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Image 1 of American Baptist (Louisville, Ky.), December 9, 1904

Part of American Baptist (Louisville, Ky.)

i r f 1 I I I x 3 D I < AMERICAN BAPTISr 6t I i I i z y L rVO I XXVI NO XKS3 i LOUISVILLE KY FRIDAY DECEMBER 9 1004 ESTABLISHED 1879 I r rHAVE i FAITH IN GOD gutdt eightr God never would seud you the dark I J ing baud If the way were always bright And you would care to walk by faith So he Mends you the blinding darkness And the furnace of veufold heat TIB the only way believe meT kelp you oloae to his feet wanderI I When our lives are glad and sweet Then neotle your hand in your Fathers AndsloR if you can as yon go Your tong may cheer a me one behind yon- Whose courage is slukiug low And een If vour lips do quiver God will love you the better H- OSeJected WOMENS WORK I I Knir Tlitt teller should have proceeded the one puMuhcil in the i u iutue of this paper U reached Red House Sunday September 20th at 1180 a m round Mrs Amelia Hugeleys carriage in awaiting for uw Heralster Mrs Susie Wbit drove UK to the church wbere we found an a large congregation assembled Vtt t w tblhiof Were If He felt you could bear the light t Marshall 25 cents efiijl1 totaij amount i TO KENTUCKY BAPTISTS collected 525 At 9 a m we were off for Newport via the C AO a distance of 60 miles reaching this point we were Beloved We are nearing Christmas soon comfortably located at No 21 our Lord the supposed bb Houthgate street the com jrtajile home Chriijuiasia observed as a day of good of deacon J Winston where u sister cheer spreading joyful news 10 dispon Wiuston and our faith ul tittle iviend deut and bleeding hearts about us and MMB Emma welcomed ue Rev Har to those far away din called to inform us that our com- Tbe Foreign Mission Board has been munication had not beeu received here in your midst for nine years hence we were unable to hold a meet Whatever reputation Negro Baptists log so we left for Coviugtoo nest niorn have for worldwide mittsioas they lug and went at once to Dr Wards have made with Louisville Ky is home and from there to the homo of headquarters Rev Drane shoos amiable wife re There are four young mer direct calved us kindly Spent a day and from Africa in your own State Univernight with them and the remainder of sity They have been there school our time with our old home friend Miss opened and I have paid Dr since Puree only Annie Million No 1006 Madison Ave 600 on their tuition where every comfort was ours Fri Tueseyoung mer are given to you by day night we spoke to a small audience their parents in far off Africa for Chris a Thirteenth Street church Rev G t ian training I went to an expense of W Ward D D the honored pastor for printing and postage urging gave us a hearty welcome and intredu JJOOO Kentucky pastors to take an after colcoo us after impressively conducting lection that I pay Dr Puroe and only devotional A collection of 250 was brethren Revs ii C given the following persons contribut- GoltiK D A Gaddit Wui Turpin C C H Leavell 25 cents eacb Rev G W Ward ing E P Marrs W Je Glover W Augus brethren Dennis Delaney Willis tuj Jones sari Hall responded sisters Lottie Spears Mary I LeeI When I offered to take tbe young Annie Humphry Susan Taylor men out for some c ncerto to raise the Sunday morning attened money that Dr Puree might not carry I all the burdens the following i a letter a Baptist pastor acting on the and the school responded to our ap I from vote of officers of a Baptist church peal by contributing 188 to the Nov 80 1904 We remained to morning ser work Rev L G Jordan D Dilce and greatly enjoy d the sernnon Louisville Ky preached by the pastor and was introdDear Brother and Sir uced and received a 1127 tle follow Ycur Iletter and contents noted ing persons contributed cents eauh with care I put it before the officers brethrenGilbert Sanders Wm Ellison The church has a standing rule that aarah Smith Bettie Yates Was glad one half of proceeds must be given to to see the interest manifested Rev Drane hrs done a commendable work the cbnrcu and they will make OU no here and deserves great encourage- exception If you wish to come under ment At 780 p m we were on for these terms you can do so You are to Falmouth upon reaobing that point furnish tickets and Mils What is to become or these students Interesting revival being conducted by Rev Emory o Richmond Pastor HrrN wa absent but bad arranged for ur meeting After morning aervines were driven to the home of Mrs Xle> s where she had prepared an Kent dinner At 8 oclock pm we tied to church found a large con tlou bad assembled tbe churchill to the d ior one half of tbe egatiou was white Rev Embry hrdjan excellent strmoo and after usual oolltction wv were Introduced r tintudlnor nnd tlert to rlatiUH of our mat r nlttln the HuHrd upon thnrntlie RtptUt Woman Glad to say we hood 01 Kentucky found tbi society actively at wirk with shirr Huuel aM president Afrrr we hul couelded our talk a collection of 14 06 was given the following named pet ous contributing 25 cents each 1 Brethren Sidney Smith Samuel R l Hugeley Jaiue Oltfbam BistTs Annie llrmlley Kltr nt Pdelps Susie White and Callle Hunter On Monday morning WM are of for Rclimond Rev Embry hiving kindly consented to lake us in VV nprnt the day with hie buggy lirnnddUH family aim left at 280 p in the night with Dr fur Parrin WebMtr family an was oil on an early ji utoruiiitf train fur Maynlluk via elena where we took Mtaue line and drove tol Mayslick where wt found Rev f F Lmdtay the fahhiul pastor awaiting We were pleasantly entertained not In tilt comfortable home of Mr and Mi At tight otlly a small Storey UM as this was tbe an uei Ctt tlrml tiaY of the fair Rev Liudsay im 1Irrtlilivuly conducted devotrnal at er war waking a tiong appeal for our walk We were introduced and a cola lection 160 was Kin us the follow i ig runs nirlbuiiig 25 cents eacu s K v 1 F Lindsay Bo B njaunn r star Mary A Green Mary reu Nekton Amy Hmry We were off at 6 a ui by lage lint for May vllle a die IHev cOlerane81dIn iftlU wayWIat Ad we would have to walK quite a die tauce to our usual utoppiig place we decided to take next train for Cynthia na where we went to Rev Johnson and was assigned to Htop with sister Smith where our stay was made most pleanant At 8 oclock we viaited the church and vas pleased to find a large audUdce awaiting us Rev Johnson impreasivel conducted devotional ex ercises afterward introducing us A collection of S301 was given Rev J Johnson bretnren W B Coleman and G W Braxtozi sisters Abbie Burns Mary Watson Florence Blantou and Belle Washington gave 25 cents each Tuesday morning we were off for Lex ington ei route to Midway stopped off in Lexington to have laundry done preparatory to attend conv noun UIB carne week Returning to station ve found that C fc O did not stop at Midway and we were compeliei tore main all night in Lexington which we spent at Rev S P Ycungs Leaving Wednesday morning per appointment for Frankfort reaching this point we fouud Rev W R Payne and our ever faithful friend Mrs M L Brooks awaiting us spent the day quietly in her beautiful home We went to thtt depot at 745 to see the delegates to the Bapti t Womens Educational Conven tion past through en route to Lexing ton and was amply repaid for our hearts were made to rejoice wizen we raw that noble body of Christain wo meg Sorry we could not join them nut our work was not as yet complete historic tuwu could not remain until train left as we p h id an appoiuton nt to hold a mass i to my meeting at First Baptist church Ere town In nil Kentucky Reaching Maya we reached oturoh a number had left owing to the latenes of the hour Dr t gU awaiting us W R Payne however impressive h Bettl CleiuuioiiH during our stay here ly conducted devotional service and introduced us to the faithful few who UB a Rev Piles kindly kindly remained We found the soul t two nines In the country to visit our ety alive and willing to do whatever t a IIOM brand Mies Mary E Btittou whM was In their power to make the work pic mil u meet her mother anti Wiiuut we found quitw aged but active of 410 was given us follows Mrs Mary Glad to dud them so comfortably situ Hanoi ok 100 for annual membership iI ted tu their beautiful country home Rev W K Payne brethren T L t At 8 p m a large appreciative audi Brooics V W Wilson B D Maftaon e lace aimembled at the first tWm church which has for ita pastor Rev W J Price who is doing a cotnmeuda Brooke donated 2fi cents each We war off at 9 a m in company with Mrs ilrooks onr faithful Sao for Lexington TI iu opttou g tbe set vice effectively read in attendance of the 22nd annual see Praidlug Elder White of eion of our Convention where we were Utnu Psalm th MK connection ofierea a fervent ibis by the help of the Lord to report prayer We were iutroduovd in a hap- 444 01 collected during the fivmobth py manner by Riv Price who his work as missionary Our total receipts allsonroe reaching 144488 Nrralways berg one aw ug the strung ad v cater uf our school and women i work U tbe state Ere we Sad finished 0 was gt our appeal a collection of tearing named the course saws toe f B for theconiribufng following Nannie tj BignalB of a storm bywarning down that gives of its MUs ptravua N itiir cro you cure lit a trust melD elbIt approach Weed 100 for b JUT W J M Price Md 8 A WhU s Ckeek Caarley Gordea Lung Balsam in which iberefsno itrHbN cus I 7fIti Jtfct Ckambtrs JiaUrf AUrtf JB opium Iti s 1I oa e 4W ogre luQI d teeacie the iuffasiatioa Tgkte 1W Otrtwi MalUilt JKiumt ride you br the WKCRE that slope ppin tbf t < I SIt gtl theI Pricet wblchp ttnjo1edU < I collectirtnr 1 dieItlBCUoU t I g 6 J > I sae d Jt i Qyith churches How win our Lord deal with such anti missionary people I am heart sore over tbe heartlessness of many who seem to be in our Baptist churches for what they can get out of them all resorted to the church to be enter- tained by the Sunday School In the programme the writer oraa down for the Thanksgiving Sermon The sue cess wa delightful and the Sunday Soho I realized about 15 00 for their work On the whole it was a great day with us While the people were so highly elated we done nme work for State University our report is in the hands Oi Dr Puree After the second Sunday in December 1904 we will go into our winter quarters We are in our thirtyfourth year as pastor built iu this place two church houses and to day Nov 29 the church is due me on- ly 1400 Mr Editor dont you think thats a pretty good showing I bave to my credit 8 preachers that I baptised who JK Midway Ky FOR OVER SIXTY YEARS Mrs Winslow Soothing Syrup has been used forover 60 years hy millions of mothers for their children while teething with perfect success It soothes the child softens the gums allays all pain cures wind colle and i the best remedy for diarrheas It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately Sold by Druggists in every Pars of the world Twentyfive cent a bottle Be sure and ask for Mrs WInslow oothing Syrup and take no other Thanksgiving in Midway Ky c Yonge i ujs t t J b Jd Ii k 1J IJt 4 f o- quarter 72O- a V Story per ttl t per quarter l Bible Lesson Pictures centsAdvanced Jaaisr 75ctnti tr quarter I SUPPLIES HOME DEPARTMENT centsAdvanced lrll r 22Oar Gospels ijf ptryttrlTonnr centsBoysandGlrls new per ot71 per quarter I 0n ber 12T01G1C jurIJiblIca1 CAnsrlessons papercover II M Fea and Made Happy are all for clubs offior more I 30 I In view of the fact that there were many homes all over this country i where umptuous feasts were spread Thanksgiving and realizing there were many poor especially poor children who were without food even bread over which to give thanks the Wo mans Industrial Club sent out a letter to a number of friends soliciting do natiocB of provision with which to Rive a dinner to such poor children as we could reach Our request was giv en a hearty response and as a conse- quence 110 children were ted and made happy and their happiness made us glad despite tbe effort it post UB The donations are as follows corn and to matoes Miss Ella Scott Mrs Susie Howard Mrs Wm Brown Mrs Lizzie Parker Miss stella Carter Mr Ed wins ThomBP frs Ethel Drake Mr Warfleld Carpenter Mrs W H Perry Mrs A P Anderson Mr Alice Law rence Mrs Anna Gray Miss Lucas Mrs W H Holland Mrs Mary Shack Unknown PearMr Chas Parham Mrs Shackleford Coffee and Sugar Mrs M M Littlejobn Laura Clay One jar pickles and tomatoes Mrs Annie Gray Coffee Mrs West Flour and beans Mrs Rebecca Dick el Ion Apples onions and tomatoes from a friend who would not give her name Twenty loaves of bread White Bread side Bakery MeatJoe Eels Mr Hawkins Irish Potatoes Mrs Kate Morris Sweet potatoes Mrs Kate Tandy Donation of money MS Albert S White 35 cents Mrs Alice Crutoher 26 Mr and Mrs Cosby 60 cents Mis Fanny Berry 25 cents Mrs Della Hardesty 15 cents Mrs Malinda Smith 6 cents Rev W A Jones 25 cents Mrs Minnie Jones 26 cents little Lauretta Jouoa 10 cents little Spugeon JOlla 10 cents W A Jones Jr 10 cents Mr H B Britt 15 cents Mrs Ida Stew ard 10 cents Mr Bronson 35 cent Jes she Cook 10 cents Mr Higgs 26 cents Miss L Crittenden 10 cents Mrs Millie > Ford 25 cents Jamie 20 cents MM Miss N H Bui roughs 100 We are indebted to Mrs W M Parker Misses Bessie Lucas and Georgia Moore for the help they rendered In preparing tbe food and serving the dinner We thank one and all who gave anything to administer to the physical need of those grateful little hearts on Thanksgiving Day weIt > ptMQ H I e 0 M The alxypcprictt wayd centuryt croupd te ad per eefyl QUARTERLIES One Hundred Ten Poor Children eWe ChangeY TcentiBaptist IcenteukPrimary pr ptrfifritrlPicture IL Thankfully Thanksgiving Diy was a great day NANNIE H BURROUGHSPresident with the Pilgrim Baptist church at Midway Ky We had just closed a two Ky weeks meeting with quite a success Louisville We had 14 happy converts to tbe Chris tale faith so on Thanksgiving Day we Throat Sore went to the water by order of the ohur Theres no telling what a sore throat nod administered the ordinance of lisp tism Rev Edward Board presenteUncertain remedies often cause danthem to the Lord in baptism The long drouth caused us to change gerous delay Make a cure sure with the order of our prayers to some exten coughs and all kindred troubles e vineyard but now we are praying for Keep it by you for an emergency It more wa er to be sent in this part of never falls Avoid substitutes theres 26 but one Painkiller Perry Davis the 1end and60c had tho help of the Rv John Henderson of Lexington who is a great favorite with our church Both saints A TRIP TQNICHOLASVILLE KY and siuatrs commended his independ ence in defending our Gods words do We left onr home Monday Nov 14th He is one of those evangelists who do and reaobsd the above named place At not disgrace the words of our Master otalook p m We were met by Rev by to hoodwinking and tricking CC Coins and were then carried tohia people Into the church He seems jto coy home where we met sister Goins Impress one thut he has staked all of wbo welcomed na to their hospitality ble usef ullieas on the Apostles instruc Slater QoK ia Indeed a noble Christion to Timothy when ha card to him tian w An and worker fog Christs Preach the wird i In order to show came aim there was appreciation te tall str After we had refreshed ourselves wo vfoMr on the lutnigbt of car meeting u ItO CJmpante4 by Rev Going and < j It rJ to te1oSN fee Itleart r Ih1m l r arrival aieter H ercdef4on Ailiet r tr wftffctf t wMUag tha LESSON LEAFLETS Bibleaster POLK leford Now Brother Pastor if you will not give an aftur offering will not help Darkest Africa do not intend obeying the Great Shepherd whose flock you are paatoring or fleecing in feat if you are a real missionary Baptist and not a time server do write me what to do in this oriels Read tbe Herald carefully and if you can do anything write me Write me something before you sleep again Yours in His Name L G JORDAN 726 W Walnut sf Louisville Ky MW11iLth are honored with the high sounding title of Doctor of Divinity viz Bates i Harris and Lindsay This is too long- gooLord erlVlrRlnl1i JJACISONe 0 1Ky I I e American Baptist Publication Society WESTERN HOUSE Street St Louis Mo 1407 Olive We b vat the work and bv the helpr much Site is just a bundle of pan tba Holy Spirit and tbe faithful mem shine and good aheer bera we opened fire upon the devil There be their kiudurer r ur Ill 7 l J t r 4JJ WOMENSmilK llpbhars- outrTa and pray that t path and Market Streets W r MBRIDE City p for may rest urL ass Agt people p w HARROW Div Pass Ag Jackson will 111 this foUIntments in the Interest of < > 1T EduVentlin clegeburg hHarrodaburg i Aubrle route tsburgI IconvIiIe1Q nla 11 1211 nbin Rah rahTT 11Hurrab 1 8from 9stan Illetoeto eak e 1 GNIVERtS SU S a will communion at Berean next Sunday evening Bereau Sunday School under the an perintendeucy Pofrof Brown donated teu dollars to the rally That is tbe banner school in the rally camp and there we labored for ten dare reaching hard each night and proud to say that we closed with twelve addi tion We Jeft the hush full of life and inspiration to do greater work for the cause of Jet ovate Rev gains is doing a great work in Nioholasville and great commendation is due him for his work Pastor and chuich are in harmony with each other We take this opportunity te thank the good people of N cbolasvllle for Jld V I I rango Brownsboro Pewee Anchcjage UeargrasR Louisville i dtate University rah rah rah x 16 I 17 VaUtYII Xo reportedlast ents teachers and friends collected and gave ou that day three hunured and seveityttye dollop Since that report the amouut hoe passed tbe four hundred dollar mark 1920 I PortlalldI It Parkland 18 I 21 II rc 22 QS IIff4 Antiioh StreetI BurgI Jeffreontown2S Hill New noblyWull II 25 S rr State Board 8 Y P U Louisville Littlii Flock Louisville was not reaobrd enough was done to that the institution lives in the hearts of tier jewels State University BUOW Emmanuel Parkland Deo Cood New Mt 2 1 Limsvllle 4 Co PnrtJandIt Shepherd Deacon H C Haley and family were with us Sunday evening he alau states tuat his vacation will allow him to be with us next Suuday 29 CISO 4 4 I II I Q Hopes It OliveII Simpsousvilleg tl II Dr Pnrcd preached the sermon tart If Taylorsvllle 9 Sunda > inorfcuig for Dr Parrlsh at the Camp 1QlI reopening of Calvary Everybody Fairfield lg seems delighted with the sermon Cat Pastors and Presidents of University vary never look d so beautiful before Societies are requested to meet our rep Everybody is praising Calvary and resentative upon her arrival make ar rangements for her entertainment and improvementsMr ae leader of the choir suitable announcement for tbe meetat Calvary and solo singing is Winning Ing We are making a strong effort to lot iiiiuself a name in the mueioation of a New Dormitory for State Unl world varsity and to make our Convention On account o the illueas of Mr W this year the greatest and best in Us H tlteward Sunday Mi a Vernetta Au history We need the support and en dersou presided at tbe organ instead couragomeut of every friend In this of Mrs Steward We hope for Mr movement and trust our hope will DSJ recovery Steward a speedy realized Vane by order of the Board of Mans Mrs Rev R H C Mitchell while on her way to Chicago spent few hours gore LIZZIK CTTTBMDBH Chairman at the University visiting her son and friend Her short stay wss enjoyed by Luoy FLINT Secretary all She ia eli sunshine and The young la tea and most of tbe young men atte ded Calvary Sunday EXS B lIIE morning to witness the reopening Dr and Mrs Parrith hon red the anuiversares by presenting a set of Branoher t 1tttio ti- loveI UulverdityTney Taey Chimes ATENT run from the Presidents offlcd to the chapel the Pro f bedroom in tbe boy dormitory and the matrons room Iu the girls dorml tory thus saving the President many TtAstac I Alrt Qp CalhrfaiRrs aaAM itnroae sbadta a altutch quick aaceeutln our epntkta Oldoit BjfSficy PWautakes tratlca- art tp + da Next Monday week it eeniorle day Irt All frlendclire welcome iI 1 UiM iala rt0keouapiut several 47 < nrJAft Aa ajojftl l atfiy aoyery the chapel 1 t I ttdeatloas sent ton step t i A eu 1j j tun alt w ft to k Iatd1 L etnrii lsesl s r t air f I

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