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Image 11 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 17, 1920

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

daMje4 pa filfwd as waived H. 6:48 P. M. and i firaat I i BLACK RUS auerns $35.00 $8 $4.98 $2.49 $5.98 ne Shirta. Uippers Leather Slippers. .$2.98, $3.98, $4.98 3. . . .$2.98 ill shades; Plaid S e Silk" Waists.' $6.98 .' .' .' .' $ai.98 tal Lace and Button Shoes; very $3.98 Shoes; special $3.98 Men's Dress Shirts; swell patterns; $3.00 ..... values $1.69 $3.98 $5.98 Army Shoes Men's Army Shoes jooys Ladies' White Oxfords $2.48 Ladies' Fancy Stripe and Plaid Plaited Skirts; special $6.98 Extra Fine Amoskeag Gingham Dresses; Children's 10 to 14; special $2.48 Blue Serge Confirmation Suits Boys' All-wo- ol special .....$12.98 Extra Special, White Bed Spread, extra quality $2.98 Ladies' New Style Voii Waists; extra fine $1.98 Just received very fine Boys' Suits at Special, price 8 to 17 $9.98 Dress Gingham; assorted colors; per yard 25c Ladies' Amoskeag Gingham Street Dresses; fast colors; special ..$2.98 Men's B. V. D. Union Suits ,.$1.75 Men's Athletic Union Suits, extra value .98c Fine Straw Hats, $6.00 values, at $2.98 Boys' Shepherd Plaid Hats; $1.10 value 49c ISAACS Preston and Market Sells Better Clothes for Less. Out of the High-rent Horn LOUISVILLE, KY. Mail Orders Filled. District Highland 36 l Cumb. Ernst 318-- STOP AT eckel , DOUP'S POINT, For The Best of Everything to Eat At Honest Prices to All Fancy and Staple Groceries FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES CANNED GOODS, ETC. Dried Fruits, Raisin and giving ' failed to effect a curs OhriU zatlon continued to suffer came unendurable local anesthetics ' Included under the "Social Welfare made the patient temporarily more easy. They allay otherwise hart pro f Suffering. XV By FRANK COMERFORD. For nearly (our hundred years Rotate waited for morning. It waa a night. Brutal dreams tortured her. Sht writhed In despair. Time The clock, ticked moved slowly. a ro Dies. The air waa thick with groans. Motherhood bore slaves. The cradle waa a coffin. Feast days were celebrated by massacres, mars rrom Ivan the Terrible. 1M4, to Nicholas, the last of the Romanoffs, executed In 1018. need the bodlea and souls of human beings aa manure to fertilize the toll In which the rank weed' of Imperialism grew. History calls them emperors, troth labels them brutes, torturers, murderers. They bore the brand of Cain. It waa a llghtJeta day, a hopeless night for Russia, which began with tie curses of Ivan and ended with the execution of Nicholas During this night of three hundred and seventy- five years they marched the treadmill. The world beard the endless tramp of feet In the dark, great bodlea awayed Heavy shoulders with weariness. Strong legs were bent forward. marked time on the treadmill steps. They kept time to the lash of the whin. It laid bare tbetr backs the backs of young and old, of women and children as well as men. Sweat formed Into red froth aa It mingled with their blood. They grew blind in the dungeon darkness They stumbled end halted, only to be called back to the monotony and drudgery of the tramp by the lash and the bludgeon. Their less rote snd fell they marched, but never forward. It was left, right left right; tramp, tramp, and always on the treadmill steps in the hopeless dark. They mumbled prayers but God couldn't bear, the curses of their mas ten drowned out their petlaontngs It waa so dark la the treadmill that even God could not ate, and to God forgot Russia. Forgotten, abandoned, they bent their great weary backs to ward the sod, the grave offered res- tThe only thing they It was kind. owned wsa their pains They lived communism of suffering, a socialism of slavery. The revolution of 1817 battered down the door of the treadmill. Seised with wild Joy, they madly rushed toward the light When they got out In the open, aaw the sky and ana, In the fury of they were bewildered. aSiew delight they rushed on. It tent strange. It Is pathetic, that eyes blinded by ages of darkness blinked in the light. It Isn't surprising that they tried to roach the center of the sun. Suffering in the light la different from suffering in the black the Russians ter-rlb- lt knew. KY. Currants CHAS. DECKEL, Prop. Dead Animals WE PAY THE HIGHEST CASH PRICE to check the disease. These pre scripHons bad been various fors,na "f WIGHT Little Wonder Peepls of That Unhappy Land Art Blindtd by Frsadom's Light After Fsur Centuries Article Revolution. And then d Horses, Cows and Mules :all Us, Both Phones 1648 Bible and Interested m fate of Boon the Their time and their In holding which covered doctors That the Ins their work politic political medicine. called ties responsible ,hem-;ec up in rto- scli ools of par- - doctors, m. That Hd these l were diploma mills some of the ptop Bin keep-Hphysicians of being mak-patient aid lag the It had lag aa boaett effo are peo- even been rumored tha pit In the world no man v oflt out lege is of poverty; that Ky. the powerful Turned to another Plato had spoken remedy way back ia thefov nth ceo- an. An tury before Christ untried remedy e theory. K :s object Russians, waa to cure pov common seeing that the thoughts use had failed, fn thla old ramedv which t lad never been tried. At least It had not failed ; thla waa la Its favoft It was an experiment to be euro, bat "Nothing ven tund, nothing gained." Many argued that It could not more completely fail than the prescjtptlcjjHresen t in ot town 2:00 P. if. FKRN CREEK ' uts of imperialism csmb into Russia one who hud than been exiled. For many yean he had bean a teacher and preacher of the untried remedy. Russia taw m him a savior. He came with a message. And with the fad would keep mak them hanny. They listened, they believed. TUy ware as little children, at great was tneir faith. To them a promise was a truth fulfilled, the word a covenant and the promise was that peasants would have their awn land, that working men would be their own bosses It was the word they hsd waited far, the realize dreamed tlon of the dreamt in the dark treadmill. The Prophet swatted had come. The new them. They rejoiced and cri led, "Long live the new Messiah." No one leglously questioned the on forgot the of the dream, Eva com m on, cTj&tffinMg aalaahnesa Jafarbe Id the era! selfishness Individual could not be aeea. The man was Lenin the message Communism. (Oesrriskt, lis. WMttra Ka Ho said th.n en DIVISION: Train for hern Creek daily and hourly 5:45 A. M to t: 45 f. M men I0.4J P. M. snd l?t A M. and Additional train daily except Sunday holirlaya, 7:15 A. M., 6:15 P. M On Sat urday and Sunday only at 9 :45 and 11 :40 P. M. and to City Limits only, Daily except Sunday and holidays, 6:15 A. M. Expreaa ran dally except Sunday and holiday", leave Kern Creek 8:50 A. M , 3:50 t. M., Sunday only 9:15 A. M. OXOLONA DIVISION Trains for Louisville and way stations leave Ololona daily 5:48. 6:58, 8:28. 10:07, 11:37 A. M., 1:07 2:37, 4:07, 3:57, 7:07, 8:37, 10:07, 11:36 P. M. Additional trains daily except Sunday and holidays, 6:13 P. M. Expreaa car s leaves Okolona daily, cxaept Sunday aod A. M. SALT RIVER DIVISION: Trains for Louisvflle and way stations leave Orell, daily 5:57, then hourly 6:47 A. M. to 10:47 P. M, 12:33 A. M. train daily Additional 6:17 P. M. Dalrv except Sunday and holidays 5:25 and 7:17 A. M. On Saturday and Sundav only 11:47 P. M. and on Sunday only 7:17, t:17 t 1:17, 2:17, 3:17, 4:17, 5:17, P. M. Expreaa. car daily except Sunday and holidays, leave Orell 12:30 P. M. am Sunday at 11 17 A. M. PROSPECT DIVISION: Tralna for Lou isville and way nations leave Prospect dally and hourly, 6:08 A. M. to 11:08 P. M ., then 12:08 A. M additional traina daily except Sunday and holi'layi, Irom Proanect 6:38 P. M. from Harrod Creek 6:56 A. M., from Florida Heights 8:10 A. M. from Glenview 4:52 P. M. Express car daily, except Sundav and holidays, leaves Prospect 10:36 A. M anifon Sunday and holidays only, 10:54 A. M Refreshments of all kinds served amid delightful surroundings Fancy Groceries and AUGUST SCHULER J. C. Dorsey & Co. AUCTIONEER City 66S9 Louisville, Ky. Work Gua.antaad M2 E. Jefferson St. If you are going to have an Auction Sale I would like to make it for you. I can make your Sale and give you good services as reasonable in price as anyone. We will DELIVER anything from a bundle of Shingles to a GHAS. G. WHEELER BUECHEL, KY. complete House Out For Business Every Day In the Year Always On the Job Pattern. GO. LUMBER BOTH Incorporated JOHN C. GRAHAM, Pres. and Mgr. Cumb. Phon0 Main 316 Home Phone City 716 Story Are. ana Buchanan KENTUCKY LOUISVILLE, R. P. K. MILLER FOR RELIABLE INSURANCE FIRE, LIGHTNING AND TORNADO Automobile Fire, Liability and Property Damage Itifurance. Tobacco Hail Insurance Live Stock Death From Any Cause Short Term Policies on Grain, Onion Sets and Smuggling of potatoes la being carried on thla winter In all parte of Ger- many on a scale greater tbaa la war Germany produced an exceltime. lent potato crap this year, aad the authorities are trying to tart It from falling Into the hands of the specula- COUNTY Incorporated BUILDING INTFR SOUTHERN Fifth and Jefferson Louisville., Ky. Home Phone, City 1209 our business. vOrk aa well returning si the "know how" in ingU bat built 10c up; prims l Developing ft SON Kentucky, F The Company With The COAL and The SERVICE Eastern e Lloyd W. Gales ATTORNEY AT LAW Settle Estates, Examine Titles, Write Deeds. Wills, Contracts. Practice in all couru Eic. Prompt and Energetic attention given all business. 603 Realty Bldg. LOUISVILLE - KY. Cemb. fhoael649 ATT0RHEY and COUNSELOR AT LAW Bids;., 9th Flooi Istir-SostbsSuita 916-1- 7 Commissioner Jefferson County Court Kentucky . Louisville ark and stent folks target test the ike towels, set siu euTVrs 600 East Broadwaj nuWy to the Phones City and South 1022 Hke ban aetakaeae and MeW New Location dull aunpty ma Highest Cash Price Paid and prompt removal made by motor equipment LOUISVILLE RENDERING CO. lucorporatst Upper River Road Main 72 -- City 72 1 waU-aaow- local 2G39-- Practice in all Courts, Write Deeds, Wills, Contracts, Etc. Examine Titles and Settle Estates. Louisville, Ky. 235 South Fifth St. tawaaa. CLAUSEN'S GBAINO MUSH MAKES HENS LAY MORE EGOS Also makes chicks grow three times as fast. Increase yonr profits. Feed this mash with Graino Scratch as directed and yon will not do without it in the d- rrTtaai (fee A Oumb. Phone Main L. G. BRADBURY Attorney at Law , Mrii.'tkt Louisville, Ky. Residence Home Pbone 8960 cuutsears kidneys and stimulate tat to normal acids activity. It also neutroUest to toe urine eo it no longer Irritates, AMelttittntV East of Cutoff Bridge 1 before tonaktost for s Mr days aad roar kidneys will then set Una. This fexum salts is made front the aeid of i"'CC'-7f6wlU gropes lT1 City 510 To Dispose of v active aad elaaa. ltd aa ashe or psia regies, get about lour Y, DEAD STOCK Directors Embalmers 1U58-- Call Us Whenever You Have Any Kind of H.Bosse&Son Funeral JOE. Phones: South First Street. Home Pbone 7752 asUlaejatsAtifKdWvslt thai FAMOUS BLACK Main Office: 1600 South slslslSJs Wallace A. McKay -- at Pope and Payne Streets BACK HURTS U SALTS FOR KIDNEYS fawknm Ky, Coal- - Elevator and Yards Practice is All the Courts MAYBERRY KENTUCKY LOUISVILLE, High-grad- Horn. KODAK FINISHING COAL CO. HARVEY-JELLIC- O C00RT tors Pronptncsa in Jeffersontown Cumb. Phone 101 JEFFERSON food, with day. I Potatoes Starks Building 1203 ' Cumb. Phone Main 2285 OF THE 801-0- 2 Its attend ant evils of smuggling and usury, is on the increase throughout Germany, according to newspuer accounts. The rationing system baa never been abandoned even In the occupied areas of the. Rhlneland. and tome of the newspapers contend that the average individual can not subsist on the amount of food issued. The authorities are making every effort to Check the illegal traffic in foods of all kinds, and the courts are crowdedvjftay after RUTHENBURG COMMISSIONER - In Q Bards town Road redAll Makes. - muealtna Confectioneries CIGARS, TOBACCO, ETC. ty mirit trade in long-haire- "THE REFRESHING SPOT" Fair Grounds Station that communism ; SCHULER'S FAMILY GARDEN Sewing Machines Repai- B red-lig- wen Stoecker It hirtHV people who Peed When their eyes became accustomed to the light they looked around then to tee where they ware to learn what bad been happening In the strange beautiful world. Tremendous Task Before Them. They had a task before them, the building of a free mans bouse, a house In the light, a house without a dark corner. They knew little about freedom, except that they wanted It with all their hearts. Their experience had been with slavery. They knew little about the practical work of building a house in which freedom might live pnre snd secure. They saw civilization with the eyea of a surgeon. They gasped when they saw that its body waa covered with a malignant sore. It waa an ugly, festering, running, growing tore. They learned Its name. It waa written !n the loudest of chronicles It was the Incurable, horrible leprosy of the world. It was cancer POVERTY . They wen told that It was the cause tf the natty thing religion labeled sin. that poverty had transformed Christ Images struck la clay Into hunchbacked souls, that the sickening matter running from sores caused the red blotches oa the world's body known districts; that other ef at fects wen the awollea blackish blue boils, the tenements and alums They shuddered. Even the darkness of the treadmill had not produced worse. They learned about poverty. They Ia It they read its autobiography. read how it had robbed children of their childhood, crated faith from the minds of men, mobilized wemen 1n They learned thai dreadful traffic. much of the thing called crime was poverty's work, that normality and morality an matters of education. That to be good requires knowledge of right and wrong. TMey read that statesmen called poverty THE PROBLEM. Reformers called it a carat and became unpopular because of their persistent attacks upon It la the verdict of t thoughtless world those who fought poverty wen called long women. haired met and short-hairePeople did aot atop to remember that d men snd short-haire- d these women gave of their time snd strength to the poor. These who wen niattgneo for following la the footsteps of the Ant Lover of the Poor were those who cried out against the tenements demanding for human beings the sunshine snd sir cattlemen give their stock. These unpopular ones wen use same who brought ice to keep milk cool la the hot summer Cor the eh Kipeople, tact studying ae new they had to recent that many of thai wen quacks, they dishonest. They v In their own fortoi the patient The d For wt"T crescripfioB have ened death. O0flaesaBsfeiaassa- dnggii aays be Brighten Up Your Home For Spring SEE MY SAMPLES NOW Q. A. HOKE JEFFERSONTOWN. K.Y. C. future. J. CLAl 223 E. Jefferson St. Lou

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