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Image 4 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), April 16, 1796

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

TpAKfeM upV the fubfcTiber in Mauifon county on tie waters oi Utter cieek, a yfllovr bay rasre,, ihrrfc years old, about 1 3 fem her Jjanis high, Ihe has a black ttr mane, to her tail, appraised to C&lcnlafed for CASH SE GIVtN WILL . '& '' v b J iot immediate ule, trom lour to nine 1 Books and Groceries, ars old, ,iit Bourbon and Lincoln! cpurtviduies trom Tuelday the nineteentn Nfl : , Ulai and the public in ge- "a! "penea 1 avern, ,1L '" State of Kentucky, to wit. NOTICE. WiMciithcy are now opening at their" Store in this place, and will d'fpofe of upon rearortable terms by wholefalc or retail. Lexington. December 1 tf aPRS oeicTliurfdav sollowing: and at Madiftm Jts CUllTl house from Friday 2 2d till Saturday T EPECTFULLY informs lljs JA. fiend win niaice a peno tiaat aflbrnnent of DRY GOODS, TO'eet, thethird door below CrofsJ llrcet ; wliere those wJio pleafeto'M c. which they will iROCtRIES savor him witlr their cullom, fliall (el en the molt moderate terms meet with evei y poflib'e attention. pxCaJl7 and. hides. January 1, 1796. . m Lexington, January 19. nn nnmi the present - -- . Geouge ADAf?; - , TT T An bxtenhve Ariortvicnt y Iron Monjrerv. Cu , 1X1 vv cue, v. j Ljiais. uueen s rf St)lIN kert, GOODS' FRESH additiorl to thore y HICH in 'enfuinaftaron. At so PACK H'ORSES, - FIT TOR-t30t)- P-a- k Have Just Received 'rome - MEKCHANDIZ.J5, 'I - Alcx.'Sc Jamest Have jr.ft icCeJved 4 Large ani Genual Afjorttocnt 5 ojtj, Apnl97V6- & John W ffimt; Abijah . Woodford Count) , February Quarts T SeJJion Couit, J 796. THE LAUhUN, is this day Bowles, Isaac Price and Sarvliis dillblved by mutual confeht. All Jane Jantes lenev end Margery bis wise. a- , NATH. SHAW, A. Q.. M. ofe who have any demands wise, and Edwaid Holland and iw 'flprilth, 1796. to said rJafti nft in firm are ior iettle- - Sarah, Margerythe said Jane Bowles, I' and E'Uabetb, emg 'l'Ht SUBSCRIBLR of Affemblv then accduhts ng by an heirs and repfefentatives of James lg WHEREAS list act amend an aft tor T TAVINGleftthisftate in order to to ment without UeJay ; ana tnoie lunaly of GOODS. Vfuich M nut a j the bMt regSarflng tne town of Lein;-ton- ,' Indebted to them, by cuttomers on who oner ACJIRST1 the trustees of said town are authoris J prj:in)c3 to terms to Insany peilon nas bond, aie or book account, are yamesM'Bridejijlenry M'Bride, hote than Jr" lor the regulati fHBr ed to enact fucn )'i Beard Defdts reqiieirs aii jicr- - desired to hiake immediate pay- - ft William Beard, and ir tie! of the market tnerem contained, as to' tiij.rLu to him, to maM payment to ment'to tlie fubferibers, otherwifeMV.ndmv of James Beard, dec Ihould appear proper, uniler certain re at his store, biiior the IStb "6 i in LheHturi . tions contained- in fie said ac"t. Uy Wmmfc- - i..l vr n as no Ipnger indulgence eu they will be under the difagrga nest, ji of did aulftoritv, the trustees how gi ble r.eceifity to, compel p'&yhifent 111 'pHE subpoena awarded the thi cause be'ng' returned executed On defendants Wiltice, that two market days in eaeh week a legal way. James Mo"Ristt:. Beard widow": Mid itj liam Beard and f.ud town, one on each Wert held-ievtnrng. Eliza-be- lt hir-wif- 1 rnn bye-lty- .r-it- e v L wil! be Washington, sit. March Quarterly CoMrtt 7$tt. Zechariah Riney, Joseph Alvey, and Anne his wise, halil Kmev,( Gnftey, diid J.lary Usf auts. per-ib- Complain-Clemen- slsril 9, ;T;7lLL'be given-fo- r able-bodie- d j ; " to the rules of this court, and it .appearing to the fatisfaftion of the court that they arii no inhabitants of this state, on tba n.otion of tho Complainants by their eoanfel, it is ordered, that unlils tlie said Defendants ap-- 1 t May pear here or; the fi.rft day of he ciurt. and answer the Complainant's (aid bill, that the same lhall be taken as cnr.fe' edi and that a py ot tins orcer ce 101 ui With inserted in the Kentucky GazStte iov two mmiLhs fucceffively, and publiflisd tlyrcr times at the front door of the Roman Chapel in this cduntv. ! I ' i j 1 & KKiJiJeral Allot tment of lupplied Wool WE RCHANDIZE, KVeryjow ratewith the Cash, Furr Hats, by lor 01 CONSISPIHG OF Dry Goods arid Groceries of . " aR r - t rmir P, J Cornelius Heattv offaltl townwli ",c J , ,p near cue are empowered; to dilpole ot 01 fiance, niuutu 01 jsoore anie' creek, a ftiawberry roan horse, aLout three ", c7 ,u""-"u,- , 3 tt. ; "years old next iprin;, no brand pe Jeival.le, .the greataft part of his head and all his le,s white, jjdged to be upwaids of fouitcen hands luh, (hod before, appraised to 10s LEONARD HILL. January 14, 79. I" AKEN up by the fubferiber, living waters pt ruexraen creex, B iioige. on tb& vim "f1 se en years old, sour teeteignt inches high, .. li-- - y u LlICiU. ntbbf laUAfcU awln'U m lus flank, appraUed to 91. Alio a lack mare about ten- - years old, sour feet 1 1 J. I c. cj. s. c . At the corner of Cross and Water' Streets. HERE Ladies and Gentlemen can h , -- lWAhTTO lUKLhs.SE or a ojjA'.jtity T?OR ASHES; 'which I tvill give FOUR, PENCE CASH per Bushel ; Si, will send and them twice a fom the house irt town. George Man (dim exington, January 9. ti i tfei JOSEPH HUDSON, Has For Sale at jus STORE, orposirt 'the Court Housf, A GENERAL ASbOK MEMT oti -- . MERCHANDISE, AMONGST ttKIC,?! BROAD Cloths, John uaruett, Agent jorf Joatmgs, ' Reuben Garitett. Flannels, The commiffioners to meet atmyj Corduroys, March Z5, l7jSllVclvets tVThicUets . fo-r- , tovejmfinefj. t fubferiber r AKEK upbv the mare with in Campbell ablaze face, countyra al ARCHIBALD EROWN. APPBT.NTK'.E to tk, N. B. 1 - c. $$to UFjfCTORT, HA T OVEtUNG, that the trustees of the Tefie (A Copy) ail kinds ; town of Lexington will on the fourth MonJOHN REEU,,C. W. C day in th prefcnt month, at sour o'clock in 2rn6 are determined to sell i Which they J. be al'tenioon, at tiie house of Robert Me AM authorifed to fall fnndrv tracts of how forCASH" HIDES and Country Owan in the said town, proceed to lay the , (jieen military lands on t'le South lioe of LXNE. . for the jear '79, agreeably toti c mc r.A town-ta- x t .t. er, ana 011 pie nortn-wc- T.rt. iiuc u .l. r ir Lexington, Uiguft' 10, 179-the affefihient made and rerfortnd to them. "51 far which a generil warranty will be all tvrrnn-- who rhink their Drope. tvis. cpnutfit-- c of trea- en. Also a . .NOT1CB aneffled too high are requeued to attend fury warrant lands- - lying ya- vanus parts oJ .that day, when their complaints will tjjr this state T 3 hereby ftiven to all" wioift it rfta eorlLcard. concern, that o the thirteenth day John Breckinridge. ,1av next, the comnrililonej Refttved, that the above resolution be printappointed by ed on TuefcUy and Saturday next in the Feb. 13 1790. tlie county court of Scetty tf ill meet on the public papers. Wfc cnth big iork about thirty miles beIo FOR SALE By order of tbe Board. en the north .in's ilaUonf tliat eomes of the 1st NE thousand acres HUGHMTLVA1N, Chairman. '.of the north farfc of'Elkhorn, near the mwt Geneial Stephens xniliui-- MMPllUt h of fud fork; (othsrwift said feven-- h r AKEN up by tne fubfcnbei on Letompt's survey of LANDS on Hickuian, -- S.rk is known by tlie name c Lecompt's -- then and there to exarjraie witnelles run, !.cott county, a bay noi ie colt, one ?OUt ten miles uom LrHgton, W vear old, ..0 band, his hind t white, entry d adjoining that pacCiiR which to perpetuate teftiaiony to eftrolifli an prove and to name of prairedto 31. 1 2s . A.rvnl U DHMfin TtflAW IIVMS. . (IT- - in theto be theReuben Garnett, t W1. tlU IT LARKIN FoRGASOll seventh fork, arid the place that 1 terms apply to 'i nomas: Hart and May 7, I796defiened by the locator. ' K-e- tcite, aifKHN, eirSTQRE. fecor'J dror behmi wltkil'n J t"e "uMalot a 'arge v ne-c- jABvI iaiUes. CASTLEMAN, HAVE JU9T KTCEIED, A1!D HOW M'COUN appealing to tlie fatisfaftion of the pourti that the other defendants, J mes afld Henry M'Biide, are no inhab tai.tsijf this state. On the motion of tlie compla tounfel, it is ordered tliat the j(s"ife'G'5ntff James and Henry M'Bride, do afpear here at the next couit, and'anhveiilift bill of thel complainants and that a cpjiyyf this orcer be foith'.vith inicited lu'tbe; KentuJ.v fia., zette foi tM o months luCj;effivKy and pub- -l lilhed ?t the dojtafliTBielt rufi meetirg- -' house "in this qmgSftn'forjie Sunday immediate!;, ritei dSfattrvice, and at the front door oi the itaBe4fe ia'ihe town of Ver- nauJij-byiheir- GENEROUS WAGES t yilw. V IsEGRO MENtowork at vviva AGAINST tfi le Iron Works on Slate, where bn Wathen and Henrietta ZDfen&m hcv will receive cood treatment. Appl to Mr. JohnBreckimidge,or IN CHANCER. THE Defendants having sailed to appear1 to thcfnbfcriber. ' t"f and aniwev the ComplainanrsJbillgreeaoly JdiiNC. Owent. tlie first day of July, no weights or mcafures are to be used in fejd market, but luch as have been eS and received the town ltamp, under penalty ojilciture. By order of tne board of the trustees of the town. HUGH M'lLVAIN, Chairman. (Lexington, Apul 8, 179. Lexington, ' 3 ' se, ior. That from and aster .4 John A. Seitzi ' Fred, Laiimam 1 '" . i Lexington, March 15, lyyb- - nefday, the- other on each Saturday, to commence on the fccond Wednesday in Miy nest. From Which day no pel lbn or are to offer for sale any aittcle of marketing ehWhere, than at tie ularkct house in said town. uufer t'le penalty oi" foifei- ture offuchriUcles Offered for sale, before eleven o'clork of said market days That aC!cik of tbe market, authorifed day; bv the trader, will atterd tn the jvhofe dutv it will be to seize such provitt-on- s as lhall oe unv lefome; as also such as fliJl be lound clJ lent in the weight sold t ulti?ns & Jeans, Nankeens, Royal Rib, Elegant Yeft Shapes,. FT, Pewter, ai.d Pewter . poon, Pen-Kr.i- H and HI. Hinfe. iiuti rJirges, Door Locks, God i eights ard' Sca'e";, ' ipuf fourteen hands and one inch high, Shoe and Knee Euc- jifjra square buihy tail, no brand percen a- - Stuffs, 'es, years old. Also a black hoi se Calicoes S: Mi.flhrs, ' S'eeve Links, about nine Teven inches Jiigh, a star in her sorehead, Jflft jfci. """ year W tn" fptmg. TJle laid Calitoe-- , liTortoilefheliCombjl with a 23. bell onr appraited to 81. Alio freatures were taken up about sour weeks Cambncks&rL-'wns- , Plated B. idie Bits, old mare colt with iome white hairs in tti 1. s a iwtasTSHKSnmSim k tfrav. borle ago on the nortn lide ot mam vcKing, near Silk & C itton HandCarpenter's Rides, cok4RMti two veJHHwJ est fpririB, twelve her tail, appraised to Uof Wilcut's run. the head kerchiefs, Greek :i;d Latin JOHN PRICE. Mftauids lifi; V brand perceivable, William Dowiiard. Cotton & Silk StockBooks, I796- February fcd to 41- Elegant Looking ings, t N. B. The black mare fmce posted ap-- 1 March 22, 1:96. EDMUND DUN. J3erni,antown ditto, Glalle:. pears to be branded with a V on the near " '12, I7S6. T O L, Shaving Soapr Ladv's gloves, ' Jr buttock and moulder. J P. Best Razois, Saddles St bridles. SCOTLAND, From 2.rl AJCEN up by the fubferiber, living near v qaaniyLoi Machinery in Silver mounted JVJtLULfiiAS ,tb mouta or Siivef"- creek, a browYl-- '. V.mS?t?7 Vhrp?-Lexington, for the puipofe c mare, iotir yeais old, lourteen nands hign, nAvt Deen lniormea, arenort nasuccn XJ. Chains, Seals Hyfei, Congo Sr Eov a blaze face, ill her feet white, a fiiorttale, ' X propagated that tne traeffof land on of Cotton. The machuiecy is nearly lea-and Kes. tea Tea, which I now live is likely to fcj taken by a dy. He will leceive Cotton to fpm tiug appraised to 61. Silver Tlum'oles,' i.-- vice,. 1 following prices better claim 01 claims ; whjt may have THO. WELLMAN. jllilvftands, Cheiry 14ornce, For 2 doz. in the pound and under been the motives ior such conSuctlam ata February 3, 1 79. Nails and 'Iron, Jiininei feeirie, o(to coniecture. I have iora number oi , ATt 5 do. in the pound Surgeon's ocktilfr' Axes . Cn W i An in nmittn oalt made Darticular featch ana ert- lliit-- e Dollars Crjments.' Knives and Folks, uiry, and, have made no dm.oery of auS TF. AVr.n from the Dlantalon of TACd O t ot MEDICINC? JSt.OMssf.caBe'gral5fttieteToficW!r of. ITim or claims including orv interfefm!t. J be. brought to him He alio dyes With therewith. Wherefore is ?nv oe'rfon" prpei'l bluAn flax and cotton yam. .nd PAIN IS. Api i', ")6, a hkclv gray HorU, (even years As he, has been k in the practice o Bine foid low for CASIJ. have any claim pt pfetenfion The above m..U be oiyloj.tcn uands and two 01 tr.ree inches Ifons whatever, said land or any part thereof, Dying in the first mamifactoring towil in H recjuci.s all tl ole inkind to liigh, a natai al trotter, lhod all round, bran- j un-- j for a number of years, he experts debted td hii'i, to jntike paMncr.t bv Scotland ded on the right Cde under the mam C). I demand that thev bring thenfbrward ajjil myself of to give his employers particular Utisfaction J 23th of March, ay-h-e cxpeits to a lhall Vholaeer takes up (Bid hoiie, and delivers mediately, otiierwiie I that time ior tne JettKiient. him to Jdco'iOvins8i Shaply Rois, or at the j any advantage this notice will jpfociue me. in this thcfamieis in this state, and the state of Lsffibioi, febrnary J. Old ftatirm on Bearrafs, lhall icceie the raise' a quantity of cotton, as ' ' Tennerke, to iw above iewa:d, and all charges, paid by me April 13, 1796- confumptionwill be very great He will FOR SALJ AT THIS OFFICeJ its GRAMMAR SCHQOL. jolinftou Kois. receive cotton in payment tor :pinning aud A sew yopies or March 27, 17)6. uviw , S PalTed at the" feffton of 'the General As; fubferiber refbectfully informs the LL iei fotiv havinc any de- fcmblv of tSfft!te j to which is preh-?:ehe will rake charge of the, $ mands mvainlt the subscriber m s- ij i the Aft f yf'Jifa concei-iunttne ereclien Gr'mmar School at 1'ilgal, wooaiora "1 Kentucky into sn equefeu to cive them to loh n mdeoendi send to of the D.'.tJ Subfcribexs intending Kcountv, when he!v taught ; and as the Canftitution of Keatuckyt r lames Hushes Llquires, he ha1; emplc Philadelphia and Baltimore early in. ent Rate, j" an aiuitaivc, ue win, sivc ; f it. inftruftioiis aUb in such branches of thts ci- - An rcli "nfext, request all those indebt- ences, as can be taught at a private fcho Si. fed to thein to make payment on or bciorf "FS-VJ- t TEX is, fy . thattime. A neglect of this Notice w"ill The greatett attentionliaU be given to tnc Lexington Dec 24, teve ly injurious to ypnth committed to his care. by JOHN BRADFORf 1 j Cm-tai- - t, f J gr WILLIAM J-Aere.aLa J - , at :"1 1 Keward. 1 a.general-fTortmen- tt . jF ths Ads ) THE - j it'uai&.fi "" tMjmg , NOTICE. THE ji iraiarmn. l7o. KLnisKi)bEi3S For sale at this Office, INGTO N: April 12, 1796. ALNDiSTEF.LEr tfDGtp F :bruary I, C BliAlTl y, 1796. Co. Pius" "

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