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Thomas Poe Cooper Papers, n.d.

Part of Thomas Poe Cooper Papers, n.d.

tpcInventory of the Thomas Poe Cooper PapersArchives StaffSpecial CollectionsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: of Kentucky Archives and Records Programn.d.Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGInventory of the Thomas Poe Cooper PapersCollection number: 0000UA061Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: by: StaffDate Completed: n.d.Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 1999 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved. Thomas Poe Cooper Papers, n.d.0000UA061Cooper, Thomas Poe, 1881-1959The materials are in English.University of Kentucky Archives and Records ProgramLexington, KY 40506-0039 Collection is open for research. Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky [Identification of Item], Thomas Poe Cooper Papers, 1881-1959, 0000UA061, Special Collections, University of Kentucky, Lexington.Thomas Poe Cooper was born in Pekin, Illinois, on March 2, 1881. He received a bachelor of science degree in 1908 from the University of Minnesota for his work in agriculture. In 1911 he left Minnesota to direct North Dakota's Better Farm Association. He directed the North Dakota Agriculture Experiment Station and Extension Service from 1913 to 1918. In 1918 he began work for U.K., and in 1925 he was given leave by the University to assume a job as chief of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Agricultural Economics.For two years-1940 through 1941- Cooper served as Acting President of the University. He received the Sullivan Medallion at the 1951 June Commencement, for serving Commonwealth residents.The University of Kentucky had an agricultural program of 125 students before Cooper enlarged it to enable twice as many students to graduate from the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. The number eventually attained 1,000 students enrolled. Overall, facilities and staff saw great improvement. The campus Experiment Station Farm grew to twice its original size under his administration, and two sub stations came into being. Indirectly then he encouraged development of new and better crop strains. He had 33 years of service to agriculture (as dean of the college) and to farmers in all, and became the college of agriculture's Dean Emeritus. He died Feb. 19, 1959 after prolonged illness.Container ListBoxes 1 - 101Abstracts, 19341A.C.P.: Miscellaneous, 19461Accidents, Claims, Insurance, 19391Adams and Miscellaneous Projects, 1911-19271Adams Fund Projects, 1920-19391Adams Fund Projects, 1940-19511Adams and Purnell Projects, 1908-19251Adjustment Research Project, 19361Adjustments In Farming By Regions and Type of Farming Areas, 19351Administration, 1918-19211Administration, 1922-19231Administration, 1924-19251Administration, 1926-19281Administration, 1929-19321Administration, 1933-19351Administration, 1936-19381Administration, 1939-19421Administration, 1943-19451Administration, 1946-19492Administration, 1950-19512Administration: Circular Letters, 1923-19342Administration: Circular Letters, 1935-19402Administration: Circular Letters, 1941-19482Administration: Inventions, Patents, 1934-19452Administration: Tobacco, 1923-19502Agricultural Adjustment Administration: Clippings, 19352Agricultural Economics, 19222Agricultural Economics, 1949-19512Agricultural Engineering, 1938-19512Agricultural Engineering: Building Dedication, 19312Agricultural Engineering: Building Dedication Luncheon, 19312Agricultural Industrial Board, 1949-19502Agricultural Mobilization Committee, 19512Agricultural Outlook, 19282Agricultural Outlook, 1928-19292Agricultural Productive Capacity, 19512Agriculture, Board of, 1920-19212Agriculture, Board of, 1926-19272Agriculture, Board of, 1929-19332Agriculture, College of, 1936-19402Agriculture, College of, 1941-19473Agriculture, College of, 1948-19513Agriculture, College of: Memorial on Reorganization, 19173Agriculture, Department of, 19443Agriculture, Department of, 19473Agriculture, Department of, 19483Agriculture, Department of, 19493Agriculture, Department of, 19503Agronomy, 1918-19273Agronomy, 1928-19353Agronomy, 1936-19393Agronomy, 1940-19433Agronomy, 1944-19473Agronomy, 1948-19503Agronomy, 19513Agronomy Projects, 1908-19253American Country Life Association Convention, Lexington, Kentucky, 19384American Farm Economics Association, 19194American Potash Institute, 1942-19484American Poultry and Hatchery Association, 19514Animal Breeding Projects: Southern States, 1946-19474Animal Husbandry, 1918-19294Animal Husbandry, 1930-19364Animal Husbandry, 1937-19404Animal Husbandry, 1941-19464Animal Husbandry, 1947-19504Animal Industry, 1947-19504Animal Industry, 19514Animal Industry, Bureau of, 1918, 1940-19424Animal Industry: Dairy, 1918-19374Animal Industry Projects, 19404Animal Pathology, 1918-19244Animal Pathology, 1925-19344Animal Pathology, 1935-19384Animal Pathology, 1939-19424Animal Pathology, 1943-19445Animal Pathology, 1941-19425Animal Pathology, 1943-19445Animal Pathology, 19455Animal Pathology, 1946-19475Animal Pathology, 1948-19515Animal Pathology: Building Wing and Hospital, 1946-19495Appalachian Southern Survey, 1929-19305Appalachian Southern Survey, 1930-19315Applications: General, 19505Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 1919-19205Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19225Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19235Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 1924-19255Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 1925-19265Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 1926-19275Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19285Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19295Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19305Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19316Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19326Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19336Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 1934-19356Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19366Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 1937-19386Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19396Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19406Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19416Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19426Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 1943-19456Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 1946-19486Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 1949-19506Articles and Addresses, T. P. Cooper, 19516Articles and Addresses: Chief, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, U.S.D.A., 1925-19266Articles and Addresses: Presidential Address, Land Grant Colleges and Universities, 19466Artificial Breeding Program, 1945, 1946, 19486Associate Dean, 1940-19516Attorney General, 1918-19346Ball, W. B., 1946-19476Bankers Association, 1946-19486Bankers Association, 1949-19517Bankhead - Flannigan, 1945-19487Bankhead - Jones, 1935-19417Bankhead - Jones, 1941-19467Bankhead - Jones, 19467Bankhead - Jones, 1946-19517Bingham 4-H Camp, 1940-19497Boyd, Virlyn Alexander, 1948-19497Bryant, T.R., 1944-19467Bryant, T.R., 1947-19497Bryant, T.R., 19507Bryant, T.R., 19517Bryant, T. R., Farm Accounting Contest, 1924-19257Building Program, 19477"Building The Peace" Programs, 19457Buildings and Land: Capital Inventory Expenditures, 1881-19517Budget and Fiscal Material, 1913-19467Business Office, 1944-19517Capper-Ketcham Act7Census, 19507Chemistry, 1918-19307Chemistry, 1931-19488Civilian Conservation Corps Camps, 1933-19398Club Department, 1919-19258Club Department, 1926-19298Club Department, 1930-19368Club Department, 1937-19408Club Department, 1941-19438Club Department, 1944-19458Club Department, 19468Club Department, 19478Club Department, 19488Club Department, 1949-19508Club Department, 19518Committee: Distribution and Marketing; Surpluses, 1925-19318Committee for Kentucky, 19478Committee for Kentucky, 19488Committee for Kentucky, 19508Committee of Fifteen, 1942-19438Conscientious Objectors, 1943-19459Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, 1918-19199Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, 1921-19249Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, 1924-19259Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, 19259Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, 19259Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, 19269Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, 1927-19299Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, 1930-19349Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, B, 1933-19359Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, C, 1933-19359Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, D, 1933-19359Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, G, 1933-19359Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, K, 1933-19359Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, L, 1933-19359Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, M, 1933-19359Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, A, 19489Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, B, 19489Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, C, 194810Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, D-F, 194810Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, G-J, 194810Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, K-M, 194810Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, N-R, 194810Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, S, 194810Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, Congratulatory Letters, 194010Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, Memoranda, 1926-192910Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, Memoranda, 1930-193110Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, Memoranda, 1932-193310Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, Memoranda, 1933-193410Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, Memoranda, 193510Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, Memoranda, 193610Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, Memoranda, 193710Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, Memoranda, 193810Cooper, T.P.: Correspondence, Memoranda, 1939Boxes 11 - 2011Cooperative Marketing, 194211Corn, 194411County Agent Work: C.A. Mahan Correspondence, 1944-194511County Agent Work: C.A. Mahan Correspondence, 1946-194711County Agent Work: C.A. Mahan Correspondence, 1948-194911County Agent Work: C.A. Mahan Correspondence, 1950-195111County Agent Work: C.A. Mahan Correspondence, 1952-195411County Credit Council, 193411Cream Improvement, 1929-193811Cream Improvement, 1939-195011Creamery License, 1918-195411Crop and Livestock Reports and Prices, 1925-192811Crop and Livestock Prices Received, 1926-192812Dairy, 1933-194712Dairy, 1948-195412Dairy Building Changes, 1947-195012Dairy Center, 1945-195012Dairy Department: Correspondence, 195012Dairy Department: Correspondence, 195112Dairy Industry, 1946-194912Dairy Industry, 195012Dairy Transportation, 1943-194412Dawson Springs Park: 4-H Club, 1942, 1948-194912Dawson Springs Park: 4-H Club, 1950-195112Defense Program, 194112Defense, 194312Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, 1932-194812District Agents, 1918-192312Donovan, H.L.: Inauguration, 194212Drought, 194412Economic Cooperation Administration, 195012Economic Cooperation Administration, 195112Education, Board of: Letters, 1924-193413Efficiency Reports: Staff, 1920, 192313Egg Production Program: A.M.A., 1942-194313Electrification, 1946-194713Emergency Production and Conservation Assistants, 194513Employees, 194713Entomology and Botany, 1918-193113Entomology and Botany, 1932-194013Entomology and Botany, 1941-195113Expense Accounts: T.P. Cooper, 1948-195013Experiment Station Accomplishments, 193513Experiment Station Annex, 1935-1937, 194813Experiment Station Anniversary, 193913Experiment Station Building: Articles Deposited in Cornerstone, 190313Extension: A.A.A., Budget, 193413Extension: Reuben Brigham, 1944, 194613Extension: Budget and Project Materials, 191413Extension: Business Office, Accounts, 1944, 194613Extension: Committee Reports, 1944-194613Extension: County Agents - SEE ALSO "County Agent Work: C.A. Mahan Correspondence".13Extension: County Agents, 1918-191913Extension: County Agents, 192013Extension: County Agents, 192113Extension: County Agents, 1922-192713Extension: County Agents, 1928-193013Extension: County Agents, 1931-193213Extension: County Agents, 193314Extension: County Agents, 193414Extension: County Agents, 193514Extension: County Agents, 193614Extension: County Agents, 193714Extension: County Agents, 193814Extension: County Agents, 193914Extension: County Agents, 194014Extension: County Agents, 194114Extension: County Agents, 194214Extension: County Agents, 194314Extension: County Agents, 194414Extension: County Agents, 194514Extension: County Agents, 194614Extension: County Agents, 1947-194914Extension: County Agents, 1950-195115Extension: Director's Reports, 191315Extension: Director's Reports, 191415Extension: Director's Reports, 1915-191615Extension: Director's Reports, 191715Extension: Director's Reports, 1918-192215Extension: Distribution of Cows, 193415Extension: General, 1944-194515Extension: General, 194515Extension: General, 194615Extension: General, 194615Extension: General, 194715Extension: General, 194815Extension: General, 194915Extension: General, 195015Extension: General, 195115Extension: Health, Education, Hospitals, 1947-194815Extension: Retirement, 194615Extension: Salary Payments to County Agents, 194816Extension: S.K. Slaughter, 1944-194916Extension: Southern Directors, 1942-1943, 194716Extension: State, 1913-193016Extension: State, 1931-193716Extension: State Agents, 1924-192516Extension: Taxation Studies, 1932-193316Farm Account Records: Correspondence, 192416Farm Account Records: Correspondence, 192516Farm Account Records: Correspondence, 192616Farm Account Records: Correspondence, 1927-192816Farm Account Records: Z.L. Galloway Correspondence with W.D. Nicholls, 1926-193116Farm and Home Convention, 1919-192016Farm and Home Convention, 1921-192216Farm and Home Convention, 1922-192516Farm and Home Convention, 1926-193217Farm and Home Convention, 1933-193617Farm and Home Convention, 1937-193917Farm and Home Development Program, 1948-195117Farm Bureau, 1922-193617Farm Bureau, 1937-193917Farm Bureau, 1940-194217Farm Bureau, 194317Farm Bureau, 194417Farm Bureau, 194617Farm Bureau, 1947-1948, 195117Farm Credit, 195017Farm Economics, 1917-192418Farm Economics, 1925-193518Farm Economics, 1936-193918Farm Economics, 1940-194318Farm Economics, 194318Farm Economics, 1944-194918Farm Economics, 1950-195118Farm Economics, Accounting, H.A. Ward Correspondence, 1924-192518Farm Economics, Accounting, H.A. Ward Correspondence, 1926-192718Farm Economics, Miscellaneous Reports, 1919-192818Farm Foundation, 193318Farm Foundation: Board of Trustees, 1936-194418Farm Foundation, Correspondence, 1938-194218Farm Foundation, Correspondence, 194318Farm Foundation, Correspondence, 1944-194518Farm Foundation, Correspondence, 195018Farm Foundation, Correspondence, 195118Farm Foundation, Lowden Plantation Committee, 194318Farm Foundation, Reports to the Board of Trustees, 1940, 1944, 194519Farm Housing Survey, 1933-193419Farm Labor, 1944-194819Farm Labor: Accounts and Budgets, 1944-194819Farm Labor: Bruce Poundstone, 1943-194519Farm Labor: Procurement, 1944-194819Farm Labor: War Prisoners, 1944-194519Farm Labor: M. L. Wilson, 1943-194519Farm Management: General, 1916-191819Farm Management, 194619Farm Security Administration, 1937-194019Farm Security Administration, 1941-194319Farm Security Administration, 1944-194519Farm Security Administration, 194719Farm Work Simplification Project, 1943-194519Farrington, O.M., 1939-194219Federal Emergency Relief Administration, 1933-193419Federal Emergency Relief Administration, 1934-193519Federal Farm Board, 1929-193319Feed and Fertilizer, 1939-194020Feed and Fertilizer, 1941-194620Feed and Fertilizer, 1946-194920Feed and Fertilizer, 1950-195120Feed Bill, 192420Feed Control, 1918-192820Feed Control, 1929-193820Feeders' Meeting, 191820Fellowships: General Education Board, 1939-194020Fellowships and Scholarships, 1947-194920Fellowships and Scholarships, 1950-195120Fences, 1947-194820Fertilizer Bill, 192020Fertilizer Conference, 192920Fertilizer Control, 1918-193920Finn, W.G., 1939-194220Flood Relief, 193720Food and Drugs, 1918-191920Foreign Vistors Farm Program, 195120Forestry, 1937-194220Forestry, 1943-194520Forestry, 194620Forestry, 194720Forestry, 1948Boxes 21 - 3021Forestry, 194921Forestry, 195021Forestry, Commissioner of, 1919-192321Forestry, Committee, 1931-193621Forestry, Control, 1925-193021Four-H SEE ALSO "Club Department"21Four-H: American Jersey Cattle Club, 193121Four-H: Applications, 193121Four-H: Camps, 193121Four-H: Clippings, 193121Four-H: Contributors to Junior Week, 193121Four-H: Corn Record Books For State Champion Corn Club Members, 193121Four-H: Entries In Judging Contests, Poultry, Livestock and Dairy, Kentucky State Fair, 193121Four-H: Former Club Members Attending U.K., 1931-193221Four-H: Junior Club Work, Correspondence, 193121Four-H: Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company, 193121Four-H: Local Leaders21Four-H: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 193121Four-H: Reports For Trips To The National Four-H Club Encampment, Washington, D.C., June 19-25, 193121Four-H: Scholarships, International Harvester Company, 193121Four-H: Scholarships, University Scholarship Club, 1931-193221Four-H: Staff Conference, 193121Four-H: Trips, 193121Freight Rates: Dean T.P. Cooper Testimony, 192321"Friends of the Land", 194221Funds, 1932-193821General Education Board, 1936-193921General Education Board, 194022General Education Board, 1941-194422General Education Board: Forestry Project, 194122General Education Board: Forestry Project, 1942-194522General Education Board: Forestry Project, 1946-194722General Education Board: Forestry Project, 1948-195122Genetics, 1943-194722Graduate Assistants, 194122Graduate Work: Staff Members, 1921-193322Greenfield, Soil Field, 195022Hatch Fund, 1947-194922Hemp, 1942-195022Home Demonstration Agents, 1919-193522Home Demonstration Agents, 1936-194222Home Demonstration Agents, 1943-194922Home Demonstration Agents, 1950-195122Home Economics, 1915-191722Home Economics, 1918-192222Home Economics, 1923-192522Home Economics, 1926-193023Home Economics, 1931-194323Home Economics, 1944-195123Home and Farm Campaign, 1945-194723Horlacher, L.J.: Correspondence, 1927-193923Horse Breeders Meeting, 192223Horticulture, 1918-192523Horticulture, 1926-194023Horticulture, 1941-194823Horticulture, 1949-195123Hunt, Roy23Hutson, J.B.: Correspondence, 1919-192223Hutson, J.B.: Correspondence, 192323Hutson, J.B.: Correspondence, 1924-192523Hutson, J.B.: Correspondence, 1926-192823Investigation in Cooperation and Marketing: Gallatin-McCracken, 1915-191623Investigation in Cooperation and Marketing: McCreary-Scott, 1915-191623Investigation in Cooperation and Marketing: Simpson-Woodford, 1915-191624Jockey Club, 1920-192324Journal of Commerce, 1923-192424Journal of Commerce, 1925-192624Journal of Commerce, 192724Kentucky Board of Agriculture, 1922-192324Kentucky Board of Agriculture, 1924-192524Kentucky Council of Defense, 1918-191924Kentucky Farm Tenency Commission, 1940-194424Kentucky Livestock Association, 193724Kentucky Livestock Improvement, 193824Kentucky Planning Board, 1934-193524Kentucky Progress Commission, 192924Kentucky Progress Commission, 193024Kentucky Progress Commission, 193124Kentucky Progress Commission, 1932-193324Kentucky Research Foundation, 1945-194824Kentucky State Fair, 194824Kentucky State Fair, 195024Kentucky U.S.D.A. Council, 194624Kentucky U.S.D.A. Council, 1947-194924Land Grant Colleges, 194924Land Grant Colleges, Association of, 1915-195024Land Tenure, 1948-195125Land Use, 1931-193825Land Use, 193925Land Use, 193925Land Use, 194025Land Use, 194025Land Use, 1940, Bruce Poundstone Correspondence25Land Use, 194125Land Use, 194125Land Use, 1941, Bruce Poundstone Correspondence25Land Use, 194225Land Use, 1942, Bruce Poundstone Correspondence25Land Utilization Committee, 1932-193425Legislation, 1918, 1943, 194825Lexington Herald, 192125Lexington Herald, 192225Lexington Herald, 1929-193025Lexington Leader, 1921-192226Lexington Leader, 1923-192426Lexington Leader, 1925-192626Lexington Leader, 1927-192826Lexington Leader, 192926Library, 1939-195026Lime Cooperative, 1944-194526Livestock Conference, 192126Loans: Individuals and Departments, 192226Louisville Marketing Survey, 194926Marihuana Tax Act, 1937-193826Markets, Department of, 1918-192026Markets and Rural Finance, 1926-193026Markets and Rural Finance, 1931-193626Markets and Rural Finance, 1937-194326Markets and Rural Finance, 1944-194826Master Farmer, 194226Meats Laboratory, 1945-194826Melvin, J.C.: Correspondence, 1922-192427Milk Survey: Paducah, 191827Miscellaneous, 1927-193127Miscellaneous, 1945-194927Miscellaneous, 1949-195127Miscellaneous: 25th Anniversary, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 1916; News Report on Reorganization of University, June 10, 1917; Text of Covenant of the League of Nations, September 19, 1920; Unidentified photo.27Miscellaneous Receipts for Expenditures, 1926-192727Morris, A.J.: Census Data27Multigraph Sales Agency, 194127Multigraph Sales Agency, 194727National Association of Manufacturers, 1945-194727National Research Council, 1940-194227National Research Council, 194627National Research Council, 194727National Research Council, 194727National Research Council, 1947-194827National Resources Committee, 1937-194227National Youth Administration, 1936-194227National Youth Administration: General, 1937-193827Negroes and Kentucky Agriculture, 1939-194627Neighborhood Leaders, 1944-194527Newspaper Clippings, 192227Newspaper Clippings, 192327Newspaper Clippings, 1924-192528Newspaper Clippings, 1926-192728Newspaper Clippings, 192828Newspaper Clippings, 1934-193528New York Commercial, 1925-192628Nicholasville Road Right-of-Way, 1946-194828North Central Experiment Station Director, 1947-194828North Dakota: Agricultural Experiment Station Projects Before 1918.28Nutrition Committee, 1940-194328Office of Civilian Defense, 1942-194328Office of Price Administration, 194528Ohio River Ordance Plant: Henderson, Kentucky, 194828Ohio River: Bottom Overflow Land, 1945-194628Orchards, 191928Out of State Travel, 1945-194728The Packer, 1923-192428The Packer, 1925-192728Paducah News-Democrat, 1924-192628Personnel, 191828Personnel, 1918-192528Personnel, 1926-193228Personnel, 1933-193629Personnel, 1937-193929Personnel, 1940-194929Frank R. Pierce Foundation, 195029Picric Acid, 192229Post-Defense Planning, 194129Post-War Planning, 1942-194329Post-War Planning, 194429Potato Adjustment, 1935-193729Poultry, 1920-192129Poultry, 1930-193629Poultry, 1937-194229Poultry, 1943-195129Poundstone, Bruce, 1934-193629Press Bulletin, 191829Printing and Postage, 1944-194829The Produce News, 1924-192529The Produce Packer, 1923-192729Production and Marketing, 194729Project Committee, 1935-193729Project Committee, 1937-193930Project Committee, 1940-194230Project Committee, 194630Project: Henderson County, 192730Project: Kentucky, 194730Project Lists, 1927-194930Project Lists, 1950-195130Projects: Purnell, 1926-193430Projects: Purnell, 1934-194130Projects: Purnell, 1941-195030Projects, 1918-192130Projects, 1922-193330Projects, 1940-194130Projects, 1943-194430Projects, 194630Projects, Station, 1897-1927Boxes 31 - 4031Publications, 1918-193931Publications, 1940-195031Public Service Laboratories, 194631Pyrotol, 1925-192731Quotations, 1919-194231Radio, 192931Radio, 1947-195131Radioactivity Research, 194931Recomendations, 1919-194731Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1934-193631Regional Agricultural Credit Corporation, 193231Regional Agricultural Credit Corporation, 194331Regional Interim Advisory Committee, 1938-194231Regional Research Laboratories, 194131Rehabilitation, 1931-193331Registrar, 1930-195031Report: Farm and Home Equipment Show, 194631Reports, 194432Reports, 194532Reports, 194632Reports, 195132Republic Steel Company: Scholarships, 1941-194932Research and Marketing, 1946-195032Research and Marketing Projects, 1946-194932Research and Marketing Projects, 1950-195132Research in Agricultural Economics, 194032Research Projects, 1937-194032Resignations, 1918-192632Resolution, 191832Retirment, 194432Retirement, 1947-195032Rewiring, 1946-194832Robinson Harvest Festival, 1926-195032Robinson Mountain Fund, 1922-192332Robinson Mountain Fund, 1934-193532Robinson Mountain Fund, 193633Robinson Mountain Fund, 1937-193933Robinson Mountain Fund, 1940-194133Robinson Mountain Fund, 1942-194833Robinson Mountain Fund, 195033Robinson Substation, 1924-192933Robinson Substation, 1930-193533Robinson Substation, 1936-194033Robinson Substation, 1941-194433Robinson Substation, 1945-195133Robinson Substation: Auditorium33Robinson Substation: Electric Line, 1939-194633Robinson Substation: Property Matters, 1924-194833Robinson Substation: Quicksand Bridge, 1933-195033Robinson Substation: Roads, 1926-194734Robinson Substation: Miscellaneous34Rural Electrification, 1935-193734Rural Electrification, 1938-194134Rural Housing, 1945-195034Rural Kentuckian: Correspondence, 1919-192134Rural Population: General Education Board, 1940-194634Rural Rehabilitation, 193434Rural Rehabilitation, January-June, 193534Rural Rehabilitation, July-December, 193534Rural Resettlement Administration, 193634Rural Sociology Department, 1946-195134Rural Sociology Society, 195134Rural Youth, 193634Safety Committee, 194734Salaries, 1917-191834Salary Roster, 1918-192434Salmonella Center34Scholarship Fund34Seagram Parallel Feeding Trials, 1948-194934Sears - Roebuck Agricultural Foundation, 1940-194634Sears - Roebuck Agricultural Foundation, 1947-195034Sears - Roebuck Agricultural Foundation, 1950-195134Seed Corn, 191834Seed Inspection, 1918-191934Seed Inspection, 1920-192134Service Office, 194834Sick Leave, 1939-194334Sharples Scholarship, 1920-192135Short Courses, 1924-194635Slogans: College of Agriculture, 194035Soil Bureau, 1918-192335Soil Conference, 192035Soil Conservation Service, 1935-193635Soil Conservation Service, 1937-193835Soil Conservation Service, 1935-193935Soil Conservation Service, 193935Soil Conservation Service, 194035Soil Conservation Service, 194135Soil Conservation Service, 194235Soil Conservation Service, 1943-194535Soil Conservation Service, 1947-195035Soil Surveys, 1949-195035Soil Testing, 1947-194935Southern Agricultural Workers, 1920-192636Southern Agricultural Workers, 1927-193836Southern Experiment Station Directors, 1947-194836Southern Experiment Station Directors, 194836Southern Highlanders Inc., 193536Southern Highlanders Inc., 1936-193736Southern Highlanders Inc., 1938-193936Southern Highlanders Inc., 194036Southern Highlanders Inc., 1941-194236Southern Mountains Education Commission, 1936-193736Southern Railway Fund, 1920-192136Southern States Cooperative, 192336Southern States Cooperative, 1944-194636Southern States Cooperative, 194736Southern States Cooperative, 1948-194936Staff List, 1932-194136State Fair Exhibition Center: Planning, 1949-195036State Land Use, 1941-194236State Livestock Feed Committee, 1947-194836Stenographic Bureau, 191836Strawberry Production Study, 1921-192336Strawberry Production Study, 1922-192436Strawberry Study Material, 1922-192437Student Affairs: NYA Payroll, 1937-193837Student Affairs: NYA Reports, 1937-193837Student Loan Fund, 1922-192337Subsistance Homesteads, 193337Subsistance Homesteads, 193437Superentendant of Buildings and Grounds, 1932-193637Superentendant of Buildings and Grounds, 1937-195037Survey Committee, 192837Telephone List, 194337Testimonial, 1918-193037Tobacco: Administration, 193337Tobacco: Anniversary, 50th, 193537Tobacco Clippings: Courier-Journal, 1934-193537Tobacco Clippings: Lexington Herald, 1934-193637Tobacco Clippings: Lexington Leader, 1930-193538Tobacco Graders Cooperative, 193238Tobacco Graders Cooperative, 193338Tobacco Graders Cooperative, 193438Tobacco Graders Cooperative, 1935-193738Tobacco Referendum, 193638Tobacco Requisitions, Laboratory, 193638Tobacco Requisitions, Laboratory, 1942-194738Tobacco Section38Tobacco Work38Towells, 194738Transformer: Animal Pathology, 1948-194938Trucks: Experiment Station, 1945-194738Tennessee Valley Authority: Accounts, 1946-194938Tennessee Valley Authority: Budget, 1938-193938Tennessee Valley Authority: Budgets, 1946-194938Tennessee Valley Authority: Coordinating Committee, 194538Tennessee Valley Authority: Forestry, 1946-194938Tennessee Valley Authority: General, 194538Tennessee Valley Authority: General, 1946-194839Tennessee Valley Authority: General, 194939Tennessee Valley Authority: Special Advisory Committee, 1946-194839Tennessee Valley Authority: Sub-committee on Kentucky 1944-194539University Faculty, 1945-194839USDA, 1924-192539USDA, 1926-192739USDA, 192839USDA, 192939USDA, 193039USDA, 193139USDA, 193239USDA, 193339USDA, 193440USDA, 193540USDA, 193640USDA, 193740USDA, 193840USDA, 193940USDA, 194040USDA, 194140USDA, 194240USDA, 194340USDA, 1945Boxes 41 - 4641USDA, 194641USDA, 194741USDA, 194841USDA, 1949-195141USDA: Agricultural Adjustment Administration, 1933, 1941-194341USDA: Agricultural Adjustment Administration, 1944-194641USDA: Agricultural Adjustment Administration, Royce, M.D., Correspondence41USDA: Agricultural Economics, 194441USDA: Agricultural Marketing, 194241USDA: Experiment Station and Extension, 1918-192341USDA: Experiment Station and Extension, 194941USDA: Famine Emergency Committee, 194641USDA: Farm Labor, 1943-194741USDA: Farm Labor Committee, 1942-194441USDA: Farm Labor Reports, 1944-194841USDA: Farmers Home Administration, 195041USDA: Food Distribution Administration, 194441USDA: Meat Processing, 1942-194341USDA: State War Board42USDA: State War Board, 1941-194342USDA: War Food Administration, 194442USDA: War Food Administration, 194442USDA: War Production Goals, 1940-195042Vacations, 1944-194542Veterans Educational Training, 1944-194542Vice-President: U.K., 1948-194942Visitors: Experiment Stations42Visitors: Foreign, 1947-194842Visitors: Foreign, 194942Visual Aids Inventory, 194742Vocational Education, 192142Vocational Education, 1946-194842War Activities: Experiment Station, 1943-194542War Committee on Conventions, 194542War Food Administration: War Production Board, 194542War Manpower Commission, 1944-194542War Production Goals and Attainments, 1942-194642Weldon, Myrtle: Correspondence, 1944-194742Weldon, Myrtle: Correspondence, 1948-195042Weldon, Myrtle: Correspondence, 195142Western Kentucky Substation, 1924-193043Western Kentucky Substation, 192543Western Kentucky Substation, 1931-193943Western Kentucky Substation, 1940-195043Western Kentucky Substation, 195143Western Kentucky Substation: Field Day, 1932-194943Western Kentucky Substation: Short Courses, 1932-194843Western Kentucky Substation: Storage Building, 194843Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 194043Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 194143Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 194243Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 194343Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 194343Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, January-June, 194443Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, July-December, 194443Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, January-June, 194543Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, July-December, 194544Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 194644Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 194744Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 194844Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 194944Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 195044Wilson, M.L.: Correspondence, 195144Wilson, M.L.: Letters, Circular, 1946, 195044Wilson, M.L.: Letters, Circular, 195044Works Progress Administration, 1935-193644Works Progress Administration, 1937-194345Miscellaneous Kentucky Crop Reports 1926-192946Clippings about Thomas Cooper, 1929-1951

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