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Image 3 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 17, 1920

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

nJ as wen - I STOP Being Robbed SCOUVuh and inefficient cream separation methods isuch as the gravity system) is actually robbing them of this much profit per Out-of-da- te cow. Swedish dairy farmers have stopped Their farming conditions have compelled them to do so. Their demand for perfect, wasteless cream separation has produced the closest- skimming, easiest - running machine in world the Viking We want to show you bow to all cream waste. VALUES OF DAIRY Leader Fight Against C Judged From loonomy and Hour lahment Furnished. lower in price, it is made of the very finest materials scientifically constructed in each and every detail. That's why We Guarantee It For A Lifetime PHONE MAIN 1345 hops Free Demonstration in y J " growth-promotin- Farmer Sold Registered Holsteln far $60 That Afterwards Proved to a Worth 16,000. (Prepared STOP AT THE Repairing:, Blacksmith-in- by the Unites States Department of Agriculture.) When a certain farmer a raw years ago sold his registered Holsteln bull to his local batcher no records had been made by any of the ball's daughters. Within a year 11 of the daughters freshened at the ages of two and three. Records were then made of milk and butterfat production, and to the astonishment of everybody the average milk production was 14,602 pounds and the average butter-fa- t production was 678 pounds. Bat before these records were available the bull was dead and his hide had become leather. Because there were no records, a $5,000 bullikpad been sold for $50. The cowteeVng association tests the dams and daughters, and the boll association makes Bardstown Road Garage g and Horseshoeing. INCLUDING REPAIRS These Implements made at the factory right here In Louisville can get parts at any time : AasssisBBaassBL Full Line McCormick Repairs High-Clas- JOHN M. SCHMITT LOUISVILLE. KY. DRYING EXPERIENCE IS MY GUARANTEE CREAM CANS IP COWS NEGLECTED Some cows are inclined to keep up the heavy milk flow until calving time, and the dairyman ia apt to neglect drying them up. Some cows dry themselves while others must be dried up by the milker. Care must be taken or the odder will be Injured. The best practice la to cut off the grain feed, giving no grain at all, and in some cases giving less of other feeds. The cow should be milked only once day for n few days, and then the period lengthened until only once in four or five days. This should be kept op until the flow has entirely Cleaned and Pressed Panama and Straw Hats Cleaned and Reblocked LOOK LIKE NEW LOUISVILLE, KY. Cafe PARCEL POST DELIVERY Manufacturers of FAIRMOUNT. Pure Ice Cream Special Prices Given to Picnics and Give mi a trial. PANELLI BUEOHEL, KY. S. S. Class Entertain. Fairmount.' .Tims a ti. r lueui ..w n 4 lie t?:ji;. Class of Cedar Creek 8. S. and their teacher, Mrs. J. B. Wjird met with the beautiful JiT rwnw'er t Mr. and Mrs. parents, T.T: They had as their Saturday evening. guests the young . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOTH FOR Some Animals Inclined to Keep Up Heavy Milk Flow Until Calving Time Care la Needed. LADIES' AND GENT'S GARMENTS OPH6NES A. i A great part of the value of keeping cream cool on the farm and at the station or creamery Is lost If the cream u exposed to the direct rays of the sun while being hauled from the farm to the point of sale. Far too few people stop to realise the Importance of covering their cream cans when bringing Expensive Jacketed them to town. cans are not a necessity to keep the cream cool. In aummer weather just an ordinary piece of wet burlap thrown over cans will keep the temperature of the cream as much as 20 degrees below what it would rise to tf left uncovered while being transported over the average hauling distance. Calas Skillful Hatter and Dry Cleaner Church Socials. i Great Part of Varus Is Lost If Product Is Exposed to Sun While Being Hauled. RIEDLING Two Doors From Maazoni'. Wn ji Purebred Bull. s COVERING Chafe. P. Home Phone City 130S a Registration alone cannot guaranRegistered dairy tee production. bulls should be backed by good proWithout record duction records. uacklng they may be very well bred, but there Is nothing to prove It Hay, Grain, Oaiw Feed and Mill Feed 216 5. Third St. a W chat bull. Try me for your Feed tee to save you money. MY 15 YEARS ?r w to keep a bull until his laughters hare been teated. These two associations would have saved LOUISVILLE, KY. 601 East Jaffirson St. attend th i ho. Sdawi J" in wirosuments occnainn On k. irsAeSra-S- C i Teas and Coffees Soaps and Wash Tomatoes pound can tomatoes. 2 pound can La Huerta brand, per cap. 1 . . .15c . 17c 10c Peas AcanA peas, per can 15c Waverly, extra sifted June, per can 20c Red Fox, early June, per can. . 18c Corn Golden San Tow, per pound. ..30c Golden Rio, per lt 40c Manhattan, per lb 45c Arbuckles, per lb 45c Evening Cup, per lb 50c Reception, per lb 55c Pendennis, per lb 60c or 2 lbs for $1.15 v Royal Garden tea, pound package 17 He Royal Garden, Ice teaU pound package 17 He Royal Garden black, hi pound package 20c Keymark sugar corn, 1 ib. and 4 oz can 15c Elkhorn brand, per can 18c Country Gentleman, per can . . .20 nii afternoon. Mrs. Henrv Willi and little Nellie Walls visited Mr. SOi Mrs. J. H. Walls this week. .. , Mr. and Mrs. gjs.Bogafd ot unio, are visitine Mr. ttcj Mrs. Richard Easley and other relatives. a tW sn artunrlpH the nuiuiiK Home Coming Susday from Louis ville, were: Kev. e, u. Stevens, nev. Chester Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Choroning, Mrs. Ula Reid, Mrs. A. G. Thurman, Mr. and Mrs. Uari wife and Mr. Lee Howell, daughter, Cecil, and two young ladies from Clifton church. These voiinir ladies fsvered the crowd witn two very pretty songs. The mail route on tne Barcirown mad is now comajg as far as Mr. h. O. Carrithers. t The Womens f. M. U. win meex vincr'e churcB Wednesday after noon. They are kpecting Mrs. Wil- hoyte of MA- wapington to De wun them on this occhion. Mis Kathennei Helton has tne tan at Edge Wood. ( , wig-einto- Lenox, per bar Pee Gee, 2 bars for Tag Soap, 2 bars for Ivory Soap, 2 1 2 for. bars for . FDR Tip Top Bread .09c Loaf SATURDAY ONLY Fresh Fish Fresh Blue Salmon Every Friday Fresh Meats We Have Some Laugh With Us at the High Cost of Living. of all kinds Sugar We will make all deliveries within reasonable distance. YOUNG BROTHERS Cumb. Phone 62 JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. EASTWOOD with the prospect of getting a church Mr. and Mrs. Herbert dwell of here. Louisville were the guests of Mrs. J Cissell's parents, last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jfcivenun-t- . Continue 111 Revival Start. June ST Mr. Breed Melone continues very Miss Minnie Psjsitnbeirv v.'n"iT7I On Sunday nght, June 27, there weak and suffers continually. It is guest Friday afternoon of Miss Kath- will be a Baptist revrval start at the LJ,J. iereu now ne win never wn oe any leen rearce l ueer 'T am sorry say. everyone Mrs. W. T, Duvaul and children of Ai- h suffering Crestwood were the guests Thursday s'raPath,.zes Wlt ' hlm The re- - and are hopin he may yet week, preaching at: nurht t well, I of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Melone. vival will be conducted by Kev. t. b. there s no man in this community who . . A Tl n.-.i- .t Stevens, pastor of Clifton Baptist h mr 18 mi8Sed mor? fte- din last Thursday aftonoon arrangchurch. Everyone is cordially invit-jwn- o . him, he is said ed to come and hear ... a..ments were made for th. annual ico T, ... ........ . . wv,., preacher, the the school house Saturday night for cream social on tne iourtn of July, to be a wonderful it Wjn be held in the Eastwood school motive in having this revival is for the benefit of the church, there was building. Everyone is cordially in-- a large crowd present and a sum of visited to come and bring friends and the purpose of organizing i Baptist about 50 dollars was realized, which church here. A Sunday School was will be used in purchashing song have a good time, , . w M. Li. there books and other things needed in the organized Sunday afternoon, 1" .... ... V...1.. was a good attendance and a great ' guests of Mr. and Mis. lvry Casey. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Meal of manifested. deal of interest Misg Ethe, Monday 8pont ana, ight wth Mjss Kathleen Pcarce. Martin, Mr. Sampson and Mr. Ever-ett-e was tne guest last ounaay oi mr. v i tiusuy. ad as hex Mrs. A. H. Sturgeon Davenport and daughter of Cliff-to- ;l is. Mrs. Curb Hinkle and dautrhter. guest last week her old friend and and all Baptist church came out Miss Pauline Hinkle of Middletown, scnool mate, airs, jenaens una on ui gave interesting talks, which were were the guests of Miss Ivey Casey Louisville. help to everyone present. 0ne afternoon last week. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Smith were a great The song service wm also splendid, Mrs. Max Pearce spent Sunday guests at dinner last Sunday of Mrs. Julia Sturgeon. We all feel very much encouraged with relatives at St. Matthews. i pt,j i,i i,.i i.jj. , v... ?"ML"L pfe, . n Unusual Tires SEATONVILl E Public Library ''as Seatonville, and were placed in the u nw. nf Mr. pirs John Phillip?. Mr. Phillius i wilt serve as Librarian, la ... i snd will tee gryinea if the people will take advan- f her communi of such a splendid opportunity. nut .Un Monday ou last l IF HI OUT Here's i A.A Fi iddH that are different in their good look, and in their construction. An extra ply of fabric, an extra heavy tread and generous oversize make a tire of remarkable endurance. Next Time BUY FISK SAGE TEA Gram intother1 Darken TIRES TURNING S CENTRAL GARAGE s Recipe to Beautify Hair. JEFFERSONTOWN m.. hutlful, even ahada of dark. Klossy hslr can ohhr be bad by brewojSaga Tea and ing a mlxtur hah is your charm. It Your or mars tte face, When It makes fades, turns f Sag application or Its appearanceand a hunenhance! dredfold. prepare the mlz-Don't bothsr get can tbla nunoui old KENTUCKY Bul-nh- l" HEDTOP Bul-ph- w, the addition of recipe ImproT other lnirreiff Is email cost, all called Wyeth's ready for use. Bare and Sulphur Compound. This can lapoa) to bring always be dP back the natural color and lustre ot J"Wyeth's" Sage and vsrybody BtalnbuT Compouaj now because It nsturalbr and evenly that darkens so applied, nobody can ou slmplf dsmWtta, aponge or soft lbl through with u B12 brush email strand at a tha hair, taklec gray hair has tim.Tby moraine ,Dd dWppr,a' f1" beautifully dark and Inetroua This I01 lb a delightthose who de- ful teUet reaoh "oer W.uV Pfftto aipll-nttbwo- in ISc Wash Powders, per package 09c Star Naptha wash powders small package 05c Star Naptha wash powders, large package 09c Lux, package 12 He Babbits lye, can 12Hc Lewis lye, can 14c SPECIAL Louisville T! 19c Washing Powders ' PUBLIC LIBRAjtt 9c ISc ISc bars for Palm Olive Sosp 2 bars Octagon Soap, 08c 15c Package or 2 for 25c Golden Star, yellow peaches, per can 25c Perry and Brook brand peaches. per can 30c Sun Kist brand peaches, large can, per can 50c meetings. Mr. Caaey Mr. and Mrs, hn Walls and y in Louisville family spent Stj with Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Walls. Mr. W. T. Cal Iters and family mntnrarl to J(M lontown Sunday Powders All Rolled Oats Peaches correspondents that we meet at the. . . i uua . n i unv r air gTOunui .Li. "roe. ii' uuiuj hi iu others, a going to make hear from an.effort to be present where ever we'meet jjA its at all possible, I think it is an Irairetion to better work to it practicable guaran- D. Canned Goods Hirschs, 2 lb. and 4 oz. can. . 25c Westfield, 1 lb. and 5 oz. can. .10c Heinz Baked Beans, 11 ounce can, per can 15c Suggest Meeting At Fair Mr. Editor, tome of us are already thinking and talking about our meet ing of the correspondents tor this vair. and I SUMPS ted to one of our SaBBallTsdai' nfefasafj VaWT" W tmW R. The whole family can help mother in planning meals if they'll but take time to go over the lists arranged below which are only a few of the many GROCERY values that can be had at our store. Come in and see our prices on other goods which are all marked in plain figures. w W Edna, little aanghter, of Mrs. Annie Badge t is very IB. .They took her to Louisville Khars several doctors examined her. She his locked bowles, I the doctors sj an operation "may be aerious. Wa sincerely hope ahj will IMPLEMENTS FULL LINE CHAMPION FARM THESE PRICES Pork and Beans Carrithersville, June 15 Another celebration at King's church second Sunday in June has come and none. and with it the usual good times that we always have with friends on this occasaion. We were only there in'the afternoon, but enjoyed every bit of the time, heard Bro. L. C. Stevens subject "Marv and the Ala. baster box, giving the best to Jesus" Were glad to see some or our correspondents at this meeting: BETTER TO KEEP GOOD BULLS HIGHLAND 376 EAST 903 OVER Chum, white salmon, per can. .15c Lilly brand, per can 25c Rocky Point, red salmon, per can 35 CARRITtlERSVILLE their nse. LOUISVILLE, KY. Second Street 2228 Bardstown Road LOOK Salmon tl DISTRIBUTORS A Pi g" " k, Automobile Accessories, I m k, Card & Powell June 17, 1920, Charles came on his ihi a side csr at- - On hor return to Barron from Berea College where she had lour cnuaren in coiiege, a sister of Mrs. Hutcheneon and two of her j.iufht.n atAnned nvor ,..;u Hutchenson tor a lew days visit last week. uanon Hutchenson has Master gone to Illinois to be with an uncle Mr. Tailor ana suenu nign School Mr. Floyd Mttler was an all day of Trevor Lee Hawkins on Sun. oay. vf y mi ... mnA MM. Rllfnrrf Uh..l tr i , ac- r- "" " m compained by Miss Nettie Hawkins and Mrs. uwe uean, motored to King's church "to the Home Coming on Sunday afternoon. Though too late to get into the house they had an interesting though sad visit to the old grave yard where rests many friends of days past and gone, and whose monuments call up happy memories wnicn mey aeiight to cher ish. Among these were the Rev William Rarnet. Mr nnH Mm l,.. tins Wheeler, Mr. snd Mrs. Wesley Drake ana ssrs. riorence t i Msrkwell. L. H. ' FT . the most popular machine in the world today And, .'though it ia Over One Million In Use lit South vm . vwuia k.. At c Since the high coat of living Is still problem and since New York U one of the two foremost dairy states of the union, the workers In dairying and home economics at the state college at Ithaca, N. Y are calling renewed attention to the relative cheapness and high food values of dairy products. To eat these products la to Increase the prosperity of the stats and to decrease the drain on the pocket-boobecause, the folks at Ithaca say, there Is a doable advantage to the New York housewife, from the viewpoint of economy and of nourishment, If she makes a larger use of them In the family diet. Not only do these foods contain the g substances needed by children, but they are among the cheapest foods of animal origin in respect to protein and lime content. IV.QICU H UKil UI liCVUl AASJBWSUS cottage cheese foxes last week and has so far caught Whole milk, sklm-milfrune snd American cheddar, or common rKwia until the Aid nf "store" cheese, are good, cheap foods and the workers at Cornell advocate 3 V CREAM IT PRODUCTS In Get All The Cream With A IsV .TV ride, which was a new n.,ri , lightful experience to them. Those who enioyed the evemn? tnMtKr war; Mr. d Mrs. Buford Wheeler, Mesdames John Ward, Ralph Shake, Farmer BrowV and Clyde Piersou: Vena Waldridge, Misses Mabel Wheeler, saw ournn, zelma Ash, Wills mason, iuw dunnson, Uertrude Glasaer, HtasWth Mason; Messrs Marvin Ash, Karl Ward, Flovd Mil ler, Trevor Lee Hawkins, Charles Williams, twsay oumn, uiaud Swan Robert Mason, Howard Wheeler and Macey am:in.t to dO( REAM waste is costing thousands of American dairy farmer! $20.00 per cow per year I Mlirl from the Amy. new motor Of Your Cream Profits jBFfctllSON C60NTT PBVOTKP KNTIRELi tf nRBNHUMi THB FISKTIRES sBsMa 1

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