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Image 4 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 17, 1920

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

m 17, the jeffersonian; dSV O l ED MM1! Illftl mo ENT IREL Y TO JEFFERSON C0 , SOUTH PARK THE JEFFERSONIAN JEFFERSONTOWH. Community New Bri.f 1, tW Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and Keep hi Commandments, for this is the whole duty of num. for God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil. Local CoitpU ICY. Ey TtosssT rubiisbtd Ui Ptopl I All tk Csaty for Schuster Bros, Big Reduction Sale Star tsTomorrow wa Miss Louise Churchman and Vesten Berry of this place, were married in u4 MMW Louisville Saturday June 12, by Rev. J. C. koskinson of Davison Memorial church. The bride is a daughter of PENILE NEWS. C. R. Churchman and the groom a son of Lon Berry, both well known farmServices at Penile church Sunday ers. May they both have all the was well attended, Rev. Stuckey has pleasure and none of the ills of this taken such preat interest in getting life. Sunday School started and there will work has progressed rapidly be services every Sunday afternoon theFarm week, everybody busy plantpast at three oclock. All are cordially in- ing, picking peas and strawberries. Mr. Shelton of Terre Haute Ind., vited to be present to elect officers. Carrithersville correspondent, you is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Carr. Archie Kappesser of the city was are so good at guessing, I really be- very attentive to one of the young lieve our Mickey of the Jeffersonian ladies Saturday, we call no names. told you who 1 was, but I missed him Haydon Boggess was a Sunday so much in last week's paper I will 'uest of Sam R. Armstrong and fam a not say h' word if he only comes back ily. n. n Mt. Holly had a tuu scnooi Sun with his t'ood advice. Rev. V. P. Henry preached sun day. Thank you so much for your kind day A. M. ami V. M. at Mt. nony Mrs. Addie A. Allen was an all words and encouragement Valley Stasistion correspondent and as you attend night guest at the home of her ter, Mrs. S. R. Armstrong . 1 hope to make your Penile church Johnson Longacre was in the city acquaintance in the near future. Mrs. W. T. Callings was called to Saturday. R. E. Rogers, carpenter, has been Detroit Mich., by the serious illness grand son, William Newconb, doing quite a good deal of work in of her but am glad to report he is some what Fail dale. E. V. Farmer, carpenter, is doing better at this writing. Miss Mildred Smith has returned to work for the Fishing Club. Miss Goldie Webb was a visitor at her home from Louisville where she the home of hre parents, C. S. Webb was attending school. Mr. J2. K. Godby, wife, and baby, and wife. Jesse G. Miles has returned home and Mr. Miss Mabel Thornsberry spent Sunday from a visit to his cousin, H. H. Casper of Louisville, Ky. afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnston and wife of Paduca Clover-port Price Graham and wife of Nicholson. and Mrs. James Lawson, Miss Mr. and Mrs. Luther Smith entertained Mr. and Mrs. Hagen and fam- Lydia Lawson, James Lawson Jr., of the City, were visitors at the homes ily of Louisville, Sunday. We had a nice shower of rain here of W. F. Miles and Sam R. Armstrong Sunday nijtht, which our gardens Saturday. The Dots furnisheiT ten gallons of realy needed. Kveryone here has been busy picking strawberries and cherries cream to treat the Reds, and everybut the next few days will finish them body brought baskets filled with good both for this season, but there is a things to eat and had a pleasant day .good prospect for blackberries, some in Armstrong's grove. '' Hydon Boggess was a Saturday apples, peaches and pears and plenty tof grapes, but what about sugar to night guest at the home of E. V. preserve them. C an anyone tell us7 Farmer. The pie supper at Pine Grove t'chool was well attended and everything passed off pleasantly. HUMMEL ft JONES C. A. HUMMEL, Editor Publusrar sbi $35 Suits Reduced to $2- 6- $40 Suits Reduced to ... Ti 28-POU- GAIN ND $45 Suits Reduced to j Every New Style, Fabric and Pattern and a Big Selection at That JsbbbbbbIMbbbbbI 'bbbVbbbbbbI We've too many suits on hand that's the simple reason and we are determined to reduce our stock turn them into cash and we're going to do it now tomorrow right at practically the beginning of the seasori when you want the merchandise. uSiiwSMil isupMnriL J' iWh f. been lowWhen you stop to realize that our clothing has always er in price even at the regular prices you can figure out for yourself what the BIG REDUCTION SALE MEANS TO YOU. and take our losses .! ill $1.39 Men's Sox Louisville, Ky., June 16 "I'll swear bv Trutonu and 1 never expect to be without it again. "And why shouldn't I? After I had spent JiMOureds oi doMfcrs. for other miii-Tineone Dottle W Trutona did me as much good as alT the rest put together. It placed my system in perfect condition and I've gained twenty In his eight pounds in the bargain." is what own words, the foregoing Trutona, the Perfect Tonic has done for Harry Lee, an employee of the Seelbaeh hotel, who lives at 1641 Gallagher Street, Louisville. trouble together with "Stomach of an attack of pneuthe after-effect- s monia caused a general breakdown behe continued, in my health came constipated and suffered headaches. My appetite was very poor, it seemed I never wanted anything but a cup of coffee. I didn't sleep well at night." "Well sly I weighed only 130 pounds when I began using Trutona tip the scales at 158 a but today fell just gam of 28 pounds. And My constipa like a new man. too. tion has been relieved. I haven't had a headache for weeks and my former nejOUBMM is a thing of the well, I eat nnst. and mv appetite more than my income will stand. I'm full of life now, enjoy myworKandi know I'm In perfect physical condi and my tion. My father-in-rathirteen-vear-olson also took Tru tona and it helped tnem greatly. My boy's strong and healthy and gaining weight now." Trutona is sold in Jeffersontown at Advertisement Oatey Drug Co. s, 1 1 w d Just what you want for Nobby, bright, new, seasonable Caps every desirable color and style.; regular $2.50 values Bro Davis of Indiana preached at . Newburg Sunday morning at 11 and of Men's Big assortment again at 7:33 and splendid crowds at both services. He left an appointshirts a 1 1 Summer ment for the 2nd Sunday in July. sizes and plenty The Ladies Aid had the church papered, bought a new carpet and employed a janitress. The Junior Aid furnished the shades for the windows and paint for tho wood work. Mr. and Mrs.. J. it. Shively, Mrs. Amos Yaeger and children aiid Mrs. Will Hart and Master Lee Roy Hart, i njoyed the outing at Fontaine Ferry Saturday, given for the teachers and pupils. Bro.. Claude Reader will probably preach at Newburg Sunday. Miss Katie Shively attended the Missionary meeting Thursday at Mrs. Ireland's. HII Mr. and Mrs. Amos Yaeger and hold office for o.t ear and it is very Master Arthur and little Miss Helen AUBURNDALE attended the rehearsal for Children's important that m li and every mem-b- e I'uy at Eastern Parkway Friday night r be present j huvs Lis Bay who Master Charles Vernon Thompson should be nomiiiitrd for the best in has had several sick spells lately. Dr. Hates attended him. Will Have Addition to terest of the do md community in general. It is mi elief that 1 should Mr. Laden Rains joined his wife School and Living Quart- be retired and win other man elect-- j who has been visiting her parents here for some time and will return ers for Janitor Club to ed to lie pn'sM. officer, SB 1 have home with him tomorrow. been in harness o r since July 1914. Mrs. J. II. Shivelv and Helen Nominate Officers VaegSI spent R day and night with Mr Mr. John SI;, a pioneer of this and Mrs. R. J, Cook last week. neighborhood ;uu:a Civil War veteran Mrs. Currie Crum, Mrs. BrisCOM guest attended services at Newhtu The Indies is dangerously iiui this writing. Mr. Auburndale, June 14 Sunday moning, also several visitors of St. Marks Lutheran church (rave a Sheilly located i: this neighborhood when a youio nun and hss lived Jn at night ami a number of Uncle Sam's boys at both services whom we always lawn fete on the church lawn last this section v n iiiCS. Saturday which was well attended and young A large hu m jf people, giacuy welcome. The Prey brothers rarae home from netted a neat sum. Kveryone pres and old, Mi'pii.,0 Mrs. Fred Gordon Transylvania last week and we are ent had a nite time, strawberries and Sr., last Sun. i, a: her home, it being so glad that Mr. Walter is to be with her aiinieisai a everyone attendream was served in abundance. time and rSfctful us nil summer. ing had a vei a a a wished her many lawy returns of Mrs. Fnima Hindis and children Will Build Addition to School the day. spent Saturday and Sunday in LouisIjn has made quite Mr. .1. H The conti actor lm began makinp ville. Mr. McFerran is having a large preparations to build an addition of an Improve!) e n t, ii Park by adding building at the cow barn built. two rooms and basement to the AuMro Davis was enteretained by Mr. entrance to the ark where sand and Mrs. John Hnrt and Mr. W. D burndale school, corner 3rd St and wiches, ice cram ic&. will be aerved Palatka roads, this fine building was to the public ilurir.ifB8 iummer. Lynam's family during his stay. Bro. Rogers will preach at New constructed about three years aeo burg the last Wednesday night in and at that time it was thought the June. MICKI;SAYS Because I do not know the parti i. n. nine: was large enough to accomoculars of Mr. Seabolt's accident which date the school children of this disoccurred Saturday morning, I shall trict for years to come, but the atonly mention it and while it was a tendance has "5N, vjb. SOTft, ftleat NNWO the building, terrible thin,?, I am sure we are all so os-ruvt vAtaa. wwrr niv the Board of Education has decided thankful it was not more serious. Mr. L. J. Stivers and daughter ana to enlarge the building by adding two FREWQ i OtfH Art Miss Ruth also were at Fontaine additionul rooms and living rooms v erry Saturday for the big day. in the basement to a.'conioUit'.e the' TO VNUW OUjrtrV j.unitoi rnd his famil ', J'his s CENTRAL GARAGE - eaaajrt "Ti uaimi i7s.i ,,i improvement that we must give CHANGES MANAGEMENT 22c Summer, weights; all colors and sizes; extra good quality. outdoors and vacation; all colors. $1.79 108-11- 0 SCHUSTER BROS. EAST MARKET Restorative Powers Told By Mr. Lee. 1 Caps Big values at J Remarkable And Convincing Story Of Trutona's Sport Shirts $1.00 Underwear Athletic and Balbriggan ( union suits, regular value $1.75, at $ 1 taW Wilson Bros, and Roxford to union . suits, values $2.00, reduced gjj Men's Shirts NEWBURG MAKING AFTER i, JK new man ;e Vh. ou T Bm- -j OF THEmGH RENT DISTRICT. SA VE THE DIFFERENCE. j il Om cur school trustee, Mr. Nick IS, ciedit for as he ias workel hard Hu-ze- r The Central Gampe, 'n iTslferiOtl town, which has for some time btl operated by Messrs Allen an I Buicc has been sold to Messrs Hundley and drawford who Will oon;'iiue to con duct tne business jnder the name of Centra Garage. This change took dilegently to build up the disfor t!i- - nasi sixteen yea s ever since he became a mem-bi- r the county school bonid and lift succeeded 'n giving this district a sclicol that is sec .H to noiif in Jt-place Monday. fcKon County. h's proved what 1 ft.'. Hundley is tna vi'ielv real estate auctioneer, tnd Mr. CfSW-- stated bevera weeks ago, that Mr. fiu is from Lonnvnle and .6 a fir;! Finzer is the ideal man for the posichad automobile nsebsjIM and wi tion as one of the five county school have charge of all the repair work commissioners to be elected under the new law in the county at large next I In rew nsJiMfPhti'tit will .inpreii at the patronage oi ell fonnti November, we say, Nick, put your patror.s of Allen am! Bruce and will hat in the ring and let your friends know that you are in the race not ona 1. solicit new )u oes.t. ly to win but to be of good service to all the schools of Jefferson County. Hi J BBmSSrr ' m HalHstam' t'.'W ( t0 1 mm 1 HllHHK&lMCsi - i out-grow- n Me Herd Uncle Sam Stocks Prison Farm With ft - ISKhI V'M TOTJ Wj IT'Ba' JH afl x sWBBA fllsa Wm , m BBBV WBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBl XBBBBBBSBBBBBBl ryinfm I " .. BW tal cost of the nerd was aoout $13,000 The highest pries for cow being $600 the lowest $176. Tne herd was purchased m Wis., the selections being made from seven large herds there The blgfast purchase was wau-kosha-c- o, Was C, pi aa Uncle 8am has gone to fanning In earnest. It la not experimental work but food production 'helping to answer the H. C. of L. problem in feeding hundreds of dependents dally. The farm idea Is In conjunction with the big federal pwstinWisrj at Atlanta, Oe, and is being worked out under the personal direction of Warden Fred O. Zarbet. Ttte newest addition Is the par- BSee Of a Dure bred HntatAln dairy herd comprising 62 cows, 11 calve and 1 ball calf. The to Bpssssk from the WfeaMmaln Maatnln herd, near Dousman, Wis. " nera is doing- line In the climate and la already . the aiDawttatinna hv - itanlf In anllb ....i. profits to about nine months. Three of the S bar alraadv ant m record of Vfht gaUons of milk y ana promise more. each oar One hunt I honor man fmra ids aaa nnw aa.. a ftrnJshlng wnk, cheese, butter, 7.ow i mww wuiawa lQ the big prison. ni. .T and trict school l' "JUST LIKE THE HINDENBURG LINE, EH DADDY?" ft aSWamSlll UNCLE SAM'S llff AWx OLDEST IXAIaMaMBH. f I Paint Book This Free "Him us Will ke Hiw wy Mphl to ti Paint Them" ya ui jut Painter illustration of Contain attractively painted home, chows beautiful floor plana, ivo aprrincationa bow to lact the riant color., alas information for painting roof., bam., buggiea, wagon., implainenia, re fi nuking woodwork and floora, decorating wall. TU all about of Nastic Paint ECZEMA Money back without queabon If HUNT'S Salve, fail, in ihe treatment of ITCHJtCZInfA, RUIOWORM, TETTER or OtSR ' l chMi,i akin Try . IS rent bo. at our title m OATEY DRUG CO., Jcffaraontown Tit liis That LutT This old reliable paint protect, and property aad enhance, it valuo. Zinc-Oda and It is iuat Pure White Lead. Genuine Unseed Oil. esataln Wakaat ISkWC a e ssV ' IbI smraL .jSlaBlaMBatfL. -- BBB BBaBsBi fJa bm BBBatai' "fl afl HSR E. G. rhoss 66 Hewitt Hdw. Co. Jffrsostows, by All Usdlsg the County K Destors is "iHj asssl sPiri!lauiiMBhuBS ISM BMBkSI arak a Nominate Club Officer Next Saturday night, June 19th, Improvement Clut the Auburndale will hold a meeting to vote on the changing of article 3 of the by laws and for nomination of officers to be elected the first Saturday in July to Will On daddy's knee a famous knee, toca Warrea Pershing, son of General Pershing, watches his daddy's A. B. P. bona, "Jeff," take the hurdles m the horse show at Washington. Many Washington little boys watched Warren ait on the lap of the great soldier and 'hey ootid do tho ansae. 1 beaoti-fioayo- FOR SALB BY I H jSatHsrBBl Swiss Cleaners and Dyers Brig. Gen. Horatio Oaten otb n, U. 8. ., retired, to tho obtest vine graduate of Wean tv... Unitary Academy. He celebrated hto d birthday on Mas it INCORPORATED Louisville, Ky. HAVE ARRANGED A REGULAR RUN TO JEFFERSONTOWN AND SURROUNDING TERRITORY FOR THE BENEFIT OF THEIR NUMEROUS PATRON. YOU PARCEL POST PACKAGES WILL BE GIVEN QUICK ATTENTION LET US CLEAN YOUR CARPETS OF ALL KINDS IN Ollk NEWLY IF YOU MISS THE TRUCK. OPENED RUG DEPARTMENT & GI AC ALONE, Phone 59 . BRANCH OFFICE: WIGGINTON

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