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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

At a call meetiig of the Executive ComGittoe held in President Barker's offloe, October !at. 1915. there were pre- sent; R.C. Z'toll, O.B. Nichols, P.P. Johnson, J.!. Brown and T.L. 1delen. President Barker made a reoort as - o the facts leading up to the building and eauipping of State Hall, which was ordered to be filed and recorded. To the Executive Qommittee. 0Pf the Board of Trrus&ees, State University of entucky. in accordance with your order I lay before you this morn- ing copies of all your official action in regard to "State Hall.* coamoonly called the Oafettria, which is as follows: At'& meeting of the Executive Committee, July 17th, 1914, the following order was made. It annearing that the budget provides so that $2.500.00 may be s'nent for the erection of a o0m1ons where meals may be furnished young men who are students in the University, at actual cost; upon motion made and seconded $2,500.00 was appropriated for the purpose of erecting a Commons building. Upon the call of yeas and nays, Messrs. Nichols, Edelen and Terrell voted yea, and Mr. Stoll voted no. Again at a meeting held Srptember 5th, 1914, this entry wvs made. Mr. Stoll suggested Tchat at a former meeting of the 2xecutive Committee Judge Lafferty, Secretary of the Board, stated that the Cafe. teria or the University Commons would be operated without any expense to the College, that is to say, that the ollege would erect a building to cost $2,500.00. and that there would be no further expense to the ollege of any kind in operating thi8 Cafeteria. Mr. Stoll suggested that this statement should be recorded in the minautes of the last meeting as it was not done. Judge Lafferty being present at this meeting made the statement again to the effect that it is the plan to conduct the Cafeter- la so that the amount in savings can be made. so as to meet the exOense of equipment to make It self-sustaining. "'lso that the amount expended in the erecting and equipning of the buildiag is as follows: Building and plumbing ......... $3046.13 Equipment etc ................. 12122,L._ Total..... 5168.62 .excess ... $2668.62 I also bring before you the accounts of 'State Hall' for last year as they, appear upon the books of the University. These show a deficit of, in round numbers $3800.00. I do not believe that this deficit constitutes and Indebtedness of the Univer- sity, "State Hall is an institution established for the bene- fit of the studente, to be orerated by them with the money they nay In. while the University does ex*rcise a necessary super- vision of the institution, the suoervision that it exerctese Is in princinle that Sia. as that extended every student function and activity that is conducted on the camnus. I regard that it stands in the exact position of Patterson Hall and the Athletic.

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