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Image 6 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 17, 1920

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

1920 of educational progress. The increased educational advanJEFFERSONTOWN, XY. tages which have come to nnal communities, where several schools have been consolidated into fubl.shtd Every Tasrsdav a modern, centralized educational institution, offer the strongest of all lor th. NopU arguments in favor of such consoli at All th Csssty dation in Jefferaoij County. The "pudding" has been tasted and found to be, not only palatable, but nourish Publisher HUMMEL JONES ing as well. "Experience is the C. A. HUMMEL, Editor and Huifir best teacher". The consolidated matter school is a success; do we want to sucEntered as second-clas- s Jane IS, 1907, at the poatofllea at ceed. WE DO! Jeffersontown, Ky., under act of Congress March 8, 1879. Member of Kentucky Press Associa- "TIME TO RENEW" The Jeffersonian nas just recently tion and Eighth District Publishers' League. mailed a number of notices to readers whose subscriptions are now ex SUBSCRIPTION PRICE piring. Many of these have very la Advas $1.50 Per Year kindly responded with the price of TELEPHONES: another year. Such quick remitting HOME CUMB. 128 Fern Creek Ex. for renewals upon the part of our Jefferauntown Ex. good readers enables us to better Free City a ad County Service After 6 P.M. call Residence Cumb. 3- -J meet the heavy obligations, with which we ae burdened as a result of JUNE 17, 1920 the exceedingly high cost of newsTHURSDAY print paper. Paper is so scarce just now that one almost has to have the money in hand to buy it. The paper The wise shall inherit glory: but mills and the paper dealers are very shall be the prraolin of hame Proverb. fo0l,. independent, because Ultra ere more buyers than there is paper to go 'round. We feel it our duty to remind our MANY MOTION PICTURES HAVE DESTRUCTIVE INFLUENCE subscribers again that we cannot con Not many people will deny the tinue sending the paper after a sub that scription is expired unless we re almost unlimited opportunities are offered by movinpr pictures for ceive your prompt renewal or your the advancement of education, if only definite promise to pny later. $1.50 juch a small portion of the cost of they could, or would, be properly utilised by people whose moral standards 52 issues of the pap. r that we can were high, on a plane of Christian not afford to send it after the time decency. But the trouble is, the devil of expiration, without receiving the is a great monopolizer of the resour- subscriber's definite order to DDI ces of this earthly realm and corners tinue. Knd readers, we only wish that you most everything that comes along offering opportunities for good and could fully appreciate our position as bad. He, of course, puts them to regards this matter. Please remem her that advance in the price of sugar Woiv for the bad. If only enough people who believe is not nearly as much s the advunce in the proper use of the film would is not nearly us much as ihe advunce demand that moving pictures be what in the price of paper such this little they should, as regards their moral messuge to you is printed on. influence, the people "ho at now responsible fur the motion picture inDEATH OF MRS. ED. TUCKER dustry would show pictures, whose moral influence would be only good. After a lingering illness of some But there is too much indifference on months, Mrs. Tucker passed awuy the peoples' purt, just u.; there is too Wednesday U a. m. at her home on the Taylorsville loud. A husband much indifference on the purt of und three daughters survive her. people who refuse to have anything Mrs. Josephine Whallen, of Okla., Mrs. Minnie Knox, of Richmond, Ind. to do with politics. Muy Long, Mrs. Currie of Shelby-VillaPosters are allowed to be displayFunerul services will be coned on the city bill bourds and at the ducted ut her home, with interment theatre entrances that are very sug- in the Jeff ersontown cemetery. gestive, to the point of being immoral. reformers claim thut ICE CREAM FESTIVAL Some woulil-bAT FERN CREEK SCHOOL such pictures keep the people awuy the movies instead of attracting from The Kern Creek Commercial Club them, but the phenomenal success of will give un ice creum festival and the motion picture business does not meeting, Snturday night, bear out this belief. We only wish June 28, at the Pern Creek school and house. that it were so and thut the public a contestThere will be good music lady for the ban looking Would so I'ister their disapproval (young or old) and the ugliest man. hat are not tit to be Handsome prizes will be owurded to fiitti he screen, where their (hose who ore successful in the COB- thrown i .fluence is helping, daily. t( St. corrupting to drag down the young life of our DO NOT FORGET communities below the level of deAll come and enjoy a good evening cent society. this coming Saturday evening ut the 1 We ''eve that it is time for the strawberry and lee cream supper at believe in Christian stand Jefferson town, on the Mittler lawn. peop' living, and who profess to Be sure and come, your freds will ards of future so- look for you, and they will have a hold the development ciety and the church as a sacred trust, splendid band of music for the grand ' occasion. to make an engrcssive fight in behalf of Christian ideals. Not merely suy HE1NIE GR0H MODfcLa bad piciuies publicty shown are bad, A BOTTLE BAT but bad to the extent of deserving the ondemnation ami of all self respecting people. We believe that 10 important is this matter and so potent are the possibilities of the motron picture business either for good or evil that the church itself should begin, in a very extensive manner, to set the of proper example in the utilization motion pictures as a means of education and the building up of Christian IE JEFFERSONIAN fore-fro- nt one-roo- m , e v Republican Nominees For President and Vice President I Warren G. Harding. .1 JEFFERSONTOWN passed it's Thirteenth "Mile Stone" If June 17th. today, Thursday, you'll notice, it is celebrating with a twerve page issue. Our editor, Mr. Carl A. Hummel, wife and children left this morning for Cincinnuti where Mr. Hummel meeting will attend the of the Kentucky Press Association, which is being held at Covington, Ky., June 17 to 19. Dr. L. A. Blankenbeker and Mr. John Anderson ure spending an indefinite time at "Cus Springs". Miss Gludys Jucos of Louisville, is spending a few days with Miss B lan she Hedden. Mrs. Murvin Williums and children left Wednesdny for Akron Ohio, to join Mr. Williums) who holds a position at that pla.e. The friends of Mrs. Willliams express much regret at her leuving.Miss Natleane Rmlcliff ha been to Shelbyville to attend the High School While commencement. there she was the guest of Miss Bessie Wills and Miss Edith Mulone. A "Hiking" purty, (presumably hud u merry time "hiking" to Sealon.;ille, Thursduy night, Sh! perhaps they hunted the trail of the gasoline. The party was made up of about fifteen young people Miss Beatific Agee, after taking H teacher's course at Bowling Green, returned home Friday night. Miss Lillian Bradley was thi week end gueBt of her aunt, Mrs. J. R. Shaiklette. Miss Maude Bridwell spent the week end with Miss Mabel Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. C. Van Arsdala of ( restwood spent Inst week end with her brother, Mr. W. V. Wigginton and family. Mr. und Mrs. W. V. Wigginton and daughter and Mr Will Threlkeld spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Hef-ley- . mid-summ- er Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Miller had s their guests Sun.'ay Miss Anna nine, mips Carter, und Miss Harriet Marshall. Mr. und Mrs. W. Queen were in llenryville last Sunday to visit their son, Mr. Willie Queen. Mr. J, R. Wiseman and famiy will pend today, Thursday, in Louisville Airs. Wiseman's witli neice, Miss Ihttie Kremer. We have in our midst a hero, Mr. U Khody, demonstrated his aw ry Tuesday by silencing an inquisitive reptile, whiefi crept over its boundary line into the press room of The Jefferaonutl when it "made eyes" al Miss Mary Bridwell, our hero thot '.he time for striking was rTpe so, with .he assistance of Mr. Norman Woolet, lie nake received its fatal blow, und expired before sun down. Will some one please "medal" Mr. Rhody? With the new ice house which is to be opened by Mr. Louie Coe, we should be able to keep cool and com lortable this summer. That is a good move, Mr. Coe. Mrs. Will Rose of Nicholsville Ky and Miss Loraine Hnrman of Perry-vil- l Ky., have been vrsiting the Davis family this week. mr. ana mis. jonn Haag most W. i i Heinle Groh, third baseman and field captain of the champion Cin- cinnati Beds, had both time and money enough during last jvtnter to work out a lot of bat Ideas qf his own. And this is the result, bat with a narrow, a bottle-shape- d tapering shank for hit hand grip but on the working end of thni bat OH BOY ! It la built with;' the Idea of meeting the ball HOW BRIDES SHOULD SELECT VEILS , delightfully entertained at dinner Sunday the following friends, Mr. and Mrs. Jnrres Weller and daughter Zena and their friend Mrs .Florence Stodon all of Louisville, Mr. and .Mrs. Ed Goose; also their cousin, Mrs Kate Long. All spent a most enjoyable day. Prof Green from Louisville has been directing a choir class at the Lutheran church and last Sunday on Children's Day the school rendered some beautiful selections under the Prof, direction. Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. E. V. entertained at dinner, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Scobee and family, ef Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Scobee and son of Normandy, Mrs. Ella Hobbs, Mrs. Kate Scobbe, Miss Arcenith Hobbs, Mrs. Edgar Neff and son of Louisvile. Their afternoon guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Creitz, Mr. Ayers, Miss Florence Kin" Mr (,,! Van (nil..,," . r I"'U- " svMle and Mr. Robert Thomas of Noimandy. be the object of much Interest, la advised to select a style which will bring oat beat her natural h r Mrs. R V Willinma M ,,, I. . The girl with beautiful a abould never, never cover It all day meeting of the Young Ladies the Arabian drape aa shown .Missionary Society of Broadway above bat In the Grecian band ale KaIow It la a aulde to Methodist church those present were: Mesdamies Chas Struck, Geo. Alt, Joe Rivers H. Bishop, W. Dubold ami MAN OIL! OIL!! OIL!!! Now Flowing From Two Wells in jeffersontown, Ky. This being the fact, is it not a reasonable jecture that the con- Fountain Head Is In The Neighborhood? afLease to Responsible and perienced Parties aK WVHESWy s AvjJ T an exaggerated cold, tnough not d to her bed. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fanelli and two children will leave Jeffersontown for New York on the 28th of June, from whence they will sail on July 6, on an extended trip to Europe. Children's Day will be observed in the Jeifersontow Methodist Sunday bchool on next Sunday at 11 oclock. Kverybody is invited. Misses Erma Jean and Lyda Mills of Seutonville are vrsiting Mrs. Ray con-nne- Waller. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Drake and daughters, and W. A. Drak; of Louisville were guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Cue Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wigginton and daughter and John Radclitf attended ihe Home Coming at Kings Sunduy. Miss Katherie Smith of Kings is visiting Misses Merle and Ruth tiazel VVigginton. Mrs. Benthy f'inley of Louisville, pent the week end with Miss Maggie t redenck. We noted with pleasure in the daily papers that Bart Nutter a form-i- r Jeffersontown boy bad won the j.old medal given by the Louisville lines in the Louisville Boys High School. This is quite an honor and aie eiad indeed to know Bart got it. He is one of our smartest boys ami we predict for him a bright future Mr. and Mrs. li. B. Price and child Mis. .1. Klingenfus and Miss Kather-in- e Finley were guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. Leichhardt. Mr. (j. B. Dowden spent Wednesday night with hjs alatei. Mrs. D. Lelehnaidt, Mr. K. K. Sprol In cranking his machine, met with a little Mishap to his hand which necessitatis bandag. .9 ing. Mrig. Gen. George B. Duncan was the first American officer to receive the French war cross for his work la the PLAN sults are obtained. Nearly All American Institutions of Learning Taking Steps to Pay Adequately Their Teaching Forces. Nearly every American college and university Is taking or hus already taker) steps to brlug about an Increase In salaries for the teaching forces of these Institution-;- . New York University lias announoM plana to ralsl two million dollars to be devoted to Increasing salaries of teachers In the University. Four millions more are to be aHked for, to be devoted to needed buildings and llont-Ing Indebtedness. This university pay-It- s professors from $3,000 to 15,000 h year, and assistant and aasoclate professors $1,200 to $3,00)). Chancellor Brown says: "Many of our faculty can not live on these salaries. They have to supplement their salaries by outside work, or 'dbtboillng,' sometimes to a degree that is dertlmentnl to their teaching efficiency." Yale's New 8cale $5,000 to $8,000. Yule has announced a new scale oi salaries, ranging from $.p.,0f0 to $8,00n a year. These salaries, generally re gnrded as good, would be refused with scorn by professional baseball players, says the New York TfmoA, Which expresses some curiosity us to whether these salaries ure large enough to bold able men In tneic t Services Chrtot'a Lutheran church, J::ai 20th. Sunday School at 9:30 A. M. I.ndiaa Home and Foieign Missions Society at aain,e oui. ; p rial service by Lutheran Brotherhood nt County Homo 3 P. M. nddn;s by r stor on subject: "Eternal Life, W: t it is and How to Get it". June 2,'th 10:30 A. M. Holy omnmnion. Farewell address by Pastor. i . A 'I made welcome". J. K. ZLRGER, D. D. Pastor. MJ6CELLANEOUS SHOWER AND ICF. CREAM SOCIAL A miscellaneous shower and ice cream socia' will i, rlvn Kat.uniav. June 19, from i; t jj oclock, onTthe ilawn of Mr. I W Kurti near Hisrh j ' will go to Mr. ' tn,,r Vn3 by cam ;l( Ifn. Kurtz, who "''la,th(,me and entire pu, Tuesday. The flr,e b'lp ,B cop- Mr, A. H. Jacobstein Will be on the ground within a short time, and will be glad to talk to you relative to leasing your land, and starting drills to work. IT WILL BE TO YOUR INTEREST TO SEE HIM BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. IT MAY MEAN A FORTUNE TO YOU. Who is Mr. Jacobstein? We never heard of him until a few days ago. We have investigated his references. A prominent Banker of Allen County, well known to Mr. Leichhardt, Cashier of the Jefferson County Bank, has just answered an inquiry, and states "we regard him FIRST CLASS." iMr. Jacobstein leased 75,000 acres of land in Allen County which has produced THOUSANDS OF BARRELS OF OIL, as well as being interested in other successful fields. He is a man of wealth himself, and can COMMAND UNLIMITED CAPITAL. You are EXTREMELY .FORTUNATE in securing a man of his knowledge and resources to take an interest in this undeveloped section. WE WILL ENDEAVOR TO SEE YOU AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE DATE. IT WILL TAKE SOMETIME TO SEE ALL. BUT IF YOU WILL CALL AT MY OFFICE, AT JEFFERSONTOWN, WE WILL TAKE PLEASURE IN EXPLAINING THE PROPOSITION. Yours for success, E. R. SPROWL. . De-int- AN CHURCH proposition of this magnitude. HIGHER SALARIES COLLEGES $010,-(KM)- fill No individual, nor set of individuals, with LIMITED CAPITAL, can accomplish much in a IT DEMANDS EXPERIENCE, AS WELL AS A VAST AMOUNT OF CAPITAL. THOUSANPS OF DOLLARS may have to be expended before re- Verdun offensive. places In the college, but says that If all educational Institutions could pay , well, there would be less of the dls iiMYRNA. content and reprouch "that has been coming for years from every college Mi. and Mrs. ,lac.;bafiaaJiklin with campus In the country." their daughter, Aliss e'sis, accompaniYale aluninl recently made this In ed by her friend, Mr. Jno. Gellhaus, crease pxmslble, In part, by gifts to otorcd to MiiiMille. taking Mrs. I.utz who was visitiiiu' Mm. Franklin their alma muter of more thnn for two weeks to hci home at that place. Cornell After Ten Millions. j, Hm Mis. Henry Martin and daughter. Cornell University Is starting a cam Mildred, and Mr. Charles Martin, pains for ten millions, to enable It P were week end cuests of Mr. and Increase snlarles that have not been Mrs. Beacon of Louisville. Mrs. Jacob Franklin recently enter adviinecil for nineteen yearH, profestained ns all day guests Mr. and Mm. sors receiving $3,285 a year, assistant Tist Sphlichler of Louisville. Mr. A. professors, $l,7."l, und Instructors, S. Riggs of Sale I nd. Mrs. Jesse ILQ99, To provide o smiill udvunce on Smith and sons of Hardstown Road, thehe ridiculous sulnrles, Cornell had Uesciamcs Ephurim Skilea and Ara to Increase her tuition fees 381-- 3 per Lues und Messrs Frank Bates and cent. President Bcbnrman refers to Jno Gellhaus. this Increase In the cost of education Mrs. Henry Martin entertained to students, "most of whom hnve narSunday Mr. Win Mitchell and wife row means," ns a truly deplorablu ami Mrs. McDowell and two sons, all necessity." And he goes on to suy: of Buffolo Ky. Also Mr. Jaa Mitch-ill- , "Hut seriously us It concerns Cornel1 wife, and two children and Miss professors und instructors, thut Isonh Anry Routt all of Louisville. A small sample of the Impending dun hi: ,Jas Cummins ind eon of The very life of higher edticn ID. are visiting relatives flere ger. Upn 'n the United states is menaced at present. Where are their successors to conv from? The reaching profession win ENTERTAINS FOR BIRTHDAY lie descried by the forceful ami Insplr lDg youth of the nation and beennw Mr. ami Mrs. Charres Zehnder gave the monopoly of dull and anambltloui .i delightful suppei in honor of their mediocrity," lauvhter, Edna' meenth birthday. Tech Goss to Industry. The house was r irattly decorated 'or the occasiiL Massachusetts Institute of Technolwhite lillies and pink and red mseg. The color ogy, which trains men who lead in the scheme was carried out In pink and bi). work of Industry In tills country, white on the refreshment table; in ts appealing directly to the Industrie, he .enter was a large decorated which benefit most from Its training niithday cake. Those present were: for funds necessary to pay salaries Mr. and Mrs. A.Ldph Burkhalter, men It Mr. and Mrs. John Kroger, Misses necessary to keep the type of Lena Frederick, l.orena Schilling, must have on Its teaching staff. It Lorena Schuefer, Catherine Gyr, seeks endowment from the groat man Thrcsa Frederick, Marie Schilling ufacturlng corporations to which It Agnes Dreisbach, Christine Schaefcr, furnishes experts and engineers for Florence Gyi, Edna Schilling, Edrta almost every department. Zehnder; Messrs u nliam Bridwell, These are only a few of the many Edward Schuefer, lysius Frederick movements In the direction of better Joseph Schuefer, Anthony Dreiaback, pay for college teachers. Practically Kun file Tobbee. Lunard Schuefer nil of the colleges, large and small, Carl Zehender. Mu ic. and dancing the same problem and program, were the fentuies of the afternoon have for the teacher is worthy of his hire and evening. Many beautiful presbig business, ents were received and all left wish- and knowB It. Business, ing Miss Zehnder many more happy is letting him know be can do better In the way of salury elsewhere, and is birthdays. urging him to consider a change. CHR1STS LU Ex- If oil is found it will make you INDEPENDENT. If NOT, you will not lose anything. l C1 i rr 1. iteuur, d. r. awing, vnai L,oyaer, H. Lotman, K. 0. Hardon of Nashville Wil-lin- The bride planning a big wed- ding wherein her bridal veil will aa9 ,T Tenn., Misses Ella Hobba, Cornelia Miss Ruth Farmer, of Fern Creek, Hurshull, May Carmichaei, Helen was the overnight guest Monday of McCondless and Maude Hoppe. Miss Mabel Bruce. Mr. mid Mrs. Henry Bierman of are in North Dakota visited Mr. Ed Bier-niu- n Birthday congratulations this week, It has order for The Jeffersonian. Mrs. T. B. Riley has been ill with The church can't afford to forget that motion pictures are attracting more and larger crowds of people than any other institution or cause operating at the present time. "squarely." TRANSYLVANIA Calvin Cootiooe , mass Ohio ' character. g aH v& iiiflaBnBnBT GEN. DUNCAN It may be on YOUR land. But you cannot ford to drill at your own expense. IT COSTS TOO MUCH. Then what is the best way to find out? rt GOING FORWARD EDUCATIONALLY BY CONSOLIDATING Churches and schools have made our country the greatest country in the world. Having said this, surely, we can not be accused of under-ratintfle value of our public school system in the past. But we had just as well face the truth and admit the fact that our own dear state has been glower than some others in "moving up" educationally, as the statistics, relative to illiteracy in Kentucky, enow. But thankful we are to be able to say that, today, we are beginning to put a greater value upon educational progress. There is just one thing in our favor us a state who has let other states progress; pioneer in educational namely we have the advantage of the knowledge gained thru their experience. Should we take advantage of this one redeeming point our educational futilities wlii although a Utile late measuring up to those of our aister states. Surely, it will be "better late than never." Should we fail to take advantage of past exper-fence- s but let's not even suggest auch a thing. On another page of this issue of The Jefferaonian will be found an explanation of the nature and workings of a consolidated school, based on the paat records of such schools which art now in operation. The publication of thU page hi paid for by public epirited citizens, who are aaxious to eee old Kentucky in the aPla. -- I mI KHaa aw BRIG Are You Coming? Well Do The Rest Don't forget that Strawberry and Ice Cream Festival Saturday, June 19th, 1920 bjr Lutheran Brotherhood, on the Mittler lawn. The Banner Council Band with Drum Corps, famous for its "rep" and "pep" will be there to treat you to good, crisp music. To be given Besides ice cream, strawberries, and all other kinds of refreshments, coffee and sandwiches will bp served. ""Stay for the Auction Sale of home-mad- e cakes and other good things. . No extra charge of admission. NEW YORK LOOKS TO FUTURE TtER LANDS m HENRY CLAY A PROFE880R COLLEGE. IN TRAN8YLVANIA It may be news to many Kentuck-- ! s thut Henry Clny. one of her greatest statesmen, was at one time a professor in Transylvania College, and thut be was a curator, after leaving the college for the Held of politics untile his death In 1852. Mr. Clay's vovered the threo yearn from 1804 to 1607. nn SOMEtHING NEW TRY IT Well, well, well! Did you ever hear of comaflouging radishes and making believe that you are eating Perhaps the H. C. L. has turnips? been the "Mother of such an Invention." Just go to work on the radishes and prepare them just as though you thought they- - were turnips and Presto, when they come to the table, they tell me, it would tiike some one as wise as Solomon to tell the difference I It's up to you to prove it. New York state ts letting the jump on other states In the matter of development of future timber lands. Barren lands are being replanted ae fast as cleared with the result that la SO to 60 years great tracts for wood pulp and Vumber will be available. New York Bute College for Forestry alone bae planted 191.000 trees in eight counties. The photo abowe one of the student crews at work. cut-ov- er The Jeffersonian $1.50 Per Year

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