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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), November 23, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

"T1 Jeffe R80NIAN The DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY MJ&ferebntoVTi, Jefferson County, Ky., Vol. 5. No. 23 Thursday, November 23, 1911. Box Social at Tucker's. Thursday with her parents. Mr. and .Mrs. Knapp. The box 90cial at Tucker's Station was quite a success, but owing to Mrs. George Grasch and Mrs. the bad night there were but a few Monsey spent Saturday afternoon The there, and $14.50 was made Mrs. Arthur Tyler. with News of Interest Along The Cen- school desires to thank one and all Dry Ridge Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. S. B. Clark Are Being Built in for their help and especialv Mr. spent last Wednesday with Mrs. D. Lincoln Road. Yates, who was kind enough to sell tral Vicinity. F. Wigginton. the boxes. Miss Lillian Quessenberry Mr. Jim Tennell went to the city was a warded the prize for the most Saturday to attend a meeting of the beautiful box. which was a box of Society News, Personal Notes, Church Items Lawrence Jones Bnys Farm Jefftrsontown board of school trustees. cream chocolates, and also the cake, Miss Eunice Tyler spent the greatImprovements, The Sick, as the most popular young lady School Teacher Fraised Many er part of last week with her cousin nominated. The proceeds will go to Births, Etc. Entertaining Items. Mrs. Fred Tennell. buy a dictionary for the school. Miss Annie Reid is spending today with her neice. Mrs. Ernest Important Congregational Meeting. Buechel, Nov. 21. Mr. and Mrs. Dry Ridge Nov. 20. We have A congregational meeting, at Henry Grail are the proud recipients heard that the farm owned by the which all members of Christ LutherFor Two Reasons. Thankful of a baby boy. late Mrs. Nelse Yates, and which an church are urged to be present, is Every body on this ridge who has occupied for several years Mrs. Conrad Kaiser Jr.. and little called by the church council for lias been by Mr. Ora Yager and family, has not just linished killing hogs, are daughter, Eva, spent the week-enSunday morning', December 10, at been purchased by Mr. Lawrence killing today, or wi kill in the very in Louisville with her mother. the 11 o'clock service. Jones, brother of Mrs. Yager. We near future. Therefore we will be Miss Dorothy Skiles spent Thurshope Mr. Yager will yet buy from thankful on Thanksgiving day. for day evening with Mrs. Maud Yann Mr. Jones, or build on his own land two reasons, because we will have and Miss Nellie Basse, in Cresent near here, as we could ill afford to plenty of fresh meat, and also that Hill. lose such good people from our com- the awful time of killing is over. Mrs. BUECHEL NEW HOUSES d COURTHOUSE munity. VALLEY STATION. six-mil- at Wakefield Death. The relatives and acquaintances here of Mr. Jim Morrv Wakefield The News of Interest Told in a Spicy Manner From South Jefferson County. were shocked and distressed to hear of the sad manner of his death, which occurred last week. Nov. 20. Mr. aad Mrs. F. G. Bur-doMrs. Arthur Tyler was seriously and little son, F. G.. Jr., of Louill last week, but is better today. isville, were guests of Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Foss Sunday. Jeffersontown School Fortunate. was Miss Ethel Glaze. The Jeffersontown school should the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Sam consider itself fortunate in secur- Hollis, last week. ing the services of Miss Lizzie Bach Misses Anna and lrma Werntz, of as teacher. She has long been con- Shively, spent Sunday with their sissidered one of the best school teach- ter, Mrs. Earl Baker. ers in this county, and besides being Mr. and Mrs. Gien Blakely, of Loua capable teacher, she has that with Mr. isville, spent the week-encalm, quiet, pleasing manner that S. J. Groom and family. insures respect ana regard, and I Mrs. J. M. Cade's dinner guests hope she will enjoy her work there. Wednesday were Mrs. W. C. Kennedy and little son, Sidney Foss, Miss Also On A Boom. Tessie Chamberlain, Mrs. Woods, of Dry Ridge, like Buechel, is on a Louisville, Mrs. French, of Jeffeison-villboom, only on a small scale. There and Mrs. J. B. Smith. are three new houses going up and nearing completion: there are two The Ladies' Aid of the Christian roads that have been worked some, church expect to meet with Mrs. L. and all the gates taken off of them, M. Camp Wednesday, Nov. 29. Mrs. Barnett Napier and children. several barns built and other repairs. One of our good housekeepers expects Earl and Rodney, of Louisville, spent to paint and paper a room about last week with Mrs. Napier's parThursday, if a cold snap doesn't ents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baker. come. That will change The Ladies Aid of Bethany church to icicles, and as one of our good will have an oyster supper and handwomen says, 'I hope it dont," for I kerchief sale at Kennedy's hall Nov. " more than the 25; hours 5 to 1L All invited to atenjoy the icicles. tend. Take Orell cars and get off at Shocked rf d .. e. "ink-drop- s" "ink-drops- . Richland. Unlike His Name. Mrs, G. D, Alsop spent Wednesday Master Reid Hurdman and a young and Thursday with Mrs. S. S. Foss. Mr. Sour, whose looks belied his Misses Gertie and Sallie Camp's name for he was a very pleasant guests Sunday were Miss Anna May looking young man spent several Miller, Messrs. Leon Swindler, Henry days with Miss Annie Reid and Miller and Lilburn Camp. Roger Hurdman to enjoy the hunting Dr. and Mrs. S. B. Mills, having last week. spent the summer and fall with their Mr. Adam Shake and family enter- daughter, Mrs. S. S. Foss, leftSunday tained Sunday before last. Those to spend the winter with her son, Mr. present were Mr. and Mrs. Grace W. S. Mills, of Louisville. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. McAllister enSimpson, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Wiggin-ton- , tertained Sunday in honor ol the Mrs. John Shake and sister, Mrs. McKinley, Misses Verna and sixth birthday of their daughter, Ruth Drake, Mr. Guy Drake and Virginia May. Those present were Misses Virginia, May and Henrietta wife and Mr. Lewis Paris. McAllister, Consuelo and Guy Lena EL V. Davis is the welcome Mrs. guest of her mother. Mrs. J. R. Fenley, Eula and Johnnie B. More-meMessrs. W. W. Mo re men and Carrithers, for a few days. W. H. McAllister. Mrs. Burdine Bridwell, and daughRev. Collins, of Louisville, began ter, Bessie, and company, Miss Scearce, are spending a few days the protracted meeting at the Christian church Monday night. Mr. Tuell, in Jeffersontown and Louisville. ot Louisville, is assisting with the Mr. Jess Boston and family spent singing. yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. Krvie MsssLulaPartenheimer left ThursParis. day for Hammond, Ind., to spent the Mr and Mrs. .Take Fleck. Mrs. winter with her sister, Mrs. Walter Motsey, Miss Annie Reid and Roger Flagan. Hardman spent the day with M. G. Mrs. S. M. Allen and daughter, Boston and family yesterday. Mrs. Lee Roy Curtis, of Louisyille, Mr. Walter Knapp and familv were entertained by Mr. D. F. and Mrs. G. D. Alsop were the guest6 Wigginton and wife Saturday night of Mrs. S. S. Foss Thursday. Mrs. H. B. Burnett entertained and Sunday. the Ladies' Aid of Bethany church Mr. Charles Davis and family visited Mr. Jim Neal and daughter at her home last Thursday. The meeting at Bethany church Saturday night and Sunday. as closed on account of the illness Mrs. Robert Reid and little girls spent the day Friday with her sister, of Rev. Short's grandmother, Mrs. Maggie Shively. Mrs. Lee Harris. The Ladies' Aid of Bethany church Miss Eunice Tyler spent Saturday will meet with Mrs. E. R. McAllisafternoon with Miss Annie Reid. Friday, Dec. 1st. Mrs. Jacob Boston had as guests ter Mrs. J. M. Cade entertained quite yesterday the Rev. Overstreet, a number of young people at her Mr. Clarence Jewell, Mr. Tom Bos evening. home last Wednesday ten and son, Paul. present were Misses Tessie Those Dr. Sellers, of Fisherville, and Chamberlain: Lula Scott, Edith Mr. Buck Paris dined with Mr. and Beahl, Rebecca Cundiff, Ethel Noyes, Mrs. Ervie Paris Friday, and spent Emma Scott. Edna and Fanny Wood, some time hunting. of Louisville, Clara Terry, Bell Mr. and Mrs. Swan visited Mr Agnes Poggel and Eva Benand Mrs. Tom Boston for a day and Scott, Messrs. Henry Kennedy, Harry nett: night the first of the week. Guy Smith, James Scott, Mrs. M. G. Boston spent Thursday Earl and Robt. Rarden, Wallace Watkins, J. afternoon with Mrs. J. R. and W. E. C. Allison. Roy and James Burnett, Carrithers. Mrs. Hickman Harris spent last Joe Terry, Mr. and Mrs. W. Waller. n: s Kennedy and son. Andrew Kennedy, the K. F. D. mac, have moved from the lane to Notes and Other Happenings in Greenwood Avenue. Miss e Louisville. Lula Briscoe spent Friday in Louisville. Misses Lillian and Virginia Hart irere the guests of Miss Sadie Skiles the lirst of the week. Misses Virginia Westerman and Alta Smith spent Sunday in Louisville as the guest s of Mrs. Tipton. Miss Mayme Kaiser spent last week with Mrs. T. 8. Tiusley, of Crescent Hill. Bro. Matthews, of Fairmount. conducted services at the Greenwood Avenue church Sunday afternoon. Bro. H. H. Watkins will (ill his Week of "BigDoin's- "- W. J. Bryan Honored Guest -- Onlooker Tells What He Sees Around Courthouse. Louisyille, Nov. 20. The Sheriff's and County Clerk's office, especially, are glad the election is over. The registration ana election tails es- Every Thursday NEW STATION i at $1.00 Per Year gressive age with its multitude of conveniences, instead of the primitive times of makeshifts and hardships. .. self-denia- And Electric Lights in Prospect For St. Matthews. A. B. C. Writes of the Happenings Matthews and Along the at St. Browns-bor- o Road. St. Matthews, Nov. 20. All minds at the capital) are centered upon the building of the new station on the electric road at this place. "All things come to those who wait," and we have certainly waited long enough and have been ashamed to hail that shed as our stopping place these many years. Now, our joy knows no l, Martin is building an elegant house on Castleman avenue, which will add much to this place. Mrs. Robert Hite entertained several yisitors this week in her hospitable style. Miss Mary Kent, from St. Louis, who formerly lived at St. Matthews, is visiting relatives and friends here this week. The bitter cold weather last week made us think winter had set in; consequently hog killing is in operation alone the line and sausage the order of the day. Miss Annie Brady, from Indianapolis, is visiting Mrs. Matthew Brady. Mr. A. B. C. Will Teach Another Month. bounds. Upon the urgent request of Supt. Stivers and Trustee A. A. Bridwell, Now, you will realize we are com- Miss Louise Owings, who resigned ing to the front, when in the near last week as assistant teacher in the future electric lights will he in the Jeffersontown public school, the latresidences of many at St. Matthews. ter has decided to teach another It is with regret that the The water pipes are being laid, which month. will make the oiks here feel like patrons of the school lose Miss Thewho resa McDermott, recently city people. a resigned as principal, and Miss Supper and Bazaar. Owings, but in the new princiThe Presbyterian Missionary So- pal, Miss Lizzie Bach, the school has ciety met at Mrs. Charles Maddox's gained one of the best teachers in last Thursday, when the finishing the county, and it is hoped the touch was given to the bazaar. Come, authorities will find as good an aseverybody, to the manse at Spring-dal- e sistant to take Miss Owings' place from 3 to 12 p. nr., Friday, Nov. when she leaves the school one month 24th, and you will have an opportun- from now. ity to buy all the pretty gifts for A Father's Vengeance. Christmas; beside oysters and ice cream, cake, etc., as long as your would have fallen on any one who atmoney holds out. tacked the son of Peter Bondy, of . Electric Lights. ' I pecially hard on the County Clerk's force. Never was there an election where regular appointment at Fairview there was so little dissatisfaction as South Rockwood, Mich., but he was Christian church Sunday morning Got Ahead of A. B. C. this last one. powerless before attacks of Kidney and evening. This is "Missionary Isn't it too bad our boy, Thomas trouble. "Doctors could not help Poor Marse Henry must be about Sunday"' and evety one is corthe only one dissatisfied, for he said Maddox, surprised everybody oy takdially invited to come and bring he would follow McCreary to h 41, ing a wife (a lovely one. too,) on the him," he wrote, "so at last we gave Eletric Bitters and he improved some one along. but the people of the state said that sly in the midst of that stormy Sat- wonderfully from taking six bottles. Edward Whistler has entered the they would follow him to victory. urday nighty He never gave me a Its the best Kidney medicine I ever Louisville Medical College. He has chance to tell The Jeffersouian. saw." Backache, Tired feeling, This week has been a week of "big our best wishes for a successful term. There is more underground k Nervousness, Loss of Appetite, warn doiu's" in Louisville. We have conof like nature in this vicinity, of Kidney trouble that may end in Miss CI eon e Summers w as the uest ventions, conferences and banquets of MissLillie Weden Sunday. galore. We have had the Greater which am trying to unravel by de- dropsy, diabetes or Bright's disease. Mr. Albert Stieger is reported Kentucky Convention at which dia- grees, but can only say this much to Beware: Take Electric Bitters and slightly improved. grams were made of how Kentucky start you thinking. Probably Thanks- be safe. Every bottle guaranteed. giving, or Christmas at the farthest, 50c at all druggists. Miss Florence Rggenkamp enter- was to be come the richest, the most will bring developments. tained a number of friends the first educated and progressive of all states: our tax laws to be revised so Baptist Church Notice. of the week. Still Straying. as to take the burden off of one felPreaching at both services next Ira Weden is ill at this writing. The "strayed" are still straying: Sunday by the Rev. F. R. Margetts Mrs. VVm. Frederick, Jr., was the low and put it on the other fellow: guest of Mrs. Wm. Frederick, Sr.. how our public roads are to be so im- Such stubborness and unapprcciation from the Seminary at Louisville. proved that they are to compare of the reward has so dumbfounded Rev. Margetts is a man of eloquence Sunday. with the golden streets of the new and vexed the audience that some and power, and has bad wide experiMr. Joe Rudolph has begun the Jerusalem. Now, that is all right: have suggested to swing corners, ence. Come to hear him. Rev. W. construction of what promises to be let us set high ideals. We may not change partners, and in this ladies' C. Roof, the pastor, is helping Rev. a handsome new residence. attain to them, but in the effort to do change the true state of affairs will J. M . Hay more, who such a sucMr. and Mrs. Joe Driscoll and so we surely will improve our con- be lealized. The course of true loye cessful revival in Jefferson town last familv, will moe into their new dition. Then we had the conference never runs smooth. These troublous year, at Maysvilie in a great meethome the latter part of next week. of juvenile workers of the times assuredly stamps this affair as ing. Mr. C. C. Stoll is visiting his The attendance genuine. States. from out side the state was not large mother, who is very ill in Indiana Thanksgiving Day. Banker. J. H. Alderson and A. V. but several prominent in tt work in Thanksgiving Day has been set were in attendance. Thompson returned from a hunting our state trip in Ohio county and report suc- The county judges from a few coun- apart for Nov. 30, but is not every day ties also assembled and organized an a thanksgiving day? It takes a true cess. Christian to be thankful for what we AT Clifford Alderson rt aimed last association, which, it is hoped and do not receive, but with the eye of expected, will soon have the week from St. Anthon1, 's Hospital, of practically all the county faith to know it is best that we do Bruce's Hall, Nov. 24-2- 5, where he underwent an operation Weissing- - not have all our desires satisfied. Our He is reported judges of the state. Judge for appendicitis. 8:15 P. M. er, of this county, was elected presi aged minister always thanked God doing nicely. it was as well with us as it is." Tak dent. For the Jeffersontown Free The School Improvement League Banquets of one kind or another ing life as our Father giyes it, not will meet at Hikes school house Public Library. have followed in rapid succession. as we want it, is the highest standard Friday evening. of Christianity. We certainly should One to the delegates to the developADMISSION 15 CENTS. Born, to the wife of J. ByronStaad-iford- , ment association, one to the juvenile be thankful that we live in the pro- a baby boy. Name James court delegates, one to the successLane. ful candidates, one to the managers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hawes, of of the iate Democratic campaign, Fairmount, had as their guests on and goodness knows how many more. Sunday iast Mr and Mrs. William Finally, one in connection with the B. Fishback and daughter, Mollie, of Men's Religion and Forward MoveFern Creek, and Rev. Lennard ment, at which the matchless citizen, Daugherty, ot Louisville. W. J. Bryan, was the honored guest. Miss Helen Allgeier entertained On Thursday at 4 p. m. W. J. Bryan Thursday evening. Miss Merena and delivered one of the finest addresses Joanna Winberg, of Louisville, Mrs. ever heard in this city at Warren Geo. Dingier and Henry Manning. Memorial church in the interest of the Men's Religion and Forward Misses Snively Entertain. Movement, and the building was Misses Fannie Bell and Virginia packed. Capt. Huh!eia introduced Snively entertained in a very charm- Mr. Bryan, bestowing the very highing way on Monday evening in honor est eulogies upon him and ending of their cousin, Miss Thompson, of them by saying, "I now introduce Atlanta, Georgia. Quite a number Mr.. Bryan, of the universe." There was also a visit made by a was present and an enjoyable evenrepresentative body o f citizens ing was spent by all. In the word of the city of Louisville and Jeffercontest Miss Louise Owings and Mr. son and Bullitt counties to the Fred Hoke captured the prizes. At officials of the city railroad urging a late hour a dainty hot lunch was the extension of the Bardstown line It is time now for you to think about your comforts for the coming from Fern Creek to Mt. Washington served. winter, and we have placed a SAMPLE CLOSED BUGGY on our floor figures and estimates They presented for your inspection. showing conclusively that the line Balked at Cold Steel. Stop in the next time you come to the city and LET CSSHOW YOU. could be built at a much less cost "I wouldn't let a doctor cut my than the company bad estimated, This buggy is one of the "BUILT TO WEAR" family for which foot off," said H. D. Ely, Bantam, and now the question is: "To be or WE HAVE THE 1912 AGENCY. Ohio, "altho a horrible ulcer had not to be'?'' Democrats are making plans for been the plague of my life for four attending the inaugural of Gov. Mcyears. Instead 1 "sed Bucklen's Creary on the 12th of December. It Arnica Salve, and my foot was soon seems that there will be an unusual Incorporated completely cured." Heals Burn9, number go up from Louisville and Jefferson county. pimBoils, Sores Bruises, Eczema, All the courts are quite busy. Ky. ples, Corns. Surest Pile cure. 25c at Many clerks and other attaches all druggists. are on hunting trips. Onlooker. m wire-wor- I .. h-l- .. Middle-Wester- See 1 Bob's Fiancee A h Popular Priced Winter Buggy Which Anyone Can Afford. HALL SEED CO. Preston aid Jefferson Sts., Louisville, J iv '9- l

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