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Image 8 of The Advocate Messenger April 9, 2012

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A8 MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2012 WEATHER/ADVICE Teen in throes of depression knows she has to get help THE ADVOCATE-MESSENGER WWW.AMNEWS.COM Local 5-Day Forecast Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 4/9 4/10 4/11 4/12 4/13 65/45 66/51 Abundant sunshine. Highs in the upper 60s and lows in the upper 30s. 68/39 Sunshine. Highs in the upper 50s and lows in the upper 30s. 57/37 Times of sun and clouds. Highs in the upper 50s and lows in the upper 30s. 58/37 Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 60s and lows in the mid 40s. Few showers. Highs in the mid 60s and lows in the low 50s. Sunrise Sunset 7:12 AM 8:09 PM Sunrise Sunset 7:10 AM 8:10 PM Sunrise Sunset 7:09 AM 8:11 PM Sunrise Sunset 7:08 AM 8:12 PM Sunrise Sunset 7:06 AM 8:13 PM Kentucky At A Glance Louisville 71/43 Frankfort 68/39 Lexington 66/38 Danville 68/39 Paducah 74/44 Bowling Green 74/43 Herrington Lake Level: 724.8 feet Call (859) 748-4685 for regularly updated lake levels Area Cities City Ashland Bowling Green Cincinnati, OH Corbin Covington Cynthiana Danville Elizabethtown Evansville, IN Frankfort Hi 66 74 67 70 65 68 68 71 70 68 Lo Cond. 37 rain 43 sunny 40 windy 39 sunny 39 windy 37 windy 39 sunny 40 windy 41 sunny 39 windy City Glasgow Hopkinsville Knoxville, TN Lexington Louisville Madisonville Mayfield Middlesboro Morehead Mount Vernon Hi 72 73 72 66 71 74 77 73 66 68 Lo Cond. 42 sunny 42 sunny 44 sunny 38 windy 43 windy 43 sunny 46 sunny 42 sunny 37 windy 39 windy City Murray Nashville, TN Owensboro Paducah Pikeville Prestonsburg Richmond Russell Springs Somerset Winchester Hi 76 75 73 74 72 68 68 70 69 68 Lo Cond. 47 sunny 43 sunny 42 sunny 44 sunny 43 mst sunny 38 mst sunny 40 sunny 39 sunny 38 sunny 40 windy City Houston Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis New York Hi 83 74 81 51 64 Lo Cond. 63 t-storm 52 sunny 66 pt sunny 31 mst sunny 46 windy City Phoenix San Francisco Seattle St. Louis Washington, DC Hi 89 66 64 70 69 Lo Cond. 62 pt sunny 54 pt sunny 49 cloudy 41 sunny 47 mst sunny National Cities City Atlanta Boston Chicago Dallas Denver Hi 77 60 58 80 71 Lo Cond. 50 sunny 40 rain 34 windy 63 t-storm 46 mst sunny Moon Phases UV Index Mon Full Last New First Apr 6 Apr 13 Apr 21 Apr 29 ©2010 American Profile Hometown Content Service Tue Wed Thu Fri 4/9 4/10 4/11 4/12 4/13 7 High 7 High 7 High The UV Index is measured on a 0 11 number scale, with a higher UV Index showing the need for greater skin protection. 8 5 Very High Moderate 0 11 DEAR ABBY: I really need some feedback. When I was 13, I would cut myself. I stopped around 15 after an attempted overdose that didn't work. I did it because my parents were stressed due to money problems and ignored me or yelled at me a lot. I was also bullied in school. I had just moved here, so there was no one to turn to. Suddenly, in the last week, I have begun binge eating. I see no hope for me graduating, no hope for my life or my future. I wake up wanting to go back to sleep or overdose. My wrists have throbbed at the thought of wanting to cut again, and last night I had a dream of jumping off a building. All day I have had the same daydream of hitting the ground. I cry randomly for no reason. I have thought of multiple ways to kill myself. is just started. I can't see why I can't be happy. My brother is coming home from Afghanistan. I should be ecstatic. I plan on talking to a counselor tomorrow because I am not sure how to handle this. I don't want to get into such a state that I'll let myself overdose again. ank you for your time. I just need some guidance on how to handle this. — WAVERING GIRL IN WATERTOWN, N.Y. DEAR WAVERING GIRL: You are also a smart girl to be reaching out for help. I hope by the time you read Kid’s Weather Picture She'll hover over the trays of whatever is being offered while eating "samples." Jeanne Phillips en she takes a huge helping and stands nearby while Syndicated Columnist she eats it. She follows that this you will have spoken to up by taking more back to a counselor about your feel- her desk. It's annoying to ings, because it appears you see a plate of cookies or a are suffering from a severe pan of brownies that were depression, which can imbrought to share with everypair a person's judgment. one gobbled down by one Being bullied at school and person. worried about graduating Karen earns a good would be enough to trigger salary. She certainly has it. e behaviors you deenough money to buy her scribe mean you need to own food. So, Abby, what's talk to — and probably be a good way to tell her to medicated by — a mental stop? — MISSING MY health care professional. COOKIES IN ERIE, PA. If you had given me your DEAR MISSING YOUR phone number, I would COOKIES: Try this. e have talked with you pernext time one of you brings sonally about this — and, a treat to the office, put a with your permission, spo- sign next to it that reads, ken to your parents about it. "One to a customer, please," Your counselor can help or tell "Miss Piggy" in plain you reach out for the help English that she's taking too you need, but if you experi- much of a good thing. ence more suicidal impulses, please contact the Dear Abby is written by AbiNational Suicide Prevention gail Van Buren, also known as Lifeline by calling 800-273- Jeanne Phillips, and was founded 8255. by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Write Dear Abby at www.DearDEAR ABBY: I work for a or P.O. Box 69440, Los small company. Employees Angeles, CA 90069. here bring in treats to share and leave them in our break Good advice for everyone — area so co-workers can help teens to seniors — is in "The themselves. One employee, Anger in All of Us and How to "Karen," sits at a desk that is Deal With It." To order, send your very near the lounge, and name and mailing address, plus snaps to attention when check or money order for $7 (U.S. anyone walks by with treats funds) to: Dear Abby, Anger in hand. en she jumps up Booklet, P.O. Box 447, Mount and follows them into the Morris, IL 61054-0447. (Shipping lounge, where she lingers and handling are included in the until the snacks are ready. price.) DEAR ABBY t e il For ciehlaunchnchssd s e Agen are aware ril welf aign in Ap camp -00 -236 859 er NATIONAL sseng e te-M voca TI O N Ad I NcAmpionship CHAMPIONS OM a U EnsDfor 8th NCAA h L KENTUCKY BIeGucBbeats Ka as ky nt I YLES A6 gray Goinirg fashionaebale is a LIFEST a Exch Road Check stonville Hu 1406 Danville, KY 35 id Gray his it a good en? but rking wom for wo The cky , Kentu nville | Da 75¢ ril 3, y, Ap Tuesda 1948 m amne www. 1951 1949 1958 2012 PIO HAM NAL C NATIO NS 2012 1998 1996 1978 K Today’s weather oto/Bi Ne nday in m Mo h his tea ns after w Orlea the NC al Four AA Fin me tourna rates wit , celeb center lipari, John Ca r maste y eady a e fl Cal alr ilding on th u of reb coach ck Kentu ir book Souven g soon comin l ger wil essen vocate-M ok com The Ad souvenir bo rsity of a ive publish rating the Un A-re ll be his co fore lipari wi that NB habit of memo 's eighth all e — Be Ca cky ANS ers, John recruits get in th home. 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Th ward Orlea is team cifical tio and the gs for the W eighth na ping is th fine with (3) hu ay in New s on th Friday.” spe eph Beth, ace: draft-pick Jos Jones e Mond nder their hat I’m hosaid. “I’m .” rence dto repl ng st-rou cruiting on Store. “W ari king first-roun includi lf rd Ter ionship gam iday wa six fir go re be loo th on Fr ha ,” Calip ints, , No. 240 cky for champ team recruiting he could omore wi th 22 po e second e are Vol. 146 to Kentu basketball e is ther I’ve got to go ong thos b, a soph ildcats wi rough th lege th , who col Am ron Lam s. hoping at’s why the W idway ts y pick rallie i t I’m Th I Do l, who led inters m ’ many le lotter e Wildca Calipar th ab po “Wha ith that. tia nsas John GHT poten -back 3- one of Ka ist, a probhalf, while TONI of rain is , C1 ew -to 7 arqu A6, A12 back ut down dd-Gilchrin the first d. Chance nt. s), M ’s 11 I’m fin 12300 nd rce A11 News that sh ichael Kihis points -point leaven rebou Kentucky 05358 60 pe 6 18 National I M 11 of A4 g an points, se r (two of n all -B12 w: 60s ildin Opinio A9, B1 scored were bu nes (nine rius Mille rm A10 80s Lo p, A12 Pet/Fa High: weather ma TS, on (38-2) errence Jo ts) and Da ix, too. lete See CA m A8 Sports IT IN DEX Comp 4 poinare in the paper ue (1 A5 ycled Teag d shots) enger on rec Advice te-Mess C2-C5 Printed h blocke Advoca Y BizTec s 2 The C6 ied TTER k 4: 0-0-2-3 © 201 gies Classif A2 rs, hnolo Pic -21-30 CKY LO ambe Comics est tec Ball: 2-6 7-0-9-3-3 A2-A3 KENTU en ch s the lat ber Cash ker s: oxyg Death ws ve all 15; Kic remem . aric Ne DDAY sh Ball es of Dollar We ha perb de Local em to Ca AY MI attitu le se ing hy Decad 28-29-47 , 4S, KC ring peop MOND k 3: 2-3-0 includ 4-6-9- , QH, 10D ine ca thing 3 Pic heal, e nu 7-6-1won’t ille, KY but th sh: 2C our ge ur Pick 4: that Danv ost is Card Ca k yo und 5 eet | the m or as a wo ING ird Str 1470 have EVEN -7 239you uth Th 9) If 9-6 217 So . at (85 Pick 3: ll us ferral 00 | LLS DIE PE it gets By ED Writer . ked su tional i-flec the road y AP Na nfett ad on ca L 3, 20 12 DAY B TU ES You can buy the original newspaper plate and more from The Advocate-Messenger’s Commemorative Page of Kentucky’s National Championship. YOU! a re 9-10 r for 9) 23 | (85 org alth. emhe www. docto em! .com news eal th | ww nger m, h Messe vocater the The Ad cove just Don’t GER s ound W CATE -M ES SEN developed a slight sore throat. e next day it disappeared. However, I felt tired and in a Dr. Paul G. few days I had a cough, which Donohue, M.D. got better on its own. I had Syndicated Columnist been with my grandson the zoyl peroxide, an over-theday before I felt sick. Howcounter liquid, has an antiever, about nine to 10 days bacterial effect and can be later he got a cold and fever. applied twice daily. It's often My doctor said it was not used in conjunction with from me. My daughter-in-law retinoids. Retin-A is such a believes I transmitted it to the drug and comes as a cream, youngster. I am upset by this. gel or lotion. She and my son are first-time For more-severe acne, top- parents and are obsessed ical antibiotics like Cleocin with the child, 18 months old, and erythromycin are added not getting sick again. — R.C. to the program. ANSWER: People love to e birth-control pill is an track down the miscreant excellent idea. It cuts down who spread a cold. It's a oil production. process that almost never In resistant acne, oral anidentifies the correct source. tibiotics are prescribed. Tetra- It makes the accused feel like cycline is one, but not the only a felon, deserving of the guilone. Doxycycline in a 20-mg lotine. dose, far lower than used for e incubation period for bacterial infections, controls a cold, the time from infecthe inflammation of acne and tion to the appearance of is quite useful and safe. symptoms, is 24 to 48 hours. One aspect of female acne Your grandson didn't catch is worth considering. If fethe cold until nine days after male acne doesn't respond to you left. You didn't transmit it medicines and if a girl is in or to him. approaching her 20s, the girl Your son's and daughtershould be checked for the in-law's obsession with prolevel of male hormone in her tecting their child from all blood. She could have a sepa- sickness and infections is not rate condition that's causing realistic. It could be units overproduction. healthy. Exposure to a variety of bacteria and viruses is the DEAR DR. DONOHUE: way we develop immunity to Two days after Christmas I them. TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH ADVO DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I have a gorgeous 19-year-old daughter who has acne. We hear it is due to heredity and hormones. We go to a dermatologist and get fair results. Tetracycline doesn't work. We hear birth-control pills are good. Any suggestions? — J.P. ANSWER: An attack on acne centers on oil production, clogged skin pores and the bacterium P. acnes. Heredity has a hand, but heredity has an influence on most medical conditions. Oil production is linked to the production of male hormones. Women do make them. Puberty is the age at which all hormone production goes into high gear. Acne pretty well peaks between the ages of 15 and 19 and usually is gone by age 25, but not always. e skin pore is the home of oil glands and hair. e hair can be so delicate that it's not seen. Male hormones increase the production of oil. e excess oil solidifies in the pore and plugs it. As the production of oil continues, the pore bursts and spreads oil material and bacteria into the adjacent skin. A pimple is born. Mild acne often yields to topical treatment. "Topical" indicates that medicine is applied directly to the skin. Ben- TH E The three evils that cause acne 58 1426 y head ber ll Ha AP Ph . n 67-59 cky wo s. Kentu AY t t Kansa E TOD fea INSID Wildcats de B4 ted Talen title, Page to score to I for ed Kansas didn’t ne nal vis B5 I Da te, Page the natio dominaages from e B6 on ag I Im nship, P s up big pio cham mb come e B7 for I La stage, Pag emption st red bigge brings ller le I Tit , Page B8 takes Mi y Calipari journe age B9 ts’ ng P I Lo to title, there for Ca NIT from glad to be I Fansage B10 P win, e agains ship gam mpion tball cha e baske nt colleg APRI Today’s weather picture is from picture is from Kara Duncan student Benedict, aWest, at Hustonville a student at Hogsett Elementary. Elementary. WILDCATS They Brought It Home.. ... And So Can Here’s all that we offer! One plate of A1, Poster (11”x17”) of A1 and the newspaper $34.95 Two plates, one of A1 and one of B1, and a Poster (11”x17”) each of A1 & B1 and the newspaper. $49.95 Come Get Yours TODAY!!! 330 S. Fourth Street • P.O. Box 149 • Danville, KY 40423-0149

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