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Image 3 of The Adair County news., July 17, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

or = i 7 Institutenext PERSONAL MENTION week J ColumbIaFair August 20th 4 days Mr Jake Bailey wash re lastThurs Plums and olackberrles are on the market day- J Mr T B Stults yule last Thursday was in Campbells The indications pointtoa fine mel Mr W G MCKinley on crop- is lying very low with typhoid fever Mr M W Bubel of Lebanon was in Columbia Tuesday Mr Geo W Belchenberg of Louis ¬ vile was here Tuesday Mr J N Coffey returned rfrom Louisville last week Mrs Mary Cravens waS quite sick several days of last week Mr Jas Garnett Jr was on a bust ness trip to Louisville last week Mr Loren Phelps of Jamestown was in Columbia last Saturday Mr W L Walker was in Louisville last week purchasing goods Mrs Lucy FoUls and children are visiting relatives near Bliss Miss Annie HunteTjO ffradyville is jjaura Allen visiting her aunUjH Schooling of Lebanon is Miss Sarah visiting the daughters of Hon H C i Candidates for nominatlon are shak ¬ ing the bushes Theschool per capita for this year will be 250 county It is said the oat crop inthis is the finest for years Picnlr at Green River Bridge the of this month 20 I 1 I Gardens and crops generally in this section are needing rain A musical entertainment wilt be given by home talent during the Fair Miss Panne Stults is teaching the Sulphur Fork School near Picketts ChapelS C L Faulkner or Toledo Met calfe county was In Columbia last Sat Program for the Bussell Springs is published this ¬ Medical Society will week- urdayMr Vincent Dockery a merchant of Jamestown was in this place last The Burksville Circuit Court opened last Monday Judge W W Jones on the bench FridayMrs I W B Patteson and little son Tom returned from Green county last ¬ The Rockcastle Band will furnish the music for the Liberty Fair which Miss Oda Kash of Frankfort sister begins August 14 of Mrs A D Patteson Is visiting in The Russell Springs Fair will begin Tuesday the 3rd day of September ColumbiaMr Judd is rapidly gaining See adon first page of this paper strength and in a few weeks will be Colored picnic near theLong View himself again Saturday the 27th of this month A Mrs Lilla Claycomb and her little good band of musi will be iq attend ¬ daughter returned from Cumberland ance county last week It Is our understanding that the Re- ¬ Young Mr McChord and Miss John of Lebanon are visiting Miss publicans of Adair will nominate their county candidates the first of Septem Sallie Stewart ber Miss Lisle Bird of Shelby county will visit the Misses Baker this city Mrs Compton daughter of the late arriving the last of this week Pyrrhus Nelson was adjudged to be of Mr M Cravens and his son Tim unsound mind yesterday and sent to Monday morning for Greensburg Anchorage Campbellsville and Lebanon A large acreage in Adair county was X Mr J Bryan Stone of Jamestown set in tobacco but the crop will be fson a business trip to Oklahoma He light unless soaking rains come in the will be absent about two eeks next few days Miss Nora Bradshaw Montpelier The attention of the public is called paid the News a visit last Friday to the Columbia Fair fad In this She will teach the Santo School Issue of the News Catalogues will be Mr Frank Judd and wife and Mrs out next week Yaughan who have been in Illinois several months returned home last The old mens riding ring qt the tridqf Columbia Fair is to be followed by a Mr J BBarbee went to Louiville ring for the young men showing the contrast between age and youth in Monday and will ship his new hackforthe Columbia and Campbellsville line horsemanship this week People from all the adjoining coun ¬ Misses Alice and Lucy Garnett and ties will attend the Columbia Ealr It Mr John Garnett of Glasgow are is to be the best show ever given in visiting the family of Judge Jas Gar Adair County Remember the date nett this city August 20 4 days Mr Geo Hurst the blind lightning Call and see the best kitchen safe rod man has been in the county for offered for sale here They are the past week He has been making ever cheap this place for twentyfive years COLUMBIA FURNITURE Co Mrs N B Miller and her two sons Mo are Nat and Tom of Nevada The mail between Whetstone and Mr Burksville was robbed last week of a visiting relatives in Columdia Miller will arrive about the first of package containing 3200 The money was sent from Albany Ed Scott the August Mrs Kizzie Murrell willnot reach mail carrier was arrested home for several weeks She will Wanted 600 binds of oats Will pay leave Frivnkfortin a fdw days for Tata the highest market price and will pay ham Springs and will arrive here it in cash about the first week in August F R WINFREY Mr Jas P Miller Crocus was in M II Mucuu Columbia last week He accompanied The Adair county Teachers Insti his lawjers Messrs J F Montgomery tute will convene in Columbia next and Kollin Hurt to Elroy having an Monday It will be conducted by Prof appointment to take depositions Shipp who is not a stranger to the Mr R L Durham of the Greens teachers of this county burg bar was in Columbia last Friday Mr J S Royse received his thresh ¬ on his return ron0jjjfcsit to Mrs Dur ham who has been quite sick at the ing machine last week and is now hull ¬ residence of her father Mr H P ing wheat It is an excellent machine and those who hold their wheat for WillisMr Royse will not forget it Burton and wife who hava Mr soninJawi Mr J been visiting their Mr M W Jones has been nomina P Mrtii4 Robinson Kansas return- ¬ ted by the Democrats Casey county ed home last week Mr Burton was for County Judge He Is said to be a well pleased with the country but will very popular gentleman and it is pre continue to live in Adair dictedby his home friends that he will Miss Edna Lewis a bright little be elected daughter of Mr and Mrs Sam Lewis If you want to own some stock in who has been visiting at Glasgow for the past six weeks returned home last the Columbia on Companydont wait Friday accompanied by Mr AlvIs too long It is now on the market and Goodman who will spend two weeks selling at a atlsfactoryrate and a few weekSi or few chiys may 1 tQO lath ri o W PRlpmI purchase jlssesSusie MattIe aad Ellen Sin clairjaccompanled by Mrs Ed Sinclair Rain is badly needed throughout t left Columbia for Oklahoma last week Adair county All kinds of vegetation Mr Frank Sinclair having embarked is suffering and unless the ground re in business in the new territory We ceives a soaker in the next few days trust that they had a safe journey and there will not be more than a half crop that success will crown their efforts in of corn The potato crop will be un- ¬ all their undertakings usually short f i is The first Sunday in August will be Childrens Day at Picketts Chapel BakerMr week ¬ 1ston ¬ 4left tiI I I A PatheticMtiiig Last Thursday at noon Mrs Mattie Roberts and three children of Oklahoma arrived In this city en route to Tarter for the purpose of visiting her father Sir W LBradley whose home is in the vicinity of Tarter in Russell county In the evening Mrs Roberts and her children were driven to Mr Bradley and the meeting of the old man and his daughter was Indeed pathetic It was to Mr Bradley as If thejdead had come to life for fully thir tyeight years had passed since they parted in Barren county she at that time a babe of only a few months To Mrs Roberts the meeting of her fath er in his old age while tottering on the verge of the grave according to natural laws was a most precious prlv Ile ethe gratification and fulfillment of her fondest desires The two em braced and only the tears and sobs tes tilled to the inexpressible joy of both parties From vhat we can learn this Ipng separation was brought about by the separation of Mr Bradley and Mrs Robertsmother In Barren countyabout thirtythree years ago Mr Bradley then came to this county while his wife In custody of the babe went west In due course of time the child reached womanhood was educated and refined and twelve or fourteen years ago was married to a wealthy ranch owner and farmer in Oklahoma For many years Mrs Roberts desired to meet herfath ¬ er and fully determined to find him She advertised in the Glasgow Times which brought information to her that he was living in Adair county From this she soon located him and a correspondence was opened which resulted as above stated Mrs Roberts moth er was a Noble a lady of a good family and why they parted we do not know Mr Bradley again married an excellent lady and has three children who arc now grown one of them being a teach- ¬ er in Russell county Mr Bradley while not wealthy enjoys the reputa- ¬ tion of a good citizen and the meeting of his firstborn and his little grandchildren was a great boona pleasure which was unspeakable Mrs Rberts will remain ia this country six weeks ¬ ¬ Hon Geo E Stone of Liberty the father of a handsome daughter ¬ Mr Ellas Dunbar Dead The subject of this notice lived about three miles from Jamestown and was the father of Mr H H Dun bar Circuit Court Clerk of Russell county and was a highly respected citizen The deceased had reached his 84th year and for quite awhile hal been greatly filleted consequently his deathjwbich occurred last Friday was not unexpected The remains were buried near the old home a great many relatives and friends being pres- ¬ ent The deceased was a Christian gentleman and was ready to meet ills God The sympathy of this paper is extended to the surviving members of the family ¬ ¬ S To Trustees and Teachers The Adair County White Teachers Institute will convene July 22 All tieachefs of the publio schools t ch rs folding Certificates and thoSe expert lhg to 60 examined In August are re ¬ quired by law to attend the full session of the nstltute The Colored Teachers Institute will convene July 29 Thursday will be Trustees day of each institute S 04 S hn Great Reduction in Millinery at greatly reduced prices We have just received some new goods come and get your hats at half price goods Jdit Tnt BRAI AyiMs E r nE Bisknsniw ¬ AIL persons owing me tares for the years andlIjOO most call and pay at once if they waat to saxe cst fev r f t J 181S9 t collect these f mustfor JQOl are qowback taxes due golymhla Fnrojture Company Tbs paper 150 per yea- and th OQurlerJollrnal rTheRuell Springs Medical Society wiilmeetat that place August 1st and Every body invited 2d I Our accounts are due the first of July All persons owing us will please call and payS 3tf OKRSLL BUSflEIJi r U f It y9uwn5t to invest some money in the r0il Co call on or write WkilVJeftriae or aay member of the ccwa t ByinfeifitowB l taxgs V Ai 1 I ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ oa Itr lat ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ tq1 and wantto be cured without medi cine or the knife will please write to Chapman Gleqsfork K1Prof No cure no pay ¬ JS ijotice 411 persons indebted to me must come afad settle it fei The Somerset 4uAw the owners wftitej have paid all expensea and royalty and hare de ¬ dared a dividend of 35 per ccBt and have moneY l throw at birds The Cohimbia oil Jo4upany has tern of the SunnBrook ftto 0YMiS1IRoyBfOk ped aa early at devi which will b- dy There will bepreaehiDfc at the iswicj places iwzt SuD g JC WaJ 3srLW It iVjOS t liouoe Tike Bob M g n wdoo W 1 1 Harae ac Saodld Uafeat QrWfcj r jr Motf 1s1u W OoHwi 1Xtery ypt P ektoro Cr W G cMVaMT LH f r< ¬ I have the tax books for the year 1001 and am now ready to receive your taxes they must be collected at once school and ask you to come and settle I Casey number In school aell4iaWe learn from Mr M Cravens that or one of my deputies will be in my mount 33575Q Gflniberland numhis brother Thomas who has been in office every day Come in and get geq535i amount Tcxa for the past en years is In a ber n sphqol 10 your receipt i8315 9 Green numrlnscboQl low state of health He has been urg ¬ 011 J Bell Si 0 0 age 4255 amount 11 03750 Met ed to come to Columbia to recuperate clte number in school age 3488 Raittbe people in Adair county kind ¬ Found at Last amount 872000 Russell number in ly remember Tom Cravens and be All who have cancer Goitre wanes school age 3489 amount 8859750 world be given a hearty welcome Tiie Tumors Catarrh and partial blindness Taylor number In school age 3820 fne The Directors of the Columbia Fair met last Friday and arranged one of the best premium lists ever offered in this part of the country Fifty dbl larsforaS minute and one hundred dollars for a 230 trot are offered There will be some of the best stock contending for premiumjH4thae i0of bbe oooalry rb8 seeo Tn beeides Adair county has some prem IcfthI for her itpotr The cataloguee MIllq a fewdayaand iMdy will 1e riI tor dtotelbwUoa Notice Taxpayers Call upon me or my deputies and make payment J W HURT SgBBiyy ¬ ¬ ¬ I The striking of and breaking the Now is the time to place all orders arm of Mr Neal Dixon by Mr LemI for monuments and tombstones wantSmythe occurred last week just before ed between now and Christmas Delay we went to press and the particulars no longer but call on us at our shop As we now un- or write us a card and we will call on could not be gathered derstand it there are two stories to the you If you want jvork done this PallSmythe claims l et us have your order at once so we unfortunate difficulty that Dixon had turned his cattle out can get it cut by the time you want it into the woods they having gotten In Coakley Sims Bros Marble Works to Dixons corn and he went to him Campbellsville Ky about it asked him to round uphis A very large number of young peocattle and that Dixon refused Hot words followed and that Dixon started ple attended the picnic at the Fair toward him with an over knife Be grounds last Saturday The Metho ¬ lieving that he was in danger he struck dist and Christian Sundayschools com tbe lick tbat broke Dixons arm Dix bined throwing a great many children The day was very delighton says that he was plowing when together Smythe came up and ordered him to fully spent good music and plenty of gather up his cattle that he refused every thing good to eat for the large Nothing pleases children and continued his plowing Presently assembly he heard a norse and looking over his better than an occasional outing shoulder Smythe was in the act of Paid list since our last report striking him and did strike with the result as above stated that he did not Capt B F Powell T J Bryant Mrs have a knife with him that it was at Mary Cheatham A I Hurt J W Murray Z L Samuels Tom Pollard home on the mantle with his tobacco Tbe examining trial of iMr Smythe A Loy R B Logan J W Richards was called last Thursday and continued J A Young Eugene Ilubard J F until Monday following Monday the Leftwich W C Stark O C Allen case was called and an examining trial J W Jameson Andy Eubank W C Smith B P Rowe H H Rynierson waved Geo C Montgomery J F Martin C United States Marshall James has L Faulkner Sallie Rose Cluff Thom ¬ again notified the County Judge s J B Bradley Taylor county that he will be in Camp bellsville at an early day for the pur- ¬ The good roads movement is meet pose of collecting railroad taxes I ng with favor all over the State There isa large element in Taylor Organizations are being perfected IB county who oppose the payment of this many counties and befQre a great tax and have been resisting for years while the weary raycler can pursue The usual courtesies arc 01 extend ¬ hjs way without fearing ditches and ed the olector the hotels of the mqdholes We do notknow how the place refusing to bqard him and clerkg ood roadSpeople raised the funds but The Taylor county people evidently the work Is evidently conducted upon think they know their business but n economical plan The movement us it looks like the bondholders haves start in Adpir With good the decided advantage Those whor all over the county the value of hold the bonds are Innocent purchas- ¬ farms would be greatly enhanced ers The county voted a very large tax and afterward compromised by Dr Jackson will be at the Russell agreeing to pay a sum less than 100 prings Hotel Russell Springs Ky 000 and to a man up a tree it looks luring the Summer season July and very much like this last agreement August Persons desiring to try the Further ¬ new method of healing should avail will have to be fullfilled more nothing is gained by acting dis- hemselves of the opportunity while courteously toward the collector n their summer vacation Good hotel can be qbtainc at ccpmmodaslons The old homestead where Go J easonable rasCand his brothers and Hindman L4rIusL JACKSON were reared is an old time double log OSTEOfATIIIQ PUSICIAiS on Big creek near building located SOMERSET KY Milltowri It is in a fine state of pre- ¬ Call or write for further information onp servatIon and was built about hundred ears ago Ii is a typical who Is one of Miss 11 T ijlor il old Kentucky hone with beautiful Columbias accomplished music teacheVergreens about the ers has accepted a position in an insti shade yard and as fine water as flows can be tutlon of learning at Richmond Ken found there Mr Alexander HindS tucky She will enter upon the dis man the father of Gov Hindman was charge of her duties about the first of one of Adair countys best citizens September She is not only skilled in and for bis neighbors and friends the her profession but Is a young lady of latch string was at all times on thejeducation and refinement The instioutside of the door In speaking of tution has made GO mistake in selectthe old home last Monday in answer ing her to preside over the musical de to a question put by an insurance partment as scholars advance rapidly agent Gov Hindman said That under her tutorship ii house was never insured nor was a yoqng men in this day door to it ever locked It Is now the The residence of the youngest son Mr and generation are perhaps no worse Charley TTlnrlmnnnnr like his fsiUipr tb n tley vcc in old n tinges but and older brbtherq he keqns an vopen v hat Is parsing strange to men who the road is that those house1 have been with dissolute habits can not see two We take from Sundays CourierJour of them Every movedays nal report of the number of children ment In front that is made by the young men school age and the amount thatI in the small town is watched and recordthe teachers of each county will drawIof a give Adair audI ed and at no time is there a Walking for the year lOOlWe who a e qdt adjoining counties Adair number InIcant for those Goberlx before his fellow man 1273000 age 5092 amount ¬ In order to close out our entire stock forthis season we are now offering our JF S toa ¬ JONES S ¬ This splendid house of entertain- ¬ ment is now open for health seekers The spring at this wellknown water ing place is popular throughout tne State for its curative powers and the location is the healthiest in all this country It is high and drya fine breeze all the time The table is supplied with the very best and charges quite reasonable Write to the under- ¬ signed W M VAUGHAN WtD FORSALEAn 18horse power A News reprsidtaUvewas in Liber- ¬ Co comty last week and found the teachers second hand Gaar Scott institute in session over a hundred pound traction Engine at a greatbar s teachers in attendance many who gain Write quick to Jo H Chandler Agt > have not as yet secured schools The Campbellsville Ky institute was being conducted by Prof Willis of Lexington an instructor of One day last week as Mrs T P State reputation During the week several entertainments were given Dunbar and her daughter Miss Zilpal and a very instructive lecture by the were leaving town a bolt dropped conductor Both hotels were crowded from the buggy letting down the and the merchants were kept busy dur- ¬ shafts The horse started in a run ing the week Mr W H Phillips has but was checked beforeeither of the commenced the erection of a new bust ¬ occupants were hurt ness house upon the square which will Mr J tf Martin who lives near be occupied by Mr Hall the tinner to an Robinson Kansas a former citizen ol Every body is looking forward Adair county prospering at his new interesting time during the Fair It place of aboard He threshed twelve will open August 14 and continue hundred bushels of wheat this harvest three days Assurances of many and planted thirty bushels of corn on strings of fine horses have already been one hundred and ninty acres uf ground received and the indications point to the best Fair ever held in Casey coun ¬ Burks ville was visited by a desru > ty The young people have been noti- ¬ tive fire last Friday morning McCum fied of coming visitors hence numer- ¬ as Williams livery stable rigs and ous social gatherings will be on the twentyfive horses were destroyed large sawmill of C H From this building the flames spread boards The Son Is turning out a great burning Allen s drugstore Simpsons Bartlett deal of lumber There is a ready mar and Smith Snows dry goods stores ket for their goods and this enterprise The loss is estimated at 25000 par ¬ brings much revenue to Liberty tially insured ofa Hotel Russell Springs ¬ LOCAL JOTTINGS S Y A ti IIlIi r t W- with brother qqd sisters and statement meetng frlenflso hla boyhood would have only to one the s better effect upon hU feeble consti ¬ as IfA lia Baker Uncle Billie says he is ii perfect good health bus a good appe tlte and sleeps well We are always glad to see him bCiuse he can ten us of our fathers and grandfathers that passed away years ago JB Yates and A B Wilmere at teqded the Institute at Edmonton one day last week H A Moss W C Yates and C Pe nlc of Greensburg were here Saturday A B Wiimore and sister Miss Ada visited friends at Joppa Saturday Farmers are taking advantage of the good weather and are making a nice lot of hay Mr J D Walker and daughter Miss Kate visited at Edmonton one day last week Mr Clem Keltner and wife of Cool Spring visited Mrs Julia Baker last Saturday night Prof Robt Campbell of Breeding was in our midst one day last week Miss Sallie Montgomery and Mrs Laura Allen of Columbia were guests of Mrs J J Hunter last week Miss Pearl Hindman Profs Thad Salmon J B Yates W II MeCraifrec andJH Nell began teaching their schools last Monday Mrs James Hearon and children of Glasgow visited the family of Mr Chas Yates last week Mr W L Grady is preparing a nice string of Peacock horses for the Colum ¬ bia fair Look out sonic body will get wutrd H4bf Ii i t Ct < U Wesley L Taylor Colum ¬ A V Neathery Russell SpringsDifferential Diagonsisof Suppression and Retention of Urine J S Rowe JamestownTurberculosis WL Garner Hum ¬ phreySubject to be selected JNMcCor Sec State Roard of Health Bowling Green Disease of Bone Geo M Reddish Somerset C D Moore Cane Valley mack Surgery in Obstetric J G Carpenter Stanford Bertie Carpenter Huston ville Anaesthesia in Labor W L Lowder McKinneySyphilis AW Cain Somerset The Isms of Medicine public at night U LTaylor Columbia Apoplexy L F Hammond DunvIJIe Puerperal Eclamslar Steele Bailey Stanford Wormy children J BScholl Jabez Lagrippe and results J F Barker Huston ville Medical Ethics Wm Blair Glensfork Dysentery W R Grissom Columbia Medical Jurisprudence Hon G Paul Smith Columbia Endomctritis F A Taylor Due from Nitional Banks Due from State Banks and Bankers BankicK house and lot Mortgages Other stocks anti bonds Specie sale ea4a 14 lIESTOWNJ at The school this place opened last Monday Miss Fannie Smythi is the teacherMr placet Dowell and family of War trace Tenn arc visiting relatives at this Miss Lula Miller of Lula is visiting her cousin Miss Olga Gann Miss Hattie Dickens of Albany is visiting her cousin Miss Ethyl Patter 4j36 9175 Cjrrency Other Items carried as Cash Furniture and UxturcM Expenses last quarter Give description locatita val ¬ ue and holY long owned alt real estate except banking boDss and lot Dont own any 93 15351 2000 J3095 54819 12 00 11011 30 1000 505 Oipital tock paid Jo la cash 330w 00 700000 Surplus fend 2706t Undivided profits Deposits subject to check on which 137794 61 interest is not paid 86Z 21 Fund to pay expense las I quarter Mr W S Knight was in Columbia last week Highest amount of indebtedness ol any stockholder person company or first including in the liability of he company or firm the liabUity of the Individual members thereof directly or indirectly if such indebt- ¬ edness exceeds SO per cent ofcap ¬ tal stock actually paid Inandactu al amount of surplus of the bank 10142558 Slow is indebtedness stated in above iteml secured by collater ¬ its The cash value of which cz ceedj tho indebtedness Highest awaunt of indebtedness of any director oroflicer if aiuounVor such indebtedness exceeds JO per coal of paidup capitaA stock oC bank an infant child of MG Shepherd Born to the wife of J W Bu inc a boy Some few of liux in this placers May Montgomery of Joppa ca JT by coUat How is same secured temls cash 31uo of which is more that double tho indebtedness Does amount indebtedness of any person company or firm including in the llabilitty of the company 03 firm the liability of the iiuUxiOua members thereof cicey Super cent ofpaIdnp capital cod actual surplus NoAmount oflastdivtdend Were all expenses losses interest and taxes deducted therefrom beibro declaring a dividend and was not less than 10 per cent ofnet profits of the bank for the period c6rerel by the dividend cirekd to tho surplus fund before M U dividend was dectexvd A < 1 expenses possess interest and Surplus al¬ taxes were deducted ready exceeds 20 percent ot capital WUM 1J i TAUTER 5 SUPPLEMENTARY v Died on the 2nd 12 25 00 21 L1AIHUTIES- MrsES Falkenbturg is visiting rel- ¬ atives at Bart Misses Etbjl and Sallie Patterson Haidee Rowe and Mr MarcusPhelps attrnded the party given by Miss Lora Snow of Rowena Mr D J Schooling of Columbia was in town last vjeftk Mr Will RiM of Grady ville spent a Sow days of last week in town Miss Clara Snow entertained quite a number of her young friends last Tues day night In honor of ills Hattie Dickens of Albany Mrs W S Stone who has been visi ¬ ting in Liberty for the past month has returned home Miss Haidee Rowe betrn hcv school at Pleasant Hill lasV week A hlipun IpruLSunday in M3a tOWt4 12 00 82 32 175927 43 ¬ son Miss Clara Snow visited Miss Lora Snow at Rowena last week 1200 00 has been visiting relatives here D B White one of OUT mcat prosperous farmers was in Columbia few 1759fl 43 days agoWalker Bryant will begin school aa STATE OF KENTUCKY J COUNTY OF ADAm this place next Monday Jo Coffey Cashier of the Bank of Coleus Crayons of Rq aoU courjty vis bin a bank located sod doing business in the ited the family oj W G White Satur lown of ColuinVa in said county being duly sworn says that the foregoing report is in all day and Sttntffty respects a true statement of the condition of that harvesting Is in full blast and said bank at the close of business on the 23ifa the yield is much bettor than expect- diy of Juno 10Q1 to the best of his knowlsays bust ¬ T ¬ JI ¬ ¬ ¬ ed exceptwbiMk < 0 > I > biaInsolation JT Emergencies MiddleburgTyphoid ar Tarti t PapersObstetric TilE thr wtiirtte PrayerWelcome Address lIon John L P elps Jamestown Report of Committee Secretary Treasurer and Unfinished Business Enrolling New Members Payment of Dues Appointing Committee to Ar ¬ range Program for 1002 A Walker was in the Montpelier community last week looking after cattle L S Smith our uptodate stock man refused to sell a threeyearold Peacock gelding to Hudson Bros of Louisville for 175 Ourfree school will begin the 2Uth with Prof G P Dillon as principal He will have a firstclass teacher for assistant QUARTERLY REPORT Smith S Nell bought in Cumberland OF county thirty cattle that averaged 1200 Ibs for 81550 also bought some good mules and horses In same county BANK OF COLUMBIA from 100 to 140 per Lead two mules TJTR CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON TJH5 Clay Kinnaird for 245 two mules of AT sijth J OJ JUNE igol J fl Kinnaird for 205 bought GO sheey Q1 Pen Summers at two cents RESOURCES 30 fat sheep of Walker Hunter at loans and discounts less U to 2c Sold two oxen to B FMar to Directors lans 610711 shall of Greensburgt for 6100 Sold 17 Loans ta Directors officers 12300 OJ mules and one horse to different parI not iteluded 600 00 Loans to Officers ties 2200 they have 15 aged IDulefI Overdrafts secured 169 70 150 fat cattle and 300 stock ewes for Overdrafts unsecured 617 7d ¬ trikw bre Jn Program will be the exercises ot the Russeli Springs Medical Society August 1st and 2d Call to order by President Wm Blair Glensfork Ky leftH 955000 This amount shows Adair county secoud John ROIH of Lincoln county was Io county that thebes her borders tution than medicine and here wb epe here last week looking after his staves children and it further shows that our the atmosphere is pure water cool and Owen White attended the celebra ¬ Children are revenue pr tlucers but refrephsf ih chances are bat he tion at Freedom J still Casey leads us oulregatn his lialtMilton Wolfqrd lost a horse last I J r week valued at 80 tf Iiestiept u 1n our bRA1YLLF Mr Waller of Campbellsville was the Cpluiflbia GUI Company1 i the best 0 Q MOBS returned from Louisville here last week and bought a nice loj of rIsk ever offered the people of this sgc timber from different parties and will tioo itS property Is ja the e nter of ist week bring a mill here soon Ttfrs H C Walker and daughter visthe field andthestogwill all gooafc Dora Redford had a child to qet bit placed We would be fU4 to Hate a ited hot fattier at BUn last week number of Adtfr county people take JissLena Grisewkvisited MJi Clara bya snake last week Tho Inc ana Ltoraber Company hasstock in this bueiaeas for we believe Wiimore last Saturday night v that they w uld sot regret it but we Messrs G P Breeding andvrife placdli1agesaw mill here which em ploys a large crew of hands cutting cannot put tip guarantees nor will we S < SoaJ B iVG endeavor to persuade ItI8sfilply RkhRrGedinRIgc Mtel Josle ef 85000 feet per week It will take PD1ei ti ikter about two years to complete eea this way If you dont like Hadirt Lw etW ciw it- Breeding J W Townsend and wife tract Mines Mercer lied Caldwell of Mill Joeh BpBtit as moved a sawmill Uito Invest a few dolhaj town atUnded the quarterly meeting in this risk whine tbe ehftwMM art ten here lait SVuwky and Sunday Noto one in favor of a good dry lq If you desire an- wtt1Maiid1ig ke baVDOJItOte to If DJT rttr who hg been erecting a dweJlDratutl plice bag jasfc goAit inteiet aeod Mi JOt each APdarWolu w MWHeeerrwboJslB fKWi eompJfct rf It aao mack Tmaty ia c iAi4iltewkto dMMerter MMrJHr s74k14 dotojaq tJ dot u edge and belief and further thai the ness of slid bank has been transacted at tho lo not elsewhere nnd that the cation named and above report is made in compliance with an official notlco received from the Secretary of State designating the 29th day of June 1901 as tho day on which such report shall be made Jo COFFEY Cashie JAMESa c OA1UlX1 t PAOI Director T P rJ jJAK Director t > before me by Jo Subscribed aol swor Coffey the 2nd da 0 ul1901 WM A COFFEY N P A Ct Ccsvmissipn expires January 161901 a StunG by a Cov Mrs Tiles SanoB1ufftonTexag was stung b centipede A doctor was asft for but before lie aniied SOHIQ sensible friend wet a pie c el brown paper with Morleys Wonderful Eight and applied it to the wound The doctor said bis services were apt aeedsR for the poison was neutralised 01 killed by toe Wonderful Eight Kn Said M iwtw from lbs wwl1 r ineverj wwa i dby aat i < rt < 1

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