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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), December 22, 1932

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

waived filMtd as Tin? JEf Jefferson "mum HOME NEWSPAPER SOMAN ESTABUSHE Vol. L MG8EE Motor 4 J Srutg Sorely Missed. OF THE TIMES nok rtth and bus fees for taxi and chauf- fective, June about ier ' con- - een grant- - imon car- se operating Bte between fixed term! About If cttes have bus lines, about eertlf-80- 0 U certifi ers of sse of with the IS previous The mil and busses tween Ja revenue , ' Actually th but bus op credit of against th trucks On aonthly. ist, It He this $57,044. $47,944.01 resulted ANNIVERSARY Announcements have been received of the wedding of Miss Ruth Virginia Bohon and Mr. Charles W. Ucheitlin, on Number Saturday, December 10, 1982, at the Special home of the bride in Louisville, in the Memories presence of 'the immediate families. the cereDr. Yader Tant performed , News mony. Mr. and Mrs. Scheitiin left for Cincinnati on their wedding trip and will go later to Dayton, where they will make their home. Hurrah for the Jeffersonian and arA Christmas program is being all of its makers for these twenty-fiv- e ranged by Meadow Home Sunday School years! What a galaxy of faces this to be given at the Church on Christmas be- Arouses For Pleasant Writer . night. A wedding of much interest to be solemnized Dec. 24 at. 8 o'clock ut Shelbyville is that of Miss Viala Glore and Mr. HarolJ Drlsklll. Mr. and Mrs. Eay Shannabe grand edition of our Paper brings fore the mind's eye of the writer, aad how we older ones live over again the happy associations with passed on befo roximate applied is credit reduced the license busses as This tax imposed. by bus scity operators. "Sotting of pewdepartsm ment, is which the ing hear inrougn lied, hold- - is for a tificates - cer- stu- - ool, "but pendous task it has been fusion, and out Con or trans- - poration satisfied. They have tton. Ther portation is I the act, co-- o pern or trans led by be sta- - 1 NEEDY TOJHE Committee Have Busy Time Distributing Donations Wednesday. EIGHTEEN HOMES ARE VISITED ex- - yteypoo'l that pjected by the ' riers are trucks ov lilt OKOLONA .ie With schedule of Em announced according missions of icates have tract car d to THE PUBLISHERS CopyrlfM wlon Since the g So what better messenger, then, than the Heme Tom Papa to say to you at this time of year "Behold, I bring you good tidings" tidings of love and faith and hope, tidings of peace and prosperity that le yet to be? And with these tidings, come the wish for a Merry Christmas to you from Assembly ieur 18th, SAINT n law certificates . . licenses. as the newspaper. And no newspaper performs that function more faithfully than does the Home Town Newspaper in a community of homes and home-lovinpeople. And in that community none is so humble but that his or her name is written in its columns not once but many times throughout the years. All jn! before to Cliff Motor It is ei 1360,000 a departme mileage Down through the ages the function of bringing "tidings" has devolved upon that institution known minutes after her arrival at the home of her son where she was to Spend the night, they received the message that he had died. While talking cheerfully to his nurse, KIDDIES PATROj 10 freight CLUB DISPENSES CIFTS CM Pranl sions enacted have been ception of "tidings" was the "news" of the coming of a Savior. Down through the ages since that time these same "tidings" or "news" have been repeated at this time of the year which we call Christmas. Mt. Washington, December 20 A shock that affected our town and community and extended to many adjacent towns and counties was the sudden death of William Lee McGee last Friday about 7 P. M. at the Baptist Hospital. He was successfully operated on several weeks ago, came home to regain his strength for the second He operation. and more serious returned to the hospital November 30 and after this last operation he seemed to rally and to be improving. His devoted wife, who had been at his bedside the entire time, left him Friday evening and a few CIVIC (&aob Stftftton "THUS it was, nearly two thousand years ago, that the angel of the Lord spoke one night to the shepherds on the hills in the Holy Land and the death came suddenly and peacefulsuffering and ly, taking him from pain to the land where all is happiness. . Mr. McGee had been cashier of the People's Bank since its organization about 30 years ago. A safe business adviser and sympathetic confidant his services were often in demand by his friends and banking associates. The capacity crowd that filled" the church Sunday afternoon, braving the cold weather and icy roads, the beuutiful floral offerings and the feeling of sympathy that was in evidence were all mute testimony of how his life and service in the'tyuuk and his private life had gained and held friendships in every walk, in life. A loving husband, devoted father and true fnendt Ma home was 1 Every Thursday AT $2.00 Per Year December 22, 1932 Adj As Banker, Churchman And Friend, This Citizen It OTHER TOPICS tafrsday, TR BULLITT TOWN MOURNS DEATH OF W. HOMENEWSPAPER INDEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER Jeffeffoiitown, Jeffonon Co 26.... No. 30 uOUNITd JtH-tKM- A generous donation of canned goods, groceries, toys, etc. represented the "gate receipts" from the. 400 or more present at the entertainment sponsorCommunity ed by the I Jeffersontown Club at the Jeffersontown School auditorium, Monday evening. The gifts, which represented the price of admission to the program, aggregated something over 100 cans of fruits and vegetables, 64 bundles of clothing, 42 games and $12.62 in cash. This accumulation was taken to the Masonic Hall, Tuesday, where it was sorted and made up into bundles for (families whose needs had been ascertained as nearly as possible through the medium of school faculty end arranged for distribution. Serving as an appointed committee, Messrs Val Mulhall and Walter C. Harris, assisted by Mrs. Harris spent Wednesday in distributing these gifts as directed. , According to Mr. Harris, the calls on the poor families did not consist in a bare rap on the door and the handing out of the supplies, but were calls in the true sense of the word in which the homes were entered, the true situations learned and kindly greetings exchanged with the families. In some instances dire need of assistance was discovered; in others the situations were not so acute, but everywhere a Road bundle was placed it waa an evident blessing and help and received seemMt. Washington Road lost one of ingly in the spirit in which it w The committee feel that the its oldest, best known and greatly and Loser But beloved citizens in the passing of gifts were well placed better the friendly position to calls render them in Mr. Will H. Beeler, which occurred give possible further assistance .to Much ThreatDecember 12 at his home here. Mr. the deserving. The program which was given Monened in Local ConBeeler or "Uncle Will'7 as he was and his friends, was born and lived all day evening, was especially good for flagrations. much enjoyed and was composed years on the same the most part of musical numbers, his seventy-si- x affectionately known to many of by the school's glee club, the school's by a A menacing fire which threatened farm and was known far and near midget minstrel troupe, selections musia class of 18 on one of Jeffersontown's largest struc- as a man of sterling character and cal novelty by Jake Schilling, and tures, was discovered last Sunday a staunch friend. He leaves behind vocal and piano solos by "Jackie" night about ten o'clock on the first one daughter, Mrs. John A. Hfdge-pet- h Starkey, the child prodigy. These were of Phoenix, Arizona; two sis- - pleasingly interspersed by readings by floor of the Bruce building. Ten- Miss Thelma Daiekum and monologues 188 Ida Peeler and Mrs. S. C. e second floor, detec by Walter BrowlY. H. P. Gcorere L. Adams as cnairman Mt Washington TWO FIRES Barber Heaviest Property piano-acordion- s, blllied." IS ere. though ma were them we setdom 'see. Mr. J. Curtis Mrs. Will married to"BHe Junction and of Mrs. RoyMarkwell Mothershead. Alcock says that he always thinks of recent guests afefti Barnes January 5, 1888 , and Meadow Home Church has recently our County as "Home . And we, the May 24. 1861. was - did DeoemJber 16, 1932. of the - undergone a thorough house cleaning and some painting done on the interior. Mrs. S. C. McCoy attended the Sewing Unit of the Jefferson County Medical Auxiliary at the home of Mrs. T. J. Crise, last Tuesday. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Crumbacker have come to spend the holidays with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Woodrow recently visited at Owensboro. Mrs. Walter Bell was a recent luncheon guest of Mrs. Will Markwell. Miss Dorothy Bell and Norvil g are home from school at Green until after the holidays. 26th We. have certainly enjoyed the Number of The JefferAnniversary sonian. Here is wishing the entire Jeffersonian family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. (. Baptistruh for more than forty years, .Sdnpy School superintendent for almost as long; his loyalty to his church was never questioned. Twelve children were born in the home; three had gone before him and nine are left to comfort their mother, Horace, Mt. Washington; Jean, Indianapolis; Louis, Philadelphia: Walter, Jeffersonville ; William, Fern Creek; Mrs. Sarah Fox, Japan; Mrs. Marion Porter and Mrs. Frances Barnes and thirteen grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Belle Troutman, Cox's Creek, one niece, Mrs. Loitie, Hijhs, Cox'b Creek and Iwo nephew'. Clyde ani Vorr.on Troutman. One oJ the maddest fea tures to all was "the two dear oies unable to mingle their tears and sorrow with ths family bus only their own little group to share and console theriK Sarah in far away Japan and Louis kept awny by a harsh and unsympathetic employer. Funeral services were held at the Baptist chujph Sunday at 2 P. M. by his former pastor .and personal friend, Rev. W. S. 'CoaklSy, of Owensboro,,. assisted by the present pastor, Rev. W. A. Creswell, Rev. W. E. Pound of Waberford, Rev. D. R. Peake, another personal friend, pastor of Oakdale Methodist church in Louisville and Rev. B. F. Atkinson, local Methodist pastot Jfeono-rar- y and active pall beargVere friends, directbrs and" assistants in the bank. Interment in local cem- etery. This short and feeble attempt at portraying the life of this friend can only touch of the well known high spots of his life, but only his life companion and family know his real worth and realize the loss sustained by his leaving. a-f- ew Influenza victims are numerous in our community but none seem to be very serious. . V. Rev. J. B. Galloway,Mfs. Martin Clark, Mr. W. E hdwalter, Mr and and Mrs. J. F. Showalter are" 'UJ irom otner causes and in a more precarious condition. Harvest Day was observed by the MethodhrfW. M. S. last Wednesday. The weather kept quite a large part of the regular attendants away but the reports of the officers and committees of, the various phases of work were 'encouraging; practically all members are ctive and the financial officers-assureus that all pledges, dues, conference debts, etc, would be paid in full. A box of supplies will be sen by the church this week to the Methodist Home at Versaillee. Wasn't the Anniversary number d Bow-.lin- THE JEFFERSONTOWN CHRISTIAN CHURCH NOTES Dec. 25 "The First Christmas Ser- vice". Sunday there will be a decision service, for those who have never accepted Christ, and for those who should join by letter or statement. Let each work this member do some personal week in bringing their friends to Christ. Our midweek service will be at the home of Mrs. Thomas R. Jones this next week. We appreciate the faithfulness of the ivany members who have helped to make this one of the best years in the history of the church. Let us have a full congregation on this last Sunday of the year. Sentence Sermon: " Peace on earth, good will toward men". J. Vernon Jacobs, pastor. one to be proud if? When we see how our weekly news items are kept on record, it makes us feel our responsibilities are to be taken seriously if they are handed down thru the years. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Parrish had as guests Sunday Dr. Dave Smith, Mr. and Mrs. P A Parrish of Iiouis-villMr. and Mrs. Dave Armstrong and Miss Anna B. Armstrong. Rev. C. C Jones; Presiding Elder, preached at the Methodist Church Sunday morning. We have just heard of the death of Mrs. J. F Showalter, More par ticulars of her life and death later. Mrr. Nancy Baird of Louisville, Misses Cora and Mary Ben Stallard of Fairfield were recent guests of Mrs. W. R Briscoe. Coke Galloway, wife and children guests of his par were week-en- d ents, Rev. J. B Galloway and wife. Mr. and Mm. J. R Cornelle spent Sunelay with their daughter, Mrs. M. D. jasper and Mr Jasper. Mrs. J. W. Harris returned a three weeks' visit in Louisville with her grandson, J. F. Parrish anJ wife. y Miss Eva Rhea McAfee was guest qf he aunt. Mrs. T. H. Parrish last Sunday week. e. f -- all-da- first correspondent under his regime, still claim him as one of us. The writer had to stop at the office of The Danville Daily Messenger while on a brief visit to that historic town last summer, just to say "How dy" to the editor and to let him know that we still held him as one of that galaxy of friends whose friendship we all enjoyed in days gone by and hope to retain till time shall end with us. The Silver Anniversary of our pa per was good, all issues carry the god news and leave out the bad. Good people love the good and abhor the bad. A poet has said: "Tell me whom you love and I will tell you what you are. May the present office remain intact " 'Till I have crossed the Bar." Christmas has already come, with the coming of my papers. Mrs. Marvin Hart fell on the ice last week and sprained her left wrist quite badly. However, she has kindly young neighbors who look after her coal bucket, water pail and flock of chickens for her. The Old Jackson Highway was clear enough of ice on Sunday to lure the Christmas tree hunters out to all the convenient evergreen groves here, where they soon loaded up all of the small cedars and pines they wanted to brighten up their happy homes and celebrate the Sacred Anniversary of the coming of the Righteous King of Joy and Peace. The writer wishes to suggest to downright poor folks, that a good way to save money to buy bread and meat with, is to stay at home and keep all the money they have or earn for that sacred purpose, and not be gadding around eternally burning up gasoline, then begging the people who conserve their food money. Callers at Deanlea on Sunday afternoon were Messrs. Albert and Carl Cooper of Camp Taylor. These boys are sons of Mrs. Sally Fox Cooper, one of our old and highly respected neighbors who is now a successful merchant in her own right in Camp Taylor. Otis Fox is doing a flourishing business there too. ' mornfng Walter R. Thursday own. who eff r o Brown, J was recently granted' a temporary by the certificate of convenience Motor TransportaCommissioner of tion Cliff Cltypool, to operate a bus service between Jeffersontown and Louisville, the electric car service havi.g been discontinued on November 80. was served with a warrant by State Inspector Curiey, following a complaint by Harry" Swaim of Taylorsville. charging Brown with without a franchise. operating The franchise was granted to Mr. Swaim. Mr. Brown, who made application certificate of convenience to for operate between here, and Louisville was denied the franchise after he had been operating from December 1 to December, upnntil which time Swaim'a local service had not been started. During this time Brown was providing what seemed the U be adequate iervit'e. giving people thirteen round trips per day from this city to Douglass Blvd., Louisville. Mr. Brown was met at the magistrate's office by Capt. C. C. Fuiicr and his attorney Robert E. Hogan. Mr. Hogan, after explaining mat ters to Squire Davern. had no difficulty in having his client, released wKl.out bond k appear in court January 9, 1988. at 2 P. M It was reported that while at the magistrate's court Mr. Swaim was indignant and threatened to bring other charges. Brown claims that he was not op erating a regular commercial bus service, but merely hauling people in his private car as an accommodation to his friends, who had patronized him during the time he oner- ated under a temporary permit. He stated further that he was not making any charge for transportation since December 15. Approximately 550 people have contended that Swaim's present schedule is not sufficient nt us CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH The hour of Morning Worship will be 9:80 A. M.', Sunday December 25th. NEWBURG A Christmas sermon will be delivered and Christmas hymns will be sung. Good attendance at Sunday School The public is cordially invited. Take considering the bad weather. Super- note of the change of time. The Sunday School will he held at 10:30 A. M. intendent and wife absent. The Christmas program will be preThe Christmas Program for the Newburg Sunday School will be given sented Sunday December 26th at 7:30 P. M. The Junior Department will New Year's Day. recitations and The sick in Newburg are all con- present dialogues, songs. The Adult Department will valescing. I am certain the entire County has present a pageant entitled "The Holy enjoyed the Anniversary Edition of City". The public .is heartily invited the Jeffersonian. I think it is won- and will be welcomed. derful. I expect to put mine in safe PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES keeping. Mrs. Clyde Foushee will have charge Miss Heina has her old position service for back. of the Sunday morning Some of the members of the New- Dec. 26. The serine, will consist of burg Church made their annual can- a One Act Drama which wirr tell the vass Sunday afternoon and were very story of the absent- - Shepherd at the Bethlehem Advent.' Mrs. George .Adams successful. Mr. and Mrs. Pendergrass enter- and Miss Marcia Bryan will assist with the drama. A Christmas treat will be tained informally with a given to the Junior(and Primary DeLuncheon Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Shively were Sunday partments of the Sunday School. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cook and Mr, Charles W. Hart of Louisville, was a Iron Hands ob Coffins brief visitor hi thia home last week. Archeologlsts to the Eastern Alps Happy Christmas wishes to the Editor and family and entire Jeffer- found left hands jjaade of iron nailed to a coffin f "about 600 B. sonian Staff. as a Mr. and Mrs. Phillips were vlslt- ii t n Louisville at the time, having le t the house about 6 o'clock in the ev ning. After the fire had been ext iguished by the Jeffersontown Vol mteer Fire Dept. a message was sen to the Phillips', who had con-l- u id to stay in the city until moi ing! A mrtition wall between the barber shop and the Phillips apartment was badly burned and some of the shop's equipment. The damage to the building and its contents were estimated at about $1,500, which was covered by insurance. This was the second local fire within the past week. At two o'clock last Friday morning fire broke out in the ticket office, on the second floor of the Jefferson building, which is just across the street from the Bruce building. The damage was slight in the Jefferson, limited to the burning of four chairs and the demolishing of a door, by firemen in gaining access to the fire. The Phillips family have living quarters at present in the Haven Hotel building, where also Mr. Phil lips has a shop fitted up and will serve his trade as usual. The fire in the Jefferson was probslbly caused by a lighted cigarette, while the origin of the barber shop blaze is unaccounted for. FIFTH DISTRICT P. T. A. CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES The Fifth District P. T. A. as represented both in the city and in rural Jefferson County is, as a unit, working hard on plans for Christmas cheer, according to Mrs. C. F. Boles, Publicity chairman of the District. Our County Music Sunni-vimmi. tes Helen McBride and Margaret Leist. as in the city, are arranging programs for the shut-in- s in hospitals, hotels, railroad stations etc. while in the county their activities are directed toward training school pupils who in various groups as stated in these columns last week will sing from the Wurlitzer and Baldwin stores to the passers-b- p and will also participate in broadcasts over both WHAS and WLAP in dispensing Christmas music. The full program as printed in these columns last week might be clipped and kept on the radio as a ready reference for toning in on these interesting school numbers. P. T. A. Radio Broadcast WHAS Dec. 28, 3:23 to. 8:30. Speaker: Mrs. Zelma K. Jenks. Subject: "Need of Parent Education". COLLEGE STUDENTS TJX SPEND HOLIDAYS AT HOME HERE Jegersontown's college boys and girls have been arriving at their homes here, at intervals during the past week. Among those home for the holidays are: Misea Lucille Shacklette from Hanover and Martha Stomberger, Western State; Thomas BovH and Murrell Ludwick. Murray State. Thomas Frailer, Wood-row Moore and William Hum sey Wilson, are expected to arrive Jftf-- j day night. 1 proud. The funeral was conducted at the house Tuesday at 2 o'clock by Bro. Watson, after which the body was laid to rest in Heb:nn cemeteiy beside his wife, who Uiji in June, to await the coming of the Lord. Our hearts go out in temlor sympathy to all the sorrowing. CHRISTMAS SERVICES AT CEDAR CREEK CHURCH Christmas at Cedar Creek Church will be celebrated throughout Sunday the 26th and also on Monday night the 2Cth. The program is as follows: Special exercises in the Sunday School followed by a sermon at the morning worship period on the subject, "This is the Sign Unto You". At night the pastor and choir will present a service of and song entitled, "Come All Ye Faithful". On Monday night at 7:30 the children of the Sunday School will present a fifteen minute program vhich will be followed by the ChristInn." mas pageant. "The Bethlehem Everyone is cordially invited to all of these services. MRS. NORA EICHBERGER Mrs. Nora Fisher EichJberger, 40 years old and the wife of Henry M. Eichberger died Wednesday night at 11:25. at her home on Seatonvillo Road near Jeffersontown after a lingering illness of heart trouble She had been and complications. unconscious since Llondny night and heT death was momentarily expected after that time. Surviving besides the husband are three brothers, Charles and Frank Fisher of Louisville and Edwaid of two sisters . Mrs. Jeffersontown; Lena Eccles of Louisville and Mrs. Carrie Fisher of Jeffersontown. The funeral will be from Christ Lutheran church Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock by the pastor, Rev. J. E. Stomberger and interment will be in Resthaven Cemetery. DR. PETTY COMMISSIONED COLONEL The daily press published this week having Laffoon's notice of Governor commissioned colonel, among others, Dr. C. R. Petty of Lynch, Ky. Dr. Petty will be remembered here as the only son of Rev. F. M. Petty, former pastor of the local Methodist church. News Review of Current Events the World Over France and Belgium Default on War Debts Great Britain and Four Other Nations Pay Drys Argue Against Legalizing BeeifL By EDWARD W. PICKARD FRANCE, reputedly one of the rich Id the world, has de For the first time in history faulted. It lias broken its pledged word, refus ing to pay the December wnr debt interest Installment of $10, 201,432 due the Unit ed States. This action wus tuken by the chamber of deputies by a vote of 402 to 187. while the galleries roared the Nationalist and Royalist song "Not a sou to .. America." The powerM. Herrlot ful Socialist party de sorted the government. Premier Herrlot had made a tremendous light, the most brilliant In bis career, and when bis defeat was an nounced be and bis ministers stalked out of the chamber. The deputies then took another rote on a motion to defer payment until such a time as on International debt conference can be held, and this was carried. 880 to 67. The Radical Socialists who had supported the premier's term for pay ment had left the chauiber before tins i vote was taken. r , cablnc Immediately resignations to Presl Is , dent Lebrun and. us Is customury. were asked to carry on utiUJ a new government could be formed. Consequently It was necessary for Herrlot to transmit to Washington the decision of the chamber. , exchange FOLLOWING a raojp. Washington, and . Great Britain fulfilled expectations by principal and paying the J9;V00,000 Interest United the due States Thursday. M a c aid's government that on. Don ha, the, proposed should no payment be regarded, as the rmriilur semi annual provided Installment for In the debt affree pay ment but as ment on cnpUnl to be tii.rmmt In 8t""on any future, under- standing. Secretary of declln-lu- g State Stlmeon promptly replied aceepl tire payment If accompato nied by conditions that would amount of the debt funding to- repudiation British explained tbat tbey pact The own were uierolj settlS forth their reposition and reserving the rlgb to . 8'y - cur to their arguments (Continued On Pegs 4) In the future

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