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Image 1 of Bourbon News, April 10, 1908

Part of Bourbon News

I w 1e THE BOURBON NEWS Y- < h Jr J wi1 S y Evidence in Bribery Cases I Circuit Judge R L Stout who de ¬ and asked him what about livered a charge to the grand jury a of the Schopl few days ago in Frankfort urging orn f unication th Q eh appeared in Wednesdays that the rumors of bribery during the Ba- arl that genial ¬ r + i aLrtl zen upr his face he said of a thing number of letters from Democrats and ally if that sort to the distinguished Republicans throughout the State con ¬ at p isure members of the gratulating him on the stand he has i erested d ¬ h iard and enables them to r t L i c Assembly ted i proclaim their boast ne members have the t f a We realize of objection Sb t it is necessary for the to con > rd to do something interests taxpayers tbat the t tir are better served by taking that could be saved topiving it to the Citizens te it by an attack on us this E n be made up by the people crfectlY willing to be we to it Wouldnt you thInk db to wait until some one or all School Board xo ers of J tr rrproclamatIOnthe theIr own of rJ one presumably or of r n who will be most benefited action of the School Board in the place of deposit of the yet been j a never as any question able toaffect t e is iews upon h interests of the city accepted rople of Paris and hel never t7 tI the reason is a simple one the only impulse that I 7rV irf that is self interest they cs him jv that he never had an un C sT aught in the course of his en they further know his in r n this matter and consequently tTa d statements and charges tie weight The people know carry y know the members of the x o CjrJl and the Mayor and they also facts and issues involvecr r fund the d inT J controversy over the place of 42000 received from r pcs t of the tJe lie of school bond and what they take them meant tirsa sufficienttoanswer toThat Iques your is rY i + + I < tiI i j P tt I riy T tt Fan it number cheap 7 4t PI inser Farm Fence DeKalb Wire very rud guarantped FORD 74 r Poultry CO Ci lowers and funeral designs JOS S VARDEN J 1 N I I I l it v f I CO No trouble to show Fire of unknown origin Monday night destroyed the large tobacco barn of Henry Forsee near Frankfort The barn contained 4000 pounds of tobacco Forsee is a member of the Society of B Equity and had his tobacco pooled Furnished Rooms for Rent ON LAVIN 4t v fI I THEIR WAY MILLINERY KNOWING MEN TO OUR STORE They know that here they can with the least trouble and cost satisfy every want in Dress e ae All the correct styles in all the fash ionable fabrics for Spring wear are here for your inspection Anti Racing Bin Defeated COPYRIGHT 1000 DY THC MAKERS OF MICHAELSSTERN FINE CLOTHING l MICHAELS 6 STERN nOCHCSTCB N CO Y SpringIOxfords r Spring Shoes made on the right lines Built to match the best attire If you would have your feet well dressed and comforta ¬ ble try Stetsons Oxfords Dr Reeds Cush- ¬ ion Soles Dunlap and Korrect Shape Shoes We are exclusive agents < I JAMS R C m S 1Y S fi hi To Foot x II Ofitittar Paris ilk 1 < n r m KWI 9 > 11Iltift f110 lthl1il hVIlt A VERY ATTRACTIVE LINE OF LADIESand CHILDRENS cUR I HICK CRADE OXFORDS The Ladies Store FOR EASTER OF EVERY lIo I FRANK J6ghrade FINS t II The vote in the New York Legisla ¬ ture of Senator Owen Cassidy of Schuyler Republican late Wednesday caused a tie vote of 25 to 25 and de ¬ feated for the time at least the two AgnewHart bills embodying the recommendation of Gov Hughes that legal protection be abolished which since 1895 has protected public gambl ¬ ing at racetracks whereas it was a felony elsewhere in the State hanler in the chair by Lieut casting his vote to break the tie upon a parliamentary motion which but for him wculd have resulted in killing the bills for the rest of the session saved them for another vote al the dis ¬ cretion of their introducer Senator Agnew at any time when the order of buisness permits him to call up the uw I < Ii CONNELL Rooms Vanted The Retail Grocers Assocition will From now on we will have liice pure need severaf rooms for April 28 and 29 Ice Cream Soda every day Call in to accommodate visitors Those hav ¬ ing any will confer a favor by notify- ¬ and try it 7 2t MANNS CONFECTIONERY 7 2t ing Telephone 640 E T t Quick to aof S Ice Cream Soda or Spring goody are BEGINNING SEASON to Chattanooga and Crescent Route April 19th and 20th good returning April 24th 1903 Ask Agent for particularsor H C King C P T A Lexing ton Ky or J C Conn D P A Chat matter tanooga Tenn 33t SPECIAL SHOWING OF li Newest = == H THE Pooled Tobacco Burned I at prices within reach retain Queen II Ladies JOHN CHRISTMAN = Georgetown Ky I m both stores 10 Cheap Rates Ten dollars and fortyfive cents from Every Rod Guaranteed OUT All kinds of vegetable plants from the Paris Greenhouse at Baldwins self Now Is the Time Now is your time in look around for Easter wear gcods Price t Co clothiers are showing an uptodate line of mens boys and childrens caps shirts ties and suits hats panies DOTY j1 Fly Time Is Here FORD up u know For Sale Novelties For Easter blouse waists of everybody Kaarthy Thomas fire and wind goods siuv We represent 11 big com ¬ BATTERTON Jallcr hurry J Easter Novelties in China new and Eleven Big Companies tide tf Bv 1 y- + likely to give the grand jury much valuable informatoin It became known Wednesday that Judge Stout received a letter from a prominent physician in Louisville that will throw some light on the defeat of the County Unit bill Judge Stout gave the members of the grand jury rigid instructions to keep secret all of their proceedings so that it wail be to get information during the investigation but it is likely that be fore the session of the grand jury is brought to a close indictments which will surprise the people of the State will be found ¬ strawberries tSr j Order your Easter flowers from Bruce We are prepared to kelp the flies Holladay He is agent for Honaker out for you this season See our line the most noted florist in Central Ken ¬ of screen doors and windows 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