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Image 3 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), April 16, 1796

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

'force's Sufficient to op'oft? TO BE fOLD.pil. RENTED HEMP "WANTlEpr . . . For two yA&s! Wtirinferj another Auftrlaii gene eoJ A GRIST AND bAW MILL t who yireflea agaytit MtUluenn in CASH ral AILIi give arfe"erous price hung on the rear of Clalrfayt's. arjXlc mi my. Daily from that time took place: little cofequence jrejj land adjoining the mills, about ten fdrtjfidhi this time until the first of Ma; nrvH lander food fence, two of which are Jourdan on his side put the ngnt enluing. td and in tfrafs, with a good cabbin and C. BEATT1 bank of the Rhine Which he had ttiiiia may uc tuiuwii ujr .iuuiyiiij' L . 3V 7a Lexingtqnj.Ap,ril A' conquered in a ltate of defence, ..v. Liiciuiuiiuei un vnc prciiiiics. he etUbhfhed at Duilelddrff a forALEX. BUCHANAN, March 28, I796midable camp, and waited fdr the April 8, 1796. 34 Mr. Bradford refultof the movement aF the Mllh-L- ' laftniglrt, andmuflE Mills ivero j, jAn.I.jj.' army in order to liriow wheMYco'iilo;uentlyburnt been done byfome A TT. T...; :n. ".v"6 ther they irtterid to march againlt of mv enemies.' as have was no sire in the J.i X"" May decealed, ucuiauui agituui. I jonn there either for money Luxemburgh or againlt Maeltricht. place nor any where near and as I have 'K are requaited to trandmtto tne lub- - I "When he preluinmed td hve hit ICVCIVCU UI1VULC U11U1JCA Ul mftl. wi) , ' fcjajier a copyoftlieir demands or contracts. I still raging. upon the p'latif of the enemy, he before, arid"ir malice is s Jf&wo ar: indebted to laia John May, to attempt recrcJlled tile Rhine aim marched tliink it will be ufe'lefs for mepurpose to money aue to him,' or contracts for rebuild them. I'refore of the to Bonn, got the ftnrt urchaied from luni.' or for locating 400 acres of LANrf to include said m: and aster having i tctin and ser- lands in the ftatd oi Kehtnckv. are lfiaueit- ware,' and other hdufes,' jioitredClarfayt'spoTition be nade' ryj meadow,' peach and apple orchards, &c. j ed tb make payment) and to peilbrm tneir i Ipecific contracts immediate 1. w-The' land is well timbered with oak and The said' a retrograde movement towar ,. r '..-.- . .Ho tin.marched along the riv er Tlopplai ', a great part first rate" and lies well ' ueceaiea nas Dy ms lait will and teltamen' con- anrds to tie payment of landing is the moil Mot'eUe rind came up with the en eTfcor ? ultivationthe anv on the Kentucky, fubjexted his JWfcBJSJ' nt,' pei haps, oi deuts,' and tae lublcncner will make it 1 in on the 2Qth Bfumare isov. 1 ' M W and firit j0bJ6ct.oi.bis. a"dnj,imltratioh to pro' for ffer tl.e lkirie'i with as much dilOatciwd? Serious cnga&cinertts tcolc pis at preient, there is' two Koo'd also Hales," &c. v;it.i a hdufe far weighing .lature ana circumltances oi tne eitatc will on the 2 It and 2 2d. xlmit of. And whereas the laid fouii Mjv and dai Tne rrajer part of tne The 23d iiTued in the'm'oft blod he mins may be re t with a'premature death by the nands of remains battle in tfur annals. The Aaltrian built withunnurti e ipence" or lels than they Indians on his oallisJB dnwn the ri.i- - I half thi army wa's cut to pieces ; P jtchegi u formerly coitit is abo'iif one" mile from the Ohio, manyppers and m'uchinibrmatioiijle his side fupp'orted 'Jourdan the mills t9" Iise nveT and ih' lijgli water boats rifhed with mm, 'tis probable, the fubfenoer on .Aullimis", were placsd between4 nu'y come' up to' the mills they Hand r.i may need the information of others in some fjuatters relative tq tne negotiation of the" two" sires' part of their army i'e- - Boon's creek near the mouth,' which is Mm , ilHrhii-flies- of of ELlSHf THE 'i,ERjS, ,C0.( - cspiredthey, having offer For sale "the following, pioperty..(.u,. . ( 4 compleat and aft fortment of DRY GOODS, welf - Well-chose- n adapted to ,.the, present and.ap oaching Season by wholcfale or reiau, 3c a.ery ipvv advance. Alio, an,.ah"ortment of .. D . A TiarA n "my 4JtutK. XIOUSE . on Imf 1E! nn cjitciiejir rri " ntnatiorr tor bnfinefs. That valuable and- wen Known tract Parpel oti i AMnfri- ; i ar ZTl-the mouth of Atfc cicck, ij milts lipm. Lex-- , . mcTTnn :vs v" rn th. ...n: ruaai ileaaing: "" l",- - "lain tb Madison couithoufe, containinf 1000 acres 206 of which I? fivi'. lent bottom, the remainder, hiUy' but well timberd 80 acres cle4fed.' five acres in timothy meadow' .twenty more, cau be j'nade and teid with vejy little the upper pare of this tralfis rerileda Merchant ami f,i-Mill .tjfje situation is perfesfllyj, iecure txuicr ir m narL- - i, ,; frpin the river, or floods in ihn ;reek The hoife is fifty feel by 2j j' """ ';""'? AiiJJIl.1 ihant militias a sixteen feet pitcli to" arty dream ih this part of the cou&J Wecealed,' in the weltern country,' and he tiea'.edoferthtbridgeatCoblentz', back water wheel, doub'le geerecfr ally miles' but jo'bidaxfp'n'rfaed them fd'cl'ofe- - toi. atttl. about twelve river isfrom LexinS ftiill thanivf re'eeive' any communications' french Burr Hones.: The" w'ay the equal to any? wsicli gentlemen acnuauited with the c with hm",lr ly thjt he "croUca? the Rhine over" on the Kentucky to .The" title to tie land is cerns 01 tue deceased,' may think projier ti ig.hoiHinn;, fcreeninn-.- . fanni'n-Tiie fune bridge' ; ana;js preparing indiiputabl?. Any perfrfii Vanting to pur"make. and packinp.wovk. hv u,ntPi...Ti. apjly to the" fubfcribeY on fae' I have" arSftQintfid' mr. Thomds Carneaf Jjrift .Mill has a to recommence' tjjercckaiie of c'lafe, 2 et waterwheel,' my agent in Kentucky to receive' aid forCaflL4. where" hi? amy is arrived' prernifesi' for term's," I'c. over-sh. and double ifV:.. . 3w : the SLt CLEVEL'A'N'n.' ward airdoinjriuiKcationsin tnat ftatc,!-fudeana whole new and in conipleaYoYder to above'.' As' fae'wdn't'.of aleral diher diviftoofe tjre Auftri'-5!- . A? th E c The d m'a'-feprefen&tive iirce tne' oeafli of mr May The water empties, frpm .those by OEurliaVt hi'm- has obltrufted all oertions relative' tb his mills into a pond, whereon ftandss" No. 5, North' Frorit'Stre'et, self, has sought aMheffwfichi.-i- the tranfadiohs and no doubt to the' injury of afaw mill 111 HX la PHIL A'D E'L?, and a 1s many," I"noiv ir.tre'at tftat all iterlbas con." Of Mayence? where E fortification ew hemp mill There is alio on RE made' is see" m'eft complete. mvhKK 1 :rnc'd may biTiig fo'nvarcf their bufniefs'iiii- Pitcheirru keeps that" place blocks v.; vm&mx the riremifes, a new fcraroed- Dwel-Iii- g SlX ner anci of sad bel materials Q.ymiriSL Knnediately. everv deicriptibn," viz. .D'AVlD itOSS.'Atiminiftratbr.'! Hoiife, JtiVhen hoxi'fp' Amoa'c the pVoofs of their am&j&.VUUL, TUW STUCK,' FULLE&'s-,-' and" ftichmotfd, 'January 2a,' il6. inL'exingf With a number of .ife!Ul cabbiiis',' r jhorated lkuatiori the Eugliih. hiayLARos foi. MACHINKS.' Mci'cnants, or . P. S Letter? directed to me and;..a large., 2n j,eVC. sailing', oAers fronl t'.ie COuntiy whoare rtleifted to ton upon'the aJbreTaidbufmefslpollagepaid now count the triumphs" of Clair fprmg convenient . a Rope-alplircliafe- their Cards at1 said Manufactory,' mall be duly attended to" by fayt which were announced by the' may be fuplied' d:V t'erins which the sub-Cv?v,frct.2iO seer, and may be txren'J THO- C'AkNjrAL".' ihri'f iohnd of the trumpets a'mf briber d5ubtS tttrt'vriU'be worthy their " tied overja level, piece of ,rrq.ndC horns-- . They tend'oh'. twenty' foiir t'rench OTICfeT is' hereby givento'all.whomay ,. JOSEPH THOMAS. Uo fathoms wnli.erery ftparatiis so many ceitainly will not employ 4vfsop6t March i4, be intereltcd thereinthat on the second . Antahle for mannfaclii'ri'ng , tp proclaim tne late fmal refulr. Monday in. May lieiit 1' wilK in purfuanca Mite-- , ' as thereof. . TROTTER, & SCOTT, offVnil order of tie court of Bojirbga coWtjS 'm" ' a'V6uii(rhe3r;t,'ri'' Jr c UielXontroUljspsf at by faitff rh:irn " " MmuuBi oi uearinp' r3v nlfr. o..,.....l It is affirmed that the Rhine pTAVITGr iola oiatheltrStore,eamdft53' "" . I.U11IC1 Ul 1V1C1CU111J sapple trees. UUIL LIE U;1U1U( "Within the- Ipa'ce of two leagues j O- requeft'aUthore'irldebted to taemuy ielm's cl'aiinof flCo' acres on the dividing .ADi'sti'lery within forty yards was covered- with dead uum. note Of open attuum, w ww .. (Jn I. ...... yj dge'K:tween the waters of Hinrtfton's y. ' the nulls, vith over head -wa&: mase iuuu;uiai.c fajurem That whole divifioMs of the' r d wrk and' Main Lickingbetween the Upper ters Three Ac Mr. WnAIAW who is au Stills containinoMvk (hied- itftmlre an armv we riVcrf puLoxcr iiue lick roaas, aua at me 375 to receive,' and give difcoarges gallons, as one beginning comer That they have ldlr. themajor part thorifedwho regle'a this notice, cannot e. PpltJp knownOhiothecompany's furvevs;of then thing neceflkry for with everyThole of the old of rneir cavalry and the Wnole of pect any longar inauigcncc. imj ". A Wagon, with sour jCind there to take" and perpetuate theteftimo-good horses; rrTheSboveDurpofeatthehoufe t their artillery, ammuuitron, field fp.,H ny of ceitain wituelles relative to faill a fev head of cattle", and a lariat --ginning coner. vaggons, noipitais- ana- an- tneir lately decupled en" Main ltreet. f- itockofhogs. Lt:ingtou,' April lofepb Berry : n ciie aDove property is lituated.ROG1ER. (Signed) a inicK lettled fertile part of the tOS SVBtCRtBE-K- HAS FOR SAVE & Printing Office of Citizen- D'elbf-KielTlfE fvfO FotiLbWiNO'DESCRIBEO ISoiice to whom it way concern. untrX, where the ereateft abuif-- - " Ayres llreet, No. 54. "t 7 E th?" co'mmiifijjners appointed to make dance of produce niay be PIECES OF LAND. 3(V diviljon between the Jeveral proprie- - y Sts: Anfe:-1 l.viurvi:., ivtarcu M. 1.:..J land abounds ..i.3. 'n . UAL rVr v OU IlUllUiCU KLij" rs of one hundie'd and ninety thousand timber for Boatbuilding, a'n'ot Ajr whidrriear thirty iscle; and unueit; Yeftsrday arrived, the land,"th"e"pfoperty ot Kichard Hen'- Polly, capt Brown, 18 day: from J gotod fence .and is part or tha well kliowiv orlon and others, known ilncier tne hrm ot a very convenient spot for" that Mav'sor May's lick trgeV (Cane Nichola Mole 3y thft arri AJ.uijuvJ.ivii vy. JJ'iii iii (.ucvi, aik purptfeon the bank of the river s It? val we learn, thai the sleet of tra'nf- - ind lies oil the road to Colonel Ilankmoay xvn.itdi oathelerntorv (bath ot tlictJluo.common. KentuckyIt io evident that boats ' IVfiU. Theif is good water and a cabin ly called Powell's Valley r wilfon the 33th for the Mitfiiiippi trade, can be buile Which had arrived there, and' premises." Thd other tract contains- is poris dav of Mav next." nroceed to make fuchdi- and loaded at the' mouth of Tate's jailed thence about the 12th ulc. acres, being a pare 01 iuc tiara vision as tie office of CharleV M.tlung hi :(!. bound to port au Prince, for the wade's iettleineut alid preemption, andlife Iivnoxviuc. .w creek with more convenience less,' expenceand areatcr difuateh thn't. V.IXAUJL.1M JVl CjUM(jVl purpoie of attacking Leogane, &c. on the grtat road leading from Limeltoqe ta Lejiinton'be'tweei Lee's cree"k and Majff fraayher'landirirt'i?;thft ftntj. 1WJB1S11T HOUSTON,'- confuted ot only tenia. 1, witlYabout cleated and JOSEPH GREEll. from Gibraltar, where lick,'abrfut fifteen acrescabmns and a' unuay: 3500tiojps, good good ienCe wiBi two feP1 led. . they had arrivetrfi o:n Europe, and iyhug. '"Gerieral warrants dee'ds Will be Jkand . CttARTES M'CL'UNG.' sew weeki 2 of six Jioafs on the stocks nrnac For further particulars eriquire of the 28, 1796. remained but a Jivf therejs may oe nnniied in a lhort tfmS the fitips with troopsto were call -' fuefcriber. STEPHEN BUNNEL. hSve perihTjUBLIC NOTICE is hei'eby given," that The purchalercan have ch6ice '0 soul mid j; X the hens of Andrew Hannah deceased eountj, ?. tw or three is required ed. Flour was then idling for 13 M.f titkftifim y xtv .c'laints a preemption df 1030 at'res ot' land,, iwrcn J, wo. payments vill be made eify, and" 16, and pork 19 dollars, bees as angnecij of George Smith ia Madilb'n p. ertluce part received annualfA OTICfe is hareby given t&all who ray. coi'jity op'Silv'eVcreek St- Afop's ford, aod per harr.el W ly In produce. Sateintcrtfited,' thaifoff'the on jhe" weli side of said cre'elc E. WINTRS. iiny.prfbn very scarce Saw a ft ho one alhoi.e turday in Ap'il next,' in purfuane'e of an or." claim'mg'lartd that will in any wise" irtfe'rfjre J- - WINTEIIS. , .;; near Curruvc j ot the court oi Maion counjv,' X will with the above claim,' are notified to attend' Lexington,. Dee 34, 1795-"' pd the commiihoners appomtjd by fotd a: tne fatd iordj' on tlie 29th day 0 April Lexiutfoii, flpnl.ib. N. &. All persons indebted to' rrt, at r'ie iiiprovemtfit ot (Jlouith CVer- iSext.'at wliicu tune and place 1 (Sail procee'd lippeaed afew E. W. & Co. afe once more recjueft- i,' aifinee of ViUiam Bartli'tt, nsarCSi-ir-tA Vsr"' eo tike the oepolition, of Squye Booie aiSf of l)an ill; weeks tiftoin the'S" foik of LickiriR," about one nllleki- eeftitnoriy refpeftiiig fiiJ- ed to call aiid pay ofFtheir refpecl- ijfters ' biidiro rve balafices"with6nt delay. .A yoonsofvomamtel hiuejx ears,"was "terve"the take aniso'er said fork.' therl and"! wraTdall's in aid ' sour female children ': W'res. delivered !,jl.. i..j.rjl there-t(WWHSWli ..L.X.;iT,nn. lill.(..iJt. perpetuate the Ii mil Ji3JiJiJLIlAi.iWii.i 3, 'flr..n'l.l IU ti tiV ' IU1JJ OTir ini'ormatien from a gentinatr . a . ihoK.( m.a .li.l nvn.i.H. y.V whom these jreVnts may concern,celved otMundry witnelles for thepurpOfe'of ettip are neighbea-- - to tbe youngJ(f bliihirigfaiduilprovemerlt. whn is a ricr f fliiiljalro'.attend. with cdmin'rifioners cri withrequeued toC notice that I flmll attned . . "Wcunefday the Jlth May, at a c'abbiscalltie commiffioners of Shelby.couritv ' at? Jofepb Berry. w'k' us,es n?ar 79-- ypt-- - 1 - : Aii-ftria- ii B n iv-j- i,. AT-rriu a t r." ,l MfJin-"-..- ,- 1 ", nTf Piiiu J ? B sj boat-yar- d 1 h . 1 1t 1 ware-iioui- es g; W1"'1-- erpt-nte--)-n s 1 null-aou- ie J" XA 'i.Ji , . ti-- y 1 4 ot V gee-re- d d ar led-ot- t ai-m- ufactory, d ...... corn - ar.d-fto'r- . - k' . - att-- 7r - , l - M a LI . n Jfc W, rtilltri-'mvav- SCo-fr- - re-d-a . L FS , . dift-Mng'- . . 1 b- - - fcao-gac- - . , collecl-edjand't- 1 he with;-goo- I. d ar-- m called-Wm- wt- - venty-jiv- e I -; . t T giv-e- a. . , KnoxVilTe,-Marc- . 1 dol-JUr- elt-itli- B' y 1 s a lf s the-great- - foui-t- h . h ou-ho- topei-petuaf- Smifli's'cM-fifirnf- - .'. J. -UJ. - - , . . p A gcntleman and who was preftnt & That remarkaljls event i,A at wlafing followmg-- declared-tlfe- of his "Wise was deiiverei ,io ,vs tV,!. week, the-la!- r a son on tne daV l vhcie birth, circumit&nces T.V3.EN ftuniohiracv up by the fubftriberjn Scott or-- LeCoiapt'srun,-afcl- jnare, tsvoyesrs JhairsinUer sorehead,. no high; appraised M Is- - Jan. i w 1 28, J7 roin ftfli jvjiite old'ne-.ttfptm- and, To be Sold to the bigbejl bidder of tto monftftheliit dayofthetdfetVlaa day nt the vearaftaon u' ""uuui aay u.u Fln(r dav, with a cawl fei'his face Oiimf .MavnotsomEthinfivKtektrao: aruhf pnsked in ttte life of St clill 5ut Cm On Ttefdiy. tit! OAtjpBT. V the' Premises , txoerty-ftxt- h of April Mxt: In- - Lot', pUnrNG on Wafer ftrettyin Georgetown: Hbufe- Is of frvv.ed logs J abouf VTiSteen by twenty fee.t( nth a ltonehiai HoUsfE J (Sc - Lot is fialf acre;' Jellied itrvr'tfXP and rails. A credit- of twelve" montllS Be-- given,-' the purchaser giving boridj ' with approved festivity. r.eir-t- .Si $- JOhN the middle fork of Pit man's creek, in Greene count W which is in clude'd in an entry ntade for 400 acfresin the' name pf John omith,' in the year 1 78a,. to perpetuate the feltimony 6T Thomas & others relpeffiiig said entry & cabbin. I Sail" also dttehd with commiilione'rs" on Friday the 3th of same monthat a big Bea ver pond,' on Kbburtfon's creek, in the said comity, of Gieene,'to prove that laid creek Was formerly called Whife" Bear creek," and that the said Beaver ponl s jscjude'd in an raitry of 500 acres made ot Ramiiel Henry in the vear f 781 whioh teftunori'y I tjuin tb perpetuate agreeably1 to a law of this fiate. WILLIAM HENS.Y. N e"d TohA Clarke's,-o- Ihe abov arch 16176$, - James BfirtovW " f IDe'n-to- A 1 MA-A3irt- i.ii. ,1.0.1. ranrna jLianiers, oh.cleai in sold county, !on faturday the 14th of May' 1 796 and proceed from thence to the head of abrneh of the said Creel?,' Which runs in to a cabbin built by JohiS Baley witi said coniniifiiorie'i-and jviSjieifes to prrtyo a cabbin bnillf by Hbiton and th? head of said brar,th, tc-- eftabliflr an euti in tha name of Iobii Withers aa-- Sarah also' of JuiVan,' for ;ojo acres of laiid agreimle to ari aft of afleiably of oaV, Bud to dor fdeh ritho- - fi o,j v cureci,: " V ?". J in mva ca:es. ite s Ea ? sane-leave r Apr,l. t6 i796. Ctor?: MarfhAll. rs Tit KSNTVCKr MlSCELLAXr ferhlA Qtij; OFFICE, .

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