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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 29, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

THE JfFRSONIAN JEFFERSONTOWN, FERN CREEK ELECTRIC KY. Feb. 26. TELEPHONES: Free Crrr axd OotntTT Srance After 6 p. m. call (Res. C'jmi). 06. Assured Are Lights Clf BCfct. k.TSD SS t. Teffersoutovn Ex. BOMB ftiB Creex Eschaaee. For Buechel. Thursday, February 29, 1912. Physician Dies at Age of 91 EASTWOOD Mrs. Garr's Mother Dead Miss Sue Black we II has liecn the recent quests of x,iss I'arutn Nichol- Buechel News Items. son, who is anendini.' some time with insor, of her sister. Mrs. .iarie V Jefferson town. Mr. .las. Shaw and daughter, Mauie. of Crescent Hill, have returned after a visit to her aunt. Miss Klmira Ci Hi land. Mrs E. W. He(U:e has returned from Louisville after spending some time at St. Joseph Infirmary. f Mr. and Mrs John Davenport. guests Louisville, were the week-en-d of Mr. and Mrs. M T. Davenport. I Buechel, Feb. 21 Residents of the town of Buechel are to be supplied with electric lightsin the near future. The Louisville Lighting Company will begin its work as soon as a re- quired number of householders have signed the agreement, fifty or more having now agreed to take the service. Arrangements have been made only for use in private residences. A Good Woman . Dead. TRUCK GROWERS Mr. and Mrs. L. R.Wheel- er charmingly entertained a jolly crowd at dinner Sunday. Those present were Misses Laura Strange and Abby Risinger: Messrs. Herbert Johnson. Everett Johnson and Archie Johnston. Miss Maud Berry delightfully entertained Sunday Misses Nellie Stivers and Bessie Swan: Messrs. Robert Stivers and Arther Kolros. Mrs. Emma Stout and son. Lee. spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. H. T. Berry. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Weeeler spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Will Blankenbaker. Miss Margaret Williams spent the week-en- d in Louisville the guest of Miss May Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brown spent Sunday in Indianapolis with Mr. Seibert Held. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Hawes spent Thursday night in Louisville with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cartwright and attended a Masonic supper Thursday evening. Elizabeth Hollinsead, Itallias and little of Mrs. late Jerry Hollinsead, ofwidow Mr. Jesse Hartley is the guest of the son. David Webb, visited Mr. and and mother of Mrs. Charles his sister, Mrs. J as. Beard. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mrs. VV. Lon-isvill- T. Mailtos, oi Shelby e, county. Cur. of Buechel. died Thursday Evelyn Hoke, of Lotiisvil'e. morning, February 22. at the age o' guest of Mrs. Geo. vas tke week-en-d years. She was buried on SaturBeckley. day. Feb. 24. in Eastern cemetery, tht Miss Vernetta Winter Stein, of funeral being conducted from tht Louisville, spent Sunday with her home of her daughter, Mrs. J. H. sister. Mrs. Homer Parrent. Shrader. on the Bardstown road. m m Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Duncan spenl Former Resident Deac. Thursday to Louisville. Br. John 1. Burford.of Louisville. Mr. and Mr. B. V. Peatc? have been the recent quests of 'Mr and formerly of Buechel, died earl Mrs. J as. Driskill. of the High- Thursday morning from injuries received to a fall on the ice in the rear lands. of his sou"s yard several weeks ago, Mrs..). W. Nutter and daughter, ninety-on- e years of age ami of Crescent Hill, h iye been the re- He was was prob ibly the oldest physician in cent guests ot Mrs. Lytic Brown. the State, having retired from act-- i Mrs. Frank Beckley spent last re practice about thirteen years ago. Wednesday in Lonis ille. He was a native of Harrousburg and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jones spent married Miss Mary Wallace, of that Sunday with Mrs. Jones1 parents, Mr. place, who died nine years ago. and Mrs. R. S. Sturgeon. .Surviving him are three children, Mr. and Mr. Bruce Hardin a no two sons and one daughter. His son. .las. By If. of Shelby county, funeral t ook place Saturday mornspent Sunday with Mr. John Orr. ing from the residence of his son. Mrs. Arthur Humphrey and daugh Clarence Burford. and the interment ter, Mary Dorothy, have returned was in Cave Hill cemetery. Dr. and wife moved from Harrods-burafter a visit to friends and relatives in the early sixties and located in Louisville. Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Thomas and at Buechel on the Kaltus place, now Mr. Was. Tnomas. of Louisviile, were owned by John Yann. Later he moved the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wither to Newburg. where he resided until about fifteen years ago when he Blaekwell Sunday. moved to Louisville. Miss '' m Bur-for- g WORTHINGTON. Feb. the 2ti week-en- d Louisville. Visits Mr. and Mrs. of the Stork. Claude Stout are the Mrs Noah Maddox was proud recipients of a little son, born L'uest ot relatives in 12. February Nina KUSSell, ol Goshen, is spending some time with her brother, J. W. Netherton and family. Mrs. T. L. Bllwanger spent several days with Mrs. rhris. Young in Louisville. Miss Ada Belle Bald, of Kastover. was the week-enyuest of her sister. Mrs. W. II. Hibbs. M iss Georgia Miller spent the weekend with Miss Fiances Kckard. in .Mrs. d Louisville. J. W. Netherton and family d a number of friends Friday eveniut in honor of their visitor. A little daughter has come to stay at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fcgenbush. It arrived Feb. Bltb.and named is A lice. Nice Sum Realized. was a great success. It was given the Ladies Improvement League of Fern Creek for the benefit of the school. A large crowd attended and a nice little sum was realized. Mrs. ti. u. times entertained at a party Monday evening in honor Mr. rtussell. of Mr. Henry Hikes' birthdav. Miss Nellie Claxon. who was operMisses MaymeKaiser and Elizabeth ated on at the Jewish Hospital Thurs- Skiles were guests of Mrs. Wm. day for appendicitis, is doing very Frederick, Sr., the first of the weeK. nicely. Wilhoite. TheC. S. W. will meet with the Misses Hahn near Lyndon Thursday March VlO meeting of interest to farmers A was the guest of friends in Louisville last week. Aubrey William. of Bowling Green, is the guest of his aunt. Mrs. Lou Miss Louisa Miller 7. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Martin and sons, of Crescent Hill, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. .las. Martin. Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Broyles and son, William, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Win. Pratber. Mrs. Tom Wheeler and son. of Buechel. and Mrs. Roy Pernell. of Louisville, spent several days last week with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Garwood spent Sunday with Mr. R. L. Miller and family. Rev. J. E. Kirk, of Louisrille, visited friends here last week. Misset Louise and Georgia Miller, Georgiaphine Voung and Frances Eckard, of Louisville, spent SaturMiss day afternoon with Anna Thomas at Sacred Heart Academy. Sadie Laird, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Burger, near Spring-daldied Tuesday morning at one oxlock. After a short funeral ser-ic- e Wednesday at the home, her remains were brought to the cemetery and buried. She was only about a month old but had greatly endeared herself to the parents, brothers and sister, who sadly mourn her loss. "Suffer the little children and forbid them not to come unto me, For of such is the kingdom of heaven." We extend pur deepest sympathy to the family. e, Miss Fannie Baker spent with Miss Bessie Seabold. At a meeting of the Jefferson county truck growers of this section held at the. Bank of Buechel last Saturday thefollowing resolut ions were adapt ed: I "inat t lie growers lorm an trtthl'!in!t!i! r, 1 Jt I TfU asso-- rli - 1 i rl ed into 300 shares of each. grower to hold more than ten shares and to commence business as soon as $750 of said stock is paid in. The obNo 85.0(1 ject being to divide the stock a fai'mer will tell you he never knew how much bigger crops he could raise until Far Ji HR S put it into his head to work more with his brains. Vf 1 A M be- tween as many growers as possible. The business to be conducted similar to the association at St Matthews, which has proven- - satisfactory in This great little paper is always nudging farmers up to make more money. Pleasant but persistent, it works at you year after year to raise larger crops, liner horses and cows, heavier hog-- , bigger apples and potatoes, and shows you just HOW to do it. is 34 years Farm Journal ( "cream, not old, and has over 750,000 subscriber';, more than any other farm paper published. Its four million readers (known as "Our Folks") are the most intelligent and prosperous country people in the world, and arc always saying Farm JOURNAL helped to make them so. It is clean, brief, '"boiled down," full or practical wisdom, gumption, fun and sunshine. It believes in order, thrift, kindness, comfort, and happiness, and it has old Peter Tumbledown always ready to show now NOT to run a farm. "Our Folks" have comfortable homes, modern huildings and sound machinery, tight roofs and fences, gates that swing frehorses, and happy wives and children, and money in bank. Their potatoes are the largest, their milk tests the highest, their hogs weigh most, their fruit brings the best prices. Live farmers everywhere find this out, and they want the Fa km JOURNAL. . every respect." The growers met again last night at and completed plans for securing subscribers for stock in the new association, and several shares were subscribed for at this meeting. Papers are being circulated among growers of JeflVrson-town- . Hikes Point. Buechel and other places in this part of the county, and it is oelieved there will be no trouble in raising the amount of the capital stock. The next meeting will be held aext Saturday. March 2, at the Bank of Buechel, when final preparations will be made for organization. It is hoped that a large crowd will be present at this meeting, as a movement of this kind bespeaks success for the growers of the county. If a united effort is made upon the part of farmers and growers, they may expect great results from their skim-milk- ") - well-dresse- d Subscribe now, and get with the paper any of these famous Secrets, Money-makin- g i These great illustrated booklets are all stories of success in farming, and they tell you the methods that won it. un'l'ie collection of poultrymcn. Pnillfrv SforP'tc 's a (hscoverios of successful the secret methods CIls Jf lrivt-Fdch'- nn( s famous mating chart, suppressed for years, the Curtis? method of securin SO per cent, more pullets than cockerels. Hover's method of insr.rins fertility, with priceless secrets of mating, breeding, feed and ieedinsr. bow to produce winter eges, and many others of great vnluc lonp jealously guarded, now first published. "bishoping," HniQf kJVtlCIS exposes the methods of doping, and other "plnsRinCi" cocaine and pasolim' UiJcs of "gyps" and swindlers. Jt enables any one to tell an unsound Jt FISHERVILLE also Rives many valuable feedinc, trainini:. breeding and veterinary secrets. f"Yrn kfrrrc tmshrls more per arre feeding element-- . . tne grcat NEW 15 hand-boo- ksnc of Prof. H olden, k the 'Corn Kinrr." It tells how to iret ten to twenty of corn thai is rich in protein a:id other valuable stock .ndcrlul photographic pictures maice every process plain. Feb. 27. -- Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Currey tells how J. M. Foster, in the The MILLION EGG-FARspent Tuesday in Louisville. New Jersey makes over $ 18,000 a year, mainly from eec. II you Veep leen visiting her grand parents, Mr chickens, read about the "Kanrocas L'nir" and learn how Foster FEKDS Ins hen-- . Mr. WTalter Knapp, of Wilsonville. and Mrs. F. J. Risinger. has returned THE "BUTTER BOOK" tells of seven cows that produced was the guest of his parents. Mr. home. tor dairymen. Get ii, weed o::t your poor cows, anil turn jour pood one;; into Mrs. R. P. Nutter and daughter, and Mrs. Knapp, of this place. Myrtle, spent Monday with Mrs Mrs. Ellen Nicholson isspendingthe supply d GARDEN GOLD she ws how to make your you with fresh vegetable and fruit, how to cut down your grocery hi!U, and set week in Jeffersontown. King. Frank cash tor your surplus produce. It tells when and how to plant, cultivate, harvest ;:! market every kind. Miss Kathryne Beard will return Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Smith enter near DUCK DOLLARS tells of the great Weber duck-farSunday Mr. and Monday after a visit to Mrs. L.Gibbs, tained at dinner Bos&OU. Krery year they sell over 40,1(00 duckling'; at a net profit of ."0 rnts TeQa why ducks pay them better than chickens, and lost HOW they do every thro?. Mrs. R. P. Nutter and children of Shelby vi lie. m Goldie and Myrtle, Mr. and Mrs Miss R. E. Carmichael and Mrs. C. Any one of these splendid booklets, cn C 1 Lynda Stivers and son. Emmit. and L Dale spent Monday in Louisville. 1 .UU with Farm Journal FOUR full years, UUlll lOr Mrs. Josie Smith. (Ami H voi! nfttscffbe HOW, before they nr all jon. nnl tefl m where hp Mrs. Mary Carpenter was the guest oSex, wewiU send ywt a ten 1'oor liielianl Revived, l;r.uiklin' gtr.ct Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Matthews at of packed with wit arM wfedfAn ir termer, almanac tmMght down to sister, Mrs. Margaret Hoke. her tended a Washington entertainment Miss Thomas Beard returned to FARM JOURNAL, 333 N. Clifton Street, Philadelphia py given by their congregation at the Bourbon College Tuesday after a Portland Presbyterian church. Solos, stay with her parents. Mr. and music, chorus and other features ot short Tear off this coupon, till ii out, and send to ui with money or check Mrs. J. A. Beard. the evening were very much enjoyed. W Master J. F. Kunyon, who has been J9 . . The oyster supper given by the Fnbltsners r arm journal, 33 X. Clifton Street. Philadelphia: with his aunt, Fern Creek improvement league was spending the winter Here is ?1.00, to pay far y. ,ur TRIPLE CLl B OFFER advertised. was the recent 1 m' very successful, and a nice sum ol Mrs. Aivin Burdon, i i t it ... . : n T?r r r r r?rt l i r r 'irr: r r mi1 liif r k nil r r i.i. guest of his parents, at .Orestwood. iii , a money was realized. Mr. Hewitt Hnnsinger visited booklet ,0 HOT f for S1.C0. friends here Sunday. And t! yon get this N TIM I", jmo :,re to send th CANE RUN. o 1'rwir Kwh ar-- Almanac f' ior.'. Monday Mrs. John Purcell spent 1 afternoon with Mrs. L. B. Knapp. Feb. 26. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. J Xante Mr. Jas. Lashbrook was in the city and son, Paul, spent. Sunday 0! r til A. last week. with his mother. Mrs. Mollie .01 1 We are glad to hear that Mrs. S. E. Potts, who has been quite ill, is conMrs. John Carrithers and Mrs. (iJoiTt it rjut to ij lose i liimiey. We wttl take your OU r - ' - ; - .c.C g gggg - gCgcj oo 'o ; 0.0, ? o J'o'cmjJ s 5TtSi S 0oo crO Alex Roberts spent last Tuesday valescent. Special offer dvertised in tne leffersontown Jeffersonian. Mr. J. L. Gaunt spent the first of afternoon with Mrs. Frank, Hedden the week in Louisville ordering Mr. and Mrs. Walter Markwell. of Dry Ridge, were guests of Mr. Courier-Journa- l Quite a number of friends from and Mrs. Claude Markwell Sunday. the funeral of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harris spent last here attended Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. David McKinley. Little Miss Almenda Bates, who has M pint-bel- t, record-breaker- back-yar- m . ca-li- kfk f( $ tlii1 I . x i i ii r i v I rd-- n A La-Mast- r. n improving. JEFFERSON COUNTY. Misses Viola and Myrtle Wiseheart have returned to their home near Miss Florence Berry spent Saturday evening with Mrs. W. F.Shibley. Fisherville after spending several Mrs. Charles Miller and family days with Miss Laura Paris. Messrs. S. A. and J. H. LaMaster spent Sunday with Mrs. W. H. spent one day last week !n Louisville. Shibley. Mrs. Annie Hertzsch, of Jefferson-ville- , Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Mr. Spotts spent a week with Mrs. W. H. and Mr. and Mrs. H. Harris spent Sunday with Mr. andMrs. Lee Harris. Shi hie v Miss Stella Snyder spent Saturday Mrs. Lottie Devine spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. W. H. Shibley. night and Sunday with her son, Mr. William Mullen, of Louisville, Marion LaMaster. spent a pleasant evening with Mrs. Mrs. Elizabeth LaMaster entertain W. H. Shibley. ed her granddaughter, Miss Vera Mr. Bradley Shibley and Mr. Wal- Paris, last Monday night. ter Hawes had quite a fox chase FriMr. and Mrs. J. R. Carrithers spent day at Mr. Albert Miller's. Sundav with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Car Mr. Geo. Shibley will leave Toleda to join his uncle, Rev. S. Bradley, of rithers. Mrs. John Bradberrv and son, Los Angeles, California. Taylor, visited her grandfather at Do vou take the city papers? the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ora Yeager today. Mr. Yates is very ill, Wo Read our clubbing offers. and his friends fear he will not save you money. can i Stock Being Taken. Saturday and gardeners in and around Buechel was held at the Buechel bank Satur- Re id. day afternoon. About fifty were Mrs. Kate Flynn and daughter, present. Miss Cora, spent one day recently Miss Ethel Hikes entertained with Mrs. Frank Hedden. several young ladies of Bowling Mr. Scobee Rhea and brother Green last week. entertained about twenty friends Miss Katie Sh i vely returned recentA delightful last Monday night. ly from an extended visit to Carrol-totime was spent by all. and other places. Roy Sheets, of Simpsonville, was a Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kinker moved recent guest of Alex Roberts and Monday to St Mathews to make their family Sunday. home. We regret very much giving Those on the sick list are Mr. Chas. them up. Twomey, and Mrs, Mollie LaM aster, Magistrate Charles Wheeler left Tuesday far several days' stay at Master Otis and Chester Frederick. Mrs. Frank Hedden, who has been Frankfort. sick for about live weeks, is slowly iloiMiiiff''irriiiiiii Plan For Organization Mrs. M. L. Hawes and Mrs. Lizzie Williams spent Sunday afternoon in Jeffersontown with Mrs. Fred Myers, vho is critically ill. Mrs. Howard Groves spent Satur- lay in Louisville. Mrs. Taylor King and Mrs. Ed guests of Davis were the Mrs. Sallie McKeag Thursday. Miss Gertrude Koehler, who has labors. been ill, is improving very nicely. all-da- y Meetings and . The oyster supper given at "The Nicholson" on the evening of Feb 22 Miss Harvey Gentry spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Eunice Johnson. Mr. Ben Williams, of Louisville, spent Thursday with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams. Miss Florence Pierson spent Wednesday in Louisville with her aunt, Hn. Maggie Thorn. Hold Interesting t? r. For 1912 You cannot keep posted on cur HARROD'S CREEK. Feb. 2fi. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Klingenfus spent Sunday with the formers parents at Crest wood. Mr. John Warren, of Louisville. visited friends and relatives here Thursday. Miss Laura Abbott spent Monday night with Miss Mary Floke. Miss Annie Brovles was the week end guest of relatives in Louisville. Mrs. J. B. Clore and little son, John Richard, returned to their home at Crestwood. Elizabeth Bauer attended the Washington birthday part' Thurs day, given by Miss Alice White at her home in St. Matthews. Miss Lucy P. Hobson spent Friday night with her cousin, Miss Elizabeth Barbour. Following is the honor roll of Cherry Valley school for the month of Miss Eighth Grade Susie Hoke, 912-7- : Lucy Hobson, 91. Sixth Grade Elizabeth Barbour, Saddie Schneidtmiller, 91 Those in regular attendance: Susie Hoke, Saddie Schneidtmiller, Virginia Schneidtmiller, Elizabeth Schneidtmiller. Laura Abbott, Teacher. We are glad to hear that the attendance of Cherry Valley school has increased so much this term, it haying increased more than one third in the last two months. 913; Subscribe tor the Jeffersontes. 1-- rent political events unless you read the COURIER' JOURNAL Lousville, Ky. Hkxry Wattkrson. Editor. The Jeffersonian One Year and Farm Journal Years for only $1.10 For a Short Time Only. S Send orders to The Jeffersonian. This Presidential Year THE TARIFF will be the issue and the battle will be a hard fought one. You can get WEEKLY COURIER -- JOURNAL THE JEFFERSONIAN Both One Year For By a special during $1.50 bargain rate January and February only vou can get the Daily and the Jeffersonian both one year for only Courier-Journ- al $4.00. Sundav Courier included $2.00 extra- - We can aso make a special rate on Daily or Sunday Cour-Journ- in combination with this paper. To Get Advantage of This Cut Rate, Orders Must Be Sent to Us, Not to

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