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Image 1 of Louisville courier-journal (Louisville, Ky. : Daily), December 13, 1868

Part of Louisville courier-journal (Louisville, Ky. : Daily)

THE TLOUISVIIiQle WASIIIXGTOX. Xtlinifiter Johnson Waiting for Something to Turn Up. you ROLLINS EECEDES. Tf TEE WEST MisslsslrpI ii ibe Dflfffations Capital. BtPm.KES TOR CHICAGO. TLf Kaluralizatioi Trraly Brfwrrn the I titf d 'SUtPi and EigUnd. Ac, IBpecte! Teli cvireccj,nn,i..n-ALABAMA of ib CLAIMS. Waci?.cT0!i, Dec. 12. Minister Juiiueoc Seward Jiac done bvotiiiug with the new Britioh relative to the Alabama claims, but l for afiairi to seule down. Reverdy thst he ministry waiting KOLLPCS. A large nonibcr of Cenatore and KepresenU-tivarc urj.iuj Commissioner Rollins not to retire from the Internal BeTenue Department at this time, bat to remain until the close of the present adminiatration at least.. It U highly probable that Mr. Rollina will comply with the iiesLe of hi friend and reconsider hit deterIn the meantime, the mination to reir-n- . candidates for the place Cumiuingfc, Wise-weand Cutler are all here, urging their cUirue for the poaitioa. iigfeiasippi. Apo-tioof the ;delefon from Mawa-lpp- i opposing t'ie admlsw'on of the Sut; unhere. Another der the rejected constitution delcgat'on is expected I:- take the oppoit3 will View of the question, and both part probably appear before the Beconstrnction Committee. e e. ro cfciCACo. Geo end Grant, Secretary Generals Tiioniat and Terry, and Admiral Porter, with of army officers and Western large cumber men, left here thi evening at four o'clock for Chicago, to attend the reunion of the Wester a wjoaie. A epecial car wae placed at the of General Grant and Secretary Scho-CclK1TT&ALIZED CITIZENS. The protocol between the representatives of Great Eritain and the United State fora treaty defining the mutoa' ryjht or nut jralized k aaid to aurpase that signed between the repreoentative of the United States and fc'ortb Germany. It will be submitted to the ueit week. Orm KOBTHWE6T BOCXDABT. It at announced that the Government of Switzerland if to be arbitrator In the negotiations for to deftn'n; our aorlhweet boundary that it w ill be tUed whether the British or American tag ia to float over San Juan. visit to GUf XT. Speaker Colfax, Gen. Stoneman, and a nnn. visited Geo. Grant's, beadquarkera ber of Senators and Representatives To the Associated Press. lavesticatioa of the Ber eat Kiver Disaoter Ordered. Ohio KIVEB Die ASTER. 12. The Secret try of Treasury has ordered the Hn'KTvisintr lutlie ff pertur of Steamboat of the district in which OB IO Washtngtok, Dee, tue recent disaster oo the Ohio river occurred, to make a iur. d examination o( the cause of the uame. It is also understood that Mr. bad recommended to the. Houe Com-i- d i IV o i Commerce the repeal of Laws or pu-authorUimr the curria?e as of freurtit of petroleum on steamers carryinj paetoVUg. rt. rreAjiCiAU Frat'ona' ( amnry printed dune the amount shipped. fof.$'7; ; week. mount rvueebwed f'i' l.UOU. National bank is ued.'u. amount in circulation, t- - V,Si,lbU. Ut u BOWLING GREEN. Probably ratal Affray. l)iu-- t to the Lousvule bo ijng Gesek, Dec li A difficulty oc enrred here tliie morning, between Charles Smith, a drngrfct, and Jamec Bem'iss, Lis clerk, in which Smith was danreroatly wound ed ia the abdomen and BoniLe in the arm. Sevewl shots were fired. It Is thought Smith wiUdie. the; south. "DeciMoa" br Jadsv irjnaia Coatirta 10 br Taraed ( I aderwood Iow liars a Icudatare aceau uoiroyra tar North Caroli The Mramship . re- ay ire. RjCBMOSO. Dec 12. In tie U. 8. Circuit Court this morning. Judire Underwood pre a dine, the case of SaMie renders, under aeu tcnce'of death hy the County Conn for aron. Was broiurlit ut on a jiL of Lateis coroua. on the gTouud that one of the magistrate romfiOKiAur the court that tried her had bvld oftee d urine the war. and being dM)ua'.ined uuoer tqe'fonrteenth amendment, the wh ile eourt was 1. legal and its nulL Judge Underwood sustcined the plea and Ler from eustdv. In delivering Is is opinion he sail that, if even ue cierE 01 toe court wiii; n tried trie was disqualified, it rendered the proceed e inc nulL There were a hundred and convta in the State priaon. aentenjed tinee the adoption of the amendment, wbo may now be releaaod hy habeis corpus and iurna loose nnaer uiis fleciMon. Raleigh. X. C. Dec. 12. The Ho'ise of Rejireaeiiuuivc discussed the application of the State Treasurer for author.rv to money to pay the January interest on 'the fclae deijt. and furot.ier purposes. Oa xue toOM rvautue 01 uie um. uie House track out Abe ectioo authorizing bim to pledge slocks of tiie Stale ae collaterals for Uiat purpose. The feeoate passed a biTl In favor of the Wiiuamstown and Tarboro railroad, which make a larpe appropriation. Also a bill to and divide the Wilminrton. Charlotte and Ruth- rf rd rai'.road, whiji ia another large appropriation. New Oeleaks. Dec. 12. The steamship w Orleans and Galveston Crcaceot, of the line, took fire last nirtt al the wnavf and Was entirely destroyed. " Los No Insurance, as tiie Mortran line takes iuown risk. She had a! out 2.j.lko bijls of freight on board Uich was partly underaiitt en ly the vessel wiiera, Tiie hre at one time waa partixllv aubdued. when an ei)lision ocenrred ia the Loid, ii .iurine ten firemen, one mortally hR HMOD Dec 12. G. VV. Cook was today centeuced to ten years' inprisonme. in Uie AioaLy jieuHenUary f r robbing the mails. The State Journal annonnces that the rtav law will not f extended. It sava a eeneral order suspendin? sales of personal property ontil the 1st of May nex t will aoon be issued, but real estate niav be proceeded aiaint alta1 January 1st as if do stay law had been passed. Tallahawek. Dec. 12. At a meetine of the Supreme Court contrary to expec tation, Lieut. Gov. Gleasoa appia'red by toun-e- l and plead'-dmore t'me". on exend tension of one day, which was alio we 1 THE PACIFIC. avMa rlfir wil U" nail since thut d.ile. and noiie arnvuu at Cheyenne from the Vc-- t. f the Centra! Pacire The Pm-ide? f raf hs as follows from Suit Lake "1 tuiuk it inevitable that we must p ' nmrh this valley and Uie succession of tine Valleys and make connection wilh SmoJ-II ill route as the only practicable winter line. For a abort distance we pads Uirouirh atxp enow eksiiy by covering, but a considerable portion of "the I ui m Peeilic Railroad is too long to make covering practicable. Saw Fra!ico, Dec. 11. A meetiag of proeninert citiz?us. last nhrLt, adopt d slrin-gemcji-un-- f to prevent the spread of small Iok. The disease has prevaiied iu the city since June hu-- but has increased to an alarming extent recently, one hundred and twenty new cases having occurred since the lir-- t of In the past six months eleven buiMl"-have beeo rcKirl d t and ten cai-cand the lieallh Olccer an i three huudj-eninrtv-"igl:- t deaths. The disease prevails to a ccrum extent throughout the Slate. The entail Tillage in the touiheruportiou have suffered ftrfullv. NEW YORK. Proorpdiara im the Erie I.itieation Motioa l Qaasa tbe ladiclaoeat ia C ae Aatilayrry Ibe fallertoa Maadard DisKatished with the Suf- frage AateadaieBt. Kew York. Dec. 12. Tbe caje of B.;lm .ut pgaiuet the Erie Comi:iy was argued bef re Juiige Cordoaa by ilr. Suiughloa for who maintained that thev had ebown al the charges to t untrue. The was then adjourned t.ll M eidav, when the counsel for the other side iJ reply. In tlie case of the fuited States sgainU B.Iknap, Birdsell, and rnllerton, Mr. O Connor moved to Vudue. quash Um indictment, and thai tlie argun-n- t might be heard next tUturday. Jaige so ordered. Deaths o urine the week, S2L Moses Goodk'ua' floating grist nail sprjog a leak in East river this morning anj suuk. y The SUndard objects to the form propuM-for the new couett itioaaJ amendment on sufirage. Tbe Staadard thinks it oaght to lie afhrmauve and a it simply IIy, In iu uimruage. Kew Jersey pep-;- aute that tlie neTtsneak-rro- f, ia thai State will be Hon. tbe Leon Abliou, of Jersey City. A. l.on, His The Leavenworth ComSt. mercial publishes the r sijnationof CoL U;e acent of the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Dec. 12. Indians. The Colonel refers to the Sandy re k massacre Ly CoL Chivhurton and the exjedition of Gen. Hancock, and its results, and says : I am now nnder orders to proceed to Fort Cobb, on the Wahita river, and concre-gatw hat Indians I can of my agency at tiiat point and vic inity. Since I have started on my journey thither I have learned of some five different column of troops in the field, whose objective point i the river. The regular troojis are under control and commanded by otlicers who will not allow atrocities to be committed; but there are also troops in the field under the sanction of the Government volunteer troojH and I te and Osage Indians the deadly of all Indians of the l'lains and whom uothing will prevent from murdering all, of jaucr age or sex. I 'Utia. The txjint to w hicb that portion are man h- ine. who have enmsed their deb'rniiuation to kill, nnder all circumsUni-es- , Indians of my :.ccncy, is the point to whieh I intended to'coiir j.ate the lniiians, and they w ill readily respond to my call, but I will certainly to be again the instrument of the murder f innocent women and children, while I re main an officer of the Government. I propose to do nv intv. a portion of w hich is to obey my insiruetions. All that is left uie, under the cireuuist iiKCS. with the present stale of feeling I have in tliis matter, is respectfully to tender my reUmation and return the commission which 1 have so far earne-ll- y endeavored to fulliii the requirements thereof. The resignation is dated en route to Fort Cobb. TEXAS. Affairs ia the Lone Mar Mate. The Titns conntv Express sas: ' Far.uero are rot done picking cotton. But v. ry littie over half has sold. The yield will be very good, and from the indications we presume the same may le said of the counties west of this. We "bud a ccnvcr.-towith some citizcus who nave been watching the amount oi cotton passing tn rough our town from Uie west, ana tney supposed thai lucre past-con an erate. QiU.y, one unndred bales of cotton. This with the number of beef cattle that are dai!y pasin through, will cer tainly bring come mouey into the country. ' Juiin J. B'lVer. iostmaster at Dallas was ar- tlie tih rertd on Tuesday, marshal, onult., says the the charge of Herald, by the city rotting the mail of certain s. draf., amounting to about five hundred doila-to turn ber millions of Texas Is beeves to cue account. That State now has The cking estublishmente. fittv beef Galveston News says : "Victoria, Texas, Is fa vored both with a factory for the making of glue, soap and neatsfoot oil, and a beef packIt is one of the best sign ing establishment of the times that similar establishments, or new factories of the same kind, are so rapidly !rmuiag into operation al over lue stale. The Victoria Advocate savs the toilet soip tl.pre nixnulariuivd is of the verv best Quality. ai.d is ot! red at greatly reiuccd prices. The oil is as L'ood as the editor has ever seen." I he Dallas lJerald savs that Henrv. K. Brotbcrtou. Esq., lft in that otlicc a sample of LT Paso white wheat, brought there lately, and of which he has this f.Ji sown some sixty or seventy bushels. It is a e and beautiful grain, and has the peculiarity of being as near all fiour as any grain could be, w .tli but Utile busk. If successful in the cultivation of this grain, Mr. B. will next year have a large quantity of it for sale as aced. The Herald, w ilh Vr. B., believes it tu be the eeed best adapted to this cl'mate. The editor of the Waco Examiner 6ays that the business In Waco continues very active, and is rapidly increasing, and the city is iu werlth and population at a rat? that wid ere long make it one of the largest inland towns in the South, especially if it should have the advantages of the railroad now projected, a 'd which it is believed will speedily be built. The whole county of McLennan is prosperoos, the croi having all turned ont well, t'ie proceeds of which must soon make money pie. l'.y. The neighboring counties are iu a like con.ii-tioof The Galveston News savs : 'The jury in the case of the State ffaicst Col. G. W. Baylor, of this city, fur the killing of Gen. John A. Wliar-tm- , sume three years ao, which has b en on trial f r some time past in the district cari at Houston, delivered a verdict of not guilty on the 4th."' The Awtin Republican learns by a friend just from Kansas, "that Gen. Sheridan is driving the Indi ;ns before him toward oar northern fionteir, and it is feared our frontier people wiil sutler unless very prompt measures are taken for their relief. Such measure can be institute d. and it will be an everlasting to the government if it should uot be d"i e." The Ercnham Banner says the population of vv asumgiou county u being largelv increased by iniiuigralioa from Alauama, Mississippi, G orpa. Florida. Louisiaua and the Car dinal. The Waco Examiner us relinbly infocjied that a yonne huly was captured by Indians, near W tatherford, on the 2ilh. She was oaly a few rods from her father's bouse wheu The party of Indians numbered taken. tifiecn. A number "of citizens went in pursuit, wiihout much prospect of success. There wa, naturally enough, much exciteen'.hcrf.ird on the subiect. ment in s A meetin.' tf held at Refugio on t e Hoi nlL, formed au aso?iaiion f r mutuiil J rcteetion of interest, and for the pro-ction of the interests of all poor and honest in the counties of Refurio, st'i Goiiud, S;in Patricio, Live Oak, Bell and Karnes. The following, from the G liad Guard, shows that protection is needed: '"Vunv comiilaint; are tieing made about the killing of cattle for their hides. We were t'.!d the other day that the boys about town go out and kill calves and bring the hides la someana st; i :nem. even in tiroaa of the tiroes bringing in the hind qunrt.-ri nd sell them at two to four bits per qiu'i r. SIGNALS. A Xiw Iefl.od of PrevcnliuB Disasters oa Land and tV ater. To the Editor of the C ourior-- J oaratl.J The sixth lecture of Profes-o- r Tindall "on sound" contains a most lum!nous account of y of dines to sounds, and the the section tc voted 1 J "sensitive naked flamcj'' is of jiecnllar interest, as the phenomenon there treated tf was first observed by Professor Le cone at a party in our owa connt'y, and lias been recently turned to practical ntfl-i'by W. F. Barrett as a mode of siuallin. Professor Leeonte mates the following state ment in r fertuce to the action of sound upon tuese uikea scnlllve rames : 8xin afier the mule eommenemi r oti"rv! that the tame iihihn-pmsations wh!' a were xet!v svnhroLoiis with the auitiMe beats. This jibeni'menon w as verysirlklLii to every one tn the room, and ep eiallv so hen th- - note of the v Imonceiio came in. It w as exceiini:l inurest. now pe'i-w- t iv evn the ir.lls ul tuls inp lo on the sheet of fame i'lstriimeni were ivr,eet-A deaf nian eouM bave .eu the hannonv. As ibi advanced, and ih diminished eonsutnu- t on if iras in ihe ctiv liinre1 tne tiit The lscme more conspicuous. Jiui.ptrn? of the t)nie (rra.iually lneieas--tj- , hecanie smew Lat trremlar, and ttnallv ft btmn to Dure iiLiiiiUouslv, emitting the ehara'teri-;J- r ound tiinl(at;n(? the of a greater amount of (ras than ccind he properly couuinel. I then ascertained L expenment that itie nhenomDon aid not take plji-- nnie-- Uie discbarxe of ?a was so mat the flam-- - appi wxiuiaieit to tb oia- aiuon oi nannjr. i uaea'tse determined nv exoi-rwere noi pronuued by jarring lit thi.t lhoi hklla ibe toor and wans of the rojin by repeated coneuslous. Hen It Is ohvl- ons that the pulsations of toe name were not ow ing to luriireci vli.rattofis piorairated thro itrh the oflbeaalls of the rouui to the Imruine but c list have neen produ-e- l a) by the Koauruns pul?.-on innuiieeoi tue me ium;ni: The fact that certain jeus of gas wi'l respond to certain musical sounds is. as 6aid lefore, Ixantifuilv illustiat d t v Profes-- r Lvnda'l. in the lectvre alsne referred 1 1. and in vvuh. the id r y. ul find much more that will interest him : Mr. 1". F. B;rre't lr.t tnk. n advantaire of this iaiti. irt r ol of of a v rlau.' to exiiauiani mr.u the an I'.s'.i iiiu'-n- t hl. h n pum s s. It is f..Il,.il o! two If "iper r J p'ai VerlM civ. Al I Bii-J- . at a rltfli-ncl- e. a ins t"f of ene of i'i.-layers of (rold. silver anf of ihr-bii ) p atina so liered By thfc. aiTumreineut the am! i ii -i iiin.l t Imi. I: .11.1 tuns come, in eoutj.-- i h uii a planna "1111111111 K.nt r.ied on fh of the u -r rod ut fee ren:u,,i ter ul iroin trie fr- bar-lextrerr. 'y of the The two Prfi if n, n ut.. i;te v ith ce of a plie a he Is .1 v ch an eli eto k p'aeei In a ihe room. Th" rlis-- snimiis , us but at the Miue tluie there Is tlie lri'lilt t eio--In tlie nie;;il-li- c t'l b. . Bd and the p.liit. Now. savs M. Iwirre-:cut a s. L.ttlve fame which tu Its state burns at aio it twen'y-fh- e mtfIrolU the lon'poill'd tnetallic tctnrl. I p, I111 meters fioui the ciue and I u iili;i--; tlniui It jumi up. la this tue nnuie soon t wlLb lue lueta'Mc baud, !. It In K v hi. h er.'is lo one st - as .x'ti as It is by the fanie: it ton, s the piatlna point. the re-rireulu aim you a ar tiie dlsiaul clock iiiis w uenever t whlsile. ira.-l- RomsI of Col. M racoop Keaaoas Therefor. Rrti(trntioa plivnv of the President of the Oatral I'acihc. Saw Fea' lco, D c. 12. The Union Rjii roud is report'-blocked with snow traiu.- - hviiej arried at since Uic th int., brnn, viiw tli stare receive th Kaow Opinioa mi; XXXVIII. uii'i'-- tetbci hi p'tef 'rlc ti.u e.,v by this means, at any hour of tbe niht, tlie crie of a child in b! cradle coul i be automatically pronounced in the chaiuh r of his I aret.t-.- " By an atrangement nearly resemhliug with a uiflereut burner, tlie th', butwho may be picking the ni'it-robU--ar lock of jeweler shop, may mate an alarm clock striki-- . and it is even possible, by taking, advantage of the propagation of sound by vapor, to construct au apparatus by whi ii the a proaeh of a ship, during a tempest, might be detected; tne apparat'is men would ring the clock in the cabin of the captain. I bave translated the above, Mr. Edit r, and Uirow it out as a hint to the navigators upon our rivers. parti uinrly as the recent disaster opou the Ohio seemed to have beeu due to a failure on the part of the oaieers to hear the signals which were given by the steamers United States and America. It m.--y be that some mi cbanic:,l genius from the description given by Mr. Barrett, could construct au nt which mi:!.t le made useful to our river bcftt as a mode of signaling. TATOR. IJfThe New Orleans savs; d'spa'ch has Picayune of the Slu "A been received here announcing the death of Capt. Abraham Wilformerly of Cincinnati, and late of St. liams, Louis. O pt. "Williams here on Friday right on the tb mboat Mollie AM.; f .r his home in St. Louis, aud died near Naf le r. He was for many yearc captain ou the river and ' well known. " I rT" Miss Jennie Hunter has been voted th prettiest lkiiy in Martinsburg, Va., and awarded the chair by tiie authorities of the Baptist iu that place. She (oeeived fair lately he-iThe Uir rivals divided 115 votes. votes among them iu compiiuieatary qiAAuUUiai, ranging from 1 to SO. I?" PatU is engaged to sinj ltt Ratsit tVia and the following, LOUISVILLK, M:V YORK CITY. RELIGIOUS Personal MONEY" AND MARKET. STOCK The Bank Statement favorable. AP.Gn:ENTS Un- FOR THE DEFENCE IN THE ERIE CASE. Arc. tfce. SniTial IHspatcb to LoulsvlUe Courier Journal. New Vohk, Dec. 1?. Money firm at seven lor i :nt. on coll, although le-- s active, but the caM for currency lioni the Ohio valley is still large; also to the South, aud some to the Northwest. The lunk statement is again unfavorable. The large shipments of currency during the lnwick Lave rcluced the legal tenders $sl7o.0C0, while the loans have been . increased co,Stl3,00d. Therc ha- - be en an incrci-- e of fl,496,OJ0 in the specie line, which lias so far helped to sustain the legal tender reserve. The surplus over the legal tender rcerve, h however, been reduced being cow 17,lTo,0xi. The deposits show a decrease of fXO.fO, notwithstanding the increase in loans, showing that the additional loans have been on account of the movements outside the city. Gold is firmly supported on the idea that the effect of the large sums to be paid out by the United States Treasury have been discounted. The French steamer took t321,0"0 but the demand for duties Is limited, and the sLipuieuU South are likely to Cud their way back in January or February. It is anticipated that the Government will not be a seller of gold for some time, for its surplus will be reduced to forty millions in January. Still there is a 6trong bear ing influenced with the purpose perhaps to lease an upw ard movement ou a lower figure. Gold is carried for 4 to 7 per cent. Govern ments and .order State stocks arc also languid on accouut of a desire to see prices drop. The money market discourages speculations for a rise, and again the repudiutory utterances in the Ficsident's message have more effect on the second thought, as they are regarded indicating a policy by which Mr. Johnson hereafter hopes to lead Southern politics. Railway shares were dull for Western roads. Cleveland and Pittsburg declined under a report of a change in the management. New York roads were firm, but w itb so many pow erful and conflicting influences at work no one knows what to do and very little is done, A few ojieratora go it blind and give the market some appearance of businc . Mr. Stoughton In tie Erie case spoke in defense of Fisk, Gould, and said and in conclusion othcis there is a statement that it is believed in street that thirty millions of stock have Wall been issued, but it appeara that no stock has since the election been issued except in con Mr. version of previously issued bonds. Firk, who could iv'ist the offer of ieo,0u0, was not likely to issue stock useless f ly. As to the charge of locking up mouey, of to Canada, of using ij, seuJiDg it for private speculations, they were made on belief, and they were denied positively. was a private Pike e opera house lcoiation of Mr. Fisk'a, not of tlie company, Tnere wss no law against a railroad director Thoa the Weealso running an opera-horsban ken purchase was called extravagant. It turned out to be indispensable to the compa ny' business. They were charged with a purchare of the Ecnhoi n property at f 000. It turned out to be for tlio.OO ). A pur chase in Eu:0o, for $3(J0,O), was spoken their of when only one there was a neeessa-- y one ot a right of way for $C,C00. They arc a'so charged w itb pur which Is bjcd upon chasing a rolling-m'll- , the fact that the had beeu pur chased, which are ucd for the manufacture of steel rails, and this was shown to be a great economy. Having shown all these charges to be untrue, we have introduced affidavits to show that of late tbe manage ment Las been great marked with vig'lance and untiring fidelity. Tney prove that these men who have been unjustly chn'gcd have been entirely faithful. These were all the considerations necessary to be presented. The nly charge undeuied was of stijck in the conversion of conthe vertililc bond. It appeared now who were the real plaintitls in the case, and they had no standing whatever for an inlnnction and re ceiver. After some little further discussion, it was directed by Ihe court that the further argu mcnt be adjourned to Monday. OIR 0 MARKET BEPORT. trivially Telegraphed to Ihe Courier-Journa- l. KlW VoBK, Dec. 12. BRt.'D.Trrr -- The advance asked for flour cheeked tbe demand. Wheat holders showed less disposition to prei-s- ; sab of So. 2 under $1 70, but tbere was a stronir bear party trini? to br-the market, and the close was wi'hout buyers or sellers to any gr. at extent, at ft 65. Shippers were amicus to pet in al Corn the business was largely la Western; white (1 lu to 1 13; new mixed dolni? better. Oats closed flat, at 7sc (if. afloat. Pi ovisions Not much animation except tn laid, w hich brought lfle freely for February and Jlareb. and closed somewhat excited nd unsettled. Mess pork brought $2o 61 for January aud February. tiKocntiEs-B- io coffee 1"Y to lTVe, gold, and steady. S.igar tendlnir upward; la'r to piime eroiry Hi, to Pwj s.r.'Xi bead: market decidedly lower. Prime told at is ',5 per KU pound", though general'y held at ii". lic. JEFFERSON DAVIS. English Comments Upon his w Role. the Morning Star, Nov. 27. Mr. Jefferson Davis awakens mcbt.cboiy memories, but we congratulate him ou his appearance at a public speaking at Leaui'ugtou. That formidable chief of the moM sanguinary insurrection of which historv supplies us any knowledge should now be doing as a comeutional proposer of thanks in a qui. t. English lecture hall, is not stranger than Louis Philippe turning schoolmaster it his earlie.-- t exile or than the Alva of South America devoting the strength of his declining s years to the cultivation of iu the grounds villa. of a Hamp-hirThe vicissitudes of fortune are so extraordinary that we can scarcely feel surprised at the translation of Mr Jcf-fe- r ou Davis from supreme jiowerat Richmond to the pump-rooat Leamii cton. Hot it is lingular that this man, w ho e character and poiiey were warmly. nay.pasionaetly, debated points of view on every liom the most np;o-ii- e platfotin n IhU kingdom, so soon afi.erard ui.cxiK?tc"y turn up at an English public We are glad to think that he ha meeting. been so and so profitably employed as tn listening to a lecture ou the expirations which are now in progress at for many years jiast his avocations on the American continent have ncc ;ssiirily precluded h'm iro'u givine or acquiring any p iufoimation concerning the laisiio "of the explore! s in Palestine, he is yet able to to the stock of hutiian knowledge seme general views on the subject, which. Wiil meet with acceptance. It is fitis'ac-torto n.cet Mr. Davis a a common ground and sympathy. The Holy Laud vvas. as he truly said, the cradle of civ'on, religion:and with him aMcil asof the Chrh-tiowe find consolation in the belief tb;tt the destruction of the Temple was necessary that the Mar of Bethlehem might be seen of all men. liere was also another temple '"the cornerstone' of which was described by a fa mi us colleague of Mr. Davis, in language which will not soon be forgotten. That cdihee, with its "corner-stoneof slavery, is now a mass of shapeless ruins which will soon utterly disapI pear, and known only as a tradition among men. While tracing the hereditary qualilie-o- f the AngioSitXou race to the ethnological sources fiom which they wer.1 derived, Mr. Davis his (,y n admiration for "the harmonious conglomeration of lilx rty and law" whieh we owe to the ancient teay iieis and rulers of England: and we hope that ere long the country in which he so hiteiv hel l the chief place will be a bright example of the ellicacy of these principles, aud of their power lo unite men of dith rent race, creeds and interests in one honn .gencous whole. A study of the ruins to Mr." Davis many of Jul usalcui has lessons, aud if he were to extend his sphere of observation to all that Time has spared of other once fatnons cities and Empires iu the East. he would learc, n- - perhaps he Las learned, that ambition, pride uud lust of id- er are the sure destroyer of any fct.ite which n nurtures these insidious and ignores the holy precepts of Christianity and that love of justice and morality which the Star of Bethlehem (not the Lone SUr of law lessness Mr. Jefand violence) is the divine symbol. ferson Davis made a good speech fit Lca'tiin pcrhas the best he has delivered in the We e ourse of a long and chequered life. would fain hcqie that it marks the ujieiiitig of a new phase in the Southern statesman's career one more humble aud less stormy thooi the past, but not without those elements of con- s. latiou which the pursuit of truth al ajs to tiie jnitient seeker i Tic name of Willis Clarke aud Wallis Funis, of Scolt county, Indiana, were among, the lot on the United States, Mr. Farris was return lug home from Cincinnati with a large sum of money the price of some property w hich he had just sold which was lost with hint t?" NEWS. and Sectarian Intelligence. Elder T. M. McWhinney has taken charge of the Cbiistiun church at Greenville, Ohio. The German Baptists of New Haven are building a 15,fa church, with twenty-livcent contributions. A little girl, five years of age, on being is asked what is faith, arilcsslv replied: doini? what God want us to do, and asking no questions about it." This . overs the wnole held: perfect trust, combined with implicit obedience. denominaThe women of the Univer.-alition in Illinois are pledged to raise with which to erect a collegiate building for the accommodation of lady students at Uales-butThey are to canvass tne whole State, and follow up with a seiies of grand fairs. A w iiter inquires of the editor of f tie Standard of the Cross, the organ of the Protestant 1 plscopal Church in Ohio, if he recognizes as valid churches of any other religious organisation than the Protestant Episcopalians. To which the editor replies in an emphatic and unqualified "Yes." The zemina work, oi it str.tction of females in India, in thcirown homes, is very encour-Siing- . The rative women are eager for instruction. Some have sought and found the Saviour. Over 350 zenanas are 0ien in Calcutta, in which 1.30U Bengali women are receiving instruction. A year ago the Congregational church in Flint, Michigan, h id twenty members. It now numbers one hundred, and has grown thus rapid Iv by the church work being divided into five dcpaitnicuts, and every member being made responsible for all the work they can do". Men and women vote and talk in tlie meetings. In the Baptist Training Seminary for young miniters, at Stockholm, Sweden, eleven young men received instruction last year, of whom two had already had some experience in the ministry. The new term for the present year oiened w ith nineteen, of whom eight are iicw pupils, and three of them experienced teachers. A seminary for training native preachers among the &ulus, in South Africa, has been ope ued for three years. The last year has been most nsefui The number of pupils is thirty. At the annual examination the attainments of the young men called forth expressions of surprise and gratification from the English visitors present. Park-streCongregational Church, in Bos ton, has a remarkable history. Since its or no fewer ganization, nearly sixty yeur-Jigthan ati.ouu nave oecn connected witu u, and 20 w bo became foreign missionaries received religious instruction from its pulpit. Among its pastors were the late Drs. Beccher, Dwight, Linsley, and other distinguished names. A correspondent lu the Protestant Church man calls upon the low church parishes in the Long island Oiocee not to contribute to the support of the Episcopate or to diocesan op erations," in view of the fact that Dr. Can- field and Dr. Schenck were left ott all the committees, and that Mr. Guion was not per- mittea to vow loretsnon. At the fiftieth anniversary, savs a writer In the American Messenger, of a Bible class in D , N. Y., it w as stated that, when the class was organized in lblS, all the members were in number, unconverted, and all, twenty-twhad made a public profession of religion, and all but one were yet living! This iscertaiuly remarkable, and suggeats ttiat religious habits aud a iieacctui conscience may nave much to do in prolonging life. Seminary of New The Union Tncolo-icYork city has recently received a donation of gnat value to its library. The family of the Fate Dr. Field, of Stockhridge, have presented to that institution his entire collection of pamphlets, together with quite a number of other rare and valuable volumes. The volumes of pamphlets, which make more than half of the whole number, were gathered by Dr. Field through a longcoure of years, and by means of an extensive acquaintance, both in Massachusetts and Connecticut, Among the changes introduced into Priuce-- t on College by the new president is the omission of tbe usual Sunday afternoon recitation of three chapters in the"Bible, a custom which has leen in vogue ever since the days of President Ashbel Green, who, tradition says, used to consider five chapters none too many In Ftich a connection. In place of this Dr. is giving a series of lectures on the life of Christ, the students being required to take notes and submit to a subsequent examination. These lectures are quite popular, aud attended by the seminary students also, who crowd the college chapel every 6unday afternoon. By the terms of the written constitution of INorway, LutueNDism is tlie religion or the countiy, and no provision is made for the allowance of any other worship. But since ls.45 there has been a general relaxation of the f exclusiveness, so that d'sscnters from the Established Church have been allowed freedom of worshin under a few vexations restrictions. In lstio a motion was made in the Storthing, as the legislative body is called, to make disaeuters eligible to public office. The measure was ably advocated by Mr. Sehweigard, who is Prolessor of Law in the University of Christi ana, but tne whole body of represent Hives of the jieasaut class voted against it, and it was Pecent'y, however, the question has lest. been revived, and it cannot now be many years before complete libeuv and equality iu religion will become the law of the laud, by general consent, and to the great advance of religion as w ell as ol liberty. Gen. P.osecrans, our new Minister to Mexi co. is well know n to be a decided Kouian Cath olic. The lew York Post says: "Before he sailed from this city for Vera Crjz he was waited on by a considerable number of very re sectable citizens, witu a view to requ that he would uie all proper good offices w ith the Mexican Government, so that American should, if poisiulu, enjoy citizens of religious Mexi o as full a measure as Roman Catholics enjoy in lil.crtv The General gave re the United States. spectful attention to these representations. aud, avowing himself as stanch a friend of civil and religious liberty as any of those who had done him tne nonor to call upon him, prom isc-to excit his influence to secure lor all his countrymen the fullest aud freest toleration. Permission to erect Protestant J.')aces of Wot ship in 11" city 0i Mexico, it was suggested, came projierly wiuu the scope and meaning even of existing treaties 'ogether with exemption from an outward compliance with Kouiish rites aud ceremonies on public occasions such as kneeling to the Host, &c." The New Tork Sabbath Committee have collected from correspondence, w ith 1H railroad companies, a large" amount of valuable and statistical information ou the of Sunday railroad work in the United Suites, aud have recently published the results, together with extracts from letters of the Postmaster General and the Presidents of the railroad companies bearing on the subject. We present some of the facts w hich are of general interest to the public: Number of companies which run no Sunday '. passenger or freltrht and cattle trains 05 Number of companies which run Sunday passenger or freight and cattle minis 59 Number of huu.lay passenger trains run by 177 these 5H coni panics Number of Sunday freight and cattle trains 4 ren by the above companies One railroad officer estimates the total number of nun employed in the United States on Sunday railroad work at 30,000. In our large cilii s thousands of men are employed in running the horse-carand are deprived of their weekly rest and the privileges of worship to the injuiy of their clhcieucy. The question wl ether Sunday trains are a source of prolit vps answered by siitee-companies iu the in the negative-- , the afbrmative, by thirty-eigh- t rest left it unnoticed. The answers justify t'ie conclusion that as a rnle Sunday trains are directly or indirectly unprofitable, especially if the wear aud tear of men aud material be taken into account. l!ev. Albert Barnes, of Philadelphia, iu a sciuion delivered Sunday, December 6ib, on his expetience of life afiei haying arrived at the age of "three-scor- e and ten years," said: , 1 'In my sermon at the age of said that I might expect not to live much longer. I hud reached the plateau of level ground on the hi!' of life, and I cannot deny that I then would have lingered there longer than I could reasonably have expected. The ascent to that table laud seemed to me to be very long. The years spent 011 this plateau of Tfe have" passed quLk'y with tho-in tea Lut yens nic, what great things have come to pass. s like a dream, It seems now to but it is rot a dream that a powerful and rebellion against a good government has occurred. It is no drc.1111 that one million of men, slnin in .r.thiiii; thnt rebeI!Ion, are now in the grave. It i not a dream that thousands of families are desolate, and that we Irnve soldicis' cemeteries all over the country. It is not a dream that four m'IUon of human beings These have been eiiuincipaf, d from slavery. are 110 dreams ; they are scrioun aud affecting realities that go deeply into the history of the country and of the world. 1 have lived to see our country lieeome a free land. TiiosC of who have been with my congregation me for some time have known how I at this question of have labored slavery, a subject to which I have referred than to any other outside of my ministerial duties. "Often, when I stood alone among the clergymen of thecitv, when 1st id in danger of losing my place among yon, when to speak needed some moral courage; when Pennsylvania Hall was bullied to the held within it, ground for the free d.scus-io- n and when the Mayor and firemen stood around and made no effort to save it. I thou rht it pro cr to raise my humble voice iu defense of law aud justice to the largest congregation, Now, save one, lo which I ever pleached w hen I die, I shall close my eyes ou a country where all ale free, and where, as Lord Manssaid of England, the air i too pure to field has alio a slave to live in it." lr On the 4th hist., in Philadelphia, Jos. suit, an oldsolilier of Napoleon, Arch: d his golden wedding. Mr. A. cnt red ' tiO the Ficnch aimy when quite young, uud held the rank of Major when he was selected as one of the persons to fotin the Emperor's suit ut Sjt. lbiena. whcie he remained until be was removed by the Governor, Sir Hudson Lowe, to the Cape of Good Hope castie, in which he was confined for lifty days, itnd afterward conveyed to I'tiglanJ on board a ship of war. On arrival he mule application to for a passport and peraiU Lord siou to ex'le himself to the initcdStafs. i he, granted, and Mr. Areh.iiuliaiiit reqiie-- t was came to America, w here he founded a hon e, which, for social iiositiou, racks second to none in the country. Hanna, the late Pollard's associate, is , with a desi nbed as very tall and hook nose and small face, not unlike that of a poll parrott, w ith an unshaven beard and a nias of dry, coarse, tangled reddish hair covering his neck and shoulders, which eveu tbe enormous brim of his slouch hat does uot hide, who goes shambling along, a moving armory, teady to shoot or be shot at, if anybody Las any relish for such au amusement. COUIilBll-JOTONA- L. SUNDAY, DECEMBER FOIIIMGX. UNSETTLED CONDITION OF SPAIN. at the Wreck Accomplished. Government Employes in Madrid Arming Themselves. The Work NEW WINTER FASHIONS. New Styles, New Tabrirs? New Prices .Scotch Costume Winter Sait NTIRE with jr Wu. If j 7 hr ur,lcr, K Mr.JnaiM piwntr.i n From the X. Y. World, 10th. ap:nc rn Wnarf. An oMmanr from the Board of Al(Vrnxtl Ma-r-ta ft.r r lnlcal krctumi ai ibt Loulsvtl, Huppltai, ouce, ruitt ausaviVleaT tu aant'iadrii an.t pjuwil. to tvljoura nnrtl ThamlaT wnlBoT, A waa adopted, wooo, un aauUoo, Ukt TVt'. 17, Boon) J. V. TAUGHAX, Clertt. Aimu rad -- MARKET ST. Specialties in evcrv department suitable for Christmas Presents, cheap for rash at "1 CLNNlNtillAM'S. VA Market street. River News. GREAT ATTRACTION!! ( inelnnatl TVnii. I..t-r- . T I'H KLt .AKKiiSA . ..hl h ARRIV 108 -- 2c. St. NUGENT! at NEWIYORK PRICES. and FRENCH BEAVER PATTERN CLOAKS, Also, a splendid line of DRESS SILKS, MINK and CALL AND SEE. ERMINE FURS, suitable for Christmas Presents. E. NUGENT, 10 33. JIAXU FACT ritF US' NOS. 39 AND I Fourth Street. Aos. 148 and 41 DEPOT & AGEXCY! FOURTH STREET, LOUISVILLE, KY. Xj! O Xj X JC 0O-lX- j West Virginia Natural Lubricating Oils. noU the tra Thec oil are net pteelled b? ant In the market, anil will beWe ar- toprepared letoand to ra'lroad comril at oonir. l 6r imur- - dVlivene n.l qualit? the luwrftt nn.rk.-- i.ri. e. Oiiaf.iiit c ll l 1. riu v l n.iju.a.'U-'1,1 the c.cbrti"l Ni. rul ml.n, nting ctilncr) uud ebulneo, old aud dkk. uarwJ. CLO TKE Bank of L'nglaod It DAtent, Arrancment, .overnnieut and Sompthins About Its Bunnest. London Corrppnnilence Hartford (Conn.) Pot. A much more innocent institution thin the A Visit to the above, though its influence is scarcely more decisive und wide, st inds square and solii ou im artu of four acres i the great brewery of Barclay, Perkins iV Co., covers eleven acres, to that drink is ahead yet), and is worh althoui.'h I as nut kd to it by any c interest ia it, but partly because I wa: ottered a petniit uud the favor of his company by a cheeiy and genial ErgUhta:in, a lawyer, whose rotund, intelligent nd hearty fice would be worth !,Cuu a year l any ui in, and is a pnMic benefaction wherever it truei. A Enslistiman, cultivated when yon get inside of him by showing your human ri'Ut to go there, is a tiist-ratand you may count oa him till the last shot tired. I confers to a love of him, and d greatly like to take the shock, or the, steady current, as th- - ca-- e may be, of his spleadid aid his mujnetim. His b:ef and UU athletic out door lVIe, and hi., tiloriout aud a t'.ozca other similar sub 'initials, seem to U uiake for him a e presence, a'j(t vigor iu every direction, kyh is rerv breezv. and st'.ma- lative ai,(i srood, fur people who are a little puie aud thin, and of a too humble and t iilj So I followed the tear, of the lanyer and went i.""nnd the panK, ar.d tould not help liiin- - everytii. i ' that he a Profit flfllii tinn tntiurn m One never has any peace until he -- ets rl of It. Here now this great bank can hardly sleep nights for tear somebody will be thieving Its treasures. It li.u a company of soldiers comedown from the Tower of London '"bt to stand iroard within its walls. And a's fo'r the d'ar""111 t0"r'' w,,y U h;W lu WQola str.m,', re.iy V ! force of to fly in arms to any ' rlu mii.!"rv 'jrca, i rrjauizi d and disciplined as a should an alai m be rai-eAnd you may ' 0 clear around that four acres of irranit , an 1 vuu cannot tind a rini;le outside wiudow. It I. all wall and nothing else. And all the way around are stones so arransd that they cau be suddenly for tlie proti of ritlts. And when you arc visiting the Interior, as you pa from room to room, hells ring and cuanls Hy about until you mizht think they had taken yon for a king and were paving you honor, but that isu'tit a bit It is because" you are probably a thief aud will be pot keting thousand-pounnotes or grat bars of cold if you have a chance. And they never permit you to enter Ihe vaults w here the H, except in the presence of a director of the bank. With us the President himself went, we being more than or.iit:ariy iuspicious characters, I suppose, for while a clergyman, by virtue of his ollice and pretensions, is under specia-pledges nottj by viitue of his poverty be is under uncommon tempt .'.ion to do it. Wnenweweut into the room where tinirc aiu tuid bank nute; ore catheted in almost fabutoau sums, Trcasuiy, four men watched us, with I do not know how ninny more hidden behind Sivccis and doors. And when th y put i'.Jo uiv h ind a 'iickii;e worth live mil'iious of doll irs i i gold, I wondeicd that the ent re biiMii'dd not (make. Tbey expected to gee miI presume, but 1 didn't half as much as 1 do when I draw mv monthly salary at hoiiie. Now, w hat is the use of being immens. ly rich and livins; in perpetual consternation, lle tuat great l ank. I would not change pla-with it for the world. The President 'A the concern has a great salary, I was told (Iwas almut to put dowu here how much, but do not dare trust my memory on tie sutij "jl, but name any lieu re you pleus-- and it is more than that i, but w hat is that to peace of miud? iu this hank, bulr.nces that know more than meu do, f..rii'i weisbincr coin, if anv pieces are ol uud r-wei-h- t, the machine it foi(Uwit!i and t!;echart;es tl.e underwi ihts into a p'ccj.ticiu all hy themselves, while ihe full weights are sent in another direction. The bank does its own priiifvur, too, and does it splendidly, tisi:ig mach nei for uuni- berinir and registering that can do ever uliiti J ' except speak. Some ontl,(j00 persons e annually t the counters of this bank to" receive dividends. I think they ought to rotate and give us all one opportunity e'en, before we die. But Epgland is a ratl er fe'.nl d country, and once in aiways in seems to be the ra'e from the tjuccu down. When they had told me their big s!ori till tlity saw I was iu a perfectly lecepiive st ile. of mind and wide opeu to auvthiug, t'aev said that they used to have there, iu tueir eiiipiov, a inanteven feet high, and that He was m such fear the anat unisLs wotild be after him as curiosity, after hiiK.:Q, that he bfTgedt) bu burn dill the eourt-vararid a; wunn uaclies us that ot the bank, like much hi 'at miieli money. ,.r ctc ss iu anv direct o:i, U a cuc, as s;,id befiir . I left the vast building in a partially d iz i con.'it.on, by tiie enoi,,, and ined and facts whieh thev had ills enseal to me, ro'nul hy the many rooms, halls aud stain uses tl,r,u-- h which 1 l ad been led, wonderim; how auv one m inglai.d could be poor, iu su.h a tv allu:rus that making money iu full run ad the t!iue, rpeeulatin- - xs to what rank am m human oenipatioits in ia, t to be a eiuued tins handling of moncv. and my pocket-wer- e ju-- t oi euii.iv , wiieu 1 te I j?"A Wiisliinuloo. t:er; "Bv fir fV most siguiiicant olijc t seen 011 the fJ.H.r was tLe Hon. Mr. M. uai d, (.0111 ( fsom Louisiana. It via. the tir-- t rav or, rather the tir-- t simile of the c iiiin' el e,i L The raJe is to t.e rei resented 011 the tloc,r of t. ,)'i 'ress uml I with some interest on this tint specimen. He is 4 man of about fortv-livof medium size 11s to l.'u:ht. well fmnied wi'i an intelliircnt face, ratUer u'imm! head, cull of a mulatto color. He is .jr, uuualile uetitli men, and nuite ri. h lie st.avd in an cii-quiet w.iv ,,,e cl.ial, stood alone. Mv ftieud-- , the hot roooi, and tlid not surrom.d hitu much, and kTi! Leaot; did uot j.t.t hs arms around hi, r ulie Beif ,, Farope. Ji ;. the econ I wie't of ov.ui' er, tttlkn,,,, . , M Mclt for l bwd.- m .uras foe .m. iierrver,, aron Kot!,sC:,u.i. tiic for M. Havin; s,H,rii.,.', for Uic'Maruls of HatiCL's; art, for M. (Jcraute. Besides these .irr,',h J,'nt'r''!- - Leiic and Lelieureux! Adimral Duiionv, Deputies Le.iorrec and de li Jlotte, tl.e Mavor of Rouen, tlie Consul r"ierruL'ues, and tl.e famous Doctor LJchcl, all died during the same period, wiulo four of tao Senators lie (lant;rju.sly ill, l" w mM p T nn u on kw en Bi and M 5. and Laird on-- i w h m w L n the rAnmptee on Printinif d resolution sl'owin n l.lelr serv P es. rhe Claran, my L bo bou d T wu h H n w m m T T a e v m e y nonu w w o KA L on o T uv O n The Y ek bu g T m 9 o h O h W W y C on h ed s nh a ou n d A m M no w nd h m w q hea k n M M M on n m M T o Tho n w p vn v yo a v T w h b ena va Ls W n oa m Va m Th i w m e j r JFFM I AL.1 OF ItiVIMU COEM'IL. . 11, m w h v d T nt 4 A m m If. rresent, Pat Uatiuou. Preeldeut, tuu ad the rrembers exeei't -. issman. Tue retniiiar of the- journal of the prev kus ses- uisp, nsed alia. A n.e was reid f om the Mavor. rcrHr!n; lhar the ar. hit. cts for the new hill bid tor lad lilm wi'h conies of all speclUcatlons was received aud orucred to tie rk, Hied. A na. le' ,,q fr m the Board of ir a 10. nt wum this ev- nlai a! 9 o'cUa-kto au li.sp..- - .r f ,ii,is in place id Mr. V. .i ,1:1s. .f.see.iM d, was read aud v li . iiMiiij :L.' market aud adopted a sion e n4 m m m to Dei-- hn vC bw w O f w V Phllliro, Braaaia, FtSMtVlrt. Tu Z m un rei THeinaT tar. L e o F day ay m w m K to the e;..rks aud do jt- - and 5. Mr. .eri rer.oned in favor of flxlnir the 1 1, an of laxa lou tor et:y purposes at loe to tayoff. !. liabilities to .lanuai 1, ls,.a. Mr. Bo.v-e- r mov-dna.end the rejir- !vs:r'X- In out lo and l"e aud fl as aiuounr of tax. of said ainen.lmen IMniiuit the the hour oi a.l.oiii um. ul hav inif arrived, t.'i .va- ventlou a.ljo.i: le d lo jh'cii oa Mouday evenimr, licceuiber 14, - is, ar o'eloctt. Attest: J. M. VAl l.dAN, flerS. ob Am u n w ii..orkpcr pi persessim ii A n eJ V w A seetl-ia read, and, on motion of Mr. Bowser, the same was stru ken tr m the t. sectloj Z was 1. Mr. Bowser moved to amend "iteoiver of tax.- or Uie (ieuerul louucll," which amendaieni vva . Mr. l!i uinln moved to Tir'her amend bt In- seriurf "ir any other !iy Cloyr," wnl-- b ata 'net- ment vi as cineurri.i In. Col. Paone moved to amend bt Inscr.ln .if the words "warrint In i ia, .ja or liaiins," w hieh auieud'ueut vvxs a.ior-t- 1. to ain. nd by liis. r lu as foJii. M'.ll I el:v llow, w.: "That a'l an's !ia be ar six p r eeut. Pre from demand till w as l aid." wh'.b tm r o:!..n of Mr. Tr ue, the vole'.De see uid s. et.on of !!! c..iu e..'j repor. w is re- oeshiernt, an.l. on cio'lon of Mr. T.uinie, tiie re-pol t of he eouirillMee lev vlter a poll lax of not exee, .lluu d jhars waj, adopi d by tue follow-i- ii if vote: li -l b nt Moirls an I Messrs. rvt'fxi, Ib ri.eit, lltaau:a, Irabue, Wa;.-oBowsct and E.vne s. Navs Messrs. Sto'J, Mcriaran, Thlxlon. I'Assil-l- y UORD h L H v - c na R ay Haava The S Lou D mo e.ti - Mers. h n A ke. ei . Mi. VcCIaran Hove.) to amend 'Jle report bt3i-in- ,Ihe salarii-o- f the ckr.s at session, w inch aait n.iui. nt as rejeet,.,, "!,( the rep.irt ,,f tbe cemcntr- - tva'iil.iptd bv 'os following vou-- : n" Morris and Mcsrs. ;! ,n. Vias i'l , Trabue, lh.atuu, Caaslllt and NaTs- o r"trt and adowinir for .nelr serv Htid;leacU to tlie sereant-a:-ar- m ow wC Vk ML w my M e L Hu o hTn m m b mm w e n ex e U w T G ww M L od Tu w M wh h h w nw w 0wm w p ny M L m v w V w m h n un T he w un o iillM-h- i, w wu Uu E m W nG o nu h M p The C n 1 he Convention was opened with prayer by the Rev. E. V. Boti iuly. Ihe rc?d!iiir of tne journal of the previous ses- - serueinl-at-art- vn A e h L5 uu w W AT D NO NNA up doe. r M L m u m Nw Con n n um nd S nv uu Nw mL nd n M pk Rm pk N O ean Nw O n W ae nu n nua Dm Section 22 was read, when, the hour of adloni havin ; arriVi d. on motion the ( nven!l.n bi ineei oj Friday evening, , at o ii. Alt: J. M. VAt'GaAM, rierk. Fs "AT Fvivixo, II. rr.swnt. fie. ""! V. MorrL-- , President, an I a" except Eisenni ia. Bier, the nieiiii-Huira-- s. Lnhtfow, Bremakcr, Joy s, Waisoa. t. raii the clerks ?s o cA L L H oa adopted. slnmm R b dn nd ok 2 u w W Mr. Stoll moved to amend hy striking out the w hich motion was lost. Mr. Baird moved to a nend the repvrt bt s'riS-lm- ? out s'c,ion i, aud piachi'i his jTi,"n liuen: In category of Uiauses, waich liaoou was the r, trora Mr. and Kxpen 'l'ures, M h tii u maximum, U U n n D w m T a D ea d nw '.vt-- un W oo o m n Ann iite from the Mati. notlfnnif the t ouneii hid he bad. under tne orlii'.m of th- ny Attorney, authorised me Issue of bond for '.lie wbarf piiTi imse of lue prop.nv on Water sire.-i- , ketura-rourtli uii.i Buiilit. Mr. i'.rui.ston present-..,a resolu ien cjalrmlng the action of the M.ivoa . Mr. c. ke moved its reference tokthe Committee ou Kaliroaus. u was oii.-- reteiv-.d- of Mj. Bister the Mavor'a lUili fl 90 ae .i for work on new );il. i for din on tbe w harf, etsi.n. l,,v Hi, a Co., tU 'a ter work for the hUel 1. v ft. repoit imm tue tuvAtloruet on th ) of the sidewalks, south side of tirat et, fiom Brook to t'lovd, was read, wh-- n tae tieltut taken vo the ordluance, ihe saiue wns pusw-It the follow Inn tote: Do'vns, lA- s- t'lesio, m liaiinou, and Duerson. l.erui.iu. Poh-- , Jenkins, Long. Mi ite r, Ha.x'-- r, Wnimn and I nt li. Nays Broiision. Itvrno, Coke. Daniel. I.l;iie, Loeser, Mllier, o'Coiuior, Booiusou aud n Waillntf-l- o. air. verao, trvsa sprtal couunlttee, auhmlt v ae k d n L en vV T w w U u m V ua K w pd d C b m m BB H o L U n V msno m Tm m bT W m m pn w npm n W n m h m m Dm w Tw A e w A m n ri Hw i i".-- claim of tn favor of C. w. Field a Son, was n !err-- d tu the Cun.iuiltee ou Health. A J K w T T for pauper n b k uiessaote ALLOWED. Tutted s.tes Mail touipaut. m T Zh n m 1. ,r t w wion and b n b ndon d W w o v a ng o n no 1n w h O o on V w bo o vanv n d dg bo T L M C T Don KU m p M n R on wuh N Hv aaa ph om m Kv um A Fmn B nd Evu v B nd pd C o em D R Cm ow w cne per cent, aud ceun-e- he wo k o w an m O li adjourn ,.. k dnh w A ha D R Insmuif as the minimum und M iae maxiaiuai rate oi lb ense for auctioneers. Mr. Bowser moved to amend the bt f.iias ihe minluium rate, wbi n am ad. mmi was adopted. Mr. Phillips moved to amend by Inser'ln ik) as the luax.uiiiui, which auieudtacat was ad.',t-c- t. emeMr-- w h RC MM ps miii Vom mp y w C TT t strlkinn v w W w v h Mr. 1 hlxtnn iiiool lo amend hy strtk'.ng out thai portion foluuieueoiK ut tli wr.l -- ta i.iu" iu lue seventh line, to the word ''thereon" In the nineteenth line, when, on motion of Mr. Batr 1, Mr. Me luran's amemlmenl to salt section was taken from the u..le. Mr. Thlxtou's amendment was adopted by the felli.wltuf vote: V kAS lrelii-nMorris and Messrs. S' ill. Maxwell, Mii'lann. Phillip'. B."n:-- r. Jove. Tiahiie, rnlxt.m. Balrd and Mtfullm-- Bran-CtNays Messrs. uuiau, I'.aer, oleroert, . Watson, and Bowser sections IT, Is, and li) w ere severally r ad aa adopted. ?1 was reiid. Mr. lluches moved to amend bT strlklnj out U and luseriliw $1. whlctk aiaendmeni wa, wnen the section as acieudc i was rea.1. mved to amend the r.,poe y v"k- .w anj -- JJH '0,e,'!"" Alsectton lows, viz: -- And ihe General Council shail nee.iiul onlinanees to enfor. provi-ton- s the ot the above aection, and to enforce thesaajebr proper Hues and Mr. Balrd moved to amend section twenty ht 1s Bk A wk w po read. Hash, n The A gonau Xa 3 wh ch h been m m h ben oCap h i! 16 O M A Cm Mr. Brnn;n moved to amend bt flxtnir the n Hon s: Clerks h, and - riteant-ai-aro salar! s per session. and doorkeeper each Mr. Herbert inove.1 to reisimmll the same to the commitiee, which motion was on motion of Mr. Met uiioeh, trie rote refusinsf to re ommlt was reconsidered, and on motlou of Mr. Ilcriiert the nme was reeomailire l. The report of the ominitlee on Revenue an t Appropriations was taken up. 'JIU. It The tow bo Nw .". ti river packet La trp. and NL'htinrtle were doe flro-ra- It Is repon-- d that tbe from St. t.onts lastnltthu latter will take the p a. 9 of the C. T. DumoBt Is. the Cinclnuatl and vVorsa trtvle. WEuvisDiT Evening, Dec. 9, Pivsent ieo. w. Morris, Pnrstdent. ao.1 al! th! Llthifow, Traaue, Wt-o- n. members rxeept t'assillt, Akers, Bn- - au.l Buird. Th eonventlon was opened wita prayer ty ti Rev. lr. Du.llet of the Kantisf Church. The j.iirnul of tbe previous session was read ami approved. Mr. Bowser, mm tne committee on rumie allowin" the Printlmr. reprt-- J a i cueh, and s. and del ks each rttwirT. The new Tcnnroe i Tiie OtE'TI0.V ttlVRTER STBftT. PORT. wm stationary at this point RIVER Claire left with a OFFH IAL.1 LADY CF THSEACNEIDLE 1. it GrreMt Bargains. Is now offering LYONS VELVET i im. B r last evenlnit, wiih Ti fe. i wat- - -t tn the ua water to feet wau r m the hute and lee has forme. I tvoog th rocks. onsi.l-rai.- lshore, and btiie thin te ww runnls. Ta bub wea.her ni.stert d eons'derahiy was still fry cold. Busiuesw on the landiad lot brisk. Richmond, Captain Jl The Stut N"al. wtil leate the Portland wharf at HI a. for Nw Orleans. Joba WoAi foik and Robert Lodifi preside In the onte. The Abeona will leare the city wiurf noon tor Tennessee nter. The Alice Dean is ajyertue to Ivaw for New Orleaaav. the city wharf at 10 a. The Gliksirow wiil leave the city wharf for St. Louis. at 10 a. M. The Cora in coming throuyri tbe ramf yesterday oc on the lows at tae beJ of the aul uud lodged there fur uisf an hour. See will hatei for repair. She discaarvraa to so on tne aeveral lots of ireiKhl here. The Blue Wins' left tor Kentnekr rrrer gooJ trip. One Item af ber yesterday wuh freight was four splendid punos shipped hy Louw Trtpp to ira. z" Landlna. They wre our' parties in sweet ciwen mr canataua pres ents. A bare con tain in? 1,500 barrels of alt. from the Kanawha sa.t worka, eon slaved to lent. s'ruci a .oal narve at Ukv Pumpkin Patch, lesi ahove J ffenemtUlw, Tcer- day Oioruini;, causlmr It to siu la a few uio-tin's. It wtd prove a total loas. The Tenneee left for Memphia last eteninir with a fair ir a. She had entfavementa for wi bamil or eetunt at the rvt of the tasJa, and 'I baiet of hay at Paul vtuier's landing. The Kate Robinson, from Tennesai? T1 river to Cincinnati, Is due her Robert Moor-- , from Nashville to Clnclniiail, waa due lael niitht. The Dove No. 3 went over to JetTerbotv-tll- le to lat np. The Blue W'ni aaj taken her pla-In the Kentucky river trade. The Ba2 sunk one of her coal boat at the foot of Sand Island yesterdat afternooa. Tha Deitcr, hence to Xew Orleans, haJ a fnil tr'p when she pn. sed M ninhU. una Iteoa of her tn: was Kbit j saeks of corn. The Al:ce Dean, for Ne j Orleans, Laa TCO barit,!) Ol icmelal 63 aired a; this pork, A lot of was lyinir on the wharf last etenimr. wiitlntt for "the Arkansas ister ket Bermuda, bui ,ne only stopped at lone enonTh m net a pilot, and pas"t down over the funs without landing here. W"iw "he rate Loulsrlile the -i- rooee" after 'eiersrv lm to the auents here to emraite lor heir, l not known. The levee rierk report 'htt a number of pervms wna hooks under their araav such as ir carried bt eolieetors were AOXlotk-i- lJ lnMiilrlmr for her dunn? tha day. CLOAKS! CLOAKS! CLOAKS! E. B. ill ' " BOT f rrr I x Tin. pinll Vr.le, whrf. .?,.hn l.nm1n, '. lir p.,r. Mrt H .it..n. nl. Wbrt. knnilU PtMliug. PrtUuO. Kl. lnouu.l, Pi.rtUn.i. KNOTT, DEoix-rtl- fin. Bnlt. lltPtRTI TnE 3XTo- - Bvrvmhrr 13. L tmmoii.ln T.1i.i A.T COST, FOR CASH! Best Styles Sprague and Merrimac Prints 12 M lltAN ..ALII New and Complete Stock of Dry Goods ...VI m. a. . ...: w a. ,L . Loo- r C.T R. m. u,? tt l.iMlLM,t. rroni loopen Uiaiift tirtw-rEitntll and ar.d Walnut and XmUmju atnxu. wtvlc wm tlupird. A tewliitlon rrantlng further ttja. to aVtohwr. to hura la rumpiMO inr wtuu-t- , mm refarred to UM A.t Panic Prices, 13 4 naolotioa .ttowtw aini'L. Truman S lt. G AT CUXXIXCHAM'S, 1. Coke A fvju Iur wgrk oa nhu b. was A ivtioiiitlon froitt the Board AbtenBen. aaw proTtmrTtT i; .rUonnx-a- i of tfwant T--t. to from Twnty-'ni- J w. Reytrt. mnTrtor. whlr-- wm aJt poxt. Ttrr iitiwt ('(.mrniart.'Ori .uixnuted iwpatx rwommrtHlln- - thn ronilrm nation of ta SiTTTl OF THE Preparations. t0' 113 SEItlES-NUMIi- EU Mr. Dwnn& T GREAT CLOSIiYG OUT SALE Hall und Evening Dresses Holiday Fashions are this season soexlremely varied made up of modes so dilierent. so strlLi.,,.' and so eccentric, that it is not a little puzzlit Latest Iiitcllicnice from ll'li.r Snnrrrs. to an inexperienced person to determine what is and w hat is not recognized as really clcaut Communication unt' distingue in the fashionable world. Cadiz Half-las- t yountr ladies and uicse constitute Cut Off. the largest number of promenaolcrs upon Arrival of Dr. Burkholder's Remains. Broadway and Fifth avenue appear In the fantastic costumes adopted by fast Farisiaus RELEASE OF CEOKE FRANCIS TRAIN. last season at the gay French watering-place- . The fieneral Buell, yesterday, brought from Ladies of better judgment and more 'taste seWarsaw the remains of Dr. II. H. ISurkbolder, of lect the quieter, simpler, and more substanthis cut. We have Juat learned that Thomas tial toilets, introduced abroad as well as at &.C., &.C., &.C. Crane, formerly servant to Jesse ('rauv, of Spencer home, for winter walking w ear, and then there county. In this suite, was lost on the steamer are the usual number of nondescripts, who are afraid of everythintr that is new, or have peI lilted (itiits. Tw o parties claim the tody cuniary reasons for wcarimr out thcii oi l to be Mr. Wm. liarv in, of this city. BY CM'EA- - TELEGRAPH. clothes, and who resurrect every season A WtKK AT IHF. WBKCK. cloaks and shavvLs, hid uvviy iu toMr. John Connor has kindly sent us a correct FA1V bacco and camphor, u:id enjoy the happy conreport ot the work accomplished at the wrecks up sciousness of their warmth and high state of THE SITCATIOS AT CADIZ. to yesterday: preservation, undisturbed hy a single thought SAirmiAV, IIFC. 5. The body of Miss Marv London, Dee. 11. No news has vet been " of their antiquated charactei. Johnson was found tloatln-- lu the rtvi r oppo-tt- f received of the bombardment of Cudi. tele.Mu, Motley is therefore the wear; and what is and a colored boy, unknow n, was taken graphic communication being interrupted from the w reck. fashion and what is uot, a problem to the un with Madrid. isi .dav, br.v. 6. F.luht charred bodies were initiated. A dispatch from Madrid, dated December from the wreck, the follow luu' of which Suits of some kind or other are universally 10th, savs a larpe number of workmen emwere hlentltteif: Willis L. Clark, of ixlni'tmi. worn in the street, with the addition of om'c ployed by the municipality on public works, linl.; O. B. Saiiptnifton, of Mad,son.;it),.; aiel irurment .picture one and odd it must be, to supjHised to be thai of frs. Conniiinliire yesterday armed themselves with carbines and g've the amount of warmth needed upon these Thompson, Itecent tei of New Orleans. with bayonets fastened to sticks, aud assumed chilly winter days. Sometimes it is a Scoteh in.llcate that It Is the body of Miss (ira, n a threatening attitude, which they still mainFithiiesiock. of Philadelphia. cloak or talinai, composed of two or more tain. The national militia were ordered to Twenty-thre- e Monday, h.i.iies were Dkc. 7. capes; sometimes as a sbaw 1, arran jtl as au proceed against them, and several bait ilious ttiken from the water and threw iroin the wreck, Arab or as a Highland scarf, str it across are to march to the the latter badly burned. Of these were liltintl-Bethe breast, and one end hangin1' Irom the left Great etl'orts are beii g made raise a reshoulder. Kmlle Morean, second volt here, and the citizen are much alarmed. For these purposes costly srarments are not Wallace Karris. Lexlniiton, Iud. Placards are posted iu Estramad ia threat required, an a'l wool tartau in shawl or talma John Farher, Hanover, Ind. the assassination of all rich citizens w ho Mrs. U. Seabrook, New All. any, Ind. suitinfr the somewhat rude grace of the style take part in the elections for the Corf eg. La. Wrs. ti. W. Grlillu, New iniii b tietter than a fine r rcuch cashmere. The aiinistice between the Government Wm. Johnson, deck sweeper. Perhaps it is on this account thet business in troops and iusiirgcnts ha9 been prolonged unJno. Finuell. head steward. the finer departments is pronounced "dull," Jus. W. ..otins, Jr., third clerk. til both parties coneLtlng to await for certainly the streets and the stores were Flijah Korte, colored porter. ( lnctnnatl. the arrival of tbe President of tie Kppublicun never more crowded, nor ladies ever apjiarent-l- y Willis Laflerin, colored, hall lender. Cincinnati. Committee of Seville, who will make an atmore busy tilling up whiter wnrdrobeand Jno. Ueury King, colored, deck baud, Uuuter's tempt at mediation. Should tieje negotiaprepe:.itions for the curly winter fesBottom. tions fall, the Government will recommence John Douglass, colored, decs nana, jen tivities. vigorous measures for the suppression of the ville. is hardly necessary to have novelties in It Burrell Taylor, colored, oecn nanu, untwine. fauTuut when there are so many handsome insurrection. nils Tavior, colored, deck hand, Louisville. London, Dec. 12. Telegraphic communicamaterials mat people wouni lite to appropriKd. butei ("l'ic"), colon d, deck hand, Louis tion with Madrid is still interrupted. The ville. ate if they could only uliord them. Manufac. say that tlie political agitalatest turers are" indefatigable-- , however, in their ef Hennls Coleman, colored, nreman. tion throughout 8nain is very L'reaL aid that Ed. Black, colored, fireman, Nashv llle. forts, and so we have the new ' iit;ured are fast leaving the country. There liavld McAllsier, colored, fireman, Lawrnce- capitalists the ''James" cord, and the "silver' burg. Ind. Is much alarm among all elrases of the comin addition to our silks and pop , coioreu, lauies cauin ooy, ein- 1 harley munity. The Government authorities are in lins and the broadcloths tweeds, and eassi- clnnali. many poitions receipt of communications from mercs we have stolen from the resources of Richard Marshall, colored, scruuuer, Cincin of the country promising aid to suppress the nati. the men. The insurgents at Cade hold rebellion. Cabin boy, colored. Some winter suits are made of Lyons velvet, Woman, colored, deck passea?er from Cincin very strong positions. The President of the and undoubtedly these are the handsomest, nati. Keputilican committee nail not yet lmved and more desirable than any novelty but their i lias, smith, mulatto, cabin hoy, Madison. from Seville. ceist, and the fact that they can only be worn Tom Criuns, colored, Louisville. The insurrectionist's movements had not confines retain their Tuesday. Pkc. B Weatnervery bad, wind blow-In- ? oecasioLally and few persons. beauty, a extended lievond Cadiz. v ttn velvet them to a very -. so No Later dispatches froci Madrid state that bodies bard that no work could be dousuit it is necessary to have others to save it. were found. hostilities are expected at Cadiz on Saturday Wkpnisday, Iec. . Eleven bodies rerovered. bile a complete suit ot cloth, poplin, or win- if tlie insurgents dun t submit. seven of w hich were taken and the rive.-an-d oc, v. ill ..,st a season, and can be made over The Government has ottered the most liberal four from the wreck, very badly charred. The useful'iV afterward. following were Identified : teims to the revolutiooists, and left no measThe little rane for pankr- - has almost died (ieo. W. Fahnestock, Philadelphia. ure untried to prevent tiie ellusioa of blood. out, and thouirh they are numerous upon the Mrs. J. Pearca, Louisville. London, Doc. 1 "J Midnight. A dispatch street, they are not considered good style, nor lmininles lie Julse, Louisville (Italian). hasjust been received from Madrid whichsays is it adv isable to make up new dresses that Black hoy, well dressed, stiposod a e.ihlu boy. the official uaette ot that city nas the followDouglass, colored, thirteen or fourteen form. More or less, puntcn will flourish ing: years of age, son of Jno. Douglass, of Jenerson-vlllThere is nothing further from Cadiz, through the winter, but that will probably owine to the derangement of the tel?graph finish them. They are neither useful ni t beauw ires. James Field, colored, deck hand, Louisville. The Government is anxious for the intiful enough to oL tlin a lasting popularity. (ieorge Cable, colored, deck hand, Cincinnati. surgents to yield to reason and patriotism, aud Abroad, winter costumes are remarkable Tin KsUAV, Dee. 10. Three boil'es recovered-t- wo w no nav e so not force trie national troops, only for the quality of the material of which from liver, and one liom wreck, very hadiv many advantages, to lire upon their own butneil. Of these were lr. H. H. Bur khoider, of they are composed; the style is plain to scver-it;- . The Government commander it cervery laofe, i,uppoed Louisville, and an Irl ihman, Ladies of the highes' fasbian are also actain o." the prompt suppression of the revolt. to tie a deck passenger. The body has not vet tone here, reserving their cepting the Ihe third body ts so badly great etlorts more properly for the comparative The Captain General of the Department of been Irientlllcd. burned Hint It w ill be dlUleult, If not Impossible, V aleucia reports to the Government an im seclusion of the drawing-room- . to recoiznl'e It. mense rising of CarlisU in Amigon." Friday, He. 11. Two bodies were found one a The most fashionable street dress consists of skirt, walking length, finished with or withHurry Bruusw tck, of Cinclunatl, and one that of a E.VULAMJ. out a flounce. A pardessus or pellisse, looped young lady, sixteen or seventeen years of aee, so up at the sides with cords or bands suspended mach burned as to be dlllleult of ideutliicullon. appointments. 11 has not et been claimed. from the waist, aud huished with a cape or Londox, Dee. 12. The following minist?is series of capes. In addition to the above a man was found at and otlicers of State have been appointed: Vevay, Iud., six feet one Inch In height, irum A suit of this description may be made of to tlity years of age, and weighed, about Sergeant Uillord, Lord Llilel justice of the fortv-dv- e velvet.or cloth, or win ey, or poplin, or serg ', ootiadi. He bud in or , Dutloran, Chancellor co one hundred and elehty-Uv- e Queen's bench; Lord and trimm d sub t inttally, in Tapllne'cr to Klla- pocket a due-biirom his Ihe Duchy of Lancaster, Edward Sullivan. qua'ity of matewith betu vv inscou ior m,nv miliars, irns is an that accordance rule, the duiablefriieres should not Atto.ncv Gcneiul for Ireland: Charles Robert As a however, rial. yet toward Thomas lia lost been accomplished taken upIhe recovery of be used for heavy goods narrow bands of fnr, Harry, kmicitor General for Ireland: ones, ran party the Iroin Ma lison George Daring, Baron of North Brook, under Is still at work and nope to und mow itodlethick corded braids, and galloons aud the like Secretary of War; Mi. Vivian, Treasury Lord submailne diver Is eniraired In searching the bed are far better. of the river. He has been benei.Ui the guards of to suj milituiy expenuuures. Lace, or bands of rich fur are the only the boat from stem to stern, and is now to O. F. TRAIM. trimmings for velvet, that is to say, er. Capt. Carter has traverse the bottom of the the real Lyons velvet, but au except'on must c 'ja'ge of the men ut werk and ts doln? London. Dee. 12 Midnight. Geo. Franc's Ti. in as been set at libcttv, the plaintiffs In thing that man ca i do to aid partlei in fin, ting be made iu the case of figured velvets, which their friends. Whoever of the Mall Line Is 10 seem to trim most appropriatoely and elegantthe case against him having withdrawn their those co. suiis. Mr. Train has issued writs against the blame in regard to the assistance rendered Carter ly with chenille bui'lion iringe, in the searching for the remains of the lost. Cap:. o.-of silk au'l velvet of wuicb Vac fabric is Marquis of Aliercron, Lord Lieut. Ol Ireland, He, Indirectly, has dune Is certainly exempt. Composed. for Tlt'l',(itK) damages for false imprisonment, everything possible under the cireumotaue-- s. We t'o not admire figured goods of any and aiuiit st the Ebbew Vale Steele Company irom the Clncisaatl comniercui.j Mr. Tr. inwill sail in the Ausk'ud, however, for street wear. As a change, I.U.J. lor The H,,nry Brunsw,,i, son of for 'cw York, tralian with othcis. thev are 01 top-s- e nnobiectiona- J. M. Brunswick, hsq., of tins city, who v. asoue ble, and they look well in a carriage or for f the victims of the recent steamboat catastro-pavisiting purposes; but a plain, simply good were yesterday recovered from the w reck, Al'STRIA. anf w ill be Interred irom the residence of his material - hotter fora costume to be regularly No. 4:57 Walnut street, morning worn, and the trimciing should be in accordA CRISIS. at t o'clock. Youni Mr. Brunswick was well ance with it. Vienna, Dec. 12. Official correspondence anc favorably known In our community, and was cloth suits A pretty idea for In an ediiori il one of the most promising of our young busln, ss says the Greek Government still withstands the representation made men. and his early and sudden demist; has cast a consists of little chatelaine pocketsa trimmed witl. fur, which are suspended Irom strap on gloom over his family and the social circle In by the great powera of Europe in the matter can mingled, the left side, and serve to loop np the skirt. of the ultimatum of tlie Sublime Porte, and w hich Ishethe second which timeof alone same illspel. family member the Ihls The pelisse being only rtraw n up on one side, that the Tuiki-- h embassador ut Athens is prew ho has met with death by accident within the it is raised higher than wheu looped equally on paring the depart. past six months, aud iu their sud bereavement both. A little pocket mutl aud boa, ornawe hmrtlly sympathize with his relatives. head Patriot, Ind., Dec. 11 6 p. M. Only two bodies mented with the design.of the animal, 5generally accompany this The t tet raid be CUBA. have teen recovered The tlr-- t was thai of velvet" the color of the cloth and also of Henry Brunswick, ot Cincinnati, which was The boots should have a narrow found on the stern of the Lulled states, wiih the Progress of the Insurrection. left band fastened to th hull, near the rudder. border of fur round the top. Havana, Dec. 12. Diarieo says Count Val The left band was slightly burned; otherwise the For skating costume there is nothiug so body was In good condition. Masieda has already caused to insurrectionists picttyas clotu trimmed with fur in narrow The next was the body of a female, supposed to 5TU killed and wounded, aud that the loss of bands, guinet, dark blue, dark green, mulberlie eighteen or twenty years old, badly burned. It his march from Puerto Principe 10 Nuroatas ry, and brown, the ho e striped above the has uot been recognized. Leuyth about four feel will add to the number. high, coquettish boots In the sme shade. The len Inches. The Diarieo also publishes an intercepted The diver went down In the hull, but found to ,wf, or jockey, of cloth, letter from a General of the insurrectionists, to nothing. There was a small metalle coffin, about nuitch. two ami a half feet lonr, found ou ihe w reck. Gen. Ce pedes, which states that the Marquis The Scotch costumes are a feature this The weather Is veiy cold. of Santa Lucca had been severely wounded. season of themselves. Some are mad enJAMES TAIT, Coroner. Prominent Liberals aud Cubans in Spain tirely of clan plaid, and trimmed with bullion Madison, Ind., Dee. lu, ls,;.s. have sent telegrams to influential citizens of fringe in the colors of the plaid. Others are bodies of Mrs. Grlnin and Mrs. Commodore The Havana, which state that Gen. Dulce goes to linished with fringe and round bows of black both of were btougul Cuba fully authorized to modify duties and Thomson, the wreck New Orleans, ago. They were velvet, whieh loop up the sides and the cape a few days here from govern the island on a liberal basis. Granting at the back and upon the shoulders. placed In the Kplsmpal Church, ami the ladles of of a definite constitution is reserved for the Hie parish very kindly rendered the remains eoiner anu very styiisU costumes have over ileci-io- n of the Cortc but the new Captain-Geneievery proper attention, and prepared them for skitts of black silk," flounced ia plaid panier grave. Their funerals took place a Christ amis authorized to issue a general the uumuuuuii immense uiai K oow IS spread nesty to all the insurgents ou laying down Church, Itev. James Runcel, D. D., ottlciatlng, at out, fan shaped) and a scarf niaulle of piaid, 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The sermon, by druped nt the back, their arms. the rector, and the music In the usual beautiful front and thrown by drawn straight across the an end which is laid i'l st vie of the choir, were very Impressive Indeed. folds over the left "shoulder. The body an Mr. tiritfln aud a brother lo Mis. ti. were here, u. s. . and Mr. Hcurj banker of Philadelphia, sleeves of th J- -suk. . " la,onj trora that midf! of who accompanied With dark plain suits of wlnsey aud T'ucr" "" A Government of Rings. M,.ier.n7iV been proof cloth round Scotch cloaks are worn w ith From the St. Louts Times, 11th. every kind of assistance In ldeutlivlng aud caring "Colleen Bawn" capes, and some of these are The Government of the United States is no iur iue uoiiics oi mese union auaies. made very dressy bv being composed of three Commodore Thomson did not get here. Durlna- longer a Government, it is simply a system the services at the church a dispatch w as re- - capes and bordered with bullion fringe. Plush of jobs managed by a series of rings.' Forand velvetren are popularly worn, because reiveu irom nun, siaune mat oe was at Indianmerly, Ihe. most dangerous of these was the apolis, on his way to Philadelphia, and directing they are very much reduced iu price, but they vigciruiid potency was illuswhisky rin. that the remains of his wife be sent on there. are no longer fashionable. They Just belore ihe commencement of tbe services al faced and soon become shabby, are easily de-. trated when the tux Ou w hisky was reduced and are then-me cniircn a very unpleasant circumstance arose f and whisky advance ten cents. That fore not desirable. They A Mr. Wolf, of much used for which remitted to the manufac-turei- s stoik, wno was Philadelphia, cousin to Miss Fabae- - suits for children, but are ae at all as lost on the Cnlted stales, arrived not prc'ty was used iu controlling the elections. here aud Insisted that, iroin wha; he had heard, distinctive, or durable as the Scotch pkti Is. ' TLe most dangerous ring, outride of that of be had no doubt that the body supposed to be Plaids for children should al ways be trimJay Cooke aud the national bunks, is the railMrs. Thomson was really Miss Fabuesioek. The med with black velvet road ring. A member of this organization has de Clint :un 01 Jewelry, of ihe bod v. aud other cir The distinction cumstances seemed to point to the body a that of costumes, or street between day and evening recently boasted that he was drawing annually and evening costumes, was suss :iock. jar. vvnetan was ciuaiiy posifive per cent ou live millions, and had never never so marked as now. Plainness, convenitive that the that of It paid in one dollar. The government fell among seemed to be body was to decide Mrs. Thomson. dlllleult the matter here, ence, and usefulness are the ru'es for street atthieves. They were enriched by public lands, and, as the pai tics and the dead bodies were all tire, brilliant colors ard great magnificence enough to make kingdoms for several thougoing to Philadelphia, It was arranged that the the reonisitcs for ceremonious evening toilets. sand German monan ns. Not content with question of fileutlty be determined there. The Light or striking colore are nlso in vogue tot-athis, our btnefici nt Government created, as it bodies have started by the Adams Express. Mrs. kinds of indoor dr s. Scarlet, forexam-ple- , seems, for the sole use of rings, gave them Thomson Is not much burned, bin Mrs. Grlilln embroidered with white, and bonds enough to Iron and equip the road. A very much so. I understand ihe body of Mr. flannel, embroidered or braided white opera Knhucstock .has been recovered and brought with coral light mortgage, fastened upon the imcolor, in coral patterns, are amonj the most here. perial domain, given the l'.ng by the l From the Lexington Indianlan, 11th. admired of the pretty winter morning Government, furnishes all the m mey DFAIU eF W. L. CLAl'.g AND W. FARIS. dresses. Another aud "sti'l newer desigu needed uud lills th purse of the princely consists of a petticoat of violet meritio, On Saturday last, our community was thrown stockholders. This li'jg is on its lirst legs. lu:o the deepest gloom, on the arrival of the trimmed with a put It will M dbou mall, by the announcement that the reguntil it overshadows tiie contion flat aud completed by an of mernent. Not content with a road which makts ular packets, and I nited States, plvlng ino, stt iped iu violet and white, cut as an leivvcen Cincinnati and LouKville, had collided millionaires of its builders in the veiy proce.s i i front, but lengthening off into a train near Warsaw, Ky., and that Willis L. Clark aud apron of construction, this ring will liny up the lines behind, an i trimmed wiih culls, revers at the Via, lis Kalis, two or our most prntnln-and iuc-fof road already finished and control' the travel throat, and au immense bow of violet velvet; ci.L: 11s', perished by the disaster. The effect and tiathe between New York and San Franu'f the most paralyzing of such a report was tin latter forming a sort of panier addition co co. Since road is loo l'arnoilhto aud 110m the time the news arrived, up to to the I ack of the skirt. This, last deign is seive tlieui the whole year, t'.iis very the recovery of the bodies, their removal to this new and v. ry styli-h- . It may be made in any place, and their Inhumation In our "village of ring id make t'ie new Congress buiid for color or combination of two colors, if preibe m an" all business was comparatively susit another road from the Paciilc, through ferred. Very rich silks or satins for married pended. The Board ef C miulssloners, the oulv tiie Texas, connecting CaUfornia with ludies, und white tulle, tritium d with satin and body tn ou the Monday following, alter Gulf Stalls. Then the Union will be passing session, of condoleut resolutions. Immetrailing flowers and a series con t;t :te the w holly at the mercy of ihe imperial railway diately a, Mourned, and by doing manifested the most ilistingui-hcto'b ti for evenin" wear. ring. There will be no future contests behigh estimation they held the deceased. But Mine. Natalie Tilman is prepaiing, for the fiom this demonstration a feeling of protween political pariies. The recent Presidendebut in society and the tial election was determined by Belmont, the found soriovv and crier, w hich In manv Instances two beautiful girls, some brilliant marriage of very charming dressamounb-ito almost anguish, pervaded the hearts bondholders, and the railroad rings of New es and (Ostumcs. of all -- and giave fin e.-- looked luto grave faces, York. In fact, this is no longer a government oulv to add a still deeper gravity, for felt that One is a spit of da.U blue cloth, trimmed of tlie people. For years past no one has imour cmmunlty had Inile-e- sustained a by agined that perjury was a crime, or that the untimely fate of these victims, from losshich the with narrow galloons and black fringe; another w It a suit of handsome garnet poplin, trimmed Coiist.tut;ou had validity. The tariff, national could in over only by the lapse of time. with chenille fiinge and very n irrow folds of The unfortunates were, we are lniorined, born bank, railroad, telegraph ami whisky ring, gamet satin; a third is a novel and very pictuand real ed in this county, aud were about fort constitute the thing once denominated the years age resque "Highland'' suit, und, for the same v prime the I'nion, which is now termed, in derision of of lif. inofthe fullluvigor highmanhood and of young iai'v that this is intended for. there is a Fideial law, the "nation." The "nation," met their fate. Both In former times received dri'ss therefore, is a mighty system of "rings,'' and eonfdence of the people, by being placed the and of black grenadine, frosted with gold In wiih a sash of satin, they are greviously ut fault who imagine that positions of public trust. Mr. Paris was lu ls.Yi iiiopeu low on one side ami terminating at the elected to the shernlaltv, and held that oHlce for it ow es to the people or the St it.s. back in one t road end edged Willi two consecutive terms, to tlie entire sttlsfactlon 11k fringe. of all, and lu 1A was selected hy the poiuiiar e to occupy toe responsible position of Treasii-o- f DiVCSCE. Au evening dress of white tulle is made with Scott couutv, from w lib h he retired but a three skirts, and exquisitely trimmed with few weeks ago, having served for tvo terms In white suliu, daisies, aud trailing grasses: an liininent Jllen on the w 1'ushioo. a citizen, none could that capacity. Asa man and , other is ornamented v. ith sea- lift their hands to sav aught agulnsi him. save To the KCitoruf the Xcic Yvrk If'oit f; grasses aud branches of cral, the lat'er loon- his generous nature mule hliu an enemv to Sir: In the late Episcopal Convention it waa that op the sides of the ski.t ud to himself lor In all his olliclal, In all bis social, proposed that there should be no divorce exform a ljwj,ct du cos. ,o.'. and In all his domestic relations, he strove wi'h cept for (physical) adultery. holiest industry to carry out that principle taught Perhaps 6oine Au elegant dinuer dress is a lavender silk. by that lust of rules the (iolden one "Do unto of your readers might like to know what sonic oiuameiiled with white lace to form two otlii is of the wire and great have said 01 this othcis that w hich ye would have others do unto aprons and tw o skins, and w ith narrow alteryou." subiect. I need not quote what Jestis Cnii-nating white aud lavender satin folds, laid beMr. Clark, as we have before stated, was a said about heart adultery. The followm ' recipient of public favor In tuts county. In H44, tween the lace, which is put 011 iu a double opinions are culled from a new reform bowk' row, the two inside edges coming 'oirether. was elected assessor, and continued In ti terms, at th" expirafor tvvo.Hins'.lttitlonal "xit of Caliban and Shylock:" Ihe bow uud one very wide end at tiie back tion of w hlch he donned the garb of the pedaI'T'm ise who marry intend as littlo to conare cim; o: ed of satin, sttiped in gogue, und gave to the 'young idea" the store of and white, and eded with deep rich lavender spire their own ruin as those who sear allefringe to his know ledge for an Interim of Several years. In giance; and as a whole people is to un ill l.x;4 Mr. Claik was el cted of so is one manor woman to an ill coiiiitv. aud served w ith the circuit clerk llty the The bridal dress is in the finest India mus utmost II l. for mai riagc." J,, fin MHt;n. lin, delicately embroidered in a border oulv, two terms, ut the close of which he comiii. u cd "A condition requiring the continuance of the practice of the law, retaining to the last the and edged with deep white laee over w'die mni.iage, notwithst inding a change iu the good w 111, coulidcncu and Iricudshlp of all with satin, thick anil heavy, but made entirely plar. His gentlemanly whom he came III contact. lce"ngs of the parties, is absuid.'shocking, im ion oiH.icc is 01 satin, runty trimmed to all, while bis beaiiiie greatly endeared and contrary to humanity.' luce; J.rnrif 1 nt'ium. forensic abilities gained for him a reputation that witii ncctile-woi- the igh body of putted inu-li- n and him "Marriage having this peculiarity, that its was truly env iable, lu his loss the Interest of inseilion. The vail is of the tine objects are frustrated wheu the teelin-- s of public hereabouts has not only fell a cessation of tulle, the ornaments a Complete set ol oranire both parti, s are not in harmony w ith it, should Unit pulsation which ever gives vitality to public flower jiwels. require nothing but the declared will of either eiilci prise, but has also felt, and stlil feels, that a 1 rained dresses of very costly material are pariv to chaiii,:on Indeed has fallen by the wayside, of not as a rule very much trimmed. A short, it." Alex. lli,,C,l H. piivai", no one rounded basque, au immense bow at the hick, w hose career, both public and 'Ihe subject of marriage is discount utter a wold orsyllable of cuulcmuallou cussed as if the hit, i. l, of children ere and one wide cud, edged with fringe, is a fu- for of growu persons uoliiing." orite style. ne "None knew him but to Jul u btturl Mi'l. Fans aie superb. The cent r is of thick named him but to praise." atin, the color of the dress, painted mo-- t ex- ti,!'11.'',,0011.'', injd t,,at every marriage in which Imp obsequies or boih were Tbe Mineral purest love failed ot, either si le was no ouisitelv in small wutteau figures or (lower-- . The remain of Mr. Clark, were glveuover to U "f lllUt'r'-"- ' J. r. iht noblest of brotherhoods, the Masons, and I pou cither edge then' is u tine narrow Val VA' enciennes hud on flat, and the deep carved were by them Interred with all the honors, ,f t!n ir ,e" nture loathes that order. Arter Ihe Masonic tram came thv veoliio handle, with sticks projecting beyond the upI .... . ..,..1... th,it uus left nf Wallace Kal la. fol per edge, is of transparent motlier-o- f rwstrl. C! r ldd, d to "iiTiage must be II rv concourse of the citizens of the lowed by a large Hilled brilliantly i:i the color of the '..atin. tol.dmt.',b,VCrv al1 ri'-v"" At the cemetery but a tew words were county. Ihesf fans cost from thirty to foriv dollars in by spoken perhaps a simple prayer was the Sold. i". oarca; lliou.'.n IUC st.ine one of the clerical order and, amidst mol.lils nv.,1 lurou1, tllc !s3U", of soughing of Ihe wintry w inds and the dull, they ' leaUi tho-- e clots us Tlie Euiiirta Ftii;euie was su ldenlt notonous sound of the misshapen -r Uikcii sick diniiit. the brUiiiiut fistintie with were tumbled Into the prepared eavkies, MotliEarth took Into her chilling embrace and covered which birtlnlav was celebrated ut lom- for aye the remains, but not the remetaliraucs. of ii;ne. At tir?t itwus thought that poison un ter llll's L. Clark and Walliace Earls. claimed frZ';.1 ." "f ? any ml I.e. ii ailmiuixU rt-- to her but iu the af """ler at price, on imv Madison Courier, lltli Kroni the l.n, , bi,7- t,looa upoll this ternoon felt bitter, and waou'ile tj aiuvear The l.cilv of a (ieruian, supposed to he from au: in uitioiiir the invited gncLs. li e (some tbiuk It Is the body of Mr. Eat ber, ion created tyberautiden illness v,i.s at "opposed to bave been lost from thai place), Is ou first o trreat amoiijj tlio courtUri, th it t here, awaiting the a, tfou of his ibe wharf-bou WH- - orderei! to coine to Coiu by a The J. L. i.rau.iui in friends. any good can be done fl'ecia'. ti .in; Ihe order, however, w is and will remain as long as the not that buif un hour afterward. ibe weather Is so oldthe time. wreckers have able towoitall been IJT General D. H. VHill, In his splendid Love," for December, Lieut Col. Mayna.Uer, "Ihe Laud the posted SaMinuah, Oa died on hpcakint: of pollard a iirctended history of the for son-.war, says: 'There was not a drummer or col UicSM tartut He had been sick of danger, lie iitii m rvunt in Let's i:rniy who had not more time but was considered out srrviatc krowlcdc of the battles of the late Was a eraduale of West Point, having been o( r war than the bomb proof who C"Juc'1 d"ri- "- u, pointed a tadet from UiJ DUtnct their presence VtuTt et himself up as their chrouicler." ren iUb,? bT ud Urr 13, 1808. THE RIVER DISASTER. A Werk m adopted bt t i..tD, 11 PMiiJcm BanuoB, and w -- , H. iultf. L.tu, MrAtW, (' nnor. on-Il- Kotilnson, Wiw Tw bT n ng w BB m ww uw w wn owub M n d umg L C M W M m nd m nd V w w L W aam W en aob fr

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