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Image 1 of The Adair County news., July 17, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

TV I I t THE ADAIR COWNTY MEW8 f COLUMBIA 4 VOLUME ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY JULY 17 1901 NUMBER 36 CTU which are already being made in sever ¬ mind such persons in fact as under propitious circumstances tend to be- ¬ come paupers criminals epileptics and drunkards The point which is denied is that the drunkards child has the specialized tendency to become inebri ¬ ate rather than vicious in some other direction The report then says It seems probable that the question of environment is of more importance after all than that of heredity and a man of strong will is Just as likely to them and should be protected from exercise it in the gratification of his to maintain life She attended our flies after preparation for use Phila desires as in the contrary direction weekly meeting Saturday afternoon If a man of powerful will finds that delphia Medical Journal when she made an inspiring talk enalchohol gives him pleasure he will couraging us in our good work W- e The American Women take good care to repeat the expe are exceedingly proud of our union Max ORellhas discovered only two rience The habitual drinker is one to both as to numbers and to quality Our countries where men are in leading whom alcohol brings enjoyment either d town has only about 450 inhabitants stringshis own and the United as a positive pleasure or cessation of second Monday i news Thefts attracted no attention and of this number more than 100 be- ¬ States pain whereas the voluntary abstainer whatever except from the ones who long either to the W C T U or L T The French woman he affirmed in is one who from constitutional pe ¬ suffered loss The country was run as L We have 30 working members and a recent lecture in London is supreme culiarity finds little pleasure in alco near along anarchistic lines as the 15 honorary members in our union and in the politics of matrimony She holic exhilaration DIRECTORY Alcohol weeds out most ardent anarchist of New York or we flatter ourselves that we are of the knows it is a question of remaining from every race the individuals who could hope Little attention good Madrid substantial matlal that will wear not beautiful but Interacting hence most enjoy and indulge in it The was given to the consent of the gov- ¬ well Rev T F Walton BURKSVHLB STBBET and do inestimable service for the her little bustling ways and her varied races otsouthern Europe who have second and fourth Sundays pastor Services erned The desperado with the quick great cause of temperance manner of doing her hair In this had the longest experience of alcohol ¬ n each month Sundayschool at9 a m cveiy est movement of his shooting hand and The union gave a reception at the country he said marriage was looked ic drinks are now more temperate iabbath Prayer meeting every Wednesday the most nerve ruled the roost night Exchange Hotel Thursday evening in upon as the end of love making but That was the condition until Hoc honor of Mrs Stone to which all mom in France after marrying your wife than the British the Scandinavians and the Russians METHODIST Bruner was appointed United States bers were invited Invitations were you had to win hera process very It is a matter of common observa- ¬ Rev W P Gordon STBBBT BUBKSVILLH Marshal When he took charge of the also extended to our ministers but pleasant pastor Services first Sunday in each month If so many kisses were not tion that the most extreme abstainers Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 am Prayer ofilcehe decided to revolutionize things previous engagements ca 11 e d Bro indulged in before marriage in this are generally the children of drunk ¬ meeting Thursday night and make Indian Territorry a good Montgomery away which we regretted country there would be more after¬ place to live in Ills friends laughed very much Bro Ferril attended and ward In France not more than one ards They seem to have beeu born BAPTIST at him although they knew he had gave us a very eloquent talk for which man in every 500 belonged to a club without the appetite for liquor not Bov GRBBKSBCRO STBBBI withstanding their claim that their To go up against notorious we tender our thanks At 10 oclock As castor Services third Sunday in each monthI nerve for womens clups ugh intolerance springs from a hatred of i andayschol every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer gangs of the country they said was refreshments were served in the large American girls Mr ORell praised strong drink On the other hand it nesting Tuesday night foolishness It might result in clean dining hall which had been beautifully without stint Tha animation of their will be recalled b f ssy ready observer ing out a gang of two but in the end decorated with ferns and lowers features the brilliance of their conver that most of the drunkaidcpf his ac¬ Eld Z T Williams would result in the Marshal being wip Four tables were arranged with a seat- sation their freedom from affectation CAMPBBLLSVILLB PIKB quaintance are the children of temperPastor Services First Sunday in each ed off the map What was the use to Ing capacity for 30 The refreshments the picturesqueness of our language Sundayschool every Sabbath at 3 am month ate and exemplary families It seems endanger ones own life in order to copsistcd of cake ice cream and sher ¬ Prayer meeting Wednesday nighoh they were glorious and unique he to be an attempt of nature to equalize make trouble for the desperadoes they bet Those who contributed the re ¬ avowed The American girl of seven matters would ask To this Bruner replied freshments were Misses Mollie Phil teen was allowed tLODGES almost every liberty that he would drive the opening wedge lips Annie Warner Lizzie Adams Coo and she took the others The Ideal Husband toward civilizing the territory it it ra Hale Sharp Amanda Stone Annie MASONIC In conclusion Mr ORell enthusi ¬ He should acknowledge her equality cost him his life the first day Belden Sallie Stagg and Mary Pierce COLUMBIA Loon No 96 F and A MRegu astically remarked that If he could be of rights legal and domestic He stuck to his resolution and he ar meeting in their hall over bank on Fri Our guest of honor was taken into born anew selecting his sex and coun He should set aside a portion of the day night on or before the full moon in each didnt lose his life either But he bad supper by Rev Ferril Each guest was try he would say G A KEMP WM month Please make me family income for her sole use and not escapes several narrow T H STULTS Sect He was punc- presented with asouvlnirof sweet peas an ask her to give an account of how it American woman COLUMBIA CHAPTER B A M Nol meets tured by bullets until his frame could tied with white ribbon After supper 0 rat Monday night in each month has been expended be used for a sieve and he had his we returned to the parlor where Mrs J E MUBBELL H P AMethoclist Horse He should not be disturbed by the W W BBADSHAW Secretary blood spilled in many a fight but not Stone delivered her address which was The fondness for spring chickens is fact that she declines at the altar to enough of it at any one time to make responded to by Miss Emma Belden not confined to Methodist preachers promise Cto obey him bite the dust local president both of which wereIout in this county says the Hartford He should be on that high plane of While the desperadoes were making highly appreciated by the audience Herald In or about Colesburg there it interesting for Bruner he was a dead The addresses were followed by re is a horse equal to a whole Methodist enllghtment that desires a congenial companion in a wife and is anxious to shot and when ever he pulled the trig marks by Rev F rrll and Judge Til conference in his ravages an the poul ¬ stimulate her development along the BURKSVILLE STREET ger on his man it meant a seperation ford after which we had a social chat try yard The horse belongs to Mr J lines for which she is best fitted rath ¬ Columbia Ky of soul and body There was no dis and general handshaking lastly bid A Stovall and it is no uncommon er than to wish merely a good house JUNIUS HANCOCK Prop count on that Bruncr began to hunt ding each other good night we parted thing for him to eat a half dozen spring down the desperadoes The first one each and all feeling that it was good toIchickens at a meal Last Sunday for keeperHe not come into her pres he killed was buried in a grove south be there Let every union take courage dinner he consumed He runsafter ence or that of his children exhaling JESTThe above Hotel has been re of Tahlequah The second one was al and go to work there is much to be them and as he catches them devours the odor of liquor and tobacco ttcd repainted and is now ready for so laid there And so it went on until done Respectfully them feathers and all This appetiteof the carcasses of twentyeight bad men the comfortable accommodation He should believe in and uphold one PRESS AGENT on the part of the equine has only guests Table supplied with the best who bad met death at the hands of been recently developed but it has standard of morality for both sexes Food for Reflection the market affords Rates reasonable Bruner while he was acting in the line He should provide that marriage been sufficiently voracious to put Mr good sample room Feed stable at of duty were buried in that grove shall place no more restrictions on the The following gem should be pasted Stovall out of the poultry business in Cached A rail fence was run around the wife than it does on the husband In every mans bat as a reminder of graves and the cemetery was named his duty when he desires tospeak ill of short order He should treat her always as equal Bruners Graveyard Only one grave women Remember this Beware to him in every respect as his beloved White Man Turned Yellow HOTEL in the yard is marked with a marble IIOIIIIROIAL how you speak of a womans character Great consternation waS felt by the companion and his nearest and truest headstone That is the grave of a no Think how many years slue has been friends of M A Hogarty of Lexington friendHe JAMESTOWN ed horse thief His pals chipped in building it of the wounds received of Ky should make his personal life as when they saw he was turning HOLT VAUGHAN Proprietorsa nd bought the tombstone because he the toils and privations endured and yellow slowly changed col ¬ clean and pure as he wishes hers to be His skin a good fellow All the rest of let no suspicion follow her actions or also his eyes and he suffered terri- ¬ It Dazzles the World graves are marked with wooden The purity of women is the salvation bly the Ills malady was Yellow Jaundice No discovery in medicine has ever Bolt looks after the culinary department and slabs Many of them are enclosed wI thI the race and hope of future great He was treated by the best doctors sees that the table Is supplied at all times created one quarter of the excitement with the very best the market affords The slab fences while others arc enclosed ness and the redemption of man but without benefit Then he was ad proprietors arc attentive and very polite to been caused by Dr Kings guests Good sample rooms and the building with rails laid in a hog pen fashion Wipe outlier purity and man sinks be vised to try Electric Bitters the won- that has is scnvenlcut to the business houses First New Discovery for Consumption Its class livery attached to the hotel Terms very After Bruner got his graveyard pretI neath the wave of despair with not a derful Stomach and Liver remedy and reasonable severest tests have been on hopeless ty wen filled the desperadoes began to star to guide his life into a channel of he writes After taking two bottles victims of Consumption Pneumonia realize that he meant business ledIsafety Think then before you speak was wholly cured h A trial proves Hemorrhage Pleurisy and Bronchitis whenever one who heard that Brnner and remember that as any hog can root its matchless merit for all Leb stomach thousands of whom ft has restored to wanted him he would come into town up the fairest flower that ever grew liver and kidney troubles Only bee perfect health For Coughs Colds and give himself up rathe than run the so the vilcstcan ruin the purest charac Sold by Paull the druggist LEBANON Asthma Croup Hay Fever Hoarse of being the next one to occupy ness and Whooping Cou3h It the quick space in Bruners graveyard From terFliesVdorse The Child of the Drunkard cst surest cure in the world It is Than mosquitoes time on Bruner had an easy time The London Lancet an eminent sold by T E Paull who guarantees A number of investigators recently medical authority presents a report satisfaction or refund money Large Kentucky Fair Dates have called attention to the important upon the questonas to whether drunk- ¬ tented workmen and doing as high bottles Soc and 100 Trial bottles grade work as can be turned out any It is not free Toe following are the dates for hold- role played by insects in disseminating enness can be transmitted place in the country Patronize a ing the Kentucky fairs this year so farIdisease Because of their great num disputed that a parent can transmit a home institution Work of Adair qs reported bers and active habits flies are no quality which he has himself InherItThomas J Blgstaff of Mt Sterling Russell Taplor and Green solicited doubt the most dangerous insects in ed but that he can transmit a new has filed suit against Judge E C Guthrie July this respect After feedlngon the ex habit cultivated by himself is denied ORear of the Appellate Court for W Hustonville July243 days JOHNSTON < GO Pro pee ratlon of the tuberculous on the The report which is the work of a 11000 which he claims as a balance Danville August 64 days REED 6 MILER Agents faces of typhoid patients or other In- committee of fourteen physicians Madison ville August days due from the unsettled law partner Kentucky Columbia fective material they carry disease holds that the last word of science as ship of BI stall Lawrenceburg August 20 4 days ORear which ex ¬ germs into innumerable places and de ¬ declared by teachers of physiology Shepherdsville August 20i4 days isted until a few years ago posit them not only by direct contact biology and botany is a very definite LaGrange August 213 days A Poor Millionaire with their filthy little bodies but by assertion that no instance of the hered- ¬ Shelby ville August27 4 days their excreta and the dnst formed by itary transmission of an acquired char- ¬ Lately starved in London because he Springfield August 282 days WHOLESALE the crumbling jjf their dead bodies acteristic has ever been demonstrated could not digest his food E uly use days Bardstown September PRODUCE DEALERS Restaurants infested with flies are either in the animal or vegetable kIng- ¬ of Dr Kings New ute pills would have Elizabethtown Sept 104 days We charge no commission on Butter Poulspecial abominations The danger dom It this be a fact a man can only saved him Then strengthen thestom Bowling Green Sept 104 days try and Egg Also guarantee highest market from this source Is not small and as transmit to his son the hereditary ach aid digestion promote assimila ¬ prices Glasgow Sept 181 days 471 Brook Street the summer is now on us in good earn- taint with which ho was born and if tion improe1 appetite Price 25 cts Columbia August 204 days est with hordes of these pests i t seems a man having no inborn tendency to Money back if not satisfied LOUISVIlLE KENTUCKY Sold by The News now nas the lost complete desirable that everything possible excess yet acquires drunken habits T E Panll druggist assortment of stationary job material shall be done to limit the amount of his progeny arc in no more danger Nwly Furnished American PI tjiJlOo t uIs that MarsT he whispered ache Per Day and equipment it has over had Wo mischief done by them More effect- than arc those of his neighbar leavidg please you It you used any tbJngln ive measures are needed for destroying out of consideration the effect of cn slipped his arm around her waist and flies and preventing their multiplies vironmeriton youth It is not denied gazed upon a glittering orb tar In the ofc ilae i she ex- ¬ tlon The war on mosquitoes by our that drunken parents who become thus distant blueuNo It isnt r MEALS 25cAt tile Columbia Fair a premium of sanitary department K in Cuba has mentally and physically weak are claimed jerklngawayi Cits mine and MarkeiSt LOUISVILLE Kft fifty dollarswill begiven to the best sientlcnian rider Persons twenty shown what can be done in extemlM JiablQ tohdve children who Bra d gen If you think you are hugging jfcirs old ibiJ fiver can enter I4ICHI5LEYRi l1 te tibfc IMfccte and the iltetixtl aa- witter weak in lib sy and feeble in tfeUytfo ttiat ydkara mistaken i f LIBERTY W Had His own Graveyard DIRECTORY POSTOFFICE IIec Bruner a United States Mar J btRuaaellPostmaster Office honrsweek days 700 a m t0930 pm shal of Indian Territory in the early days enjoys the rare distinction of COURT DIRECTORY having a cemetery named after him And the strange part of it is that no CiaouiTCocRTThree sessions a yearThird Monday In January third Monday In May aria one is buried there except his own vic third Monday In September tims There are 28 mounds in the Circuit Judge W W Jones cemetery Under each are the hones Commonwealth AttorneyN H W Aaron Sheriff J W Hurt of some bad man who brushed up OlerkJno1J Coffey against Bruner and got the worst of it When Bruner was Marshal the In ¬ Monday In each month COUNTY CcoMFlrst dian Territory was about as wild asJudge J W Butler County Attorney JasGarnett Jr a country ever gets It was filled with ClerkTRSlnlt8 horse thieves cattle thieves train rob H Mitchell lF eb JailerS hers and desperadoes of all kinds A law abiding peaceable citizen did notI Jones stand much show Murders were so ¬ al different places In our country to Stanford InteriorJournal carryout the Cuban methods show The W O T U at Liberty is in a that the people arc willing to act if high state of exhlliation owing to the shown the best ways Until some suc- ¬ fact that Mrs Sophia Stone our din ¬ cessful method has been devised for trict president is with us Her Ing relatives in our town has been taken to prevent their access to our union what a lighted torch would sputum or other infectious materialbe to smouldering flames She se s fruits and foodstuffs should be thor- ¬ to have inserted new blood into ou r oughly cooked or washed If flies have veins S6 we must be up and doing been allowed to come In contact with knowing that activity is the only way 9 DAYS o r i The stock display will be an eye opener and every otherfeature of the entertainment will eclipse all former exhibitions SplendidBand of Musit- A Dont fail to attend will be in attendance ¬ ¬ this splendid fair in abundance shadeandwater Good An Automobile the Horseless carriage will be on the grounds and the old mens riding ring will attract many sight seers W H HUDSON Pres ¬ ¬ 204 AUGUST shouldto consideren AtkinsI COLUMBIA FAIR e- HARRIS CS i cRUSSELLSPRING8FAIR ¬ The dato of this splendid place of entertainment ¬ CHRISTIANJ 1 r ¬ > and a iFirstClass ¬ V If you want to ¬ Hancock Hotel 0 The gcbuuds are in excellent condition ¬ J antly keep the dato before you An Excellent Band of 0 and all drawing attrac tious on the grounds J baulithyC KYr ¬ Itlaundry 44 daysI SRUNER ¬ m CO Iic 4 fc Jcc ors iJW 11 maIn 5 not > r- 1 t < i7 Sfe r > oM t J > J r i A7MJ444 1MlIIDU Fifty Cents a Year MIN IJ W4tL Al Wi M Less Than a Penn a Number THE SOUTHS LITERARY WEEKLY I Published at Atlanta Ga r After a career of more or less activity in the Southern field for over a quarter of century The Sunny South has again become n weekly better and more readable than at any time in its history It contains serial stories from the best known authors the world over It is devoted to Southern readers and Southern writers and is their own story paper Short stories sketches incidents of war ems ideas fash ¬ and of peace anecdotes at home and afield ions hints for home keeperszeverything of interest to old upThe I I andJ 0 It ANTHONY now in progress with fall synopsis to cover former In ¬ stallments and Rosalyndes Lovers by Maurice Thompson to begin April 27th will be read with absorbing interest throughout the whole outh This is your opportunity and only 60 cents for a full year of it Think ofit 60 cents No agents Subscription price is only fifty cents a year commission The paper is its own best offer and argument to the subscriber One sample copy free to you and to your six neighbors whose names and addresses you send on a pos tal card provided you send at once A club of five at 50 cents each accompanied by the full amount 250 net to us entitles the sender t The Sunny South a whole year free The Sunny South is your old friend in a new form al ways improving every issue to excel the last one The Souths literary paper is here at last Order It today1he Sunny South in combination with the greatest of all Southern Weekly NE YS1APERSThe Atlanta Weekly Constitutionboth for only 125 a year Remit that amount HOPE e ¬ i IyLitcrar v Address all letters and remittances to THE SUNNY SOUTH ATLANTA t GAI ¬ 35 r j ¬ 64 c A P SIMPSON Secretary ¬ ¬ L SMITH President ¬ ¬ 0 JH ¬ KYt 0 openedTand n n LlalC will be engaged ¬ ¬ fB spend a few kays pleas ¬ ¬ i September 3rd 4th 1th1 6th 19Of w l PATTERSON HOT U a J7 meST0WN K KY No 1 ester place can be found than at the above named hotel It is tow elegantlyfurniali rand theta bio at all times sup plied with the 3 best the market affords ift t v 4 t° 1 Feed Stably irugon aeLt4 ion PATTBRSON > Jf m iert l I d 1 44 < it ilI

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