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Item 2 of UK Stands Out!,1991-1992

Part of University of Kentucky Fact Books

Private Fund-Raising 4,900 In Graduate School UK Faculty And Students sets A" Tlme Record oGraduate school enrollmentin the Fall Wln Awards And HOIIOIS - Total private giving to the University in 1991 was at a record high of 4,900 students. Students: 1991 was an all-time record high of $27.8 , . , . million. . Included in the graduate offerings are 92 - T. A. McKinney was the top intercolle- masters and 57 doctoral programs. giate debater in the nation after being named - The number of donors reached a record . Th U , , ard b t $15 the best debater at the National Debate 33,000, a 22% increase over the previous , , e mversity aw s a on . Tournament. year. nulhon annually in graduate fellowships and . teaching and research assistantships. 0 Tim Weatherford was named the 0 Alumni giving was $3.6 million. national cooperative education student of the . There were 260 new UK Fellows UK Industrial Extension year. HIS major W85 computer science. (donations of $10,000 or more) in 1991. IS New Service UKs student pep band for basketball . games is the largest in the nation with nearly For Busmessllndustry 200 members. UK playing key role - UKs new industrial extension service, In Education Reform modeled after the successful agriculture Faculty: extension service, is providing technical _ , , - The University has funded an Institute problem-solving and manufacturing plant , . Jeremy Pop 1911 History, achrevedhwhat on Education Reform in the College of needs assessments statewide. 5 p 9ny a first m scholarly 30Fmwn' Education and named an associate dean for He Simultaneously won the presugrops ' education reform and research in the college. _ Fulbright and Guggenheim fellowships. H15 . . Med|cal School Ranks father won the same awards in 1952 and D0- UK has rev1sed1ts curriculum in the 6th in Nation 1970, ctorate of Education program to focus on _ . _ education reform. In anary Care 0 Kimberly Ward Anderson, Chemical Engineering, received the coveted Presiden- - UK is delivering doctoral classes in - The UK College of Medicine ranks sixth rial Young Investigator Award from the education to the Western part of the state and in the nation in its primary care program, National Science Foundation. The award is soon to the Eastern part of Kentucky via the according to a survey published by US. accompanied by a grant which Will support new interactive video. News & World Report. Dr. Wards research in cell membranes. HISTORY RESEARCH some S46million annually. More than UK was founded in 1865 as a land- UK ranks among the Top 100 $2 "f,o "1 scholarships based on grant institution...Took present name in research institutions in the nation. UK merit '5 awarded 93 year t UK 1916...Charles T. Wethington Jr. is the faculty expertise is attracting about $80 students. ' tenth president. million in research grants, contracts and TUITION gifts from outside sources in the 1991-92 . academic year. The-199293 full-time undergradu- THE CAMPUS ate tumon and fees on the Lexmgton UKs 673-acre campus is located Campus add up to $999 a semester just south of downtown Lexington in the FACULTY for Kentucky residents; $2,679 for heart of the beautiful Kentucky Blue- There are 1,566 full-time faculty on non-residents. grass region. the Lexington Campus, and some 1,050 faculty in the community colleges. ALUMNI ENROLLMENT The University has 115,000 alumni There are about 24,000 students on MEDICAL CENTER around the world. the Lexington Campus and over 46,000 There are 2,700 students in the five students in the UK Community College colleges of the UK Albert B. Chandler COMMUNITY COLLEGES System. Medical Centermedicine, dentistry, Thereare 14 two-year community nursing, pharmacy, and allied health colleges m the UK system located ACADEMIC PROGRAMS professions. across the state. There are 17 academic colleges and . a graduate school. There are 108 b The Medical Center-also has a 461- CAMPUS TOURS . , ed hospital as part of Its teaching and . undergraduate majors from which to service programs There are free, gunded campus tours choose. ' at 10 am. and 2 pm. weekdays from the Visitor Center in the UK Student LIBRARY STUDENT FINANCIAL AID Center. Saturday walking tours are UKs library system contains more About 55 percent of UKs students available at 11 am. September through than 2.2 million volumes. receive financial aid which amounts to April only.

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