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Image 3 of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851), April 20, 1859

Part of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851)

FOB SALE. THE TRIAL OF EON. DANIEL E. SICKLES. Thirteenth Das' rrocudingt. Sixth .tree', LmL Houses and Lots on the tut tide ofGrayson Washington, April 19. Judge Crawford toot and Denrlv ODDoslte to tha residence, of Mr. L. H. Rousseau, between Grayson and Walnut his seat on the bench at 10:20, and, after an interval laiitnianti. ind the rut ana la of several minutes passed ia complete silence, atr.t. Th In first rate repair. 1 will make a sale to the advantage Sickles came in, accompanied by the jailer and purcnasers. 11 not son tory .re o renv. i other persons. His faithful and inseperable has ep.O deod. DAS'L McAXUSXKR. Rev. Mr. llaley. Unitarian minister, J..,;XKa ichnU trial. HaleV IS Bteam Faw Mill r rnRRiLK-- k first-rat- e at the mouth of Salt River. There Is an quite indignant at the liberty taken with him by anee of rood. timber In Athe a vicinity to be had at the District Attorney in ucsuiumj u.- --. (II -. .7 price, aju, u.rcc iuuuurcu iuu .V I... iitm J clerical B jpe to keep the theological part ot the good bottom Land on Salt Riier, heavily timbered with the Either house in order. It was he who furnished oak and poplar, twelve miles above the mouth. the or both will be soli at a bargain to close a partnership. scriptural part of the argument; henceof e appliIf application be made soon to the undersigned, at west cation. Ould sought an opportunity anu J. G. GLTHR1E. Point. Kf. .n1.dlm ing. but llaley declined. Emanuel JL Uri .... ... . . W,. nd Lat I now oc- a. aaUlSBS AHU bU13 1 M. T. ANDERSON ic CO.SSHOES. AND . RPFriAL SALE OF BOOTS i v ni.v. ntl T. L0ET0N, Stage Mana Aetinguaaager. "er OF AUCTION LOUISVILLE THEATER. GEORGE MELLUS a Lss k rnmmenr.Inir .t 10 o'clock A. M., when will be sold the balance of .tin 1 P.M.. acd the catalogue, which embraces moii oi me nai fo0 8 OTP M.'.1 when '.eat. may besecurJ one t , OOOD3. . dayln advance. ofy boom, uu "8 -Prime Eastern-mada 3aASK3, Treisur, Misses' and Children's ii . i.i a Come forth In swarms the Insect foe, And for our blood they bore you knew, And suck It In most rapidly, Rut huei. roaches, 'skeeters blaek or white In death's embrace are stiffened quite, If Lyon's Powders chance to light m nj,lf., superior lit or Mens Patent Congress BooU and Oxford lies. '"w" A ALSO, Silk and Straw An Invoice of Uents' black Moleskin, MR9. C N.NCLAIR and MR. SEDLEY. fpUlS (Wednesday) EVENING. April 20, will be acted "csshS. TSfn. one effect of this powder Is almsst instantaneous death to all the Insect tribe. Gardens eaa be preserved and houses cleared of the vermlm pest. It U fr4from animals poityn, and harmless to mankind and domestic owuers ior All genuine signed E. Lvoif. ABOVE TI1E GALT HOUSE. nishly Concentnted Compcnnd FIull Extract Buchu. For of Cm Blufidtr, A'Utnsy tiei o A llE KBI-I- TUC"v COMPLETE lryp- - Sexual lfi 10 UU LARGE AND v CARRIAGES, iuc., &rarl, , Ff alA Compla., and aU JsUeaet of $eatfi, , I. F. STONE The r : fiOIAIN SQUARE In their obscure vicinity. e ClnclnnaU made Ladies', Qoat and Morocco Boots and Shoes. Circle and Parqueite, or AUMI3dI0N-Dr- ess Second Tier.iSa: Third Tler,15c; Private, ile, Uolored Gallery, lto. VoVoolored Boies, or I iPFOTATj CALL! STREET, Arialog from excesses and ImpruJer.ri's In Life, an I removing all Improper Discharges from tie E:aJ ler, h: whether ex!s:'.ng In or Sexual Organ-"- MAL F OR FEMALE. for rats and mice. CO v mm .t,iu.,r.iii,thM mif have origin tJ, ANDERSON --.t..1 n .11 IV. Utaal atvte. SJ follows: the elegant original piy. Sample flasks, 23cts.; regular sizes, 50 cts. and fi. . psetic language, worth, replete with brilliant- andMl) ci.. rA.iiiM fnr LlrerDI AND 50 MATTES OF HOW 1050 STA5D1X0 BARNES k PARK, New Tork. Day . .i. ii.vTDpa MITT- nr. Of THE ."ifrettiPWMr'ated Rockawats; Voureated Rock-QitinQ jiaf:an l Vij;r1at Fraw.4, an I NorBY C. C. SPENCEU. c nets. Frank Hawthorn, Mr. Henry Sedley; Sir Llrnel n wi "imnjt-To- p man, Keeble; Hon. Augustus Adolphus, Dickson; Fresh aud desirable Millinery Goads. Trimmings, Also the Ittejtlcan MD.Une Limine nt. limuncici, . .-t," . I rionfj' Fiirnishino-Oonda- a. CO -- i:.!., Twelfth. rr- vvn.- Doctor Playfair, Lorton; Mr. Cunningham, Beaver; ap!4 deowiweowlm. .i..,t hrawnrwn street. LotThe r ancy Artities, " be sol.l low for cash or short paper. LuJOY UAum , . r . . runt, ruuu ug . Everard Digby, Swift; Robin WUdbrlar.Sca an; . At Auction. i He has the Urge3t stock of Carriages in the my equally attentive to Mr Sickles, senior f7 icei J cy Vavasour, Mrs. Sinclair; Mrs. Betsey Wlldbrlar, Hou.e has eleven rooms, in good repair, and convenientHOLLO WAY'S PILLS and OINTMENT. It cores rservous ana iii..ttea svitrerers, aaj has not been in court during the P v-o- p MORNING (Wednesday), April 20. at 10 o'clock, es Mrs. Gilbert; Miss Jenny Wlldbrlar, Mrs. Dickson; aire Mam street, will be fciW ly arranged. Will be soil at a sacrifice if immediate Chevalier NVyckoffe-n- ce, such matters, the hospital Although slow ot belief In all Symptoms, among which wlu be tound. No. Auctlon-room.. i. . li. The Mr. T.nrton application be made to me on board the tesmeir Diana, Indisposition received from the East of adopted these great remedies. petit sold, a fresh stock with surgeons of Europe .hava O. L. bull a. with tneueience. evenlni's performances will vconclude lph, the Mr. is ftlwavs filled npl. d5 part of Ladles Dress Butto Exertion, Loss of Articles, cons.stlng in laYce of A BULL IN A CHINA BHOP-Decourt day after day. The room Wherever they are used, dyspepsia, scroima, uver soiudeciaion Power, Lota of Memory, Bener. The all varieties; Zephyr Braids, Linen Floss, Thread V capaa FOH SALE. Lorton; Diegory, Bcallan; Porcelain, Beaver; Lml-l- y tons, of to its Difficulty ol Breading, Genplalnt, and eruptive disorders disappear. adultery took all Lace, Croehet Needles, t "deraleeret and Bosom. dict, Schent; Llddy Morrlgan, Mrs. Dickson; apu A SXCG LITTLE IKDIAKA FAR if, eral Weakness, Horror of Gloves, Bindings, Ribbons, Combs, .Shawl Pins, and an I. geaforth.MUi Schenk. Nerves, TreaabUn?, Dreadv- river,, onnotiten w Ju r' kji LiM acres, iyt nine eom ev dence. beb ica ine aeience will rebutting Doors open at TX.'nJ Overture to T1KR NOTICE. added varied assortment of cuVS ful Horror of Death, Niuht Sweats, Cold Feet, The trial Westport, in Clarke county, on road; 110 Gent'FuVnUhingSoods-Fancyfi Is determined to make all with proof mence at S o'clock. T, VATTfiNAL GALLERY Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision Languor, L'ulier-sa- l acres cleared and in cultivation, balance well timbered, counsel sum are ordered to g this day week. Two ,rom Lassitude of the Muscular System. Oa.a Knormous - Summer Coats, Vests, Ac; all of which K.aitiful tvles of Pictures at cheaper rates NO. 112 MARKET ST., NORTH SIDE poplar, walnut, beach, c; comiort.ui. the AppeUte.with Dyspeptic Symptoms, Hot Hand. spring ana Spobna Dwelling of 6 rooms and kltchen.-goo'TTespec'l'attentlon of the trade Is called to than can be had elsewhere. Only xa cents ior Between Fourth and Fifth, Flushing of the Body, Dryness of theS:a, stabls; two good orspring bouse; two barns and frame of on time coachman PlUid Countenance the following styles of Pictures In cases: chards, apples and peaches, of best fruits; well watered; Hea. C. iPKOK, L0riSYILLE,Ky. Temiaaah. Cie Face, Pain in the Back,S re" answer well for stock, homitwo fiue springs. W.uld Ambrotypes, with case AucUoneer. , And Positlrely only Appearance of viness of the Eyelids, nf hla SPRING - onuersiK" 1 t. nna,- tn .P20 t ny, AO. Saw and other mills near. "w Melaneotypes, " rllllE. SUMMER GOODS, consisting in part of cently black Sr'" and terms, call on For full particulars, price Mrs. S. went " and Flying before Sphereotypes, J. W. BRLDfcX, Real Estate Agent, KlCn Dua ftuws, went out "3 the lyes, No. V8 Fifth street. from the house in the carriage alone; she PnlnHlntvne. Ae. aplS dS AtRich Fancy Silks; 1 1UUU1UIU1U1 Suffusion and Loss of Sight, wnt of 111 street, just with Temporary Rich Double Skirt Eareges; House on mostly irom twelve to one ana At the NATIONAL GALLERY, on Main Horror of tention, Great Mobility, Restlessness, witnsuch HOUSE FOR SALE-- My ab.ence ap- - four to live; Key always joined Mrs. b. n the Grenadines; do Rich T-belew Fourth. T is more Desirable to is for sale. In my Chestnut street society. Nothin? ,t Organdies; do IX OPERA AXD CONCERT! Rich ' street; could hardlv mention a day that he did Solitude, and nothing they more ply to M m. H. Pope. , .. . nrn I AKA d; Rich Printed BEE HIVE GALLERY, A. n. WALLACE. not meet us; eometimes he would come into the Dread for fear of themselves; ao ReRich French Jaconets; Sc Fourth. TcoLOMmrwi"make"h to drive through back streets; carriage and tell me pose of Manner, no Earnestness, .flaln Street, between TUird Poplinettes; Rich do Mrs. S.. and 6ar "Oood lnLouisville, Ky., oa TL'ESDAY EVENING, April 2Cth i i. no Speculation, but a Hurried reanectfullv Inform the nubllcthatlhave pro remain on Transition frca one Towels, Crashes, services of a skillful artist, and am now morning, Madam;" sometimes he would he always 1S59, In the Upera oi cured the Carpots, r.skg?, question to an- dismount; LA SEWAPADIIONA. horseback and sometimes Table and lied Linen, prepared to fill all orders for Photographs, In any style, Uil VJlotns, uruggeis, will be announced 'jj1-seases advantages over any other house in LoUle. at the corner of the Avenue and medbut once cot out "Further particulars Silver Plated Wares, These symptoms, if allowed to go on which thisPOWpainted In oil, water colors, and pastel. We are also and customCartans, Trimtning3, ?sP CrfX.VkVe atteiouof the ladies Fifteenth. street, -at the Club house; I that was in icine invariably removes eoon follows LOiiO? 1'iacos, sc, c. still making those beautiful Ambrotypes.Melainotypesi ers: All I ask is an examination of with Sirklps: which ER. FATUITY AND EPILEPTIC FITi-- in oceof m16d3mA12-l- I andAn ."commodate about one hundred and only once 10 come iu etc., at the cheapest rates. house Wednesday and Thursday, apru ,vu Its superiority. thVpatient may expire. VVh cx say that thea Mr April or Mav last year, he went into the I have ON we will sell at the large Carpet Warehouse of and 8phcreotypes,Sign of the Bee Hive, and examine for fy any one of frequently followed by thos direful d:seas fATrPveone3wi.h a moderate capital would find It a good Call at the street, between Fourth when "he came out I cannot say Sickles and J...a. Mathers, on -.Malo r.Wol and Bruasala TaneatrT. yourseles. INANITY AND CONSUMPTION? The records of the . . . . -- r Stand' for mak ing money. known Key to come to the bouse while INSANE A3YLCM3, and the melancholy deaths by , Oil Cloths, Proprietor. Tkree P y Tnlrltn and Hemp Carpets, ianMdtf was absent in New York; he always came i dusj CO. hear ample witness to the truth or s, H ALBERT Curtain Drugget., Lace, Muslin, and Curtains, taat has ever to have been there every night thesVasVertims. Ia Lunatic know h im Silver Plated Ware, and Pianos, exhibition The countenance i, ac.uaJy. TIIAUF BOAT!. sometimes I knew AiA lu fu,ulu how lontt he XVHTiti' BOATS Louisvi lie It Mirth nor J Sref ev ;.r,a been offered at auction in the city of not know Of THE Solderland quite d'estitute-neit- her AND l.. -- .u tale as THE snag boat hulls of the JOnS needless Ur us to say anything in regard to this twenty, auu-- u r-- 5i he and Mrs. S. al ways remained A . U. LLV1ER are oflered for visits It. snoum being his er irS-ELL- L would remain; ard Mr. Mathers'sales are well known, this were Is the largest, rarely articulate. ,ala by the AVeitern Eiver Improvement in the study; the door was shut while they second annual sale, except that this stock They are In fine c onditlon, there- there was a sofa in the room with its foot measures wan despair, pleasure "With woful and Wrecking Company. richest, and most varied we have ever had the TO BB BRAlV.I Ul recenUy i.nai aallen sounds his srief Bti'ilied. weH salt.d, and perfectly sound, and have to ofter at auction. right at the door; hare known him to be there one hmls-- Ticl SATURDAY, APRIL 23d, 1859. will be sold regardless of cost. caulked. They are about 160 feet long, twin DeblUty U most terrible, and has brought thousands MAIN ST., BETWEEN FOURTH & FIFTH the nieht till one o'clock in the morning; was always : I beam knd S feet hold. They noon thousands to untimely graves, thus bla,iirg the This stock consists In part as followsIK) A eleven o clock, fet ! ten eivet ltugj; there when I went to bed at long or remained; on It 100 pieces Brussels Tapestry Carpet; LJW&,uU ben Wharf Bo... that he FranCC BrOadbeiltS & 1 0. 3IanagCrS, ablUon of many noble youth,. ,, vcan be cured by the WITH do; and would not know how do CO do Velvet nse OI Tnia vy.; T and tii Main street, 6t. Lou.s. Rugs, with a Urge variety of other occasions no person was in the room but So. CSCCCESS0R3 TO U.UAtt. these Tapestry .pig dim GOULD, 70 do MOTHERS!!! MISS MOTHERS! MOTHERS!! kinds; Mrs S and Kev; think that was in May, lss. If Toa are sulerine; wif. any of the ahTe dislressin j Manasersj of trie ronsonaawa potarticle); good neigh- 3T1 3Z3 Don'tfallto procure Mrs. Wlnilow's SoothingSyrnp Also 6 pieces Boquet Medalion Carpet, (a splendid aUmenU,ths FLUID EXTRACT BUC1IC will car- joa. Question Did anvthing particular uuvu. FOE SALK Fleasantly situated In teries of Delaware. .. es. Answer wa ..flllerl-- ' lUii... Sil Muslin Curtains: Teething. It has n equal on earth. It neen ouui i Try it and be convinced of its erhsey. fur Children t '.t borhooa, u picuca wood and coal WniCU JUUr UCIIliUU to the jury. Answer- -I QUACK DOC 50 pieces 3 ny uarpei, Tutchen, cellar, cistern, waUi house, BEWARE OF QUACK S03TRCM3 AND sir. Question-Rl- ate greatly facilitates the process of teething by soften'ng ?oom; has gas throughout; 1. the most convenient house S 0 do Fine and Superfine Carpet; I went to the TOK, pain, Bed Linen; cash down, was eoing to bed about one o'clock; seamstress; 1 the gums, redueing all Inflammation will allay all U Second Capital Prize $20,000, Ingrain Carpet: intown, and will be sold a --bargain. Part and met the APRIL 20, 50 ilete3 Plain and 50 pieces Table anddo; abilities and references. Citizen upon WEDNESDAY, falsely boast of T. head of the hall stairs Satin faced; Hemp and is sure to regulate the bowels. Depend and the bai.nce on uuie. Third Capital -- rize Low and aroid them, and Te Long suffer f. Money, WELL? an stood and talked a little while with her, knowing 2j do Brussels Stair Carpet; 150 doz. Towels; of ta. will gl rest to yourselves, and relief be Two Prize of $ 10,000, and Exposure, by sen.lin? or ca,.inS for a boe 80 pieces Velvet Carpet; 75 doz. Napkins; Jefferson street, near Second, cases. that Key was in the room; we thought the hall hall health to your infants. Perfectly safe In all 150 pair of Blankets; 50 counterpanes; Four Prize of ?S,0OO. PopnlarandSPLCUICliiiMEDi. WM. A. PUTS AM, Wasldnrion St., had rung, and Key and Mrs. S. came to the in3aairaUon, Is perfect.y plea-saot one Cloths, Drub'gtw, aUay aU pain and "prj dtf This valuable preparation Is the prescription was .econd door east of Hancock. with a complete assortment of Crumb door and looked out; thereinffcpd nobody there; LOWEST 3 NUJIPER PRIZE IS $1,000 in Its taste and odor, but immediate ia its actu. Table and Floor Oil Cloths, Mats and Matting. Curtain .,. mn.t .THened and skilful female physician it affttiD: they u..i .v.. i.n Anr nH PUW Agent and Business Manager. FOtt SALK Oil EXCHANGE ap20 Cornices and Trimmings, with a large lot of sliver locking the with never-fallin- g Uelnbold's Extract Eaciia Sew England, and has been used IKU went into the study, and I heard them six splendid Pianos, to close consignment. THE gOCTHWESTEEN Ware, and other business thl FOUSDEV-Hsv- ing study door ana tne aoor mi icuo In millions of cases, Is prepared directly according to the Rale, of lock-in- s months w. k.tuwatttha heat and surest remedy In the worl there are two doors in the study; heard them heard and up to $500, sixty days; over $500, four PHARMACY AND CIIEJIISTHY, and both of these; I stood a little while and Market -- treet, bet. TUird and Fourtb. creditB with approved joint note, payable In bank.on the In all casos of Dysentery and Diarrhoea in ChiHr with the greatest accuracy and Chem cal knowled? . S The stock will be open for inspection sofa for about two or of N Foundry, Macmne ana H Pro.essor them making a noise on the Best and most Popular Place eredeted In Its combination. See cf Pnyjic, am day'previoBS to the sale. Seats will be arranged for the whether it arises from teething or any other cause. that they Valuable Work on the Practice Amusement in the City. Open every Lvenmg. three minutes; I mentioned to the girl she would health can be tstlmated by dollars as ladles, who are paiticularly invited to attend. If life and ostof the Standard Works of Medicine. were making a noise; the girl ran away; S. O. HENRY A CO.. Auctioneers. apiy dtd MuBlfat . iio.htprl a it was not lan- - JAMES R. WHEELER it . wnrth lia weight In srold. PROF. JOHN HOLMES Rector . EIMON. on wha AUCTION. ClrunhTnroVm.tlon. apply Jefferson, oron iruaze suitable for her to hear; heard them after JOUSNY BOYD of bottles are sold every year In the Cniu Millions 8t8e One hundred dollars will be paid to any physician .;r.tas- - I thpn went to Elfveathnreet, between Market and and States. It Is an old and well-trie- d remedy. ever injured a Patient; and " A Lare Sale of Geld and Silver Watches can prove that the Medicine can te produced t prove tor aDOUl two or mira DECIDED BY D SAWING OF THZ ADMISSION ONLY 10 CENTS. work CENTS A BOTTLE. tne premises. testimony of thousands Jewelry, at bed; I knew that they warn't at no good PRICIONLY TWENTY-FIYto thir-.7Harrlnpton, the Queen of Song, and Johnny LOTTERY, Jhat it doe. ireat Rood. Cases from one week mass ? there CONSOLIDATED of CURTIS A GRAND laughter; I knew that they were there, andvisited Mis Clara unrWalied Jig Dancer. None genuine unless the ... .t.n.lin have been effected. The the Pro-tf NATHAN WHITE'S AUCTION-ROO- Market, among us all; they have wrapper. x- fconttinTgSr It room' kitchen and was conversatien i PERKINS, New Tork, Is on the outside No 62 Fourth street, between Ma!n and VOLUNTARY TESTIMONY in possession cf . r. ... w nr three times. . The Celebrated Marshall Children, : w. imEYENISti, April 19th, at tte ijongressiimm mUI3 (Tuesday)every evening, to close up T .clock, prietor, vouching its virtues and curative power, WILSOS A 8TARBIRD, Agents, LoulsvlUe. and 5 servants' rooms, mkej1''A!" WHH) to bb draws in wilmington, del., on and two or three times at the burying ground at X and continue mense, embracing names well known to fi.. . reformers i tht VTovhl of their Age! Tinted on'the west side of First street, world. - -- BO k. rtmirirtiitathronehoutthe PVJl'-VJ would be made between . tsq. Fast, and will appear STOCK, consWtlng in part of Gold and Silver Hunting Harris, Georgetown; these visits .m ti. April 23, SCIENCE AND FAME. and present occupied by A. Watchei; some ielTdAwly Duets, Keels Jigs Patent Levers; Gold and Silver Open Dial Rings and f Jv' ! one and three o'clock; he would meet us J For tems. - pj J t. n ghtly in the r favorite Dances. Chains; Personally ?P Vest, Fob, !?; on Chestnut street where in the street; tney woum wuil uu- -i TTn connection with the New Company,Inconsisting of Gold Guard,Bets, reari an! Sch itlaiu CCU3',-- " RENTS CO., City of rnuaueipma, a. say, that h:s preparation conreu, humu ' FRANCE, H ROAD he' choice Pins; Lava between Seve th and Eighth. TIIOROrCIIBRED STALLIONS. the pleasing vocalist Jtf grounds out of my sight, and be away an hour or being duly sworn, does Sets, Florentine Sets, Ac; Pencils, Pens, Keys Gold Stone back KsandDuets. ar of , FORSALE-'lbtltrt- m. an hour and a half; then they wou d come tains no Narcotic, Mercury or Injurious Dru?. but .by American Eclipse, dam Hortensia, by Charms. Ponmonaies, Ac. A general assortment anu eiu u DRAWN BALLOTS. purely Tegetab and drive away; sometimes he would ride host FAiUiys, as sue nowvery 76 SUMBERS-- 12 fine Goods usually kept in a gal;! ,ule MMUfmctttrer. IT0.00O T.b.rlnUt,e; Mr John Jewelry Store. aUo, Diamonlarge Wholesale most costw of the Imported Le- be sold t Goods PorUand, will Is. 1 prize of t'D.OOO V.agcer, dam Flight, by his horse; another time i arove uci .... 2,000 Sworn and subscribed before me, this 23d day of No- Kpv rode with i o timo i w,uw n ,. ly character. 1 prize or ... 15,tkH) vember.lsM. the ceiebratea irisuvuiucu.-wJ- TlBAYaDICK, by imported Glencoe, dam Tranlyanna, on deck, 29,V feet beam, and lucre as 4SVenis Stt'feef in"en lo,600 1 Goods warranted as represented at the time 1 prize of 8 Sickles in the carnage 10 me touSicMivmr -- u.; evening s periormi.i.c .v- . . 20,000 Urs. The Has two engines, 26 Inches cylinders, his horse, 3 prizes of 10,000 are Imported Tranby. laughable afterpiece. . . 82,000 lllN,1MI, Urstroke- - five bouers. W feet Ung and 8 Inches In- inr ground; another time he rode out on P Chanleand call and exam-ineth- e byW1U make tne preseui one fI3rLadies and gentlemen will pleaie 5,000 are evening. Come : Rottle,Slx for 35, 4 prizes of Sickles railing, helped Price 31 per to aojr Addrtw. Delltrered . SO.OuO the Keur. 'is weU suited for a tow boat or ashort pack- tied of horse to theand walked down Mrs. burying come all? of Programme ev.ry every evening at 8 5,000 are C prizes of goods. The above stock, being the finest of the Bardstown, Ky. Particulars in small bilU, which will the Performance commences 24,000 .. a city 4,r.00 are out the carriage, 6 frizes of et trade. roods manufactured, and Imported expressly for be sent by man to any one ueS1r.uB v. . G. MLKPUX. o'clock, precisely. 10,0o0 Accompanied by reliable and responsible Certi3cats are .. 2,500 are 4 prizes of For farther Information apply to ground; tbey stayed an hour a M. Mcrpht. retail trade, U sold as the result of a failure. Ladies Ktr or ready ... lto,0l0 from Profe.or, of Medical College,, Clergym. ai.J X. M. CHEEt 1,000 are ml3d2mAwS-1- 3 Invited to attend the sales. The goods are now 19o prizes of . TO lilStriCl Aiturucj . . . ;VJ,6x) COO are THOS. . SULELOCK.ClnclguaU. Ohio. ALL FESTAUBAXT for examination. I woul t likewUe solicit the attention 06 prizes of U. T. HELMBOLD, met her; there might be some days he out Key 83,000 0,hprepareJandsoldby . fx0 are drove out nearCo prizes of SALOON. LEA &PERRINS CELEBRATED of thfl Jewelers of the city. Practical and Analmcil themut, AN1 26,400 SALE Oillot EXCIIANOfc. feet did not meet us, but very few; we house daily, but '.'(M) are SAUCE, 132 prizes of on Broadway, 2i0 vTlCaELE building Sale positive. Terras casi WORCESTERSHIRE 13,200 ly every day and be visited the ".. 153,400 No. 52 South lOtH St., below CheMQUt, Fifth Street, between Market and Jefferson, K. WITITE, Auctioneer. loO are 132 prizes of ap!9 d2 . an average depth of 220 feet to a twenty A nresent. W.tness re- w . BY rB4ti Assembly Uulldlus, PlUla. PRONOUNCED I.nfiaVILLE. KENTUCKY. 40 are Galley bv be exchanged tor Improved city proper y, '.J 3.900 urize3 of e . &14.S00 CREEN. Informing their '20 are forty mUes peated his evidence about the occasion when he be hd of all Druggists ar d Deaicrs iht within Ot a Letter from a 20,T4d pr.zes of undersigned take pleasure in or i farmed heNashv.lie Railroad payment, V. United States, Cana las and Brtush Pr.v.i.ce. saw Kev at the house at'one o'clock at night. RKAL ESTATE AUCTIONEER. Connolaaeurs) Wends and the public generally that they have,2')2,0o0 Medical Genthman, cf the calh, or will be soldin In lour A I rettv Beer Saloon as JA CI A nriTPl. nVmtiUTll'lis? tO of one, two, What kind of a sofa is in the study? Marble Hall Restaurant and Residence, five and balance equal payments BEWARE OF COUNTKRFEITS. ,. Eights f i .irriP(T i red: it looks nretty Xve the liquors will always be of the best quality, Public Sale of a splendid Country ind three verri. 1 he completion of the N aslmlle Bail-roa- d . At Madras, Tickets 20 ; Halves 10 ; Quarters 5 ; TO BB TBI Take na Other. to lr.Br tue tne city, Tr . IT18 A5k for Uelmbolds. i be supplied with the choicest ouidKev vis.t while 'their 'Larder will delicacies, which shall be served miles from the owner,onwho Is removing to i of must bring this property up largely in value Brother To lila 15S of at all seasonable 2& Halves present purehasers. Apply CURES GUARANTEED. ,V',M-tf- a Mrs S. on the occasions ot Sickles' absence my came andunexceptionable style. They solicit patronage BY order will sell on the premises, at 5 o clock P. M ., ONLY M,ILTAIS 4 S0N, At Worcester. T9 . I an 20 Quarters. u " her m7 deodlweowly No.3S2 Main street. .saw niehf A. Ue always visited away;atI night to ex- upn as their euoits to please maj f deserve. WKDNBDAY. April 20th such Mar. ISM. mtX dtf cannot . -knowledge when Sickles was . i Sauce, vvgfz uence, wuu i Good House and Lot corner ci 'Tell LEA A PER or prowas away a night II SALK connection with their establishment, the PL VCE. The house is a uricx, coiimiuiuB The Lot fronts on actly say whether Sickles KINS that their Sicca Tenth and Magne streets. on Tenth street 2o0 not prietors are lessees of Concert Hall, which is admirably all necessary one acre of vineyard, pro-du- c w. this year, tniuK i arme mm v , Is highly esteemed in .. appli- street 13 2 feet, And applicaUt to M.ene alley, the improvement, ve-- r lrmiutr, Balls, ParUe. , ?e. U can be liadn a Urge and beautiful crop of grapes every year, n" adapted for India, and is, In my chasers. hii.i smiuiiui ,n to go to l'hiladeipnia, dji i cauuui. anffrrin from the etfecMof YOUTH feet to a 8'J feet the most choice Pcli"' Address, b0ADBF.NT3 A CO., also, a large quantity of canon, ai " opinion , the most palPuu or the del and servants' room; an in low puce he was away an evening or not. 1 biladt-l-phia- ; kitchen, whether vmicj pies, plums, ac;I;aiso, FUL EXCESS, SELF-ABIS- L, Louisville, Kentucky, de7. 'T.TIi.n EVERY VARIETY vt, atable as well as the r he above property wi'ibe sold at a .r i Via marVet. .This Drouerty : It was my impression he was going to he bada .!.... new Race Course which .has .Deenreceiw, in icu uiiuuic, ii i. ' arising from SEXUAL DISEASE, caa te .i. most wholesome Schemes for each get into the cars; aU the I did not see him p ji art cash and Q gaucathat Is made.' month -- Circulars contain asy person sending us their SURELY AND PERM AN ENTLV REwill be forwarded to carpet bag; cannot exactly say when Mi -- - Sickles f.alvanizer. Fire Uiltlcr and IMatcr, Market street, below Sixth. -- -j m22dlm , . " -address. STORED TO PERFECT EXTENSIVE FRAUDS. was away, nut i ku'jw u ' uesirsme rmucum u ... ...-- as tne property . m right New To rk offices STRENGTH, AND VIGOK, by ui- - the not lose the present chance, FOU SALE A valuaoie WAim mi TiilltD STREET. night last year, or this year, I weuld not be when T.ckets ia the above scheme for sale at the n.utrv m.flnr BroadTheonl, Mel.w.rded by the J ury of th. and JeCerson, Louisville, Ky. before Key would be there; ? iiiu..m, Market vemi-r- s back to the house oi " ..Ttendedl.containing 101 acres. This! Train, aud return on the down Walt-T.rthe Accomniodetion ?oAtTw5Rc"birKSYliRE SALCE. The cf the licensed k'v wnq there: I recollect "-- j ever nitkies SERVICES, Forks and Spoons, Castors, and at the APP'T10, Una will be sold at a A CPELU. Eeal Kstate Agents. ball party, Beta, and a ar icles of d MAIN STUtfcl. Basket,, the ui"ht of Senator Gwin's morning.a fancy and HtNMXG made kuo n at sale, which will he liberal MANAGERS' OFFICE, names oi Terms a RE the water. aeries, purchasers are requested to see that the Mopptr N. is. Fine spring of nover-fail'inlast year; about two iu l.n.wa nml rot Key the 8 Iver and Plateau are renew tu uu .r..- Label, tv.!. .. .l.,ahl Meditiae U prepared mldlm Jefferson St.. between Fourth and Filth aorlllltdAtv2 into Lea A PsRRinsare upon the Wrapper, style and. at the low. ratea. vu cti 7 m7ill i a I.K A n eai nesiaeuce OF AN EMINENT PARISIAN By order of the ownei , fi u. to tll.j d- CEIPT Also, Watcnes, laucj all4llc. carriage together; I drove him and her tfaSSSkauw will usca m tufw ' el in the best manner. -o Ing, either by manuraciunugu. fiHNEVER.FAILIN SUCCESS. It w..l correspondents In Tarloui LOT & proix-rij- r ; auu ' wuue; Key trot oui T, or j deu. inis 6. 12, and have Instructed their TAN YARD, HOUSE AND pSrts of the world to advise them of any tofrlngemenU. li monthi. Po.session given j w&s iM tQ Jrive dowa thoroughly remove all remainder In Dealer In K . T. Yard. ctrept4 Sole Wholesale Agents for the United States. BONXETS..UIBBOSS, FL0WEUS, NERVOUS DEBILITY, DUNCAN & SONS, in the JOHNRroadway, New prlc. HARRIS' GALLERY. It was always Mm. Sickles' orders t?iveu 6Sdham ecourn.y, Ky., and In sight of the L. A F. Eiiiabethtown, Ky. 405 HEAD-DRESSES, ETC, presence of Key; that was the only time I drove SEMINAL EMISSIONS, always In store. Also, orders receivea .or A stock WBS 41. ot nltrl.t. Mr SlCklei .L- r aula deodisly "ITORSALE-- A cne Brick Dwelling House shipment from EnSland. S'ouseraUeceVurUousesIce street, be No. 18 Foiirtl.Street,opp. Mozart Hall, and Lot on the north elde of Jefferson at that time Lome in bed; cannot exactly give op.andLotcontainin.sevena .. The house eon- r, LOUISVILLE, KY. id anrSd2m the date of that party; the orders to unve in IMPEDIMENTS TO MARRIAGE, and kitchen, with two large tall. the back street3 were always giren by Mrs. mck-les- ; ane ... ., BAKER'S CABS! a r.ll l In ahrubberr.fron to a star And will restore the SaJcrer and the Impotent Key was ahvavs in the carriage at the time; l paIr,anain a go.u ...ue ronV of lot 1. H H. BUTTON. fr" CSVln THAN EVER! It w 11 .... MKKM RI FARMS FOR SALE. u. uam uupp.j t..r i,b natrnna? extended !!..,. running bal-- 139 feet. The house is In complete repair drove past this City nan one uay of PERFECT MANLY VIGOR. and she pr aim,, r E Invite the public to our "tabUshment Mrs. S. were in the carriage; be came in ineir menus thoroughly eradicate the effect of either PRAIRIE HOME. thous-J to tnem; ny orni lem xna uu mo ' --" --' aiain n.Li II' on... .aireck, respectfu ly SjK Chrises, which .c .appiyio waitea omsiae vm ue v ' O.K. ami ',,7 The above Fsrm, containing one J per DISEASE, MERCl'HV Walton A Barret, Fourth street. This wad last year, forty of which to Georgetown. acres six hundred im we'JiU sel at"reduced prices. Ve have laid in a between Kaln and niaraci. every day iu the streets, where they are pr epared to rece g and In the highest stateand cultivation i--Jj. from which so many thousands sre continually sulerlrj son of .9T At him almost .m.i,i ninths for tops and in are i -veL and Jcannot fix any day I drove her one. express, of a Ure and fumisii Clear miuiij rtl.; u. to suit all tastes, and at enciosed wltn a nrsi ric plantation, - U for srtle. This without knowing a remedy. VsroiT which E are In receipt this morning, hy withaca.i. bim there ai in. needed on a first claw Marshal, the county seat of to Key's house in C. street I left did not go in, om,uaa"" prices to One bDttla will last one Hue of very desirable wress uuuu". IirKVlII.J. KT. g. n(i .f VOu do The cost of cure Is atae one mile south of farm is Barege Robes, Double Jupe; we came from the cemetery, but of the finest prairie not' wishTo"uy. come and look at them that you SaUne county, and in the midst month, and is suitable for either .ex. Sent to all rarta uo, understands the Grocery she left her card there for Mrs. Pendleton. " Organdy man who do; lands in Missouri. may i peaa oi do, WlVTED-- A attend to the business of a Wholesale Lawn of the United States by express. . BcfonnrM reauired. joAd. . fa. . . . P WHITE FARM. Bayadere Bareges, solid colors; ' ap20 aTTot of tin Overland Mail. $1 PER BOTTLE. aud Ketatl urocerjr WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DbALtit improved Farm. PUICE feb22deod3ra Tamortine Traveling Ooods; Ire&s H. S., Louisville Postomce. of the is one among the most e'.eKantly This AiJress. St. Louis, 1 April A 19. I The overland mail lmDOlt- Lace Points and Lace Mantles; "v, The buildings are cosuy, ia'j AND t SEAT WAMt."- .- o Kinrra nnthino Of COUNTRY within four or five miles ThYs tract contains one thousand and thirteen " ' stve Parasols, new styles; 5tn uas armeu. crpnprallv'was unchanged. situated .mia 1.1 D. II. ANDERTOV, of high eultl-taUMohairs and Jaconets. ance The mirtpt -six hundred of which are in a state abundance of U.a LoulsTille and Frankfort. Bail. --j DURK.EE, HEATUA CO., 10T Fouith St., oi.:o c Vrmt.h Vinfcerv. eDtune s 100 Fourth street, r,t th rttv. Address box Sti, is also on the place an ntreet 831 Broadway, N.Y. -100 Fourtli between Market and Jefferson. springs it woXcoal. and never-fallinapl2 dAw from New ork, Eliza, and urice and terms. aplSdtf OF ALL KINDS, Favorite, Alle-heni- an and diLOUISVILLE, KT. farm (Prairie S. B. A Circular containing f all particulars mile due veil of the above described and bark Kemangler from and Ella from lioston, at a Glass, free to any Home)- - I will sell either or both of these Farms Insu- ANXEDA good PLUMBER and MR3. J. A. BEATTIE respecuunjr with LiCh pressure steam-heatlrections will be sent with each bottle, and of "Jh I? I is well acquainted riHE OCGce . Zp n mniitnn o. i.m am ntAf C U A n Z C and if desired, on one, two, and three yeais T.adles.that shehnowlnreceipt the Store " tfme? I will also sell to the purchaser work stock and address, on application. Sailed Ships Zephyr ana lnireiuu iUl aparus. work several rnonth, in th. --.A ranee Company" has Main street between Fourth PArtK nAlNUIMUO 6C VVIIMUUVf Onnutw, II U""V If A Co., on cr farms, of her Spring stock . of M?. York, Chatworth fur lioston. TrTi CIIllTAIN BANDS, bv u. u. Tim rarminguicus sufficient to carry on the farm ,fl?r.y t0 Foundry. mnvirK'a ,ryV Intending to re-- LOCAL .. Market strea The liulkhead hill was virtually PARIS MlLUfliiwAj FRAMES, J. I. PK TON, Secretary such a location, would Vis State and desiring , . a. berlake ENGRAVINGS & PICTURE mil deodAw6m WANTKD-- 25 young men are want Lesrislature. . Comprising an elegant and complete "sor;m10n.ei . mi d3m give me a calUo, ad; trade, The State finances were flourishing, with up,. 67 Third street, between Main and Market, -- 51 ilSm richest articles appertaining to th. I LY0.VS .UAG.ETIC POWDERS, Treasury. NOTICE. the LOUISVILLE, KY. nBTheT"at Po;uU;rtyVf' our books, and their wards of fSf'O.OOu in California and British Colum the Novelties of the season. Commercial Bass: or Kentucky, MiniDgnews from wm In person, and for Zrmnlett T adaptaUon to the pubUc wants, presents la. Carriages and ffi13SS& 2f m25 dlyis These goods were selected by me oisi, . . Paddoah, .. . . ti Biarcn -- t O.I. R.U and can no where be SmenU to ierpridng canvassers,Incf business, tab. bia 18 iavorauie.admission of Oregon reached . Port-. -.1 beauty of fabria and elegance of style, ui uia the subscript tarriasi:. nHIIJKlJ S seats ifront -- v. News of the & SONS, addrew, rarely wet with InTHOMAS triages, with excelled. The Importance of a reliable article of th.s kind is kSstaeti To acureacho!ceof territory, early appd-S- n land on the 15th ult. There was no demonstra JJrolm of the principal Bank, being the Main and (Successors to Jno. Metcalfe A Bro.,) In warm weather all naiure teems with these estimable, An examination is respectfully Invited. should be made at our office, corner of disby tion. annoying foes. This powder is the or!y article ever (orerth. .tore ofA.D. Mansfield) Dress Hats made promptly to order. Passengers report the massacre of a family of 1,kbJi3deri wiU please attend to this In person or by Xo. 0:55 V.ri ttreet, leliceen Seventh ami EiyMh wUh enamel top cover to J. covered which will exterminate tjera. A fce fce.ter ot i Mle JAg h DALLAM, Cashier. A. BE ATT IE. --vm . S"""1- MRS. LouUville, Ky. roTT. nine persons by Caido Indians in the vicinity mentin the city, ani , LOUISVILLE, KY., u b ers botanists, from the Horticultural Societyadof Pars, lht-ln- e . . insects ptidtdAw3 oiner, Camp, Texas. Cooper made than anj ch.-amldit the ferns of Asia, observed that dropped dead. upon a certain kind of plantvery soon --.rlrea. lower to eome ana campa Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Workers, MASONIC NOTICE. JUST RECEIVED! elsewhere, a. we are .eu.nS vwulE From Washington. ThU fact was male use of to paard their sight " criT 4IVVUM Vfl 9.riR. of F. A. M A- v.mcriiaY. Quantities of the plant were 77: soin. LWLilClUU i nnc.J w.8d Tuesdays in each CV'SLi "oo ...m the best uality otVgf.fjSl than we ever from these intruders. AND DEALERS IN street. April 19. The State Department Washington, Depot 63 Fourth lirrisri PONS, meet on the 1st and by Mr. E. Lyon, and found a mo I brought home Italian, French and itrman d now- is in receipt of voluminous dispatches from ComIt ia m0nth, at their Hall comer of Marka STOVES AND HOLLOW WARE. violins: missioner Bowlin concerning Paraguay affairs. . I rirsisvrceva. ', NO. 54 THIRD STREET, ml "1J - I T00TISG, Gutting and Spoutlnr, ana an -- and French have en Secretary. " of Indians yester-jMedal and Letters Patent The Winnebago delegation Johs B. Daviks, 86 cases of superior American ...SAM1L StuwiAu ,,pTT T. ttiirk nf the new- imnrpssiva ceremonies their -.- wh w...: from the Governments of England, France. GUITARS'. ar.d numer- JUST RECEIVED. Bteamooai anu visuiiery and Rusia. from the World's Fair, societies. prophet and orator, the most prominent man in d SAX II0RNS'. . hrtir.ultaral eoUees. and .ultatiie iio. wn e- -- friend s. P the tribe. rw.m solicit a ahare of public patron States. Ami we tespectfully ROTARY VALVE CORSETS! TT. ts T...1;- Photograph Am1)rotype Gallery, ior am innicaiions me uc Letters from the President of the TJmtei 1S9. age. W3Hl3TO!f, J S3. SI, FLCTIXAS! MERCHANT TAILOHS IlSCUTIVI w 119 Main street.two doors aoove um. from Nicaragua is not of such a character ai will make up In the latest siyies aw i. m!9 dif ucv. the plea-a- re for sale. Sir: I have -- Ma. E.AScat. LT(-D- ear No. 43D Main street, soutu siue, tr.rORDEONS! tiMU- - Chappel'sBeportof Fashions alter the alleged policy of the administration . iron, i- -c -- i World s A TT. :.i-f-,th..maUe- st yon that the Royal CommlsMon of the Certi3-cat- e Miniature sue, U received one of the Sfinest and best concerning that Republic. Much interest is man-:.yon a Medal and EURO, 1IUETTE Sc CO.'S TREMBLING POLKAS WITH REGISTERS'. 5ininmt;. nnartpra in recrard to the HAVKjust of Spring an. pToducTn the" most permanont and beautiful y Fair, at London, have awarded Migneuc powders, for -' " CLARIONETS'. SOAP -- a the great value of your ERAS1VE for P.CRMnM HHFMIHAI DRUMS, FIFES, FLUTES, anhiprt i. .i.i.j iu.iui.". .Tore- will return brought to this maraew v.v. llUeIk 19 BUllC'i ii,.ir.n exterminating , -i;assiuictta, AND to J and axe .i -Proam mfdlum to the finest icaragua on tne iiu oi if BANJOS, TAMB0RINES, FLAGEOLETS, TTTE arc now manufacturing the above Soap, quantity .WJa, O"-.- -. - The above waa accompaniedILLMOar, Chairman." - s. trade with any prepared to furnish the by a certiicate of Prince STRINGS'. 8T Marseilles esunps oi m. Coating for baits, desired. we claim ioruwie joiiu-'- "6 ' TJmer and "Weather. 72 INSTRUMENTS'. &- of the season. A Urge assortment colors or soft wa Of uTerior quality, for all AUCTkIT IS FREE FR0?I POISON. 1. It may be used equally weU with hard SHLCKLER, Merchant Tailor, No. 72 Yourth PiTTSBuacn, April 19, M. River eight feet four of the very best quality, styles, and F. 1 call the attention of Dealers to the ,,- ter. , rsf-Alan a fine assortment, vi Weather cloudy nt other Niw Yoax, Oct. I, lSiS-.- . .".B. . .treet,U now receiving w. wVare determined to stll, wholesale or retad. inched by pier mark-fall- ing. ! CHAIRS. Ac. they 2. It requires out nau tne quauj . .ai.- - T. V.-- a analvaed and tested description, cheap. To all of which come BnOADCLOTHS,CAMi.uu Retail. SoaD to accomplish the same object. friends and customers to tachVrict. M wiUb.sure to please. Give . a tall and mud. pertecUy harmrubbing, thus vour Magnetic Powders, "and find them but certain death v continues invite their Biind..Bed. INKS. AC. 8. Clothes need no boiUng and but little . St. Lons, ;April 19, M. The riverany of the for themselves, as we are sausueu color, and price. awisee for yourselves. treet less to mankind and dome.tlc animals, his ifae avoiding their wear upon a washboard. .....j- i..i.m"-: rttiea emeclally for th CHAIRS,, being suited In quality, style, slowly. Nothing new from to recede mn;.r when Inhaled by bugs, anta, and ,insects. than one half the time and labor to which ne seiecicbetween Market and ittteno, 4 It . apr9 d2w nnner streams. Weather clear and pleasant. require, with the best Louisville, Ky. J1ME3 R- - CHILTON, M. D Chemi.t. do the walhlng of a family that it -- 1.. r ap!3 Y eamer LAURANCS RE1D, Prof. Chemist cieur ,u atcheaper rate, Third,--LouisvUle.Ky. ClKCIXNATI, soap; It tenus 10 sei vuc April 19, At. family wea? and he will manufacture to order the New or ROSENBAUGH, Caahpaia ror JOBS L. Rona, Superintendent of dljU offered. Th. .atuntton o th. mild. River fell two feet and a half yesterday. 1 ahanged for did. r.... for cleanlnr Paints, and remo ttan have heretofore been public Is respectfully , V. Vv. Doctrcss and Midwifery, ving Tar. Grease, and Printers' Ink. any use a thru TO MERCHANTS AND CAPITALISTS. AND wheo SVecognised a. on, of the best, 6 One pound vill go a far for tv,. Fifth atreet Property, beSoap, or Uco pounds oj best pound of Common Roin aeeu tne oesv vui.t. REM MASON j-tween aiam anu jiaracv, . p,t,-- . A?tor. At. Nicholas, and Metropolitan her -- ni u an In .. .cn t -- iii .ii 4 ..nrrhaaera anv number . and the to!S , L rT0ULD most t respectfully Inform has friends and xuTii.iw i 77 Institute; locate! On .,;.,.ni. that ah Would respectfully inform his friends E . CLrJ' IT Jii'ss:-rr.'j:Kentucty Champion Coffee Pot! ;ihV and car street. No. 70 Fourth street. W. :: ha. tax . of fee't, and I am wilUngto sell at tbtprttent valuation, Scott, The GooBee"Gen.Wineld v ., n.Cyru. etc. ,ublio generally, that h. apr!4 dtf James I pnir,t. . .,K .tc. ilthoutregaratotuejTcci.te. op rtalra. (htr nam. U tlVall 7) whe shl 1. ready to practice but pitKNTED FEB, ! 1859. Mr. J, '"th ""en fcm eentlemen's ,, to ALL PERSONS h and blood are heir Call at my office on rifth street, " Meigs JLL where ;he Is prepared n f Vatd work- - 1 C. B. COTTU. FILES! Pete? Smith, Floir Dealer, Louisville, Ky., Main .treet, MERCHANT & PATTERSON, 1. mW dtf Tae ciuo nav. -- oTiioRACOOD ARTICLK OF wuicn re own Material in in uonal nnporwuc- -.destroyfirceri' gTassnopper iweu niwvv.. - dn 'cliacfc F'dee n nana, Files, near jrl,sl0'yB the manufacturers,New Albany, Ia. locusts, " PATESTESS. Blindness, ueaines, 4irau nerV,rr?f hiVnglve eaure satisfac I tnoroughly. It willall vermin. Garden plants can be BnUke have HUEXTK A CO., Hand-fiaof Ufiatier. 5m and Palsy; and wtU warrant cures in all casesand W aiealso manufacturing a superior article of Star WK superior moths, bugs, and Vtfort going trade.he uonee ro now u made pure." j of mHIS Is the best more couvemeu-Cancers, Scrofula, Tetter, Erysipelas, Bunyona -- reserved, and houses tion. Call ana Eaw Files, Flat, hall and ffef them 7 --uu. X. quicker ana Arrangement, ara now made, throus! Messrs. B.ajcs Calw. German, atOlelne.PalmfactoryBostn Soap, all Corns, when tne piuim where. . ti- - done and at the shortprices, Intended for wood, b7MV"nJ0A,rther business) at the lowest . -, mode. it. which we wiUMii York, to have it sold throe ghout th eaa known Cleaning P"" tW(l,nliA Paix. of New m TTK A co.A'ew Albany, Ia. (withth. "tthS April. htn Be the city, will Fmlld-PRATI1ER & SMITH, 1st. Conee can do bum uu world. Many worthless imitation, are advertised. eat noUce. Madama B. being the first Astrologist of be seen and had at Mr. PETES All our products can Louisville, Ky. , l?nt". also guarantee to giveiruo .uu .vi- - 1... ,(T.e. because the steam m2S dlml. wheth-- u T ICLNii .HEN e,uUou,! Nov. 8, before; N.w To.a, avlFARN EST WORD -TTHfl.Maln street, all the events of life; of what changes are NO. 4SS MAIN u condensed and returned to the will marry; will tell of absent friends, and trace In retiring from business, I hav sold ad my Insect rTHIS old established House have constantly on hand lost DroWty; Ac, Ac. 6he has a secret connected wltn Per8d. It is cseap ana simpi. m iw Powder, and Pills, Letter. Par.nv .and . they rui Ce adl tor TREES AND FLOWERS. KANIBER, a large and varlea atoca oi vue C'U "dSofll taining thereto, to Men. -D.MCAUSTER'S. Jefferson street EDWARD WILau.x, iiorist, na. ior LouisviUe, Ky. which they would caU the attention of rath and prompt discovery iu- -- j "j ., to sell their polnU m Tnlrd d Tourtiu near the city, a good u, any other per. paying customers, pledging themselves th N IDri session tne ceieoraveu vv ninTSsn. fcr.n.1,1 from sale at his Garden, m30 dtf Ih'Siterior of Asia, audi, ... . t i .H..l,..ul In .. .partners, gOOdi as low aagorimeu. u . their CHEAT sell the or PhUadelphla mey can vc jiuini..c onT The 'nuine and effective article n In put up in tin , r,.,.re(j them again to Africa wherein persons can seeLnannv future that she iTTTnament, consisting of MapeU, Female Allan vhas mal this life. markeU. . . to sav t. a' d will continue to bear my ame. t i,r canisters, Having euiea ibou.j". -- y Cypress, Weeping Willows. x In LotfOplarS, Catalpa.Decldious anr II. ,d- - Rhrnha. 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Voice; by i7S2i Piano " Being ' STYLr--S war for sale unusually KjJSc which ha offers Jewelry promptly low. Home Memories; or, Echoes of a Mother's NOTICE. nreaent on. f the largest aad Watches' and aU kinds of . .v n..!r f I.nnlivllle are here-- lira, casey crova. . . fiRIaW0i n. corner of Fifth and Market streets, We guarantee our - pr0 .MANLTACTUHEKOF fioutheast MftTn long experience, u r.nalred. be heid on Monday, i LOCISYILLF KY. ior our initrument. .parea, w In this city, everv- - enre, will and WILIj NOW FIND ,r.u- . at their Banklnrheus. Baa now on Land one of the best assort pi.nn 1' Utest and most I VARIETY GOODS. of k of fine goods, as we take T' 1 merits of Ladies', Gentlemen's and Children's between the hours of 10 o'clock A. m. ImnroTement new and desirable in the STK AW ana of l-call and examine " "X all nrdra with which we are fa- - I i .fm fc t 1 BooU and Ehoes, oi his own manufacture, ever 1 tne eiMUon of nine Directors vo c'T1LDAN, casnier. 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If - rfc eqS8 dim annual meeting of the Stockholder. nert atlU of M,w, " vard. J acone n.eruon. Oft anA arte? I v aala Lo the trade. A. T S. Our lfdtf -- Ti THE be held o. Monday, the d of May If woi could """!?"r-n.T.rnIur- t. P. nil. .t and new at ' y do 5110 iIS.-x- ; RAUCHICS3, CIlll-Ai-ll-lM- 'S Seven ll"ct frn when an election for jam CHA8. F. o'clock, a. AND li dljU pllableT cheap and Just received by ffiUi-SniixcBaiitmoroiu. 99 Fourth itrteV. LADIES'. assortment U large and .elect, to the part of the Btockholder. to aerve e en.ulng year, -i fe- -t a. to-- lu wui ta.e piece. wach th. attention cf the ladlea. tr. TO THE AFFLICTED! . ien" Goods! Spring- (jt ,g"est Zll .. Tat rim.,!.!. SPRING GOODS! ,1 Vrhlt A. DINKELSPIEL, MAS OPTIOTEMPjjE- hi: fneh7K FAREWELL !'," LARGE CARPET llu SALE. a. MATTHER'S FirstLarge bale ior iooy .i, Dit rnf TEMPLE. MASONIC ce. s.Atuts, Buckley's Serenaders ar'MVEaHALL rr. BURLESQUE Opera Troupe, Shelby College Lottery. JULIA H O H. jp Three Wight s More. 1; SCHEME MAGNIFICENT .It Grand Capital Prize, $70,000! IL TROVATORE. curi rv noi APOTJiO HALL, ' LOTTERY rr$io oj Esstra Class 75. l. a.. cTAifed coluVwSh LEGE niuni H riJB Vf'yiJtt u. ht " .... i'cj r CIjASO i.i .i lJli 159. Saturday, " err; fAU SaKBLE If BEER nv r. r. T "n,; rm, irauiwui"."v. 'Sti so E. UICHTER, j sv&'!st HEALTH, Elixir n;n J It ' M Robes. Roloes. ICEt ICE! ice: "Tind i, AV. y..lon. i... or iSK , j xif MILLINERY. GLASotb Window aud Picture en5?f3.Mr - ,:..;. :r :ud AGENTS WANTED. .o. rUo AtoTr bigs fhildren's MEEK Jt'lS ""PVSew '7atf .... j.. . 5rcJ J. Hin C. CA3xTBHjL MERCHANT TAILOR, "''' """ P;' ti n' ,a I WOMAN'S - FKI Merchant Tailoring, u. Children's Buggies. BENNETT. ,,V;VE. -a TtSoe.d fv?o,:r.r" ... ls ......ul'T Wharton WHARTON FOURTH STREET. Jr "JPJ ,,.rNM Sf' CS. i.. nJa "7 TAILORING. ,.,. HATS AND GAPS! f'fJaX '' STREET. .fl t ," 'i' . jrf We WM. M'CREADY, ' nn?18"0 filiMHsH VLn '""';";. 'm. !!ir.rv ,i . . hlK ..Ina- P - CLOTHING HOUSE ,, . VeVTyed. ,' Kfu rj7,li. rir,iV "VrUNO. lg vu iu 69 THIRD STREET. W. W. Talbot, mrii JOHN- A. "WHARTON. fi SP "'"'und" TTTrtS. O. ROBERTS ott n7 . MANDirraiLE'S """ S tetr.n YOUR CLOTHING TWPwroHPimwiiH "e1 irf u. IT " YOTJU. SHIHT0 P"" W te .- ""T. .. - JH Vie. niRtPKH P. BENEDICT, LOOKING .r. cle u.j Ci;f K.7 It. YOUNG MEN. Utabid. frT fentorooB o wtttoW '"'to urIi O "vv,t lH WARE,

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