know what I was doinVell Ill take it though Id like one with a hand- ¬ mebbe thats The compass is to plain enough mark out yer work and the square Is to measure it when marked out and any darn fool knows that G stands for gimlet 7t j D t Ii ¬ Bnckner Tobacco Warehouse 60 eThe enable It Andandoh IOVISVILJLE KY HOUSEas 50000 ¬ amt 300s 5000a Nnno 1 ¬ IFor ThirdII FourthII FifthII SixthII 50II 4 5II 3060u rgorThe 835604g ¬ ¬ 6000 WeeklyEnquirer guessesS1OOO m WeeklyEnquirer ¬ 755e ili 753 HOGS The tax that bad roads levies upon Stock in the Columbia Oil Co 810 per share If you want to take this the people is like the tariff tax levied Choice packing and butch ¬ risk of making some big money on such by the Federal government in that 5 85 ers 200 to 300 tbs a small investment come while the op people pay it without realizing that portunity exists iFair to good packing160 they are doing so and also like the 200K s 6 OC The Best Remedy for Stomach tariff tax the people wouldnt stan and Bowel Troubles It a year if they had to pay it separ ¬ Good to extra light 120 to 5 80 I have been in the drug business ately going down into their pockets 160 ibs SHEEP AND LAKHS twenty years and have sold most all cash cash each time for Good to extra shipping of the proprietary medicines of any Eat What You Like 3 353 7 Sheep note Among the entire list I have When you take Morleys Liver and Fair to good 2 503 00 never found anything to equal Cham dyspepsia 2 002 50 berlains Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Kidney Cordial for then foul breath Common to medium indigestion heartburn Remedy for all stomach and bowel dizziness and the long train of similar says O W Wakefilld of troubles will disappear and your cleans troubles Columbus Ga This remedy cured ed and awakened system will demand two severe cases of cholera morbus in fond Sound digestion and sound ap myfamiiy and I have recommended petite go together and both follow the use of this time tried remedy Ask and sold hundreds of bottles of it to your druggist my customers to their entire satisfaction It affords a quick and sure cure Railroads are of course beneficial to in a pleasant form No family should all communities but at least half the be without it I keep It in my house benefit that should be derived from at all times For sale by M Cravens them is completely lost unless there are good public roads leaning to them Stunt by a Centipede and in that way enabling the farmer Mrs Thos Sanders Bluff ton Texas to market his crops at the lowest possi ¬ was stung by a centipede A doctor ble coat Are you nervous Are you completely exhausted was sent for but before he arrived Do you suffer every month Some people talk of the great cost of some sensible friend wet a piece of If you answer yes to any of good roads but if theyll think over these questio you have ills which brown paper with Morleys Wonderful Wine of Cardui cures Do you the matter a little theyll soon realize Eight and applied it to the wound cost of good roads is insignifi ¬ The doctor said his services were not that the needen for the poison was neutralized cant in comparison to the cost of bad or killed by the Wonderful Eight roads When once constructed the cost a good road is practically at an Mrs S did not suffer from the wound Untbut day by day steadily end while on the other hand a bad Sold by ogcnt in every town road is always a tax on each and every streal period will the femaleljItem in perfect condition This All Ministers of the Gospel and all thing that is hauled over it Many persons over seventy years old will be people do not realize this because they admitted into the Columbia Fair have to go down into their pock ¬ grounds free the full four days if they dont old ets and pay the bad road tax forget tndorud by JoooOOOcand women desire to put in solid time Come Mrs LenaT Friebore Earl st Louis ting that it is paid by reducing their and young I am physically lit sayjj a sew profits on everything in which they woman b reason of my we of Wine of She Didnt Wear a Mask deal Coffin and Thtdfonfs Mack Draught Butherbeauty was completely hid ¬ Little Phil Thompson formerly ITT Department The Chattanooga Medh den by sores blotches and pimples till Clue Co CkatUBOOta of Harrodsburg who suffered the se ¬ she used Bucklens Arnica Salve Then qf one of liis legs by a fall they vanished as will all eruptions vere In jury l boils ulcers carbuncles from a street car in New York about fever sores six weeks ago will prepare his suit and felons from its use Infalliable against the street railway com pans for for Cuts corns burns scalds and piles damages The suit will be for a large A Cure guaranteed 25c at T E Paull amount It is understood that the The Connecticut Mutual does not company which is a wealthy one is write moan policy nor a tontine policy new ready to compromise for 10000 I It is an annual dividend company If but 810000 fs very little money to you want to knout all about the differ sow vet or improve YWl Little Phil VCATJlfAoeMARK ent policies written call at this office I ¬ dto ¬ AMERICAN i Questions for Women Incorporated AMOUNT menstrualdisorders Wineof homeThere C05tsoaIy address < n- e tr a 25000 125000 20000000 HOLDERS COUPON PAID OC Co Address all correspondence to HOME OFFICE y KY TSRMS TO FIRST CLASS AGENTS GOOD minus 11PATENT IJl Blank Leases for scale ready to wall j f100 for 100 awl you pay postage f Ossey CoaetyPair August114j5Eed 18r- ry for Water l DEALERS IN Gas and Steam t and Factory Supplies MFG THE AHRENSOTT Perfect Fitting Modern Shoes 316 FourthAvenueKY LOUISVILLE GO INCORPORATED Louisville Kentucky PARSON MOSS I am BLACKSMITHSWOODWORKERS KENTUCKY COLUMBIA Farmers co Farmersca prepared to takeyourordersf- orHydraulic We are prepared to do any kind of work in our line in firstclass order We have been in the business for 25 years and know how to do work Our prices are as low and terms as reasonable as any firstclass mechanics We will take country produce at market value Give us call Shop near Columbia Mill Co Rams to throw water from your springs to your houses or barns Can also furnish pumps of any kind cheaper than ever Write to me at Columbia for estimates or call and se meat the Marcum HoYours truly tel WOOD N New Carriage I and Wagon Shop Wilmore Hotel 1 t w M WILMOKE Prop Kentucky Qradyville swp1thau I t Fetd1ia T l r OlUiHYIORS OP New Desigirs Call on or address Ii RrtteN DAwFQWOOi t T WAiZH 11f GYoM DiC > CITIES SHOE STORE Wei Casing Iron Pipes Exclusive High Grade General Brass and Iron Goods Boots and Shoes ITFREE Send mod free examination and YN PATENTS foe beIoIe pate at 1111 THE THREE Hose Belting PACKING BOILER TUBES rMIll wouldbe realzed r GOiPANY CAPITAL STOCK RESERVE SURPLUS ¬ lit t THE INVESTMENT 5LEXINGTON ¬ Cuts and bruises are healed by Cham ¬ berlains Pain Balm in about one third the time any other treatment would The body fan unknown HUH handrequire because of Its antiseptic quail ¬ ties which cause the parts to heal with ¬ somely dressed was found sating in be Kentucky river near MHwkys out maturation For sale by M ir t1 GUARANTEEDII ando guess g i JifQ V Ril FRro s LOW WORK eveningf I 1j OFT1IE9 Marbley i i IAN Visit to His Fathers Grave as a workiugman Disguised Robt T Lincoln went to Spring field recently to visit the tomb o his father the martered President Abraham Lincoln Why the trip should hove been made secretly is not explained Tho only theory advanced by Mr Lincolns friends is that he probably wanted to es ¬ cape the curiosity seekers wh would have assembled at the tomb tf they had known of his coming Mr Liucoln was met at the train by GovYates and the pair were driven to the cemeteryIt is asserted that Mr Lincoln is displeased over the fact that his fathers body i3 lying in the iden tical place from which ij was stol ¬ The sarcophagus is en years ago near the iron door of the vault but this door would not prevent an attempt to repent the theft Thre is no night watchman at the tomb and it would be the work of bit a few minutes to re IUMVO the door that guards the Mr Lincoln ex- ¬ honored dead pressed his displeasure over the mutter while iu Springfield and as a result the coffin is to be hidden tnsdu the monument or buried un- ¬ der a block of cement It is more than likely that the coffin will be opened again before it is finally laid away for all time the coffin was last opened twenty six years ago and those present at the time assert that the body was in l perfect state of preservation Oly a small party will be pres ¬ and the time and date will be carefully guarded from the public Mr Lincoln admitted tonight tint ho had visited his fathers l mb but declined to talk of the but A r toy pistol in tho casualty list Two hundred and fortynine child ¬ ren were injured by tbeso toys in various cities of the country and the question now is what will the fatality list from this amount to The other causes of injuries di ¬ vided the honors fairly well be ¬ tween them except that the most serious harm was done by the pre ¬ mature explosion of cannon in the hands of the people who were not accustomed to their use In severalcases unfortunates lost hands and arms by this means A lamentable case occurred in a small town in South Dakota where a boy was instantly killed by the explosion of an anvil which was being used in limiof a cannon The loss by fire resulting from the careless use of fireworks of their premature explusiin was K s than in previous years the fires as a rule being small ones and the In tho entire damage light country from reports received last night it amounted to put a little over 60000 sw n C VD potndj from a busy days meat of the Pan American ExfivsHSirr Its su a JIlt there h n ttrtoat re PROPRIETORS tyoft rttiahi3 wife muted until he will be uisappuiiird in ts hupooi w J or r jnht because had f etcff his coat says London cunue the great sixicunuieU rinV a certain tough sinner appears at ev oS TitBits which is being manufactured turii iry sitrfco they think his U begin Dill you get that piece of silk government and which Is iu tended to ie to love the Lord when lu reality LliiLN1NLN1N KY I asked you to bring 1 she in- ¬ become a part of the coast armament it is a pretty girl tnemberbe Is in love Manufacturers of and quired seeing that he bad not laid This big gun has cost theUu o i about witli Tompkinsvllle News dealers in all kinds of before her and Ira halt million dollars thus far it Yes dear j I left it out there- Is so far from completion tbat it is not Aien 0 Mycr Columbus 0has MARBLE in the hall expected that it can be exhibit be ¬ bruugutfultin the US district court GRANITE Did you get the pins fore another year has passed It has for 50OOO darnatesralist the Grand u Yes dear lie uainis he was been suggested in consequence that It Lodge of Elks Special iit teutioti given to cemetery work And the ribbon 1 would form a UiOt interesting exhibit wrongfully and illegally expelled from bcfurn can prepared to all kinds of for the St Louis Expos lion iu 1001 as that order that his paper The Elk front iuj YesAnd Bobbies shoes 1 it will probably be mounted by that was destroyed and his history of the WMFJEFFRIESIocal Yes Elks rendered valueless and that the time and ready fur transportation And a wick for the kitchen The castings for the gun are com ritual of the order of which he was tbe J M nUCKNIR SR ML JM UCKNEfRJn I nUCKNERVice President Secy end Treas plete but its breech mechanism has author and proprietor was appropria lampYes not been finished nor has the immedi ¬ ted and Is now In use And some matches ate gun carriage on which it is to b management of the Columbia Yes they are with the other mounted In 1903 the gun will be ful Fair has made a good hitby the follow ¬ ly completed and it is expected then ing announcement All persons over bundlesAnd INCORPORATED did you see the man about as now it willbe the largcst gun in the- seventy years of age will be admitted Jlp 216220 TENTH ST the coal range of free The old people do not often get 313319 CHAPEL ST BET MAIN AND MARhi will have a Norld e Yes j it will be up on Monday twentylive wiles and its destructive four them without expense to And the man to fix the grate ability rii hardly be estimated It is days very pleasantly with their friends SPECIAL KTTeNTION OliZEN PF2IVKTE SALES in the diningroom indicated however by the fact that throughout the country FOUR MONTHS F EE STORAGE Yes j hes coming as soon as tbe skilled gunners of the United he can A wild and wooley Westerner h States artillery believe any welldi And did you go and pay the rected shot from tbe great gun would just given up a splendid opportunity gas bill entirely demolish the largest fighting to stay drunk and at tncfsame time Yes dear ship of a hostile navy which might att- have an excuse for conscience sake yes did you empt to enter a port which itdefends Eight years aa he swallowed a live order a new shovel for the kitch- ¬ For Nearest Correct Guesses on the Total Vote of Ohio on November 5 lizard and his suffering was vr at un ¬ Get Your Moneys Worth en 1901 will be distributed to patrons of the Weekly Enquirer as follows til in some mysterious way be discov 6OOO Nearest Correct Guess he hesitated I It is ofhard to appreciate the ful 3000 Second Nearest Correct Guess Morleys Wonderful Eigh worth II II II forgot it1500 until you have used it in a scoieof the that it would lie perfectly stilt and not II II II 1000 she exclaim ¬ emergencies that come in every house ¬ meddle with his digestion a little bit Good gracious II II II 60O Claiborne E II II cdUWhat did you do that for p hold DrT saysBarnhart of me to say if kept about ball shot 4OO This went Parish La Permit You know we needed that shovel I have tried Morleys Wonderful Eight on for a long time greatly to the sail II II and I told you about it the vory and found it a good medicine in pleur ¬ faction of man and bsast but the fe 5OOO 100 first thing when you went to town isy rod Pneumonia Nothing equalsit lows wilt finally objected He wa II II II Price 2 5 cents thinking too much of the lizards comthis morning I do think you in relieving pain 15300 men are the most forgetful and ask yonr druggist 5OOOO A total of 4387 prizes amounting to fort and not enough of his duckey most careless creatures that ever In case of tie guesses prize equally divided In the Durham Springs school dis- Besides it was very expensive There ¬ county the teacher open fore she plotted with St Louis physi ¬ trict of Allen livedAnd she was cross for the rest ed school last Monday with one pupil clans hubby was chloroformed sad1891 was 795631 1896 was 1020107 1897 861625 The district Is In a muddle and th e when he awoke his pet was gone Now 1892II 864022 1898 793169 excuse fur Harrodsburg Cure for Cholera Infnutum Nev teacher gave her first lesson by break heres an 1899 920872 tubers and it wont be a month ti- 11 1895 1900 846996 ing open the door over the protest of 1049121 er Known to Fail Guess what it will be in 1901 the hen pecked ones will be loafing During last Mayan infant child of the Chairman around with boozy lizards or era wnsh our neighbor was suffering from chol ¬ Many thousands have been restored slumbering sayings in their vitals era infantum The doctors had given to health and happiness by the use ot An additional prize of 6000 for any person making an exactly correct alp all hopes of recovery I took a bot ¬ Chamberlains Cough remedy jf guess If there be more than one exactly correct guess the 6000 tobe any throat or lung troub LIVE STOCK MARKET allllcted with equally divided among them Diarrhoea Remedy to the house tell- ¬ le give it a trial for it is certain toe TIle prove beneficial Coughs that ing them I felt sure it would do good resisted all otber treatmentfor years Reported by the Louisville Live if used according to directions In have yielded to this remedy and perStock Exchange Bourbon Stock two days time the child had fully re ¬ fect health been restored Cases that Yards covered The child is now vigorous seemed hopeless that the climate of CATTLE and healthy I have recommended famous health resorts failed to benefit 500 5 25 bave been permanently cured br its Extra shipping this remedyfrequently and have never 00 If you want good returns for your money insure your use Bear in mind that every bott known it to faitMrs Curtis Baker ip warranted and if it does not prove Best butchers 4 154 50 life in the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company Bookwalter Ohio For sale by M beneficial the money wlllbe refunded Fair to good butchers 3 503 00 For further particulars apply at this office you For sale by M Cravens to Cravens 50 Commontomediumbtchr 2 ctiiG tired i 4 printed on i ilSifi r 00 n I tta gor I have leascdthe RU Eubank = shop aud will give J Cait11 age special attention ok Work done by me will be firstclass Pro duce taken in return for work 3i sF E BANK j > j

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