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Image 483 of 2005 Kentuckian, Vol. 111

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

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Yeager, Catherine R. York, Hagan L. Young, Emilee R. Young,Tara N. Zangw, Drandyn l__ Zeltner, Amber R. (highland Heights. KY) (Lexington. KY) (catlettsourg, KY) (Alpharetta, GA) (hpp oily ori) (Findlay, ol-l) . ree gopltomore, Mathematical Freshman, Pre-Economics Freshman, Biology Junior, Sociology senior, Marketing Freshman, Undeclared L Economics 4 _ York, James L. Alpha Delta Pi Young,Tiffany A. Zargmski, Christopher D, Zemba, Alison M. { Alplia Delta Pl, Actuarial (London. KY) Young, Ginny M. (Mt Washington, KY) (Manassas, VA) (Pittsburgh, PA) i goience, UK Society Of Freshman, Pre-Management (Willow Wood, OH) Senior, English Junior, lvlarlreting Sophomore. Elementary l, Actuaries, Flock, Alpha York, James T. Sophomore, Foreign Young,Todd M. Zargarj, Mehynoush Education ; Delta Pi, Student (Owensboro. KY) Language and International (Lexington. KY) (Lexington, KY) Zembrodt, W. Tyler r rene r3.ov.>rrlment Association Sophomore, Undergraduate Economics, French Sophomore, Political Junior, Psychology (Edgewood. KY) Yeauer. Jill E· Stlldioo Young. Haley E. Science Zavala, Jason A, Freshman. Architecture (Gr. ie City, OH) Kappa Sigma (Owensboro, KY) Young, Whitney M. (Elizaoerhrown, KY) Zendarski, Michelle L. ser .>r, Interior Design York, Kimberly A. Sophomore, undeclared (Prospect, KY) genior, Arohireoiure (Hudson, OH) Yea ;er, Jonathon M. (Winchester, KY) Alpha Gamma Delta Senior, Animal Sciences Zbgrgwski, Adam J, Freshman, Psychology i (l_o. sville, KY) Senior, Sec Edu - English Young, Jeania Young, Zachary G. (l_e)(ingion, KY) Zepp, Frederick K., Jr. Ser lr, Economics Ed (McKee, KY) (Georgetown, KY) Freshman, goeoial (Louisville, KY) I gig a Phi Epsilon York. Matthew R. Junior, Elementary Junior, Political Science Education » Senior, Marketing l ( s . Ye: er, Tyler R. (Lexington, KY) Education Youngblood, John C., lll rt/loderaie/severe Disabilities Sigma Phi Epsilon i . ng T (Nr oorl, KY) _ Senior, Sec Edu - Social Young, Jeff J. (Lexington, KY) Zgchglla, Nicholas A, Zhang, Xin l ser r, Journalism » Studies (Lexington, KY) Senior, English (l_eXingion, KY) (Lexington, KY) Ge, ral York, Timothy W. Senior, Kinesiology, Younger, George B., lll Senior, Finanoe Freshman, Pre·Pharmacy ( . Ye= (, Renee E. (Winchester, KY) Business (Louisville, KY) Zeohella,Thomas 5, Zheng,Yang ( ' (l_e ~gton, KY) Senior, Sec Edu — Social Young, Jennifer N. Junior, Philosophy, History (Ft Thomas, KY) (Lexington. KY) Frr han, Pre-Accounting Studies (Louisville, KY) Youngman, Elizabeth A. Junior, Psychology Junior. Biology Ve· .Tyler C. Yost, Amy E. Sophomore, Pre-Nursing (owensooro. KY) Zega, Robert J. Zick, Bethany E. , (L. ville, KY) (Morgantown, WV) Young, Jill M. Senior, Integrated Strategic (Louisville, KY) (Rochelle, II_) Fr. nan. Pre- Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy (Alexandria, KY) Chi Omega Sophomore, F=re.Finanoe Freshman. Undergraduate (jr unication Yost, Andrew M. Freshman, Pre-Marketing Yount, Brittany D. gigma Chi Studies Ye Whitney A. (Louisville, KY) Young, Keedra M. (McDanieIs, KY) zeh, Andrew 5, Ziegler, Carolyn B. .L( iton, KY) Sophomore, Pre-Integrated (Lexington, KY) Senior, Middle School (Anohorage, KY) (Lexington, KY) i irr. nan, Undeclared Strat Freshman, Undergraduate Education Senior, Anthropology Sophomore. Social Work Ye. Jeffrey S. Yost, Christopher M. Studies Yount, Casey L. Zgh, Evan Nl, Ziegler, Nicholas R. i (L. riton, KY) (Manchester, KY) Young, Kevin M. (Huber Heights. OH) (Louisville, KY) (Wilder. KY) gi,. English Sophomore. Biology (Roswell, GA) Sophomore, Undeclared Freshman, polrlieal geienoe Junior, Pre-Mechanical 1 Ye Nyoka R. Yost, Joshua A. Freshman, Undergraduate Yu. l‘lsin·Ting Zehnder, Hilary |__ Engineering , i_. iton, KY) (Manchester, KY) Studies (Lexington, KY) (Louisville, KY) Zik, James T. ( sr Psychology Junior, Sec Edu - Social Sigma Alpha Epsilon Junior. Art Studio Sophomore, Animal (Corbin, KY) ( Ya. Tori L. Studies Young, Kristin L. Yu. Hsin-Yi Sciences Sophomore, Middle School i (3. etown, KY) Youart, Olivia A. (Lexington, KY) (Lexington, KY) Zennder, Lauren N, Eduoaiion l se Family And (lilrron, KY) Senior, Elementary Senior. integrated Strategic (Louisville, KY) Zik, Russell F. ' I (Lo ner Sophomore, Pre»Nursing Education Yue, Jennifer L. Sophomore, Elementary (Corbin, KY) `I g Yei . Ethan B. Youatt, Emily J. Young, Laneka S. (Frankfort, KY) Eduoalion Freshman, Pre- ie; lion, KY) (East Lansing, Ml) (Roselle. NJ) Senior. Communication, zehner, Elizabeth L, Communication .u· Computer Science Senior, Topical Major, Senior, Family and Business (Lexington, KY) Zimmer. Cassandra D. , )-ei Jordan M. French Consumer Sciences Chi Omega. UK Freshman, Secondary (Ashland, KY) l (Le ton. KY) Young, Amy L. Young, Madelyn R. Ambassador Program. UK English Eduoalion Freshman. Secondary . Se Pre—CiviI (Georgetown. KY) (East Sparta. OH) Student De)/elopment Zeidler, Stephanie J. Social Studies Fduoation. i. Er ering Senior, Accounting Freshman, Pre»JournaIism - Council. Communications (Florence. KY) Business l ‘.’ei' n, Sarah C. Young, Amy N. Gen Honor Society Senior Communication Kappa Delta (L. con, KY) (Sounderstown, Rl) Young, Mark S. Yuh. Brian A. Disord Zimmer. Emilee A. ..i Early Childhood Freshman, Undergraduate (Belleville, IL) (Lexington, KY) Zeigler, Andrew D, (Hebron, KY) ` Ei;. Studies Sophomore, History Senior, Biology (Owensboro, KY) Senior. Animal Sciences ( ‘/2 Holly E. Soccer, Music, Meeting New Kappa Sigma Yusuf. ida Fl. Junior. Finance Zimmer. Jennifer E. 17; lvlill, KY) People Young, Matthew A. (Kuohing My) Zeillmann, Allison K, (Edgewood, KY) ...i Nutrition and Food S Young, Ashley B. (Lexington. KY) Freshman. F’re·Meohanioal (Louisville. KY) Senior. Agricultural l zfr; lmicron Pi (Nicholasville, KY) Senior, Biology Engineering Junior, pregiosysrems 3, Education, Communications. Yei Jamie L. Freshman, Pre—Pharmacy Sigma Pi Zabawa, Krista L. Agr and Leadership (Eli er. KY) Young, Ashley R. Young, Pamela L. (Nicholasville/beliry, KY) zeiroii, Benjamin w, Agricultural Education 50l nore, Frgn Lngs & (Elizabethtown, KY) (Georgetown, KY) Sophomore. History (Lexington. KY) Society ilti Freshman, Pre—Pharmacy Senior. Sec Edu - Zaber. Kyle P. Senior, Nutr 8x Fd Sci—Hospit Zimmer. Kristopher A. Yet uenniter Young, Bobby D. Mathematic (Belleville. lL) Sigma Pi (Wildwood. Mo) (iiit ishington, KY) (Adolphus, KY) Young, Rachael G. Sophomore, Psychology Zeiss, Amy L. Sophomore, Frgn Lngs 8. Fr ian, Interior Design Senior, Electrical (Versailles, KY) Kappa Sigma (Boaz. KY) lnt'l Ec in Art Engineering Junior. Nursing Zaborowski. Nicholas K. Senior, Merchandising Delta Tau Delta Yo: n,WilIiam P. Young, Brandon R. Young, Reed D. (Louisville. KY) Appar Zimmer. Lindsay F· : (li sboro, KY) (Louisville, KY) (Lexington, KY) Sophomore. Pre-Civil Zeitler, Christopher W. (Centerville. OH) Er nore. English Freshman, Undergraduate Sophomore. English Engineering (Westerville, OH) Sophomore. Fre-Economics Yoi ¤.Travis R. Studies Young, Robert M. Zaohem. Amanda W. Freshman. Pre—Mechanical Alpha Delta Fi (3 own. KY) Young, Bryan T. (eurlreeville, KY) (Lexington. KY) Engineering Zimmerer, Matthew .1. Fri ian, Undergraduate (Lexington, KY) Junior, Philosophy Sophomore. Pre—F’hysical Phi Gamma Delta (Louisville. KY) Et Sophomore, Pre»Civil Young, Robert W. Therapy Zeleznik, Stacy J. Senior. Geoioov Vol Sasey Engineering (Edmond, OK) Delta Gamma (\/grgalllgs, KY) Zimmerman, Christina E. (lil asville, KY) Phi Sigma Kappa Junior, Pre-Finance Zaoheretti. Anthony K. Junior, Interior Design (Lexington. KY) So nore. Psychology Young, Casey L. Phi Gamma Delta (Paducah. KY) Kappa Kappa Gamma Sophomore. Pre-Clinical Vet Daniel W. (Baroourville, KY) Young, Roberta c. sophomore. Biology zellar, Ryan c. Lahorat il.a. id, KY) Junior, Computer Science (Frankfort, KY) Zaglul. Aleiandro l‘l- (Frankfort, KY) Zimmerman. Jeremy A. ‘ i Se Accounting, Finance Alpha Tau Omega Senior, English (Lexington. KY) Sophomore. Political (Fihilpot KY) i · Vo David B. Young, Casey L. Young, Seth D. Junior, Anthropology goienoe, l-lislory Freshman, Theatre iii il. KY) (Huber Heights, OH) (Summerfield, NC) Zaglul, Paula Zeller, Andrew F. Zimmerman, Kate M. Jil. Frgn Lngs 8. Int’l Ec Freshman, Undergraduate Senior, Finance (Lexington. KY) (Louisville. KY) (Fort Thomas. KY) Ye Laura L. Studies Young, Shannon A. Junior. Art Studio Freshman, Pre—Economics Freshman. Chemistry. ii` —’ille. KY) Young, Casey R. (Woodstock, IL) Zahn. Brendan G. Delta Sigma Phi Mathematics Frr nan, Merchandising (Lexington, KY) Sophomore, History (Lexington. KY) Zeller, Andrew J. Zimmerman.Trisha A. iii? Senior, Latin American Young, Stephan P. Freshman. Pre-Nursing (Louisville, KY) (Louisville. KY) Y° Ashton S. Studies (Louisville. KY) UK it/iarohing Band Sophomore, Undergraduate Freshman. Pre-Bharrnaov i iii in KY) Young, Christopher A. Junior, Telecommunications Zaitlin. Judith C. Studies Alpha Gamma Delta Fr· nan, History (Lexington, KY) Kappa Sigma (Lexington. KY) Zeller, Jason A, Zimmerman,Whitney E. Ye Erioa J. Freshman, Pre-Civil Young, Susan C. Senior. Nursing (Louisville, KY) (Lexington. KY) (Li ville. KY) Eiigiiieeiirig (SCottsvllle, KY) Zakharia, Rami M. 5enior_ Marketing Sophomore, Pre—Journalism Ji Family And Young, David R. Sophomore, Pre—Pharmacy (Lexington. KY) Zellers, James T., IV - Gen Cl hier (Lexington, KY) Kappa Delta Senior. Eoonornios (Winfield, WV) Zink. Aaron P. Senior, Meehanleal Tae Kwon Do Club, Junior, l¤ Engine (Nicholasville, KY) ignglneering Snowboarding, All Sports Senior. Psychology -479 , — i K

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