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Image 9 of Bourbon News, April 10, 1908

Part of Bourbon News

1 0 THE BOURBON NEWS PARIS S i APRIL 10 1908 JSIUlSrTITCKY on tf i LIVE STOCK AND CROP NOTES RELIGIOUS The Presybterian churches will their union services next Sunday the Second Presbyterian church pennons by Rev Jospeh S Malone Last Entry of S a b3ecti in morning > 11 Ifcold lli Jesus Evening Jerusalem Into Resolutions AM Si Faris Lodge No 2 F Paris Ky Mar 20 1908 I Pridemore bought a pair of John Whereas it has pleased the Great mules from Young Bros for 225 Ruler of the Universe in his wisdom John Brophy bought of Thos Mc to remove from our midst our beloved ClIntock Sons a work mule for 5160 bother Bedford Hedges therefore be it E K Thomas bought of Frank Clay an eightyear old combined horse r Elder Carey E Morgan will preach for S190 soft the Crhistiah church as usual Sun W F Conway of Millersburg pur ¬ Our Lords Morning subject day Young Evening subject- chased a 6yearold mare from Men knowledge of by a Man Who Bros at 165 AA Question Asked Answered 4 ugizt to Lou Ginn of Hutchison will plant 5 acres in onions and no tobacco this ts season He is a tenant on John Wiig Dismissed Tax Cases gins farm Par wan of prosecution Judge tamen H Polsgrove at Transfers of Real Estate seSsmissed the suit against the Frank in County Board of Control to recover County Clerk Paton has recorded the back taxes on 40000000 pounds of to following transfers of real estate in llsaceo of the crops of 1906 and 1907 the last few days waned at 4700000 C E Lyons to Wesley Florence 50 acres lying on the Cynthiana pike and Hinkston creek consideration 4000 Call For Reyland Whisky Jas H Haggard to Chas John and < 3all for Kyelard Whisky if you Henry Marston 4080 acres adjoining Marston farm consideration 85 ant the best Sold at all firstclass the acre per 10 2t saloons in Paris Jesus Before Pilate f j 1 t Jf P t It f iIx t t I i l i Jt Jl ti t4 j L1 tJ a t f wa 1 J a t 11 t i I of tae Winchester Board of Controlrent Burley Tobacco Society has 1 Tie 1m t f ht 4 r J P i v3J2iie warehouse of the American To oaoco Company at that place and will i i f ° jse it for storage The purposes asentof heAmerican has been instructsupplies to I e3 to ship al machinerv and lififae home office It Company Apply to Home phone 418 rJ Il11C111ClIlilllliiltillillillilt1lI11111l111IlIiIIIIItlil f Ii ti i The t I S w t tf p- r ti i 4 i 1111 JJ i iii S E BorJ CAT LOt B General Passenger Agent TAT inn u i u n n LIHI 1 11 11 1 1 mn 1 1 1 11111 1 1 mi 1 1 11 in i m 11 MI 11 u 11 1 n iu i in 1 111 M > at 15 r a some Coats and Skirts A glance at our supremely attractive line of new Spring Coats and Skirts will reveal the fact that every possible re ¬ quirement has been anticipated and pro ¬ vided for The prices are decidedly pronounced F r a E CLAY f In Effect March I 17 1907 i 3 Nights commencing Monday April Monday Night 1 No ARRIVES FROM Ga Z4 Lexington JKy C thiana Ky s9 Maysville Ky eflR Jt Rowland and Richmond 1d JMilanta 1iIt 1 l f s = 1 ii L fj i J 9 Cincinnati 0 Ey eo Lexington Ky Ky Lexington Ky Tenn iSB Rowlaad and Richmond C3 Ky > = 7 Cincinnati 0 8 Lexington Ky m Cincinnati 0 25 32 9 Lexington Richmond 328 pm 513 pm 37 Lexington 535 pm 28 Cynthiana 545 pm GS Maysville 625 pm 11 Lexington 1030 pm 31 Atlanta I am 625 am Ky 730 amp Ky 800 am Ky 800 am O and Rowland 805 am 1118 am Ky 1120 am Tenn eo I155 am Ky 1157 am Ky 330 pm Ky 340 pm 0 and Rowland 555 pm 553 pm Ky 630 pm Ky 635 pm Ky 1035 pm Ky 1038 pm 35 O In our Hats exclusiveness 0 is tb Girl Our experienced gMriilMuery alts ladles are at your service ready with suggestions to assist you in making selections adapted to each individ ¬ ual requirement 0 i st > predominant feature Our seltetio show an unrivaled smartness aid beauty of coloring and line Matinee Wednesday I 01 if arU 1ent iinillineav D l LEAVES FOR Cincinnati Gp Maysville am bi Lexington 728 am 10 Maysville 7 47 am 38 am 29 Richmond 1110 am 13 Lexington 1105 am 33 1150 am 62 Maysville 5 pm 26 Cynthiana 30 pm 325 pm Maysville K 44r i b4I 34 4750 Ky Maysville 528 am 531 am are characteristic the beauty and individuality that holds sway in our is Singing The Stunning bits As illustrated Including Raymond S Payne and Grace King Arrival and Departure of Trains At and From Paris j tb Doodl TIME CARD NASHVILLE Millinery DepariLment i Stock gofflpatip nim Anita l V d Manager iake E t st at 1998 2250 Earl Burgess and John R Himmelein Present c ftr 1 i Ladies tParisjrand = the most complete service Cincinnati O E r Ii PfI Oars and Trains = trains make direct connection Through Coaches L at Cincinnati Ask your local agent to D sell you ticket via H = COUISVILLE i ° lzas D Monon H C VST f 431111 r r Especially Priced lSQ Chicago CincinnatiCarsfcoParlor Cars Cafe Sleeping Through E r I CAGO CM = = = = r Lt = i 1 l Lien retained on Colts until season money is paid J ALES u ParIs Kentucky t j I I Mack I I Conncdcutt Agent for Paris and IlIllllllIliii11111IIlllllllilllllll- I 850 998 1498 Ladies attractive Silk tresses with lace fronts and sleeves artistically and cleverly trimmed all latest styles DAVIS RUDOLPH Bourbon Co F ADCOCK ji C i ii Life Accident Health Liability TOM Rented From Trust r 1250 Suits at L 1500 Suits at I 2000 Suits at 2500 Suits at 3000 and 3500 Suits Travelers Insurance = at Hig Class TailorMade Suits in the seasons prevailing shades and newest model Absolutely Faultless in Workmanship Fit and Finish t The Tailored Suits Jackets Skirts and Millinery Special Prices For Our Easter Trade and Misses Ladies COMMITTEE ON RESOLUTIONS Hartford cottage B Resolved that in the death of Bedford Hedges Paris Lodge No2 A M has lost a worthy and F true member the community in which he resided an honest upright citizen and his bereaved family a kind and loving son Resolved That we extend to his family and friends our heartfelt sym ¬ pathy in their recent bereavement and commend them to God who alone can comfort them Resolved That a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of A M a copy Paris Lodge No 2 F be sent to the bereaved family and a copy be handed to our local paper for The Far Limit THE PREMIUM JACK The lawyer said sadly to his wife one night People on his return home seem very suspicious of me You know Well I did some work for old Jones him last month and when he asked me for the bill this morning I told him 16 hands high weight 1050 pounds out of friendship that I wouldnt will make the season of 1908 at charge him anything He thanked me Trundle farm two miles East of Paris cordially but said hed like a receipt on the North Middletown pike at Montreal Herald 1 0 For a Living Colt i 1 > To buy a 4 room When the first spade of earth was re roved while breaking ground at Dan vllle for the Science Hall of Center college a bullfrog jumped forth He was immediately captured chloroform fed and will be placed in the corner stoae of the building 1 I Wanted Bull Frog Chloroformed HARRY SIMON 1 Special Vaudeville Features DeHollis and Velora worlds great est Comic ¬ JugglersPRICES lOc 20c 30c Night 10c and 20c Matinee tickets have been issued Ladies for Monday nights performance only Ladies can secure seats for 15c providing tickets are purchased in advance at Oberdorfers drug store Seats now on sale HARRY SIMON i Paris Ky n DAN COHEN 1tl r WHY NOT I 1111j 7 p Highgrade Latest Spring Style Shoes Vien9s rs i Womens Oxfords i Also one and two eyelet ribbon ties The Styles represent the latest creations For Tomorrow and next week we will offer some startling Specials to insure quick selling 1 < < i Wdmen s V a Oxfords and Sboes in aU leathers including Russian Tan Patent Colt and Vici Kid r footform I Girls 250 Shoes and Oxfords sizes 349 Special 450 Oxfords and Shoes all leathers and styles Special 0 Mens J4 Oxfords and Shoes in all leathers including Russian Tan I Womens lIens 350 Oxfords and Shoes t f Mens 300 Oxfords and Shoes 2ii 299 Special Womens Girls 2 Shoes and Oxfords sizes t q r < t t Y I+ 2 t t g L ji a n Ia UK to 1 99 2 Special Shoes and Oxfords sizes 74 and 1 124 and 149 11 i to 8 Special 99c I Boys Boys Boys Boys Special 249 Shoes and Oxfords all Latest Styles arid Nobby Effects in all Leathers 3 Shoes and Oxfords Special 250 Shoes and Oxfords Special 175 Shoes and Oxfords Special 1 < to 2 > J Oxfords and Shoes in all leathers including Tan and Pa tent Colt Button and Lace 99 1 1 50 i Special 249 °3 Womens Tan Pumps worth 350 Special Children Special 199 249 Special 350 Oxfords and Shoes 299 113 Special i Womens iso pleas Boys and Little Girls9 Shoes and Oxfords I 5 t a Shoes PreEaster Specials in Tans and Patent Colt Pumps Pre Easter Specials in High and Low Shoes em bracing all latest creations j In Tan Patent tt Colt Gun Metal and Vici Kid J l Shoe Store Easter at Otar big P Bring your Footwear list to us and save retailers profits Our assortment is large and styles have that snappy effect that Read the FoSBowirag Extra Specials that go on Sane Tomorrow Saturdays 50 per cent l j AT THE BIG ELECTRIC SIGN Dont be wasting Money needlessly Our enormous buying facilities enable us to offer the highest grade Shoes at a saving to you of from 40 to 4 r 01110 Buy Your Spring Shoes and Oxfords for Bargain r of PARIS KY Old Stand 336 main Street WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE CORNER PEARL AND VINE STREETS CINCINNATI j i Tmmans Freeman 1 09 f 149 124 I I r 7 r ft F t rI j >f f i 7 S I

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