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Image 2 of The Adair County news., March 11, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

o I 2 THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS 1 L- I f FROM TILE OLD RECKORDS IN MEMORIAL given a bag of confettee by Miss Rosa May Conover that started First order on record in the the battle of mirth which was a In loving rememberence of my dear taste of Marde Gras aunt Bertha t Adair County clerks office The Studio was beautifully and Dearest Bertha thou hast left us Monday April 26th 1802 State J Pres HARDWICK COCKE H V Pres R li DIETZMAN Sec J ofKentuckyAdair to wit Be it remembered that on Mon ¬ day the 26th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two and in the 10th year of the Common¬ wealthat the house of James Walker Sr in the said county + excellenIcy ernor of the commonwealth aforesaid constituting and ap pointing Robert Haskins Wm G Bryan and William McNeely Gentlemen Justices of the court of Quarterly sessions for the ¬ Present Robert Haskins Wil ¬ liam G Bryan William McNeely EsquiresMonday April 26 1802 William Caldwell appointed clerk of this court with bond of one thousand pounds with Allen M Wakefield Samuel Brents and William Morley his securities First Grand Jury sworn and empaneled in July Monday 26 1802 as follows Robert Telford foreman John Votaw John Montgomery Gar rott Conover William Hurt Charles Creel Robert Fletcher Peter Dumoss Benjamin Naylor John Bryant Stephen White Robert Kelso Harvey Links James Caughan Thomas Selby James Walker Alexander Walk ¬ Robert er Andrew Ewing i CraiggFirst suit William Lawson As ¬ signee of Jeremiah Leakey who was assignee of David D6ak Plaintiff against John Shanks Defendant upon an attachment from a Justice of the Peace The suit was for thirtyseven 0 dollars sixtysix and twothirds cents Judgment was rendered for same together with the sum of twelve dollars in the hands of the said Garnishee and apply same towards satisfaction of this judgment 7 l THE CARNIVAL > TheCa ival given 1by The t Beethoven Club at Prof Ohlen machers Studio on Monday after¬ noon from five to six oclock was = the most beautiful and unique 7 affair of the season The guests were greeted with i the strains of the Carnival as they ascended the stairway of t Jthe old College Chapel As we Untered the Studio we were each h WHEN SILENCE IS GOLDEN A writer in Folk Lore says We know how to be silent when weare happy Each one swal ¬ lows his dose of happiness by himself but his sorrowsperhaps an insignificant scratch on the hearthe proclaims to the public He shows it shouting to the world to come and see it It is not healing he wants so much as sympathy We throw the remnants of our food from our houses and poison the air of the town in the same way we discard from our souls all their filth and burden of fester¬ ing discouragement and cast them under the feet of our neighbors Hundreds of healthy souls perish through being pois ¬ oned and weakened by our groans and complaints We loose our loads from our own backs and cast them as stum ¬ bling blocks under the feet of our friends We have no right to po GRIST MILLS 1301 THIRTEENTfiM SIN I z Sheet Iron and Tank Work JOBBING WORK SOLICITED r AU Kinds Machinery of Repaired I I None named you but to praise Uncle Charlie tis oh so sad No Bertha voice to hear But do not grieve for after awhile You will meet her over their She was very kind and true to you Deep sorrow shades your brow Cold in the grave shes sleeping You have no Bertha now thatyou may meet her that eternal shore FIBER PLASTER for plastering makes a weak and uncertain ceiling as it is li ¬ able to fall any time and cause several hundred dollars damages You can den it like wood containing no sand you can saw or nailit like wood V MANUFACTURED Then peaceful be her silent slumber Peaceful in her grave so low She no more will join our number She no more our tears will know BY Kentucky Wall Plaster Co Brook Sleep on our precious Bertha From all earthly sin your free In Jesus arms we know your resting Where no trouble comes to thee River Also Operating 818BOTH HOOSIER WALL PHONES 2267 PRASTER PLANT Louisville ffersonville Ind i Ky Phone 55I J Sleep on our precious Bertha Where the angles sweetly sing In realms of peace thou art now rest ¬ ing Ever saved though Christ our king Let us ever hope to meet her When the care of life have fled Where theres joy and peace and glad ¬ The Louisville Tritsi rncrI Company Southwesf I fifth and Mar no farewell tears are shed LOlJISVItLE Broken hearted sorrowing parents Hear Gods promise pure and blest Come to me yea heavy laden I will surely give you rest Organized under a special charter for the safe keeping of valuables of every kind and description and the transaction of a general trust busi¬ ness is authorized to act in any part of the State as Executor Admin 1 strator Trustee Guardian Assignee Receiver and to fill every posi ¬ tion of trust that can be held by an individual Cast your cares on loving Jesus Until life hard toils are done Sweetly then go home to glory Home sweet home that you have won It accepts and executes trusts of varied character and its fair impar tai and profitable We hope to meet you precious Bertha And be with you by and by keeping management is guaranteed by its large assets its cor ¬ porate property its magnificent fireproof office building and its great financial strength ¬ Precious Bertha good by good by Mrs Ora Elliott Elida N M j Yw Jewe1ets and Opticians HANGED IN EFFIGY WRTCfiES < Eyes tested and Eyeglasses Propefly Filled matches and tJecaelpy eppiffed and Warranted t I 1 I lieonafd flabe tf Sbn 356 tJeffeFsoivJSleatr nth iiOUlSVlIiliE KV 2 f I IT ISr MONEY TO YOU IF YOU BUY AT THE RIGHT PLACE GENERAL tCil liIJ r 1 See my Stock of f MERCHANDISE Ia t I if t wr L J SIMMONSi KENTUCKY t i h Pfbdaee wanted HUMBLE x f- r w- lbS JEWEIi Y SI ullE 1WA E r y+ I bIAVIO I a Jr Imortar And there will live together Where Darting will be no more < Is a substitute for com mon lime mortar There is intelligent economy in the use of this material The use of common lime LOUISVILLE WOOD Live so nessWhere v j < tr J t 1- it i l 4 t rR t- N + 1 grippe asthma bronchitis and hoarse ¬ ness is sold under guarantee at T E RepresentativeLilIardcouldntwellfindawarJ1le Paulls drug store 50c and 100 Trial I bottle free Boyle county is just now t < to SMOKE STACKS ¬ r LOUISVILLE 5YsNone On 3 I MILLSI ENGINES BOILERS SAW I t 1889I mACTlII11STS DEALERS IN lute the air that others must Yesterday morning there wasI breathe with the washing and suspended to a tree in the court cleansing of our individual house yard a large stuffed man wounds representing Representative Lil lard hanged in effigy A large The New York grand jury placard accompanied the picture which has been investigatin the and it bore some sensationa affairs of the Provident Savings statements and damaging reflec ¬ Life Assurance Society returned tions upon Representative Lil two indictments againstER lard It is not known who did Thomas and one against 0 F the hanging Saturday night a Thomas charging them with mis ¬ large banner was flung across demeanors in violation of the main street bearing a crude State insurance law image of Lillard which also bore serious reflections upon the stand No Use To Die x the Major took in voting for I have found out that there is no use to die of lung trouble as long as you Bradley against the unanimous wishes of his constituents The can get Dr Kings New Discovery says Mrs J P White of Rushboro Pa placard in the court house bore I would not be alive today only for that wonderful medicine It loosens up the words WarnfngYouhad a cough quicker than anything else and better seek a warmer climate cures lung disease even after the case The Advocate differs with the is pronounced hopeless This most reli 3 remedy for coughs and colds la writer of the inscription as i able 1 INCORPORATED 1861 1VllLkliW1IGTS homet ¬ T Pyne Mill ESTA artistically decorated with the Here thy loss we deeply feel But tis God that hath bereft us Club colors yellow and black He can all our sorrows heal pictures of the great Artists of There was a time not long Music Booths where the young When round her form was ladies of the club in gladness The thousand comforts dear thrownI And and rosie cheeks presided with ease and grace at the refresh ¬ The womanhood happiness of life Shown on her calm free brow ment tables Creamedoysters And love and warmth and light were crackers and pickels Misses thereWhere are those blessings now Martha Hancock and Alice Walk-¬ er Welsh rare bit and accompa You have left a dark and sinful world For a bright home up above nents Misses Elizabeth Holladay Where trouble and cares enter not and Lina Rosenfield Chicken But all is peace and love chowder served on crackers with Tis hard to part with friends thats dear pickel Misses Frances Jones and And our lives will lonely be But God in his wisdom is recalling Myrtle Myers Chocolate pudding The pure and noble across the sea with whipped cream and lemon Our Saviors will you have obeyed wafers Mrs Grant and Prof county aforesaid was produced punch Roman and read Whereupon the said Ohlenmacher Haskins Bryan and McNeely wafers and candy Misses Betsey gentleman each took the oath to Hancock and Maggie Todd Black support the Constitution of the coffee Little Miss Sandidge United States of America and The refreshments were served the oath prescribed by the laws hot from chafing dishes The and constitution of this Common ¬ Souvenirs were pretty and ap ¬ wealth and thereupon took their propriate seats and there being no sheriff To Prof Ohlenmacher and the legally qualified in the said coun Beethoven Club we extend our ty Benjamin Bowmer Esquire thanks for a very delightful A Guest was appointed by said Justices to hour open and adjourn court Then a court of quarterly sessions was begun and holders for the said county on the day aforesaid W

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