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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, April 10, 1860

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

BAI1LY VOLUME XYL: LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. TUESDAY MORNING. APRIL 10, 1860. CHANCERY SALES. or By virtveCourt, a Cbuwerr nrr.KE of rnj-r- In i the No. U.2S8. LOUISVILLE tiie rausr, the , a .li. ou M'MAY, or one ot Aiirli I6U1, lnou, aooul Hie Lour of 11 o clock a. H H;, al I'ubiic Aucr. at CouruiouM- - door, lu tl.e tion, to ue li.c.iet uy of Lutr me, on ft of 4, 1:2, le ana 24 mouths, Utf1 I nieiit.on-.!- . viz : tiruDen r in i A ly it t'K uuul .v lu aat.i c ly, with the mrrovm'UU, at uo.nt on V .e aide a irrt utrwt, w iet-- t nurid of C'iieiiiut e'.rei-t- : uonh run tinrt 1:4 i,4 cxieuiiiuf back Uie aaine to a rwtb A LiT Or OKiL.ND 10 sard c! r. bounded tlius: rVtrtn- Alii al the mmUtii ot C ui.iry No. Wltn r.irtraKl aveliDi- - Ml eitenaiii tact 11 mine l Tlr 17i) leo ( al.ry 1 or unite li in M cue, wall the improvements wouuut-unr ; on liie o...t at a mil 11 ol at reel I.V. feet Smcli.-- . ol Mil slnel; aontl.a-arllwith (.'!,. e! Mrert tewt, aud externum: back the .im auiib V4 lift. A .1 Ni In oa thaeast of Sixth traet, between aiaiii arid Market Mm it irlrM ric-- at in : corner ol the aii-tiieiice .uttl t V. feel, to Ui corner ol tn . l y U. T. (. uiU to W . L. W rtiir, ao4 iiMt:i"r back aame wi.ita i.pju a nich are tern ior. tni ; 1I1 uon'i-jrirom 2j th qkJ-l- i front ly ali'l Hit fuulLcru iroliU la tort Vb ctt W'ii b1 fo.'i t'it-i'. A TRACT i.AVl lu Hu.'U Ky.,oa th f fcjl nvr. containiliK leop acrt-s- . uior or oouinlrtl Uiap: birinniriK ax a n uiop, ou fit ou:b ot k.riM-n.arr-n roml; to with a tMaad lii i..e to 1 ihrrr wuite-o- k u (iishc on &i apur of a knotc k.. ite two piut'ts mmuuj; tli and pme Vy ;kii. 10 bow mn'4 coi r Uioik- - wuo saia J.--: lin )or lvi r,i ts a )nch tret 00 liie !! ot rui'i auo mn-nu w nh pind to u in id rro.H s , H . S.' i.)i(- - N. - W f doi". N. W. ft. W .M 4 ttotea, 3o to Hi Th pur. hater wul tw to bond wlih proved aecurity. Iwmrltii: inter. xi from u.1 paid, ainl i Ueswio I reiaujca aa aJ I'.tionai W. C. 1j. W1IH 3.M. L.C. C. JAS. i. (nl.t.K, i.ii u,u: et imi lr. rat """T tno tu.i lii url oflihi'l u i;. pmocrat. lailg lMarsLal's Sale. H. T. Cord's Adn'r ) suraniM H. T. Curl Helra.) ir la )!. nnt. t'r. !(; ir, watn Prixxtexl avixd Patbliahed HARNEY, HUGHES b-- & CO. OffioaEaat Side) Third Street, between Marktt and JotteraoTX. UIrTIOM 1'KUK-1- N AUVAME. M DAILY DKMOCKAT $M; 16 If paid In Advance. Dally to or :) ceiitji per uiontu. hil. VHK.KAi oua copy, (2; Un coplea. $1 10 earn; r.. mn, 1 ILL It Ul.l KLl trrltifzle coiea, or for any number Wdcr nay. 1; nil) and ovu to one adMresa, OU ceuta. ! Dally DenocraU AwvertUiB iiiht f 'eekly UrnarraU Each aqnare, first Insert ton a(.n a.idiuouai TCESDAT W0RXIXG ..APRIL Homu b.uiiit tnnr J. IHnS.MiiliiiAV, jDepuUe. r.Tarslial's 8. l.rrta afralnet John !:, t holi tathmv, Sale. I kc la Chancerr. fcoaxd. atiier A tie wart I aaiuat aame, VIRTUK OF A IK KFiI OF THE LOfimLI.E Court, ren In tinne. td or one 01 WuMiAV, Aprn !u, woout in hour of 11 ottovk a. at .in.Uc to tti Lijrlieat bid ier. a th uoor. In the ouruiou city of L.Hiii.Mne, ou a credit of four, jtnt mu twelve . uoothk. ao much a may I to u!y the decree karaiA of the to. lo a 1114 UeturiueiJ propenj , ix; TWO LKi OF UttOt.ND votnt on ti itAuth 1rt of In aaM cM tm tedni 'ef at fclarart Cret, M teet Vt of fttr- -l , tlt.'iHe ou;h 1 t 21 feet, liieni et. tiieu. Iiorth ! tret, tbrtu waat ii leet with Waraet Mjeel, to tli be.nnlne. 1 l.e ou the j"t M le of tieT liiiliit at a tref, 12v leet aourh of Market atreet, a', the corner formed by Market tre.'i and a t a y, tnence ea.i K6 u et. Uianca aolltli 4.. l, tuem e west lui leet to feecoad atreet, tnBc north to the t:;ii!iir.c. Th iiun baxer will re.iuirrd tr. r'v toni1, w lih appreT-aecuntv, pifrrst from uuul tail, and a Leo Vlii be retained aa additional .C II. llir?, M. L.C.C BT Democratic State Convention in Ohio The Democratio State Central Committee of Ohio have made a call for a Democratic State Convention, to be held at Columbus, on Thurs day, the 24th of May next. A State ticket for the election in October will be nominated, as well as twenty-thre- e Presidential Electors se lected. Ea?We had the pleasure yesterday of meeting with J. M. Coffinberry, Esq., of Cleveland, Ohio. He is a most enthusiastic Democrat, and a warm advocate of Douglas for the Presidency. fiMrs. Mary Ann Latsoin, the wife of a Now York dentist, having become jealous of her husband, committed suicide on Wednesday, by inhaling tbe fumes of burning charcoal. She was about 33 years of age. 10. 1360. DEMOCRATICCONYENTION. MOI.I mrtratvtA BMW MAT. 5YIL1LE The delegates to the Convention, to be held on Saturday next, the 14th inst, are notified that Mozart Hall, on the corner of Fourth and Jefferson streets, has been procured for the use of such Convention, and the delegates of the city and county are requested to meet at 10 o'clock. 15? G. W. Davis was yesterday nominated for Sheriff of this county, by the Opposition convention. The aspirants were Messrs. Da vis, Seaton, Hite, and Stratton. On the third ballot Davis won the prize, and will have the honor of a defeat by a Democrat. Fire at Marios. The Marion (0.) Repub lican says that the United States Hotel, in that place, was burned on the morning of the 4th inst. The hotel was owned by P. Loebricb, and occupied by It. Gray. Mr. Loebrich's loss will reach four thousand dollars. Mr. Gray's is small. Thk Visit of th Prisch or 7aLss. It is finally announced by the Queen that she has consented to her son's visit to Canada, and she commends him to the regards of her loyal subjects. But the Times, in an article upon the subject.'Yecomraends the young gentleman to extend his travels to tho United States. It says: It would bo a matter of regret if the Frince of Wales, satisfied with the homage of the Canadians, should neglect to visit the Re public which now plays so great a part in the world. We do not, of courso, anticipate in any case that the Prince would return to England without having set foot on the United States territory; but there are difl'erent ways ot visiting a country, and, as none repays attentive observation more than the American Republic, so none is likely to be so ill understood by a mere flying tourist. America is not a country of museums and palaces, to be done in so many days with a Murray's Handbook. Its interest consists in its people. n the phases of civilization through which they are passing, in the political and commercial activity which they display, in their en ergy and restlessness, their greatness and their weaknesses. Although we cannet expect that a youth in his nineteenth year should be able to appreciate the American Commonwealth, yet we feel sure that a journey through the United States and some association with the people would not bo lost labor. Of a kind and courteous reception the son of Queen Victoria may be very sure. The interest of Americans in the descendants of the former ruler of their country is second only to nat ol Lnglisumen themselves, and, whatever may have been formerly the case, the feeling s now one of goodwill and sympathy. The 'rince of Wales might find both instruction and recreation in a visit to the Atlantic cities. whether it be New York in all its ambitious and span-nesplendor or its more quiet rivals. here is much to be learnt from a few weeks of uch travel more than a royal personage may ever afterwards have an opportunity of learning. One who is called to such high destinies, nd who will have such opportunities of di recting the tastes of his eountrymen, may advantageously study the progress in the arts of te ty a people thrown, as it were but yester day, on the shores of a new continent, a progress not less wonderful than their commercial prosperity. If the Prince of Wales should further visit the President of the United States at Washington, the courtesy will, we feel sure, be appreciated, and tend to draw closer the bonds which unite the two countries." All which is very true; but the Times has omitted the extraordinary number of silly toad-eatethat the young Prince will be like ly to encounter on this side of the Atlantic, both in Canada and the Union. (For the Louisville Democrat. A MONODY. rilITTEN IN A URAVEYARD. Borne on the gale, With niis'ry fraught, A low sad wail, By sorrow taught, BreatheJ by tho bier Ot love. Breaks on the ear Ourifrlef to move; And whispered uamu, Ami vacaut place. Show where death's aim. Too sure, we trace. The young bride s brow, That yestcr'nlKht Glow'd with love's light. The badije of widowhood wirars now . Bailee of heart's Jn dreamless trance Of dark graves, cold, Wht re spectres dance On mold, Are tiny who shone In festul hall O'er " reason's throue,"; The worms crawl! Oa thin dim shore, Oh'.iv Ion's lair. See, rii li and poor ToKcther are ; Wealth's niauic splendor Paled and itono. Death, the cdtniuoror. Reigns alone. Whilst round his throne. In drear array, Th cheerless spec tres coa.,.ln moan, " i'ore'er decay J And Life looks on Fale's mockery here, Where each is gone, NUaMBER Agriculture and Stock. INTERESTING LECTURE ON INSECTS. Dr. Asa Fitch, of New York, delivered two interesting lectures recently, at New Haven, Conn., on " Economical Entomology," or inurious insects, a synopsis of which is furnish. ed by a correspondent of an Eastern paper. The subject is one of general interest : REPORT OF FIRST LECTURE. Dr. Fitch labors in a field of science vastly important to farmers, but very poorly under tood. As he very justly remarked, last even ing, the devastations by insects are not noticed because so insidiously made ; but if our eyes could but be opened to the activity of our little foes, consternation would seize us. Go into our forsts and we see every portion of our rees attacked by some insect, truuk, bark, eaves and roots, all having their peculiar dep- edators. The sweeping away ot our forests compels the insects which formerly fed upon them to turn to the orchards, whicli have re. placed the forests. We shall, before many ears, see our apple tree branches lopped off, as are the limbs of the common red oak and by the same insect, tho " oak pruner." Foreign insects have been imported ia the thousand commodities, and the numberless trees and plants which we import, and these ave proved the most pernicious foes to our crops and trees. Our crop3 and climate favor- ng their development, they multiply to a frightful extent, and do far greater damage here than they did In Europe. The bark ousc, for instance, on both sides of Lake Michigan, hai ruined nearly every orchard. tor years after the settlement of this coun. try, wheat was an absolutely sure crop, but the yield dwindled with successive years, and in large districts, its culture is necessa rily abandoned. Reasons have been urged to account for this; that our soil has deteriorated, and our climate changed, but they do not explain the difficulty. W ith the best of manuring nd tillage, we cannot get the crops our ances- ors did with shiftless farming; and even here new woodland; is cleared, and wheat is ut into the virgin soil, the crop is infinite?i- mally small. The true cause is to be found in the attacks of insects, and nothing else. Starting some years ago, with the popular belief that the wheat midge and Hessian tly were the greatest wheat enemies, the learned lecturer had been surprised to discover in every field that he had examined, a host of European insects, new to this country, were flourishing. There were, especially notable, the cholops, oscinis and thrips, besides others. Ia tho old forest days there was no wheat nor any of its congeners; andso when they were fi'st sown, no enemies attacked it; but by degrees, one after another finding abundant nutriment in the wheat fields, sought it there, as the trees were cut away. The wheat miljje came from ngland, and has ravaged our fields for twen years. It is a miserable little yellow fly, scarcely as large as a mosquito but deadly enough to cause in New York Slate, in 18j4, a total loss of over $15,000,000, or nearly as much a3 the whole city of New Haven worth, with all its houses, buildings and lots. If an invading army had destroyed property f this value, how the whole country would have been aroused! Multiply this tremendous loss by that felt in all the Slates, and what a result is there for our contemplation : The wheat nudge, however, is, sad to say, not our only insect enemy, for the name of the army ij legion; and yet, there are but two books on insects published in America, and these are not on sale in our bookstores. One of them is Dr. Harris' treatise, which was part of the survey of the natural history of Massa- husetts, and the other, Dr. I itch s own re port on noxious insects, published in the New ork State Agricultural Society s Transactions. The insect is divided into three parts, viz : head, thorax, or forebody, and abdomen. The head is furnished with antennae, or horns, which possess remarkable sensitiveness. Thus an ichneumon fly. by touching them against he outer surface of a bark, in which, at even the depth of two or three inches, a worm is buried, knows if it is his food, an l just where is lodged; and two bees, by touching their horns together, know if they come from the same hive and are brothers, for all the world as if there were a system of Freemasonry among them. The most wonderful thing about insects is their metamorphosis from one condition to another, so different that one might almost as well expect a serpent to change to an eagle. The insect life is divided into four stages first, the egg; second, the larva; third, the pupa; fourth, the perfect insect. An insect may be nown to have matured when it has wings; or it it be a wingless variety, its maturity is nown by its depositing eggs. Grasshoppers nd plantleaf bugs are an exception to the four staged life, for they grow from larva di. n insects. Insects have, rectly into however much we may despise them, a real u.e iu creation. They keep down the excess f vegetation, and without such provii.n of nature, the world would be immediately overrun with life. Dr. Fitch closed by stating that by a cartful scrutiny of the whole history and transforma tion or noxious insects, we are sure to find a vulnerable point, by attacking which we mny destroy them. Although Achilles was covered with an tegis, he was found vulnerable in the heel. the seeds for a few hours, and roll them in plaster before siwing. Onion seed may be sown ia rows one foot apart. One ounce of seed will sow a bed twenty-fou- r feet long by four wide. Parsnips are a desirable crop to get into the ground early, ihe ground for them should be dry, deep, and well pulverized- - Sow in rows eighteen inches apart. In May thin out 'i1" 'uciies apart in the rows. With good after culuvation no crop will yield a better return for the labor bestowed. The best variety is ine uoiiow trowned. Btets. -- These are worthy a place in every garden Ihe Blood Beet, either long or turnip , IUUU.-Uis mo tiuir Kind we shout. . like the while sugar beet. Soak the seed a day or two before planting, and in rows eighteen inches apart. Cirrots. Some sow the Early Short Horn this month. It is the best variety for garden culture, and succeeds well on any moderately rich soil. lus!-!i- . This forms a neat edging for the en Is of the different beds next the largest walks of the garden. It is useful in flavoring stews, soups aud gravies. Some Eke il for salads. Tirrups. A bed of the Erly White Globe or Early Dutch will be found useful for summer use. Sow broadcast, and afterwards thin out as desired. Cibldje. Sow some seeds of early kinds, as some of the Early York, Sugarloaf and Wioninstadt, as well as some of the early varieties or Cauudowers. Sow broadcast in a richly manured spot in the open border, where tho sun can have fre access to the plants. Radishes. The best kinds are the Long Salmon and the Red and White Turnip. Sow broadcast ia a warm bolder and give enough seed. Hake it over lightly, and in three or four days tlio plants will appear. Full the largest as they grow to a size fit for the table. Sow a fresh bed every two or three weeks to keep np a succ?3rion. Lettuce. The earliest sown are the best ia fact those self sown the previous summer are often to be found plentifully in most gardens. To attain perfection they should afterwards be transplanted inio an open border, and when of tolerable size, tied up, so as to become white and solid at the heart. Creases, and various other salads may be sown as soon aa the ground is ready for them. No garden should be without the-reThe earliest plants are the best, and as it is an or.pct to get tho fruit ripened as early as possible, it is well to sow some seeds early and protect the young plants from frost till they can be transplanted. The best kinds are the Large Smooth Red and the Yellow Plum. The Feejee and Perfected are two new kinds that have recently appeared, which we have'not tried, but have heard them highly recommended. Putd'ots. A f'w early potatoes, such as the Kidney, or Early June, may be planted, and if frost is anticipated after they come up, protect the plants with boards or straw. Plant whole in hills, one potatoe in each. Don't forgot to prune up all the small fruits, and tie up such A3 need it. Clean out ind fork over the strawberry and esparagus beds, and get tho whole garden into neat and trim order. Otncasee tarmtr. is now a well established fact that fccJ-- It the orchard is ths most profitable part of the farm, if due care is taken in the selection and planting of the trees, and they are afterward properly pruue l and cultivate L 22a Manure trees, and recollect that they requir cultivation. Attend to preparation of scions erl graft such trees aa require it. See Dovnmft Fruit Treei of America oa this abject also our first Tolume, p. 23. Working Farvur. Metairie Jociey Club Saces. SIXTH DAY. The weather yesterday continued to favor the sport at the Metairie and to contribute to the success of the present meeting as the most largely attended and exciting rac, meeting ever held in the South. There was, perhaps, a trifle to much dust for comfort on the roads and the sunshine had enough of summer in it to cause people to prefer the shade, wherever found; still the day was glorious for out-dolocomotion, and offered every inducement for the usual tumultous assemblage of mortals at the equine Olympus on Metairie Ridge. The attraction on this occasion was a threat mile race foraged horses, to carry 10-- j pounds, for a Club purse of i&JJ and a made stake of SlOO; the entries being Mr. Doswell's Nicholas I, and Dr. Wood s Tom MoGufEn; and a two-mi- le race for a Club purse of $800, th entries being Laurd F arris, Arthur Adams, Big Ellen and Reserve. Fia.iT Race. Oa thii race there was not much betting; but so far an betting went, it was two to one oa Nicholas I, against Tom and the result showed that thera wm no mistake in the betting. The animals came np with all the dignity and sobriety becoming their age; started off comfjrtably, and kept together as if talking politics through the first two miles; Tom leading by a length into the second mile, Nick leading by a length into th third mile, and then getting disgusted and running away from Tom entirely, charitably holding up in the run home to sv Torn from being distanced; time, 6:47. In the second heat Tom led till past the quarter pole, whea Nick gave him the go-b- y and showed him th way three times around the track, winning tha heat and the race in j:."3. There was no excitement, but a good deal of fun, connect with the race between these two horses, relics of a former period. Secosd Race. This was a two mil rac for a Club pnrs of S80O; the entries boic Mr. Mycr's Laura F arris, Lexington threw year old; Gen. Wells' Arthur Adams, a Wag ner tour year old; loL liingaman 15: g Lilen, a Uiencoe lour year old, and LapL Minora Reserve, a Lecomte three year old. Laura F arris was the favorite even against the field, and justified the confidence of her backers. She led the way through all the first heat. Reserve being her only actual pursuer, and allowing her to win only by th length of her neck; whilst Arthur Adams and Biz Eilea courted so much that both cam horn dia- tanced. Time of thii heat, 3:37. Laura an J Reserve having th fun to themselves la th second heat, finished it oat sociably, Reserve leading through the first into th second mil, and Laura taking what was left, including th remainder of th mile, the heat, tha rac and the money; winning by a length or two, ia o:4H. Laura's rider wu so awkward and bungling in the first heat, that CoL Bingaman'a rider was borrowed to take her through th second heat. There was no particular excite ment about this race. Literary. Follett, Foster & Co., of Colum. heart-deabus, are about to publish a translation of Theo Stone spells to slouj jhile Gautier's "Romance of the Mummy," by Its weai y tale, Ilotv graves were fllled. tgRetolced, That there is no issue before Mrs. Anne T. Wood, of Marietta. How chucks waxed pale. the country At tLia time demanding the mainMrs. Wood translated the Boston edition of How heartstrings tr rilled tenance of a political organization which from With sorrow's wall. necessity must be Pactional; that there are no About' "Roman Question," and is well known How souls were chiliad Territorici where the question of s'ave labor as a faithful and spirited translator from the Willi luis'ry's gale. ljiit 1 1 seems to uie f.i,.l or free labor is not already effectually settled: French. If the present work needed any other therefore, all efforts by the leaders of partiet The shipless sea to excite the people of different sections against introduction than the name of Gautier, the fact Hath beauty ntoru each other on this issue are misdirected and hat this lady has rendered it into English Than this w scene. mischievous in their tendency. would sufficiently commend it. Where what hath been d;e Beloved of yore, This is a resolution passed by the ConstitutionalFresh Hearts that failed Three Thousand fi.IiAl.l-.K- . lu (be heart's bower, so freeh and green. J -Unionists 1H of Massachusetts. The editor Years Ago," is the title of a new story, written A. huHiAS,i1M"'aUT- ar du Fades evermore. QLILN SABH. of the Journal has the assurance to republish by the author of "The New Priest in Concep Louisville. April. ln. ZaXarslial's Sale. E. K. Eoa.' h, Ac, it and applaud iu What was Lis employment tion Cay," and shortly to be published in Cos- ) In CUncery Xo. 15,699. a aiuxt All Sorts of Paragraphs. last year daily? Didn't he strive to excite the Ucnnla Uut, ) JttjyThe statue of John Adams, intended OF A PKCF.EE OF THE 1inSTILI.E people on this slavery question? During the BT TIRTL'E Court, reiidere.i iu the a!ove eauee. tli Sxurr Dirrixa is New York. Of this dis for the cemetery at Mount Auburn, has reach or one of ua, wl.i, on 1 1. k?LiA 1 . Ape.i ztxU. entire canvass for Governor he did little else? gusting practice, sometimes called snuff diged Boston, and will soon be placed in position. laau, about lu hour ot 11 o .io k a. X., iu, al 1'uo.ic AucJ.he statue was shipped in Leghorn on board tion, to the hlf hesl blower, ou tn preuiiaea. In the city of And, now, what is his objection to a distinguished ging, the New York Tribune says: "That our AjouUvtiav, a vessel, which, after various delays by acciTHLE CX10X FuUXDEUT. Democrat for President? It is just this: The readers may form some idea of the enormous dent, finally put into Savannah, where it was Occapted by tb late Arm of Koa-- h A Lorn, en th wt said candidate holds that Congress shall not prevalence of this habit in their midst, we Wda of N; aire.-- , btw.-Main and Water atreeia, condemned. The same vessel brought a num: (muncncm? arhich la thu. at a "mt on th ber of staues, representing Our Savior and interfere with slavery in the Territories; that may state that one tobacconist, having a small raat aid 01 Xmili Met. 11 u leet north 01 Main Mreei: thence weatwar ily v et: thence nortiiwaniry li 4 hia Apostles, designed lor a Roman Catholic tr whatever agitation there may be shall be local- store on Broadway, retails one hundred from "Washington. theur w eaiwardly it feet, mo- or lli nre church in Boston. 7t' leeu thenvre weeiwanily ln. let to the center ized; that the people of the Territories shall atpounds per week to his 'digging' customers Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette. of in aviiiar Nintn and Ttiti a.reele; ttience Donhward.y 2lu 'et, more or lean, to Wa er arreet Ui lire tend to it as their own business, and legislate ftar The establishment of two frea ports in Washington, April 7. tlone. His snuffing customers consume but aour with airf.-eeaetaadiy aiKJdl lin tet the Canadas is agitated by the government MR. HASKIN AND MIL BUTIEltWORlU. about 76 feet to a po.nt ai.ut : an'i t ii feet north upon it at their discretion, subject only to the twenty-fiv- e organ at Quebec, One is designed to attract pounds. One firm, keeping a f Main atreet; tbeiti eastward y aoout l'W tret to Ninth The following in regard to the Haskin and atreet, tiieixie aoumaamiy ii'i leet to in Utninitiu. A restraints which the Supreme Court of the store on the Dowery, and another down town, Butterworth correspondence is additional to the eastern fish trade, and the other the trade more accurate oe.criptjoo may b had by p nrence to tn of the Red river country. iewdim..) r anth liHih .xtrj-i-- e th tiiKinea." Bom r. Cupoiaa. United States may impose. Does not the commakes and sell three barrels (seven hundred what 1 have already communicated on the sub av a:u. ali! other htlrtu;iu; to the rounder-SUMMARY. Four Northern clergymen preached in TMo plx. Ou lourtn on a tredit or lour uiontlix, mon sense of every man see that this is the pounds) in the same number of days, all of ject : wtta Uie baiaitce on a credit of one. tao and tnree eat. MnaComSE,NiwOL;ar?, April, Tnt Race. The exposition - Charleston, S. C, on Sunday last, to wit: nor--t. carry lur puundar, iluts tirr mnr heats, wr purci.aer will b reouiied to gwu biiid. w th approved only plan to put an end to agitation? If Con hich is consumed by women of New York ween Haskin and of the correspondence be- The Rev. Dr. Nehemiah Adams, of Boston, an. I a rns of !Uk ur "I ernnty, oeariiic Interest from date until paid, and a hen Butterworth, by the latter. T. A T. V. Dosweii a city. The amount used by eaeh 'digger' varied iJunn Iliintrr's) m. t. Nicholas I. Ifth ha mtaiittni aaaAdJtlouai aexurtfy. gress must act on this subject, agitation is before the Covode Investigating Committee, is the author of the South Side View of Slavery; Vt C li. Wlil PS, M. LCC RiioJs. II W h. Wood s ( A. W Mi JAS J. A l.r.K, a. t f"ui .Mcua.rlu. by necessity which no human power can control from one quarter of a pound to a pound per said by Mr. Haskin to be a violation of private the Rev. Dr. Blagden, of the Old South Hiima, out of La Bacchante 12 liiJrt. A. Moi.uA' j Depu Ilea. Church, Boston: the Rev. Dr. Todd, author of confidence, but it is not objected to by that week." TIME. m time and place, will be foM all the lie that invokes the action of Congress on this ALSO at th ORDER AND SYSTEM. gentleman. Mr. Uutterworth has opened the the Student's Manual, and the Rev. Gardiner Peraoual to the Ute arm of Koach le 1st WL Jd hrat, A New Ska Light. Some curious scientific door, and Mr. Haskin will not allow it to be Spring, of New York. before Iigt Dot i.fiae'l oflonnric the day ol anle, conltlIrc ol subject, invokes agitation, provides for it, and Every farmer should insist on the follow- F!r mll Coai, Iron. 1 001a. Faiternx, A liana Lam- -, on S.culi.1 in I.J4 produces it. experiments have been made at Nantes by the closed upon him until all the correspondence lAthen, ?: b) Si and T(ou'ie-li-a- l llr' feberai TUir.1 uilli B?5L,0ne would suppose that a man appar ing : jtf hiJ Tunittu and b r.iiii Latnea, 7 and turn 14 feel: Whilst Douglas and his friends are striving Count de Nettancourt. A box made of tin, s in, which, from all accounts, is exceedingly ently in imminent peril of his life would feel leet aminff and turn 3o feet; Lpr.eut 14 jniii: LaLhe; Regularity in hours. Punctuality in clean- l:l7 Ml rich. It is asserted by the highest authority little disposition to engage in literary labor. T'taiurut Maclilti and htrife t'ian-r- ; wlui a. other with all their energies to establish a policy ng and putting awiy implements. Humanity Sim DtT. Secf a4 Rac. Two mile beats; Jockey Club nd eleven inches long by six wide, was hat Mr. Iuok reouMte lor carrying ou a iirat-rnUachiue Choiaim Ko to auimals that will put this question of slavery in the plunged into the river, and immediately the Haskin Butterworth addressed a note to Mr. Cas.sius M. Clay is an exception to the rule, it Neatness and cleanliness in ver rL't. Mvrrs' (T. O. Mare's! br. I Laura Firris, by Lx-ea-TatkMr r orCoa' arid during the Lecompton struggle, ap seems; he has just carefully revised, for Mr. for I n.nlmits. nn.ler 1 liiirU.ii. .lam bv .Margrave 4 yrar onal appearance. Decency ia deportment u $l(r'. tour mouths, over iu i, l..ur Territories out of the political arena, by settM. cash: from Vigsurface of the water to a considerable extent proving the latter's course in opposing Le- Olcott s forthcoming "Outlines of the Yale Agaod atx in "jtiia. lood, a.LU aopfuve4 aetc::ty, beaxaic nd conversation. Implicit obedience to the W. J. il 3 years ch. c. Kesrve, by .Lecuintc, of La - 1 1 old tiuie compton, and then, when he received an ricultural Lectures," tho two lectures on stock Intereat, wu. tie reuu:-etling the point that. Congress shall not inter i b. was covered with a brilliant flame, which floatropiietor aud foreman. Ambition to learn T.J. i s .Jlin Campbell vera c Arihur Aaauu, by for uifurmauuo, appi" oD the rrerniaefi to Wanner, dura bT Traii--oUl ntimation that he was likely to be removed, 4 ... dial fere, they are railed at in the Xorlh as I't SM.i UiSO. rurvler. tid to excel in everything. A. L. Riinfainan s ch. L L14- IXen, by Oiaucoe, out uf ed with the current, and presented different he supported Lecompton himself. Mr. Ilask- - and stock breeding delivered by him during hAKAU t i.iiACIl, the course. Arraiine s. dls" I year and at the South as Brt7 d Awtd Admlniatrainx 4 &. luiach, dee'd. And the following maxims of order and a averts that the recent statement in a New colors like Bengal fire. The flame lasted rL.On Tuesday, Mr. Thomas Heward, a Thft.Opposition in each section of the Union about two minutes, and lighted up the surork print, purporting to be evidence taken neatness: 1st heat. 3d brat. tizen of Cleveland, entered a drug store in 1:7 before the Covode Investigating Committee, 17 SALE seem bent on an Irrepressible conflict. Each rounding objects. The box was Perform every operation in the proper sea hat city for some brandy. The druggist was .1.50 plunged still WS son, and in the best manner. Complete every side invokes Congress to act; one on one side, deeper into the water, and the same effect was was not lurnisheJ by either member or clerk busy at the moment, and Mr. lleward proceedAJ7 of the Committee, but by Mr. Butterworth, ed urt of an operation as you proceed, and An CKESTKUT-STREE- T to helpjhimsclf. As soon as he swallowed y. O. CnsctnU TruUi. the other on the other. produced, but at several yards distance. M. una that it is such an abstract as represents a some portion of the liquid he poured il one job before you begin another. Seeure out, he Now, if the editor of the Journal has remall portion of the material facts, and totally ! our working tools in an orderly manner. le Nettancourt thinks that the light thus A Rids oa Ice Aa Excmxa Time. misrepresents the real issue involved in the remarked to the druggist that he thought he every tool when you leave off work. The ice started the pented of his sins, and is sorry for them; if he can down in the Kenduskeag oa which he calls " phosphorescent fire," correspondence. This demonstration of Mr. had killed himself, and designated the bottle AXT) T KINK TWELFTHS BTtT SETEXTT-rir.nRfturn every tool and implement to its place Saturday afternoon last, tbe Bangor Whig thinks there is no occasion for this agitation, might be useful in naval operations at night, u. will necessarily bring Mr. II. he teet, orj th aouth ain of Ctientnut before the Co from which was had drunk. It contained Working Farmer. l KlnteenUi t reel, at night. bt ween r' enleeuth anIJouu-- wiih ailMreete states, breaking up for a considerable disand standing where the brandy he use the vode Committee as a witnes?, whose testimony Hrirk Tula h a lar?, conveoieol and that it ought to be stopped, will or in saving lives from shipwreck. A LSI FY, MORE usually stood. Mr. lleward lived only about 0 FN IR U.LY KNOWN A3 TILE tance below the lower bridge. Whea th jam KiLu'.iiKoii. atai4a and carrlaKehtiuae, and auiokenouae. will involve a large number of politicians, means to stop it? What means will he use? trood well ot water in tue yar i; well ael with etcrgreena, tti TABLE OisTER. moved, three little boys, of eight to ten years wo hours. Craiietreea and ainuloerv ol a kind. t$-A- s the Charleston Convention approaches, from the President down. The examination Will he still rail at the man who says there is This root requires similar treatment to that of age, were playing on the ice above central A care chauoc lor a larue in i 4 rftl1inc. Apply to jfjyA steam fire engine, built for the Em he excitement increases, and the efforts to of Mr. Butterworth before the committee, has I. C. h'l V LhoY, Ueal i.iat Atretit, given to the carrot, and in moderate quantities bridge, and were carried along on th jam, apneither necessity nor propriety in any action make friends for this and that candidate are p( dlJ hnutn Mde Jettertioo Ki., above Fmn. een closed. The letters referred to cannot bo peror of Russia, ha3 just arrived at Phila may be sold in our market at a large price. parently in a position of great peril, crying of Congress on this subject? Will he assert pressed with vigor. There is talk ofApn produce ! until Mr. Haskins receives some that delphia. It is said to be very beautiful in ap The average urimeter at the roots, is one bitterly, and creating aa intense excitement between Hunter and Douglas, ire in New 1 ork. Before the testimony was pearance, though ranking only as third rate the same thing, and then scream eut Squatter and a quarter inches, length ten inches, aver among the hundreds of spectators npoa th which, if it should prove correct, and be known signed Mr. Butterworth, addressing himself to among its fellows. inches, average bridges. As the ice passed swiftly beneath se length of tof.3 twenty-si- x Sovereignty at Douglas? Y BEICK DWELL-- a Mr. Train, of Massachusetts, a member of the to the public, will blow up both individuals AIiE?TSABLE aide frf feecond atpcet, between JftfayMr- - Bomberger, 70 years old, residing in weight ot'jroot four ounces, average weight of the lower bridge, Mr. Gilbert Estabroak, with If the Journal and his friends are going to fetreeta. V ainut and ( Hunter's friends are generally the committee, said: Baltimore, committed suicide the other day by p of each plant one and a quarter ounces great courage and noble disregard of danger, fc Monu jmery, near the comer Second A np: ..u to J. leave the whole matter to Squatter Sovereignty, Ultra men of the South, who are Sir, in the course of this investigation you cutting his throat with a razor. He had been per iropped from the bridge upon th rushing apldtl Jr?erwn etreeut. They con'ain less than one and one-ha- lf for some time ill wiih a disas of the lungs, as already settled, what right have they to turn fiercely opposed to Douglas, and who would propounded to me questions personally offen cent, ot inorganic matter, and this is made up mass, an l took charge of the little fellows, For Sale. resent such a coalition as an abandonment of sive. 1 ou in enect asked me to state it 1 had nd he preterred to die at once rather than to chiefly of p iosph iric acid, lime and soda. keeping them upon the Uxgar and aafer cakes round and make mouths at Squatter SoveT Fist them and their cause by Hunter. bargained with the bartered 1 e au-common sait, de and ii'is, of ice until the jam stopped, and they we.- iwi in nrtl,.eeotrrpiet Aattuatt-- 1 onreir,street.EKICIC IX- rr reignty? They admit that it is good enougl '.as men are very confident of late,The Doug uot principles to retain President and In order linger. He was a soldier of 1812. -trn-eand claim ny my place. F:rth and ry. nnen all drawn, by means of ropes, upon on Of th composed try Liiae, is tueir manure. t?""Two or three days ago a man was ar Lot 26 feel! rol l and ninninc hack to Center miu i, sovereignty for the purpose. But 159 votes on the first ballot, but in this calcuThere is no oc hat no unjust inferences might be drawn from rested in Louisville, charged with kidnapping boiled, mashed, niade into the form of oysters, wharves below. J. H. ill VJAN, 475 M.i n st .or to Apple 10 II. A J. Lr.l TI..V a iUiu atreeu api dil and fried, they resemble them so closely as to negro boy whom he had with him. He had casion to exercise any other sovereignty. The lation they put down 10 of the 16 delegates a refusal, I consented to answer the question. I regard this as a personal insult, and one to from Maryland, which I know to be an error. 9r0ne of the speakers at a mission meet form an admirable substitute. . Ztot for Sale. . truth is, Douglas and his friends occupy now One delegate from Baltimore, whom they which I do not intend quietly to submit. I seduced the boy from Philadelphia, on pre- Salsify keeps well either in or out of the ing in Leicester, England, give some iafonna- ense of taking him to learn gardening in AV ON TUE VEiTrt 18n rOl FEETOf second TO 'ret.ALLEY. fell fet .orth the only conservative ground on this subject; thought they had sure, is off the track, and now give you an opportunity to withdraw the I'tttsburg, but, on one pretense concerning the teachers and nurses to ai ground, an l they therefore may be used dur- )Oi Bid and another, V aiiwL oppoaite tne reeidece ol Kobert J. W nrtl. lotiua question." he only ground that a national party can won't support the Giant. the entire winter and 9pnng. following . whom is intrusted the training of th children took him as far as Louisville, where he was 1). V. FA L Ll'r. ,ry. Mr. Tram "I did not intend to insult you, AW Main aireet. We take this from the correspondent of the their growth. Full directions for growing this of the Roj al family. Tha monthly nurse ia meal topped. He calls his name C. J. Smith, and hold. sir. 1 was requested to ask: the question, and root will bo found in our series on "V egeiaoie i L" X""1 "r , s " The sectionalism of the North says Congress Cincinnati Gazette (Rep). The editor is anx- did so simply to ascertain if the President had hails from Henderson. Sale or22xclianfe for City Trop-ertv- "T- - oieauo I u vut- ittpwstj SECOND LECTURE. Working Farmer. REPORT OF TIIE Garden." sa?-- J. W. Dawson of the Fort Wayne Times, I tier wen. used any improper influences in the matter. rrincess as the power coupled with the duty to pro ious on the subject ef the nomination of Dougin W illia,m. uoyai, now in rnn He said that our losses are inimeasurablv Tl"? "' AXI Atl.E? OF LAXD, IX ITS CT. LTX RK. HORSE RADISH which establishment was recently burned out, was awiitened throuz!i Frederick SETERaL Mr. Butterworth. atcl-n"ion hid no right to and Lrvw.a'stou coiuiU. Libit slavery in all our Territories; sectional- - las and hi) Washington correspondent gives greater from insects than those of the Luro The following, by Mr. Peter Henderson, of j reading a sermon of Adolph Monod, and b- propound an impertinent question to me to has purchased the Republican, and P. P. Bail- pean nations; and yet, because of not being so U M. U. J'OPE. sm South says Congress has the power coupled something daily to comfort the brethren with hea th last gratify the malignancy of cowardly slander- - ey retires. in population, they were not felt Jerapy City, well known as an able gardener, I came thoroughly religwus. with the duty to maintain slavery in all our the hope that the dreadful event will not hap It you had ventured such a query in the h J53fAt knoxvule, Illinois, minuite guns so much; for there the loss ot Tor Sale. of a will interest those who are desirous of raising child was born, a Wesieyaa was selected for pen. nurse. The teacher of the Prince of Wales, I should have resent e i the insult on the were fired out of respect for the memory of crop would be regarded as a great national AVVHT streets, KNCIXK. Territories. horse radish : AKa. 1 FTF.AM It l Lay OF Ariciue, and wih be aoid a uew ). We can inform the editor that these under Gov. Itissell. A premature discharge killed disaster. Mr. Gibbs, was a Nonconformist. Previous to spot, and I do not intend to permit any mem The Hessian fly was introduced into to No national party can occupy either of these iaal bargalu U appUtuon he n.a ; Jersit Citt, N. J.. No. , appointment, he was sent for twice, and for standings between candidates are all moon- ber of thiB Committee to shield himself behind two men, Messrs. Morrow and Palmer. this country in some packing straw, by lies Main atreet, bet. t.Ath and Ninth. U?, dtf positions. Conservative men riortn ana touic Ir. E.lltnr : In your issue of last month, is two hours was subjected t a sever question to escape a just personal his otfici il position BgIn Georgetown, Ohio, a few days since, sian soldiers, who landed at Flatbush, L. I., a communication oa tit's suDjeci, wnica may ing by the Prince Consort and her Majesty, to belong to the can saw this long since, and adopted the doctrine shine. The delegates don't responsibility. Mrs. Matilda Armstrong, wife of Mr. A. Arm Aug., 177o. It did no great injury to the crops be suitable enough when a few dozen roots are For Sale. do just as they please. The test his knowledge. All the heads of the de ew lork, member of the strong, killed herself with a shot gun, the load thereabouts until 1770. Starting from th-tfTTY J( J.VDS; Mr. Olin, of by Congress with the sub didates, apd will of L0n?VTU.K Haroad do which would hardly, I think, be a partment about her Majeity were pious peopla. do not agree with you, sir, taking effect over the right eye. Preparatory intense hostility to Douglas in the South is Committee. "I point, and traveling about twenty miles a year, wanted, but do; lia t ject. They adopted the policy from necessity by that you have any right to hold any member to the act, she took her infant child to a neigh it has overspread our whole country. Within " paying" crop even at " 10 and 12 cents Every child that was born in the Royal family Hardin Countr few politicians, and papers that CLRTI3 A WAEREX. rrU not being able to agree on anything else. The confined to a personally responsible for the discharge of bor s, and sent away the other children, to a year or two of iis arrival ia any given place, each," if so much labor was necessary to pro was born amid man" prayers. The pious represent themselves in this matter, the peo them. Horse radish, as we grow it in our members of th houshold assembled them-- . same necessity exists now; and this party in his official duties; an 1 so far A3 1 am concern gether with her father and servant girl, on dif- most of the surrounding wheat helda were des duce do with it. pie generally have nothing to arkct gardens ia this district, is the most ed, I do not intend to be intimidated by lerent errands. troyed, and its ravages usually continued for a profitable of all second crops which we raise. selves together and continued praying for th RESTAURANTS. Massachusetts say there is no use in any other Vaeen until the child was bora, whea they At an early hour on Monday morning few years, or until its parastic enemies exter fST In Paris, apparently, they think it ne threats.Butterworth "I make no threats; I slate simply because it requires a peculiarity of soil gave God thanks. He thanked God for such a policy now, if it were possible. The Journal Mr. last, a son of Joseph Glendon, who resides in minated it. It has frequently reappeared here to grow it well ; namely, a ueep, nigniy en- Queen and such a Court, and that, unde her. cessary to specify, in speaking of an Ameri a fact., and I now submit the matter to the ac indorses their resolution, seemingly uncon SHAD! POTCMAC FRESH Columbia Township, Ohio, met his death un and there, but for the past few years has al riched sandy loam. God was prospering Britain as he He had never can, that he is not diwrctd. M. Gaillardet, tion of the Committee. My action will be de scious of his der the following circumstances: The lad was most been unheard of. This fly is probably that Our nude of culture is very simple ; ine prospered it before. the brilliant correspondent of the Courrier des termined by your." engaged currying his father's horse, and while referred to by Duhamel, as having greatly in ett3 are procured when trimming off the mar Mr. Covode "1 see no objection to the in a stooping posture the animal threw up his jured the wheat in Switzerland, iu 1732, bu fgTbe editor of the Journal is not pleased Etats Unis, thus writes to that paper : ketable roots in winter, varying in length from th withdrawal of the question, and the answer heels, and kicked him with tremendous force during the half century of its worst rava r.u, fMrr, ff. A destructive fire broke out oa oa til ah- CB1IA hi HfKMik'H six to nine inches ; they are tied in bundles ol destroying An American who is not divorced, but who i? lttcx. Woootoik and all or her uenoatica received oail with the result of the election on Saturday also; but you had better let the testimony here it was almost unnoticed in turope. In fifty or sixty, and buried until spring. Imme morning of the 27th of March,Pensacola Navy nzi m uurctiroaaaauie et vie al The brethren were not organiied, he says, on the contrary, has a charming wife M. Pha stand until the Committee close their labors, directly in the breast, breaking every rib in 1833 it ravaged a part of Germany, and of the finest buildings in Uie t ALKKK ? EXLIIAXGK. or Larly whilst the Democrats were. We don't think he len cave yesterday one of the most brilliant and this can be left out of the printed re his body. Ihe lad fell backward, and eipired 1834, Prof. Dana found it along the Mediter diately attor finishing our planting begin the Yard. The fire was caused by the burning; Some time elapsed before almost instantly. Cabbage in March or April, we Southern Saloon and Restaurant, wad from the morning gun. The loss is esti toirtei of the season, at bis sumptuous port. knows much about his "own party, and certain musicalin the Rue de V Univertite. the accident became known, and first by his ranean, in Spain, Italy, and on the island o planting of horse radish between the rows of mated at about He has made palace There ar about To this Mr. Butterworth assented, and the father, who entered the stable, and discovered Minorca. it is he knows nothing about the organization a fairy palace of this residence, and one meets affair was thus amicably settled. cabbage, which are planted two leet apart, S'X) men employed in the Pensacola Navy Tar J. The wheat midge has been long known in aud one and a half feet between the plant.) the dead body of his son lying on the floor. of the Democratic party. If he does, he knows there the most aristocratic names of t ranee at present, and there are over 100 marines ia. THE PACIFIC RAILROAD. England, and was imported thence. It wa Holes are made with a light crowbar, nine or the barracks. M. and Mine. Phalen did the honors with The Lnitea States vessels low 5,11. miER, Proprietor, more than any Democrat knows. In some there originally thought to be a sort of mildew, The Select House Pacific Railroad Committee twelve inches deep, and the setts of horse rad lying at the yard r as follows: Steamers courtesy which distinguishes the true gentle AND glXTlI ETREET Fire at Cleveland. but in li 1 its true nature was discovered, an fOOAnt OF COt ET PL Am had a meeting yesterday, and by vote agreed wards both parties did their best, but in others man and true lady of America. LmUvLU, af. ish planted perpendicularly, from two to three ceminole, crnsauer ana na:er initu, mujiK two routc3, 1797, Mr. Kirby, searching for tho Hessia in to throw open again the subject of was not much party effort. TO IXF'iKM MY FRIENDS AND TOF TUE UNIVERSITY HIGHTS BURNED BRAVEKY OF inches under the surface, same distance apart cnt for sea. The Fulton, recently wrecked otf fly, found and traced out the habits of this in IBF1 LFATK that I lonUliue to el at ailhouraol there feneral'y A YOL'XO UlRL. The following but nothing definite was fixed upon. A strong Thb Old Oakbs Bucket. as the cabbage. As it was, the result will satisfy the good Dinners a wav aet Santa Rosas Island, has been docked, and will i. and I...UI a frneniij Lunch. sect. It was first noticed in our country effort will be made to put the El Paso and San aud Doing thus planted under the surface, n be rebuilt at that place. The Wyandotte, to ami axa ers, men unnu mea; oii.t.allIwuiar Innnei at On Saturday morning, April 7th, a fire was Northern Vermont in 1820, but did no grea et lum.. hoiua. c, wil, citizens of Louisville. The city government reminiscence of Samuel Woodsworth, possesses Diego route into the report of tbe Committee, troni I to o'clock, al. no growth of any consequence until the Walker, and Vixen lie out ia th stream ; tha makes ru. m.i. wnoi .'i'U of rare injury there until nine years later, when it cabbage crop is cut off, when all the further can't now be used for the benefit of party, and sufficient interest, we think, to warrant us in but there is considerable doubt whether it will seen issuing from beneath the roof of the im win he cou.iui.ted on th Kew Am aai ko call. a. nit fca-surveying the Harbor of Pensacola. latter is also began to extend itself over the Northern to othce. and n mense Cleveland Institute building. at; va. Aiwa a It is a portion of succeed. will have more time to attend to the interest of presenting it to our readers. labor rettiired until it is dug in December, is The United States steam frigate Koanoie, 15 O. is. li. PANCKR. Owij ALPHA. The southwest wing was entirely destroyed States, throughout Canada, and as far west as merely to keep it clear ot weeds, which is done Officer McClung, commanding the home squadthe city. We shall, probably, have now a faith- a private letter recently received from one - Frenca Confectionery. Indiana. There is a parasitic insect, the lcli wholly by the plow. Our roots, by this treai- with the kitchen, a wooden building attached ron ; th United States ship siabiae, and store-sh- ip Presidential Speculations. A Washing to the wing. The remainder of the Institute neumon fly, which in Europe checks tho sprea whose authority in the matter cannot be ques Tie 01 a xxin HA TliF. HONOR OF INFORM ful execution of the law; an end to bullying at ent. will average about Relief, were at A?pinwall on the 234 of hat brought has not yet ' THI - aviiiii uien of IxMiiaville thai h doom the colls, and tearine up of poll books. Here tioned. In rtference to the period of the pro ton correspondent of the Buffafo Commercial was gutted, though the main body of the build of the midge, but are two waysbeen which tb pound each, which, at five cents per pound, March. tt.e hv; ie btroet.a lew aide ol in ing can be repaired. The Institute is valued over here. Ihere uat ofMno mi tli i.ori. Advertiser (American) presents the followin )totil.uienl, where a coin - after we ehAll have peaceable electians, duction of the "Old Oaken Bucket," th gives a return of between $350 and S400 per Veauw ronrtA. i. u ui duality whl he couat 518,000. It is insured for $11,000. The wheat midge may be destroyed in largo num I says: acre. Bur ForND ok a Eatt is ths North Riveb. views in a letter of the 2d inst : htmt Xaat aaaon.uietit nt ail Liie a. vix : 1 By killing the tly itself ; and 2d whether it be the interest of party or not. writer tuoua i. at hand, freah and of tli can he supplied with It is principally sold to parties making a I The three wise men f Gotham who went tv " It was written in the spring or summer of The chances of the nomination of Judg furniture is valued at $3,000 and is insured bers,destroying it when larva. If infeste cAfl 1.1 , and every by Inaiw. we.i un ami raini'v t'aetn Party government in city affairs is not desira for S2.500. bowl, were thought to be plucky fel- stand-poin- t, special business ot grinding n and oouung n i sea li kina.o' A V.thii.AN ami Fkr.NCH . and family were living, at the time, 1817. The noticr tetal! t.oura to be de Douglas seem, from this The Institute is a female boarding school wheat fields are swept over for several succes up in vinegar, in which state immense quanu - iow3 x boy eleven years old has outstripped ruci 1a ta i atertiottry Hue, on the ahble at best; and that we have had for years; Duane street. The poet came home to dinner cidedly increasing. Many delegates to the mi very moqerate nncea. rved irp a ideai sive evenings with a proper net, myriads may 'i'i, nnder the direction of Mr. Humiston. Th I sold to last I tnem in old daring, having ventured to t sold. The party that wet, CHAKl.t.5 UKu. Uttiu;. not merely the government of a party, but a one very warm day, having walked from his Charleston Convention have already been here, school will go on without interruption, ar be caught, and a good part of the wheat be ties are of Jefl- - raan ati KuTth eason, informed me that he had purchased 0Q A rough board raft of his own making. office, somewhere near the foot of Wall street. a f w door le.nw rom AK'lw saved. The larva deposited in the kernals of marly twenty tons. (Jardener s Monthly. party government. Every good citizen should Being much heated with the exercise, he poured and they pretty clearly indioate which way raDgenients having been made to accommo s Early this morning two men in a row-boa- t the wind of policy is blowing, benator Doug grain are carried to the barn and resown i ioice that we are about done with it. an object floating in the middle cf the streaia himself out a glass of water New York pump las is the only Democrat who can be elected date the pupils. SETTING FENCE POSTS. 1LLST CLAHS OF THE SEASON ! the spring to fulfill their pernicious mission. Whilst the south west wing was wrapt tide. Their curiosity impelled thera water and drank it at a draught, exclaiming, President in 18W, and the Democrats of the Setting fence posts in an inverted position rith the flames, an alarm was raised that a girl was in Now, if a district is greatly infected, the fields General Council elects the super- - as he replaced the tumbler on the table, 'That ought, to g it. in our col to inspect the object, and pulling their oar plowed very deeply It was W1"' including the watchmen at the is very refreshing ; but how much more re- countrynomination know Beward at cmcag the burning buildidg.Compte, asoon ascertained should be worms and all, so as in spring, buty-in- h is been frequently recommendedthe Genesse they soon came upon a boy on a raft- - Th of Air. The to prevent the umns, and' the following, from crop, . . young lady pu that Miss Minnie Le numeraries, Firgt .nd Eiehth freshing would it be to take a good, long is regarded as pretty sure. At A IN AND MARKET. boy wad as happy as a clam, lie said be wa TXTTSL gTREIT. EKTWKKN rfl reappearance of the insects ; and especially Farmer, indorses our views on the subject. pil from Canada, was in the building, workin wnari, ana oui. yttteTday. going to sea. the men had some dimculty ia draught, this warm day, from the old oaken Working Farmer, The National Union men, in their isational desperately to save some of the furniture from careful should Tanners be to destroy the " 7 Ns x dissuading the nautically disposed youngster well, at ,. "e "ine mere oF.u.oU bucket I left hanging in my father's who was Convention at Baltimore, on the 9th of May the flames. A man ran up through the fire to screenings from their threshing machines and t- - -- K About thirty years ago, I, to test the thing, from abandoning his marine project. -- . 1, home." Hearing this, the poet's wife, next, may nominate John McLean, of Ohio, for property fanning mills, or at any rate, feed them to split two bar posts, side by side, eight inches Post, ath. to I ,r .1- - ..i;in aa in (ha law VlxfT 11AK? IN THE Mil.LL t'l iiur ri.A always a suggestive body, said, 'Selim, why President, and John JJell, of Tennessee, for save her, but she refused go until the nil fcneil ya- - chickens, that the millions of larvie of mid-X wide, and three thick. One I set butt down, rceiv4 tuis n "OSluon meuiuero wouldn't that be a pretty subject for a poem?'' Vice President. Such a ticket would make the was saved, and ended the controversy by strikilof Irtu ka. Pi"' ac Mia'l auo V ten suaaow the acuou ui An old trunk, found A MrsTERiors Tepsk. g the man the face, pushing him out or contained in the heap may not be restored to the other top down. At the end of ten years, caciee lu aeaftoi "era. Pj -- .f O k presume The poet took the hint, and, under the inspira , r..,e.e;i Seward Republicans quake amazingly. Some, the room andinfastening the door. As she was the fields. They have a wonderful tenacity of he one set in butt down was rotted off, and 1 yesterday in the third story of the store of Mr. anil w.U he Indeed. hand al tor kuatauraut. tarid autwava b ,- ,- -- H ie. o in incooi; r.inirin in tion of the moment, sat down and poured out however, suggest John M. Botts for President, awe life, these little rascals. Dr. Fitch has tried the same hoi. At th end of six v v. Everett. Union street, upea being opened I wl'ta th AVightman, above it in now ia imminent danger, Sheriff m.iiea can te ':r.r.! hol. a au. it is rather inadvertence, than an from his very soul those beautiful lines which and Thomas Corwin for Vice President. . C. C. Kh; H.R, iToi.r.etor t Uie anort- at li and Deputy Sheriff Bennett ran up the blazing to drown them by keeping them three mouths years it was rotted off again, and I put in a I waj ascertained to contain the skeleton of a A fi. Mori; f Winea. Liauorn and have immortalized the name of Woodsworth." the editor himself, as tho law is xplc-lnew one. Ihe other lasted rour years longer, man, two suits of wearing apparel, a number stairs, but she refused to let them come near under water, but of no avail. 7U11 nark Clier ano Cou4,-- r Home Journal. The audience being invited to ask questions when it got split in two, and I took it out, and I 0f books, a fine gold pen, a dirk knife, an 1 Section 9 of the Police the contrary Washington, April 5. The Japanese en- her, and continued throwing the furniture out rotted off. Sixteen I several letters. Ia the clothes were founl Birth-Daarrive in New York in of tho window. Sheriff Wightmanat length on the subject of the lecture, if so disposed, it was about voys are expected to Douglas' says: PJLRGrJT & RAI.EOEFEIVS i availed themselves of the permission. Dr will be on the two or three weeks hence. It was Consul succeeded in carrying her off to a place of Fitch, in answer to sundry queries, said that years ago, I set six pairs f bar posts, all split I cards bearing th nam of J. N. Robertson, ot On said Monday (the second aionuay n Senator Douglas' birth-da- y K.ot-Oor the same wnue oan tog. election) all other persons, except iuany "HJ of April, and the Democracy in double General Harris' desire that they should arrive safety. Miss Le Compte is quite a young girl, neither sowing lime cn wheat when the dew out of theI butt cut down ; another pair, one I Alabama, and a Diploma awarded to Mr. the pair set butts ertson by the University of Nashville, ia lSoo. appointed by the Police Baard, holding delegations from every Congressional District in Washington "ia the beautiful month of but possesses unlimited courage. was on, nor sowing salt, nor using sulphur or butt down the other top down, ana otners lop i Those desiring to Know more of this mystert- Llevelawt nam utaitr. states in his letter on the subject. police omce unaer me chj in the Union will meet at Charleston, bouth June," as he are to remain is quite uncer salt in the granary, nor tobacco water sprink lown. LADIES' RESTAURANT, lour years ago, those set butt down ou9 trunk, can be gratified by eallin oa t. on that day, to celebrate the event. How long they whatever oniciai name tucj It ew iork led on the field were specifics. off, and be replaced by new M. Woodall, at nor any Carolina, Great Fire at Manchester Thirty Fam loses $13,000,000 a year from the wheat midge, wcr rotted summer Ito had occasion to reset Xashville Cnzettt. the store of Mr. Everett, never was such a gathering in this tain, but the small proportion proposed lor st., near rostofSce, np stairs. shall go out of office, and neither they There Third ones. This their expenses fifty thousand dollars would ; country, and there probably never will be eiFrfi LEAVE TO INFul M OUR PATRON?, THK person thereafter eieciea or ilies Left Houseless. A correspondent why wouldn't it be a good investment to send those that were set top down ; I found them .v... ..Tutor the. crovisions of this act, again, as there will be on that natal day. not allow a protracted vi3it. The State Depart "! in t.av !. in co;!rtl' Witt be en ScrrosiD Mcadir. or a Womas. Oa 8at-soon as the appropriation is made, writes under date of Manchester, Ohio, April Dr. Fitch to Europe to procure the great foe all souud enough to reset. My experiments shall thereafter have any authority, or or Corvci aoery. LAX1 AJT fciLuoN or kxriAtRANl Judge Douglas is the oldest young man on the ment, as of the midge, the ichneumon fly ? This latter have oonvinced me that the best wry is to set I urday last a man walking along Grea Brook, aewill provide for their recaption and entertain 'or" iie-iec. 5th : unravat titled to any pay from said city. , .;heT direct froTfl th atreet or tbr list of Presidential candidates. He will be ment. A house will probably be provided for lsweeps the other from the very face of them tops down. I insect enler . iiow. . Jjust above n ater street, drew rlamheld, - -- T1...M. -- mi n..t- ret aaeure-- thai we can and will turn... A destructive fire broke out at about half- - the earth, and a half a bushel ot its eggs, on the 23d of April, but his mind is Bv section 5. the power of appointing super forty-si- x I from the water a handsome shawl nearly two ORCflARD. u, h ami (li ii. acie. af can and wdi not he atxemutresidence while in this city. past 2 o'clock this afternoon, in a frame buud- - hatched on Dr. Fitch's place would be worth thla a storehouse of learning, statesmanship and their M l ant ou.ef heotaoralilis in U- - CH y. always be on hand, well to peach trees, and see that the yards square, with over a dozen cuts, a wita numeraries is given to the Police Board. Look r, t win inir. owned and occupied by William Vaughn, experience. He has been in public life more its weight in diamonds, " of purest ray peach worm U not at work. Pour boiling water a knife, through both fold. A lady's rubbar "; Vn .... . e,our i.i. -- .i in th ahorteai uora'hle tin The Sequel to the Diamond Wedding. as a dwelling and grocery, ine wma was : . ..'S.. r,r..,.ri to rut: -- a Diiiuera and eupoern - than a quarter of a century, having begun his nn th lower nart ot the trunE near me ground. I sno nas also been louna near or. John Craie, a wealthy farmer, forty- remarkable career just as he entered manhood. won't vouch for the accuracy of it, but rumor blowing violently in an easterly direction, and serene." ounlry. WORK IN THE KITCHEN GARDEN. r and nil'' i n'el lu 1. and if a sufficient quantity be used it will eoo I month ago a dreadful screaming was heard ia ara confldeirt that W a County Judge when almost a boy; is loud that the lady of the Diamond Wedding in a few minutes every building on Main eight yean of age, who resided at Butternut il - W a lair tnal. and .e April is a busy time with those who have the worm without injury to the tree ; we have I that vicinity past midnigni. car " aalh!acUon lu antAKuNi A RANUOEFER. T!oi,. from Clvde. O.. committed il,.n a. member of the legislature, men has come back again that she found her lord street, with three exceptions, from the point " auriaclT then a Julgo and master testy, bad tempered and penurious where the fire originated to the east end of gardens. Much has to be done as soon as tho iri.,l it fnirlv. and are well convinced that evea II hanging himself in his United States District Attorney; 1844 to 18'jO A Heartless Hoax. Some heartless scoua- suicide on the 4th, by tliro trallona of boilinfr water may be so used that the now due installment on the Four- - the town, was wrapp!d in flames. About frost is out, in preparing the ground for plant nf th Runrenie Court, and from .uiiioi m. atxroTtm ataaal araXT. drel is always iounui aiter s sietuiisaip uinasur been subject to fits however, not desirable to sow seeds without injury, to each tree. It is, barn. Mr. Craig has long has occupied leading positions in both branches teenth.8treot house has not been paid, and that thirty families are left houseless. During the ing. a main crop, but only such as can be adTTATTT Place the salt and lime mixture, as recom- - to play upon tn leeungs oi surviving irwu is more than all round something "is to pay generally. conflagration, the Presbyterian church took for of great mental depression, and on several ocof Congress. He knows, nipnil.- - l vol. L. about ueach trees, and if th bv a hoax. Th last inoident of this sort is TTuxsEArrnNO and fanty printing e?tab mreeie own life. most menwhosurvive to twicehisage. Should Not having the fear of either the Cuban or fire, but was saved by the exertions or the cit vantageously grown as an early summer crop. MhorUninu-i- in of reach, apricot, casions has threatened to take his wal corner of Third ana kiartot Jj and nectarine the picking- - up of a bottle in a Brooklyn ferry- rows of early peas may be Peas. father-in-laA few before my eyes, I send you the izens. It is not greatly injured. The loss be chosen President, however, he will not he worn a pa- Oi.rrer.t, Cards, Orcnlara A ":our;t h riW-cannot yet be fully ascertained, but it can sown, such as the Dwarf Kent and Prince Al- trees was .neglected last month, attend to it sup, purporting to contain a leuer at the expiration of his first term. tale afloat for what it is worth. be fifty-on- e ggi. The new city Council meets senger oa th tiungariaa. bert. Plant in rows three feet apart and soak this month. V. T. Cor. DottoH Journal. l ;.'. ai Kxcl.anire. Mo. liewa. and rortra: Hardly be less than ntty thousand aouars. CUvtland Plean Dtaltr. for the purpose of perfecting an orgauiiation. inu vr do rift ion ot LiO.Ofcrrat.hlc work. OcU CUvlae lie bheat as? ul UiC ark iti, uaui.oo irriil KENTIUIIE. House and Lot lor Sale FOR RENT! tr lX ror . . !'. rTrs L--i .. stchamTrestauhint, idi cs! .. 5 iTui". tS f, r" rjiATorncii, ui t'e. m avi

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