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Image 2 of The Adair County news., July 17, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

i y a w t > J I THE GfSEY JGOUNTY fflIR fl OIfTION iI LIBERTY KENTUCKY G R Wilkinson Secretary Aug 14 15 and 16 HARRY B PYNE FELIX WILLS lelituckY Fair Rev W P Gordon will not fill NGER Mr G R Feese has withdrawn BRENt from the roce for sheriff He re- ¬ his appointment at Cane Valley Mr Cyrus Kcan diedon the 7th aged Tne following are the 84 ing the Kentucky fairs this year so far turns thanks to his for profered next Sunday as he begins a pro ¬ yearsWheat threshers are playing us a as reported tracted meeting at Mt Carmel on tune support Published Every Wednesday this week that day Guthrie July 44 days Uncle Peter McKinley our best far BY Mr L L Murrell has withdrawn Hustonville July 313 lays mer and lover otuNo top pies was is less than three weeks until from the Democratic contest fo at Freedom the 4th in < and reports Danville August 94 days Second Hand Madisonville August Cr4 days News o the nomination for School Super¬ county offices will be nominated plenty to eat and a good time Adairgounty and New There will be children day celebra ¬ Lawrenceburg August 204 days intendent He returns thanks tion at Clear Spring church the third INCORPORATED Y3 Shepherdsville August 204 days those who had promised him thei Sunday in August will work LaGrange August 213 days support OE ALL day of August to get out their full Miss Tormina Stanton Visited Miss Shelby ville August CECAS s HARRIS Editor 274 days an- Hester Vlson last Sunday The candidates are Gov Eeckham in his speech at strength O and Springfield August 282 days Messrs Henry Wilson Simpson Sim ¬ A Democratic newspaper devoted to the InterDemocrats and the canvass is mons ests of the city of Columbia and the people and Wesley Wilson visited at Bardstown September 35 days Tel 615 about rough roads than good moving along without a jar We Willis Wilsons Sunday Adair and adjacent counties Elizabcihtown Sept 104 day roads Gov Beckham has been are glad that such good feeling Mr Harrison Stanton was in James Bowling Green Sept 104 days Entered at the Columbia Poatomceaeaecon d traveling in a mysterious way and prevails It is the only Toad to town last Wednesday on business Glasgow Sept 181 days class mall matter to those who had gone before him success and we believe when the Mr Joel Bolin has been visiting at Columbia August 204 days Mr Cornelius Stephens near Foothill nominations have been made that understood what he meant > ESTABliSHED J827 N RATES SUBSCRIPT Mr Bryant Coffey bt Cany Fork is Cure for Cholera Inf im turn N ev ¬ the unsuccessful candidates will 1 ONEYIJAB 00Mrs Martha Patterson Johnson be in the saddle for the winners very ill with flux er Known to Fail SIX MONTHS daughter of Andrew Johnson who The present is a Democratic fight During last May an infant child t STRICTLY IN ADVANTOLEDO IS OUT OF ItEPAIBsucceeded Lincoln as President of the only question being who are Mrs R Mitchell is on the sick list our neighbor was suffering from chol ¬ S ind into us we will repair it for you at as low the United States died a few day s ¬ era In fan turn The doctors had given JULY 17CEWEDNESDAY butsbe is not dangerously ill a cot as good work will permit and warrant It ago in Tennessee and was buried a Mr A P Thompson has about re up all hopes of recovery I took a bot ¬ TO GIVE SATISFACTION Greenville beside the remains of tle of Chamberlains Colic Cholera and covered from a spell of sickness Al1NOUNCEMENTS her father We also carry a full line of Watches and Jew- ¬ Remedy to the house tell The Democrats of Louisville Misses Pearl Pendleton and Minnie Diarrhoea Vaughan attended the institute at ing them I felt sure it would do good elry of every description Send for catalogue or FOK COUNTY JUDGE Gov Beckham has comm 1Json nominated their ticket last week Greensburg call when in city r if used according to directions In Engraving FREE and it was done in decency and We are authorized to announce T F GOWEN ed Chas B Poyntz of Maysville Miss a candidate for the office of County Judge of order Hon Chas F Granger visitingJane Todd of Adair county I two days time the child had fully re ¬ 1RIOX GIRAKDET CO Adair County subject to the action of th at this place She is 80 years covered The child is now vigorous Democratic party State election Commiasioners The won the nomination for Mayor old iOl Wafarket Louisville Kentucky latter named gentleman is a Re- ¬ over Mr T L Jefferson by a large Mills Hallie Bacon of Lexington is and healthy I have recommended Harmony prevailed visiting the Thompsons We are authorized to announce J W Butler a publican Sam J Shackelford isI majority candidate for reelection to the office of County Messrs Theo and J F Pcndletou Judge subject to the action of the Democratic the third member and Chairmaare no old sores to heal or breaches of this place recently sold a lot of catparty the board of trust to repair The ticket tle to Henry Altsheler Horse Cave K1MBLE KY Save for a few isolated tnunder seems a strong one in every par ¬ for 1195 COUNTY ATTORNEY O< storms the drouth is practically ticular and will receive the united Miss Ophelia Jones will begin the TO Wo arcauthorized to announce Gordon Mont i next week gomerya candidate for the office of County At ¬ unbroken iri Missouri Kansas Ok support of all Democrats which school here Is now open for the traveling Mrs Martha Jones is no better at torney of Adair county subject to he action of The this writing lahoraa and the Indian Territory means victory in November i the Democratic party t1 e year round There is no relief insight and the flattering prospects for Democrat ¬ There is every indication of oil in VIA It is a large commodious build We arc authorized to announce Jas Girnett of the Tra candidate for reelection toactionofficethe situation daily becomes worse ic supremacy in the great metrop ¬ Metcalfe county A company at this f6 ing as the picture In ¬ of County Attorney subject to the Prayers for rain were offered in olis of the State is enjoyed by the place is expecting to test the matter Democratic party dicates and is run firstclass in many churches in Kansas and Mis ¬ Democrats in all parts of jthe by putting down a well every particular souri last Sunday In North Tex¬ Commonwealth for of late years Will Faulkner who spent several 2nd 9th 16th 23rd and 30th FOR COUNTY CLERK as and Western Arkansas isolated the divisions and dissentiona with months in indiana has returned home On April tV are authorized to announce P T COOLEY rains are reported Louisville Democrats have enlist ¬ JJextrSuneJay wjll be Childrens IIa many p a candidate for the office ot County Court Clerk VAUGHAN at this place A large number Is ex- ¬ GRAHAM Prop ed distress and trouble in the par- ¬ on sale at very low rates from paints of Adatr County subject to the action of the pected Democratic party alopg the fiiglpur lloute Mr R T McCaffree who ha s ty throughout the State hence we DUNNVILLE and ¬ to announce John M We are authorized ¬ welcome any evidence of the pass County been the Surveyor of Adair coun Campbell a candidate for the office of inaugura- ¬ The weather Is hot and dry Crops Court Clerk of Adair County subject to the ty for quite a number of years de ¬ ing of discord and the are suffering for rain Farmers are action of the Democratic party sires that the Democratic party tion of good feeling brotherly about done saving their hay DEALERS IN WP endorse him for reelection in the love and victory School teachers arc all busy attend WJ LYNCH DEPPEI Gen P Tkt Agt ¬ FOR SHERIFF coming precinct meetings Dur ing the Institute this week at Liberty CINCINNATI O The announcement of J W ButAll the young people of this commu We are authoaizcd to announce R M Hurts ing the several terms he has serv ¬ S GATES Gen Agt candidate tar the office of Shertffof Adair conn ed the people an honest effort ha s ler in last weeks issue was re ¬ nity went to the pinicc at Russell ty subject to the action of the Democratic party Louisville Ky been to deal wetly with a- ll ceived too late for comment as SpringsW We are authorized to announce Dr S P Mil Cundiff is running his saw mill we were nearly ready for pressler a candidate for Sheriff of Adair county sub- men in ruuuiog Disputed lines on full time and is making fine lumber YETINERY SURGEON Ject to the action of the Democratic party and his work for the county hag work when authorized to announce for Mr W G Smith candidate for Judge of the been entirely satisfactory Whit biJRl Mr S L DIckcison near here is opposition for the nom ¬ Adair Gonnfcy rQur subject to very low with cancer Mr DIckerson SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT he has no emocrq ip par ¬ Is about 82 years old and as good a min ¬ the action of the ination he desires a large compli Wo are authorized ito announce John W promising ty but comment is immaterial as yerl IJteq Flowers a candidate for the office of County mentary endorsement S chool Superintendent of Public Schools subJudge Butler is known to every Last week Mrs Ben cit StackhQuse Ject to the action of the Democratic party Democrat in the county and we who lives live miles from here and hpr We arc authorized to announce A H Ballard might say to nearly every citizen daughter killed two rattlesnakes in a acandidate for the office of Superintendent of very peculiar manner Mm Stack ijstulo pojjcyij Splints Spavin or any sur He isa gentleman whose official house heard a noise Public Schools of Adair County subject to the between the wall cldsswork4ogeatfairprices ction of the Democratic party life measures to the full require ¬ paper and the wall and thinking it SATISFACTION I am fled GUARANTEE to take care of George Alexander was defeated by the Democrats for the nomina ¬ ments of the people who elected wee a mouse she caught it in her hand aleckFOR JAILER S D CRENSHAW him four years ago As to his calling her daughter lucerne and help AVe are authorized to announce JAMES II Lion in the primary for Common ¬ and when they broko the papar the A 111tELLacandidate for Jailer of Adair coo ° wealths Attorney in the Louisville e Democracy it stands untarnished were in possession of a large rattle Hy subject to theaction of the Democratic par though he is not considered ultra snake and district His defeat was not a before it could be killed an GORDON MONTGOMERY ty 7 surprise JJe laps 4a State Senator or extreme in his political views other one rattled behind the paper We arc authorized to announce S SCtftyetveil His standing as a citizen his rec but in a few minutes they were both W ttbY candidate for the office of Jailer of Adalrcqym i the lastegislatnretQeve FINE BUGGIES fiND GtIRRii9GES tysnbjecttotheaction of the De mocratic party ampqrtaut uestiori heyoted with frfd AS an official and his ability dispatched I was in that country 09 COLUMBIA KY three nights last week and I imagined the Republicans It is a matter and etortninon to land a win ¬ I could see snakes all the time Noyembei5aro all cubrnjjbjied FOR ASSESSORand adjoininri of impossibility for a man to be a ner in T Williams preached here Will practice in Adair specialty We are authorized to announce MB c O the Democratic voters of last Saturday and Sunday counties Collections a ¬ to candidate for the office of Assess- very good Democrat and vote Re JEFFRIES to whether buy by the CAR LOAD and can sell you anything in their line at short FOflJce up 1fs over Paulls drug They or of Adair county subject to the action of the publican It is equally as difficult this county the determine the head man for profit Write for further information oiicall and see them or not he is Democratic party for a man to be in love with Re ¬ of our ticket The News now nu the mostcompleto 7 r publicanism orbs vote for Demo ¬ Ladies FavoriteMorleysLittla Live assortment of stationary job material Pills for I1tiious People are the ladies FOR SURVEYOR A n w free a cratic measures The announcement of James and equipments it has ever had We favorite becauso they are small easilj AVe are authorized to announce n T McCAF perfect right to be neutral and JFBEE a candidate for County Surveyor subfarPeJ4 Jr a candidate for can please you if you need any thing In when he votes for men and not Cogni jy Ject to the action of the Democratic party a eared is last our line ttorn measures he should not be classed weeks isgue of thje ewftbujt i as a member of a political party was received at such a late hour IT Steel rails have advanced two no notice of it could be given dollars on the ton without great inconvenience to iWHHJQBAWAL CARD this office Mr Garnett however Last week Mrs Taylor wife of needs no eulogy from us You To the Democratsjof Adair County W S Taylor died in Indianapo ¬ know him as a Democrat who has lis Ind and was buried in that For several weeks it has been always supported the nominees of generally understood among my otifriends that I was A s an4 fdghe fpF his party and an official q the office of County Court Cleric ItflYH watched his course from The President and Mrs MoKinj childhood yor oygs have been ley are at their homo on him for the last four years sa isnowabler Ohio Mrs McKinley courageous off aer YOU know his 1 Monday in this month I gave the ito walk about her premises members thereof to understand campaign qualities and knowing AND1JQNES LEVER BINiDEIt b that I would accept the nomina ¬ him as you do we do not feel that The Democrats of Ohio met in Cultivators Handmade Saddles and Harness and tile FISHER Bujrgy was tion if given me In the last few any thing we could say would ad ¬ I Convention last week and nomina nted for j2 uiqntbs days I have given the matter my vance or detract from bin appreted Col Kilbourne for Governor and worth as an undivided attention and looking ciated standing by acclamation The platform op ¬ over my affairs I find official and a hard and aggressive poses imperialism that it will be im ogf bh for me fighter against the common enemy r CU to make the race I hays inter y in the final contest in November I county has y Cole and Jim Younger itheue t atftke requiring my pelOnalat Tka Ur un ¬ T torioufl bank robbers who ihiive Jkeotion ihewc lpj it drawlfr8In- been duly ni ally jjumrjUd Cane Mills Cider Mills 1fp M ft a been in the Stillwater penitentia finaucialconeUtion rYlfor the past twenty five years ld8thilomOialcoJntyh ever en ¬ 1 been paroled Thy can net have tB xMinneiotleave the rt f i STOVES WfitL iO SINS A They were members of the Jaaie t SON z 5ANDfIJCKPTSMADST00Di3R S fang and were present when the lionia7tkR60hdaypftAaet j 0 = Vsrj trmly Rank of this place ani k ENrr1T > HiY 91ea st ier Martin r t c DatesI THE ADAIR GOTINTYIffiWS forr andr THE I moro ¬ t ice t ¬ yet j LiachineryuA Louisville f- ¬ ¬ Newporto theren Cravensi1UssElil s4 LOW RATES IftGs fOTEli > ¬ CKLIFORNIH i iollr Big Ticsy 0111i r 400 TURNER BEOS LYON ¬I ¬ ¬ J pie ¬ underI Dlsappointmenty ¬ ¬ ¬ r 4a j J Campbellsville storeI Kentucky I FOR JONES CHAIN MOWERS quietlybut fHij J 4g11Fjq ELEMENT II cityIpartyr > JKOKTVOTMrI base r FofthiB 1thiRb Stte9f t 1obbei a T t c f t il Empire Wheat ifflcNes1BridlesFOId n loifttr Coldent tl I l < 4Il J 1 0 = u I J IJVHALC FOR i1tE 9fJ5pgJGJJMte tng1R e paff WFJ rFRIs i eCl TCl LiBtAJ S > t EI l- M

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