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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 13, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

y r 1 DEMOCRAT. OUISVIILJLE BAELY LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, VOLUME XII. MONDAY, AUGUST NUMBER 23. 13, 1855. Trig County OtnciAL. Governor More-hea- d, The Censi of New York. A New York 504 ; Clarke, 721. paper says : Lieut. Governor Hardy, !) ; Maoffia, 721 The census of this city disclose foma euriou Organ Manufacturers. Attorney General Harlan. 4 U : Wool' facts respecting the social system of the vast hive 70. - AUGUST IS, 1553. PKINTED AND PUBLISHED BY MONDAY, FOR WASIILXGTOX CITY, Treasurer Winfersmitb, 411 : Garrard 71d. ot people, ho tar as reported, every wara in me rinHE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE COM- HAMPTON'S city has at least double the number of families HUGHES & CO., register ol Lanu-US- .-e Ji- - menced manufacturing Organs of the finest and Mckinley, li" ; Fraicr, From tbe I'venin? Edition. that it has dwelling f..r their accommodation, and ilv. best descriptions, and are prepared to execute all work pertaining to this line of businets. They ara now enOSce on Third street, between Market in some wards the discrepancy is far greater. ' President Board of Internal Improvements fFIY gaged on one of the largest Organs ever built in the East Bide, ctad Jefferson, Horticultural Exhibition. The display of Thus, the first wari has 6a dwellings, and 2,703 Haggard, 431 ; Nesbitt, 710. West, which, when completed, will contain k full stops. Mom direct through Liue for the East. Auditor Page, 4l'J ; Grinstead, 7n'. to contain the work, is 31 feet iu leDgth, 17 feet fruits this morning, at Moz;irt Hall, was not as families; the sixth ward, 1,.'70 dwellings and, The case 21 ca& VINO LEFT THE CITY FOR wide, audThis feet high. Persons can judge of its fine large as usual, owing, doubtless, to the unfavorable .",0y'. families : the eleventh ward, 2,4yS dwelling--- , ' Superintendent PublL- - Imtructi.ja Matthew, TERMS. instrument will have many new and my pacity. short time, I have given up my business to and 11,037 families ; and so on. In eleven wards lo : Green, 70;. 00 1 of those acimprovements, well worthy the Sail? Democrat per year, rayaUe quarterly son, who will be found at my old stand, in Eighth quainted with the construction ofattention Organs. state of the weather. The specimens, however, heard from, there are 2",i22 dwelling, and t Church Congress -- Henry C. Pornett, Xx, iu advance do, Hughes street ,l)ctween Main and Market, who is in possession a All order at home or from a distance tilled with on exhibition were very rich aud choice. The vis171. Or 1 cd Cents rer week, payable to iti Carrier. families." my medicines, as also the full of an ample supply of S 00 promptneis and dispatch. Persons desiring to examDeuioerat, country edition, per year - la'!v knowledge of preparing them, having prepared all that ine our work, and learn our capacity to manufacture Senate David Mathews. n f Dein. 3 ou : F. D. do itors were numerous, though not so large as on Trl ft eekly Democrat I have used for many years. One of our exchanges announces the re- - ' Ward ( Indpt. DeniJH'T. V. Hammond ( Amer.) per 6 months do li8 GREAT WORK OF INTER- - The cures witnessed in the city of Louisviiie attempt give us call at of instruments, would do well to nplIIS improvement (37i nales from "Wheeling to remedies, render it vaiu for huuiau language to by these the finest adescriptionour factory, on Preston street, near previous occasions. cent marriage of Miss Eliza Logan, to a gentlemaa 3j. TERMS OF ADVERTISING. Broadway. Thankful for the favors of the past, they H. nl easy to poor nope to in St. Iuis. We have mislaid the pajver, and do Legislature 00, and 40 to Washington,) was opened to the equalitv.and one which makes plain and P. Graty (Dem.) f yi: a lull snare oi patronage. still merit fl ' one insertion remedies for disease, w hich has One square of 12 JS?"Tbe friends of Governor Henry S. Foote, not remember the name of the happy suitor. CON KEY & CO. jeUdtf 0 JOI Ohio river iu January, lvi3, and has now been fully Buttering human nature the most accomplished, scientiDem. ) 47-- . j Elliott bnwe Do each additional insertion ever been considered bv 4 iu poted and approved, both as a freight and passenger month, without alteration late U. S. Senator, will be pained to hear of the Ciit. VotntrtitJ, V)th. 1h one For additional Shix1 Tax, fic, learned and extensive practitioner ; against, 32S. t - ' route. This road is located iu a romautic, is w and the most through all lime past. Come, see, and do two months, do 1h ithout a remedy S oo ndidiv constructed, fully eiuiped, and carefully do jeJOdom JEsSE HAMPTON . Do three months, do TpOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTU- - death of his wife, which took place at Almeda, Cal., Xj" The following notice was affixed to a shop Hanu e County . M 00 man need, and is thus rendered an attractive an well as believe. square six mouths, w ilhout alteration One hiciai.. tiovernor 1" W ' a safe line for traveler. The late completion on the 10th ult. of the JLW rer, No. 41 south side of Jefferson street, do in Leeds: "This Ouse 2 Lett. Hinquir Necks Morehead U-- "; Clarke "...o. twelve uiontbs, do 1k SWi Central Ohio Road, from Columbus to the Ohio river, second door below Third, Louisville, Ky. mi months " r..i, ..i.i,,;.,. -I cmrv fur twelve months i Doar.' Lieut. Governor Hardy 4li; Ma.--., ffin 3 l. 00 ...... r Ulin-linc- . ..Ms rrrntiv tn the i m tvirta nee of tl.ia All orders for work, mending, ice, Dromptly ua Democrats beat the K da in !3fTho -.ue Attorney eneral'.an 4o.i; Wo.lley :i . rouie, uncnuMnu attended to, and work warranted to fit. One T-aTfix month?, renewable once a sml hth Ghent, Indiana, on Monday last, by a majority of Treaurer WinteMmith 44: iu.rard Z.'A. e twelve months, renewable t. w TICKETS BETWEEN TlpCtlftn THE UNDERSIGNED , JienUlCKy Register Unol OiTW from five to twenty. At the last election the DemJEWELRY. inform his friends, and the pub 4..:; Kraier :Lt.; UjimaiKASD twelVe mouth.. renewable once a ' Pres. Pourd of Internal Improvements H.i" - ir I re10 I" ftJO. 39 THIRD STREET, BELOW ocrats were beaten one hundred and seventy. This through Baltimore. It is he at large, that he has just opened, and is daily Ksti li. Cor NT y Of ne a i.. Governor M ,re- - t 4,, . esbitt of r Each radd:iona1 "aunar for twelve months price. Dis- - without the delay by passingbaggage can le checked to ceiving direct from the manufactories, all sorts of l.3 Main, Louisville, Ky., have on hand, which also the only line Aaar.i..Ai .ivertisin at a proiKirtiouate is the reaction showing itself all over the country. head, ::'.: Clarke fiP. Oold, Silver, and ComposiAuditor Page lo.;: 'irinstead I Washington from the West. At Baluuiore the road French, English, and Swiss and are constantly receiving a large "dC-yl- P J " of Kings, ..lh-hlVLieut. Governor Hardy j41, Magoflin j14. weekly, makes a direct connection rilh the Kailroad to Phila- - tion Watches; a splendid assortmentCuff-pinni stock of Carriages, of our own t ti SuperinteDd't Publi.- - Instrii'-ti..and a flr:icelets. Lockets, Mati.Sem Important Movement. The New London ' .' An - -Attorney General Harlan j VJ: Vm!!ey 'oS. make, together with some ot the beat manutaclures iu iUII BIKI f tor'.; t Ireen Keek IV. Or niOUUIII Un....H.' II-first, anil 60 cent lor , every auleiuciit UCI asseneerstfoitig . East "-from Louisville, may proceed great manj oier ". , L n,innj. , the East and Wtat, consisting of Treasurer Wintersmith j7A; Garrard hOS. for the (Connecticut) Star of August I says: Mt is curCongress Jhn P. i' Side-sea- t 4 by steamboat toCinciunati, and theretakethe Kailroad Buggies: : B?1I'll"nl,.1'r'",'i .riicnUr attention ot Watchmakers, Calashes; S im Register of Land Otlice Mckinley, oli: Frazer Peyton Slul'iing-toe Buggies; Coaches; privilege of vearlv advertiser is strictly con- to connect with this line, or may leave Louisville by the and all dealers in the above named articles, that he has rent that the seat of the whaling interest is about tin.". Kockaways; Trotting Buggies direct. tied to their owu immediate and regular bunners, and Jef!ersnvil!e Kauroad leave Louisville daily for Cincin- on hand the largest assortment of Clocks ever brought Legislature - Pell t ;i: Sfirader '. 17. The Mail Steamers Phaetons; Sulkies, Slc, See. to be transferred from the Atlantic to the 1 'aciG.' sell as low as they of an advertising tinn is not cvuwaered as Pres. Hoard of Internal Iiupr ementeuabled to the business he Haggard For additional T.tx JU. agiin t It will be borne in mind that the Carriages here adnati, w here thev arrive so as to connect withM the cars of to this city, whichauy is iticlud'iig that vt iu individual members. J other rity jj": Nesbitt b0.". . M. (or uki?, r. .,) for Co- can be bought in vertised are new; and for cheapness, durability, and coast. Arrangements are already in progress with the Little Miami Kailroad at t.ratuitou Advertising style, cannot be surpassed. East or Vet. lumbus, connecting there with Central Ohio Kailroad, Auditor -- Page jjj; Grinstead I'.tll. between Sixth and' Seventh, AbtlR Cui NT V thuuil.. - Morehead I I Main Street, i The public are respectfully invited to examine our several houses to transfer their business from New throUk-- New ark and Zanesville to lielleair, on theOhio, Suid. Public Instruction I'nder Louisville Hotel. Matthews j.'.l I reen Harke v2. tnyX-station, miles bebiw W heeling. At Stock before purchasing elsewhere. inoite i.euiord, .iew London, and oilier pieces, to some '"o ap4 this place the connection with the 15. and O. Kailroad is BLKR. HAIUHT fc WHEELER. F..r Lieut. G0vernor - Hardy 127: M i .a.n V. W E L R Y i :. J mule direct, liv express train of this route, the time mrEW STYLES OF LEMON'S, Main St., mires3 Dunlap Jol: Elliott 611. point on the Pacific Coast. San Fran.-is."o- , Peni. i.i, Attorney Central--H.iria12''.: Wooil-- y vjl. HAWKINS- - ' from Cincinnati to Baltimore is les than aa hours, and just received at JAMES I. Legislature -- J. Park t'7o; Ren F. Rice '"': rtuKi c. RE FR KiE R ATORS, j to Washington Treasurer Winfersuiith 421: G:rrr.l vl . hours. les limn J are sold as follows: Bv mail between Second and Third. Oakland, and Monterey are of. Orders have For additional School Tax t'bj; against Z '. i THKOI'till TICKETS PEARCE & CO., I have lutelv received some new and very beautirul B. Register of Land OiVe 41' Fih7 r been given tocai.tuins of vessels now employed in steamers to Cincinnati, from Lomsviile to Washington, stvles of Jewelry, insets and single pieces. As I am ! ul'. to Philadelphia, 1"S and to New receiving tioods every few days, my stock is always to Baltimore ORWARDING A; COM 51 1 lu Rik kc astle Coi nty the whale fisheries in the North PaiS(? to recruit Okpici .. Governor ! ) 60. a beautitul lot or 1 have now on hand Pres. Hoard of Internal ImpniVeuients lli To be bad of P. CKTta, Ticket Aeent, at very complete. ork. noi dtf Merchants, Wheeling, Va. Morehead, 41'".: Clarke 21s. southeast corner of Third and W ater stieets, Louisville. Goods, and desire to call the attention of all who wish 42S: Nesbitt yh. at the ports of California." t rHe sure to ask for ticket by the Baltimore and anything in my line to it. Lieut. Governor Hardy 4m"; Maji.ffin Z 2. W. MACDONALD, BULLITT WILLIAM SP RAD LIN a, Auditor -- Page 4": tirin-tea- d j JA3. I. LEMON. !'l . Ohio Rnilrnad route. luyU 4 Street, Louisville, Ky. Mac Jon aid's Attorney General Harlan 4tM; Yol!ey 21''. Go-shad at EST Rev. George G. a Paptist mini-te- r, TH K( L i 11 TICK ETS Supt. Public Instruction Mtthes 41 Creel j THIRD STREET, LOlTIS- - the Jeliersonville Kailroadmay alo Baltimorethe office of Treasurer and Ohio for the SILVER-PLATE- D Vintersuiith, la; tlarrard 21 2. WARE. GALVANIZED . who was chaplain to the 21reIjinient of Kentucky ulLdif viile.Ky. Kailroad route, bv wav of the JefTersonville, Ohio, and Register of Itnd OH'n e McKinler 40"- - Frazer Congress Talbott IN RECEIPT OF at W l ui Mississippi, ,AM" T- - OOT- - the foil.. wingLittle' Miami, and Central Ohio Kailroad, US JL AM AGAIN styles of plated goods of al- With IRON 21 all the modern improvements acknowledged, as volunteers in the Mexican war, has been adjudged a. . joxnk Senate-- C. rates: From Louisville to Washington, M. Poller .1. W. Rurt .n Hi. some new and elegant 5o; to Pres. Hoard of Internal Improvements Ha 'ard to be a lunatic at Chicago, and had a guardian ap tl" 50; to Philadelphia, 1? 60; to New most every varietv, from the highest and most elaoo-ratel- a Family Refrigerator, to be une.ju.iled, aud to be JONES & ROOT. Legislature N. thither Voo- - I;. v WilU-- j . styles. I have on THE BKST AND CHEAPEST AND TOE ARTICLE, tJ. Nesbitt FORWARDING, & York.illl E ELI NO or Kenwood the rasseneer takes the hand a oniawentetl to the plainest I'.ti. pointed. The reverend gentleman is very fond of At of ware, consisting of large MOST CONVENIENT, COMMISSION, Second street, between Main ujerior cais of the B. and O. Kailroad, which leave Cake Baskets,assortment Castors, elegant Cups Tea sets, Auditor Page luS; Grinstead 2dT. and Oob-letFor additional School Tax PUT; against 271. Waiters, the ladies, and has a whimsical de.-ir-e to touch Sup',. Public Instruction daily at 6 p. M., Dd 11:43 V. M.,f r Baltimore, WashMatthews 401; Green (gilt inside,) Spoons, Forks, Butter Knives, La- For cooling and preserving Meats, Milk, Fruits, Wines, an.l W ater streeus. Louisviiie. Ky. 4tc, having received commendations of the most dis- everything. He tried to marry Mrs.Matteson, and ington, (or Philadelphia) by close connection, arriving dles, Claret Pitchers, Butter Coolers, Saltcellars, ComTue Defeat of thk there iu lo or 1 hours, including stoppages, tor safety, munion Sets, tec, allot the heaviest plate, aud warrant- tinguished scientific men, and on tub Wisr WILLIAM KAYE, 410; Elliott 21?. speed, rtgularity, la.auty of the country, and general ed as represented. annoyed her so much that her brother wrote to him ' Congress-Dun- lap T1IK FIKST PREMirU AT EVERY FAIR Co.vsr or Akrw v.-Senate Gillis to.,- - Barton, 2D I. TngMe t. London Times has re- Those iu want are especially invited to call land exAND BRASS FOUNDER, comfort, ti'is road is second to none in the I'nion. RailWhere it has been exhibited v for sale wholesale and to desist. Towards the closo of his JOHN KITls, PKEltili'fS With the largest eijuipnientof any examination j Legislature Cook. Iv. N. Detn., 37: Hackney, ceiveil thefjl'owin aurheniie retail. street, between First and Second, Louis- road in the United States, the comvany is prepared to amine. particulars of the Main street, between Fourth andjVitth jcH . ville, ky. do an immense business in the transportation of freights, This Rcfrijjerntor is no Experiment, Mr. G.w) persisted in saying, 'I love that woman r.x-i- For anu I'ein., 21:1. attack made by the Priti.-'- a troops on the king, w ith care and dispatch, and at rates as which are carried Additional School Tax "01; against l'. SPLENDID STYLES OF JEWELRY. As hundreds will testify. Circulars giving full descrip- more than any other on earth: I'll marry her yet."' chiefs and town of Malageak, Mal'icr.uri river, and low as those of any ther hrst class line. The road EX- - tion, with names of many gentlemen of trie most dis- When and Laurel send a member. makes immediate connection at the wharves and in the S HAVE JUST RECEIVED, 15Y the jury brought in their verdict Mr. Goss j FAMIL scientific well known of the severe loss sustained: latest Philadelphia H. of CENTRALsideTEA AND between First streetsNew Baltimore w ith the Kailroad toand Baltimore mostpres, a splendid of a?s..rtment of the vervKills, and tinguished parts ofbethereputation, and corroborating citi- immediately commenced 'touching.' Advancing County votes only til I legal voters "So2. zens of all nited all t York, steamers of Ericsson JOHN of Jefferson atret, and Jewelry. elegant styles Oa the 21st of May. at three p. we have said, will sent to any address on application Captain lnr1? Steamship Company 'a lines, by canal and sea, to New Main street, ltwjejiF)UilJi amiJjUh jclS aud Second, Louisville, ky Cocnty Okfkiai.. For Governor Mason to E. W. MACDONALD. jel to Judge Manierre, he said, "Judge, I want to Fletcher, Firt West India Regiment, command-in- g York and Boston, steamer to Norfolk, Charieslou, SaMorehead l j : Clarke 72S. vannah, iic. the at Sierra JOHN W. SHARP, touch you before you sentence me: you are a very received an order copies of which may see or For Lt. t'overno- r- Hardy l "ai2: M.ig .ffin 7 '.". CRAGG & CO.'S from Acting Governor Dougan to embark one hun OFFICE betLadparticulars the freight tariff, Houses in the West. TO RN E Forwarditig good looking man rather short in the neck, like of any of Attorney Genera! -- Harlan 12'.o: WtM.lley 012. Fourth and Fifth sts WOULD dred and fitly men of all ranks on Ward the sere JOHN B. ION E, Jeferson street, between all the Courts o f Lou variLLIAM KENDRICK stock of beau- For Treasurer Wintersmith 12'i'': Garrard '.'. steam-guDouglas, but about right, I guess." In this style Master of Transportation, Baltimore. ft l? Louisville, Ky., will practice in vessel Teaz.-r- , three. At six oVhck a W respectfully call attention to hi Iain gtreetf Detween Thirteenth and Fourteenth. isvilie, the Court ol Appeals, aud iu Uie t edera il Court Register Land Otiiee McKiuley 12 ".': Fraer were on b.ird. At the Aiir., ouiu a. lliui;ib iti .n .ur SHORTEST UOUTE TO BALTIMORE ei ir to the of one h riie at Fraukfojrt for SU1LSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE he went on until the bvstanders left the room. an 1 a half the advari.-r:'- i Bolid, COFFEE URNS, npHE warranted to call the attention of And Quickest Route to Philadelphia. CASTORS,SETTS, PITCHERS, GODLETS, President Hoard Internal Improvement -- II ig- - j town without 1 j j.siti. n, and et tire to centre of AViil-liaTEA the mosque, dealers, professors, and others, The Rouyok Gkaham. Theboly of Mr. gard 1211; Nesbitt :X,. 1855. 1855. Summer Arrangement. king's house, and several other bmMings.- wishing to purchase piano foitcCUPS, FORKS, SPOONS, rfc. OMCEOPATHIST, OFFIUK, Graham i: en route to this city from LouisAuditor Pag-- i I2j7: Grinstead oil. to the extensive assortment of a Thrlintense heat of thr !!..:i.ev ...t.V,.1 1.- .- tZ .. . j ville. He was shot through the heart on Main i.. irr,n reei- - between First and Second, . their improved circular scale ' . .. Sin,er!i;ten.lrnt Ituini..t;,.n..l1irl,J-W A T C II E S, . .i, cm- - .1., ... on re.ii .iiiii g ' :,irti a mjrt full iron trau.e instruments, no lakes the boerty of ofiering his services to ciliy.ens street, on Monday night, though he was not in" en hand and ready for finishing. tire w is peuednpon them by theenenw i'l ireen . volved in the riots. Mrs. G. is in the city at Gold and Silver, of many varieties, such as Chronom"media e- - i :"d by much eflort and exptr.ence, to ToZanesville, Wheeling. Baltimore, .Magic, By the erection of a large additional factory building, Congress L. M. Cox 1:'.75: R. II. S tin ton 711. at each sid-- of the linliag p!a.- -. an 1 ii... s, ,iier-- i eters, Duplex, Lever, Anchor, and Cylinder; Juiinmf, prepared, should the wants of the trade deshlngtou City, Philadelphia, A N. Y! l:V.-2- ; Legislature C. A. Mar-ha- ll of the Hunting, and other styles of casing, many ot which are they are to turn out P. were wounded. Th. Te:...r u ,j ..... s mand it, seven instruments per week, or made and cased to special order. ,,aK-- r . JCve. He has had many years ex per.etoe iu treataient ALSO TO i.igore .:. l' '4ii Pianos per annum. when i: was There has been some tall lying in Kenthat CHAINS. SEALS, AND khVS; PKAKL fehl 1ft Buyers may rely upon getting instruments fully j portion of lor hool Tax I A2; against 2'.'2. Forl'uTe'informaUon.caUat my office, above RICIIMOXM, the town remained u rETEKSBlTv, NORFOLK, AND an. ther OP NECKLACE, EAR KINGS, AND eo.ual, in all the reuis.lesof a good piano, to any made tucky. Humphrey Marshall said, ia a speech at i Consultation wm held, audit was determhi.-BenUoned. WILMINGTON, t. in the I'nited states, and at a saving of from twenty louisviiie, that John P. Hale is opposed to the , . PINS; DIAMOND BRACELETS, kxh. i five to fifty dollars-veach instrument. All the wood g Governor drop a wn to Ku.ty Toin'. at th mouth i,f ;ho party! Humphrey has outdone EAR RINGS, TINS, AND j used in our manufactory is thoroughly seasoned .and no Jc Morehead .V. j; Clarke 00." .Maiii- - iun, ana re in e .Mai- '"ak t i who declared he hadn't tasted of arRINGS: MOSAIC AND expense are spared iu turning out each piano Jack himself, Lt. I lovernor -- Hardy 5 Magoffin miami kailuds, CAMEO EAR RINGS, PINS, & BRACELETS. pains oriu every respect. eoriing t the instructions ot Acting ti ORWAUDINO AM) (Jh.NLUAL cemkalouio, and perfect dent spirits or wine for twenty years. B1 Cmnssion Merchants, Louisville, Ky. we, the Attorney General Harlan .".4s; WooMev 4'.s. via Doii ' in. years the Agricultural AssociaFor two for J w.r.i a crenerul assortment of articles in my line tion and consecutive Institute have awarded first formed a Copartnership 1.. onered on fair terms at my place of business. No. premiums to Mechanics' Treasurer Wintersmith 511; Garrard 4j. oderigi.l. Lave this day a Forwarding and l.eneral and Wheeling. Columbus are "fu the morning of the at a a ear these piauos over all others, wheu iu tbe purpoe ol transacting j Reg. of Land e -- McKinley j.W: Frazer a night an enthusiastic Know Nothing, t-i-j bUKineta, and have taken U.e houj-- for:i Third Btreet.betweeB Alain and market, i.ui! inc. t n a tCoUiuianJer Nicolas j .jure-- into w aicii Cou.mi.sion DAILY President, lioanl Internal Improvements Reference is made to the following dealers, aud the in Newport, laid a bet of five hundred and fifty dolmerly occupied by J. Bell. No- - -- 3, Last bide ot Ihird, nmiRKK was still in dames', and tii? a'j.iee::t t.udie--m., andtil" JL Cincinnati at ti a. m., 10:2J a. profession generally : Uiacen Main aud the Kiver. C AKTKR I AM RE- - D. P. Faulds, (successor to F luids, Stone Sc Morse,) lars that Swope Would earry his district by three gard .''7; Nesbitt 47''. graje, canister and shel!. In ha f aa hour the) JtOCfiS: TO Z iXKsriLI.K IX Auditor Page jj i; Irinstead 477. W. R. JOCF.l'I. Louisville, Oct. 1,1-4Baimer aud I.ouis; Curtis Ac Truan, troops again landed without JO H jn.tJ.IXH IX iu iHH HS: ceiving nearly every week, direct from the man- nati; DiggitisWelier, ft. Niushvilie; Downing At Cincin- hundred majority. A few hours later the defeat 1 arns. and tfc Co., of Xails. Glass, Cotton Sup't Public Instruction -- Matthews "I'l; (ireen vanced. Commander Nl. ,las t position, an.I ..-- : ; Moody, of Swopo by nearly two hundred voffs was pretty Consignmei.t TO B4I.VIMUHK IX lOl'M: ufacturers, the latest styles of Jewelry. 1 have now and Nr. Di:;.-Sep Natchez; Courts At icksburg; Piutburg Manufacture solicited. H2. TO I' HI I H l) Ull' li l.J I X M j JiorRS: on hand, by recent arriv ais, in part, Diamond, Mosaic, Clarksviiie; V. II. Fox, Murphy, Bardstown; Rutherford, clearly demonstrated. i'tlt inst. Cin. (',-.headed the leading division to p im our th Ac sschaub At Patrick llOL RS. TO WASHIXti IX Cameo, Knameled, Uold Fruit, &.C., Cetts, or Pins; Congress A. K. Marshall J. O. Harrison bouses t. bet.urnt: Captain Wv iie and Lleateiia,,' assort-meCroose, Lafayette; H.D. Hewitt At Co., New Orleans; V Connecting rt Baltimore w ilh Train Philadelphia, Wil-- t Rings or Bracelets separate; as well as a general ja4 Lee At Walker, Philadelphia. The Coroner's jury in the ease of the Trust j.:o. of Jewelry, Fletcher followed with the iniia division to supto Philadelphia. liuititnore TAILORS, FIFTH mirgton, andTrain New railroad, railroad, to New C0I1-- ! Legislature J. II. M. Caiiip'oel!, K. N., js;: Jersey Yolk neetmgw ith Co. calamity, at Cincinnati, met on the Vth, and port. In a moment the small advanced divt-i.-MERCHANT Market and Jefferson, ar riow via New Brunswick or Atuboy. P.. Scott, Anfi. jiil. GAS to be attacked by an overwhelming fori c. w hich make the ; after protracted consultation, committed the folThi is the only route Jiti hours recfivinc their spring and ulLnler htyies ol l For School Tax '.' I; againt "i'lS auu ii:ic.iiiore; arnviug a;t Mr. Diliet fell to the rear, w.unde I in t:ie hca I 1 manual OOODf.l'ri.adcl'.llis.CasMmereb.ureiiaaiue, ci:k,wuu time lowing: WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PKALKKS IN I and left leg; Comiuan hours in advance ol any route. plendid ilanseiile ler Nicolas shot ta. .uh ' ia the yuiekest Route from Cincinnati to I'hila- Hi li.itt Ctu NTY Okiki ai.. Governor More- t the richest impor.atiora ever tecured This I'l.if is one After examining the bodies, hearing the testimothighs; an 1 Serge Scan!vi,ot tLe"Vai.d, jr'L.'ua. arriv i;ig in a.ivance 01 any oilier route ui i os c ihi ciiv. 1 he stvles are new ana or gam, ana u ny of the witnesses, and making a careful inspec- head Uii'1; Clarke I'll. e invite our ;4 u,e only route winch c;in makethe hours and several men. were kiiic l. wuii the krcut possible care. Gas Burners, and Chandeliers rut up, are Lt. Governor H irdy jo i; Magoffin 42'. s time Irom Cincinnali, 01 by w hich I h rough f i.'kets cau riehds to look iu oi "Captaio Fletcher was driven back a una'.! invited 10 call on us, even ahuitld they preler to give tion of the Trust Co. buiy ins at said place, we ayhington City I ITKIRECT IMrOKTlSKS FKU.U WKLLS fc ARMSTRONO. be procureil Ijrtw eeii Cincinnati and Attorney General Harlan o7; W(n.lley41l. ipa ' bank of mud ai.d sand, near the entrance of the nrva. Main street, three doors above Fourth, in their work to some one else, ai'er learning our prices, find, that the said persons were killed by the falling arnving hours iu advance of any other route. Garrard 4'. Jacob's Buildings, beg leave lo cail public attention 10 as it will be money in their pockets by so doing. of the stone cornice from said Tru-- t ' Treasurer Wintersmith Malagvak: Lieut. Wylie was ..;;s..icd an I subse-- i . , i.r:rnnriva!-.- l munriuf Letvr CI' i'mii by Little Miami Kii.rod. M- to Co. buildin-j- on the 7th day of August, Register of Land Oili.'e .McKinley om; Fraier it of Watches and Jewelry, 4ine puniic are asked lo ones beU ntty killed, Lieut. Vincent si.ot through t.'. j Express Little Miami railroad, just received and opened, direct from Ueneva, where the coulrary uutil tney have ascertaiued lor theu 1st 4 ill. tween two and three o'clock in the afternoon. selves. Paymaster Edward.-- , .f tl.o leaves Cincinnati at ti 0 'clock a. m., anives al .anes- - the whole stock was selected y one of the lirm. l r. INOV Nesbitt the bead and taken Ejr Call atlce HUKKS vil.e at Uo clock, iioon. Leaves Z.aueVille al li.JU, Fine ReKulators, tor liotels, banking Houses, or auy That said Tru-- t Co. had been furni.-hean-wiih 4 Prest. Hoard Int. Imp. Haggard tue men fell rn;-- ' Main St., bet. Eighth At Ninth. jaaldtf noon, and arrives at W heeling at I P. M. other othces, at moderate prices. !. No. 90 rourth Bt, plans and specificationfor the erection of said idly, killed by tho enemy's tire. One so Tools for W atchmakers, Wheeling with Train Baltimore and Connecting at Watch Glasses, Materials and Auditor -- Pago .;': (Irinstead 4". Weat aide, between Main and Market. building by architects. t ..; t'n-- t innacc, ceeded in i hing the EAGLE CARRIAGE FACTORY. Ohio railroad, and arriving at Baltimore at 6:;U o'clock at New York prices. Supt. Public Instruction Matthews 0t; ireen with thirty or forty men, iu t from ourown manufactory City at 11 at That said Trust Co. had employed a general OF THE DIAMOND; a.m. Arrivingw ith WashingtonBaltiiuore for o'clock a. m. in W'atchesdirectly importedretail, at New ork prices, otf. I KKATIN; V JOII.NSO.V, Philadelphia Train al Geneva, wholesale and INVENTOR Connectine as is prct:ced in this city. to attend to said building during its ' 4... and capsized, riddled with bullets. The s idiert and CARRIAGE MANUFACTURERS, Watch cleaning aud repairing done with neatness and New York, direct. Congress C. G. Wintersmith flno; Jewett 12 . were either sh-.Ladies Wigs, Lalf Wigs, Braids, Curis, etc., made to erection. Connecting at Washington lor treaencKsourg, re- - dispatch by the enemy, i f but.-That the cau-- e of the falling of said cornice j Legislature Phil. Leebl7: J. H. Downs .'5 Id. ' tred when they gained the banks of the river. Vi rAbIo, Hair Braiding of every description, such as Ear tersl'iirc. Richniolid. 6LC lie latest styles and patterns of Jewelry ,&.c, received JEFFERSON ST., BETWEEN SIXTH At SEVENTH, t r.xjHVss L.ntie 2i 1 raiiroau, leaves tin- Louisville, Ky., Additional School Tax oM7; Pj. was, that the stone work had not been done in acthe one hundred and til'tv men of ail rank t;i- Rings, Bracelet, Breast I'ins, Fob aud Guard CLaiua, cmnaurain b':Ai o clock a. m.,.liami at Zanesville al a: ever tjrWe invite the ladies to call and examine for them arrives at ' 45 KrCMace. A.C. al.esViUe al S r and arrives at selves. No trouble to show goods All our goods warP. M. Leaves were killed, twelve Wotmde t barked, seveu'y-twHAVE NOW ON HAND cordance with some of the plans and specifications ,e;r resiHair Dressing done febiW dtf Ltki'E CorxTY Ofkuial.- - Governor More- - or l"" Lauie'the store of fajJ either ZIMMrK. - Wheeling al 10 r. M. or no sale. ranted It should be mentioned in this M. and nine take a prisoners, since re-- i and are constantly making Carrinces of for said building. dencr or at with Train Baltimore and Connecting at Whe-linevery description, in the most approved style aud finish, connection that there are discrepancies in the plans head M I: Clarke ::.!. leased.) On the 21h of M ly the T--: returne I Ohio Railroad, for Baltimore and Washington. which, for durability, cheapness, and elegance of workLt. tlovernor- - Hardy o75; Magoffin .".72. and specifications, one of which plans was furConnecting at Baltimore w ith Train for Philadelphia to Sierra Leone with the surviv rs ...f thj troops." manship, cannot be surpassed in the West. Yoi a, direct. Attorney General-Harl- an .Ml: Woolley and New STREET, WEST The attention of the public, as well as strangers visit- nished to the stone cutter, and does not agree with TO. GO Connecting at Washington for Fredericksburg, PeV treasurer intersmitn j p: t.arrard .ij'.i. ( Formerly J. R. Winter A Co., Main street), A.M side, dealer in Watches and Clocks. Havingbeen ing the city, is respectfully invited to examine our the specification, though there is a general clause H?" A good anecdote is current about the fir:. tersburg, Richmond, A:c scarcely Register of Land Otiiee McKinley ill); Frazer interview between the two allies at Wia-lsLittle AND 3d Train Night Express e. m. Miami railroad, several years engaged in theto ishimself to stock.warrant all work of our manufacture for one year. in the specifications which provides for such con- r. We s .. itanes-villerecommend i o'clock necessary for the subscriber t AiTives :it tingencies. When the French party had retired their :r4 ari- -' tjpRepairing done with neatness and dispatch. retail Dealer in, and M umfai turer of, leaves leaves Zanesville at i.Vi A. M., public favor. m. 'i o'clock Prest. Hoard Int. Imp. Haggard f:'.7; Nesbitt ments, Empress Eugenie remarked that the v';iec:i. vny'AX alises. Knfine, his That a portion of said cornice now remaining on 4 Trunks, Cari-e- i Bags, lie claims to have a thorough knowledge of on trade, and arrives at Wheeling at6A) a. m. A AMr;aui :.Mt. and . .aib n llooe, 4.C., No. Connecting hand, a tine stock He Wheeling with Morning making every allowance to the dielph features, extenClocks, and f,'frr.' - ".near Market, Louist'ille, Ky. jeitf more and Ohioat railroad, for Cumlnrland,Train Balti- aud warrants hisofwork.atches, has Guards, a most Breast- NEW CARRIAGE MANUFACTORY. theInbuilding is safe. melancholy occurrence, re- - Auditor Page ;.:;; llrinstea-- 'Mil. comprising jeweled W where considering this 'was not at all hanlsoma: but apoie.n rej ..ed Seals, W atch Chaius, sleep and resume by Morning Train for the East sive assortment MIE SUIISCRIHERS WOULD RE- - suiting in the loss of so many valuable lives, aud ' Sup't Public Instruction Matthews joT; Green sternly, ."he has seven children. At the s..n:e pins, Brooches, Ate. direct. MMr. Hirschbuhl is a manufacturer of clocks and spectfulty infirm the public of Louisvnletliat they the bereavement of many families, occasioned by oO'J. Connecting with Train at Baltimore, for Philadelphia timo Prince Albert expressed his admiration of watches. He hits devoted years of close attention and have entered into the carnage business 111 all its branch- - a Congress-- C. G. Wintersmith i'.'o; Jewett C7S. Eugenie's beauty to the t'uevn, and N ietciia and New York direct. LOUISVILLE, KY., g'osS vio'iinn r.f tae simplest laws tf mettian- es. They will pay especial attention to the lighter styles Connecting at Washington for Fredericksburg, Pe- careful industry to his business, and he feels confident Legislature Hi rman jli I: Read 4:11. furne.l proudly roun.l, saying, "She hasnotail-- i of his thorough ability to repair Clocks ana n ait ne,- of rork( guoU as is made in the East. They have just ics, we canuoi 100 sirougiy recouimenu lue enact eighth tersburg, Richmond, Ate. and :aiv -.i:i. Additional School Tax j'.i'i; against 2',0. Kockaway that weighs less, ment of some municipal law for the purpose of KOt out a nvw auu- SI,ieI1,iia Baggage checked from Cincinnati to Wheeling, and and it will aflord him pleasure to regulate the time. dieal" BIBB ii SON, Proprietors. jVl" pieces of his customers. , runs lighter than any other, and is evwry wav the Ijest insuring the permanence of buildings, and the from thence to Washington City, k.c. N.B. He has constantly on hand Odd rellows ana- arlillein Uie market, having an improved patent filth Baggage checked from Cincinnati to Baltimore, and Shelby CocsTY Official. Governor More- ,iuct exposition of trut'i has a better REGALIAS, of every degree, plain or beauti- wj1Mej. safety of lives and property. Masons' from ihenee to Philadelphia, Ate. T 1 i i O UGII T1 CK E TS Y ROM LOl'ISVlLLL The necessary Jewels are also kept head 1520; Clarke 61 1. eflei-- t Through tickets for asluugtoii City can only oe pro fully embroidered. than a violent attack upon error. Truth iv.irins done on reasonable terms and at short no tice. They natter themselves that, by strict attention, Lieut. Governor Hardy lS-- : MagoiLn bll. NEW ARHAN G EMENT. extirpates errors as grx s extirpates, weeds, bv Inviting the public to call at his store. No. 00 Third 23?" We copy the following for the benefit of through" tickets can be procured via Baltimore to Phila- r Attorney General Harlaa 1.277; Woolley i7o. working its way into their place, an I 1S55. delphia and New York. w. Conihiencinj Holiday, July It). ;n ;.v- . i.. ... ....;.) 1855. street, west side, wnere ne pajs particular aucuuuu of the custom ot Louisville. Calf and examine speci ti ' Wintersmith 1 ,27;i; Garrard j72. mens at the manufactory, on the south side of Jefferson Tnrough tickets to Winchester, Richmond. Freder- - watch repairing, he remains the public s numblt them no rx ni to row." 13 a n,ee !uln to TJ0?X'' 1 w ?n4,a YA,1, .u,lll"-,.Hi J. HIReCUBUHL. street, between Second and Third. and v liming-ickeburt.-- . Petersburg, N urtolk, W ml' Uegister of I.andUtlice McKinley l,2ol; rrazer fall heir to: "A Philadelphia paper annt.unces that iUJih my-t- t MrCREICHT it ENDER3. ton. can only be procured by the Little MUuii Route, 71. " EMOVAL. S I). CHOATE HAS and the only route by which passengers cau go through a man of the name of Smith (John who was born mm 1555. ARaASuiMisT, 1?JJ Auditor- - Page 1J 7o; irinstead L?. to t.naiierion, cavauuan, .uacou, without detention removed his SILVERWARE MANUFACTORY in lOyr, and died at the jood old age of P" in IlOOrs! AUtlaula, Augusta, and all points south. I; J atl to No. bo Fourth street VIA CO LIT .11 BUS. 7E K E E I THE L A R G E S T i lSOd, left a fortune of ?' 5 0,000, for which heirs Pres. Hoard of Int. Imp. Haggard I,2tl Nesbitt FOR THROUGH TICKETS, FOR TU B 5 now wanted. Another journal of the e tock of Lumber and Shingles in the city. FOrB DAILT li ASTERS TRAINS AT A.M., 9 A.M., And all information at Cincinnati, please apply at the To Dealers in Jewelry aud Watches. . 1 L'l m.i VIA THI .1 It: rtUItl. Lil I UU C lIlLTUCiiUU .UUUKWa I ' it .t 1 U(1 ycr eiiv announces mm. mere 13 10 ado a nif:eun 01 tne m . xiwriuj,, ' . irv: 10 A. M, AND 6 P. M. - 11 " W. General Ageutj ! Little Miami Othces, P. VI? f Wf JefTersonville and Ohio and Mississippi Kaii." west of iue; No. 17 No. ii EaVwitios comrVete cW of JewelVy Blinds, Mantel Piece,, Mouldings, Frames Smith. Id Philadelphia some time this month, to w ,re3ton M3. n. Mur,hall Tki Quiclet,Shor1rt,and Iot direct Route,both GibsonBurnet House, first door southeast corner BroadHouse, rront elhce; at I'. S. Mail Liue Steamer Jacob Siradcr aw Sash (primed aud glazed,) de ermme who is entitled to the legacy, or, ,f not "rslatur- e- Hrown l'-.Hway and Front, directly opposite Spencer House, and to and froi Ciw imati and the Emt. fordoor. and windows.and rintin"f Tevis 1.2s; Hanc.: k Telegraph No. 3, . . .... . . T.a taatp. r.: Nails. " at the Little Miami Iepot. .... i,.u.a I'uity ' is ii uiituip.u 7" n.,i;tir llCMUti :,i the verv lowest nnces. Lverv articleand shrfvinir. A rrliitruvpl. W.,Minr,l. aoie 10 iigice, 10 un lue 11. 11 iue laiier plan is- . ' T "ne" 0J 1 ' LAID WITH HEAVY T IRON. . ,1,1 i ISAAC n.HJVTHWlCK, adopted, it will, we fear, prove a ior speculation, asd tn eatherboarding. Passenger dine at Zanesville. PittsSuperintendent Cei.Ual Ohio Railroad, warranted, and may be returned by buyers if they are and W do square and circular work of all kinds. Wheel'int; for it is estimated that the number of persons in CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, AND PAY TON Can not w hat they are represented to be. C. W. S. BROWN, Roves for sohp. Starch. Candles. Candies. &.C. burg passengers dine at Crestline. Dunkirk MoNTi.oifF.RY Cocnty Official.- Governormy assortthe world bearing the cognomen of Smith is five jyHdlf Country Merchants are invited to inspect my busiAgent C O. R. R., Cincinnati. IjtV'Triuted bills of prices will be furnished, if de!red. millions, which would leave only half a dollar a Morehead OOJ: Clarke 42S. and RuSalo Passengers dine at Cleveland. ment before purchasing elsewhere. I confine feb J. titttf. Ub Si. IU. ness exclusively to the above articles, aud have selected Lieut. Governor Hardy jSS; Magoffin l.'2. AND EVERY TRAIN HY piece to each heir. LOUISVILLE TO CHICAGO them iu peVson, and will sell them low. Attorney General-- - Harlan 5lJ!; W'oolley 4l. JAMES SOMMEHVILLE, Miami route runs into the Iepot of the A. STEIN AU, corner Fifth and Mam sts., BT THK . . .. . ,..A ... Ci.v.lin.l. S7; Ganard iv. over Lichten, Lcewenthal &. Co.'s. mrJij Treasurer Wintersmith Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Hill Parkins, who is what may be denomi-- i Register of ltnd Otiiee-- -- McKinley Fraier STOVErv GRATES, AND CASTINGS, nated a sprceing sort of character, onco shook Albany anil Salem Railroad. hands with Gen. Jackson. " And," said Hill, I 117. lively free from dust." Being the shortest and inott di Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron Ware, I vJJTS-- ! .U".- -. prs, . Jili. '..:.l from Cincinnati to the L.vt, the time it so ar- Pres. Board of Int. Imp. Haggard 5S3; Nesbitt NEW YORK, BOSTON AN1 reel route I, of TEA KETTLES, SAD IRON'S, COFFEE MILLS, Suv a"? ,a riece, ve a;lviee at the time, an', sez 11 410. i -ranged lb at it is made with ease. Coi.nectioni are cext""1 JL Philadelphia via Dtyton k Clyde to Cleveland now "in ral. we elected ye, and I hope you SCALES &,c making the same con net tionsaa axe niaac by any direct ouly direct Konte, and the only Auditor Page f00; Grinstead 4 4. Gucss I'll try the care FOR South side Main, 3 doors above corner of Seventh, taescz he, of but IConstitution." take care of yours." UMMER ARRANGEMENT. Supt. Public Instruction .MaitaeWS JOO. l.reen I Koute by w hich Through Tick- route makes lire quickest time both lo and It, " Hm. frnm l' nrinnr nitH nn nr hope you'll to," Louisvillf. Kv. T.wli.inanolis. Chicaeo, and Cincinnati. from Cincinnati and ail the eastern cities. t 10 1. et ail be purchased. more certain connections to the "feast, and noue souie. v rnwt. leave Cincinnati at a. M. for the On mil after Monday. Arril 30th, trains will run as SOMHEil VILLI? WOULD from the feast r.y one an.I U)ree-- uarter nours. M. Cot 6t)0; 11. II. Stanton 120. Congress-- L. v has v Ai'GUTY Smith. One arnvea ax Cleveland ui advance ot any nnRAIXS LEAVE NEW ALBANY follows. East; . ... , , . . A T The time on the Cincinnati. Hamilton, aud Dayton inform hi. friends and the public,; Legislature J. II. Turner iy); Jno. A. Franklin Ro id is quicker than is made on any other railroad r Leave topposiie L.ouist me; mi. i uuia a where he L,iebtninF.xpresarr;veiat CincicaaU at t . H. i Jll. .1"": . ,.an.ii and Chicaeo at a.m., aud 3.30 r. N.; for that he has opened see store at 3t"7 Main street,who may deserted his wife, and, as she suspects, has taken of the this Ohio. For aud accommodate all will be pleased to . to his bosom another female. The wife, however, o. nearly level an.I strai.-ht- , and it is so subst inti..:.v bui'.t Cincinnati ai forthe north i.nd nonhwest. Aiso, conuectin his work to be as , For additional School Tax 3.7; against 410. Indianapolis and Cincinnati favor him with a call, lie Leave Cleveland Efteen later, and arrives at alltrains These th it it ean be run at high speed with greater saiety ihaa n?- t set mllh value upon tne leilow, m,l it is any other route. at Michigan City with Uir trains on the Michigan truirai ' with all trains connect at North and East. Tickets can good as any made in the cit. Terms reasonable. n nnuuirs the trains for the Cincinnati tkn-- TO LEVearlier than fr". Irtturs. Railroad for iMmit, Ruilalo, Niagara Fails, Albany, other roads. N. a. noon g ana iiouse iun iu general none wun tiery niicij mat ur. o. uiav 1101. uoiu uis oeiici ELAND in i M INN ATI at the otiiee, 5oo Main street,O leaving the arr:v-, New York, Roston, lc, forming altogether the most pt--7 mrlOdom (half at a very high valuation, and that, as is 8RORN E,8u pU j neatuessaud dispatch A Vj Graves County Official. Governor More ofThe Firt Trin Morning Cincinnati, after Cuiciuiiali, CLKVF.LAN1 TO CINCINNATI in tj-- hours. dtf Car, i on the thr Louisville usually the case, "there arff faults on both sides." head. j")i; Clarke. 1J.:'0. Hamilton, and Dttyion Road. The Depots are aUut enTTTTtti awn Trsn & VIA LITTLE .MIAMI KOLTE. , through the most beaJtitul and flourishing towns and TIME IIjIaI 7 cities in Indiana, such as tealem, Orleans, Bedford, Hardy, il"; Magoffin, one hundred yard apaiU and ba:wo rail Iw 1 he deserted fair one has3 puGIisbe-the following ' Lieutenant Governor From CincLanau to from one roal to the other, avoiding tne nHiieces-sarbloomiugton, Gosi on, tireencastle, Crawfordsville, La- FTFR LORILLRl) AlricT V ALUAULL PIJF.P-faveu- e, COLPMBrS in 3? hours; troubl of h.iubng it two miles through the city and Michigan Citv.on Lake Michigan, giving 42 Chatham street New York, successor i . No. nf.lL,. I'J", turer.Jicoree :1 . WoolleT. 121. Fassetm-r- s, ' CLE tLANDiu"boUo; Att..m. if thev vrefer it, eau go lo a hotel for d.n- M. ration for restoring and preserving tne Hair, m Ji" a view of this magnilicer.t U.dy of water; tlience to leLoiillar.i. otfers for sale ail kinds of , a on?i lanv NKlhK in 14 hours; ;nr..r ik. n.,Ki;,. Lt urr, and on their return to the Deput procure tickets aud ,i,o troit. crossing Detroit river. pasing through the most the most perfect luxuriance anu coior, Dr. For narticular. a I feel it to TnhACCOH in eneral use. intersmitn, ai"; iarraru. 11- ireasurer III F A LO in lo hours; interesliiiK portions of I pper Canada, over the Great compounded, by the celebrated oculist, ean l oUaiifd by addreaiina as aliove. my husband, Geonrc, has left me, without Register of Itnd U!lice MeKinley, Mi; t raier, l'v,,.,AhnT n ",-,- r4 hours; ALKAN Y in not letai ned half an hour at Vrur York, and has for the last ten years This rnrivnt Suspension Bridtre. a structure unrivaled for beauty v. miT. " establishment is one on na ciaesl 01 tue kimt in the anyjustcauso and as it is believed that he has 1,211. hours; N V. W YORK in Crestime, having ample ume for dinner, without uuue- iwr, riii,i.,ii,iv distributed bv him to his friends. Dr. United States. 35 hours; cure BOSTON in Ellioti, urged by mauy to allow this most valuable giving a view of the rapids of the great and world-re- Tres. iwnl Int. Imrrovements-llag- ra, gone off with another man' wife, desire to warn hours; of tngvT CartMbj ,ny other CRESTLINE in ti 14 now ncd Niagara. for "baldness to be brought before the public, has now . I all women from bavin-- ; anything to do with him ; ' Nesbitt, 1,21.:. 1 'ITTr-BCK-o in hours: Tickets sold through, all the way by Kailroad, or 11 kindlv and gratuitously prcsenieu me uauasisuiu - itu j i'HILAI'FLl'HIA in Auditor Yzef 512; Grinstead. 110. lurs; checked tftrough to Dunkirk, BuJalo, for if he will desert one, he will another and no passencers prefer from Detroit bv the splendid North the recipe for that purpose, as will lie seen from Dr. WHEELING in lu hours; Sup'tl-ubliSteamers, to all of the above places. Also, to- holt's certificat lelow. The Annelid Is also highly Instruction Matthews, .".ll; Clreen, confidence can be placed in him. j JBALTIMORE in J6S hours; Train. Cincinnati. the 0,clK.k( Rock Island, St. Louis; Burlington, Iowa;Uacommended for general use as a most pleasant and "He IS of short Stature, rather Stout, dark COIU- - 1,212. WASHINGTON in hours; Hamilton it Divton Railroad, breakfaat at Cincinnati hileraling wash for the head, keeping it entirely free Illinois; St- - Paul, Minnesota, kc Vi boors. C. Burnett, Democrat, l,2j.v; Vi . j tTLUBLSVILLE in Congress II. Passengers by this route are sure of making connec- - from dandruff. Retail price 50 cents per bottie. tor plexion, jet black hair, and pretty good looking. j a,ue the f. Aowmg day- in Nw kork, FhiladdpUia, l'itu-turBaggage checVed from Cincinnati to Wheelings Baltimore and 'shin'J;'?Cons, as there is but one road from the Ohio riverto sale by Druggists generally. Orders, with remittances, ill 7. EXPRESS COMPANY, " If he has taken another woman with him, as I G. Hughes, Cleveland, Dunkirk, and liuCalo. honr. is less changing 01 sent to the undersigueu, win Deprouioiij WILKIN, Lake Michigan, consequently suppose he has, I shall consider him rather small j Senate S. W. Silvertooth, Dem, 112; C. II. street .Louisville. Fassengers bv the i o'clock a.m. train. Little Miami cars than bv any her, besides there the advantage 01 M. e.e."v; giving Railroad, breakfast at Cincinnati and dine the followNo. 41 Maiden ane New York. but i.iaKe, n, On and after Tuesday, pril l1, our Messenger and potatoes,' and never wul live witn turn again jeJfidly ocuring tiirough tickets, which cannot be done by any io Albany in n,'ap- - . ing day in New York, Philadelphia, Lallimore or Wash-ii.gio- other route. Express freight will leave louisviiie for Frankfort and 1 should like to see him for about half an hour. Legislature L. Anderson, Democrat, 11": Kuw Y'ork, Junel,T-66- . ."rJCnr.- City. in the afleruoiai train. Returning, leave Baggage checked through to ciucnifo or Detroit. 2'. This is to certlfv that I have given to Mr. M. WiUin Lexington in ttie morning, it o o cioca. il.I.eeman, X The iatue Miami Is the eastern depot at Cincinnati. Dunkirk ia US hoars; just to let him have the length of my tongue C. KNOWLTON. Supt. jyj Tatf for restoring and improving the llair, Lexington received at our ofice till 1 p. m, the prescription To Fittbur in H hour; Freight and oh ! wouldn't I give it to him. Anybody who ' 1'or additional School Tax 780; against Five Dailv Trains. ur To Baltimore id ' hours. and known as the'Amielet, which 1 invented, and for .,. wagon win cau pr ireigui, it oniers are leu t;. m n,..n. w hich I make no charreutive FiarrTAl. Cleveland, I'ittsburg, Steuben ville, and r ' Loo ax Cor sty Okfkial.-hea- d, -- Governor Mor "'"""-- " f- - tht V. A.J O- r.s, Agent "IV T So other Lin from Cincinnati snake quicker to atouronice. Wheeling Lightning fcxiTes leave at b A. d Kxpi-e.Adams Co. j ion of him, shall receive two dollars of aplS the Fast, and none so quick from tit fcaal by one and a Columbus.Cievelaiid, I'uukirk, Buffalo, Albany, AND LEXINGTON & FRANKFORT Elliottville, Btaten Island. 1 Clinton Place, and U., for No. L.k'.H: Clarke, money. half hoars. nr..M;iniA n.Miiii. New ) ork. ana itovon , v. resuine, i insnurg, Ual'.imore, LI AVISO CINCIXNATT. Lieutenant Governor Hardy, 1,512; Magoffin, " .Mr. Holly, July 30, is 55. ih.iieH.'iin. aud New York ; .ai.egville trt lirrlmg, Bal- fiajT TaAiw. Cleveland, Butlalo and PittsMirg Ix- w ashington City, Pbdad. iphia, and New Fork, timore, MS. nnURNERIN GENERAL, CORNER 8 lor v:tytnn, v.yoe, vieTOian.i, Sandusky, and Detroit; Xenia, Yellow cioc press, at Throii-ikc.IMeulKfiiviile. Ticketi to Cincinnati. ADVERTISER, Attorney General Harlan, 1,407; Wool ley, .V.l j Dunkirk, Buffalo, A.bany, New York an I ji. of Eighth and Green sleets, Louisville, Ky. ANNUAL BUSINESS AND :o I had a dream Mr. C- A Texast'8 Dream. Fpringw, and Spniigtield; Uiuington, Circleville, and FOR TWO DAYS. FARE tl-OTreasurer Wintermith, 1,178; Garrard, 334. connects al i orest for Crestline, Fittburg, Vh:l vllhia. Lancaster. I dream the other night of a most peculiar nature. For 1855 oG. Baltimore and New York, arrives at Cleveland i:Sj r. w Paiwtei.gerslT this tram for Lake steamers Lave five liegister of Land Office McKinley, 1,494; I rs . UIVIU c. , Tt.WS FOB lISKR, IK IK IS, or ink rs, now prepred to execute Turning in ed I was in the presonee of his Satanic Majesty, place where hours and half at Cleveland. and Pittsburg Express ' rttMUS WORK WILL EMBRACE a workman-lik- e is hemanner vi: siaking close connection with Lake Shore K.i.lroad to who wa3 in the tork of two roads, deciding wnicn ler. Uoj. rraroKD Taais. Cleveland JL all matter usually contained in such publications, for Columbus, Cleveland. TWO PASSENGER TRAINS DAILY'. 1'res. Board Int. Improvements Haggard, 1,496; th kwiern Cities; arrive at Viiis!.ur,j i Cincinnati at f a. Wvef Columns, Ralustraies, aud Uanisters, route the new comer from below should take. The i necling prepared with the strictest regard to correctness and reCrestline and witn last fcxpresa trin t.istt. Dunkirk, Butlalo, New York, and Boston ; llillsUtrough. with clear person whom I recognized as a former landlord ap- .wi'iiv, O.U. TRAIN LEAVES SacoNDTaAin. Cleveland and Kittsi.nrir Aroomin-Mla- liability, and will be printed on good paper be Pituburg; BlancheaT, Chillicothe, and Lake ntciua-hr- r a credit bound, . w , for Cieveun.1, lurmr, tioo Kxprr,ai9o'cl.K- ,.ilv and stronelv lt will leand shall during the Of every order of Architecture. All kinds of Cabinet proached, and Satan looked at him, and opening Auditor 1 age, 1,02; lrinstead, cunnecung at Cleveland direct wuh 6 o'clock a. m., stopping 15 minutes for a anu Al. delivered and I'.tta- Buffalo, AJny, New tork, Boston, Matthews, Sup't Public Instruction OfAKic or thi W AST and CRAacam 1 11 V, and con-.- i breakfast at Lagrange, and arrives at Lexington at 11 A. to all parties concerned, scriptions executed. his big book, turned to his account. Steamer H iburg;ali connects at tftndusky, Unfluin with the enrlv morning trains for paiseu- - month of Octolfr, or sooner if it is possible to have it Alter remaining four hours In prompity ans lunciuwuy aiwuucu w. ,j. you ureeo, a.r wu'i tr:niari Cr. ' City, f..r Detroit, and at Cleveland 'Well, Mr. J.," said Satan, "do you think Albany, of Covington and 11 take the vidtf J. York, i Boston, u hn-- i nfNiagara Fall. Monureal, tC. ington Raiir-.a- 3 o'clock r. M. Train Paris, and Cynthiana, '"he price per copv to subscriliers will be tl 60, payatsatefi Kxpreas leaves Cincinnati Congress L nderwood, tai yue.n o. then tiest, through wuhout Uii-- h.ik fur Cincinnati, ought to take the right roal to Paradise, or pass Balstations. ble when the tm k is delivered. Tbe charges for adverSenate Eilwards. American, l,ai; r. Uavts, landing. This train -- .p atN gK.t at 10 a. w., for, Z.Kiie ville. Wheeling, York. and cimectiiis; at I'aris with stages for Maysville. Shirts Shirts!! down the left to my dominions?" S F.CON D TRAIN leaves Louisville at 2. J0 r. M., and tising will be as follows. fctprrat o'clock timore, V ash in non City, Philalelphia, and New llHiau TaalH. Cleveland Duakirk. BuJalo,f Albany, Democrat. 1," ...inn p. CleveUiiJ, The landlord hesitated what reply to make, for tHie page and one copy Directory amyesat at 7:a0 r. n. Persons takjng this HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED BY TaiN. Accommo1ation leaves Cincinnati Train n fr DayU.n, Boston. w 15. C Bowling, American, 1,511. One-hal- f Legiilature page and one copy Directory ew 1..rk and Springs, and Springfield; ready-madLinen his conscience began to smite him, when Satan, Sit sr. Si.fw Xenia, main over night in Lefington and resume by leilow e press an additionalSnvoicecf 4 00 page and one copy Directory LIT i' are frosa Loa.sville as U. w as y any other route great For School Tax 841; against SiS. I'trHrvilte and Lancaster; Blauche.ler and Chiliicolhe; the i o'clock Train next morning for Cincinnati. and Muslin Shirts, compising amodern variety of styles with a hideous crin, looked at the account and I'asseiigcrs by the 6 o'clock a. m. Train connect at Tolion sulsjcribers the book will lie i per copy. Xaat. improvements, llillstwrooh. with (V,l and patterns, madefit pertctthe every particular. Per- - said: "I find, Mr. J., that you owned three houses Cleveland, Pittsburg, and Wheeling . Frankfort with staees for Sslvisj. Advertisement on cover subject to epecial contract. and, -- ,.rr..,.i..,l CAUTIOS. in to ah Tai. G aysoh CorsTY Official. Governor Danville, and at Ixrxington with stages forNicholas-VilleSubscribers who also advertise will have their names ; th f.,i, the aliove Night Kx!ess leaves CineinnaU al r. M ., for Colum-i.aiticles street." The triTlin-- f pnblie mrm MaiMvne.1 again .rarrh of well m:Je my largeinand superb line are- in S Danville, Lancaster, Bianford, and Crib displayed in the City and Business mreeiory departDunkirk. Bnflalo. New York. and Bos assortvertwr Morehead. 2 :i ; Clarke, ROD. ,Mruirnij made ia tne ad Among merits of i he L.ttle Mito call and examite to the page "I did." :h mot pmm.nent of ton; Creotline. PituburjL. philatirlphia, and New York; and Winchester, lu fclerling, Owiagsville, Richmond, ment in full face letters, with reference made Subscntcrs invited ami Kailroad Cipny. ment, Lieut. Governor lUrdy, JM - Msrcimn, 00. and Estill Springs "What did they cost you?" in which their advertisement appears. wneeiing, baiiimore, trtaslungwn stand, col., fine plaits; may he named: that their line is ih quiekert lo aorta, 7neville, Attorney General Harlan, 511 ; Woolley, 586. theseKat; that there I less certa.niv of connections br Stage lines continue through to Estill Springs and who do not advertise will, if in business, have their Fine read; made Linen do, tfyron no, uroau uo, J'hiladelphia, and New York. the do "Four thousand dollars each. Do ; Garrard, names inserted in plain capitals in Business Directory Treasurer Wintersnaitl, do; do, do One train on fcucday al a JO o'clock r. v., for Colum- - Cr.vb Orchard Sprinscame dav. ilo, no war of Clvde to Cleveland, ai.o that there are do do Do "What did you rent them for?" will have no such advanStages Irom all the above points arrive in Lexington only, while uo; On, ass'd pat ns, t o cars the futtOurg Knprea do Yancy do Kgior of Land Otfiee McKinley, 508 ; Fraier, change, of other.oa rorviMnc nas neen by ooe rouu, 0lTrains ran The landlord here hesitated, and declined anColombus time, 1 sunntes faster than in time for the evening Train from Lexington to Louis- tage afforded ihem in any case. stand, col.; exrrc-.rBo, lawn bosoms, tor do thon the do 584. already secured, and the Fine Over l.lou sulwcribera are viiie. he was informed that, refractory Muslin flo, stand, col., broad plaits; swering, w weeks, on the pmmise that these Cincinnau. do Do TnR0UGH TICKETS, . do; Passer gers by this route are comparatively exempt work will tie put in the hands of the printer so soon as lresident Board of Internal Improvements do, Byron do, do do should be correcte.1; but they are m.i.1 ritrried d Aiiy in do brimstone bath, and at spirits were treated to at do; otu,od W. the Ns; O- from the annoyance of dust in the earn, and pass the manuscript cau be carefully revised say in ten Do do all information, can do, no collars, Um canUva uecea-sar- v hand-bill- s And do 513 ; Nesbitt. and newspapers, saaaing do Do he V. LLK WlIllA, L. O Bkikw, through some of the richest and most highly cultivated days. do law.riir.t. stand, col.. once confessed thateach.obtained five hundred dol- ILaggard, Page, 510 ; Grinstead, 5S2. ffer, No. a Burnett House Building, Do ...... plo, umiii'iihciiisiih."iuh . do l , Auditor O. COLLINS. An. House Buildportions of the State. jyj lars rer annum for HENRY O. AMF.9,8upt.C H. t D. It. Tietet Agent: No. 177 Front Ofhce. Oibaoii the , ! ???cy Shirts, bro Ticket Agent; or at Old Office, CjrrFr tickets and any desired information call at t"2,0uQ copies at least will be published. T. R. R. Supt. O. Superintendent Public Instruction Matthews, B. I'llltLIl-S' ing. to K. "I thought so," said Satan. 'It is allowable WUUCll vi iv Front Brook streets. Supt. M. K. . I. It. R. R. K. f.OsBOKN, pres. routiieast corner Bmadwav and (LilUe street, oppuaite the Depot, corner of Jcllerson and SAMUEL (JILL, Collars, at wholesale, a bar- - charge ten per cent, on the costs, if the landlord 507 ; Green, 582. Aliaiui) icpot, BtandVng'aAd through ticket .sap ply fxV"Fir further in frmaiKn, orRnr-df rWr Ilonae: or at Uie LaMera Congre-Eupt. L. F. and L. it F. R. R. J. P. Campbell (Amer.) 523; S. A. at the officeof the Jetfersonv au4 No. in repair, but you did not do this, and Front iiia 1 jrofliee street, from 44 a. m. on-.:r.iiB.Va.'iK .ni,0,Pt rrrnar of Third and Main if T0U keeps them . w. K AD. No. 02 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK. Peytou (Dem.) 54t. hoar p. Kret,arl CAlrl. L. . ioOS.iJ No. ii.t,en1 Ag'u of Shirts, warranted te yet you obtained over twelve per cent. This was W a.1 .irrrf. W. STK ADhk.Oeneral Afct. Legislature Anderson Grey (Dem.) 591 ; Chas. OLD PEX-i- , WITH DOUBLE EX TUDSON, FOWLER & CO., MAN- - wantaauperbandw-tfaadea- et fit in every rePei. standing, Byron, straight, Sevasto - extoriioil, ul uicrciorc, ;uu si. uv uij tTTae Oumrbus Line will cIl for passe ogsrs Ij leaf, -t n hoii-r.r.r Collars, , 300 t,fcturrs and Whotesals Dealer in rlsfoTPinfassijnnc-.p- l .t .urr..fea.h mrnt ter-i.- rSUUtIV-. O. 11 u- 1'ltl recvsa,SI1ad iarjta man-log their aaaaee U Uis above odicea. down ftnu sjt in my chair until I come Worthan (Amer.) 54S. ... 110), ! Of S. ( lor, t corded and plain. For School Tax, 1,009 ; against, 110. - nol, new style spring UrA front, D. MANiFlJiLD. j :ust fire up." VvtlvH " jjladly t :: r. i .,w xouv Short . , Shirt ss Collar, and Drawers. vi ottiom, win uui iwr nd ki tts. A. An ewBiiT avock coaaUntly on encs. . JTMUU Jw pxj, wliaeal tau. MEDICAL. T IIANSPORTATION. DAILY DEMOCRAT, THE DAILY DEMOCRAT. IIEAK! IIEAK!! Baltimore, Philadelphia, HARNEY, MANUFACTURES. NEW YORK, &C. OHIO MA BALTIMORE UAIMtOAD! j. a. isi;kt, f con . hV"! -- JEWELRY. Jlf '"t Burr, llnight - . & Wheeler, " " i. BUSINESS NOTICES. iil r. F ICE CHESTS, tl: tl: WATER COOLERS. 5 VO. i REPRKIKRATOR, ':: KELL ii. Wilson's JEWE AT li R Y. PETERS, piano Forte Slaimfactorv, J. Ilr. I. A. KteionVadi. Carter loucll, r,.,. t10.; Ii" by Baltimore and ohio, little I'I.ast ivi VEW JEWELRY. Li tjf t Armtroii?, AVfllx Michot & Brother, Watches, Jewelry, etc., etc., Y I ZIMMER, Zl A G o: AIVkJ&t li i: lI(H3tt. GAS n PlTTIiGS. r e a r nu as Pi: r s , ... .1. J. IIirclihiilil, II. WI.VTKH, THIRD WHOLESALE ri FALLS CITY HOTEL. sts. u,. ami Kailroad, Little It icxmi IIIIllber! EAST! ,dWahW rlL: IACH ltiwhf.iir afi Zf tyJJcM? Jeliersonville Kailroad. Expeditious Koute qno IS : JAMES :' RAILROAD?!? j"; T .,h., ;T7 aS nrr MNUFC PI nnill tl' caii. r. CPrJ EXPRESS NOTICE. tBaage Chaisuc 9t' Time. nm3Vmni , ADAMS '"r Louisville and Frank fort, RAILROADS. I, Louisville City Directory, :r. W. II. ISalione, baru rXVZJJ IIRST 1,t;, l"'', tui j Shirt Establishment, i""'" Hti. vl. v . dn ' n..S it,

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