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Image 111 of The 1952 Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Some fans said that night was the finest hour in UK cage history. The Wildcats couldn't miss and the highly touted St. John's offense was completely bottled up. Striving to regain the top ranking, the Cats won in a rout, 81-40, to hand the Redmen their worst defeat in history. Hagan and Watson split evenly between them 50 points. DePaul was the next victim, falling, 98-60, to the rejuvenated Cats. As the fans yelled madly for 100 points, Rupp instructed his men to freeze the ball, indicating he wasn't interested in "pouring it on." In another holiday game, the University of California at Los Angeles invaded to test Kentucky hospitality for the first time. The Uclans made a fight of it for the first half but couldn't cope with the deadly accuracy of the Cats' shooting or the devastating hook shot of Hagan. The Owensboro star connected for 34 points. Cliff Hagan executes one of his now-famous hook shots in the Tulane game. Hagan was selected unanimously as an All-American. and set a burning pace Solly Walker of St. Johns was the first Negro basketball player to appear in Memorial Coliseum. Shown here dribbling around Lou Tsioropoulos, Walker was the best St. Johns could muster that night.

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