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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 7, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

I L r L THE AnARY C5UNTY NEWS VOLUME 4 flOilUltl1lUE I COLUMBIA AjJAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAYAUGUST Jiniiled means should HIlt locale lurid Hamiltons tlllericaltistuAer West than Vernon Tex which Is learnderHamiltontvboseunameri J M KUSSCll Postmaster u 0 rfioe QoursweeK tUy 700 a m toYJ PAUL TEXAS July 29 Greer countys best market and it i scan theories of government are now ToTbclTjws not the intention of your correspond being advocated by the McKInleyites COURT D IKECTOK Y The long drouth was broken here en to advise them to go that far Th 0ass substitute for the teachings of last Wednesday by a copious rainfall public roads are crowded with people Thomas Jefferson under whlnh the CiKOCiTCoCRT Three sessious a year Third which lasted 12 hours and since then returning from that drouth stricken Unit d States have advanced to first in May and Mouday In January third Monday there has been gentle showers every country and all tell the same story third Monday In September place as worldpower would have es Circuit JailseW W Jones day imparting new life to the people as how they were advised to selltbeir W Aaron tablisbed a Federal monarchy in place Commonwealth s AttorncyNil well as the thirsty vegetation The homes and investin lands in Greer and Sheriff J W Hurt of the present Republic if his will had ClerkJno B Coffey late corn crop is greatly benefi tted and adjoining counties and now they are prevailed at the time of this Goverr the cotton crop in this section is assur returning to their former homes to mnts foundation COUNTY CcunIirt Mouday in each month ed As predicted in my last commu- rent land to live on This is of yearly Hamilton was infatuated with every Judge J W Butler nication the calamity howlers are occurrence and should bea warning to County Attorney JaaQztnett Jr thing English He wac one ot the first ClerkT K Stults howling ball worm with a II their others to stay away from that coo n of the board of American Anglomani Jailer S H Mitchell strength and might but in the howl try which is only fit for the long horn A Bradshaw acs now so overwhelmingly in evidene T McCaffree there is only sound and nothing more cattle to breathe on There are how ifSarveyorR W D Jones in the Republican party He had no The rain extended from Bonbam to ever exceptions and some few are Coroner Leonard Fletcher use for any but a rich man and never Texarkana and from Red river to Coop- making money there but they are real fur a moment subscribed to the AmeriITT Coonr Kcgularcqurt second Mouday in er Many prayers o f thanksgiving estate men and stockmen Greer can idea of popular government as ach month have been offered from the various county is a fine country for wheat if edgeJ W Atkins urged by Jefferson and eulogized by torney Gordon Montgomery congregations throughout the rain sec rain could be had or water sufficient Lincoln The American Constitution lion for the great blessing God in his for irritation could be obtained but under the terms of which popular gov CHURCH DLREGTOKI infinite goodness and mercy has sent this is not possible only in places with ernm eat was made possible was not upon the people The cotton market miles between No man can judge a congenial to him He was not in sym j PRESBYTERIAN is steady with middling at nine cents country intelligently until he has llve dpath with the American creed of liberRev T F Walton BORKSVILLE STEEET pastor Services second and fourth Sundae Many bets have been offered that the in it for some time These people who ty and equal rights 9 a m every fleecy staple will go to fifteen cents run into avow country spend a week n each month Sundayschool at This man who believed and rlcclar Sabbath Prayer meeting every Wednesday but there arc no takers Corn has de- or two then chase home and advise ev night cd the British Government of his day clined and the local markets are dullc ry body to go there do a very great to be the best Government known to METHODIST at GO cents Mules are higher than ev wrong There are two classes of peo- man the Republican party is now BOBKSVILLB STBEET Rev W P Gordon er before and the market is active ple who come West that it will pay to eulogizing as having held the pastor Services first Sunday in each month following prices for spans were watch One man comes to Texas fo Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9am Prayer The meeting Thursday night paid in Paris last week One span instance He goes to work as soon as Iovernmentand of national policy 8500 three spans 400 each and several he gets here sticks to it and makes It is natural however that McKin BAPTIST spans of medium sized mules sold for money Then he writes all his friends leyism should worship Alexander Rev STBEET 8 250 per span that Texas is the place for them The Hamilton Latterday federalism astor Services third Sunday In each month The assessment of Lamar county other man instead of sticking to his Jandayschol every Sabbath at 9 no m Prayer stands for exactly what Hamilton rep nesting Tuesday night this year will nearly reach the sixteen job lays off all the time he can and reresented sevility to England governl million dollar mark the highest of any lies on his friends to get a better job ment of the common people by a priviCHRISTIAN county in North Texas except Dallas for him and finally throws up the leged class the centralization ot pow CAMrunitsvlLiE PnaEld Z T Williams sponge and hits the road for homee n in the hands of the President tbe Pastor Services First Sunday in each county month Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 am The third regiment of state guards where he spreads all kinds of lies about weakening of the States a big standmeeting Wednesday nighPrayer held its annual encampment at Camp his acquaintances as well as the coun- ing army the monarchical in home Mabay near Austin last week The try and advises every body to stay away and foreign politics Hamilton would tLODGES Scott rifles of this place is the crack from Texas We dont need any such have been the willing tool of the trusts companyof the regiment and was high cattle here They should return to today just as is McKinley He would MASONIC ly commended by adjutant General the place they call Paradise and enthe have believed in perpetuating COLUMBIA LODGE No 98 F and A rIRegu ar meeting In their ball over bank on Fri Tom Scurry Nearly all the members joy themselves while they can for it is trust dominance in our governmental day night on or before the full moon in eacbIof the company served in the Third the only Paradise they will ever see- affairs just as dues Mark Hanna He Q A KEMP WM month Texas Infantry Volunteers during the The advice to all contemplating going T U STULTS Secj would have been a ruthless Imperialist COLUMBIA CHAPTER R A M No 7meets service on the Cuban coast While at West isooooc before you leap or in just as are all the modern Republican Qrat Monday night In each month Camp WikoiT Montank Point N Yother words find out the condition of bosses J JJ MCBRELI H P W W BRADSIIAW Secretary In 1803 they were complimented on things and know just what you can do The American people ar j the worlds their soldierly conduct by Gen Joseph for yourself Dont depend on what greatest nation today because they Wheeler who was in command of the others tell you altogether if you do have held to Jefferson teachings you will go broke Some of the finest they would be living under a monarchy campThe first Baptist church trouble country and the richest lands your cor- today if Hamilton had prevailed over which dates back t o 1891 has at respondent ever saw was on the fron- Jefferson They do not crave flamil BURKSVILLE STREET last been adjusted and once more har- tiers of Texas Yet it only rains there tonism It is good for the country mony exists between the two factions once every leap year so what would It Columbia Ky that McKinleyism is coming out into known as the fortunites and minor- profit a man to invest in and move to the open in testifying to its faith in JUNIUS HANCOCK ity The church building a beau tif ul lands in that country Some will say Hamiltons bogus Americanism The edifice built at a cost of 40000 was the lands may prove valuable some- people will know just how todeal with egyThe above Hotel has been re sold and was bought by the minori- time True enough but it will be long the party of Hamilton StLouis Re tted repainted and Is now ready for ty in 1896 for 810000 but the Fortu after the youngest generation have public the comfortable accommodation of nites refused to take a note of five grown old and are in their graves and Kentucky Fair Dates guests Table supplied with the best thousand dollars against themselves perhaps not then There is very little doubt but that in part pay ¬ Tne following are the dates for hold- ¬ the market affords Rates reasonable held by the Minority rood sample room Feed stable at ment and the case was carried to the the Populists of Texas will make an ing the Kentucky fairs this year so far tached courts In the trial which followed attempt to get together next year and as reported Danville August G4 days the Minority was defeated and al nominate a State ticket and there days Madisonville August tboughthe court recognized them as will be no lack of candidates constructHOTEL true Baptists and the Fortunites as ed of Republican and Democratic bol Lawrenceburg August 204 days GOMIBRCIAL Shepherdsville August 204 days not adherants of the Baptist faith lt ters but as usual there will be a great LaGrange August 213 days deprived them of the right to canI dearth of voters From a Populistic JAMESTOWN KY Shelby ville August 274days themselves as a body the First Baptist view the campaign will be a warm VAU6HAN HOLT Proprietors t church of Paris The case was carried one the party whittling up a car load Springfield August 282 days Bardstown September 35 days to the supreme court and it sustained h otdrygoodsboxesandsqulrtingenougbattle Elizabethtown Sept 104 days the judgment of the lower court in a Holt looks after the culinary department and sees that the table is supplied at all times 1900 Bowling Green Sept 104 days Some time ago the trustees of forty acre field This is Populism in with the very best the market affords The proprietors are attentive and very polite to the building advertised the handsome all it greatness but the small days Glasgow Sept 184 days fItgists Good sample rooms and the building is convenient to the business houses First edifice for sale aud notwithstanding Columbia August 204 days have come the saddest of its existence cla s livery attached to the hotel Terms very teasonable the fact that the Minority now JMS f At Washington Ind to the amuse called the Missionary Baptist ment of many pedestrians William church bad purchased a lot and and Sunn brook May be Sold Sutherland spanked his twentyfive raised the necessary funds to build a Lexington Ky July SO The Standyearold son Leonard and when the neat church they entered into nego ard Oil Company is making an attempt young man resisted his father began tlatiqns with the trustees and effected to enter the Wayne county LEBANON KY oil fields as using his fist Leonard was ntoJI an agreement whereby for the sum of anoperator andto obtain control of theIcated and was amusing himself by 10000 they came into possession of Sunnybrook well No 2 cursing bis father Finally the old rHOROUGHLY equipped fl laundry plant conducted by expe Saturday there was a meeting heldI gentleman lost his temper and grab Green j in Lexington between Mr C H Wa ienced workmen and thing as hig h die and Capt J A Geary principalI over his bent knee and began chastisgrade work as can be turned out an ° owner of the Sunnybrook well No 2 ing him in the good old way A crowd place in the country Patronize been brought about between th eand land adjoining and Mr John Mor soon gathered and began applauding home institution Work of Adair two factions Russell Taplor and Green solicited ris of Rochester N Y a representa Then it was that Leonard tried to jab Dr R H Faught of this county W the old man In the face One lick JOHNSTON 60 Pro who has made several trips to Greer five of the Standard 011 Company Mr Morris asked them to give him landed and a second later the father county Okla and spent much timei REED 6 MILER Agents an option upon the Sunnybrook wells ent his son sprawling into the street Kentucky there says it is a beautiful country and some adjacent leases Columbia under Leonards face was badly cut by the but when that fs eaid all is saidI stood that 830000 was the price named blow he received is very fair he says but notb r The land E Yesterday Mr Joe Soap an uncle of ing extra and the water to be obtained Mr Rudolph Harting of this city repIt Dazzles the World by digging or boring is generally resentative of the Standard 011 ComNo discovery in medicine has ever Gyp WHOLESALE water and not tit for use pany went to Wayne county to look created one quarter ofthe excitement PRODUCE DEALERS Many of Lamar county farmers buslIover the field and act upon the option that has been caused by Dr Sings We charge no commission on Butter Poul given Mr Morris New Discovery for Consumption Its try and Egg Also guarantee highest market prices severest tests have been on hopeless having spent many years there To a A complete agreement has been victims of Consumption Pneumonia 471 Brook Street LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY person who knows absolutely nothing reached between the Vatican and the Hemorrhage Pleurisy and Bronchitis of the Western lands except what is United States Government with ra thousands of whom it has restored to told him by the anxious real estate gard to religious orders in the Philip perfect health For Coughs Colds Nwly Furnished American PlsnflOo agent or business man it is a land of pines According to this agreement Per Day Asthma Croup Hay Fever Hoarse milk and honey but when he invests the Domlcans and Augustinian will ness and Whopping Cou3h it the quickhe soon learns that it is a land of remain for the present but the Span est surest cure in the world It is os Gyp water drouths and hard times ish monks will be replaced from time sold by T E Paul Who guarantees MEALS 25c Your correspondent has been all over to time by others Moderate compen satisfaction or refund money Large 523 W Market SI LOUISVILLE KY the Western country to Mexico and sa tion will be given for the property battles hoc and 100 Trial bottles NIC BOSLER Mgr v knows whereof he speaks A man with handed over j DiiiEOTOKY TEXAS LETTER I ¬ j I I animals ulwoman degree but the spirit is there Some are cruel out of forsame fuc 9 I will fiercely t hn t tacka flock of sheep but once if protect ed by them for they can whip any cur that travels on four legs frequently killing the dog outright ¬ Lee Porter aged 22 of Henderson was drowned while attempting to swim from the Kentucky shore to the island k t t e l I am fixed to take care of S D OBENSHAAY i4milu from Columbia on Disappointment P V GmssoM o Ihave leased the R C Eubank I I GRISSOM COLUMBIA KENTUCKY areBlacksmiths and are prepared to any kind < do ofwnrk needed in this section StThis shop js the Coffey stood near the Roller Mill Give workin 6000Ffr 160OFourth 60OSixth 30ONext 5000tt 10000tt IgOIThe A total of 4387 prizes amounting to In case of tie guesses prize equally divided 795631 1892 1896 was 1897 1898 1899 861625 835604 776819 846996 1893II 1894II 1895 50OOO 1020107 864022 793169 920872 1049121 1900II Guess what it will be in igoi 6000 An additional prize of 6000 for any person making an exactly correct If there be more than one exactly correct guess 6000 to be equally divided among them The guess WeeklyEnquiror guessesNo 81OOO for Enquirer tea yearly subscriptions secures ten guesses Send all orders to ENQUIRER COMPANY Cincinnati 0 LIO N COFFEE A LUXURY WITHIN THE REACH OF ALL f All Alike LION COFFEE is always the same One package is just like another It is uniform in every respect 0 IT NEVER VARIES I Watch our next advertisement If you >< like one package you will like all LIOlT COFFEE a LION COFFEE is not glazed or coated with egg mixtures and chemicals but is an absolutely pure coffee full of strength and flavor t e1 nfact c tr 3 1 era 3lotei Ii surclass SATISFACTION stock- I shop and will give v VETINERY SDRGEON JONES 1891 was Rear Admiraal Sampson had himself interviewed again and made another unsuccessful at ¬ tempt to explain why he was ab- ¬ sent when the Santiago naval bat- ¬ tle came off The chief purpose of the interview appeared to be to disparage the work of Schley in destroying the Spanish fleet + l P N WOOD C C JONES and Wagon Shop I Headsthe i WOOLSON At SPICB CO TOLEDO I ess from OHM t r- a Yours 50000 himd freea l Rams ¬ tel New Carriage tIs DrI 0rHydraulic artMorleys LebanonSteam Laundry BRUNERCO am prepared to takeyourordersf- to throw water from your springs to your houses or barns Can also furnish pumps of any kind cheaper than ever Write to me at Columbia for estimates i ¬ ai II Farmers 3tf agon Work Caff tfiage Stock items John W and Oliver Morgan of special attention Work done Anderson county sold to Linton by me will be firstclass Pro ¬ Always attend strictly to Business Indiana 57 fine cattle averaging duce taken in return for work 1395 pounds at 5 cents they always attend to busi It is said that J Sims Wilson ness Sugarcoated Oaeadosa Sold bj S F EUBANK of Paris has sold to Mr Smath ers of New York his tine trotting mare Iva Dee for 11000 Last week Morris Furris of Boyle county delivered to Simon For Nearest Correct Guesses on the Total Vote of Ohio on November 5 Weil of Bourbon county 85 head Igor will be distributed to patrons of the Weekly Enquirer as follows of export cattle weighing 1400 pounds at 5 cents St D J Thurmau of La rue coun ¬ ty has a parr of Angora goats II II that run with his flock of sheep These goats will tight a dog so 0 openedTand throngY Farmers I getfulness or unthinkingly but itJ is our duty to think to look about I us and see what there is for us to do that will odd to the comfort ot human or beast 64 buildingr Hotel hotelIHod trulyr Propj 0 iiliore > should beIt is a great cruelty W M WILMORE Prop K horse in this heat which he suffers from as muchus Gradyville Kentucky his driver It is criminal negli ¬ gence not to see that lie has sum ¬ HERE is no better place to stop cient water Coul hcoJ should be sought for him t stand ill Every care possible buuuiii Lie tak ¬ en for his comfort It is rewTy stable attached dungerdus to let a dog go without an abundance of water It should THE THREE be kept where he can have access to it all times and in as cool tlI CITIES SHOE STORE place as possible Give your horse no unnecessary work There DEALERS are women bless their kind hearts Exclusivo High Grade who keep a pan of water in their yards for birds to bathe in The Boots and Shoes pleasure of seeing the birds avail oslotaroas OP themselves of the opportunity ful- ¬ Nov Designs ly repays one for tho trouble The brute creation are in our pow ¬ Perfect Fitting Modern Shoes er and if we are willing to neglect316 Fourth Avenue or abuse them we betray the same KY cowardly trait of character which LOUISVILLE leads a big man to be willing to Hancock Hotel 0 Dont Forget th Animals and other thought of to overdri ofr tCaeeasauao NUMBER 3 9 These are days when dogs horses TiAs8essorO l 7 1901 c a 7

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