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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 19, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

jizi ii I COLUMBIA tFeU iiM Dead J K Fisher a harness dresser who claimed Louisville as his home arlived in Columbia about three weeks ago He was given employment at once arid was busy every day up to last Saturday at noon At this hour he ate a hearty dinner at the Hancock Hotel where he boarded Leaving the hotel he went to his place of business picked up severalsets of harness and started to deliver them to Mr Allen Walker the owner Passing up Greensburg street arid when near the jail building he was seen to fall Dr U L Taylor anda large crowd soon gathered but there was no relief The man was dead But littlo is known of him here as stranger upon his ar¬ he was a industrious attended to his pwri business strictly He casually remarked on Thursday night before his death that Gen D R Murray of Clo verpoift was his brotherinlaw the Generals first wife being his sister He also had a small book in his pocket giving his name and directing that if any thing should happen to him notify his daughter in Owensboro giving her natae The daughter was reached she being at Cloverport and also General Murray The latter directed Mr James Jr1va1Hewas Garnett to have the undertaker de- ¬ cently prepare the body and ship same to jpldverport at his expense and the Ir orier was fulfilled r I I Compulsory Law Section 4521 A of Ky Statutes pro t vides rThat every parent guardian of other person in the State of Kentucky having the control of any child or child zen between the agas of seven and fourteen years shall berequired to send such child or children annually at least eight weeks of which attendance shall be consecutive to some public or private day or night school for children Provided however that this act shall not apply in any case where the child home taught 1has been or is being taught at public in in such branches as are schools for a like period of time and i Siflyjgct to the same examinations as the district or city in other p p or whose which the child resides rt physical or mental condition renders his I her attendance impracticable or who I is excused by the Trustees of the school district in which such parent or guard ¬ ian resides for reasons satisfactory or I that there is no school within two miles Any person failing to SencLsuch child or to school as above required l shall forfeit to the use of the school x district in which he lives a sum of not less than five or more than twenty dollars for the first offense nor less than ten nor more than fifty dollars for each subsequent offense and cost of prosecution ¬ so Ior I 1 1ehirdren I < untfl ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY Death of Miss Lottie WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19 Bradshaw Tuesday night the 11th inst after a protracted illness Miss Lottie Brad shaw who was a sister of the late of this place Timolean Bradshaw peacefully passed over the river of death the end coming at the old Brad ¬ shaw homestead in Russell county The deceased was a highly respected ladrand was in her sixtythird year when God called her from a world of sin and suffering to a brighter home beyond the skies The deceased was known to a great many residents of Columbia where she often visited when in health She was an aunt of Mr W E Bradshaw Mrs M Cravens and Mrs W F Hancock this city the two former attening the funeral services and burying which oc-¬ curred at the old homestead many friends being present She is survived by one sister Mrs Ann White who is quite an old lady- I I I I I r i TheWestern Kentucky State Normal 1 Fall Session opens Sept 8 Eligible persons are entitled 1908 toII instruction The institution fers special courses of study to those persons who are preparing to enter the teaching profession Full infor¬ mation furnished on applicatiori Ad ¬ dress H H Cherry Bowling Green Kyj 412t The I I ituee i 1 p f il > 1 4 v t r < y 1 v o j 1908 r fi < 0 4t2t a15F frS I ii YJ r1 V f f Sr r 41 week- Mrs J T Carson of Campbellsville One of the most enjoyable gatherings that Columbia people have attended is visiting her sister Mrs C H was the Pea Ridge Fair held last Satur ¬ day afternoon There was a large crowd of young people and in fact many who had passed over the middle milestone of life but all were young for the time being The music was made by an extra large phonograph and the selections were in keeping with the occasion The ring shows were hottly contested and the ribbons want right when special Judge Edgar Reed gave his decision Paul Hughes President and Ralph Hurt Secretary were on to their business in right order These to young men backed by a wise board of directors are entitled to much credit for the entertainment This is the second exhibition and will grow in magnitude as the years come and go I hereI f Splendid Blue GrasslFarm For Sale As Executor of Mrs L J Cloyd I will offer for sale at public outcry on the premises at about lOJa m Sept 15th 190 the magnificent blue grass farm of about 365 acres of which she died possessed It is situated in Lin- ¬ coln county Ky on a turnpike about 2 miles from McKinnie and about the The same distance from Hustonville improvements consist principally of a twostory frame dwelling large barn double crib buggy house tenant house outbuildings all necessary cistern stock scales etc All in grass but about 75 acres It is near good schools churches and a rail ¬ road station on the Queen Crescent Railway The land will be surveyed after the sale Possession for seeding purposes will be given as soon as the terms of sale are complied with andof the whole tract Jan 1st 1909 At least one third of the purchase price must be paid in cash and terms as to balance will be arranged to suit purchaser This is one of the best farms in Lincoln coun ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ p Take Notice o4tbe atalogueit left out J1 U1 4 111 t Il if I Y t t 9 1iJ e 4 J Jac 1x tle free Personal f JI OW J s 4S rf 5 St e J 1 t4i3 f I j i C iI 1 L- S C Mr W T Price and wife and Mr T Davidson have returned from a visit to Liberty Miss Hattie Bradshaw who has been visiting at Russell Springs returned home last week Mr Woodruff Flowers is confined to his home one of his feet being very much afflicted Miss Annie Patteson Campbellsville will spend the week with her sister Mrs Jo Coffey Jr Mr Virgel Gupton of Gresham Green county visited his sister Mrs J P Beard last week Mr Tobe Hughes has recovered his health and will start on his return trip to Quannah Texas Friday Miss Annie Duncan who visited her sister Mrs Jo Russell left for home McHenry Ky Saturday morning Mr J E Moran who lives in White right Texas is visiting his father and mother Mr and Mrs J W Moran Mrs Margaret Tucker this place who has been in Louisville for more than a year reached home last week Miss Mary Wood of Danville andMiss Nannie Allen of Greensburg are guests of Miss Fannie Jones this week Miss Daut Marcum who took a special course in a Knoxville Summer school returned home a few days ago Eld ZT Williams and wife return ed from Martinsville Ind lastFriday Mrs Williams health has greatly im ¬ provedf Mrs W R Grissom this place has been at the bedside of her mother Mrs Elcy Simpson who has been quite sick for several weeks II Mr W H McCaffree and wife and Miss Jesse Taylor who have been teaching near Collins Ga returned home a few days ago Miss Martha Hancock who has been absent from home for a month visiting friends at several different points in the State returned last week Mrs Bettie Butler returned from Glasgow Friday afternoon accompanied by Misses Mayme Mitchell and Elsie Dixon who will spend a few weeks in Columbia Miss Esther Nell who will teach music in the LindseyWilson and who resides at Somerset is visiting her Uncle and aunt Gov J R Hindman and wife Mr J S Read of Nashville reached Columbia last Wednesday afternoon Thursday morning in company with Misses Clyde and Laura Herriford he left for the Burkesville Fair Mr S Asure Damron and wife and little daugher Amelia arrived in Co ¬ lumbia last week from Indian Territory It is our understanding that they will make their home here for the present at Green county Miss Mary Williams ihy 1 SS p I 2 fJ Mr L O Phelps Circuit court clerk of Russell county was here one day last week t < S fI 1 M fs3j 5 Miss Ada May Jones Jamestown will be with Miss Katie Murrell during the week S t 0trs Wfeiii3iiS Conover ntpeIierI f j Hustonville Mrs J P Scruggs has recovered from a delicate operation she submitted tp recently and is now at her home Mn Tom Patteson of Campbellsville in Midway paying left the Lexington will attend the Fair a day or two Infirmary several days ago Her sis ¬ Miss Clara Taylor of Glasgow iSI ter Miss Jennie Garnett is with her at Midway visiting relatives near Mrs William Coleman arrived in Co- ¬ Miss Margaret Walker J Saturday morning lumbia last week few days with Miss Kate Walker she left for her home in Nashville Mrs P V Grissom who was quite accompanied by her father Mr John 1 sick last week has about recovered R Johnson and her sister Mrs J 85 Mr Tim Cravens was in Lebanon two Royse who will spent several weeks in 4 days of last week taking deposition the Sunny South L Mr H H Ryriierson and wife are Miss BettieDavidspn Honey Grove Texas who is a iece of Mrs Jennie visiting Mr and Mrs J N GonQver iMollie McClain arrived in Columbia Mrs A R Kasey aridjMiss LinaRos last Thursday afternoon to visit relar 1j tives man o whom she has never enfield haye returned from BuYkesville seen Hermothersmaiden name was AddressJas S Miss Florence Spragus is being entertained by Miss Dimple der Richie Alexander Mr Walter Goff and wife were the Burkesville Fair twojdays- 5 L Murrell Misses Mary Richie Hooker Alexan ¬ Susie Baker Mr T W Buchanan Campbellsville Burkesville Allein and Mary Shepherd was here Thursday of Nashville and Miss Estelle Nell Mr A G Norris Louisville was Somerset will be with Miss Lina Rosenfield this week here a few days ago W R Lyon and wife R J Lyon Mr C W Prescott Campbellsville was here a few days ago and wife Messrs Owen Gaines J T Prof P D Neilson was in Tompkins Gowdy W I Meader Mr Norman Hobson and wife Mr Wl R Hpskins ville two days of last week and many others pf Campbellsville will Miss Bettie Hancock visited in Louis ¬ attend the Fair this week ville a day or two of last week 1imiIewesfofCobllrgt i Ky knows Everybody in ZanesvilleJO Mrs Mary Lee of rural route 8 She writes myjhusband James Lee firmly believes he owes his life to the use of Dr Kings New Discovery His lungs were so severely affectedthat consump ¬ tion seemed inevitable when a friend recommended New Discovery We tried it and its use has restored him to per ¬ Dr Kings New Discov ¬ fect health ery is the King of throat and lung rem ¬ edies For coughs andcolds it has no equals The first dose gives relief Try tl Sold under guarantee at T E Paulls drugstore 50c and 100 Trial bot- daysthe j1 Stanford Why James Lee Gof Well ¬ ii address- Executor Mr W A Helm the wellknown machinist whovas formerly located at Esto has removed his entire outfit to Columbia his place of business being He is a first on Bo mer Heights class machinist and is prepared to do all kinds of work The repairing of engines cultivators mowers in fact everything in the machine line is his character of work Call and see him He also carries in stock all kinds of mill supplies and a good line of hard ¬ 323m ware Phone 46 evJ l B PAXTON Machine Shop SDid > J 405 t isa 5 For further particulars ty farmI S will be with Miss Mabel Atkins this The Pea Ridge Fair T f NUMBER MrI S Stapps family have re ¬ W F Jeffries Son are having conAN AWFUL TRAGEDY moved to the Christian College build ¬ crete put down the full length of their i business house IrTimC Collins is laying the pavement in front of his Rev E F Goodson an able minister residence the walk in front of the Miss Mattie Maderis of West Point preached at the Methodist church last Baptistchurchwill be laid at once also Believed to Have Been Sunday in front of the old Hancock Hotel Drugged W R Myers Burkesville street Mr Anew daughter arrived to bless Mr has just completed his walk and the and Mrs HC Wolfordon Tuesday the work in front of Miss Sallie Fields 11th instresidence will be commenced in a few A NATIVE OF ADAIR COUNTY body days It now looks like every Young Coffey are will pleased with who owns property fronting a street in the premiums they received at Burkes ¬ Columbia will lay concrete The following is from the last issue ville Fair of the Elizabethtown News The part¬ John Bailey a young man who drove ies mentioned are all former Adair coun ¬ for Mr John D Lowe a son of Mr ty peopleWest Willis Baiely met with a very serious Ky Aug 1OSpecial are runners accident in Tennessee a few days ago to the NewsMiss Mattie Maderis Be sure and attend the entertainment He was employed as a guard at a the only daughter Qf Mr and Mrs Mell mine and in stooping his revolver fell Maderis died very suddenly Friday at LindseyWilson Chapel Thursday from his pocket the ball entering his morning at ten oclock of heart failure night 26 abdomen As soon as the wordreached She was enjoying her usual health and here his father left to be at his bedside as was her custom had gone to the Remember that the Liberty Fair The latest from the scene is that the spring house to churn When she fail opens next week The Association has unfortunate young man is in a serious ed to return at the usual time her an attractive program condition father went to the spring house and as It is believed that when the Fair Rev R L Creal of Hustonville he neared tbe place heard some one opens there will be fully seventyfive preached two interesting sermons at moaning as if in great pain He went ring horses on the grounds the Baptist Church last Sunday fore- in the spring house and not finding her The Burkesville Fair was well attend- ¬ noon and evening Rev Creal is com ¬ there he traced the sounds he heard and is a found her on top of the spring house in ed An abundance of fine stock on ex ¬ paratively a young man but he strong and forcible speaker making a an unconscious condition The ground hibition the Association making some fine impression here The members of around where she was found looked as money the Baptest Church were well pleased though there had been a struggle but Stock commenced arriving last Thurs with his efforts and It is probable that no foot prints were found only those pastorate made by Miss Maderis Her father car- ¬ day and up to Monday afternoon there he will be called to the though it is not known what decision ried her home and summoned Dr Rob- ¬ were quite a number of fancy horses at erts of West Point and the family phy- ¬ the Fair grounds Mr Creal wonld make sician Dr J H Reesor of Stithton Entertainment at the LindseyWilson Andrew Dudley was before Judge but she died in a short time witout re ¬ Chapel next Thursday night 26 It prom ¬ Hancock last Friday charged with gaining consciousness Her uncle Mr assaulting Miss Lee Beard on the road Henry Bnrbridge has asserted positive- ises to to very enjoyable and no one between her dwelling and the home of ly that it was the workof a ruffian but shouldmiss it After the exercises Mrs Cullins The charge was not sus- no marks of violence could be found by there will be a scocial refreshments She was about twenty served tained and Dudley was acquitted He the physicians was immediately araigned charged five yearsof age and when very young What You Will Hear This Week with assulting the same party at her was married to Frank Gadberry of Adair county The marriage proved home at another time and previous to the time the girl was assulted on the unhappy and she obtained a divorce six All out for for the Fair Grounds road He gave bond and the case will years ago and has since then made her be referred to the grand jury at the home here with her parents She was Im not ready will take the next September term of Adair circuit court a member of the Christian church here hack and Rev H H Webb the Evangelist Mr B F Chewning of this place officiated at the funeral at the residence who was a soldier in the Federal army and at the grave The young ladys Procure your tickets before reaching 5 during the war of the rebellion has a mother has been in failing health for the gate reminder of his soldier days in his sometime and is prostrated with greif possesion which he expects to keep so over her daughters sad fate The fun ¬ yes good Are you just back long as he lives In the Fall of 1862 he eral was held Saturday afternoon at crowd Ill go this afternoon was camped at Munf prdsville One day three oclock and the burial was in the after drawing his rations he wrapped family lot on the get a room up a hardtack cracker which he has LATER It is now believed that Miss sir Lanlord can I for every body yes walk in room kept to this day It is well preserved Maderis was drugged to death by some ¬ and is perhaps the oldest piece of bread one who came to the spring house with in the United Statesfortysix years the intention of stealing For the past Here boy shine my shoes Have month butter and milk has Keen stolen you the tan poli sh Prof J C Tucker has rented rooms from the house The house was always in the C C College building and will locked but when the stealing was done No I have togo Are you ready open a school for the purpose of teach ¬ the locks were broken each time and great the articles were missing Miss Mader ¬ to the store and get a collar and tie ing telegraphy There demand for telegraph operators and is made practice of going to the springMr Tucker is of the opinon that this house to churn Right this way for the Fairground character pf enterprise is needed here Room for two more Mr Rollin Hurt of this place brought It will afford young men and young and obtained a divorce for Gadberry inI ladies and opportunity to master a the Hardincircuit court seyer Keep a look out or you will get run alyearsII business that will insure them employ ago Some time after the into Drivers are too careless ment at good salaries ceeding Gadberry remarried and isnow living in Adair county The grounds Mr John W Warren who was a you ever see as many handsome for divorce was abandonment and there citizen of Jamestown recently died Look down this stretch was no intimation of wrong doing by ladies after a long illness The deceased was party about sixtyfour years old and for eith That is an interesting ring Where many years of his life he was a teacher Farm For Sale would you place the tie if you had the He was wellknpwn to a great many naming people in Adair county having resided many years ago at Glenville He was a We have a good little farm for sale I can name them and color them member of the Masonic Fraternity and It contains between 65 and 70 acres Excuse me no bet ¬ was buried with the usual ceremony of well watered two dwellings and all For how much ing allowed here the order Jamestown Lodge officiating necessary out buildings lying one mile south of Cane Valley on the pike More music Play something that Doubtless a great many people who E A Van Roy The old Kentucky stirs the soul are indebted to this office will be in CoJ S Squires Home for instance lumbia during the Fair It will be im ¬ 414t Cane Valley Ky possible for representatives of the News i No Have you seen thy beau to see every body but all those who R Crawford occupied the He is here and he is just as sweet as know that they are inarreasare earnestly requested to call at the office pulpit at the Christian church Sunday he looks ¬ and settle The office will be open the Presbyterian church undergoing re pairs He delivered two able dis For Sale onthe Square each day and all friends of the News courses i are cordially invited to call One nice lot 25 feet wide and g4 feet The News office will be kept open The colored institute held at this deep It adjoins the Paull Drug Co Fair in the forenoon placewas k successful gathering of the each and a portion of the afternoons Persons and is one of the best locations intCo ¬ teachers There were eighteen in at tendance and they gave close attention who have business with the office will lumbia See C S Harris So the ideas advanced by C C Monroe please call FOR SAI4EMy farm containing 272 of Lexington who conducted the insti- ¬ MrG P Burresshas rented of Mr tute Two of the teachers have spoken to us about Prof Monroe and his W L Walker the residence dn Frazer and well watered and methods stating that they had been Avenue vacated by Mrs Priscilla arid will remove to it the grain farm irijiigh state of cultivation Dohoney greatly benefitted by his coming T Sublett first of SeptemberCoburg Ky 38liri Mr W L Elder the postmaster at Last Saturday afternoon a son of Atchison Taylor county js in trouble For Sure reel with the government He borrowed Wm Ellis living above Roley in Casey QrJP I have found Buckle n s Arnica oVer three hundred dollars of the county was out squirrel hunting arid Salve to be the proper thing to use for governments lon returned it accidentally shot anti killed himself sore feet as well as for healing thinking as he claims that he was i Mrs Priscilla Dohoney has removed sores cuts and all manner of rnsI doing no harm He was arrested and writes Mr W Stone of East tried at Lebanon and held over in the Ija the residence vacated oy J SVtapp sibns she having recently purchased the pro- ¬ Poland Maine It is the proper1 thing 500 bond sum of perty from Mi C R Payne tppfprplles Try it Sold under guaThe ffollowing marriage licenses were ranteeitT JEEaulls drug store 25ci issued from the Adair county clerks Strangers are coiriipg Ilahdhyt ¬ office in the last few flays Samuel e morrow night the town w Harvey to GeprgoAnn lAarpri1 Rbbty people ready ta sjjendVfpur days tthe J fLprhett to Iintie Smith Roy 6 Fair 110 acres fvgp diand near Comer tp Nannie Harper Cob r for sale There aria pn i ttWQ ceo W Staples JS again in the Taylor j Russeli and Gfeen counties dweHings and all riecessar putbuij a grocery business purchase jthe ilLvhave large delegations < here this ings plentof waterQumbe corner- week All n Valker stbcfciirii retcalf pd and J B Beard of the square ZQ willalsO be well reriee ted> OoburgKy ybut Enter School The Western Normal pf Bowling Grepirpffers young pepple desiring an advantages unexcelled education Catalog giving full information free Addrts H H Cherry Bowling Green r t1t1j H J I j U y 4 c 1 ingk I I 7 < WElT 0 lO t Ii 1 I ebait VOLUME XI r > c i1 j > dc i r- Tr T I is with Miss Mary Gartwright this week Messrs Reid ridRpbt Caldwell Buidic1c will jsperid t flayort two J1t the Faii djr5 0 Il J 1 L S t isi i Miss Puss Miifrell who left Colum bia for Texas about the time she was grownmarrying in that State v this daughter having never been in Adair D county until thisyvisitl Miss Davifisonivill spend a portion of her time during ljf i i r r t < zt I1f Y < ci F L J riiJtiJ l < t tt >il <

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