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Best Copy Available The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON. KY., NOV. 12. 1920 VOL. XL Phi Kappa Tau Installs Chapter At University ARMISTICE OAY MARKED BY BATTALION PARADE No. 7 Students to Answer Cost of Education Questionnaire Department of Economics Another Fraternity Enters TAU BETA PI PLEDGES Sirens, Whistles and Bells SENIOR STUDENT TO RECEIVE GOLD KEY Kentucky Initiation Will Tabulate UnderSIX NEW MEMBERS Announce Eleventh November 5 and 6. taking. Hour. Delta Sigma Pi to Cooperate With Kappa chapW of Phi Kappa Tau J. W. Crenshaw Chosen Honor of the Junior fraternity was formally Installed at Class. the University of Kentucky Friday and ..f -- Saturday, NoVember 5 and 6. The Initiation exercises began Friday and were completed Saturday night with The ci banquet at the Phoenix hotel. guests of honor were: Dr. E. E. Brandon, vice president of Miami University; R. K. Bbwers; M. M. Amerlne; national officers, John Y. Brown, Delta Chapter, ;Cepe College and members of Theta chapter of Transylvania College. The Phi Kappa Tau fraternity was founded March 17, 1906 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, the university known as the mother of fraternities. Phi Kappa Tau fraternity has chapters at Ohio State University at Columbus; Ohio University at Athens, Ohio; Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio; Miami University, at Oxford, Ohio; Illinois University, at Campaign, 111.; Coe College at Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Centre College, Danville, Ky.; Transylvania College, Lexington, Ky.; Muhlenberg College at Allentown, Penn. At a recent convention held at Indianapolis, Indiana, charters were granted to locals petitioning from the University of Ken-- to Continued on Page 5. .V ALPHA 2ETA HOLDS PLEDGING1H CHAPEL Honorary Agricultural Fraternity Chooses Men Making Best Grades. Scovell chapter of Alpha Zeta, honfraternity held agricultural pledging exercises In chapel today at the fifth hour. The qualifications for Alpha Zeta are scholarship, leadership and character. The men chosen this time were s of the Junior and from ithe Senior classes, making the highest s those grades. From this having most ability as leaders were selected. Alpha Zeta was founded at Ohio State University November 4, 1897, and Scovell chapter founded November orary Ml two-fifth- two-fifth- 8, 1912. The members of (the active chapter H. O. Sellards, Edward Johnson, J. H. Atlerson, Oakley Brown, Hershel J. Well and Clifton U. Jett. are: 1 Among the early arrivals for the Home Coming celebrations was John E. Brown '03, of Shelbyvllle, president of the Alumni Association, and Mrs. wn, who were planning to take part In every phase of the entertainment, i Man Tau Beta Pi, honorary engineering fraternity, held its annual pledging xerclses last Friday. This .fraternity maintains high standards of scholarship Jn taking only the fourth of the class that have measured up to the requirements throughout the three years preceding. Last year R. E. Dealtry, of Brazil, was chosen honor man and will receive one hundred dollars in gold at graduation. E. L. Baulch, R. E. Dealtry, F. D. R. N. O'Hara, Weatherholt, Fred Houston-Shaand Bishop Hines, com pose the active chapter. J. W. Cren- ishaw pvas chosen honor man of the Junior class this year, and the follow ing men in the Senior class were pledged: Emmett Shultz, Henderson; Ell Zuckerman, Russia; Fred Luker, Louisville; H. L. Thomson, Provi dence; W. D. Thompson, Falmouth. MATRIX TELLS STORY OF PLEASANT OCCASION Account of Theta Sigma Phi Installation Appears in Official Magazine By Marguerite McLaughlin Sweet with the romance of our Old Kentucky Home was the Initiation of Phi Sigma, the University of Kentucky journalistic club Into the national order of Theta Sigma Phi. WJe received our honor guest and installation officer, Harriet Dally, In the morning and lunched at the cafeteria at noon just to try to, make ourselves feel like the day was an ordinary one and keep down our feeling of superiority over the rest of the mere mortals with whom we hobnob daily from becoming apparent. But honestly that was an for our future effort. Fortunately standing we were able to fly the campus at an early hour. We motored to Idlewlld, a beautiful rustic cottage on the banks of the Kentucky river. The day was perfect. It should have been of course, for no other kind of day would have suited or fit in the story. The head of the Department of Journalism had invited us to the annual journalism picnic and we accepted for ourselves and our guest. We arrived at the river in the early afternoon and swimming, rowing and dancing at Cherry Lodge were our main diversions until the picnic lunch, after a round of yells, songs, and "thank yous," we rowed across the river to Idlewlld and were Initiated. Continued, on Page 5. DOCTOR SAMPEY TALKS "I believe in the United States of America as a government of the peo ple, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic, a sovereign nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable, established upon these principles of freedom, equality, justice and humanity, for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and their fortunes. I therefore believe It lis my duty to my country to love it; to support Its constitution; to obey its laws; to. respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies." Lexington Post No. 8, American Legion requested every patriotic man, woman and child to recite the American's creed given above at 11 a. m. on November 11. Sirens, whistles and bells announced the time of beginning. The program given on the campus of the University opened (with a review of the battalion. The review was received by President McVey, Doctor Sampey, Armistice Day speaker; Dean Massie, Father Punch and all of the men in the (University. The remainder of the program follows: "America" Band. Prayer Dean Massie. Reading of the names of University men who lost .their lives in the World War. "Old Kentucky Home" Band. Introduction of Speaker Dr. McVey. Address Doctor Sampey. Prayer Father Punch "Star Spangled Banner" Band. JOURNALISM FRAT PLEDGES FIVE MEN Five men were pledged to Alpha Delta Sigma at the meeting held in the Journalism building, Wednesday at the fifth hour. Those to receive the honor were: Fred Augsburg, Lexington, a member of the 8 tan? of The Kernel and Ken- tuckian; Emmett Swisshelm a major in the Department of Journalism and a featuro writer of note; Dlllard Turf ner, of the Law Journal; Gerald Griffin, sport editor of The Kernel and H. B. Lloyd, business manager of The Kernel. Immediately following the ceremony the men were entertained at luncheon by the members of the active chapter. editor-in-chie- From the Files of 0 51 Years Ago. November 10. Frank Le Itond Vey born, Washington, Ohio. Mc- Progressive Business Men of State. COOPERATION Delta Sigma Pi the professional fra ternity which will be installed in the school of commerce of the University soon, will give each year to a senior majoring in economics, a gold key. The one receiving the key will be chosen with regard to his scholarship, leadership and promise of future usefulness and need not to be a mem ber of the fraternity. The members of the faculty of the University school of commerce will decide each year who will receive the key. This fraternity gives this key each year In every college in which It has chapter, This helps to stimulate interest in the schools of commerce. The chapter of Delta Sigma PI at toKentucky is expected to ward forwarding cooperation between the students in the school of commerce of this University and the progressive business men of Lexington and the State. KENTUCKY ENGINEERS . GET SOCIAL FRATERNITY URGED A questionnaire, the purpose of which is to gather facts which will enable the Department of Economics and Sociology to undertake a study of the cost of living among the students of the University of Kentucky, has been prepared by the department and will be given to all students to fill out next week. This investigation of living expenses will be conducted by the class in Statistical Method, which will also compile the facts. It Is hoped that by this means an accurate estimate of the individual cost of an education In the University of Kentucky may be obtained. The information is to be taken by college, class and sex, with the aim of finding out total and apportionate expenses. No questionnaire is to be signed and all individual information is ito be strictly confidential. When each student receives his questionnaire, he is asked to fill it out carefully and ac-- . curately in order that accurate statistics may be compiled for catalogue purposes and general information. President MoVey has written a letter urging the 'students to fill out the questionnaire accurately and Twelve Men Are Charter Members of "Triangle" . Dean Gives Toast Triangle Fraternity. The Kentucky Engineers fraternity which was organized here last year with itwelve charter members and one honorary member, has been granted membership as a chapter of the National Triangle fraternity. After being recognized by the Council and Senate of the University as a local fraternity, it began to prepare a petition to the National Triangle fraternity. This was completed and accepted In May, the votes of the active chapters and National Council being unanimously in favor of the petition. The Installation of the Kentucky Chapter was held Saturday night, October 30, in .the ball room of the Lafayette hotel, by two members from each of the four active chapters, Purdue, Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio State. Speeches were made by F. N. Schustedt of the University of Wisconsin, who is president of the National Organization; Walders, also of Wisconsin; Bussy of Illinois; Finch of Purdue, and D. V. Terrell of Kentucky Dean F. Paul Anderson delivered a toast and extended his best wishes to the new fraternity. The Triangle Review, the official organ of the National Fraternity, speaks of the Kentucky chapter in the Continued on Page 8. E WILL BE FRIDAY NIGHT Prexy Unable to Be Here; Writes Greeting to Alumni. Committees on arrangements for the Home Coming celebration met Monday evening at the Phoenix hotel to make final plans for the entertainment of the alumni who are expected to return ito Lexington to see the game. The first event of the program will be a dance Friday evening from 8 to 12 o'clock in the ball room of the Lafayette hotel, to be followed on Saturday by; an old fashioned football rally in the chapel at 11 o'clock, the reunion luncheon at the Lafayette hotel from 12 to 2 o'clock and finally tho Homo Coming game. Doctor CUcVey has sent the following letter of greetings to the alumni of the University. Dear Friends: I am taking this opportunity of welcoming you on the Home Coming Day to the University, and at tho same time to tell you how glad wo are that you are to, be here with us. I Centre-Kentuck- Continued on Page 5. I t

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