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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 17, 1920

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

THE JEFFBKSCJNIAN, DEYvTED INTIREL mckens Ill 11 I DON'T LOSE ANY TIME be disappointed. SUITS THAT ARE WORTH $30.00 AND $32.50 $24.75 SUITS THAT ARE WORTH $37.50 TO $42.50 $29.50 Work Shirts Worth $1.75 At $1.45 Worth $2.25 At $1.75 Worth $2.50 At $2.00 Men's And Boys' Furnishings And Shoes Too. S BLOOM & SON Keep The Qualify Up 202-20- LOUISVILLE, Cane Seed, per bushel Sojo Beans, per bushel Millet Seed, per bushel Cow Peas, per bushel Yellow Dent Corn, per bushel Johnson County Corn, per bushel Boone County Corn, per bushel Northern Field Corn, per bushel , $2.50 $5.60 $2.75 $6.00 $3.50 $.t.50 $3.50 $3.50 d, kme Phone City 606 in protein, i such as meat scrap, will prove most profitable and will produce eggs at the lowest cost There is no one best ration for all be fed interchangeable, depending on their availability and price. ut 8m TAX FREE IN KENTUC r r 7fo First OnS P Prefer? Stock Lf nearly This company has a htstoryoeration, one hundred years of successful Divi5&d Price, 97 V and Accrued Complete circular on request Mrfjf' MS At C- - Bros Wiilson & Co. WASHES POISONS ky. FROM THE LIVER At AUCTION Saturday, June 19, 1920, 4 p. m, 35 Acres Garden Land 5 Acres ROAD, AT ROGERS STATION ON TAYLORSVILLE 2a MILES FROM CITY LIMITS . Everyone should drink hot water with phosphate In It, before breakfast. To fern ns nne as mo provcrDini flddlo wo must keep tne liver waaueu clean almost every morning, 10 prevent 'its sponpe like pores from clog ging with indigestiDie material, sour lille and poisonous loxiua, aaya a. uuimi physician. If VOl KPl UeaUBCIiea, u a juur uybi. Tf vnn catch cold easily, It's your liver. If you wake up wun a oau iaie, lurreu tnnmia nastv breath or stomach be-- . rnmes rancid. It's your Uver. sallow. skin, muddy complexion, watery eyes all denote liver uncieannness.i xiour( ver Is the most, important, aiso me must abused and neglected organ of Its function or the body. Few knowdanimed-ubody to release tho wosi ioiks wgtA f bile and. toxins, . . " L.L inrt to VIOieni caiomei, wuicu is dangerous,' salivating chemical which can only bo used occasionally because it accumulates In too tissues, aiso w 3 .. .iuw-v.....- . be- - - n. "-V- i 1 1 w ut? The Market Today CAN MAKE DELIVERIES ON SHORT NOTICE Co Schuler-Bau- er (Incorporated) FOR A DEMONSTRATION Dealers In Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles ST. MATTHEWS, KENTUCKY Both Phones Cumb. St. Matthews 67 Home Crescent 99 V- pj .tng 1 Fidelity & Columbia Trust Co., Executors, or PINK VARBLE, Auctioneer. I Advertiieaisa L BSSSSSSSSSBSSBt SB Seed Co. JULIUS WOLFF. Proprietor G HfcBIQ STOCK OF V , Mlt. Lime, Cemeini, Fertilizer STOPJN AND SEE US CENTRAL SEED CO. Brook and Jefferson Sts. Louisville. Ky. TTOW, MITT WmTSmJ entirely Buy A Service And Keep Up With Your Neighbor Watch Them On the Roads Weber's Distributors SERVICE MOTOR TRUCKS Market Street Between Jackson and Hancock Louisville, Kentucky dows. with- - i Worst Enemy iier'. Beit Friend Rat-Sna- Rat. p the words of James Bax- Ever since I tried RAT- always kept it in the r flails. Used about 18.00 a vear and fiir- roe $30o In chicks, eggs TSNAr is convenient, cake, no mixing with Three sizes, 25c, 50c and guaranteed . by m a ami. s assv."tAhort CTersontown, and W. H. Is inexpensive and any pharmacist will a quartei blch is sufficient for a denv pound, onstratlon of how hot water and llmt Btone phosphate cleans, stimulates an freshens the liver, keeping you teelloj at day fn.and dsjMiut. IQET YOUR SHEDS AT one-four- th stances the windows . jBoth Phones. A Demonstration Will Prove That The Dodge is Unquestionably The Best Buy On en-as- and 5 acres respectively he , in a attacks the j. niverv man ana woman, sick :, .. hould arlnk eacii morning , urmnrp nn MpArlnm rnads with in one hundred yaius oi ui uui side fore breaarasi a gm limestone wir phoateasDOonful of rich heavy crops on either with ?,Utric Station. The It. sale is nno. ht tntne ' to wash from otne liver ana The J..... iuui&oohuio a nrnnf of the fertility of same. previous uajr lnlnsclll.U bowels be sold to the material, the Ptt.1P an and will ,' toxins, iuu aij bidder. estate affords thetherefore only opportunity that d This highest 14S OH TWIfl J pan recall at this time wnere tanu m ui nTTOl . ,tomach nhnanhnta nnen not rtaM etrtct the diet like calomel, becauseilf neighborhood can be had at your own price. can pot salivate, for It Is harmless and 3 years or before you can eat anything afterwards.' It TERMS: 44 cash; balance 1, 2 and almost tasteless, and These two tracts, Hodtto of an inch across the both sides-.- This crack ad. beneath a peaked roof I of screen wire having holes kugh for flies to go through, long its to at inter- flies enter this space, as- bugh the holes into the up- or the. trap and are un- Tbe sides oi the trap. of ordinary screen ..made t inward and upward in two folds running across the is near the bottom and top. of the screen are secure- and a series of small holes the inner edge of each The flies, in trying to it through the window, the folds an denter the rough the holes. They to escape, because on the folds form a projecting makes it next to impossi- fly to retrace las steps. lows Shodid Be Darkened is especially well adopted barns where the flies do numerous places for il barns in which animals id exit. It is also more lore or less constantly than barns Where the cows in only at milking time latter "conditions the flies barns on the cows and in on the walls until after ave been turned out. osrns are tightly closed daytime and the windows darkened, pratically all catch themselves in try- through the trap win it HOT WATER ' "!!""' &S" Fidelity & Columbia Trust LOVISVtUE. Known For It's Durability And Simplicity itsnglements are so arrang- fther trying to leave the enter it are caught. lie bottom of the trap is a , B C. inexpensive and can be lyone with a box, oi box screen wire. The frame- trap should be made so fit snugly into the barn intended for its use, pie fer tile bigest side of the barn to the stock kept within. The We recommend this stock for Investment A rrof. toy used in capturing adults or leave the barns. is said, is undoubtedly re under certain condi- the advantage of catch- bu the the stable fly snd other undesirable d KY a states Department o after a thorough inquiry of trapping stabie ends as a successful trap FEED FOR GROWING CHICKENS As soon as chickens will eat whole wheat, cracked corn, and other grains, chick feed can be elimthe small-sizeinated, in addition to the above feeds the chickens' growth can be hastened if they are given sour milk, 3kim milk, or buttermilk to drink. (irowing chickens kept on a good range may be given all their feed In hopper, mixing two parts by weight of cracked corn with one part of wheat, or equal parts of cracked corn, wheat and oats in one hopper, and the dry mash in another. The beef scrap may be left ut of the dry mash and fed in a separate hopper, so that the chickens can eat all of this feed they desire. If the beef scrap is to be fed separately it is ad Invest6" A Safe MOTOR CAR Buy A Car With A Reputation ' Sons M. Wolff & H egg-layin- E MARKET KENTUCKY. 4 UH HHU Dodge Brothers tch going fast For style and quality they are in the "Twin Six" class. For value and price they equal a "Ford." Head this way and "give her gas" you will not Worth $2.25 At $1.69 Worth $3.00 At $2.00 Worth $3.50 At $2.50 ' bad res uits. kens confined to small yards amvays oe supplied with green reed, fine cnarcoal, grit and oyster shell should be kept before the chickens at all times, and ended or ground bono may be fed where the chickens) are kept in small, bare yar but the latter feed vis not nece I for chickens that have a good rang CHICKS SHOULD BE TAUGHT HENS REPAY GOOD FEEDING TO ROOST AT AN EARLY AGE BY BETTER EGG PRODUCTION It is often Advisable to the "There isn't any money In hens. chicks to roost when 8 to 12 weeks of Of course, we want fresh eggs and age. When they are allwed to replenty of chickens to eat oh our own main on the floor ft is difficult to table, but as for their being a money-makin- g keep them clean and to keep them propsition there's nothing to from crowding, If wide roost 8 to it. Why, they dom even pay for 4 inches are used there is but little, their ' keep." rJ more danger of crooked This statement is often heard on brewts than if the chicks are allowed the lips of farmers who give these to remain on the floor. fowls very indifferent care, and do The chicks can generally be taught not keep any records of the cost of to roost by puttin gthe perches near feeding or of the receipts returned the floor and placing with them one or A flock of poultry properly managed two oM hens r lder chicks that are in on a farm will return a greater profit the habit f roosting. If this plan is than under any other conditions be inconvenient or does not prove effec cause they pick up a large amount tive, the chicks may be placed on the of waste products and only a com par perches after dark for a few nights, atively small amount of feed has to until they have learned to go there be bought. Much greter returns of their, own accord, say poultry would be secured from the average specialists of the United States Defarm Hock if the poor layers were partment of Agriculture. culled out, as some of the birds hard When one has only a few chickens ly pay even for this feed which has it is less trouble to purchase the his Keeping oi a to be purchased. feed? but where ran. free boarding house for a lot of hens siderable number are reared it is is as poor business, however, for the sometimes cheaper to buy the flnelv general farmer as it is for the poultry cracked grains and mix them togethman who is making a business of egg er. Many chicks feeds contain a production. large quantity of grit and may conA hen that lays no eggs requires tain grains of poor quality, so that as much feed and care as one that they should be carefully examned lays many. The tnrifty see to it and the quality guaranteed before that their flocks consist of layers. they are purchased. Requisites For Egg Production g Hens of a good strain MAKE WAR ON will lay more eggs, in the course cf THE STABLE FLY a year than will a flock of mongrels. In the majority of instances it is not With the approach of that season feasible to sell the old flock and start one; but, if of the year when the stable fly is most a new standardbred standardbred roosters are used to numerous and its injury to live head the flock for three or four gen- stock most acute August and Septerations, the resulting flock will re- ember it behooves the fanner to semble purebred fowls. The better way, however, is to get hatching eggs prepare for meeting the enemy ,id from a good strain of purebred fowls. protecting his stock as much ss possiCulling must be practiced in si) ble from its attacks. In turn the flocks if a profit is to bwmade. In farmer will be protecting himself al the better flocks few birds will be dis- so, for aside from its annoyance to carded, but in the ordinary farm numan beings the stable fly is suspectHock from 40 to GO per cent art ed of playing an important part in the carrying of certain diseases oi often found to be poor layers. Only a little practice is required notably infantile paralysis. before a person can readily diatttf-- f natural tune for taking meas- guish between a good laying hen andl ures ainst the stable fly is when it C ounty a poor one. and hme dem- is u immature stages, and there is on to believe that by prop- onstration agents give this informa- tfOu ng for substances in which tion by means of demonstrations and trly he United Stales Department of Ag- it br the insect may be kept well riculture has published u circular unde trol. Unfortunately, this is which tells how to cull. not ays done, and the fly baa feeding is one of the most impor- reac,, its adult stage ad begun its tant factors in egg production) On worle injury before its menacing poor rations hens will live and even pres. is felt. It is then very diffi- keep in fair health; but cult bat and guard against palatable feeds are necessary to get VlC means are used both for good egg production. The additional prou the animals and for exter- cost of a good ration compared with .1niiiv e flies. Among these are a poor ration is repaid many times rapbe effective, however, the by the extra eggs obtained d its. especially defcigned rule the simplest-fee- d mixtur uarry, as it is lm In coming here if you want to get the pick of these SUITS FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN they are Khaki Pants I I scrap before the at the start without L own. "The Stable out traps should be durfcened by hang- formation concerning ing gunny sacks over them. This Flv: How to Prevent Its Annoyances may be done so ss not to interfere and Its Losses to Live Stock" is The darkness tsined in Farmers' Bulletin 109 with the ventilation. ana the flapping of the sacks in the cently issued by the Department of Copies of the bulletin wind will drive the flies to the more Agriculture. re entllf iivm, M wiiiuuwu cum - the department at Washington, D. C. aiirarLivu ll.Ll ui lue m4 Kn ay be had free, upon Tequest, from Pd with the traps. OATEY Much interesting and valuable in- - the Department st Washington D, G. D

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